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The End of the Line


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#1 Offline Conway

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Posted Oct 28 2012 - 01:57 PM

The End of the LineA bleak view greets your eyes as you stare at the vast expanse of water which lays ahead. It sits quietly, tempting you to come closer, closer, closer until you’re lost in the darkness. Behind you is a simple stone road, carved out of the only remaining spit of land you could find, standing, unflinching, before the black sea in front of you.Slowly, you edge closer towards the water, your gaze fixed on the rippling, almost silken, surface, as you inch along. You creep further and further towards the edge, as if daring the darkness to come and take you, to drag you down into its cold, crushing depths.There, the final step, and you’re standing at the precipice, toes over the rocky cliff, in some kind of cruel taunt towards the waters below. For surely, you think “I have come this far with no trouble, what harm can come of me now?”And for a long moment, nothing happens. The tide comes and goes, lapping against the rocks like a warped monotone, and the dark sky above you have already begun to lighten, as the first rays of day begin to peek out from above the horizon. The scene is stunning, glorious in its stark beauty.You smile at the landscape you have stumbled upon, and turn to leave the way you came.That’s when everything changes.You hear a new sound from behind you, a noise which is all too familiar to you, but all too alien to this lonely place. It the sound of someone clearing their throat, in the signature way that one does when they want your attention.And so, without really thinking about it, you turn, muscles tensed for whatever it is that waits behind you.You see another being, standing on the edge of the cliff where you once did. He is short and stout, with a fine black cloak billowing out from behind him, and a heavy, double-headed axe in his right hand, hanging so that one tip has settled into the course dirt.That is all you can make of him. The rest of him is little more than a silhouette, a black hole in the universe, as if the artist painting the scenery was too lazy to finish. There is no glint of light on his armour. There is no sparkle of luminescence in his eyes. Just an all-encompassing blackness.On the ground, in-between you and this being, is a book. Thick, with yellowing, crinkled pages, and worn lettering across its leather-bound cover.You look back up to the strange, new being, in search of an answer, only for him to respond by motioning his left arm in the direction of the piece of literature. His intent for you is clear: He wants you to read.

~ ~ ~

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