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Green Ninja Contest: Ninja X

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#1 Offline Canis Lycaon

Canis Lycaon
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Posted Dec 09 2012 - 08:01 PM

This is my first story on BZPower, and an entry to the Ninjago Short Story Contest.


Ninja X

By Canis

For every universe there is an infinite umber of parallel universes. The universe we are about to explore is very similar to the core universe of Ninjago. The changes begin soon after Sensei returned from the dark place. Sensei testing Nya to see if she was the Green Ninja. Kai burst into the room. He gasped. The web of energy was surrounding her.


Kai gasped, “The green ninja is … NYA!”


Kai’s brothers rushed into the room.


Cole said, “I guess we don’t have to search for the Green Ninja’s identity any more.”


Zane mechanically replied, “It seems so obvious in hind sight.”


Jay shouted, “Umm, as happy that I am that Nya is the Green Ninja, the Serpentine are at the location of the third Fang Blade.”


Lord Garmadon appeared out of nowhere and commented, "I know now who my nemesis is."


The ninja flew the Bounty to the Fire Temple, location of the third Fang Blade. Nya remained in the Bounty, as she did not have the experience to fight as the Green Ninja just yet. The whole ordeal of the Fire Temple went the same as the main universe until the end. As Lloyd and the Fang Blade were on the two rocks, Kai leapt to the Fang Blade. While in the air, he heard Lloyd scream. Lloyd foot had fallen into the lava, burning most of it off. Kai unlocked his true potential at that moment and became a fireball. He spun around in midair and grabbed Lloyd.


At the Destiny’s Bounty, Lord Garmadon was weeping over his son, when Kai and Lloyd arrived.


Zane saw Lloyd’s foot and said, “I can build you a new foot, Lloyd.”

Nya said, “Lloyd, someone new has to become Samurai X. I think it could be you.”


Lloyd accepted both of the offers he had received. Over the next few days, Nya began to control and use her powers. The five ninja then cornered a Serpentine who told them where to find Pythor and to stop the Great Devourer. As the ninja were doing this, Lloyd discovered his father trying to steal secrets of the ninja and kicked him off of the Bounty. As the ninja arrived at the Constrictai Tomb, the location of the final Fang Blade, they prepared to rappel down.


Jay said, “I can’t wait to fight the Serpentine!”

Lloyd replied, “I can’t wait to fight as Samurai X!”

Cole said, “It’s time jump. Let’s go!”


The entire party jumped into the Constrictai Tomb and crashed into a giant celebration party of Serpentine. The ninja were quickly overwhelmed, however, and were trapped. After a few hours of waiting, Lord Garmadon appeared, followed by the Skulkin. The Skulkin and Serpentine fought, and in the confusion the ninja escaped with all four Fang Blades. Little did they know that Pythor had snuck on board the Destiny’s Bounty.


As the ninja were about to destroy the Fang Blades at Torchfire Mountain when Pythor revealed himself, stealing the Fang Blades and fleeing to Ouroboros. The ninja pursued in their ship, but they were too late and failed to stop the reawakening of the Great Devourer. As the Great Devourer lunged toward Pythor and Sensei Wu, a green beam struck it. The Great Devourer fled, and Pythor joined the rest of the Serpentine in hiding.


Sensei worriedly said, “Nya, I thank you for saving me with your powers. But we must get to Ninjago City. The Great Devourer grows larger with everything it consumes. If it gets to Ninjago City, there will be no stopping it.”


Kai said, “Zane should still have a recording of the Sacred Flute. If he does, I have an idea of something to make with the Tornado of Creation.”


In the Destiny’s Bounty the ninja flew began to fly to Ed & Edna’s Scrap ‘n’ Junk. As they flew, however, the Great Devourer leapt up and destroyed the Bounty. The ninja did not stop at this setback, and used their weapon’s vehicle mode and the Samurai X mech to continue to travel. At the scrap yard, the ninja used the Tornado to create the Ultra Sonic Raider. They proceeded to Ninjago City, and found the Great Devourer feasting.


 Lord Garmadon appeared and told the ninja to give him the Golden Weapons so he could destroy the Devourer. Nya refused. She told Jay and Zane to go to Ouroboros and get the items on a list. With Lloyd, Cole and Kai, she would go find the Serpentine. She ordered Garmadon to distract the Great Devourer. At that moment, the Ultra Dragon arrived and landed at the site of the ninja and Garmadon. The ninja had their dragon stay behind to assist Garmadon.


The ninja returned to Ninjago City to find Garmadon and the Ultra Dragon exhausted. Nya led the Great Devourer to a park in the center of the city and trapped it in an orb of energy. Lloyd began to play the Sacred Flute, which the ninja had taken from the Serpentine. He played an ancient song that Zane and Jay found in the pit where the Great Devourer was trapped. The energy orb began to take the form of a pyramid with four towers. The ninja ran up these towers and pulled out the Fang Blades, which were at Ouroboros. The Fang Blades went into four slots at the top of the towers. As soon as the Blades were put into the slots, there was a flash of light, and the pyramid solidified into jade, trapping the Great Devourer. The ninja soon destroyed the Fang Blades.


Lord Garmadon recreated the Destiny’s Bounty as the Dark Bounty, and joined with the Serpentine to find the Dark Island. They succeeded, and unleashed the Stone Army. Back at Ninjago City, the ninja were able to keep their fancy apartment, because Nya and Sensei Wu got jobs. When the Stone Army attacked, the ninja evacuated Ninjago City and traveled to the Dark Island, taking with them Misako and finding Dr. Julien on the way. The events of the Dark Island were very similar to the core dimension of Ninjago, with only the minor differences of Nya being the Green Ninja until the end. No one was captured by the Stone Army, and all of the ninja arrived to fight the Overlord. Lord Garamdon corrupted many towns and villages, allowing himself to be taken over by the Overlord.


The Overlord and his army of Serpentine and Stone Army traveled to Ninjago CIty. The ninja took the Dark Bounty and flew in pursuit. At Ninjago City, Nya fought the Overlord with the power of the Golden Dragon and won, allowing Lord Garmadon to be free of the evil that had taken over his body.



Edited by Canis, Dec 10 2012 - 07:25 AM.

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I used to have a banner here.


But that RPG is dead.


What now?

#2 Offline Meiko

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Posted Dec 11 2012 - 10:51 AM

Nice story. I was wondering when I'd get one about Nya. It seemed a bit jumpy, but I managed to follow it. Good luck in the contest! :)

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