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The AfterWords

TvT The funny is back ReBirth Rise Freefall

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#241 Offline Lucina

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Posted Aug 08 2013 - 11:09 AM

Ah, okay, just give us more PSAs, as they don't take as long to script. (Torch is awesome!!!)



Aw, come on guys. Give Tex (...iBrow!) a break.


At least he has a reason for his disappearance (while I really didn't have a good one at all)...when he gets back, he'll get back.


(although I really really want another chappy, I guess it'll have to wait :()




[color=#008080;]Maybe I can whip something together for you guys. I'll take a look.[/color]

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#242 Offline Lucina

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Posted Aug 09 2013 - 11:44 PM

The AfterWords: Fire Rising

Take 2 #1: The Toa of Ice


The white Toa of Ice stood silently amongst the bushes, watching as Surge and Takadox verbally sparred with Gali Mata for several minutes. Luckily for them, they began fighting each other just afterwards, preventing his growing bored. For now, at least. He watched as it seemingly took Gali Mata less than a minute to subdue her opponents, and watched as Surge and Takadox came back with a surprise return, downing Gali Mata for the count.


“Interesting... I will admit, I am impressed....” the Toa of Ice whispered to himself. “And a note to self: two killing blows instead of one.”


And the Toa of Ice drifted backwards into the shadows.




The orange creamsicle set that they call “Nex” is in the Kitchen now, offering cookies to the prisoners. The Toa of Ice snorts of the obvious nature of the rule breaking, and is not surprised when the conversation turns sour. Nor is he very surprised when Nex mentions freeing them – Lewa Mata has been attempting to live in a dream, choosing to believe that Nex would side with him.


“Time to keep higher tabs on you than before, mate.” the Toa of Ice murmured, sneaking out of the Kitchen after Nex and remaining unseen. “Soon, I am going to gut you.”


At the sound of voices, the Toa of Ice launched himself at the wall, kicking himself up to use the lightswitch as a jumping pad over to the chandelier, where he watched the sets Avak and Ehlek plotting with Nex.


“Always knew those Piraka and Barraki were bad news.” the Toa said to himself. “But I have better places to be right now.”




The Toa of Ice could do nothing but watch as Takanuva Stars and Nex were inducted into the Resistance – and the pains he was feeling over his inability to escape were quite literally going to make him explode soon. But then Nex looked right at him, and for the briefest of moments, Nex was gone – and Nex 2.0 was in his place.


That is hilarious.” the Toa of Ice said with a chuckle. “That stupid fool really blew it this time.”




“Are you sure?” Lewa Mata asked.


“Sure as I always am, Lewa. You're a fool for not realizing that.” the Toa of Ice replied.


“Don't insult me.”


“I insult all of my inferior opponents. All of you think that Nex 2.0 is the greatest fighter, or Kiina, or you, ALMIGHTY forbid, or that already trashed for dust Maxilos. Everyone is wrong.”


“Oh yeah?” Lewa Mata asked. “Well, Nex and Takanuva Stars won't be back for awhile. Prove it to me.”


The Toa of Ice glanced over to his so-called “leader”, totally uninterested, and shook his head, getting up to go.


“Why bother wasting my time? I can spend my seconds better doing something else.”


“You can't act like that towards me!” Lewa Mata shouted after him as he walked away. “Get back here now!”


“You pick, Lewa,” the Toa of Ice said, “because these are your options. Capture Nex and Takanuva Stars before they catch you... or force me to uproot the last vestiges of control you have over this house only to walk away and leave it in shambles.”


Lewa Mata chose the former, and watched the Toa exit the room.


Who is this mysterious Toa of Ice? Is he a set? A guest star? Some other strange creation?

You'll have to wait to find out!




Takadox wasn't really into super climatic battles that went horrendously wrong – and that was why, despite it being the execution of Takanuva Stars, he was instead standing here in front of the time machine.


He knew that Pridak, Kazi, and the late Irnakk and Mantax had once attempted to travel back and kill Tahu Mata to stop the war, but had instead been pushed back through due to the paradox they had created. This effectively meant the paradox was never created, which meant they succeeded, which meant....


It was complicated, to say the least.


Takadox was standing at this spot for a similar reason – wondering what it would be like if the war had never occurred. The only sets that had ever travelled to different dimensions were Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata and Takanuva Stars – one of them was super evil now and the other three were dead, so he wasn't quite sure what the experience would be like. OR if he even wanted to do it.


However, before Takadox could continue thinking and possibly consider going, the time machine began to flash and warp – and then before his eyes a figure stumbled out, coughing.


“Wait a minute here...” Takadox trailed off, “you're... you're me!”


“No way I'm not you!” the figure coughed, looking up. “Holy mother of a grenade, that's me!”


“No, you're definitely me.”


“No, you're me!”


“No, I'm me! You're also me!”


“No, you can't be you! You're me!”


“Ok, hold up.” Takadox said to the newcomer. “Clearly we are both called Takadox. Where are you from?”


“I'm from the House.” the newcomer explained. “I just kinda sorta 'died' in this huge war, except that apparently Evil Tahu was killed and the Core shut down, so for some reason now I'm here and I'm alive.”


“...well, that makes more sense than some of the stuff I've seen this week. Come on in, friend, and we'll get started.”


“Started on what? Kicking the enemy's butt?”


“Well... not exactly. First of all, we need to decide who gets to be Takadox 1 and Takadox 2.”


“Darn. That's not gonna be any fun at all.”


End Take 2 #1.


[color=#008080;]And so we have the debut of "Take 2", another series of special chapters. With this I will occassionally provide alternate viewpoints to certain events during the main comedy, or even let you peek through the window to events that are canon, but not shown in the main comedy at all. I hope you enjoyed.[/color]


[color=#008080;](And yes, the newcomer Takadox was stolen from MT's Aftermath. He has a new job and home awaiting him, and he now hates iBrow slightly less than he hates MT).[/color]

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#243 Offline MT Zehvor

MT Zehvor
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Posted Aug 12 2013 - 07:45 PM

Oh look. It's an iBrow chappy.


You're not very good at keeping your "staying away from BZP" promises. :P


The orange creamsicle set that they call “Nex” is in the Kitchen now,


For some reason this line made me laugh far more than it should have.


“No way I'm not you!” the figure coughed, looking up. “Holy mother of a grenade, that's me!”


“No, you're definitely me.”


“No, you're me!”


“No, I'm me! You're also me!”


“No, you can't be you! You're me!”


...annnnnnnnnddddd everyone is confused.


(also you should break your staying away from BZP promises more often. :P)



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#244 Offline Rahkshi Guurahk

Rahkshi Guurahk
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Posted Aug 18 2013 - 02:47 PM

JUdging by how he acts, The Unknown Toa of Ice is some form of Kopaka. And I kept laughing at the last part.

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-Rahkshi Guurahk
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