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Black Cross

black cross vampire story script

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Posted Nov 19 2012 - 10:30 PM

I wrote this about 5 or 6 years ago and decided I would share it with you. It's pretty long, so it'll take several days to share it all with you. I accept all critique. Thank you! Black Cross Open with four doctors running from the hospital doors at night to an ambulance arriving with its sirens on. The doors of the bus open and two paramedics and a man emerge as they bring a pregnant woman, covered in blood, out. The man grabs her hand when she reaches the ground and the woman is rushed in.Doctor: What happened?Paramedic: She was bit.Doctor: By what?Man: A man!Doctor: A man!Man: We were at home watching the TV when my wife's water broke. When we were on our way to the hospital, the car died. Since we were only two blocks away, I asked my wife if she thought she could make it, but her contractions were getting closer so we went to the nearest house. I sat her on the porch swing and went in with their permission, but when I came back out, I saw a man biting her neck. She was unable to move and when I went to try and help her, another man jumped out after me, but I knocked him to the ground, so he ran off. The other man followed and then the ambulance showed up.Doctor: No man could make holes like these.They enter an empty room where the wife is situated on the bed and another doctor prepares to deliver her baby as others try to control the bleeding and a crash cart is brought in.Another doctor: Alright ma'am! I need you to push.Woman: I can't.Man: Yes you can Caroline. The baby and you are going to be fine.Caroline: But it hurts so much Joe.Joe: I know baby, but you'll see. Isn't it worth all the pain and tears to bring our child into this world and raise her together, as a family?Caroline: Alright! I'll do it for our daughter.Doctor: Alright then! Push Caroline! Push!She begins to push and scream until the baby comes out and they all smile. The screen then begins to beep after the doctor hands the mother the baby girl and the father holds her little hand. The doctor hands the baby to the father and moves him out of the way with help from the nurses.Joe: Caroline?She drops her hand and Joe moves closer to get a better look at the situation and to consult with the doctor as the baby begins to cry.Joe: Is she alright?Doctor: Please remove him from the room.Joe: Wait! No!A nurse escorts him out of the room, he looks in to see the doctors surrounding his wife, and then you see them a few hours later sitting outside the same room. A nurse confronts him about his wife. You see him begin to cover his face with one hand and the nurse then walks away. He then speaks to his newly born daughter.Joe: I'm sorry baby! It looks like we've both lost someone special tonight, but I'll take care of you. You'll never lose me. I'll always be there for you. You'll never have to worry my sweet Kara.He then puts her near his neck, on his shoulders, and you see a birthmark of a black cross on her neck. You see a close-up of it and then you see her nineteen years later with the same birthmark in a car with headphones on. You see her listening to her headphones and moving her head to the rhythm of her music. Her father notices this in his rearview mirror.Joe: Kara!She hears him and takes her headphones off. You can partly hear the music.Kara: What?Joe: We haven't talked since we left the campus grounds. So, how was school? Did you enjoy your classes?Kara: It was alright. Classes are good. Easy.Joe: Good! Good!Kara: Now can I listen to my music?Joe: No Kara! I haven't seen you since the fall, let alone received a single phone call or an update of how you were doing.Kara: I told you! I did fine! Ok? Now if you don't mind, I just want to relax and listen to my music.Joe: Kara, give me the iPod.Kara: No!Joe: Kara!Kara: No!Joe: Give me the iPod Kara!Joe turns around and tries to take the iPod.Kara: No! Let go! Stop! No! Dad! Look out!Joe turns around to see a deer in the road and he turns the wheel hard and fast enough that the car turns upside down with Kara and Joe yelling inside the car. When it stops turning Kara crawls out and then tries to find her father on a gimp leg.Kara: Dad! Dad! Can you hear me?She goes around to the other side and tries to open the door and rips it off and holds it for a second.Kara: Whoa! Not again!She then throws it out of the way and gets down on the ground.Kara: Dad? Oh, please!She looks in and sees him with his face against the air bag.Kara: Dad?He slowly opens his eyes and weakly speaks.Joe: Kara! Are you alright?Kara: Yeah! I think I sprained my ankle, but I'll be fine! Are you sure you're alright?Joe: Yeah! Lucky for me the air bag deployed and I was wearing my seatbelt, but my leg hurts a little.Kara: I'm so sorry dad. This is all my fault.Joe: No, it's not! I should have been paying attention to the road and just let you relax.Kara: But that's what I meant dad. If I wasn’t so upset about being dumped, this never would have happened.Joe: You have a boyfriend.Kara: Had, until he thought a semi-long distance relationship wouldn't work, but it’s probably because I told him you were a police officer.Joe: Yeah, that seems to work really well.Kara: Dad!They both laugh, but when she turns her head towards the end of the car, she sees it is leaking.Kara: Oh no!Joe: What? What is it?Kara: The car's leaking.Joe: Don't worry. Stay calm. We're fine as long as there are no sparks or flames.Kara: Dad, we're in the middle of a desert in Arizona, one of the hottest states in the United States.Joe: Right! Right! Oh! There was a sign about a mile back there. It said the next town is about four miles from here. It will be dark soon so I think I'll be fine until you get back.Kara: No! I won't leave you!Joe: Don't worry Kara! I'll be fine! Just reach into the glove box and get me my gun.Kara: Ok!She goes back to the other side and opens the glove box. She pulls out his gun and notices his water bottle and grabs it too and goes back to the other side.Kara: Here you go Dad!Joe: What's this?Kara: Well we're in the desert. I'm sure you're going to get thirsty. Oh, and here. Kara reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pack of gum and hands it to him.Joe: Gum?Kara: Yeah! It keeps the saliva going.Joe: Oh, thanks! Alright Kara! I need you to help me down when I unfasten my seatbelt so I can get out.Kara: I can't do that. You'll get hurt even more. We don't even know what's wrong in the first place.Joe: Yes you can! It’ll be alright! I think I just fractured my ankle. I can still move my legs and feet.Kara: Ok dad!He reaches for the belt and gets his finger ready to push.Joe: Ready?Kara: Yes! Now!He pushes it and she holds his shoulder and head as he slowly pushes himself out of the seat to the ground. His leg is bleeding and parts of his clothes are torn and bloody as well from minor cuts. She pulls him out of the car and helps lean him up against the side.Joe: Alright, now go!Kara: It’s alright dad! You’re right! It is probably just a sprain. I can shoulder you the four miles.Joe: Don't worry so much. I can handle myself. Besides, I know you'll come back with help.She stares at him for a moment and looks around to see if a car was hopefully coming, but then bends back down beside him.Kara: I love you dad!Joe: I love you too Kara!Kara: I promise to come back with help.She gets up and begins to hobble down the road.Joe: Good luck Kara!She stops at his words and then continues. You see her a ways down the road with no sign of the accident. She is more tired now because of hot sun and injured leg. She sees the sun beginning to set and behind her in a distance from the road, you see a close-up of a cave. Next you see her at night time exhausted and hobbling real slow like. She then sees four bright lights coming from a school-sized bus. They stop next to her and a man and woman come out of the bus.Woman: Are you alright miss?Kara: No! My dad and I were in an accident. I need to get help.Man: Well, I have a phone on the bus. You can come with us and we can take you into town in the morning.Kara: Oh thank you!Woman: Alright! Come on! I'm Kasey and this is Jay.Kara: It's nice to meet you. I really appreciate this.Kasey: Don't mention it.They let her on the bus first and then they follow after giving smirky looks to each other. After she’s on, she sees that everyone looked like they were going to a rock concert and was acting like it too. She finds an open seat in the back and sits down.Jay: Alright everyone. Let's get this show back on the road.Everyone begins to scream, "Whoa!" You then see the bus move and a ways back down the road she came from, you see her on the bus on a cell phone.Kara: Yes! Thank you! Tell him not to worry about me or my leg and I'll see him in the morning.She pauses.Kara: No! I don’t want to stop these people that picked me up from their plans. Thank you though. I’ll be there tomorrow.She gets off the phone and hands it to Jay.Kara: Aaah!Jay: So everything's set then!Kara: They're coming now. Thank you guys so much. I don't know how to thank you.Kasey: No need to thank us. Just enjoy yourself tonight.Kara: I'll try, but I don't think I'll be able to, not with this leg or knowing that my father is probably worrying about me. Maybe I should go wait with him.Kasey: Don't worry! It'll be fine! Besides we’re already here.Kara: Really?She peers out the window. You then see them leave the road and drive towards the cave. They all leave the bus with Kara exiting last. The bus then drives off behind the cave. You hear music come from the cave and she follows everyone else into the cave. When inside, you see the final persons go in and two men pull on strings that are attached to a boulder to block the exit. She hobbles farther in to the cave and sees everyone dancing with a group playing on the stage. She continues through the small crowd and as she does, you see a man with two women dancing around him and watching her every movement. She gets to the other side of the crowd and notices that there is a long tapestry against the wall that is moving. As she moves towards it you see the same man behind her. She pulls back the tapestry and goes in. she finds a dark room, which appears to be someone's bedroom. She shuts her eyes and rubs her face, signifying her exhaustion when she sees the huge bed. She walks over to it and sits on it and then brings her legs to her chest, and then lifting up her pant leg to see how swollen and red it is.Man: Are you ok?   The story continues in Black Cross Part 2...I couldn't remember how to add directly to here, but I got it on the Part 2 one.  

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