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The Great Legends of Metru Nui

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Posted Nov 04 2012 - 03:33 PM

Hi, so this is some what of a re try of We are Metru. I have really tried hard and did a lot of reading to make this the best I could. The chapters are also a lot shorter XDAny way, just so you know, its non-cannonical. Think of it as a sort of re-boot if you will. I also really tried hard to get people to relate to the main character(Vakama)I am going to try and limit the amount of main character to two this book(Vakama and Matau), as the whole series will really arch over them two.Review: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7490

TGLoMN-Chapter 1

A dead silence filled the coliseum, like a soft breeze on a spring afternoon. Its gentle whoosh passed through Vakama’s body in a chilling, almost shivering presence. He could almost hear his own heartbeat racing away in his chest, its uncontrollable urge to rip right out of its place.He fidgeted uncomfortably, his aching muscles unable to relax. He rolled his neck and shoulders around, but it came to no avail. The horde of Matoran crammed together like fish in a can. Vakama could have sworn he had never seen the coliseum this busy. He had been told that every single Matoran in Metru Nui was here. He held his breath and closed his eyes, wishing he could be anywhere else.A Matoran’s elbow came crashing into his right side.“Sorry”, The Matoran said, not even giving Vakama a glance. Vakama winced. The bump was accidental, yes, but the apology was hollow with falseness.Vakama looked around, his gaze scattered his surrounding with great horror. There must have been thousands of Matoran, all tightly packed, into a space not much bigger than a large Kohli pitch. The coliseum floor was empty, and its surface was covered in dust and sand, like a thin blanket. The stands were packed so tight that was barely any room between each Matoran. So little, that arms and legs were interlocked within the crowd.He noticed the six different sections on the stadium. Each Matoran of a Metru had a differed colour. Blue for Ga-Metru, The Metru of Teaching, of which its vast majority of its population were female and was the only Metru that this occurred. Green was for Le-Metru, the Metru of Air-Craft engineering, and inventers of the great chute system, spanning over the entirety of Metru Nui. Brown was for Po-Metru, the Metru of Art and sculptures. Black was for Onu-Metru, the Metru of archives and history. White was for Ko-Metru, the Metru of engineering, and lastly his own, Ta-Metru, red and the Metru of Tool crafting and Mask Making.None of the Matoran from different Metru’s sat together. Those were the rules. Most interaction from the different Metru’s outside the coliseum was strictly trade only. Vakama couldn’t really recall if he had ever spoken to a Matoran outside Ta-Metru even once. It wasn’t like his job, mask making, really opened for high interaction with Matoran of the other Metru’s. A tradesman, in Vakama’s case, usually a Matoran named Nuhrii would pick up the masks and sell them on the border. He didn’t mind it so much and from rom what Nuhrii told him, they were strange creatures.Vakama’s chest started to cave in as the crowd seemed to converge upon him. An illusion he knew, but he could do nothing to shake the fear. He felt his head go light, as if it were a balloon filled with helium, wanting to travel off in to the distant stars, and the orange sky of Ta-Metru. He was breathing heavily. No one seemed to notice his pain and panic. Why wouldn’t they notice?Vakama could hear nothing, only the slight echoes from the shouts“What’s going on?” someone yelled. The voices sounded distant, yet close at the same time.He felt the tingling vibrations at the other Matoran slammed into him trying to see what was going on, on the coliseum floor, as if he wasn’t there - a ghost in a crowd.“Move out of the way, I can’t see!” an impatient voice behind him said. He felt a shove from behind him. Vakama turned around, ready to give him what for. A large Matoran stood there, eyeing him up, like a serpent watching its prey. Vakama wanted to punch him square in the face, but he couldn’t. He just stood there for an awkward moment looking at him, unsure of what to say.“I... I’m sorry” Vakama stuttered finally.Why did he say that?Vakama wasn’t much of a fighter, or a hero. He always wanted to be, but he felt he knew his place in the world: The quiet type, too afraid to do anything heroic. He’d be a laughing stock if people even knew who he was.“You’d better be.” The Matoran laughed, almost aggressively. His friends joined in, purposely making the laughter sound violent, just to intimidate him. Vakama felt the warm blood swarm to his face. He turned around the back of his head burning in humiliation, like acid in the back of his neck, fizzing at his metal exterior.Why couldn’t he get the courage to just stand up for himself once in a while?The violent shouting was interrupted by a loud horn. The Matoran’s faces sank, as if they were gazelles spotting a lion amongst them.The large coliseum doors opened like the gates of Karzahni, and a handcuffed and beaten Toa Lhikan stepped out.

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#2 Offline King of Dust

King of Dust
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Posted Nov 05 2012 - 04:38 PM

TGLoMN-Chapter 2

Two Ta-Matoran guard’s lead Toa Lhikan out into the middle of the coliseum, forcing him forward with the giant spears they held. If they had pleasure in what they were doing, they showed none.The dust and sand left traces of Lhikans large foot prints. The Toa normally towered over the Matoran, but in the middle of this vast open space, his body seemed so insignificant and tiny on the dusty floor. The underneath of Toa’s masks left eye hole was smashed and cracked. His eyes looked empty, like they were staring into nothing and his lips bore no emotion. Not even the slightest tremble of fear Vakama started to feel sick, like the whole world was crashing down upon him. He felt his stomach sink, as if it was falling fast from a great height. He wanted to do something, anything! However his body refused to move, as if he were stuck in a block moulded around him, only his eyes darting around in panic. Even his face was stuck in a frantic horrorWhat could he have done anyway? Stand up and tell them to stop? He would be taken down in a split second.So instead he just watched; the still Toa Lhikan just standing there, and the two Matoran guards looking at each other confused, and unsure what to do next, still point there over sized spears to Lhikans back. They were just drones taking orders. Vakama was aswell though, in a sense. It didn’t matter that he didn’t agree with the orders, he still followed them. Everyone did. All except Lhikan, the one flicker of light in the shadows. That was probably why what was going to happen, was going to happen.The truth was: Vakama knew the look in Lhikan’s eyes. He had never seen it before, but he knew. It was the look of a man that had lost everything. A man that, despite everything he had been through, knew that he was going to come to such a sorry end. The final tragedy of the Toa MangaiVakama could almost feel every single atom in his body pushing away, like he was going to explode. He couldn’t accept it. A Toa, who swore their life to protect Metru-Nui and its Matoran to Mata Nui himself, was going to be executed in the very place he called home. Vakama’s mentor, his Hero…his friend, was going to be remembered as nothing more than a failed vigilante, which was totally untrue. This was no place for Toa any more. What was once a paradise, and a place that stood for everything MataNui stood for, was now falling apart.Did Matoran even recognize the three virtues anymore? The coliseum showed anything but unity, with its six sections. The only real Duty given was that to suit your own needs. And destiny? Vakama looked at Lhikan standing there in the empty surface.Mata Nui must be messed up if he called this Destiny.Vakama wasn’t even sure if he was even proud to call it home any more.There was another horn blast. Not like the one when Lhikan entered, this one sounded proud and strong. On the balcony, way up high in the coliseum, TuragaDume stepped out. The rest of the Matoran stood up straight and put there palms upon their chest. Vakama did too, but not because he wanted to. Two massive televisions either side broadcasted The Turaga’s speech.“My Matoran of Metru Nui”, He stood up straight, his orange eyes dug into them like balls if fire. He clenched onto his staff with a tight grip.“My Matoran”, he gestured out an open palm towards Lhikan. “This imposter of a Toa”, he snarled “Is in league with the dark hunters”The Matoran gasped. Vakama didn’t though. He knew it was a lie. Like everything that came out that Turaga’s mouth. Vakama focused his gaze on Toa Lhikan. His expression hadn’t changed. Vakama couldn’t understand why Lhikan was just standing there. Even hand cuffed he could take out the two Matoran guards with ease. Sure, the many disk snipers locked onto him made his escape unlikely, but the things that Vakama had seen this Toa do, it wouldn’t surprise him. Still he just stood there, with his empty green eyes.“Is there anything you would like to say, Great Toa”, Dume said, with a tone full of bitterness and resentment. Toa Lhikan looked up, with something that almost resembled a smile. He looked directly at Dume with a cold stare. Even though Dume was metres away from Lhikan, Vakama could see him shiver a little.“I don’t think I need to say anything at all, Noble Turaga”.With this feeling of slight inferiority, Dume nodded at the two Matoran guards. One of them forced his spear through Lhikan’s back. Lhikan looked down, wheezing in pain.“I hope you weren’t under the impression your death would be quick”The other Matoran forced his spear into Lhikan’s thigh.“Kill the traitor!” A Ta-Matoran shouted from the crowed. The Matoran cheered. The coliseum up-roared in chants and celebration.Vakama watched in horror at what he was witnessing. He could see it in the Toa’s eyes. It wasn’t so much the spears that were hurting him the most, it was cheering and chanting of the Matoran. All rationality had left their minds. They had something evil to focus upon now, even if the evil was false.Turaga Dume let out a concealed smile as the spears went in and out of Lhikan’s body. He felt superior again. Other guard’s had joined in now, getting into the celebration. There was a taste of victory in the air for him. These Matoran could be fooled almost too easily. In these dire times, they would believe anything.How strange, he thought. At one moment someone can be seen as a hero, and the next he could be the pinnacle of all evil. Nothing could stop him now. No Toa were in his way, and the Matoran would follow him blindly.

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Posted Nov 09 2012 - 01:27 PM

TGLoMN-Chapter 3

“Darn it Matoran. If I found you out here again, Ill drop kick you so hard you’ll be able to see the entire island of Mata-Nui”The Green Vahki slammed Matau into the wall with his staff. Not hard enough to cause any real pain, but hard enough to know you wouldn’t want anything stronger from him.“Okay… okay. You got it officer”, Matau wheezed, his tone more mocking than obedient. He was stuck between the long end of the Vahki’s staff, and the wall, but made little attempt to wriggle himself free.The Vahki, Vorzahk, gave an almost defeated sigh, and let go. Matau fell to the floor, thick with dust and dirt.“Ow!” Matau said, rubbing the dust of him.“Im glad it hurt”, said Vorzahk. “Maybe it will teach you not to go sneaking around Le-Metru, when your meant to be at the coliseum”“The coliseum?” Matau asked rhetorically. “You and I both know that those coliseum speeches never amount to anything. In fact, I can’t remember one that wasactually worth going to”The funny thing was, the Matoran was right, but Vorzahk couldn’t let Matau know that. Besides, he had been told by Nuurhak that this one was actually quite important, although refused to go into detail about it. He just claimed his didn’t know what it was, which, to be fair was probably the truth. Turaga Dume had a habit about being vague about things.Matau wondered if this really had been an important speech. After all, everyone had been told to go. Even though everyone was normally told to go to the speeches, but this one was more sudden, and they had been told that the Vahki would come down heavy on them if they were found anywhere else but the coliseum. Matau, of course knew that Vorzahk would let him off without much more than a slap on the wrist. The Vahki definitely had a soft spot for him, although with the amount of times Matau had gotten into trouble with him, it was hard for them not to be well acquainted. In some ways Matau would call him a friend, but it wasn't as if he was accustomed to the term. Sure, he had friends, a lot of, but no one could really trust. It was probably a true fact that no one knew the real Matau. Everyone seemed to see him as a joker, and to never be phased with anything. While a lot of this was true to his character, he did have his worries and dreams, even if he hadn't quite figured them out yet. Right now, Vorzahk was probably the person he trusted the most, and that wasn’t really saying a lot at all.The fact of the matter was though, was that the Vahki hadn’t always been trusted like there were now. There many at first; hundreds, maybe even close to a thousand. There were reporting’s of Matoran going missing in the night. Mostly horror stories of cause, but there were some power crazy psychopaths, Matau knew. Fortunately or unfortunately, the war with Sidorak had taken most of them out and the six that were left seemed okay.“Okay, you can go. But I mean what I said”, Vorzahk warned him, but Matau could tell the threat was false.Matau got back to his hut and lay on his bed. It wasn’t much of a house, but it wad a plat to call home. A hollowed out tree trunk, cut down to about two meters high, with a straw roof. There were to small round windows, but nothing covering them, like the ones in Ta-Metru with the glass.Glass windows? Matau thought to himself. How nice would that be?Le-Metru was probably one of the poorest Metru’s with most of its residents dropping out of air craft school early, and doing something like vehicle washing. Matau wasn't one of these, but he barley passed his air course. He was an aircraft tester now. A dangerous job that paid way less widgets than it was worth, but Matau really couldn’t find another job without a considerable price drop.He had always dreamed of being a pilot, but even more so a hero. Some one that people would look up to. Like a Toa. The thing was that he knew it would never happen. He liked to feel needed. Not in a selfish way, but he just feel at least slightly important. He hardly felt important in aircraft testing. If one Matoran died, another would take his place in the blink of an eye almost, He’d seen it happen.He was so busy contemplating his life, he didn’t realise four hours had gone by. He must have fallen asleep. It wasn’t unusual for him. He was very clumsy for a Le-Matoran, almost an odd ball in that sense.The sky was a deep purple colour, and the stars shone out like one million beautiful candles. It was nice night. Matau loved the outside. Something wasn’t right though. No one was outside which was a rare occurrence for Le-Metru, especially the poorer parts. He could see other Matoran were in, as there were candles lit on the houses. He couldn’t find a match to light his, so he stayed in the darkness.He heard a scream. It made him shiver to his very core. Matau was brave, but there was something about this that really scared him. He saw a dark figure go past his window. It was tall, but he count see it properly. All he saw was its black silhouette. A spindly creature, with four arms.Four arms? Matau thought to himself. What kind of thing has four arms?Matau’s heart was pounding through his chest. It was so loud he was scared that the thing outside his door would hear it. He was crouching down just below his window, as to not be seen. He heard a heavy breathing from outside his door, and the creaking of the things legs against the wooden step.With about a minutes waiting, a minute that probably felt the longest one in Matau’s life, the thing went away. He heard more screaming and shouting from outside, although it was distant. Matau may wasn’t stupid. It was sluiced to wait there any longer.

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Posted Nov 15 2012 - 03:34 PM

TGLoMN-Chapter 4

Matau crept silently, or at least, as silently as he could along the back allies of Le-Metru. To his right was a jungle, and to his left was a village. He seemed to be running along some sort of division between nature and Matoran, like he was standing in the midst of some raging battle. It seemed to have some sort of bewilderment to it, now that he thought about it.He moved fast, hearing the pinging of the insects’ exoskeletons as he ran into them; their bodies colliding against his metal exterior. The sound somewhat reminded Matau of a vehicle he once rode. He had tried to slam down on the breaks as he approached a corner, but instead the only response that came to him was a ding, ding, ding sound, the breaks refusing to acknowledge his frantic tapping. Needless to say, he went head over handlebars and bounced near five metres along the chute before coming to a stop. To his astonishment, he only came out of the wreck with little more than a few cuts and bruises, which really made him wonder if they all had a pre-determined fate. There were these Three Virtues that some Matoran seemed to follow stricter than others. Matau couldn’t say he was much of a believer in the great saviour Mata Nui, and his three virtues, but maybe he was. In all fairness, he had never really given it much thought, and it was a scary and powerless feeling to think you had no control over your own fate.He came to a standstill a few miles down the path, his chest burning, like a furnace cooking away down in his lungs. He stopped for a breath. He was physically fit, but he was no athlete either. His vision went a little dark, and his head had a weird spinning motion, as if his head were a cup of water being twirled violently. Its weight and mass spiralling round a central point, and his body unable to stand. He felt he knees grow weak slightly.How long had he been running for? 5 miles at least.Matau looked up. Only then realised where he was. It was impossible not to recognise. Its huge looming caves, made of a black chalky rock. Its high almost unnatural looking structures that sat tall and proud, reaching up into the stars like the sky scrapers of Ta-Metru, and the most obvious give away, the grey dark fog, only lit up by glow stone harvested from the mines. He was in Onu-Metru.His awe was suddenly struck by a wave of panic, like a fist clenching his heart. He was in Onu-Metru. Onu-Metru! He had never even stepped outside a millimetre of his own Metru before. Now he had run right into the Metru of History. Matausuddenly felt nauseous. He could see the Onu-Matoran watching him. Their dark green eyes piercing into his through the fog like daggers. He felt over exposed, as if the buildings and rocks were moving away from him, leaving him in an expanse of darkness and loneliness. What? Had they never seen a Le-Matoran before?Then… The boom. The shockwave rocketed through him like a punch in the chest. Sprays of rock, mist and dust launched from the stone structure right at him as it did. The pain went into him like shards of sharp sand. They shot into his eyes and mouth. His vision was a blur, yet he still looked forward, unable to take his glance of the spectacle. There was a dead silence that hummed through the space for a few seconds, and then, it started to fall. The stone structure dropped verticals for the tiniest distance, as it were going to collapse in on its self. This however, was not the case. The stone fell forward, heading right for Matau. Its shadow looming over him, leaving him in darkness. It blocked out the dim sun like an eclipse as it dropped. Matau couldn’t move. He wanted to, but he just couldn’t. As if his feet were clued to the place he stood. He just stood there, waiting for his immanent death, and closed his eyes.

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Posted Nov 25 2012 - 09:36 AM

TGLoMN-Chapter 5

Onewa ran through the scorching desert. He ran faster than he ever had in his entire life. He felt the wind rushing through his ears like he was falling. His heart was pounding and burning away in his chest. He could hear it behind him, its rabid snarls, and its teeth snapping way. The dog was gaining on him. He knew it. He had got the jump on it earlier because the animal had a hard time running on the sand, but now they were running on stone and the distance between them had shortened. That was when he saw it: The rock. He knew that with a big enough jump he could get the top of it. He just hoped the dog couldn’t too. He leapt, his powerful leg muscles springing him up off the floor. There was no way he could make it. Not unless…Onewa had a way of thinking of ideas really fast. It came in the bag of being one of the most perfect Matoran to ever roam the planet. He pulled out his knife and slammed into the rock as he did. It cut through it like butter. Then, with one final effort he forced himself upwards clambering to the top of the rock. The creature slammed into the side of the rock, unable to jump to its height. It yelped in pan and fell to the ground in a thud.“Hah!” Onewa said in victory, kicking the dirt in the canines face. He enjoyed tormenting things. That was how he was. He liked to feel in control. The best things to torment were the Ko-Matoran, their weak bodies being so puny. There was one thing their brains couldn’t counter and that was his fist. Of course his behaviour probably down to his one imperfection as some may call it. If Onewa was one thing, he definitely wasn’t stupid. The more he thought about what he was, the more it angered him. Why did he have to be that way? It wasn’t like he had told anyone. That would be a good way of getting yourself killed in the slums on Po-Metru. When Onewa was really mad he would always picture a Ko-Matoran named Nuju and bury his fist into a wall. Darn it did he hate Nuju? At least he though he did, but however he felt, Nuju sure got the worst of his anger. He wasn’t incredibly weak like the rest of the Ko-Matoran either, providing… a minor challenge. Although hurting things was fun, Onewa got most of his kicks out of verbal abuse. It was one thing to tear someone to shreds with your hands, but to do it with words… a much better challenge. Of course it wasn’t the rules to go over the Ko-Metru border, but when did Po-Matoran ever follow the rules?The dog was getting increasingly mad now. It was trying to jump up at Onewa, its claws only missing by inches. There was one thing to that Onewa hadn’t thought about: How was he going to get back down? The longer he left it, the angrier the dog was going to get and it was a high possibility that it would grab him sooner or later. Those swings were getting seriously close. The only thing he could do was run. He wasn’t far away from the Ko-Metru border, if he ran fast enough he could make it.The dog had been released by a tall being. Onewa knew him to be a Dark Hunter. There was no other possible thing it could be. Onewa had heard tales of this guy. “Snatcher” his name was. He had a dog that would go after targets and return their bodies to him, days or even weeks later.Why were the Dark Hunters attacking him? The Dark Hunters were usually mercenaries not random killers, something didn’t add up.Still there was only one thing to do now and that was run. Onewa jumped of the rock, meeting the floor with a heavy impact, costing him some time. The dog was so startled it took it a while to realise what was happening. That dogs dumbness probably saved Onewa’s life. The vicious creature belted after Onewa, the saliva dripping from is jaws full of razor sharp teeth. The heat was pounding from the rising sun that shone brightly through the blue cloudless sky. Although it was warm, Onewa could feel it getting colder as he ran towards Ko-Metru. He hated the cold. He could see the snowy mountains in the distance. He suddenly heard a repeated crunching sound. He looked down and realised he was now running on snow. He had never been so pleased to see its powdery brilliance and its elegant light reflecting of the bright sun. It meant he was closer to the border, closer to being safe.His relief was short lived. The snow started to get thicker, slowing him down. He didn’t think the dog would have much trouble with it, running on four legs and all. With that, he hear the leap as it left the ground behind him, the whooshing as it dropped down on him, and then…A clang of metal against metal and a dogs cry. Onewa looked behind him, the dog was cowering in pain and a disk on the floor. And then he looked in front of him. Its gleaming, shiny, icy magnificence. The Wall of Ko-Metru.“You shouldn’t have bothered” Onewa heard a voice say. “It was a Po-Matoran”

TGLoMN-Chapter 6

Matau felt a sudden impact to his right hand side. Something slammed into him throwing him out the way. Whatever it was, it had saved him. The shards of stone and sand were still in his eyes, making it painful to open his them. He heard the crash of the stone structure colliding to the ground and felt the violent gust of air shoot past him as it did. He coughed heavily, trying to get the dirt out of his lungs. The inside of his chest felt like it had been scratched repeatedly with sand paper.He tried to stand but his legs felt slightly numb, like he had just awoken from a long, long sleep.“You okay there?”Matau heard a deep voice say. It was gruff yet had a certain friendly tone to it.“Yah”, Matau said, one hand shielding his eyes. “I think so”“I didn’t mean to shove you so hard”, the voice said.You mean it was a Matoran that pushed me out the way? Matau thought to himself.“Nah. Didn’t feel a thing” Matau couldn’t tell if he was actually trying to lie to the Matoran or if he was just joking as he usually would.“Need a hand getting up?” The voice asked“I need a shoulder re-hinged but a hand will have to do for now” Matau joked, although his right shoulder was in a considerable amount of pain now that he thought about it.The voice laughed and grabbed Matau’s stretched out hand. Matau could feel the strength and power in his pull and he got his feet on the gravely floor. His vision was clearing now, although his eyes were watering like a leaking hose, making what he could see blurry and hazy.“Darn it Whenua don’t break his arm. You look like you’ve done enough damage to the poor guy already". This voice was a lot less deep and carried a more sarcastic tone to it. “Sorry about Whenua, he’s a brute who has no idea of his own strength”Matau did his best to smile, but the pain in his shoulder was getting increasingly worse. It was like a spike was digging into the back of his shoulder blade.“It’s okay”, Matau’s voice wobbled. He wiped the water way from his eyes, not quite sure if it was tears of pain or the dust irritating them. He saw two Onu-Matoran standing before him. Ones upper body was considerably wider than the others, almost like a stallion. Behind them was pure chaos. There were Matoran running around scrambling in the dirt helping others up. There was something strange that Matau couldn’t quite place immediately but then he realised: They were hardly making a noise at all. He had been told that the Onu-Matoran were the silent type but seeing it with his own eyes was surreal.The silence was broken by the large one speaking. “In case you haven’t gathered I’m Whenua and my mouthy friend here is Tehutti”. Tehutti smiled and did a small, quick salute.“I’m Matau”, Matau went to shake their hand but the pain his shoulder shot through his arm and he pulled back immediately. The two Matoran didn’t even notice, although for a Metru that used to be famous for mining, it was probably in the norm to have some sort of injury going on.“Hey Whenua, Onepu was right. Le-Matoran do have strange names”Whenua grunted then thought for a moment before speaking. “Just why were you out here anyway Matoran? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favour of the segregation nonsense, but I just find it a little strange that you would run all the way to here in the panic you were in”Matau suddenly remembered what happened in Le-Metru in his village. Well, maybe remembered was the wrong word, but h definitely brought it back to the front of his mind again.“Yah”, He said. There was an attack on my village.“An attack?” Whenua said, narrowing his eyes at Matau. “By who?”“I don’t know” Matau said “But it wasn’t Matoran. This thing had four arms… a…and it was tall. Like really tall.“Dark Hunters”, Tehutti said. His eyes seemed to gaze into nothingness. “Even hearing the name makes my blood curl”. He clenched both his fists and teeth. “They were probably the ones who did this!”Tehutti’s shout seemed to pierce through the silence around them like a knife. The other Onu-Matoran looked at him in scowls. Matau could hear the curses under hushed tones. Even Whenua gave him a harsh look. Tehutti rolled his eyes and shook his head.“There’s no need to jump to conclusions.” Whenua said, his arms folded across his wide chest.“Jump to conclusions?” Tehutti hissed. “Matau just said that they attacked his village. It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to assume this is them too!”Matau could see the fury in his eyes. Whatever his history was, the Dark hunters had left a large scar through it.“We don’t even know if it was it was the Dark Hunters” Whenua voice was calm. Matau doubted it was the first time the two of them had had this conversation.“You’re right Whenua” Tehutti said, his voice bitter with sarcasm “Not every wrong in world is the Dark Hunters”. Tehutti voice was monotone, as if re-siting a conversation the two of them had had before.“All I’m saying is we don’t know what we’re dealing with here” Whenua said. “You can’t let your feelings get in the way of this”“May I suggest something?” Matau raised his good arm, breaking the conversation between the two of them. “We get the Karzahni outa’ here”Whenua laughed a deep laugh and placed his palm heavily on Matau’s hurt shoulder, causing him to wince. “That my friend, sounds like a good plan”


Vakama walked solemnly through the humid darkening streets of Ta-Metru. Even though he lived in the Metru of fire, the air possessed a certain evening chill this night. He pondered down a back alley that would lead him straight to the Skyscraper that his apartment was in. It may have been the cold, or maybe the dark alley walls with the dirty bricks covered with soot and pollution, with the smell of disinfectant, or quite probably, something worse, but something seemed to make him feel uneasy.The dim orange street lamps flickered on and off, lighting the alley with an eerie sort of glow. The sky, much too smoggy and cloudy to see the stars held a deep purple, almost black colour. It’s almost wondrous feel mad Vakama feel both special and insignificant at the same time.A few rats scurried out from underneath two hug dust bins. Vakama jumped startled a little. They immediately rolled his eyes at how pathetic he sometimes was. He emerged out the alley and looked up at the skyscraper in awe. Even after all these months of living in it, its magnificent height still shocked him. A lot of Ta-Matoran had been re-accommodated to the newly built sky scrapers, in order to make way for new factories. The world was definitely changing way too fast for Vakama to keep up with. Gone were the days of small workshops and furnaces, doing more for the good of the Matoran than making a large profit.Vakama believed in quality over quantity and genuinely believed his masks were some of the best around Ta-Metru, however his small furnace was hardly well known, due to its location and he knew full well, that one day, he would have to pack up and leave.He walked through the glass doors, automatically opening for him with a pleasant whoosh sound. Vakama welcomed the places warm air conditioning. If there was one thing he liked about the Skyscraper, it was its warm entrance. He nodded to the guard Jaller on his way past. They had barley ever spoken a word to each other, but there was definitely some sort of silent friendship between the two of them.Jaller had actually fought alongside Toa Lhikan, in the war against Sidorak’s army. They were nasty creatures. Visorak they were called. They looked like giant four legged spiders with two sharp pincers you definitely wouldn’t want to get in the way of. They concurred everywhere they went and it was large talk that it was only a certain amount of time before Metru Nui fell to their wrath too.Jaller was a soldier at heart. An ex-tool maker. When he was off duty he would normally gaud the main gate from Le Matoran begging to get inside, but on the quiet nights he would usually pass the night here.Vakama ascended the stairs to the tenth floor when his apartment was. There was an elevator but he hated tight spaces. He rarely even used the Great Chute system unless he had no other choice. He arrived at the floor and walked all the way to the end of the corridor where room 19, his home, although he wouldn’t really call it that, was located. The skyscraper was a huge building. Something like three hundred floors and six thousand rooms. Vakama wasn’t the richest Matoran in Ta-Metru by a long shot, but compared to other Metru’s such Le and Po, he lived like a king.He flicked on the switch for the light to turn on. There was no response for a few seconds , then the bulb slowly came to life. His apartment wasn’t much to look at. He hadnat redecorated at all since he had moved in so the walls were just a dull boring white. Vakama walked to his kitchen in a neat manner and leant against the sink that faced the window.The furnaces and factory lights were still burning down below. They couldn’t stop all night; in fact, they probably wouldn’t stop in year until the eventually broke down. Two bright green orbs stared back at him through his reflection. It took Vakama w while to actually realise they were his own eyes.Darn it did he look like a wreck?His eyes were tired and lifeless. He wasn’t even sure if he would be able to sleep tonight. Every time he closed his eyes, all he could see was Lhikan standing there. The image was so clear it was as if it were painted onto the insides of his eye lids. He opened his eyes again, thr pain too great.Vakama hadn’t cried yet.He wasn’t sure if he could, even if he wanted too. He was in so much despair, he didn’t know how to feel. It was like his life were a train stopped at the end the libne, Vakama wasn’t sure if he would be ever able to move on. Lhikan was his… hero.He walked over to his bed, he head hung low.Best to try ang get some sleep He thought to himself. His eyes had defintly shown he had needed it. He lay on his bed, the air around him now seeming too hot, as if he were bathing in a hot bath. It defitly wast as comfortable as it should feel. He tried his best not to think to much about the days events but it some how felt un worthy to Lhikan to do so. He kept playing the same scen over in his head, accept this one would end differently. Just as Lhikan was about to be executed, Vakama would stand up and shout“No!”And Lhikan would escape and although Vakama would be shot dead on the spot, t didn’t matter. He imagined how proud Lhikan would have been of him. That’s all he ever wanted. For Lhikan to be proud of him. Now he would never get that chance. The truth was though, was that he had failed Lhikan. He was a cowered and that, was that.Eventually he gave up and walked back towards the kitched where he took his spot over the sink. The two moons lay over head like the eyes of Mata Nui himself. Vakama looked back at his reflection, his green eyes starting back at him. Except, they weren’t his eyes, they were Lhikans.“Lh… Lhikan? Vakama stuttered, his face struck in aweLhikan smiled at him. The smile was warm and Vakama relaxed. Lhikan seemed to be hovering in the air outside Vakama’s window, his golden Hau reflecting the star light.The stars? Vakama thought to himself. He could see the stars.Lhikan wasn’t completely opaque, and was two dimensional as well, as if he was possessing Vakama’s reflection.“I… I saw you… I saw what happened to you”, Vakama said, unable to say the word.“I may be gone from this world Vakama, but a man’s spirit is what truly binds his soul the living world”Vakama was so shocked, he felt like he had been stuck with a large iron pole.“Vakama, there are Matoran that Mata Nui is relying on to keep his destiny. I need you to find them and keep them safe. They are in grave danger”Vakama’s heart sank a little, knowing that he was not one of these Matoran. That just summed him up. He quickly shook his sadness off. This was a mission. A mission Lhikan had set him, and if he wasn’t going to fail him like he had done in the coliseum.“How will I find them?” Vakama asked.Lhikan gave a knowing smile. “In destiny’s path, the right roads will always cross. You will come to them as they will come to you.”

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TGLoMN-Chapter 8


Nuju was standing on the Ko-Metru wall. He didn’t like this job much, but every Ko-Matoran had to do it once a month for three days. That was three eight hour shifts. Eight long, boring, tedious, excruciating, painful hours. Of course he couldn’t deny he was best suited for it out of most of the Ko-Matoran with his eye piece. Nuju’s eye site had always been very poor, so his mask had a telescopic sight inbuilt on to the mask instead of having a left eye hole. He must say: It worked darn well. He could see much farther than the average Matoran, although sometimes focusing it was an absolute pain in the neck.


To tell the truth though, Nuju wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention at the icy path in front of him. He was too busy thinking about Lhikan.

A traitor? Really?


It just didn’t seem to add up. Sure the other member of Lhikan’s team hadn’t been so perfect. With one of them joining the Dark Hunters, and the other killing another killing the two other members of the team before vanishing into the unknown, but Lhikan? Heck, he was Nuju’s darn Hero. The think of him as a traitor broke his heart. It was true that the Matoran were on their own now. No Toa to defend them. How long would it be before the Dark Hunters or Sidorak’s army came for them? All they had were the Vahki. Nuju had no doubt in their skill as warriors, but they were no Toa. They were never meant to be. They were always meant to work in huge numbers, back when there were nine hundred and sixty of them. They had no elemental powers, No mask abilities and no way near the strength of a Toa Hero.


Nuju un-zoomed his eye and let out a deep sight. He sat to the floor in a neat manner. It was snowing slightly. Nuju liked it when it snowed like this. He wasn’t such a big fan of the huge snow storms, but he loved watching a snow flake fall gently to the ground, as if it were just a feather. Then, when Nuju would put his palm out to catch it, it would melt away so delicately.  He would zoom in at them until he could only see one, and would follow it all the way down to the ground.


The air was a light grey colour, as if the snow tops of the mountains and the horizon of the sky seemed to merge seamlessly. It was a beautiful day, yet such a dark heavy mood lay in the air. Nuju rubbed his eyes and shook his head, trying to escape from his tiredness and boredom, but it had no effect.


“Hey, Nuju, you see that”, Another Ko-Matoran named Ehrye tapped him on the shoulder, still looking through his binoculars.


Nuju zoomed in and searched around for a bit. He saw a Matoran running, and running fast. The sky was too dark to see what Metru the Matoran was from, but it was definitely a male. He could tell be the broadness of the shoulders and thighs.


“Why’s he running?” Kopeke said, looking through his binoculars too.


“Somin’ chasing him?” asked Ehrye, although the question was rhetorical. There was definitely something after the running Matoran.


“Is that?” Nuju squinted, the figures too far away even for his telescopic eye to see. “Is that a dog?”


“Sure looks like it?” Ehrye said, pulling out his disk launcher out from behind his back.

Ehrye was an excellent marksman. If there was one Ko-Matoran that loved to guard the wall it was Ehrye. Nuju had seen Ehrye shoot things from a mile away. Ehrye was a hunter. When the storms got so bad the food couldn’t be delivered by the means of the Great Chute system, Ehrye would be the man to get you your food.


The two figures were getting closer now. It was defiantly a dog. And…


Was that Onewa?


Half of Nuju’s mind wanted to tell Ehrye not to bother. He hated that Po-Matoran’s guts. The guy could go to the bottom of Karzahni for all he cared. The truth was though, was that Nuju wasn’t a killer. Never was and never would be.


The dog was gaining on Onewa and fast too. If Ehrye didn’t shoot soon, that dog would clamp its teeth into Onewa’s neck and that would be the end of it. There certainly wasn’t a chance in Karzahni that the Po-Matoran would out run it, not in the snow at least.


Ehrye steadied his aim slowly, the sight in the disk launch levelled with his right eye. Nuju’s heart was beating. He had never seen anyone be mauled to death before, but at the rate he would definitely bee witnessing it sometime soon.


“Are you planning on firing that darn thing?” Nuju asked, his voice coming off more panicky than he intended.


“Just a second!” Ehrye snapped.


The scope still level with his eye. He inhaled deeply. The dog was in the air now. In just a few seconds it would come down on Onewa in a beautiful yet terrifying force. With a slow exhale Ehrye pushed the sides of the launcher inwards. With that, the disk rocketed out into the white sky in a loud whoosh. It seemed to travel in slow motion. Nuju could see Onewa’s terrified face even without zooming. Almost as if he knew the disk was coming, he cowered into a ball in the snow, sliding across it like an unmanned sled. The disk flew through the place where Onewa’s head would have been if he were standing up straight. The disk slammed into the dog with a magnificent force, sending it sprawling backward on to the snow. It whimpered in pain and struggled to get up.


“You shouldn’t have bothered”, Kopeke said. “It was a Po-Matoran”. The speech was a joke, but there was no doubt, however miniscule it might have been, a sweet, dark element of truth to it. The two Metru’s held a mutual hatred for one another.


The Dog stood up tall on its four legs. Its black and silver body reflected white of the snow. It snarled at the frightened Onewa, who was on its back. He started to clamper away backwards, still facing the jaws of oblivion.“Uh… Ehrye”, Nuju exclaimed.Ehrye was just standing there, his launcher’s front resting on the floor.


“Just wait”, he said, with calmness to his voice.


And with that, the dog froze up, and fell to the floor like a knocked over statue, its arms and legs still stuck out in a standing motion.


“Good ol’ Ko-Metru ice disk” He said, and a cold smile crept to his face.

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TGLoMN-Chapter 9


Vakama awoke on the cold floor of his kitchen. He felt its cool sensation on his back. He could lie there all night. Everything seemed so blissful. The only light that was on was from the living room. He had forgotten to turn it off. It didn’t matter; he didn’t pay for the electricity. He closed his eyes to sleep, and then they jolted back open. Vakama had a duty. Lhikan had chosen him to do it and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him, not even himself. He shot up, fuelled with a purpose and a goal. For the first time in his life, Vakama had a meaning. Maybe he wouldn’t have as big of a meaning as the new Toa, but that didn’t matter. Lhikan had chosen him for a reason, and that was because he trusted him. There wasn’t a chance in Karzahni he would let him down.


Vakama opened the door and slammed it shut behind him. He was angry now, not scared. He had been scared for too long and the old frail Turaga was going make him feel fear. Dume was a murder. Maybe not directly, but he may as well brought the spear down on Lhikan himself. He bolted down the stairs with pure adrenaline. It was a miracle he hasn’t fell right down them, the speed he was going at. He stopped at the entrance room. Jaller looked up at him in the utter most confusion.


“Vakama?” He asked, his eyes squinting in puzzlement.


Vakama was almost taken back.  He rarely heard Jaller speak and he didn’t think he had ever hear him say his name.


“What’s the hurry?” Jaller’s tone was half joking half serious. This was Ta-Metru. Matoran never acted out of place. He had the right to be confused.


“I need to go somewhere” Vakama’s voice was shaky. He wasn’t used to speaking to Jaller like this.


What would he do if Jaller tried to stop him?


There was no way Vakama could take him on in a fight. The guy was built like a tank, not to mention the knife strapped to his back. To Vakama’s surprise though he just tilted his head towards the door and if gesturing him to go.


“If your late you better hurry”, Jaller smiled. Vakama had never seen him do this.


Vakama bolted for the door.


“And Vakama.” Vakama halted in his tracks just at the exit. “Just don’t do anything stupid”


Vakama turned to Jaller and nodded once. He knew exactly what he meant.


Vakama ran through the empty streets, his metal feet clacking against the tarmac floor. There was a curfew at this time, which means if he was spotted, he’d be done for.  He felt like he could run forever. He ran as fast as he could until he halted, skidding in his tracks. This was the border. The border from Ta-Metru to Ga-Metru. Once he over stepped this line there was no going back. Not obeying the curfew was one thing, but to step into another Metru without permission meant an eternity under house arrest. Vakama took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He lifted his foot and slowly stepped onto the cool surface of Ga-Metru. He opened his eyes in panic, half expecting alarm sirens to go off, but instead there was just a calm silence. Just the calm noise of the water lapping against the sides. It was a truly remarkable place. Everything was white and tidy. The platforms were thin. Vakama guessed there were walkways. One thing that struck him as odd though is that there were no tall buildings. Barely much taller than him. Then he looked down into the water and saw lights. They were like reversed skyscrapers, going down into the water. It must have been one Karzahni of a view. The water crystal clear, unlike the sea off the coast of Ta-Metru, that was too polluted to even step foot it, let alone drink. Vakama looked around to make sure one was looking. Then he knelt down and cupped the clear liquid in his hands and drank. It was amazing. The nicest water he had ever tasted. The one that came out the taps in Ta-Metru tasted almost sour, but this… this tasted like the great waters of Atahkah itself, if such a thing existed.


“What are you doing” He heard a voice say. It wasn’t a type of voice he had heard much before. It was… a female’s?


Vakama shot up, and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. She was beautiful. Her slim feminine structure that seemed so elegant and soft. Her bright orange eyes pieced into his very soul. Her long eye lashes fluttered gently and here mask seemed to almost illuminate in the dark air.


“I… I uh”, he stuttered.


She laughed. It was a soft laugh that Vakama wasn’t sure he had heard before, but it made his body feel like jelly.


“Why were you drinking the water?” Her tone was soft and fragile yet almost a teasing intent to it.


“I… um” Vakama was about to tell her about how he had never seen Ga-Metru water before and that the water in Ta-Metru tasted like Karzahni, but he couldn’t let the words out in fear of them sounding stupid.


“Actually” she said. “I have a better question” she tilted her head and looked at him through the corner of her eyes like a teacher. “Why is a Ta-Matoran here in Ga-Metru?”


Vakama cleared his thought. That he could answer. “I have a duty”. He was shaking and he wasn’t sure why. He prayed she wouldn’t notice.


“A duty?” She laughed. “What kind of duty would that be?”


Vakama was about to tell her Lhikan had told him, but he guessed that would come off a little creepy. A Matoran that drinks water and talks to the dead. That would definitely go down well with someone he had just met.


“I can’t tell you that”


Darn it did he sound stupid?


“Well then” she smiled. “It must be important”


“Yes very”, Vakama said. “There are these Matoran that I need to find”. He was speaking insanely fast, so fast that he wasn’t sure if the Matoran even understood him.


Her expression changed from a light smile to a more serious frown. Vakama wasn’t sure if she was taking him seriously. To be fair would he have done?


“What Matoran?” She asked him, with almost a worried expression.


“I don’t know” Vakama said. His eyes unable to meet hers. “All he said was, in destiny’s path, the right roads will always cross. You will come to them as they will come to you”


He looked up at her and smiled as a sudden realisation entered his mind in a welcome presence. She was looking at him as if he was a lunatic. She may not have been wrong.


“I know you have no reason to do so, but I need you to trust me”


“What?” The Ga Matoran said. He voice was short leading Vakama to believe she was angry.


“I need you to come with me”




“I don’t know, wherever I feel like”, Vakama realised this statement sounded a bit wilder than he’d first anticipated.


“Okay”, she said. “I don’t even know your name.”


“It’s Va…Vakama” He stuttered.


She gave him a warm smile, and out stretched her palm for him to shake. “I’m Nokama”, she said confidently.


He shook Nokama’s hand lightly; almost afraid it would brake if he did it too hard.


“Lead the way, brave adventure” she joked, and then the two of them walked into the moon light

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