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And to be lost in the unknowing is what she feared. To be lost in it,  on the edge between a matrix of information and a forgotten dream--yet,to know nothing of it, to hold onto the void, groping in the bleakness without knowing where you came, why you came there, and above all else, who you really were...it was a malice way to play on the mind, for you cannot do anything against such evil. Nothing.


Ignorance is truly bliss.


Toa Tachi would remind herself of this possibly many times a day. It helped fuel her taste for blood, vengeance—guilt. She pressed on with bitter struggles and stubbornness to attain her goal. Nothing but the stretch of death would stop her. Not even a Great Being could sway her heart. She could feel it, hear it, almost smell it—but she could not remember it. Tachi, Toa of electricity, would stop at nothing to gain her memories back. Ill means or not, she would kill every Makuta and more to reach what was rightfully hers.


She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, the Toa's purple and black scarred armor was slim, agile, and powerful. Tachi seemed not to blink as she stared at her destination. Her hand clutched tightly to her long buster sword, treating it as if it was a feather. The whole forgotten alleyway was dark, grimy and had a sickening smell to it. This island was once similar to her own: beautifully prosperous by the main trade routes, a peaceful convergance of nature and machine. But now it was nothing more than an ailing grave, a meager and small site for the Makuta to enjoy themselves with experimentations, gleefully boasting their grand ability to conquer.


It made her emotions rage to a boiling point, but no one could be able to tell by her blank expression, her dull blue eyes still staring towards the large tower. They would pay for this, they would fear, and they would die. She had discarded the Toa's code, but no--she was not rightfully a Toa anymore. She was just a fake using the power to her own advantage. Tachi didn't care; for she was just a soulless piece of metal programmed only to find peace in the numbing darkness.


She bounded up toward a roof, landing neatly and without so much as a murmmered clatter. Without a moment's rest she continued to race on; her feet clanging against the metal roofs. The city itself was now empty; but guards still patrolled the various streets and roofs. Her only company was the smoke and darkness of the night. She raised her weapon, holding it with both hands, her breath stilled, and the odd smell of ionzation. With smooth acrobatic prowess she somersaulted in the air, jumping between a gap and slicing her weapon through a Rahkshi as if was mere water. She landed and her feet clanked against the alloy support. She turned back to watch the creature attempt to cry out, but to no avail, it was dead before it even fell to the ground. The visor she wore over her Mahiki styled mask glimmered against some flickering street lights, the device reading over the Rahkshi to make certain it was dead. She then turned back toward her goal and stood stock still as a statue momentarily. The tall tower of the Makuta loomed up to the cloudy dark sky, far off at the edge of the village.


She placed the weapon on her back, securing it into place, and then she jumped up on a small tower and began to climb. Within seconds she was at the top, perched up at the edge like a crouching animal. She looked down to notice a long barge-like chute going down the street, headed toward the gate. That was her cue. She jumped off the tower, feeling the dry wind race past her, whizzing and screaming. Almost too fast to see, Tachi whipped her weapon out and flipped onto the speeding chute, slicing through one Rahkshi and grabbing the other by its spine. She threw it and it fell, its body hitting mercilessly into a wall. Her eyes were steady with sheer focus as she clutched her sword close by her body for defense. She swung around when she heard footsteps, only to be faced with a large, portentous Exo-Toa. It had stretched its hand out to crush her, and Tachi braced herself for the impact, unable to move out of the way in time. Instead it froze and she heard a thump resonate, then a crack. The suit fitfully struggled to keep its balance, but fell lifelessly over the barge, the body embedding itself in the dirt road far below.


Tachi pointed her weapon toward the shadowy area of where the Exo-Toa had apparently been killed. She saw a massively tall and well-built figure come walking up, but no sound was heard from his large feet. The goggles he wore reflecting the lights from around the area, no eyes to be seen, but she knew he was looking at her.


"Now, now," he said, placing a sleek gun back into its holster. "Why hello there."


Tachi bit her lower lip, still holding her weapon out toward the stranger. Aside from the leisurely smirk he held upon his silver mask, it was impossible to tell his true intentions at this point. Tachi did not like what she could not understand.


The chute continued to speed towards the building, getting closer and closer to its desired location. The machine had been on auto pilot, and the enemy were unaware of the hijacking for the time being. The unfamiliar Toa seemed to notice the sudden peace and assumed they had a few minutes to spare.


"I had plans to silently sneak in the base," he continued. "though you seem to have a different arrangement."


"What do you want?"


"Maybe what you want; that Makuta dead," he said, pointing towards the building. "Who hired you?"


"I came on my own accord."


"Really now? This is interesting." He walked toward Tachi. His entire aura was soundless. It unsettled her even more.


"You may call me Komas, Toa of Sonics. I was hired to assassinate this Makuta. What is your story?"


"I am in search of something. The rest of the information is mine to keep classified."


This Komas newcomer seemed either unaware of her weapon or was purposely trying to get killed. He walked up to her only to have the long glimmering sword pointed at his neck. His head shifted slowly down to her sword, he finally raised his arms upward, and made a clear, slow whistle of musement. "Ah, I see, I see...well, assure you, ma'am I mean no harm to you."


Tachi merely grunted. "That's what everyone says, and then when they get what the want they throw you to the side."


"At least you are aware of how life cycles," Komas responded. He looked over his shoulder to notice the fortress was looming ever so closer. "Why don't we make a deal. Let's get the job done together, and we'll be on our separate ways after we settle the Makuta's fate."


"Why should I?"


"Well, assuming we're both too stubborn to turn around, we may be of more use working together…" His obviously charismatic voice and friendly grin were a odd fit to his large and weather beaten form, but it was convincing enough. Tachi could not help but feel curious about him. She had not seen any Toa in…well, she could not recall. But this was her first time to peacefully socialize. He may be some use to her. And if he was with the Makuta, all the more to play along.


Tachi lowered her weapon slowly, her visor reading over the body to make sure he had no tricks up his armored arms. Finally, and wordlessly, she turned to face the fortress. "What is your plan?"








The chute arrived on time. It was filled with cargo containing all the necessary items for the Makuta; weapons, technology, and items best left to be anonymous for the public eye… It could be all found in those cold metal boxes. The barge slowly parked itself in the small docking area with a hiss, and a green encrusted Rahkshi waddled over to inspect the shipment. Something was wrong. Where were the guards?


Its answer came far quicker than the Rahkshi wanted. A loud bang was heard, a long thin bullet surged through the creature, the metal parts and gears shredding around and splintered apart, falling all around the dock. Komas came into view, shifting the weight of the gun on his shoulder, and calmly looked around. No one had detected them—yet.


Tachi followed behind, coolly walked off of the cargo transporter and looked at Komas with an emotionless glare. He returned her gaze with a smirk, and quickly started heading up the stairs. Tachi grudgingly followed. It didn't take long to realize that this Toa was one who controlled the elements of Sonics. Komas was able to keep himself and Tachi in absolute silence. They ran down the hallways, aware that stealth was their one advantage. They were not foolish, naïve Toa barging in with weapon shining. That was simply not a logical approach—unless they wanted to be dead. They knew secrecy and sheer cleverness was the only way to assassinate a figure of this much importance. But already as the reached the base of the main entrance, lights began to flash around the metal encased fortress, and the shrieks of Rahkshi could be heard far off, preparing to battle the intruders.


Komas rubbed the temple area of his mask and sighed. "This came sooner than I expected."


"We have to hurry; Makuta have a tendency to disappear when it gets messy."


"You know much of Makuta?"


Tachi just looked over the Toa of Sonics for a moment, and then with ferocious power, brought out her sword, jumped over him and swung at a charging Exo Toa, cutting its hand cleanly off. It fell to the ground with a metallic screech, wires twitching and flickering. She kicked the figure back and sent a blast of electricity, the dark purple flash twisted around the body, and unable to withstand the deadly attack, it collapsed in a smoking heap.


Before any congratulations were sent out, they looked up to see a horde of Rahkshi and other dreadful creatures charging towards them, their feet ramming against the hard earth, swinging weapons around carelessly with blind nerve. Komas would have none of this, and immediately grabbed hold of Tachi, pulling her away and pushed her toward the door. She slid in and noticed at the same time that the door was shutting down. In fact, windows, doors—any means of escape was now becoming obsolete. Komas flipped in the air, steadily pulled out his gun, and with two powerful shots that echoed out, hit a charging Rahi straight on. It stumbled and crashed to the ground, bringing several others down in addition. Komas was able to fall inside the room, just as the large metal entrance slammed shut with a piercing moan. They were left with the sound of enemies ramming the door and trying to claw their way in. Komas straightened himself up and gave her a conceited grin. Tachi only shook her head and then continued up the stairway.


"Say, I never picked up your name ma'am," Komas called out, now rushing up the stairs to catch up with the fast paced female. There was silence for a moment, and only the dull clumps of feet hitting against the winding steps could be heard.


"It is unimportant to our cause."


"With your dashing looks, the name can't be all that bad, right?"


The echoes from their feet and other clamor throughout the fortress made it hard to hear any small noises, but the Toa of Sonics easily caught wind of a sigh escaping her.


"Focus on the mission." she said, and once again there was no more communication.


They reached the end of the stairs. Without any pause Tachi rammed her sword against the small door, tearing it apart with a rupture and bounded in. Komas was quick to follow and brought out his gun.Up ahead, they were met with a tall, powerfully built, black figure. His back faced the Toa and he seemed to stare out of the large-glassed window in front of him. They could hear a deep exhale from him. The room seemed to darken.


"I knew sooner or later that someone would come for me." The Makuta spoke out bitterly, and turned to face the Toa. His black and golden rusted face stared at them. "Makuta that get their claws in too deep will get much worse than what most peaceful beings could offer as punishment."


"You seemed unsurprised that I'm here then," said Komas, edging toward the towering creature.


"Who hired you? The Dark Hunters? Some trading company? Was it...him? Whatever the cause, they did not like what I was doing—bad business for them. Since they do not have the courage to wage war on us they merely kill the ones who step out of line…they got one of the best mercenaries out there to get me, which you are, I suppose. It's a pity to see Toa falling toward the darkness, such a pity…" The Makuta stopped in his sentence to pull out a long, battered hammer. Then he slowly looked toward the female Toa, who had stayed silent. Something sent chills through the Makuta as he was faced with her glare. Had he seen her before? Nevertheless, it was not important. The two would soon fall to his power and his station would be back and running smoothly; ten minutes flat.


One should know though, to never underestimate a Toa. That was the first mistake this arrogant and lesser Makuta did. The second mistake; it is far, far worse to underestimate mercenary Toa, ones who know of war and who have gone beyond the Toa code to attain what they want. They are vicious and on the edge between good and evil. They are not afraid to get the dirty business done with.


"You take the head, I'll take the legs," Komas blurted, and fired his silver gleaming firearm straight at the Makuta, the weapon glowed red as it charged up. The projectile was so silent that the being of darkness barely missed it; the bullet merely scraped against the armor and went straight-on into the glass window. It cracked and with a loud shatter and the window shred to thousands of pieces, all glimmering and reflecting in the light as they danced and bounced onto the cold floor. The Makuta swung his hammer to distract Komas and then flung his leg out, tripping the Toa, and enjoyed the sight of Komas ramming his head against the floor from the impact, dazed by the sharp vibration.


Before he could do any finishing move, the Makuta was taken aback by the female Toa in a split second. One moment she was simply standing like a statue, unmoving and just staring with ghastly eyes. The next, her hands were on her buster sword, an enraged expression on her face as she jumped in the air, ramming her weapon into the Makuta's shoulder. He stumbled back but was able to block the second attack. The battle seemed to last forever as their eyes locked, both stares fixed and enraged. She completely forgot about the othe Toa. All Tachi could think about was her bittersweet revenge, nothing more. Her personal thoughts fueled her to fight, and fear encouraged it. The thought of death, and being captured again by Makuta put fear in her; literal terror. It was the only thing that scared her in the world, and from what she had learned, the only way to handle it was to face her fear. And kill it.


Tachi was barely able to block a heavy swing that pushed her sideways, and this gave the Makuta an opening that he graciously accepted. He rammed his hammer into her side, and she spun back. A piece of armor under her chest had twisted back inside her, stabbing her organic tissue and gears. She grimaced, clutching her wound with one hand and stumbling to get up with the other. Shadows seem to suffocate her and swarm around, her eyes widened as she tried to escape such an attack, but it was useless. The shadows danced around her, twisting around and inside her. She struggled to stay sane; knowing helplessly that the Makuta was succeeding in killing her with his powers.


But then there was a ear-piercing bang, and the Makuta clutched his head and reeled, screaming aloud from the blast of deafening sound Komas was sending. His gun had already fired two blasts into the master of shadows, and now he shot again. And again. And again. The last shot charged straight into the Makuta's face, the bullet cracked in the mask. With a roar and a painful screech, the mask cracked and exploded. The Makuta stumbled back, shocked and wounded, stumbled back. Unaware to where he had stepped, the Makuta cried out as he tripped out of the window to fall to his doom. Down, down, toward a deep dark abyss of unforgiving jagged rocks far below.


Tachi tried to get back up, but was unable to see properly. Her vision was blurring and darkening and it felt like her lungs had been shut off. Before blacking out she saw the Toa of Sonics rush to her side, yelling out something incomprehensible.


That was all she could recall as her body fell on the cold metal floor, her head falling back back.


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A flicker of dancing yellow light slowly came into view. Hazed and dim—but it was there. Tachi inhaled, she smelt ash and the thick scent of humidity. Toa Tachi’s breath was ragged and trembling at first when she woke up out of her dark sleep. Her state of consciousness before was simply a void of blackness. She was alive, but the confusion lingered, the mental attack had seemed to eat away her energy. Tachi contemplation for reality slowly eased back, her numbness faded, and her eyesight had now finally returned fully. She absentmindedly at first eased her head toward the light to find a simple fire, the warmth and illumination easing the frostiness of the dark forest.


A mild sensation of alarm flooded throughout her. Tachi flung herself up and looked around with a goaded appearance. Dizziness from such fast movements erupted through the Toa and she staggered back to lean against a tree. She clutched her mask from a rising headache; and at last the Toa of Electricity unsteadily faced a figure sitting on the ground beside the fire across from her, staring at her unperturbedly. It was him. That Toa of Sonics.


“You had me actually worried; I thought you would never wake up.” Komas straightened the goggles he wore. The fire reflected against his opaque specs as he was outwardly scrutinizing Tachi from head to toe.


“How long have I been out?”


“Oh…only five hours, give or take a few.”


Tachi sighed and placed her back to the tree, sliding slowly down to the cool earth.


“We’re lucky that was just a lesser Makuta. Who knows what would happen if we met the leader himself,” he finally continued, crossing arms around his chest. “This is the last time I’m being hired to kill a Makuta.”


“You were hired?”


“Why else would I risk getting my mask scorched? Some fancy industry was willing to pay me a large sum to get that Makuta off the island. I seemed to have forgotten the likelihood of killing a Makuta and surviving.”


Tachi could only stare at him frigidly, trying to place things together. Though she dare not show it, emotions flooded in her and she could not keep count of how she felt. Embarrassed and humiliated for acting so foolishly and then angry, terribly infuriated at herself when skirmishing against the Makuta. She wasn't sure, but it was a mess of sensations she had never completely grasped, which frustrated her more. Feelings seem to cool when she finally saw that she was not dead thanks to the mercy of this Toa. She gradually looked at her lower chest to where the wound had once been, now properly bandaged and repaired.


Komas stood up and walked over to Tachi gradually, the female immediately balked back, ready for action. But all he did was squat beside her. “Kinda jumpy aren’t you?”


“What do you want?”


“Depends on my mood. Nothing wrong with enjoying company with a lovely Toa, is it?”


Tachi nearly snorted from the comment. She was silent at first, and then glared at him skeptically. “Your name is—?”


The Toa of Sonic offered his hand. “Memory still in a haze? I told'ya back at the base...Toa Komas, ma’am.”


Tachi did not return the favor and studied over him like some strange rahi specimen. Komas shrugged and removed the hand. His tone took more seriousness this time. “Can I ask you why you risked your life to go kill that Makuta?”


She grimaced and turned away, avoiding the strange gaze of Komas. “I was…in search of something.”


“What could a Makuta have that you would honestly need?”




Komas mouth somewhat opened, but no sound came from him. It wasn’t exactly the answer he thought he would get. Possibly she could have been some Dark Hunter, or a thief seeking treasures. But this was rather, unexpected.


“You’re…” he paused and rubbed his chin. “Memories?”


“Just that,” Tachi responded calmly. “They stole my memories long ago, and I want them back.” She stopped speaking and momentarily looked straight up; through the brooding trees she could see millions of sparkling stars. She sighed, wishing this discussion was never brought up, but the Toa—Komas, had saved her. He at least deserved to know, Tachi supposed. And what was there really to give away? She faced Komas again, he seemed curious, but stayed silent and patiently hoped she would speak. At length, Tachi gave in.


“I remember very little…” she said. “It’s all visions and nightmares. I know I possibly protected an island, and the Makuta soon came… seeking… specimens.”


Komas raised his eyebrow. “I’m starting to get the picture of this story, let me guess, you want to know what happened, right?”


Tachi shook her head. “You have no idea what it feels like to have your past…literally ripped from your head. But, there was something more, something important I’m forgetting, and I need to know what it is.”


“That’s all you remember, huh?”


“Not a thing. Except for guesses from my dreams…” Tachi’s voice faded into the night, stopping herself from carrying on the conversation. She rubbed her face, noticing she was without her visor and looked around, suddenly tense again. It did not take a moment for her to notice her equipment lay neatly beside her.  She heard a scoff, and yet again she faced her rescuerer. It was hard to read Komas’s composed expression, though Tachi dare not accept any pity from others, she felt mildly offended, unsure if he really had paid attention at all.


“I apologize, I am making little sense. I best be on my way.” Tachi slowly stood up and began to pick up her visor.


Komas immediately jumped up. “Woah, no, hold it! You're still injured and all, you know. No need running off so soon.”


Tachi raised an eyebrow toward him as she picked up her sword. “No, I must. I have things to attend to and so do you I suppose. Thank you for assisting me.” Toa Tachi attached her long weapon to her back and started to head into the woods; however the Toa stopped when she heard Komas cleared his throat exasperatingly noisily.


“If you go that way, you’re heading back toward that base.”


Tachi spun around, infuriated.


“Maybe you better stick with me ‘till we make it to a small harbor a few hours from here. I’m sure you’ll know your way from there.”


Tachi looked at the ground, but she reluctantly knew it was the safest and quickest path to take. “Very well, we should leave at once.”


Komas scoffed, and a huge smile cracked over her face, yet again Tachi felt the need to walk over and punch him.


“If you haven’t noticed, it’s still midnight. I’ve wasted the past days planning the assassination and then spending quite some time--not that it was all horrible--watching over you without a wink of sleep. I’m not moving an

inch until I’ve had at least a nap.”


“Five hours? Staring at me without sleep?” Tachi scowled, trying to contain her anger.


“You could say that,” Komas shrugged. “Of course, it was better than you dying from the mental mess; you seemed shaken up quite a bit. You kept murmuring stuff in your sleep or having random seizures, it wasn’t a pretty sight for someone as pretty as you.”


Tachi had enough and walked straight up to him, a mere inch away from his mask. “Let’s get this straight, sir. Firstly, you need to tell me these things sooner; secondly I hope you know your pickup lines are absolutely unmoving.”


The Toa of Sonics merely laughed quietly and walked back to original spot. He sat down with his back against a rock and looked up to the sky. “Usually the ladies adore my quotes. I guess it doesn’t work for all, I suppose.” He had his arms outstretched behind his head and took a long exhale. For a split second Tachi thought he had run out of words to say. He had not.


"Oh, yes, you still haven't told me your name, you know."


Tachi blinked.


"Not big on introductions, are you? Well, I--"


"It's Tachi. I'm Tachi. Be quiet now. I assumed Toa of Sonics would not like all this...yammering."


"Oh," he straightened his goggles. "Tachi...Tachi...pretty name, yes, quite unique for someone like yourself. You know, being a Toa of Sonics isn't--"


"Take your nap."


Her voice was so cold and menacing it stopped the male Toa straight in his tracks. He seemed to study her a moment, and then with a shrug and settled back down, and this time did not speak again. Tachi still stood there, unsure of herself and why she got in this mess. The fire crackled and popped, and now was slowly fading to just glowing ash on burned wood. Trees swayed in the cold wind, they almost seemed to warily look down at the two Toa, brooding what had disturbed their tranquil forest.


Tachi finally sat down, removing her visor and placing her sword on the ground. She leaned against a tree groggily, staring at Komas for the longest moment until she fell back into a dreamless sleep.





“You have arrived sooner than I expected.”


“Sir, my plans were slightly…altered.”


A bitter silence followed in the long exquisite hallway. A large window covered the entire left wall, revealing a beautiful view—a view, that could only be thought of as beautiful by the minds taken with greed and insanity. This city, like many others of the region was now destroyed, forgotten and crumbling. With a dry distaste feeling in the wind, sand would waver about slowly, covering the decaying buildings. But, Makuta Szian who stood staring out this window to view such destruction felt it as a wondrous playground. The other that quietly stood beside him was a stranger creature, green and hunched down, filthy and coarse. It was unquestionably a mere test subject of the Makuta who now served his master without question.


Makuta Szian removed his attention from the window and looked calmly toward his pet, studying how it was uncomfortable in the stillness.


“It was a simple task; you were to kill Makuta Muurax. Wipe him off the face of the universe. Eradicate, assassinate…how many more words from the basic language you must know to understand?”


“Yes, I understood fully sir. But you see as I was about to kill him; two Toa beat me to him.”


“Two Toa?”


“Yes, by their appearances I’d say they were mercenaries.”


“It seemed he had more enemies that I thought.” Szian’s fashionable deep voice faded as he turned around and started down the hallway. The slave was unsure at first, but finally began to follow his master.


“He was a weak link in the line of the Makuta species,” Szian said. “His destiny to me felt like the mere purpose to make our great Brotherhood look filthy and indisputably puny. Makuta Teridax would agree if he knew of my doings, so it was my humble duty to make sure he ended. He was never powerful, smart or had any senses…weak, completely a weak link. And he knew...too much.”


Another cold long silence followed. Something that seemed to be popular among Makuta Szian’s speaking behavior. His heavy footsteps echoed calmly in the placid building and without any break opened a door out of the hallway to enter into a dark room. It was filled with the complex machinery and technology that any traditional Makuta exploited. The slave that followed his master looked around unnervingly, staring at such devices that he had grown much too familiar with. It made the room all too ominous. Once this space perhaps belonged to the Toa or Turaga, a library it was most possibly, seeing that the shelves around the room were filled with dusty parchments and stone tablets. But now the black jaggedness of the stone walls seemed to haunt around with a black grip, a room most suited for Makuta of the Brotherhood.


The Makuta sat in a large chair, calmly placing his hands on the desk in front of him and stared at his servant.


“So, tell me, you were there when this happened. Who were these honourable Toa that beat you to this task?”


“There was a male and a female,” The creature immediately said. “I was perched high above the roof, examining the crime, so I can give little details. But, the male was a Toa of Sonics. The other, was one of lightning…electricity.”


The Makuta truthfully seemed unimpressed with this information. He tapped his fingers against the desk and the creature almost wanted to cringe and the tedious beating sound. He decided it best to find more information about Toa.


“The female was most...different than others I have seen of her kind. Slim, purple and a dark golden armour, very advanced in apperance...a large buster sword, and a highly advanced visor on a Mahiki mask. The other, the male--”


The rhythmic beating stopped. Just as if time froze. The only thing that reassured the creature that time was still moving was from the low moaning of wind outside and the faint drips of liquid in some of the experimental wires and tubes. Finally Szian stood up and strode over to his creation, staring down at him with his blood red eyes.


“Are you mistaken?” Szian abruptly seemed distant; a look of apprehension crossed his face for a mere second. The servant took a step back, wondering what the Makuta was brooding about. Something was wrong, terribly wrong.


“…mistaken? No, my memory is quite accurate. You could view the scene yourself, if you hooked up--”


“Yellow eyes, 7'6"? Unusual wire circitry?”


“Yes, yes sir…”


Szian turned around, placing his hand on a large test cylinder and glared at the green waters that it contained. He didn’t say a word for the longest moment; just clutched the vat and his body seemed to stiffen. She was supposed to be dead, wasn’t she? Yes, yes of course she was. He remembered. How could fate play such a terrible bet on him? Could this just be a coincidence? No, no, it was all too similar.


“That Toa,” he spoke, his voice containing some internal irritation. “You must bring her to me…the glitch…within her system. No one must know of it.”


“Glitch… sir?”


The Makuta jerked around and the creature regretted his curiosity. But Szian did nothing, just walked closer and bent down to face his servant.


“It is none of your concern. You were created to obey, not to ask questions. I know these Toa are dangerous, do not underestimate them if they have enough wits to kill Makuta, even if that said Makuta was pathetic. I want you to capture the female. Bring her to me. Kill the other. If all comes to worst—kill her. Don’t let her get away. This is not a suggestion, more of a…necessity for your continual use.”


If the creature could, he would have gulped and began to sweat; he decided to bring another topic up. “Should we inform the brotherhood of this?”


Makuta Szian walked over to a small box, his large sharp fingers toyed over it, and finally he opened it. He pulled out a small metal chip and stared at it, bringing it into the light to watch the shiny piece of machinery reflect around the room. “No. I don’t want any reports about this whatsoever, this is a personal matter.” he spoke out directly, still studying the device with a wary eye. The servant’s dirty green head nodded and stood there a moment watching his master. Makuta Szian said nothing else while the creature stood there; it decided this was a good time to slip out. The servant slowly edged out of the room and Szian was left in the dark room unaccompanied.


Szian placed the device down on the desk and stooped by the table, hands pressing down on the desk and his head lowered down, brooding about the situation. Finally after a long moment of standing like that, he looked up to stare at the experiments that littered the room, his expression abnormally dismayed. He looked at one particular one--it was too dark to tell, but in the shadows it appeared to be a figure, entertwined by wires. It seemed to twitch. He coldy grimaced.

“Destiny is cruel to us, Tachi.”

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Komas came walking out a large grey building, feet silently padding against the steps that led to the streets below. His hand squirmed into a small pouch that attached onto his belt as he turned to see Tachi where he had left her--sitting on a bench nearby an old building. Komas made a half grin, surprised the Toa didn’t up and leave afterall.


He joined her, sitting down and leaned against the wall leisurely with his feet propped out. He followed her gaze, only to notice she was absentmindedly staring around the small village, deep in thought. Her eyes would sometimes follow a Matoran walking down the street or others preparing to open shops and businesses in the cool, foggy morning. Their reflections in the puddles of water scattered around the dirt street and the modish traditional Matoran homes loomed close by in serenity and balance. Voices merged together in the town, all speaking of various concerns. Feet clattered about, tame Rahi roared or squawked, being brought in the trade; all the different noises and vibrations, Komas heard it all. It was times like this where it was often hard to focus on one thing--the vibrations came from all around, and the attention divided to control it.


Though the small village was by the sea; a variety of different Matoran lived in the area, all tradesmen, sailors, or the average farmer. Its simplicity was quite uninteresting in Komas’s book. His interests in communities were of the larger and most popular cities with shining skyscrapers and trendy technology. Then again, to rather hear the waves crash placidly around the docks and beaches from the sea instead of deafening explosions he usually had to deal with on missions was somewhat wanted.


“Well…” Komas spoke up finally, “I got paid. A nice sum too; I doubt I’m doing any work like that again. But I think it’s only fair you deserve at least half.”


“I don’t want any money.” Tachi responded, her chin resting against her hands as she hunched down, still examining the village.




“I don’t need it.”


Komas leaned downward to look at her and Tachi’s cold golden eyes drifted toward him like a ghost. Komas couldn’t help but feel uneasy from her piercing glance.


“Suit yourself, sweetheart. You sure are…indifferent.”


Tachi stood up from the bench and rubbed her neck. “I assume that is a bad thing.”


“No, not at all,” Komas said. “I like the cold and quiet type.”


It took a second for The Toa of Sonics to notice Tachi was walking away. He stumbled to stand and caught up with her through the busy street.


“Why don’t you go find a woman that will actually enjoy your company?” Tachi spoke out curtly, turning down toward the main street, carefully avoiding from bumping into Matoran.


Komas momentarily focused his attention to some good smelling food that was being sold nearby, but then returned his concentration back to the insolent female.


“You could call it curiosity,” he replied. “I hope you know how particular it is to meet someone that hunts Makuta to retain lost memories. Tell you the truth ma’am... I’m not sure if I would want my memories back if I was captured by Makuta.”


“You question all about me,” Tachi retorted, ignoring Komas’s statement. “But I know nothing of you. It is an unfair bargain.”


“I don’t see what’s so exciting about me. I’m a mercenary; I travel around getting paid to kill off morons like that Makuta.”


“No one becomes a Toa doing dirty work like that.”


Komas rubbed the three long scars that contorted the right side of his mask and for once Tachi noticed his expression drift to more of a scowl.


“It’s a long story.” Komas finally spoke up and then looked away from Tachi’s inquisitive stare. He seemed to open his mouth again, but no sound came forth.


Something changed. Komas’s frown faded away into a blank expression and he just stood there staring out around the harbor. He didn’t move a muscle, but finally his head jerked around, glancing from left to right suspiciously. Tachi moved in front of him and cocked her head.


“...You were saying?”


Komas just put a finger to his mouth, signaling her to stay silent. Tachi was going to continue her questioning anyway, but in a mere split second, his hand jerked out and grabbed Tachi by the arm and pulled her over to a nearby alleyway. When she was able, Tachi wrenched away from his grasp, upset.


“What in the name of Karzahni are you doing?” She snapped.


“We’re being watched.” Komas responded, and his hand gradually slipped down to clutch his weapon. He then answered Tachi’s question before it could be asked.


“I could hear them. The sounds around the village were…disturbed. A different rhythm, a balance was off.”


Tachi didn’t squander a second thinking it over and took what he said as truth. “I presume someone isn’t so happy about what we did those two nights ago.” Tachi pointed out. “I suggest we leave the area, I don’t want to harm the innocent here.”


Komas nodded his head in agreement, and carefully edged his back to the wall, and peered around the corner. “Should we split or—”




A powerful force rocked against Komas, sending the Toa tripping into a pile of wooden crates with a crash. Matoran nearby jumped from the scare, gasping and immediately backed away, already sensing the trouble. Tachi had bounded out, sword in hand and looked around.


“If you’re not dead get up!”


Komas staggered up and cursed, rubbing his large silver brace. “Oh gee, that’s heartening!”


It was Tachi’s turn to grab hold of Komas. She pulled him away behind a food stand and the two ducked, just as another bullet sped over them. They froze, back against the stand, trying to plan to plan the next course of action


Tachi’s visor brimmed golden, the small device reading around the area for any movement. Nothing she could see, which made it all too hazardous. She couldn’t distinguish or pick up anything hostile around, but she sensed it. The feeling crawling around Tachi made her hand tighten on the handle of the long sword.


“There’s a sniper around here. Might I suggest we…” Komas cleared his throat. “…Take our leave?”


Tachi nodded her head, giving up arguing with the Toa. She took a deep breath, eyes focused to the road heading out of the town. Matoran around the street stared at the Toa wide-eyed, slowly backing into their homes. The air seemed parched and filled a tenseness--a hunter preparing to capture the prey. Where could the sniper be? What was going on?






Tachi burst down the street, feet digging into the muddy ground. Her body hunched, face determined. Komas was quick to follow, his head jolting around, using his element to sense any sounds their enemy could be making.


This attack came faster than either expected; Komas grabbed hold of Tachi by the shoulder and pulled her to the side just as a flash came straight down into the earth. The bullet was missed by a split second, and now was deep into the earth, steaming.


As if matters could not get worse, a large Rahi suddenly came from around the corner. Spiked and covered with red armor, its claws slid into a halting stop, dirt sprayed everywhere. Sickened yellow eyes of madness focused at the charging Toa.


“I’m getting sick of this,” Tachi held her weapon close by her and pointed it defiantly at the wild rahi.


Komas caught on promptly. He spun around, feet sliding in the slippery mud and pointed his weapon out, firing several rounds at random by the nearby taller buildings. Tachi brought out her hand as surge of electricity danced around it, and the crackle of lightning soared straight through the centre of the creature. Tachi swung her weapon, the powerful feat going straight through the weakened area; the body cracked, and flew separate ways just as Tachi and Komas ran straight through. Wires, metal pieces, all flung about in the air.


Komas sensed another bullet surging toward them and jerked his head back, activating his calix. The projectile missed him by an inch. Tachi twisted her body and blocked it with her sword; it meekly clanked against the protosteel and flew off into the sky.


Tachi jumped on a wooden plank leaning against a barrier, ran up it and flew off down toward the ground, her body stiffly together and she spun and finally landed neatly on the grass. Komas took a heavier approach as he landed beside her with a shaky thump. He pointed the streamline weapon around, walking backwards toward the tall mountainous cliffs that hung threateningly beside the ocean. Large white clouds rolled by, the sense of such tall natural structures seemed almost dizzying. A strong moan of wind passed the two; the tall grass shook around them warily. They waited, they didn’t move, didn’t breathe. Weapons ready to fire or to swing at any moment. Their attacker was near, but never came. Both Toa felt the vague sentiment of being toyed with—watched with enjoyment, the enemy taking their time for the kill. Shocked cries from the Matoran came from over the wall, completely baffled at the mere few minute situation.


A roar came from behind Komas and he flipped back, missing a swing from a staff that a white Rahkshi held. Looking back in the air he fired his weapon, tearing up armor and destroyed the kraata inside. The body fell on the ground with a lifeless echo.


A score of other Rahkshi seemed to jump all around them, ambushing through the forest. They screeched aloud with terrible voices, raising their staves as their powers flowed threateningly around them. Komas slowly caught onto what their enemy was doing. The sniper wasn’t important anymore—it had pushed them straight into a trap.


“I’ll bring the thunder, you show that lightning.” Komas responded in a lively voice, putting some more bullets in his weapon carefully, and acting unaware to the charging monsters.


“There are eight of them, can you handle it?” Tachi questioned dryly.


“Obviously…Wait, me? What about you?”


Tachi placed her hand on her sword, and electricity sparkled all around it. She pointed toward two of the Rahkshi and a powerful explosion rumbled out toward them. After a blinding flash, only charred metal remained. Tachi turned to face Komas with a dominant expression.


Komas grunted and charged up his gun. He activated his mask he ran right in the mess. With amazing agility he flipped, jumped and twisted around the beings, firing around at the vital spots. For such a tall and strapping being, Komas was agile and quick, his fancy and deadly moves weakening the ambushers. Tachi came and did the finishing blows, swinging her buster sword with flair and power. Unlike the last battle with the Makuta, Tachi seemed calm—almost too calm for the situation as she blocked an acid attack by the tall creatures. Komas kept a wary eye out for Tachi, but it seemed useless, she didn’t need help or protection. Dancing around like an unstoppable bolt of lightning, was she even of this universe? Surely no one could fight as faultless as Tachi did.


Komas grasped hold of one of the Rahkshi nearest to him by the stiff metal neck. Komas brutally head butted it and it rolled on the ground. The Toa of Sonics pointed his weapon at it, but before any shot could be fired Tachi came down, her sword digging into its chest as sparks flew. It made a screech and with minor twitches, expired.


“That one was mine.” Komas snapped. Irritation washed over his face as he watched Tachi look around the battered area.


“You work too slowly.” Tachi simply said. Komas didn’t have time to answer; a screech was heard off in the distance. The remaining Rahkshi were charging at them, and Komas barely avoided a powerful blast of acid from one. The Toa of Sonics already felt his energy slipping away; they couldn’t handle this stance for long.


“We gotta plan something…” Komas spoke up, taking a few deep breaths. “Tachi, we—Tachi?”


The Toa spun around and gaped. She was no longer behind him, instead already climbing and jumping nimbly up the tan rock face.

Komas wasn’t sure if what she was doing was foolish or smart, but it seemed better than fighting on a wide field with little protection. Quickly Komas used his mask power and jumped to catch up with Tachi. Possibly, they could throw an ambush on their ambushers in the cliffs.


They ran with speed up the slim and crumbling cliffs, and behind the corners of rocks, trying to lose the dreaded Rahkshi. They heard the screeches of the enemy coming from behind; apparently the arrangement wasn’t working as well as either hoped. Brown textures of rough rocks blurred beside them, the roar of waves down below. The speed of which everything was moving even made Komas’s wits a little baffled.  Playing hide and seek around cliffs that could break apart at any given moment were not his type of game.


Fate seemed determined to continually challenge the two Toa. Up ahead, a gap was seen on the slim cliff path. Dust flew everywhere from the unsteady rocks and debris fell down to the ocean to meet other jagged and infested rocks, they were left with a dead end. Tachi slid to a stop before falling down to the sea. She turned around to face Komas, but what she saw made her heart lurch. Komas continued to run.


Before she could do anything, Komas grabbed her by the waist and jumped over the broken path. For the first time that Tachi remembered the impulsive actions made her shriek aloud. The water and dangerous rocks were right under their feet as they flew over the breach.


Komas pulled out his gun with his free hand, twisting around to point it toward the charging Rahkshi. He clicked a switch on his gun and it brimmed red. He only had a few seconds to do this, but it felt like it would never end as they floated in midair. The agonizing breathless seconds of wondering whether they would live, or die.


Komas fired, the powerful blast surged toward the screeching Rahkshi. It hit, a sound blast rocketed, and even deafening Komas’s ears as the explosion shook behind them. He clutched on Tachi, shielding her from the blast. Smoke and debris danced around, and the dusty air distorted past them. Komas could almost envision them falling to the jagged rocks, but instead his back rammed against the sea cliff, and the two tumbled down on an overhang.


Tachi was the first to limp up, coughing and shaking the dust off her. She looked up to find where the Rahkshi once was now covered with piles of rocks and steaming ashes.


“You’re the most dim-witted being I have ever met. What is your problem?” Tachi gritted between her teeth, electricity danced around her hands.


If one could see Komas’s eyes, he probably would have just rolled them. With a grumble he slowly dragged himself up. They were alive from the treacherous clash, that’s all he cared about; nevertheless he couldn’t help but brag to himself how fancy of a move he pulled off to kill the Rahkshi. He was about to walk over to her, but abruptly stiffened and eyebrows shot up. He flung an index finger toward her.


“Behind you!”


Tachi didn’t have anytime to react. A dark green, hunkering creature flung out from thin air, tackling Tachi and rolling on the sparse space. By the time Komas had neared the calamity with gun pointed, the creature had pinned and pulled her up. A large launcher was held dangerously close at her head.


“Don’t move Toa,” the creature spoke. “Put your weapon down if you want to see her live.”


Komas grunted, clutching onto his weapon. It seemed they couldn’t get a mere few minutes of rest without being attacked and threatened. The creature pushed the weapon at Tachi’s mask. The metal clanged against her mahiki. This creature was not joking, and Komas felt he only had a few seconds to save her.

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Section 4.02


There was little choice as Komas ran countless of plans through his head, like a desperate and frenzy processor. The creature was disgruntled and tall, mostly a rusty green, powerfully built with silver spikes that shimmered around his armor. Its eyes widened as it clutched onto the seemingly stationary Tachi.


Komas didn't want to, he knew it was a stupid idea; but finally he gave in, his weapon dropped to the dusty ground.


"You…you Toa are so predictable," The creature said. "My master warned me of how dangerous you can be…you did not disappoint. Of course, everyone knows the one weakness of Toa, no matter who they are."


Komas glowered, frantically looking for the upper hand as the creature slowly began to back up. When he faced Tachi, her expression changed in a flash to look both angry and disappointed.


"You fool!" She yelled harshly, eyes shimmering with rage and she momentarily stared at the gun that lay on the ground. Her hand swung against the creature's clawed arm, and a bang echoed out.


The bullet missed, striking a cliff right of them. The commotion unsettled a gathering of flying Rahi, scattering them about as they squawked in fear.


Tachi spun around in the grip of the enemy, and jumped against the cliff's wall. She pushed and spun over its head, forcing the green mass to let go and ram into the wall. Tachi landed and ran over, swinging out a kick with her leg. Her foot hit against the creature's head harshly, sending him skimming in the earth and toward the edge of the overhang.


Komas wasted no more time and jumped on top of the dazed foe. He placed his gun intimately by the head and used his free hand to clutch the wired neck.


"You sick spawn of a rahi, what are you trying to pull on us?"


The intrepid expression the creature once wore immediately dispersed. Its eyes widened and shook all over. It opened its jaws to speak, but no sound came forth.


"I'll force the sound out of you or I'll tear your metal brain out and find the information myself." Komas glared, shaking the body. "You have three seconds before I lose my temper."


"Please, please, mercy Toa…! I was commanded to do so, I feared for my life!"


The Toa of Sonics seemed to ignore the squeaky voice and charged up his gun. The creature froze and yelped from fear; the gun glowed in its hallow red eyes.


"Let's start somewhere," said Komas. "Who sent you to kill us?"


The creature sighed—or if that was possible for such an experimental mess to do. "My master…I care little for him…I would wish him dead, but I fear the outcome. I am much too afraid of him…"


"Who. Sent. You?" Komas repeated in a slow intimating voice.


"His name…his name is Szian; he is Makuta! He knew of the female Toa and wanted her dead. He…did not tell me why."


Tachi blinked and looked at Komas. "This has nothing to do with the other Makuta?"


"No… no…" The creature stuttered. "Makuta Szian disliked the Makuta you killed. I was commanded to kill him, you beat me to him. He just wanted the female Toa…"


The creature's jaw clamped shut, still fearfully watching the Toa; it did not want to continue giving away data of his Master.


"Is that all the information you can give us?" Komas questioned. The creature just looked at him and hesitantly nodded his head. Komas smiled, his grip nearly loosening. Suddenly without caveat, Komas darted

his hands into the creature's neck, tearing apart a small gear within. Sparks emitted for a second from the creatures body.


The Makuta's servant twitched and gagged. He did not know Toa could be so terrorizing, the empty glare of Komas made him tremble. The interrogation, it vaguely reminded him of all those past experiments… it didn't want that, it couldn't handle it.


"His…his location!" the servant stifled, finally giving in as Komas' hand was about to reach toward his head. "He resides in an abandoned fortress, in the Vayoha island chains west of here…it is not hard to miss!"

Komas muttered something, still holding onto the creature and just glowered at it. Finally he removed the gun away from the creature's face and stood up, pushing the Makuta's servant aside.


"Get outta here."


"You...you are not going to kill me?"


"Go jump off a cliff or something if you want," Komas retorted. "My sound ammunition ain't worth your guts. I've wasted enough over the past few days."


It stood there hunched, staring at the two Toa with wary green eyes, wondering fearfully if these two mercenaries were lying. But Tachi and Komas didn't move. They just stared at him with cold perceiving eyes. Its slender three fingered hand clutched the injured neck and rushed back from the cliffs, running clumsily away.


"Useless piece of junk." Komas grimaced as he put away his gun and crossed his arms.


Tachi just shook her head, attaching her weapon to her back. "You let him live?"


"I'm still a Toa; I don't always have the right to take away a life." Komas said, looking back to the small green figure fading in the distance, scrambling up the cliffs. Tachi watched the creature fade away around the cliffs to disappear in the forest, and she turned and acknowledged Komas' leniency. He turned to face her and seemed to read her mind.


"There is a thing called mercy. You might want to think about it."


Tachi grimaced, not particularly happy she was getting a petite lecture.


Without any time to waste, she had already turned around and began to scale up to a safer pathway. Tachi moved swiftly and neatly, ignoring if Komas was following. Finally after the tiring minutes, she jumped back down to the grassy earth on the other side; she was met with large dark trees and clear air. Komas expected her to walk off, but she just stood there waiting for him as he staggered down off the ridge.


"I am going after that Makuta." Tachi spoke when he was within earshot. Her eyes looked out past the trees and toward the sea thoughtfully.


Komas didn't look extremely happy about her choice. "I thought I made it clear that I wasn't going to hunt anymore Makuta."


"Then don't come at all." Tachi snapped back, her voice sounding like she was about to break into a fit of anger.


Komas let his shoulders sag and he carefully inched up to her. "I was teasing…look, I think our destinies are intertwined, I'm not going anywhere."


"How can I trust you?" Tachi demanded. Her eyes studying the silver and dust covered Toa.


Komas for once looked outraged at Tachi's bitter attitude. "Excuse me? I just saved you approximately two point five times; and I've helped you out of mess that you started with the bloody Brotherhood. I don't do work for free sweetheart, so I'm sticking around until I get paid back."


Tachi just looked at him and took a deep breath, he seemed angry for a moment, but finally he chuckled, shaking his head and smiled. "So you're pretty much stuck with me, dear."

"It looks like I don't have a choice." Tachi said, and brought out her hand. A small spark of electricity flowed around her finger tips. Her expression softened eventually when she began to walk toward the road.


Tachi was good at containing her emotions, being detached and apathetic; but nevertheless her old forgotten self whispered inside her like a tiny conscious, grateful and pleased.


Tachi would openly say she was not a believer in destiny, but every being knew it was true. She could not deny how things were settling out. And apparently destiny had set her to be with this Toa to chase after Makuta. For good or ill, she would have to wait and see.


"Then we find a way to make it to the Vayoha island chains." She spoke promptly. Komas just nodded his head smiling; the acceptation from her set him in a lighter mood.


"Back to the village?"


"No, they will not accept us after the scare. We will travel by foot until we reach another harbor."


Komas sighed, but started walking down the path with Tachi almost gliding in front. For awhile the two were chary, wondering if another attacker would come out. But after walking for a long, wordless hour, nothing happened. Just the flying rahi would pass over their heads, high above in the blue sky. Trees danced about in the wind, and the feeling of peace and harmony took over the edgy tense moments Komas and Tachi were experiencing.


Tachi couldn't help but feel relief wash over her. For both surviving the battle and knowing her next course of action. If this Makuta knew her and wanted her dead, it could only be assumed that this could be the Makuta in charge of destroying her memories. This Makuta Szian wasn't looking for revenge because of the other Makuta, he was looking for her.








The woodland soon cleared away to an endless land of hilly fields, the long strands of dried grass scratched against one another as they flowed like water, shimmering under the brilliance of the setting sun, embracing the lighthearted tranquility. Neither of the two Toa spoke, just taking in what had happened the long hours ago. Small huts of straw or pale stone of the Matoran were close by the long and seemingly endless trail, smoke quietly coming out of the chimneys, the shadowy smolder to be swept away in the wind. The farmers stopped from their work to look over to see the strange Toa walking by their rural panorama. Occasionally some would wave, while others just quietly stared from under their straw hats.


Tachi took no notice and simply looked down at her feet, taking long strides. She felt Komas behind her, making soundless footsteps while he leisurely followed. The female didn't look back at him, just thought it over.


She finally admitted she felt awkward with another being. For so long all she did was plan and kill, not speaking a single word sometimes for weeks. Now she probably had spoken more in a few hours than she usually could do in a week.


The company… it felt, easing for her. She could not remember her past, no matter how hard she tried, but the feeling of missing someone reminisced. Maybe many people. Now all were probably dead, simply decaying on a destroyed island that she used to cherish. The blankness of her mind almost made her want to shriek with irritation. She just wanted to stare around a corner to see the truth but was unable to no matter how hard she strained.


Who were her past friends? Did she have any at all? Her Toa allies… who were they? Were any alive, or like her, perhaps? Lost in a darkness of blankness and dubious unease?


There were so many questions Tachi had and through the years she had found little answers. She presumed she had to hope for the best, and sooner or later the problem would disperse.


Hope was a complicated word for her. She didn't think about it. Tachi, Toa of Electricity just moved on. Hope and despair was of little significance to her, she didn't care. But she wondered what chances there would be if she could find her memories. Wasn't this selfish for a Toa? Could she not be doing better in the world by helping the innocent?


Tachi bleakly thought of this, but after a moment resisted. Memories or not, she was going to have vengeance. The pitiful Makuta had their fun, and it was her turn to play the games.


But, with Toa Komas she felt as if she had stronger motivation, a better purpose. She just wasn't doing this for herself, but for all the ones she once knew, lost in the lonely past.


This was for redemption. It was justice.


Tachi almost wanted to regret this tender thinking about her new partner and other emotional feelings when she saw Komas jog up to her. She shook her head, trying to come out of her yawning thoughts. Tachi skeptically noted his strange expression and gradually jammed onto what he was going to initiate.


"Say, Tachi…" He started slowly, easing beside her as he looked around a moment at the scenery. His scarred though robust silver armor glimmered around in the light of the sun.


"What is it?"


"Well, you know, you're a pretty good fighter and all, for a lady."


Tachi didn't respond and seemed to ignore the compliment.


Komas smiled, placing his hands to rest on his belt. "I guess I just like girls with a little... shock to them."


Tachi immediately stopped and snorted out loud. The crude noise from such a refine being as Tachi made Komas freeze. Tachi removed her visor and smiled as she rubbed a hand over her purple mask. She was still trying to figure Komas, was he really serious in his jokes or was he just trying to poke fun at her?


Tachi finally got over it, knowing he had probably done this with countless of other fair ladies. She continued to walk on wordlessly, and one might've caught Komas's entertained smirk as he followed, as if he had succeeded in some plan.


"I thought I told you your lines are absolutely unmoving." Tachi spoke out seriously with a straight face.


"I just thought it was worth trying."


Tachi sighed and looked at him with her yellow eyes. "Is this something special, or do you normally do this with the ladies?"


Komas shrugged, both hands now fooling with his goggles. "Both possibly. You always seem down in the pit, I just wanted to cheer you up."


Tachi looked away, and continued to walk. She didn't say anything some long dragging minutes—she really didn't perceive anything worth saying.


Tachi wanted to ignore the statement, though inside she felt reassured for once in her forlorn years of wandering, even if the reassurance was rather... childish and flirtatious. She finally took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she felt the wind press peacefully around her. Her lips slipped up into a frank smile. Frail and almost unnoticeable, but it was truthful.


"Well, thank you for trying."

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Section 5.02


Tachi's eyes drifted open. They opened ever so carefully as her gaze was welcomed with the blinding light of the sun. She leaned against a crate, indistinctly feeling the boat rock up and down from the shifting waves of the never ending ocean. The Toa clutched her head, trying bring herself out of the strange, dreamless sleep she had experienced. She forced herself up and scanned around. The small fisherman's boat moved at a steady speed, the salty wind somewhat eased her foggy head.

Her attention then turned to face Komas at the bow of the ship, leaning against the side and staring off to their remote destination. Komas had paid the Matoran that owned this vessel a considerable amount to get where they wanted. It was a place Tachi had heard by rumors was not a place any retreat—but quite the opposite. A lifeless island chain that merciless Makuta conquered long ago. He must've brooded within his decaying fortress, foiling the good and experimenting on grotesque matters for countless years.

If Tachi had been around this area years ago, she probably would have torn this Makuta called Szian as fast as she could. Yet because of her memory, she felt ignorant around many regions. Komas on the other hand, knew every nook and cranny of the entire world. Earlier he gawped about the countless lands he had visited. From far away islands like Xia to above the domes to feral and strange lands.

No matter how much the Toa of Sonics spoke, he seemed miraculously talented at keeping his past indistinct. Such ways made Tachi almost uncomfortable, wondering if he was some sort of double agent. But as her yellow eyes studied the Toa leisurely resting against the boat humming some tune, it seemed amusing and absurd to think such things after what they went through.

His silver calix shifted toward her, as if the whole time he knew she was looking at him. Tachi stiffened and looked away from her associate. She stared at the matoran who permitted taking them to the island and watched him trot into the cabin holding a net. There was another, matoran too, but he seemed much too busy and focused on guiding the ship. After a moment, her attention returned back toward where Komas was standing, but instead of being at the front of the ship, he now stood a foot away from her with arms crossed. Tachi was not startled but the nuisance of Komas using his element constantly was being a strain.

"Must you do that?" Tachi retorted.

"Well I could ask you the same when you stare at me with those conspicuous yellow eyes of yours," he said. "Of course that would be a lie as it doesn't bother me the least. What do you want?"


The Toa scoffed and rubbed his hands together. "You're thinking. And when woman think it's usually always some dastardly plan. You have stared at me the entire trip and I'm trying to figure why. I mean, sure I'm awfully handsome, but you are always up to something different."

Tachi leaned herself against the crate with eyes toward the sky and exhaled, trying to decide whether or not to toss Komas in the water. She lastly thought against it, and turned toward Komas unenthusiastically.

As for Komas's thoughts, he considered Tachi's personality and expected the Toa to fall in a cold silence and ignore him—instead he got quite the contrary.

"Well, I'll spit it out. What made you become a mercenary?"

"Wha—? That's definitely random." Komas raised his eyebrows, not expecting such a query. He rubbed his chin and looked around a moment, purposely trying to procrastinate the answer.

"I do not appreciate knowing nothing about someone I'm working with."

"Hmm…fair enough," he shrugged. "Well…I got tired of being a cop I assume."

Tachi leaned toward him and ridiculed. "You of all people, were a cop?"

"Yeah, yeah. Is that so hard to believe? That was forever ago, though. Back when Toa were actually popular."

Tachi fell into a curious state as he became silent, looking anywhere except at her. One part of her felt slightly bad for being nosey, but the other was enjoying the moment of interrogating him. Komas seemed to dumbly stare back at her, and he finally concluded she wanted more info on the matter.

"I worked with about…oh, four other Toa I believe around various islands and cities. Technically the word 'cop' or 'agent' is a bit inflated; I was like every other Toa out there in the world: a moron and naïve. But we got the job done fighting against foes and conspiracies. It wasn't a bad job at all."

"Well, what made you leave?"

Komas looked at the base of the boat; his hands began to fiddle around his gun.

"My squad died. They were murdered by a…uncivilized tribe. I decided it best for me to try…new professions."

Tachi's inquisitive mood faded when she saw the flamboyant mercenary fall in a cold, depressing stillness. She wanted to say something to him, possibly an aphorism of pity, but she could not find the words. She had always figured a mercenary or bounty hunter were what they were out of greedy hearts; but it seemed Komas's reasons were different, as far as his quick account told.

Before she could say anything else, the fisherman trotted out of the cabin, holding a map. The Matoran went to quietly talk to his partner who was sailing the ship, and then waved at the two Toa.

"Oy! We can almost see land, we'll be there soon!"

Tachi looked at Komas, concerned for a moment about his sudden stillness, and then walked rigorously over to the Matoran.

"Where on the island is the city?" Tachi questioned.

"Oh…I believe around the center ma'am," the Matoran said, handing the map to her. "It's not hard to miss, specially the tall cursed black fortress that the Makuta lives in…or well, it's all rumors."

"It ain't no rumors, that karzahni of a place is littered with Rahkshi and terrible experiments!" The steersman replied harshly, spitting something out of his mouth. "How do you plan to get in there? What are you two anyway, performance folk hired to entertain a Makuta?"

"We're paying you two to take us, not to ask questions." Komas responded tersely, coming up to join the party. He looked out to faintly see the islands ever so slowly inch into view. He returned his gaze to the Matoran who was grimacing at him. The other fisherman cleared his throat and got between his friend and Komas.

"We'll be there shortly; we don't want to be near that island very long, once we get there, jump off and that will be the end of that."

Komas squatted down and shook the Matoran's hand. "It's much appreciated."
The fisherman smiled, nodding his green Hau and scampered off to fix some nets. The matoran steering the ship muttered something under his breath. Komas swung around again and pointed at him accusingly.
"I heard that."

The poor steersman tensed and looked, wide-eyed at Komas. Swinging his head away, he stared off into the horizon, pretending to ignore the Toa of Sonics. He remained quiet after that.

Komas smirked, seemingly enjoying the use of his element at the time. Tachi controlled herself from giving away any hint of amusement or disgust. She simply watched him pull out his gun and let his hand glide over the silver complicated exterior. Tachi wasn't sure if he had already forgotten about their short conversation or was still trying to evade her gaze. She gradually slipped beside him and looked over his scarred mask. Komas's head drifted toward her and he just nodded his head with an encouraging grin.



Lights flickered around a dark room, the blue and green aura hues casting dancing shadows around the metal edifice. The occasional noises of clicks and buttons pressing were perceived around the streamline and advanced room. Toward the far side a figure sat, eyes focused intently on his job. The holographic screen in front of the small white being flickered to life, within seconds white font of the matoran language covered the screen in an arranged style, the device humming and brewing as it calculated the task given by the programmer.

Long, dragging minutes followed of the same suit and the figure just sat still carefully reading over what was laid in front of him. His eyes darted left to right, and up and down at the reports with surprising speed.

The door across hissed open and a tall dark green figure strode in, feet clanking on the metal floor. Into the bleak light, the tall being was an air Toa. He leaned down toward the computer; he straightened some form of a waistcoat that he wore, and then looked at the programmer.

"What's to report, Philo?" The Toa questioned in an aged voice.

The matoran immediately started pressing some keys, his eyes never drifting away from the device.

"Flood of reports came in from the southern continent, sir," Philo said. "Some nasty problems happened while our attention was diverted."

The air Toa sighed, rubbing his mask. "We can't give five minutes without conspiracies blowing up in our faces or terrorists running around like swarms of visorak. What happened now, Stelt finally blew up?"

The Matoran grinned, shaking his head. "No, chief, I think I have better."

The Matoran pressed a few more buttons on his table. An image of an island came into view.

"Makuta Muurax is dead."

The chief's eyebrows deepened and he leaned closer in, hands placed on the desk.

"Your sources gave me reports earlier this afternoon when they stormed in concerning this." Philo continued softly, studying his commandant's expression. "He apparently fell off the cliff—and he didn't survive."


"No sir, there was signs of hostile acts." Philo paused and bent down to open a compartment. After a few moments of shuffling through papers, he came back up and held a parchment.

"The T.S.T.C.—or Taun Southern Trading Company hired a mercenary to kill the Makuta. And they claimed this Toa did it."

Philo handed the paper over, and the Toa's old eyes scanned over it, after a dead silence the Toa of air grunted.


The Ko-Matoran nodded his head. "No sooner after the village was attacked, but it was unharmed. Various reports indicated a squad of Rahkshi was after Toa Komas and some other Toa who was with him."

The Toa scoffed as he read over the report. "…'Subject was found with a female Toa of Lightning, being pursued by Makuta servants. They disappeared into the nearby sea cliffs. Fate is unknown'…how predictable of you Komas, now you probably have the entire Brotherhood chasing you." He stopped and grimaced, handing the parchment back to Philo. The Toa looked down at his feet and then at the screen, exhaling noisily.

"Sir…Toa Nihles?" Philo quietly spoke up. "What's our next step?"

"I want an investigation on this ASAP, Philo." He answered instantaneously, already planning ahead. "There is something wrong here. I think some of those Makuta in the district are holding more secrets than we thought. And we cannot afford anymore Toa throwing their lives so uselessly away."

There was something wrong, Nihles knew it. He was a veteran Toa, he knew all too well when to tell not to judge a mask by its looks. Komas and apparently this lady had gotten themselves a malicious situation. He figured it best to slip in and stop it before the brotherhood started further wars.

Toa Nihles nodded his head toward Philo and walked back out of the dark technician's station without another word. The metal door hissed and shut behind him. Nihles' eyes squinted and adjusted back to the sunny afternoon light that shone in large windows of the fashionable hallway. He turned to a short and slim female Vortixx who quietly stood beside the door, watching him with tepid blue eyes.

"Zimriah, connect me to a private communication line." Nihles spoke up, straightening the vest he wore. "This is of utter importance."






The long silver buster sword came crashing down on a pile of wreckage harshly and effortlessly. Tachi held the weapon with both hands, deep in thought. She looked up to examine the dark area, the once large buildings of shining iron were now rusted red and cracking from the years of being unkempt and being continually tortured by the horrid sand and rains. The whole area was eerie and even gave Tachi a feeling of uneasiness. Unlike the last conquered city, this one was completely lifeless. Not a soul, not a single enemy of the Makuta was found. Presently mere echoes of falling wreckage hung in the suffocating and binding atmosphere.

Tachi kicked aside the mess she had unnecessarily swiped and continued to inch along the stone walkway leading to the tall shattered building. Komas as usual lagged behind, his head spinning from one location to another, ready for the worst.

"What's with these Makuta?" Komas said, taking a moment to hear his voice echo throughout the urban. "They enjoy dark, damp and nasty places. I keep waiting for a bad guy out there to actually like an area uncontaminated. Perhaps a place with flowers. I like flowers."

"Good luck in searching for one," Tachi responded wryly. She stopped by the large steps that would take them to the fortress. Still no signs of any enemies. Was the Makuta planning an ambush?

Tachi lastly started to carefully tread up the steep stone steps. Each step she took the more impatient she felt; at each step she strained a little more to be prepared.

They reached the top and Komas walked past Tachi. With one powerful hit, Komas rammed the barred down by his foot. The dark entrance buckled and flew back into the desolate darkness. The two Toa stood there a moment, weapons pointing out into the blackness that welcomed them with cold hands.

But as they stood there, ready for a battle, scarcely breathing and blinking; nothing happened. Nothing came.

Tachi grew intolerant and strode in, her sword out and pointing to every corner and exit. The old lobby was covered with filth and rubble, the aura of faded green lightstones flickered above their head and the sparkle of the sun peaked in broken windows.

Komas looked down at his feet, watching them wade through a small puddle of grimy water, the eerie sloshing rippled in the desiccated atmosphere.



Komas spun around and pointed his gun toward the sound, the light on the top of the firearm flared on to face a broken pipe. It was merely water dripping quietly out on the soiled floor.

"Calm down, there is no one here." Tachi affirmed, lowering her weapon. "We'll storm upstairs."


"It's too quiet." Komas muttered. It was becoming more transparent that the male Toa obviously hated silence.



Komas lowered his gun and sighed, but his body nevertheless appeared tense. He turned to Tachi and wordlessly nodded his head. Tachi returned the favor and pointed a finger to a door leading up the large building. Simultaneously the two jolted forward, tearing down the door and running as fast as they could up the winding dim stairs. Tachi's yellow eyes shown with a ghastly manner as she tore through some rubble and with ease continued up. She could see the door up ahead, and she braced herself for what was to come.

Komas pointed his gun toward the door and fired a blast at the knob. It splintered apart and the Toa easily walked over, kicking open the entrance.

She slowed her pace to a trot, and finally stopped all together. She looked around the large walkway, with long windows showing the view of a forgotten city high above. But Tachi ignored the scenery; all she saw was a large impressive door up ahead.

Tachi withheld herself from breathing too loud, and she glanced over at Komas. He just stood beside her motionless, patiently waiting for her next commands.

"Let's move it." Tachi whispered. Her visor glimmered against the light and her expression seemed to be as when they were met with the other Makuta; glazed and distant, and dissonantly cold.

The two sprinted toward the door, Komas controlled the sound around them, and they stayed in a noiseless appearance.

Komas ran to one side of the entrance, Tachi did the same. Their backs were against the wall, looking at each other and then the door. Tachi watched the mercenary make a soundless grunt as he forced the door to swing open. They were met with blackness and a sudden cold gust of breeze from the inside. Tachi was the first to run in, weapon swinging around her as she inspected the area.

A dark library was wreathed with dust and strange experiments. Green water bubbled inside of vats, shining around the study. Strange metallic devices seemed to be in every corner and in the centre a large desk and chair was assembled, all of it unused and empty.


Komas walked about the room carefully, looking around with weapon pointed. Tachi just stood there, musing with confusion and resentment. After some cold moments Komas faced Tachi, his goggles shimmering against the green hue.

"Tachi…there is no one here."

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“What do you mean… no one is here?” Tachi stammered. Her voice was unsteady as she clasped on her weapon. “Everyone says a Makuta is here—so where in the pit is he?!” Tachi swung her long sword down, the black marble floor cracked and splintered; disturbing the haunting tranquility of the area.


Komas just stood there insensibly as he watched Tachi fume with anger. He didn’t seem surprised or annoyed, he just watched her as she tried to calm down.


Tachi leaned against her tool and stared at what she had done, breathing in and out unevenly. She was angry, hurt—she was obsessed with the chase.


Tachi didn’t want to be, no, she couldn’t be like this. A Toa wasn’t like this. To always use anger and the obsession to power her vengeance. It wasn’t right.


But when did she think like this? Before, she didn’t care. She didn’t care one bit about what or who she really was, all she wanted was revenge. But now the emotion of regret from her outburst murmured, and she suddenly questioned her motives. She finally she looked up at Komas with weary eyes.




Komas just walked over and shook his head. “No need to act contrite and get all angsty on me,” he said. “Let’s just calm down and try to figure out where he went.”


“Why are you doing all this?” Tachi whispered.


“Will you please just trust me and move on?” Komas' voice seemed to be ruder than he intended. He sighed and stared up at the ceiling for a moment.


“We need to examine the area, and then leave before anyone finds us.”


Tachi didn’t respond right away, she coldly watched Komas walk off to study the strange devices.


“There is no one here, Komas. The entire island is abandoned.”


“Maybe the Makuta went on a vacation.” Komas grinned looking at her. Tachi rolled her eyes as she swiped the visor away from her face.


“Komas, please take this seriously—”


“I am being serious,” he said. “This equipment has recently been used, so we know Makuta Szian has been here. I’d say he and his servants left somewhere…either to a get-together with fellow Makuta buddies, or he had another place to go to of importance, it seems he left in a hurry...did he know we were coming?”


Tachi didn’t answer, nor show any awareness to Komas’ pondering. She began to walk around the room, studying even the tiniest of details of scattered wires and small instruments. Mechanical objects wreathed the area; all in various shades of black and silver, brooding over Tachi like ominous beasts. Some lights flickering on their cold exterior, the machines droning, doing unknown tasks provided by their master.


It all seemed proverbial, but yet again, it was nothing. Tachi could recall nothing of this.


She walked over to an operating table on the far side of the room and her hand glided over the shimmering metal. She gazed up to a small object attached to the wall beside the stand, covered in long dangly wires and tubes. She almost caught herself shuddering for some reason, but bunged herself from leasing the mental feeling to become physical.


It was rather curious, most curious how the room seemed to be a silent study, yet at the same time a ghastly experimental room. Makuta were so…questionable in their tastes. Or was it just this one? It was something Tachi could not understand.


Tachi’s eyes for actuality drifted away and she just took interest in what lay around her. Her appearance seemed calm, but inwardly she was desperate to find the next clue.


She paced around a large library case and stopped to look ahead of her. What stood before was a black door, possibly of a back exit or a storage space. Tachi nearly continued to move on, but turned back to it and inclined her head.

Something wasn’t right. She could feel it.


Carefully, she inched toward the door, her arm slowly rising to finger the cold silver handle. She touched it, and nothing significant happened, it was what she expected. But the cold feeling quivered around her as she rested her fingers around it. She proceeded to turn the knob, the handle creaking.


The door swung open and she stepped in moderately. Tachi looked straight ahead, and nearly caught herself staggering back.


Up ahead was a Toa connected to hundreds of wires, attached to the wall and almost implanted on some sort of machine vertically.


The pitiful specimen was ghastly skeletal and in a remorseful shape, with little armor covering inflamed and scarred organic tissue. It even took her a moment to note he was Toa, concerning his scrawny appearance. She couldn’t even tell of his element. He was without a mask, save for the large obscure metal screen he wore over his eyes.


Tachi nearly took the being as dead until she noticed his heart light gleaming. She cautiously started forward, then immediately jolted into a short run, clutching onto the slimy bare hand that hung lifelessly down.


“Komas!” She shouted. “In here, now!”


It wasn’t but a few succeeding moments that Komas’s face popped up around the entrance and his mouth dropped, stunned. He ran over and looked at the being, around the room, and then back toward Tachi.


“What the…what is this?”


Tachi studied the austere small space. It was just like the study, but cramped, and with tables and tables of small vats containing various organic items that suspended in the bubbling waters…muscles, lungs…there were many other strange devices in the area moreover. Operating tables, disorganized tablets and scrolls, the sickening smell of rotting skin—it made her sick. Sick with anger.


“Help me get him out.” Tachi commanded rapidly. Her hands were already digging around the piles of almost living wires.


Komas agreed, without question or any humorous comments for once. He was nearly a head taller than Tachi, and proceeded to use his height to start pressing certain buttons on a small screen pad, beside the drooping head of the being.


Tachi’s eyes were wide with a maddened sense to free the Toa. Her thoughts were racing with questions, about him, the room, and the machine.


It felt like hours of careful tinkering to free the being. But finally the large leech-like wires that connected to the back extracted with a cold hiss; some silver liquid poured away from the wires, dripping on the black floor. The machine lost its deathly grip on the Toa and Tachi grabbed him before he hit the floor. She collapsed on the ground, holding onto the being.


The Toa was soaked in a slimy mess, possibly of protodermis that was carried from the machine and into the body. Komas squatted beside Tachi and blankly stared. His heart light continued to shine, but no movements from him could be seen.


Tachi had to remind herself to actually breathe. She took a deep breath, adjusting the body more comfortably on the floor as she held onto upper body tenderly and removed the large, bulky blind. He was still being imbedded cruelly with many long skinny wires, humming quietly as they seemed to supply him data from the machine.


Neither said anything, Tachi just gripped onto the distraught body, eyes wide as she waited for any signs of life. Anything.


It nearly made Tachi shriek. The head jerked back and the body twitched. His eyes shot open and gagged. He rolled over somewhat from Tachi’s grasp, the side of his scarred metal face pressing against the cold floor and mouth spewed blood. He lay there, shaking uncontrollably with Tachi stubbornly continuing to hold onto him. He slowly started to breathe normally, but the throat sounded irregular and mechanical. Little by little he forced his head back toward Tachi, staring at her with dazed green eyes. They rapidly seemed to expand and his blood soaked mouth opened.


“You…I know you…I know your face.”


“It speaks.” Komas murmured quietly with surprise.


Tachi disregarded Komas and sustained to look at the being with a soft idiom, trying her best to look reassuring.


“You came back...” he started submissively. “You shouldn’t have. I thought you were dead and yet you live…but return to the dead here, why is this sister…?” He was hoarse and weak, but seemed to once bear a handsome voice. His hand shot up to grab onto Tachi’s tightly, his eyes never swaying from hers; hands unsteadily fumbled around hers and then her arm, as if trying not to slip down a cliff.


Tachi never felt like this before. Sympathy immersed her, she was horrified. Just dreadfully aghast while looking at his sickness. But, did he just call her sister?


“You know of me?” she whispered in question.


The hopeful air around him seem to disperse, and was replaced with a bitter frown.


“He took your memories away…did Szian not? He let you live, but he tore them from you…?”


His voice was delirious sounding, Tachi didn’t want to speak anymore or pressure him. She silently nodded her head and placed her fingers to her lip with indicating to hush. But the Toa suddenly pushed himself up, grabbing her by the neck gently and stared at her, he was not but an inch away.


“The glitch…! Tachi! You forgot it all? You can’t Tachi, you can’t,” he stuttered, his hand now clawing around her left shoulder. “You don’t know what you are doing…you don’t know who you are. The glitch, Tachi…no, you must remember.”


The glitch. The glitch…what is the glitch? Was he hallucinating or did it have any significance?


“The Makuta took my memories after he captured us from our home island, didn’t he?”


“Oh Tachi…oh…oh…” He started, wreathed in sadness. Suddenly his eyes looked dazed, he struggled for breath. Tachi looked down at his chest to see his heart light flickering. Suddenly with regret and dread she fretted immediately if freeing him from the machine was killing him.


“Komas, we need to connect him back up!” Tachi snapped. Komas looked at the dying Toa, frowning. He went over and clutched one of the larger wires, but the Toa weakly shook his head.


“Please don’t…please—that machine...it is the entity of evil itself. I would find no greater peace if my only choice was death.”


Tachi looked at the dark machine. It was like a black perfunctory spider, immovable on the wall, waiting silently for the Toa’s return to a romantic pit. She then focused back at the Toa. “What does it do?”


“It is…a living machine.” He spoke out quietly. “A computer controlled by myself. The Makuta lost his will to experiment on my true purpose…after you disappeared…and so…I…am used as a machine’s life source and mind. I am nothing but an empty instrument myself. It powers me…I power it…” He paused to take some breaths and to fight away the nausea inside him. At last he continued. “…Even if you could…you could not. The Makuta made certain that I must be connected to it…if I am freed, a virus will destroy my mind…”


Tachi just shook her head in resentment. She stared up at the computer and watched the green lights on it slowly switch to a cold flashing red.


He seemed to twitch for a moment. He closed his eyes and suddenly the wires still connected around hummed louder and lights wavered. Before Tachi or Komas could do anything against it, the Toa’s eyes shot back open and he pulled Tachi closer to himself again.


“You seek the Makuta…his logs…he is in Jiahk. The city. Away…working. You must go and stop him; you must free yourself, sister. He is…high above the clouds, immersed by the city in a pallid pinnacle. But he is just the second...”


Tachi never felt so terrified and frightened in her entire life as she held the fading being. She bit her lower lip and clutched the Toa. All he did was smile at her.


“Thank you, thank you,” he said. “I’m so…pleased I saw you again. Don’t forget about me...I know it wasn’t your burden…Szian didn’t want you to know the…truth—my name is Uchik…don’t forget again, sister…okay, all right?”


Tachi could only dumbly bob her head, trying not to tremble. He nodded his own head, and his eyes seemed to flicker. Dark humming and warning sounds blared from the machine. Unexpectedly, his body tensed and he outstretched one of arms toward the dark and thorny carved ceiling.


“The glitc—glitch—Ta—chi! You…don’t remember…please, it’s—” He stopped abruptly in his desperate sentence. With a terrible blistering noise, a spark of electricity erupted from the back of his head. His body collapsed down and slouched. His head fell back in her arms, eyes wide and lost forever in haze, tears streaming down the cold face. The mysterious Toa Uchik was no more.


Tachi froze, mouth wide open and filled with shock. Immediately she began to tear away the remaining wires from the body, stricken with horror. Komas could only see the insignificance in her tries to reawaken Uchik. He rushed over to her and dragged the distraught female away from the body. Tachi screamed and rammed her hand against Komas chest like a wild rahi, filled with feral hysteria. She was not crying, but adorned in madness as she continued to scream and curse, from both anger and distress. Unclear nightmares fogged hear head, whispering and laughing in the past. Guilt was all over her body, crawling like malice creatures.


“You, I hate you! You didn’t help, you let him die!” Tachi screamed. “Let…go of me!”


If only she knew more. He wouldn’t be dead; it was all because of her brash doings. She suddenly saw with agonizing revelation, a deeper meaning to the word death.


It took a moment for Tachi to comprehend she was still being held onto by Komas. He didn’t say anything, just struggled to keep his grip on her as she fought against him. She stopped and descended from quivering to not moving at all. Finally when his hold loosened she yanked away from his embrace and stumbled back. Her eyes widened with some sort of possessive terror.


“We didn’t know…” Komas said, speaking calmly, slightly concerned what Tachi would do. “It was probably best for him; there was nothing we could do to help.”


Tachi could only stare at him, her look unresponsive and not believing a word he said.


Without continuing with any conversation however, The Toa of Electricity quickly turned around and started out of the bureau, heading outside.


She didn’t look back.






“Captain, I must enlighten you that two figures are inward bound toward the northern beach.”


A heavy beat of footsteps followed in response on the metal floor, toward the bridge. The airship floated with ease over the jagged waters of the ocean, brimming silently from the powerful levitation disks that controlled it. The heavy footsteps stopped beside the large glass window. A tall, brown hunched character snatched the innovative telescope away from the gangly first mate that had pointed out the find and proceeded to use it, examining the island that lay ahead of them. His red eye squinted and slowly stared around the beach. Ah yes, there the two were, a silver and purple Toa, coming out of the darkness of the rusty city.


The captain stood in a solid stance and after a moment he handed it back to the first mate that stood contently beside him.


“It seems I’d be been here for scavenging while the Makuta was away, but two Toa? What fun, I was beginning to be bored.” An extensive toothed grin escaped the captain’s mouth. “Surround them.”








Tachi stomped through the sand, moving quickly and stubbornly. The sun pressed against her purple and black scarred armor, glimmering and reflecting the light. The colors mixed around and the heat weighed her down. But Tachi kept walking toward an old harbor further down the beach.


She felt the fresh ocean wind dance around her and the cool scratchy sand around her feet. The area was covered with piles of old debris and rusted pieces from buildings, but even so, the oasis had something light about it. But all of it was ignored by Tachi. All she had in her soul was hatred.


“Sweetheart! Slow down…oh come on…please Tachi, talk to me.”


Tachi ignored Komas who struggled to catch up as he shuffled through the sand. She slightly took a detour from her main path and walked over by the water. The endless, shimmering clear water calmly moved back and forth. The small waves splashed toward the beach. Bringing and taking away sand and small shells. Tachi watched her feet fall into the conflict; the swaying, foaming water sparkled around.


Komas finally made it over to her and took a deep breath, wiping some sweat away from the top of his mask. He turned to look at her, his face mixed with anger and pity.


“Tachi, please, you need to calm down.”


Tachi stared up to the sky, and made an unexpected sardonic laugh. Her head swung to him, and she seemed almost crazed.


“Calm…stay calm?” she graveled. “I have stayed calm for ten long years. I have been lost in this cloud of empty dreams, I don’t know anything about myself…and here comes a Toa who knew me. And I let him just die in that Makuta lab…you want me to stay calm?”


“He was already dying Tachi; he was merely a demented device the Makuta played with. It was probably the best thing we could have done, we didn’t know the outcome.”


“I should have known it!” Tachi cried. “I was here years before, I know I was! The whole time he thought I knew what was going on. He thought I just abandoned him!”


“Stop being some emotional wreck about this,” Komas cracked back. “You’re taking this all out of context. You don’t have a blasted idea about what really happened those years before. He didn’t say that Tachi. He didn’t intend it.”


Tachi looked like she was going to continue the fight-fest, but stopped and looked at the ground. She was being foolish over this, panicking and not thinking straight. She knew how to control passion, she had to calm herself.

But this was all too much for her. Too much was going on, as if it was just life testing her will and sanity.


She took a deep breath and just shook her head sadly. The female Toa just turned and looked at Komas for a time, trying to find a smile hidden somewhere deep in her, to prove to him that she was going to be okay. But she couldn’t.


Her attention drifted away to the sea to avoid his gaze, and she stayed in that position for some time. Komas expected her to move on, to look back at him—something. But she just stood there, looking out.




“What’s that?” Tachi’s voice jumped back into a state of hollowness, something Komas wasn’t sure it was healthy for her to suddenly bottle emotions. She just continued to point out, glowering.


He looked to where Tachi had pointed and straightened his goggles, wondering if he was seeing correctly. Further out, a ship seemed to float ominously above the water. It didn’t move, just floated above with the engines quietly buzzing.


“That looks like some sort of boat. Or airship…”


“The Nahkita, a top of the line airship made in Xia itself, to be precise sir.” A twisted voice spoke from behind.


Komas and Tachi swung around and two figures stood up ahead, sneering. Komas swung his gun out and pointed it toward the strangers. But the shorter being raised his hand.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Toa.”


In a matter of moments, the area seemed to be covered with grimy bandits. Jumping out from behind debris and surrounding the Toa before they even knew what happened. The gangly crew was all manners of strange species; tall and short, brown, green…and very few friendly faces. Even less were to be even considered handsome. They all hooted and laughed, pointing weapons at the Toa and slowly closed in.


Tachi swung a deadly glare at Komas. “Why didn’t you hear this?”


“I—I was arguing with you! Geez, I can’t multitask all the time!”


The one who had done the speaking just hunched down and made another long grin, looking very entertained. He without doubt was a Skakdi and apparently was the ring leader of the motley crew. He clutched onto a large, wicked launcher and a large dark cloak wrapped around his neck waved for a moment in the breeze. He was grimy and treacherous looking, and yet a sense of affable wit about him.


The one that quietly stood beside him was a tall black, handsome Vortixx male. He glared at the two with mischievous dark blue eyes.


“Toa were the last beings we would expect here,” the Skakdi spoke out dryly, walking calmly toward the Toa. “We’ve heard of good bounties on Toa masks these days. I hope you lovers have a very exceptional justification for humble pirates like ourselves.”


Komas continued to point the gun toward the advancing captain and his first mate, conspicuously amid in resentment. He stood close beside Tachi, guarding her as he eyed the envious and hungry stares of the pirates. Though, Komas studied over the Skakdi as he came closer and into full detail. The Toa slowly brought down his gun, looking at the captain with a novel appearance.


“Wait a minute…I know you.”


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