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Black Cross part 2

black cross script SS

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#1 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 08 2012 - 01:32 AM

She looks up, sees a man, and stands up against the nightstand nervously.

Man: No! Don't be frightened! I noticed you in the crowd.

Kara: Oh yeah! Is that suppose to make me less scared.

Man: Sorry! I meant I noticed your limp. Are you injured?

Kara: Oh! Um! My dad and I were in an accident just down the road. I sprained my ankle.

Man: Oh! Is he alright?

Kara: Yeah! I used someone's cell and alerted the authorities in the next town. I'll see him in the morning.

He goes over and sits on the bed.

Man: Here!

He places his hand beside him on the bed. She looks at his hand.

Man: Don't worry! I just wanted to check your ankle.

Kara: Oh! Um! Ok!

She goes over, sits next to him, and gives him her leg. He pulls back her pant leg and looks at her ankle.

Man: I'm Luke by the way.

Kara: Kara!

Luke: Kara. That's a nice name. Ooh! Yeah! It's sprained. You should probably stay in bed. I could let you know when the party is over and you can take the bus back with the others.

Kara: I don't know. I don't think the person that stays here would much appreciate it.

Luke: I think he'd be fine with that.

Kara: And what makes you so sure? Are you friends with the guy?

Luke: Yeah, but I kind of have to be. I mean I'm stuck with myself. I can't just leave me.

Kara: Oh! So this is your room. Whoa!

Luke: What's wrong with my room?

Kara: No. Your room's fine! It's awesome, but I don't understand why you would want to live in a cave.

Luke: Well, when I was young, I found out I was allergic to the sun.

Kara: Oh, that's terrible. I'm sorry! I didn't mean...

Luke: Oh it's alright. It's not as bad as you think. I get to live in a cave. Who else gets to live in a cave and throw parties in a cave?

Kara: No one I know. So, that kind of makes you like a bat then, doesn't it? Though, I'm sure it can get pretty cold at night.

Luke: Well, I guess it does. I'd say this makes me more like a vampire, but I wouldn't say I like to drink blood.

Kara: Well, a vampire wouldn't want to bite me, that's for sure.

Luke: And why is that?

Kara: Well you see I was born with a birthmark that's shaped like a cross, and as everyone knows, vampires don't like crosses. They're the same as a kryptonite crystal to Superman.

Luke: May I see it?

Kara: Sure.

She pulls her hair back and he takes a close look at her birthmark and then he touches it, but she moves away.

Luke: I'm sorry, but that is an amazing mark. I've waited so long to see it.

Kara: Huh! What are you talking about?

Luke: I'll show you!

He looks down and then looks up with baby blue eyes and two long fangs protruding from his mouth. Kara sees this and faints. She begins to fall backwards towards the nightstand until he places one hand behind her head and one behind her back for support. He then lays her head on the pillows, pulls back the covers, and puts her legs underneath the covers, before turning to leave the room. When out of his room, he signals to Jay and Kasey to follow him. They smile and follow him to the stage. He grabs the microphone and the dj sees him and stops playing. The crowd stops dancing and looks at them.

Luke: Are you all having fun?

The crowd cheers.

Luke: Good! We want to thank you all for coming, but now the party is over and it is time for you all to give us some of your life blood, but don't worry, you won't remember a thing.

The crowd becomes puzzled as Luke and others in the room bow their heads. Luke and the other ones on stage look up with their baby blue eyes and fangs and they all smile, except Luke. Persons in the crowd then look at those near them who bowed their heads as well. They then raise their heads and the crowd becomes frightened. Luke signals for the others to go.

The crowd screams and begins to run towards the exit. Two female vampires are the first to the exit who hypnotize two men in the crowd and then bite in the throat. Kasey and Jay then spring from the stage on two unsuspecting victims. Luke stays on the stage and watches.

At the exit, people begin to frantically push on the boulder to get it out of the way with no success, screaming loudly. They then turn and you see all the already hypnotized victims and the vampires walking towards them. The victims are still scared even though there are more of them then there are vampires.

A strong man, still with a beer in his hand, hits the bottle against the cave wall and begins to walk towards them. Jay walks towards him as the others smile. They get within three feet of each other and the man begins to swing the broken glass shard at Jay, but misses. He tries again, but fails a second time. He gets mad and begins swinging left and right at Jay and keeps missing because of his superfast reflexes. He stops and tries once more and nicks him in the face. Jay just smiles though, as the cut disappears slowly from his face after he puts a drop of his blood from the cut on his face onto his fingertip and licks it. The man's face becomes worried and then Jay reaches forward and grabs the shirt of the man's chest. The bottle drops from the man's hand and then he too drops to the ground and you then see Jay’s hypnotizing eyes.

A girl screams and then everyone else begins to scream and run again. You see some fight back, including a girl who punches a male vampire in the face. He falls back and comes back up. Her face becomes shocked because she did not feel that the blow from her punch would have such an effect, but then he comes back up from the fall and she becomes scared again.

Man: I like you. I think I’ll let you remember tonight.

She screams and he slowly comes after her. She continues backing up until she hits the wall and feels the tapestry with her right hand to the secret room and sees she can enter it. He then, seeing she has nowhere else to go, jumps after her. She screams and goes into the secret room running. She wakes Kara up, who screams as she sees the man grab the girl's arm, and then look at Kara and say...

Man: Oooh! Seconds!

The girl then tries to get away from his grip and so he pushes her up against the cave wall. As he does this, Kara jumps out of the bed and runs to the tapestry. He sees her, quickly hypnotizes the girl who slides down against the wall, and then goes after Kara. He reaches her and turns her up against the wall. He then tries to bite the side of her neck with the black cross, which in turn acts like acid on his mouth, so he lets her go and tries to stop the pain. While he does, he faces towards the exit and Luke punches him, which forces him to fly backwards in the air. Kara hurries then and runs out and the hurt vampire gets up with an angry face until he sees that it is Luke. He calms downs to a cool and then you can see the acid burn on his mouth disappear slowly.

Luke: Stay away from her. She's mine!

Man: I'm sorry Luke. I didn't know she was yours! You never join us.

Luke: Well you do now and I'm not 'joining you.' She's special.

He then turns and goes back out. You see many people lying unconscious on table and the ground and some locked up in shackles hidden below the stage with frightened looks on their faces.

Luke: Kara, there is no need to fear me. I do not wish to hurt you. We do not kill.

You see her hiding behind part of the boulder blocking the entrance into the cave, scared, but peering out ever so often to see the location of all the vampires. Luke continues to walk closer to her position.

Luke: You are a very special person Kara. You have a gift that is like a cure to this curse that we are forced to live. This is why I can't let you go yet.

Many vampires become surprised and stare between Kara and Luke. Kasey begins towards the boulder to get her, but Luke grabs her arm, so she backs away.

Luke: Before you can leave, though, a ritual will be performed in one week’s time when the moon is full. We must first assemble and when the deed is done, you may go free, but until then, you must stay here. I promise no one will harm you.

He reaches the boulder where she is hiding.

Luke: There is no use fighting me. You will always lose.

He then pulls her out from behind the boulder. She continues breathing heavily as he pulls on her arm. You can see signs of pain from her limp and the "aahs" as she is pulled back into the room.

Kara: Please let me go and all those other people too.

Luke: I'm sorry, but I can't let you go yet. The others will be sent home tomorrow. Ty! Lee!

Two male vampires come into the room.

Luke: It's time!

He goes over to the nightstand and pulls out a small, old book. He opens it and pulls out some paper that he hands to Ty and Lee.

Luke: Now go, so they have time to prepare.

They leave and he turns to see her still hiding on the other side of the bed.

Luke: Now it's time to see if you are really the prophecy.

Kara: What do you mean?

Luke: I need a taste.

Kara: What? No! Stay away from me.

She begins to turn and run to the other half of the room, but his quick speed and high fly jump abilities allow him to get in front of her. She turns again to run and trips onto the bed. She scrambles to get to the other side but he beats her and knocks her nicely back onto the bed and gets on top of her. She uses her hands to try and get him off but he grabs her wrists and holds her on the bed. She still struggles but he holds her hands above her head and pulls back her hair.

Luke: Just relax. It won’t hurt but a second. I'm sorry for this.

Kara: No. No. Nooo.

He bites into her neck and she becomes weak and dazed. You see blood drip from his mouth and the holes on her neck down to the bed. He then lifts up and licks his blood smeared mouth. She still lies there, breathing heavily, as he gets off his bed and heads towards the wall. He pulls a cord which opens an area above his bed where there are sun-intensity lights. He then walks over to the lit area where Kara lay and places his hand in the light. He sees no damage came to his hand so he gets on the bed and lets the lights fill his body completely.

Luke: The light of the sun. I've waited hundreds of years to feel its warmth and tomorrow I shall feel it and see its face again.

He turns to see that Kara’s blood loss has caused her to fall asleep. You then see her blood covering her shirt, neck, and face. You see Luke later coming out of the room connected to his room. He picks her up off the bed and carries her into the other room, which is a bathroom with an old fashioned, western movie style bathtub. He places her into the tub and you see the blood come from her body and clothes into the water. She then wakes up later to find that her clothes and her are clean. She looks around and sees Luke standing near the bathroom door.

Luke: I cleaned your wound and dressed it.

Kara: And redressed me.

Luke: Yeah! Sorry! But there was no way to get the blood out of your clothes.

Kara: Sorry! You looked at my body.

Luke: You shouldn't feel embarrassed; you have a beautiful body.

Kara: Um. Hhhm!

Luke: You have a special gift. Your blood can change our species forever. To be able to walk in the sunlight is a miracle and to see the sunrise and sunset is a blessing that we the undead have been denied for hundreds of years. Your father is lucky to have such a beautiful and gifted daughter.

He then walks over to her and sits next to her on the bed. She flinches slightly and makes a cross with her fingers, but nothing happens.

Luke: That doesn't actually work. I promise you're safe.

She puts her hands down.

Luke: You are lucky to be able to experience a world that is both dark and light; both beautiful and terrible. All we see is the dark and terrible. You don't know what it's like to never know the joys of the world and to be held captive to the blood filled hunger that resides in us; one that is never fulfilled. One that starves for more and more until the creature inside us no longer waits for the once human host.

You then see her father in a wheelchair at a hospital and a couple of policeman.

Officer: We still have not heard from your daughter. She is not the only one. You said she was on a bus with a group of people going to a party.

Joe: Yeah! That's what she told me.

Officer: All the persons that were on that bus are also missing.

You see a guy in the background with a long coat listening to their conversation.

Joe: Are there any leads?

Officer: We know from one of the kids whose parents didn't let their child go, that the party was somewhere in the desert. We have many officers combing the desert looking for any signs of the buses or the people that were on them. Now we are going to need for you to describe what she looks like to us.

He pulls out a notepad to take his description of his daughter.

Joe: She is 5 foot 9 with long curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She is wearing blue jeans, sneakers, and a black shirt. Oh, and she has a birthmark of a cross on her neck. Please find my daughter. After my wife died... She is all I have left of her.

After mentioning his daughter's birthmark, the man in the background looks even more curious about the story Joe is telling.

Officer: Don't worry sir. We won't give up until all those people are found. This isn’t the first time this has happened. They always come back after a day or so, but it’s with no memory of what happened or where they were.

The man in the background then turns and walks away after speaking into a walkie talkie.

Man: Finally. We found her. They have her though.

Girl's voice: Good! Now find their hideout and report back once you have her.

Man: I'm going now.

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#2 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 19 2012 - 10:59 PM

You then are back in the cave with Luke and Kara.

Kara: I'm sorry but I don't want to be part of this prophecy you’re describing. I just want to finish my last semester of school and get a job and go on with my life.

Luke: Well I'm sorry, but your destined for so much more. I'll show you tomorrow. For now we must sleep.

Kara: But I thought vampires only slept during the day.

Luke: Normally I do, but when there is nothing else to do, I lay awake during the day and sleep at night.

Kara: Sounds like being a vampire is lonely. So, there is no lady vampire that you like?

Luke: No! Everyone changes when they become a vampire. They aren't the same when they become one of us. They're too wild and only want to party and drink blood.

 Kara: And you didn't?

Luke: I did at first, but my brothers and I figured that there is more to life than drinking blood and partying. That is why I created this area where we could do that and then hypnotize them to not remember what happened to them so they can continue living. Not all are so kind.

Kara: But you still take their blood.

His face hardens. Kara sees this and changes the subject.

Kara: So…You have brothers?

Luke: Not actual brothers. They're more like bloodline brothers. They all drank from the same vampire.

Kara: And where is he? I would have thought vampires stayed with their families.

Luke: Yeah, well, he doesn't stay in the same place very long and he prefers to be alone.

Kara then closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she massages the side of her neck.

Luke: Come on. It's time to sleep.

Kara: You promise you won't try to bite me again.

Luke: Yes.

She then rubs her arms, signifying that she is cold, even though he put a furry black jacket on her.

Luke: Are you cold?

Kara: Freezing! I don't know how you stand this cold.

Luke: Well we are technically dead. We can't feel the cold. Here let me help warm you.

He goes around to the other side of the bed and gets under the covers with her and puts his arms around her.

Luke: Is that better?

Kara(nervously): Yeah! Don't think that this is going to go anywhere. I would've expected you to be colder.

Luke: I don't! normally we are cold unless we have drank blood. It keeps our bodies warm to the touch.

Kara: Oh! (regretting even asking)

You then see them a little later. Her eyes are open and his are shut, but he is still awake.

Kara: Luke?

Luke: Yes.

She turns towards him.

Kara: I was wondering. Have you ever had someone that you could spend eternity with?

Luke: No.

 Kara: It must be so lonely not having someone to talk to.

Luke: Well I have the others.

Kara: No. You know what I mean.

Luke: Yeah, but once in awhile you meet someone that you can really connect with and makes you feel like you are human and you regret all the deaths you were a part of and wish that you could be just like them, but then they grow old and die, while you live on. But being able to spend night and day with them makes their death seem bearable, even though you are meant to live for eternity. Just to experience a little good in the world can make all the difference for us and your blood is the key. It is a God send that it was given to someone as beautiful and special as you. I'm glad that it was you.

They stare at each other for a second and then he leans in and kisses her. He stops and looks at her and then she kisses him and you see them kiss for a minute and hold each other. You then see them the next morning facing each other asleep. Kara wakes up and sees him. She then slowly gets up and sees a pen on the nightstand. She picks it up and goes to his side of the bed. She holds it above her head and then looks at where she is going to stab his heart. He moves slightly which gives her a clearer shot, but she then looks sadly at him and puts her arm and hand with the pen in it to her side and then drops the pen. She goes back to the other side and gets back in bed with him. She then turns towards him and stares at him until he turns towards her and says...

Luke: Why didn't you do it?

Kara: You knew? Why didn't you say anything or try to stop me?

Luke: You didn't answer my question?

Kara: Because... Hmm! Because even though you’re a vampire, a creature that is the definition of evil, you still have a heart. You didn't choose to become one. You are a good person and I want to make sure that you can enjoy life like you were meant to. I want to go through with the ceremony so you can walk in the sun again.

Luke: Really!

Kara: Yeah! I'm sure you would have done it anyway.

Luke: I don't know. I've kind of grown attached to you..

Kara: Me too and in such a short time. How odd! Hmmm! Anyways! Now that you don't have to worry about me running away, could I go outside the cave and let my dad know I am ok and I am going to see him soon.

Luke: Yeah! I wanted to show you something and I can't if we don't go outside.

Kara: Well then. Let's get going!

Luke: Alright!


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#3 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 21 2012 - 06:39 AM

They get out of bed and leave the room. You see many platforms coming from the wall and all the other vampires are laying on them.

Kara: Well aren't you nice.

Luke: What?

Kara: You let them sleep on cots while you sleep in the lap of luxury.

Luke: Hey! It wasn't my idea. They wanted to be like vampires and since I technically can't put thirty coffins in here, Jay thought that they could sleep on pull outs from the wall. Brothers. Sisters. Wake up. It is time to go outside. Jay. Kasey. You first. Remove the boulder.

All of the vampires wake up and jump down from the beds. Jay and Kasey go to the door and remove the boulder from the entrance. They hurry and move out of the way and so do a few other vampires because of the sun light.

Luke: Now to give them a drink.

Kara: What? I thought that you weren't going to let them...

Luke: Calm down. Not from you. They can't. From you.

Kasey and Jay then come over to Luke. He holds out his hands and they biteinto his wrists and drink from them. You see blood drip from his hands.They then stop and lick their lips after standing back up.

Jay: That is delicious.

Kasey: Yeah! I've never tasted anything like it. I feel so powerful.

Jay: I want some more.

Kara begins to freak a little and grabs Luke's hand.

Luke: No. That's enough.

They then walk towards the exit. You see them leave covering their eyes as it has been many years since they too have been out in the sun's rays.

Jay: Wow! The sun. It's been so long.

Kasey: It's just the way I remember it, but yet it's different.

Luke: But it's only temporary.

Kara: Well I am glad that you all can experience it again.

Jay: You are a gem Kara.

Kasey: Yeah! If it wasn't for you, we would have never been able to see the sun ever again.

Luke: And as soon as you go through with the ceremony, we will be able to experience it whenever we want. We can be together then, not only in the darkness, but also in the light. Your blood will open a whole new world to us. We will no longer need to hide in the shadows. We now have a chance to create lives of our own and make a difference in the world. You then hear a motorcycle start up. They look around and then up on the highway. You see a man staring at them out in the sun. When Luke sees him, he becomes nervous.

Luke: Oh no! It's him!

Jay and Kasey then become nervous too.

Jay: Luke! We must go back in.

Kara: What? Why? Who is he?

Luke: He's a hunter.

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#4 Offline Windseeker

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Posted Dec 22 2012 - 03:38 PM

Please note that Short Stories are supposed to be contained in one post only. If you'd like, I can merge your posts into one. If you are planning on expanding this further, consider turning this into an epic, which allow multiple posts (chapters) per story. You'll need to create a review topic for the story in that case.


Let me know what you decide and I'll help out accordingly, after which I will delete this post. :>

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#5 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 22 2012 - 07:22 PM

I would like to continue expanding on this one as well. I appreciate any help you can give on it. TY.

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