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About potatoes and mr Redeyes

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Posted Dec 17 2012 - 01:14 PM



[color=#4b0082;]Voice: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the kikanolo quiz please welcome your host, wearer of the mask of Reality : Mr Redeyes!, also know als Teridax or just Terry.[/color]


Terry: Ehm yeah, welcome may I introduce you our contestants of today, Lewa, Toa of air.  Vezon, skadi of nothingness and Roodaka just another vortixx. Also welcome our guest star of today: Bilbo Baggins


*Bilbo baggins apairs out of nothing and looks confused*


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo:  What am I doing here what's this explain me![/color]


[color=#000000;]Terry: Just shut up and be quiet i'm trying to run a quiz here.[/color]


Terry: Ok first question: Which master rahi-maker made the Tathorak


Lewa: Oh, oh I know I know


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo: What on earth is a Thatorak?[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]Voice: Guest stars are only allowed to speak when they have something funny to say![/color]


[color=#00ff00;]Lewa: Can I say the answer now?[/color]


Terry: Yes you can


*Terry looks frustrated*


[color=#00ff00;]Lewa: Well simple Miserix[/color]


Terry: No you're wrong, I created them.


[color=#00ff00;]Lewa: No not true I readed in the Mutran Cronicles Miserix did.[/color]


*A Rahkshii of desintegration appeares*


[color=#4b0082;]Voice: May I intruduce you to Blubby, he will desintegrate everyone who I deem unnessecairy to my comedy.[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]*[/color]Blubby desintegrates Lewa*


[color=#4b0082;]Voice: That's what happens to you when you break the fourth wall![/color]


Terry: Well since we are with 2 left you guys can just proceed to the next round without answering more questions.


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo: Is it over already, but I didn't say a thing[/color]


*Terry gets more frustrated*


Terry: I wish you didn't say a thing!


Roodaka: Hey Vezon what you see this widget, i'll give it to you if you give.



[color=rgb(75,0,130);]Voice: No cheating Roodaka or do you want me to call Blubbie![/color]


Terry: Altough we're actually finished it's time for a commercial.



[color=#4b0082;]Commercial Voice: Want a mask, any size, go to Vakamas Mask shop,[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]Have a problem with ash bears bring a message to Jaller( the bearhunter)[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]Problems with studying langues?, call Onepu's mask delivery and buy a Rua.[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]Comets, comets comets the best Kohli balls in Po-Koro.[/color]


[color=#000000;]Terry: Ok guys we're back.[/color]


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo: Hey Terry who's that voice?[/color]


Terry: Never ever call me Terry, call me Mr Redeyes


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo: Why can that voice call you Terry then?[/color]


Terry: He is the writer of this comedy so if I won't allow him to call me Terry he'll write me out of his comedy.


[color=#4b0082;]Voice: What did I tell you guys about breaking the fourth wall![/color]


Vezon: To remind you of it I never broke the rules.


[color=#ffa07a;]Bilbo: But you broke everything else.[/color]


[color=#4b0082;]Voice: Guys this is starting to get boring so I'll stop the show see you tomorrow with Darth Vader as guest star and Vezok as new quizzer.[/color]





I hope you guys enjoyed it it's my first comic.


Pm me if you wanna be a guest star.

Edited by Dual Matrix, Dec 17 2012 - 01:16 PM.

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