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Memory: Stories Of Mata Nui (Review Topic)

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http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7434 <-Epic I intend this epic to be a tribute to classic Bionicle (2001-2003), particularly the Mata Nui Online Games and the Cathy Hapka novels. New chapters will be posted every Tuesday. I expect this epic to be ongoing for a very long time.I will be posting information on the canon of this story in the Review Topic. Though I stay mostly to the Greg canon as I always do, this story takes place in a universe in which the history of the Matoran has been profoundly affected by various invasions, exoduses, and changes in government throughout the history of Metru Nui. Footnotes from the story are also addressed here.FOOTNOTES:Chapter 1: * 1,122 Matoran were transported from Metru Nui to Mata Nui; this was the city's entire population at the time, as a number of mass exoduses occurred prior (the city's population prior to the Toa/Dark Hunters war was roughly 18,000, and before Dume's closing of the gates about 9,500). Those that remained and were taken to Mata Nui are "the original thousand." Edited by Moo!

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