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The Elementals-Entry 2

elementals SS

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#1 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 14 2012 - 12:41 AM

Tina: Ok! This is where we store the music when no one listens to it anymore or until we are ready to put it out for sale to the public.Leah: Wow!Tina: Yeah, I know! It's a lot of music. Over here is where we catalog our inventory. I'll show you how it works.As Tina walks away, Leah sees a box on a bookcase and walks towards it. She touches the box and begins to open it. She sees a light and then..Tina: Leah!Leah shuts the box and hands it to Tina.Leah: I'm sorry! My eye caught the box and I couldn't help myself.Tina: That's alright. go ahead and speak to the others. I'll be right out.Leah: Alright! Once again, I'm sorry.Tina: Don't worry about it.Leah leaves and Tina puts the box back down.Tina: I knew she was the one. I know you can hear me. We will defeat you again. You'll never win. I have a week to get them ready.She leaves the room and then you see two guys looking in a crystal ball.Guy#1: Soon, your highness, you will defeat them and take over the earth.Guy#2: Get the others! You'll attack the city tomorrow night. The Shadow shall rise again!He begins to laugh and then the other one does to. Then back in the store, you see Leah walking up to the girls.Emma: Hey Leah! Is my mom driving you nuts yet?Leah: She's your mom?Emma: Yeah, I know! It's really not as bad as you would think. She's really cool.Amy: She's right!Tina: Are you guys ready to get back to work?They get to work and then it's closing time.Whitney: Finally, six o'clock. Now I can go shopping.Leah: I thought you guys were open longer.Felicia: Normally we are, but there is a huge thing going on tonight at Madison Square Gardens.Leah: Oh, I didn't know that!Tina: We will also be closing early tomorrow.Leah: How come?Tina: Inventory and cleaning. We'll close at three. Ok, well, I will see you guys tomorrow!They go outside the store.Leah: Have fun shopping!They go outside the store.Leah: Have fun shopping!Emma: You're not coming with?Leah: No, I've only been in New York for a week! I just wanted to get a job before I started sightseeing. Maybe I can shop with you guys another day.Whitney: Well, have fun! Come on guys, let's go shopping!Felicia: Hang on Whit! Are you sure Leah?Leah: Yeah! Don't worry! I'll see you guys tomorrow!Emma: Ok, we'll see you later!Leah: Bye!Girls: Bye!Whitney: Alright! Hurry up guys! I saw this dress on the way to work I wanted to get.They leave and wave good bye! Leah gets into her purse and pulls out her newspaper. She begins crossing the street until her heel gets caught in the drain. She tries to pull it out while a driver starts to fall asleep because he is drunk. A boy on the other side of the street on the sidewalk sees her and the car, so he begins to run towards her.Boy: Hey!Leah looks up and sees the boy and the car coming. She then feels the boy grab her and they fall to the ground, with him on top of her. The boy feels a shock between them. The car driver wakes up and stops the car because the stoplight turned red.Boy: Boy that was a close one, huh!He looks down at her into her eyes.Boy: Hi! Are you ok?Leah: Oh, yeah! Sorry!He gets up and then helps her up.Leah: Thank you for saving me! See you around.She walks off and then he follows.Boy: Wait!He catches up.Boy: You forgot your shoe!Leah: Thanks again.Boy: Do you need a ride?Leah: That's alright! I'm new here and I was just sort of about to go sightseeing.Boy: Oh, that's perfect! i have the best thing for sightseeing. Come on!He grabs her hand and then they run across the street to a moped.Leah: Is this what you were talking about?Boy: Yeah! Why?Leah: Nothing!Boy: Come on!Leah: I don't know!Boy: Please, I won't take no for an answer!Leah: Ok, fine, but I'll kick your butt if you turn out to be some sort of creeper.Boy: Deal!He takes her hand and she gets on. They start driving around and you see all the sights they see. You then see them at a beautiful area full of nature.Leah: Wow, this place is amazing!Boy: Yeah! I come here all the time. It is just so peaceful. Do you want to sit down?Leah: Sure!They sit down next to each other.Boy: So, where are you from?Leah: Michigan.Boy: Oh, my sister and I went there once with our parents!Leah: You have a sister.Boy: Yeah! She's older, though. Just by a year.Leah: Well, it's getting dark. Do you wanna go?Boy: Yeah, but we have one more place to go!Leah: Really? Where?Boy: It's a surprise!Leah: Ok!He grabs her hands and they run to his bike and drive to a park(bench) where they can see the sunset.Leah: Wow! How beautiful is this?Boy: Yeah! I love to come here just to think.Leah: What else do you like to do?Boy: I love to ride.Leah: Ride?Boy: My bike. I love speed. The thrill I get from it.Leah: I know what you mean. I enjoy driving my car down the freeway and just today on                                                       your moped.Boy: It's better with two.Leah smiles; followed by the boy.Boy: Do you want to go now?Leah: Just a few more minutes.They sit there for a little longer and then he takes her home. They both get off his bike.Leah: Thanks for showing me around.Boy: You're welcome!Leah: Oh, uh, let me give you my number. That is, if you want it.Boy: Sure!She gets a pen from her purse and writes it on his hand.Leah: Well, I'll see ya!Boy: Definitely!She walks up the stairs, takes her keys from her purse, and opens the door and goes in. He begins to get on his bike as he hears the door open.Leah: By the way!He turns and looks at her.Leah: My name is Leah.She shuts the door; he smiles, puts on his helmet, starts the bike, and drives off.  Next day... Leah walks in.  Leah: Hey guys!Emma: Hi Leah! So, how was your sightseeing adventure?Leah: It was... nice!Her cheeks turn rosy.Whitney: Oh my gosh! You met a boy, didn't you?Amy: Now how would you know that Whit?Whitney begins to open her mouth.Amy: Never mind, I don't want to know!Felicia: Is she right Leah?Leah: No!Emma: She is!Leah: Ok, yea, but it's no big deal!Whitney: Yes, it is! Come on. Tell us!Leah: Ok, Ok. Ok. Right after we left each other the other day, my shoe got stuck in a drain                 and I didn't see the oncoming car. All of a sudden, he grabbed me and saved me. I then thanked him and began walking away, but he followed because I forgot my shoe. We then drove around on his bike, went to a beautiful garden and a park bench where we watched the sunset.Whitney: Oh, how romantic! Except for the almost getting hit by the car thing.Emma: So, what's his name?Leah: I don't know!Whitney: That's not good girl.Leah: Well, I did give him my name and phone number.Whitney: Did he kiss you?Leah: No.Whitney: Did you kiss him?Leah: No.Whitney: He'll call.Felicia: What makes you so sure?Whitney: Just trust me. I know this kind of stuff.Tina: It's time to get back to work now. You can talk later.They get back to work. The 'boy' comes in.Tina: Hey Jay! You're late!Jay: I know. I'm sorry! It's just that I met this wonderful girl last night and I couldn't stop thinking about her.Tina: That's not an excuse for being late Jay. Just get to work.He gets to work stocking new CDs and fixing up the backroom, without knowing Leah works there. They keep missing each other’s sight, but they finally meet when they are going through cds in the same row and their hands touch. They both look up to see the other,Leah/Jay: Sor...Jay: It's you!They stare at each other.Leah: Hi!Jay: How are you doing Leah?Leah: Good! I didn't know you worked here. Why didn't you say anything?Jay: You didn't ask?Leah: Yea, I guess you couldn't have known that.Jay: When did you start working here?Leah: Yesterday.Jay: Oh! That was my day off!Leah: So, um, I didn't catch your name last night.Jay: Oh, my name is Jay. I'm Amy's...The group comes over to them.Amy: I see you met my brother Leah.Leah: Wait! He's your brother?Amy: Yeah!Leah: Oh!Amy: What?She goes over to whisper to Amy.Leah: Do you remember what I told you earlier?Amy: About what? Oh! Eww! You’re dating my brother?Leah: I'm sorry!Jay: Why can't she date me sis?Amy: I didn't say she couldn't.Jay: So she can? Leah, would you like to go out with me tonight?She looks at Amy, who just shrugs, signaling she's good either way.Leah: Sure!Tina: Hey kids! It's time to close now. You can go home Jay since you did it by yourself last time, even though you were late today.Leah: Did what?Jay: Inventory.Leah: Oh, ok! Good bye Jay! I'll see you tonight!Jay: I'll pick you up at nine.Leah: Why so late?Jay: Trust me. Inventory takes an exceptionally long time.Tina: Thanks Jay!Tina starts pushing him towards the door.Tina: We don't need to scare our new friend.They keep walking towards the door.Amy: Leah! How can you date my brother?Leah: I thought you were alright with my dating your brother.Amy: I am, but why him?Leah: Well, because we understood each other last night. There was a connection. We had such similar interests in things.Amy: Really?Leah: Yeah!Amy: Like what?Leah: We both like the same music and the thrill one gets from going fast.Felicia: Oh no! Not another one.Leah: What do you mean?Tina: Come on girls!Emma: Ok mom! Are you going to help this time Whitney?Whitney: Of course not Emma!They walk through the door to the storage room. You see the clock hanging above the door. It says 3:05 and then you see it at 6:58. the girls then leave the storage room.Tina: Ok girls! You can relax for twenty minutes, but then you need to get back to work. You've done great and we're almost done.While Felicia, Whitney, and Amy talk, Leah pulls Emma off to the side.Leah: Why does Amy not like the idea of me going out with her brother?Emma: She doesn't mind if you go out with him. it's just because of a part of the reason why.Leah: I don't understand. What part?Emma: The part of getting a thrill from speed.Leah: How come?Emma: Throughout Amy's life, her brother and her were best friends, and they did almost everything together. Two years ago, though, it was Jay's sixteenth birthday.                                                          Their parents got him his moped that you two rode on last night. He fell in love with his bike and then he stopped hanging out with her, except for here at work. At first he took her on rides with him, but she can get motion sick sometimes, so she stopped.Leah: That's terrible! Should I talk to him about it?Emma: I don't think I'm the right person to ask.Leah: You're right! I'll go talk to her.Emma: No need. They're coming over here.She turns around to see them coming.Amy: Hey you two!Leah: Hey!Emma: Hey!Leah: Amy...The store begins shaking and they all begin screaming as things fall. They all get in front of the storage room door.




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#2 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 19 2012 - 10:38 PM

Emma: Mom! What's happening?

Tina: Your destiny.

Emma: What?

The building stops shaking.

Leah: It stopped.

Emma: What do you mean it was our destiny?

A big bright light appears and then the figures of three persons appear in the light.

Tina: Run!

Whitney: What?

Tina: Run! Get into the storage room!

They begin to run in the room until Leah's foot is grabbed.

Leah: Ah, my foot!

She grabs onto the threshold.

Felicia: Grab her hands.

Tina and Emma grab her hands.

Tina: Don't let them get her.

Felicia: Look! His arm is made out of sand.

As she points at his arm, fire comes out of her finger on his arm.

Whitney: Fire! How'd you do that? We need water.

Then as Whitney points, water comes out, and extinguishes the fire. Leah then kicks the guy in the face, which knocks him into the other guys, and then the light disappears. They shut the door and look at Tina moving some boxes and the carpet beneath them.

Tina: Come on girls! Get in here.

They run into the hole after they block the door and then Leah sees the box on the bookcase shaking. Tina hurries over to her.

Tina: Hurry Leah!

Leah runs into the hole while Tina grabs the box and follows. As she covers the hole, the men break the door open.

Mr. Sandman: Where'd they go?

Mr. Freeze: Forget it! We did our job. Let's report back to the Shadow.

Back in the tunnel…

Felicia: What's going on? Where are we?

Leah: And what is up with that box?

Tina: We're in the sewers below the city.

Whitney: Eww! These are my new shoes.

Tina: We're almost there! I'll explain everything when we get there.

Whitney: Get where?

Tina: You'll see. It is just around the corner.

They reach a wall.

Felicia: What are we doing here?

Tina: I'm gonna show you! Hold on!

Leah: What do you mean?

Tina pushes a brick in and the floor below them opens and they fall and begin to scream. You see them go down a big slide until they hit the bottom.

Leah: It's dark in here. Where are we?

Tina: About 100 feet beneath the city.

Tina flips a switch and then lights begin to turn on to a huge gym-like area.

Felicia: It's an empty room.

Tina: Actually, It is not as empty as you think.

Tina flips another switch that opens the walls in different areas to rooms.

Whitney: Whoa!

Tina: Let me give you the tour.

They follow Tina to the rooms.

Tina: This is the computer room.

The room had many computer starting up. There were many buttons and screens of different sizes. The biggest was in the back and it was about the size of the wall, with the control console below it.

Emma: That's a lot of computers.

Felicia: And that's the biggest one I've ever seen.

Tina: That's mine! The rest are yours, but they are all set up differently for different purposes. You will all be separated by colors.

Amy: Hey guys! Look at this!

They leave the room and go to another room.

Leah: What's up with the fire extinguishers?

Tina: Let's just say that a lot of fires will occur. I also put drains in the main room. Ok, let's go to the next room. They walk to the next room, which is the size of a walk-in closet. It wasn't that big.

Felicia: There's nothing in this room!

Felicia begins to walk towards the room to go in it.

Tina: I wouldn't go in there if I were you.

Felicia jumps back.

Felicia: Why? What's in there?

Tina: There's nothing in there.

Felicia: Then why can't I go in there?

Tina: Because it'll suck you up.

Leah/Emma: What?

They look at each other and smile.

Tina: If you step in there, the air pressure will send you up.

Felicia: Up? Up where?

Tina: To the tunnel we entered here from.

Amy: That's not the only way out, is it?

Tina: I'm afraid so.

Amy: No way!

Whitney: Hey guys! Come here! Quick!

Tina: Oh no! She's found it.

They all go to the next room to see Whitney looking at a room full of clothes.

Emma: Wow! That's a lot of clothes.

Leah: Yeah! And they are the same colors as the computers.

Emma: Why is that mom?

Tina: Follow me. I'll show you.

They follow Tina to where the main room they came in. She picks the box up off the floor.

Tina: In this box are the most powerful and important things I have to give to you. These, too, have those same five colors you saw in the other rooms.

Leah: How do you know who gets what color?

Whitney: By who calls it first.

Whitney/Emma: Blue!

Whitney: I get it!

Emma: No, I want it!

Tina: Sorry you two, but that is not how we will decide.

Emma: Then how?

Tina: By what's in this box.

Leah: What is in the box?

Tina: I'll show you if you promise to stay still.

Tina gives the box to Leah, who opens it, and pulls out five rings. She then hands them to Tina.

Whitney: They're rings.

Felicia: How will those help us decide anything?

Tina: You'll see.

Felicia: When?

Tina: Now!

She tosses the rings up and they float in the air for a bit and then go over in front of the correct girl. They stare at them as they glow brightly.


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#3 Offline SkyLandOceAnna

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Posted Dec 21 2012 - 06:50 AM

Tina: Go ahead! Put them on.

The girls grab the ring from in front of their faces and put them on, which stops them from glowing.

Tina: Ok, we'll start with you daughter and I will tell you all the powers you have.

Amy: Powers.

Tina: Yes. Powers.

Whitney: Yes! I got blue!

Tina: Green is for the earth element. Red is for the fire element. Gray is for the air element. Blue is for the water element and...

Whitney: Cool! I'm water!

Tina: Yeah! Yeah! Whit! Now wait till I'm done speaking. What's wrong Leah?

Leah: How come there is also a guy’s mask in this box?

Tina grabs the box and the mask.

Tina: No reason.

Whitney: There's a guy in our group. Who? Where is he?

Tina: I don't know who he is or where he is.

Leah: What's his power?

Tina: He has the power of speed.

Leah: What about me?

Tina: All I have learned about your powers is that you can fly and can also produce a force field that can stop almost anything, given that you are ready to control it.

Emma: That's so cool!

Leah: Why am I part of this group?

Tina: What do you mean Leah?

Leah: I may not know everything about the elements, but I do know that flying and creating a force field is not what one would consider with an element.

Tina: That's why you’re the group's leader.

Emma: I thought you were the leader mom.

Tina: No. I am just your guide.

Leah: So, who were those men then?

Tina: Before I answer, let's go into the computer room.

They do as Tina said, while she goes to the front of the room and turns on the big monitor and grabs her controller to change slides.

Tina: Ok now! You can either follow me on your computers or on mine.

Felicia: This sounds like a class.

Tina: It sort of it, except what you learn in this class can change the world. Now, the first guy, who grabbed Leah's leg, is called Mr. Sandman.

Amy: Like the guy who helps people fall asleep.

Tina: The same, except he only causes nightmares, and only the ones you won't wake up from. Next we have Mr. Freeze. He, of course, has the power of ice and snow. Last we have Boulder. he is the Shadow's top man, who has the power of strength.

Leah: Who's the Shadow then?

Tina: He's their leader. He's the one who we are trying to stop from taking control of everything and everyone we know and love. This is him.

She clicks her controller. You see a dark shadowy man covered in darkness.

Felicia: What can he do?

Tina: He controls all the darkness in the world. He can be a huge cloud of smoke or a person's shadow in the daylight.

Whitney: Why didn't he try to get us with the others?

Tina: Because he can't come to Earth yet.

Leah: How come?

Tina: For the past five hundred years he has tried to take over the world, but has failed. When he first tried to take us, you stopped him and created a portal that trapped him. He then found a way to allow himself access to Earth every hundred years, but if he was unable to destroy you, then he would be put back in that world for another hundred years. His men though are able to come out five days before he could come to try and keep you weak so when he did come, he would be able to destroy you.

Emma: So we have always beaten him then?

Tina: Yes, but we almost failed the last time.

Leah: Good-bye!

Amy: What?

Leah: I'm sorry! I can't do this. This is too dangerous.

Emma: But the existence of the human race is at stake.

Leah: Yeah, but weren't you listening? They almost won the last time.

Felicia: But they didn't.

Leah: I know, but we could we cause of them winning this time. I'm sorry! I just can't!

She begins to walk away.

Whitney: But we can't do it without you.

Leah stops for a second, but then starts to walk towards the air shaft.

She steps in and gets shot up to the surface. The wall opens and she gets out, begins to walk, but then she turns around and looks at the wall the would send her back down underground.

Felicia: What do we do now?

Emma: We practice and hope we can learn all we need to to defeat the Shadow.

Amy: But we don't have our leader. We're gonna need all the help possible.

Emma: If we work together and practice, we'll at least be able to try.

Whitney: Do you think we'll be able to pull it off Tina?

Tina: It's as Emma said. If we practice long enough, I believe we can.

Leah: I know we can.


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Posted Jan 04 2013 - 01:52 AM

Whitney: Leah!

Leah: Hey!

She walks up to the others.

Leah: I'm sorry you guys! It’s just that this came along so fast and I was afraid, but it's our job to protect the Earth! I know I haven't known you guys very long at all, but I feel like I've met you before and I wanna protect you as well.

Tina: We're glad you came back Leah.

Amy: Yeah!

Leah: So you mentioned I could fly. How do I fly?

Tina: You first need to activate your ring. Press the middle jewel. All of you need to do the same.

They all press the jewels and then they shine. You then a bright light surround them in their color and then see them in a new outfit.

Whitney: Cool! These are awesome.

Emma: Yeah they are.

Whitney: They're all different in color, but the same outfit.

Amy: So? We are a team.

Whitney: So... I'm changing mine.

Felicia: Me too. But how?

Tina: Just turn the jewel in your ring.

Whitney: Cool! Turn yours twice so they're different.

Felicia: Alright.

Whitney: Same time. One. Two. Three.

Whitney pushes it once, while Felicia pushes it twice. Lights shine around them and soon you see their new outfits.

Leah: Better?

Whitney: Yeah! Much better and cuter too.

Felicia: Uh-huh!

Leah: Ok, now what do we do?

Tina: Whitney, Felicia, Amy, and Emma need to just point or use your hands and think and feel what you want. Don't try anything yet, though. I don't want anyone set on fire or drowning.

Felicia and Whitney look at each other and grin.

Leah: What about me?

Tina: For your force field, you need to hold up your hands or stare at the oncoming force, and to fly you need only to think about it and feel yourself lifting off the ground.

Leah: That's it, but it's so simple.

Tina: I know and it's easy to remember once you get the hang of it. Go ahead!

Leah: Yeah, there's one problem.

Tina: What's that?

Leah: I'm afraid of heights.

Tina: Then you don't have to fly that high. You can start out close to the ground and then slowly increase your height until your comfortable with it. Trust me, you'll be able to conquer this fear easier than you might think.

Leah: Ok, here it goes!

Leah closes her eyes and concentrates. Suddenly a pair of wings begin to come from her back, but they aren't that big.

Leah: Did I do it?

Whitney: Well you're not flying, but you got something to help with that.

Leah: What?

Amy: Yeah, but they are so small.

Leah: What are you guys talking about?

She opens her eyes.

Emma: What's wrong with her mom?

Tina: There's nothing wrong. She has to practice to make them bigger.

She looks at the small wings protruding from her back.

Leah: You mean these will get bigger.

Tina: In time, yes.

Emma: Try them out Leah.

Leah: Um...Ok!

She closes her eyes and then her wings begin flap and she rises in the air. She then opens her eyes.

Leah: Oh my goodness! I'm flying! I'm actually flying! Cool!

She begins to fly around the room.

Whitney: Wow! I wish I could fly too.

Tina: You can.

Whitney: How? I thought only Leah could do that.

Emma: Yeah? How?

Amy: All of us?

Felicia: Me too.

Tina: Leah can raise you with her power so you can fly too. All of you.

Whitney: Cool! So me first.

Leah: Ok, but won't I have to be grounded to do that?

Tina: No, you just need to concentrate on them now. It should just become natural to you now. Those rings just held your powers until it was time for you to need them. The more you practice, the less you'll even need to wear them. Just start them off low and then allow them to get higher like you did, okay?

Leah: Okay? Here goes nothing.

She faces her hands towards Whitney and she begins to lift off the ground.

Whitney: Whoa! This is sweet! Hey! Move me around!

Leah: Which direction?

Whitney: To that far wall and back.

She flies her to the wall and back.

Whitney: That was so much fun. Let's fly around together Leah.

Leah: What about the others?

Felicia: Yeah, what about us?

Leah: Can I do that Tina?

Tina: I don't see why not Leah. If you think you're strong enough, than you can, but you can't doubt yourself. Eventually, you'll be able to allow them to fly without having to concentrate on them.

Leah: How's that?

Tina: I'll show you when the time comes.

Leah: Ok! Here it goes!

She concentrates and everyone begins to rise off the ground slightly. She then gives up and only

Whitney and she are left in the air.

Leah: I'm sorry guys!

Emma: That's alright. You're not used to your powers. You've only had them for an hour.

Amy: She's right. We don't blame you. Let's try our powers now.

Tina: Yes! We need to get you all use to them. Before we start, Leah would you get a fire extinguisher?

Leah: Sure.

Leah lets Whitney down and flies to the extinguisher room and lands and picks one up.

Whitney: Show off!

Felicia: We will get to show off soon enough, Whit.

Leah walks out of the room with the extinguisher.

Whitney: What? No more flying.

Leah: It took me a little bit to get use to it, but I think I'll be able to handle it now.

Tina: Who shall we start with?

Felicia: Oh, me!

Tina: Alright, but first we need something to aim at.

Felicia: But what?

Tina: This room is bare for a reason. This is the training room. Emma, will you please go into the computer room and grab the first controller on the table.

Emma: Ok mom!

Emma goes into the room and grabs the first controller of three from the table.

Tina: Thank you! Now, this controller will allow me to prepare you for the battle. Each of the buttons on here will activate a training tool according to each of your powers.

Felicia: How do we know which button is for which power.

Tina: How do you think?

Emma: Color.

Tina: Are you ready Felicia?

Felicia: Yes. What do I need to do?

Tina: Aim and concentrate. Are you ready with the extinguisher Leah?

Leah: Yeah!

Tina pushes the red button and a pile of logs come out of the floor near them.

Felicia: Logs?

Tina: Like I said. There are three controllers. They each represent a different level. This is level one. Now, I want for you to try and start a fire. Are you ready?

She aims her hands towards the log pile, fire comes out, she screams as the fire circles around her and then it hits the logs.

Felicia: I did it!

Tina: Leah!

Leah puts out the fire.

Tina: Good job Felicia!

Felicia: Thanks! I can't believe it.

Whitney: Yeah, except it hit me when it went flying around.

Felicia: Oh, I'm so sorry! I couldn't control it.

Tina: Actually, it has taken the previous fire starters the full week to achieve a fire swirl.

Felicia: Wow! I'm a fire starter! What other moves do I have?

Amy: And what are ours?

Whitney: Yeah!

Tina: Sorry girls, but you're going to have to figure those out for yourselves. I am not going through all of them. Now, it's your turn Emma.

She pushes the brown button and a pile of dirt comes up from the floor.

Emma: What am I supposed to do with a pile of dirt?

Tina: I planted seeds in the soil. I want you to focus your energy on the seeds and make them grow.

Emma: What are they going to become?

Tina: You'll see.

She raises her hands over the soil and the ground begins to shake. It splits from her feet to the dirt pile and then a bunch of lilies rise from it.

Amy: They're lilies.

Emma: Thanks mom, they’re my favorite.

Whitney: Those are beautiful.

Emma: I'm sorry about the floor.

Tina: Don't worry. That was a good ground split. You should use that move for the final battle.

Emma: A ground split. Sweet!

Tina: Ok! Are you ready Amy?

Amy: Let's hope so.

Tina pushes the gray button and a huge fan comes out in front of them.

Amy: A fan. Ok, this looks simple.

Tina: Don't be so sure.

She raises her hands and concentrates, but nothing happens.

Amy: I'll try again.

She tries again, but nothing.

Amy: Come on fan!

She thinks for a minute and kneels down in front of the fan.

Amy: Phfffffff!

The fan then begins to spin really fast and it blows towards the others. It throws them from the ground into the air, which causes Leah to create a force field instinctively, fire to come from Felicia's hands onto the lilies and water from Whitney's that extinguishes the fire. Amy then turns the fan away from them and the girls begins to scream and descend, except for Leah who stops herself. She faces her hands towards them and concentrates really hard until they stop a foot from the ground. She becomes tired from it, drops them on the floor, and then slowly descends onto the floor. Everyone, except Leah, stands up.

Tina: Amy! You need to concentrate now and stop the fan.

She nods her head, closes her eyes, and the fan turns off. They then look at Leah.

Amy: Your wings.

Leah: What?

She turns slightly to see that they have increased slightly in size.

Emma: Wow!

Tina: You learned to control your power to help keep the others from falling and Amy now doesn't have to use her hands to activate her power, just her mind. Are you alright Leah?

Leah: Yeah! I'm just really tired.

Emma and Amy help her up.

Tina: You did real well. The weakness you felt was because you weren't use to it and when you lift three other persons besides yourself, it tends to weaken someone, but don't worry you'll get it. You did great, which is why the size of your wings increased. You guys are progressing well.

Leah: Yeah and now I can use my force field.

Tina: And Whitney can use her water abilities. Your first level is now complete. You learned to work together, even if it was accidentally. Now we really need to get back to the store.

Felicia: How come?

Tina: Because it is a mess up there and since you now know how to use your powers, you can use them to clean up the store faster.

Felicia: Well, not all of us, unless you want all the cds burnt.

Whitney: Or water damaged.

Tina: Then you two can finish the inventory. As for the rest of you, it will be like training. You may learn something new that you can do with your powers.

Amy: I already found something new. Look!

They look at Amy and see her making her bracelet fly in the air.

Amy: I'm just like Leah.

She then raises herself in the air and spins around.

Leah: Except you spin.

Emma: Like a tornado.

Tina: That is called a twister.

Amy: Cool!

Tina: Now let's go back up.

They go up one by one: Tina, Whitney, Emma,...

Amy: You and I can use our powers to get up.

Leah: Maybe we shouldn't. At least until we are stronger with our powers.

...Amy, and Leah. You then see them back in the store.

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Posted Jan 31 2013 - 09:28 PM

Tina: You guys need to change into your normal clothes now.

All of them, except Whitney change.

Whitney (thought): Why do we have to change?

Everyone except Tina and Whitney: Huh!

Whitney: What?

Felicia: Did you say something?

Whitney: No!

Felicia: Then who said why do we have to change?

Tina: No one said it.

They turn to Tina, but as soon as they open their mouths, she raises her hand.

Tina: No one said, but it seems Whitney thought it.

Emma: We can read each others thoughts.

Tina: Yeah, but only when they want you to hear it.

Emma: Cool! Respond to what I think Amy.

Emma closes her eyes, breathes in, and then opens them.

Emma (thought): This is so cool.

Amy (thought): I know!

Emma: Awesome!

Tina: Make sure you don't use your powers or think all the time. Because everything you do affects your power and will drain the rings if you use them and they aren't activated, at least until you are strong enough, but hopefully by then you won't need them anymore. You'll be able to use your power or change what you look like without even needing them.

Leah: What is they get lost or are stolen until then?

Tina: Then you can use another ring to find yours.

Emma: Can we find anything else that's lost or stolen?

Tina: Yes, but only use them to find the rings. Come on now girls, before we close.

They begin cleaning normally until Whitney puts on a radio and then they begin fooling around and using their powers to clean up. Emma uses vines, Leah uses her flying powers, and Amy uses gusts of wind to put cds in a pile. They all giggle about it, until one of Amy's piles of cds falls. Leah was on the ground below so she puts her hands above her head, which activates her force field. She then begins to stand up and then put it back in a nice stack. She then uses her power to put them away.

Emma: That was awesome Leah! Hey, your ring is glowing.

Leah: Yours too.

Amy: So is mine.

Leah: Why are they doing this?

Tina: They are glowing because of how you three have improved with your powers.

Whitney: Too bad for us.

Tina: Don't fret. Yours will too. When the ring is in full glow that means that you have full control of your


Amy: What time is it?

Leah: Where did the clock go?

They all look up on the wall above the storage door.

Tina: They took it!

Leah: Why?

Tina: To remind us.

Leah: Of what?

Tina: They wanted us to always remember that our time is limited.

Amy: Well, I'm not worried!

Emma: Yeah! They can't separate us. We're a team.

Amy: Yea Team Awesome.

While they talk, Leah slips out the door. Tina sees her.

Whitney: That's correct! They'll never beat us.

Felicia: And we can't forget about our magnificent leader.

They look around.

Felicia: Wait! Where did she go?

Tina: You guys can go talk to her. I'll be fine here. She went that way.

Tina points with her left hand.

Emma: We'll see you later!

They begin going to the door.

Tina: Remember not to tell anyone!

They go out the door and see Leah walking around the corner.

Whitney: There she is.

Emma: Let's go!

They begin running after her until they finally catch up with her.

Emma: Leah!

Leah turns around and sees them.

Leah: Hey, I'm sorry I left without saying good-bye.

Felicia: What's wrong Leah?

Leah: Nothing.

Amy: If it's about you going out with my brother, I'm fine with it.

Emma: And we're worried to about the final battle.

Leah: It's not about those things.

Whitney: It's not?

Leah: No! I mean yes! Kind of.

Emma: Then what is it about?

Leah: I'm not used to having friends or a boyfriend or being part of a group.

Emma: How come?

Leah: Growing up, I traveled a lot to other countries, so I wasn't able to make friends. The people I did meet spoke a completely different language.

Felicia: What about school?

Leah: I was homeschooled. I've never been used to talking with other people and hanging out. When you called us a group, I felt really weird and had to get out of there to think about all of this, but I wasn't ditching you. I will fight those monsters and help you stop them.

Whitney: We know. We're sorry. We didn't know.

Leah: I should've told you. I'm sorry.

Emma: I have a wonderful idea! How about you name our group. I mean, we need a name. We're like                               superheroes.

Felicia: That's a good idea Emma!

Leah: That's ok! You guys can name it.

Amy: Sorry, but you’re the one who has to. You're our leader. I mean remember what I said? Team Awesome. That is lame.

Leah: We don't need a leader. All of us should be the leaders.

Emma: No! We need one leader. All in favor of Leah being the leader, say aye.

Everyone: Aye.

Leah smiles and realizes there is no point in fighting them.

Leah: Thanks guys! I feel better now.

Amy: You're welcome boss!

They laugh.

Leah: Well, I should probably go home and get ready for my first date. Or is it my second?

Whitney: It's your first. That other thing wasn't planned.

Felicia: Alright, but first you have to give us a team name.

Leah: Fine! How about... the Elementals?

Felicia: That's perfect, but what about you?

Leah: What do you mean?

Felicia: Well, your power isn't an element.

Amy: Like Emma's mother said.

Emma: Yeah, but my mom said she didn't know the total extent to her power.

Amy: Yeah and what about the boy in our group! All he can do is move really, really fast.

Leah: We need to find him guys. He can help us in the final battle.

Whitney: I say we should give him a name.

Leah: No, we should let him. It is his power alone.

Whitney: Fine!

Leah: Well guys, I’ve got to go! I have a date with a boy.

Amy: Please don't tell him about the way I feel.

Leah: How did you know I knew?

Amy turns around and looks at Emma.

Emma: Guilty! I'm sorry Leah!

Leah: I don't mind as long as Amy doesn't.

Amy: Oh, I'm fine! It's good he has a girl in his life again.

Leah: Alright! If you're absolutely sure.

Amy: Yes. Go on, Get out of here!

Leah: Thanks! Bye ya'll!

She turns and begins walking away. You then see her at her house. You see her trying on clothes and makeup. You then see the clock; it is almost time (8:30), so she leaves. You then see Jay. He sees his clock (8:30) and so he leaves. When he goes out the door, he sees someone driving away on his moped.

Jay: Hey!

The guy zooms away, Jay then begins to run after him, but is unable to catch up. The thief starts laughing and Jay gets angry and begins running again. This time he realizes he can move fast. He catches up to him and rips him off his bike and gets on and stops it.

Jay: Whoa!

He drives back to the thief.

Thief: I'm sorry man! How did you do that? What's wrong with you?

Jay: Shut up!

He then picks the guy up and begins to run with the thief to the police station. Two police see the thief handcuffed to the lamppost. One of them sees their cuffs missing after a gust of air guides them to the sight of the thief.

Thief: I'll talk! I'll talk! But no more running. You're making me dizzy.

Officer: Alright! Uncuff him!

You see Jay running again. He runs all around NY and blows newspapers off their stands and coffee and food and clothes to fly as well. What he doesn't know is that Tina was leaving the store and saw him with his power when he slowed for a second, so she hurries back in the store. He then receives a call on his cell phone from Tina, so he stops running and pulls out his phone.

Jay: Hello!

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Posted Mar 09 2013 - 02:02 AM

Tina: Jay, this is Tina! I need for you to come to the store.

Jay: Alright, but only for a minute. I'm right around the corner.

Tina: See you in a bit then.

They hang up and then Jay runs to the corner of that street and then walks down the sidewalk to the store and then he goes in.

Jay: Alright Tina! I'm here!

Tina: How was your run?

Jay: Awesome! I never knew I could run so fast. Wait! How did you...?

Tina: It's a good thing your the only one.

Jay: What do you mean? Did you...?

Tina: I know what you can do. I've been waiting for it to happen.

Jay: How do you know? I just found out. What's wrong with me?

Tina: Nothing's wrong with you. It is your destiny as much as it is the girls' destiny.

Jay: What? They can run as fast as I can.

Tina: No, they're different. You're their help against the Shadow.

Jay: Who's the Shadow?

Tina: Come, I'll tell you everything.

They go into the storage room and then you see Leah at the restaurant. Leah's waiting.

She looks at her phone which says meet me at the Hard Rock Café at nine.

Waiter: Would you like to order now miss?

Leah: No, I think I've waited long enough. Here's for any trouble. I'm sorry!

She grabs her sweater, gives the waiter the money, and heads towards the door. Back underground with Jay and Tina…

Jay: So they have magical powers and are trying to defeat the Shadow, because he wants to take over the Earth, and it is my job to help protect them.

Tina: Yes.

Jay: And Whitney controls water, Emma controls the Earth, Felicia controls fire, Amy controls air, and Leah can… Oh, no!

Tina: What? What’s wrong?

Jay: What time is it?

Tina: Oh! Um! It’s almost ten.

Jay: Oh no! Leah! I gotta go!

Tina: Wait!

Jay: I can’t! She’s waiting!

Tina: Yes you can! It’ll only take you a minute to get there.

Jay: Fine! What is it?

Tina: Here is your costume.

Jay: What’s the B for?

Tina: The Bullet.

Jay: Cool name!

He sees a letter fall when he opens it completely. He picks it up.

Jay: A letter

Tina: Don’t open it!

Jay: Why?

Tina: I can’t tell you that. Just don’t open or mention it to the girls.

Jay: Then when do you want me to open it?

Tina: When the time is right. And don’t worry, you’ll know when. Now, go save your date.

He speeds out the door. Leah leaves the restaurant and hails a cab. She gets in, just as Jay slows down and sees her get in. He normally runs as the taxi drives off. He knocks on the window and runs while Leah rolls the window down.

Leah: What?

Jay: Look, I’m sorry I’m late.

Leah: What took you so long?

Jay: I went out for a run and then I st…

Leah: Wait! You went out for a run?

Jay: Yeah!

Leah: Your sister was right.

Jay: What do you mean?

Leah: Maybe if you weren’t so in love with the thrill you get from speed, you’d know. At least I do. I'm sorry! I don't think we should see each other like this anymore.

Leah rolls up the window, the cab speeds up, and Jay stops running. He then begins walking around NY,while Leah gets home and ready for bed. (Go back and forth between them.) Jay also calls Leah on his cell, but she ignores it, so he leaves a message. You see her phone light up.

Jay: Hey! It’s me. Look! I’m sorry I was late. I really am. I was with Tina at the store after I ran, and you were right; I am obsessed with going fast. I now know why. It’s because…

Phone makes a buzzing sound.

Jay: Hang on a sec.

He looks at his phone. It says low battery.

Jay: Uh! My phone is on low battery, so I’ll hurry. I know why I love speed and it’s because…

Phone buzzes again.

Jay: Oh no! I know because I’m the Bull…


Jay: Hello! Leah? Dang it!

He shuts his phone.

Jay: I’ll make it up to her tomorrow.

Next day… Leah walks in the store and up to the girls.

Leah: Hey girls!

Emma: Hey Leah!

Whitney: So how was your night with Jay?

Leah: We broke up.

Amy: Why?

Leah: He was late.

Whitney: How late?

Leah: An hour.

Felicia: Wow! Did he bring you anything to make up for it?

Leah: No, and he didn’t even call to apologize. You were right Amy. All your brother cares about to going fast.

Amy: I’m sorry! I didn’t want to be.

Whitney: Well, I wouldn’t say he didn’t give you something to make up for last night.

Leah: What do you mean?

Whitney: Amy!

Amy: My brother gave me these to give to you since he didn’t have work today. I didn’t know!

She pulls a bouquet of roses out from the table behind her.

Leah: Keep them Amy. These are for all the times he ignored you to go ride his stupid moped.

She hands them to Amy.

Leah: Now, let’s get to work.

Amy sits the roses down and they get back to work. Nine o’clock.

Tina: Ok, it’s time to close and go practice!

Amy: Ok mom! Come on guys! Whitney and I want to show you our idea.

They go down and Tina turns on the light. They have their outfits on.

Whitney: Ok guys! Watch this!

Whitney creates a big water cylinder in front of them and then Amy puts cold air on the water and freezes the water into a block cylinder.

Felicia: Whoa! Now we can do some ice-sculpturing.

Amy: Another time. How about you try and melt it Felicia.

Felicia: Alright.

She uses her power and melts it completely. When done, their rings begin to glow.

Felicia: Cool!

Whitney: Now our rings are glowing.

Amy: And mine is doing it again.

Leah: Guys do you hear that?

They are all quiet and hear something speed around them. They then hear movement in the room coming from Bullet.

Leah then listens closely and turns around and puts up a force field that knocks the Bullet to the ground.

Bullet: Hey! Be careful!

Tina: Girls, this is the Bullet.

Felicia: This?

Bullet: Hey! I’m good!

Tina: Behave now. This is the one I was telling you about who will help you to defeat the Shadow.

Bullet: I will fight until the end and I promise to protect all of you.

He looks at Leah.

Emma: Great, another speed freak.

Leah: Please! I don’t want to talk about it ever again. He and I are through.

Bullet stares at Leah.

Bullet: Are you alright?

Leah: Yeah! Hi! I’m Leah!

Bullet: The Bullet.

They shake hands slowly and look into each other’s eyes.

Whitney: I’m Whitney!

Emma: Emma.

Felicia: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Felicia.

Amy: And I’m Amy.

Tina: Now that we have all been introduced, it’s time to practice.

Emma(thought): I’m sorry about my mom you guys. She wants us to be ready.

Leah(thought): Don’t worry about it.

Felicia(thought): I forgot we could do this.

Emma(thought): Tina’s staring at us. Do you think she knows what we’re doing?

Tina: I know what you guy are doing?

Amy: What are they doing?

Emma(thought): We’re speaking to each other with our thoughts.

Amy: Oh!

Tina: Now I know for sure. You don't need to speak telepathically unless you're in danger.

Bullet: Am I able to do that too?

Tina: I’m sorry! I only know the same amount of abilities that you possess as I do about Leah. Ok, now let’s get back to practicing.

They get ready to practice. Later…You then see them practicing. And then Felicia realizes she can throw fire balls.

Felicia: Hey guys! Watch this!

She throws some more fireballs out of her palms and then she begins juggling them.

Whitney: That’s awesome!

Felicia: I’ll try to make a bigger one.

Emma: Leah…

Felicia makes a huge ball of fire.

Emma: You’ve got to see this.

Felicia: I’ll take it to her.

As she begins to run over to Leah and she turns around, Felicia falls over, and the fireball flies fast towards Leah. When she turns around completely, Bullet grabs her before it hits her. They fall to the floor. The others run over to them.

Leah: Thanks!

Bullet: You’re welcome!

They look at each other for a little bit.

Emma: Are you guys alright?

Bullet: Yeah!

Leah: Yeah!

Bullet gets off Leah and helps her up.

Felicia: I’m so sorry!

Leah: Don’t worry about it!

She looks at Bullet and walks away. Amy follows.

Amy: What’s wrong Leah?

Leah: It was his eyes.

Amy: Him? Why?

Leah: That is exactly the same way I met your brother.

Amy: Oh!

Leah: And he looked at me the same way. He has those same deep blue eyes.

Amy: Just forget about it. He had his chance with you, but then he lost it.

Tina: Ok guys! You can go home now.

Emma: Thanks mom!

They all leave and then you see the crystal ball again.

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