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Organics question.

bionicle organic created great beings

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5 replies to this topic

#1 Offline NatureDruid

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  • 26-August 12
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Posted Oct 08 2012 - 03:39 PM

If most of the beings in the MU are part organic, then where did the Great Beings get the genetic material from?
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#2 Offline Anoroka Orokau

Anoroka Orokau
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  • 20-September 12
  • 14 posts

Posted Oct 08 2012 - 03:44 PM

Everything in the MU is made of protodermis of some type, so the organic material is an organic form of protodermis.
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Anoroka Orokau

Oro vahka aan ai myapa




#3 Offline Makuta Matata

Makuta Matata
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  • 17-March 09
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Posted Oct 08 2012 - 04:57 PM

Is there even genetic material? I mean, these are Biomechanical beings. Nobody ever said they had to have genes like organic beings do...
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#4 Offline bonesiii

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  • 14-March 03
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Posted Oct 08 2012 - 05:55 PM

We don't know if there is genetics. Protodermis is a substance that essentially mimics the physics and qualities of real-world substances, or creates its own physics. With organic protodermis, most likely it is simply mimicking organics.My old "cyberclay" theory proposed that each protodermis molecule actually runs computer code in a sort of internet with all other molecules, and has a dormant "pre-alive" state, which when activated makes the molecules each act like cells (this would require each 'molecule' to be very complex, something like a fusion of cellular design and nanotech). And each one is a projector of "physics fields". So all the qualities of the protodermis are set by code inside them.If so, then organic protodermis could have computer code in each molecule that acts similar to DNA, but isn't necessarily DNA itself.
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#5 Offline onionfarb

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  • 03-September 06
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Posted Oct 08 2012 - 08:13 PM

They grew it. The same way scientists are creating life today. They have no genes.
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I don't like the new BIONICLE.

#6 Offline fishers64

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  • 05-July 10
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Posted Oct 08 2012 - 08:29 PM

Since there is no biological reproduction in the Bionicle universe, so no real need for genetics. They might have them, or not. (They do have different characteristics, though, but those could just be "programmed" in) :shrugs:.EP is alive, so I don't see it as too much of a stretch that regular protodermis could be alive as well. The GBs might have stole what we might view as genetics from there, or the process of making proto out of EP might cause some "genetic" variations. Obviously such things would be slightly controlled for the process of making solid proto versus liquid proto, but when making organic proto, the GBs probably wanted variations for greater adaptive ability of the giant robot, so might not have controlled the process as tightly. Edit: Not sure that Proto was derived directly from EP. But even if it was a more stable GB imitation, being an imitation of EP, which is alive, in would make sense that regular proto could be alive, and that the GBs would design variations in their organic beings for greater adaptation. Another thing I need to look up.Edit: Done and cross-checked. Proto is artificial, which would imply that it wasn't made from EP directly, only mentally based on. Still think my last set of reasoning holds up, though...

Edited by fishers64, Oct 08 2012 - 11:58 PM.

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