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Dimension Collision

Sybre Dimension Amnesia After Death Team-up

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#1 Offline The Root

The Root
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Posted Dec 15 2012 - 10:21 PM

I may change the title later, but this was the best I could come up with for now. In the meantime, enjoy the epic. It happens after Ultimate SybreNetX season 2 (an upcoming comic series. Season 1 will be out 2013!)


Chapter 1- The Unknown Prologue

Sybre woke up and looked around. The Matoran of Plantlife stood up and scratched the forehead of his dark-green Hau. He studied his surroundings. Dark clouded skies. Grass everywhere. Rock formations all around. Sybre was obviously in some wasteland. But how did he get there? The last thing he remembered was sacrificing the rest of his power to defeat his nemesis Nega Sybre, better known as Erbys. Maybe, Sybre thought, the  last of the energy I stole from Erbys teleported me here. Sybre looked around to see if the villain was anywhere near him. Sy blew a sigh of relief. It was clear that Erbys was killed by that fatal punch delivered to his chest. The Matoran of the Green decided to explore this strange land he somehow came to.

"And I can stretch my aching body while I'm at it," he said to himself.

He walked for a few hours until he knew something wasn't right. He hasn't detected a drop of liquid ever since he started walking. How was that possible? The sky was full of grey clouds and the ground was covered in lush, green grass. And he didn't see anyone anywhere. He cupped his hands to his mouth.

"HEY!" he called, "ANYONE HERE!?"

Sybre heard boulders off in the distance falling and some screaming. Alarmed, he ran toward the noise, hoping that the owner of the voice was still alive. As the Matoran of Plantlife got closer to the hill where the huge rocks had fallen, he heard cries for help. He approached the boulder sitting on top of the stranger and gasped. It was Sybre himself. The first Sybre quickly moved the boulder, allowing the other Sybre to get up. They studied each other and both concluded that they are alternate versions of each other. The new Sybre had a gold halo floating over his head.

"Hey, thanks for saving me." the second Sybre said after a brief silence.

"I needed to save the first person I saw here," the first Sybre replied with a shrug, "And I may say, you are looking quite handsome!"

"Right back atcha', buddy!" Sybre 2 added, "So, what dimension are you from?"

"Nootun said my home dimension is the Main Dimension and told me that you were from the Ultimate Dimension." Main Sybre answered.

"Then that makes me the Ultimate Sybre!" Ultimate Sybre bragged.

"I should have left the rock on helpless Mr. Ultimate." Main Sybre mumbled.

"Well, we need to find our way outta here." Ultimate suggested, "I need to find a way to come back to life."

"Wait, you DIED!?" Main exclaimed.

"Yes," Ultimate Sybre explained, "From bullet wounds, battle damage, and an explosion."

Main Sybre didn't answer. Instead, he coaxed Ultimate Sybre to follow him in order to discover where they were.


They walked a little longer before deciding to climb a big mountain in their way, because any Sybre would have a heart for a good, fun adventure. Upon reaching the top, they agreed to rest due to the size of the mountain and the fact that they nearly fell off a couple of times. Sybre sat down on a rock, but noticed something near him that made him shriek and jump.

"What is it?" Ultimate Sybre asked as he came over to see what was wrong, only to shriek and jump himself.

A supposedly dead Toa lay sprawled face-down in the grass. He had a Metru build and didn't look too organic. He was probably mechanical. The mask the "dead" Toa wore had spikes on the back of the mask, much like an Avohkii, but this mask wasn't an Avohkii. The strangest thing was, this Toa wasn't damaged and his armor was polished and shiny. He also had a halo over his head.

"Who is that?!" Ultimate wondered aloud.

"He looks like a Toa of Plantlife," Sybre said, "I think I know how to wake him up. I am a soul eater, so I can turn into a sword. When I do that, use me to gently poke him to wake him up."

Ultimate Sybre nodded and grasped Sybre's handle as he turned into a sword. U. S. slowly poked the Toa, who suddenly sprang up. Sybre then turned back into a Matoran, surprising the Toa even further.

"Wait a sec," the Toa said, "You're Ultimate Sybre!"

Ultimate beamed in delight.

"And who are you?" Sybre asked, "You look like one of us."

"My name's SybreX," the Toa replied, "And I'm not one of you. I'm not even a true Toa. I'm just a cyborg."


To be continued

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