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The Reganade Chronicles: A Prodigy

Redux Zacax FanFic Epic GrimDark

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Posted Dec 19 2012 - 05:39 PM

[font="georgia, serif;"]Author's Note:[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]This was based upon an old story I wrote when I was a kid. This serves as another reboot to the story of the Gunsmith, and a chance bring back some old characters I haven't used in a long time.[/font]




[font="georgia, serif;"]The Reganade Chronicles:[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]A Prodigy[/font]





[font="georgia, serif;"]Table of Contents:[/font]

  • [font="georgia, serif;"]Chapter 1: Prices to Pay[/font]



[font="georgia, serif;"]Link to Review:[/font]












[font="georgia, serif;"]Chapter 1:[/font]







[font="georgia, serif;"]A being with dark red and gold armor ran through the forest under the blackened skies, with two white moons and numerous, shining stars providing their light to guide the way of those traveling through the night. Running for his life, the mysterious being used his control over fire to light his path, helping him see better. He wasn’t a being of earth, and thus, was not given the ability to see perfectly fine through the night. The being was what the people of his world called a Toa, a heroic being blessed with control over a certain element, along with a mask known as a Kanohi to grant him access to more powers to aid him in battle. His name was Tahukama, a powerful Toa of Fire. He looked back to see if what was chasing him was gone or not. Sadly for him, the beasts chasing him continued to pursue the Toa. Thinking quickly, he created two spheres of golden flames in the palms of his hands, and quickly came to a halt. He faced the charging beasts and threw the hot balls of fire at the monstrous beings, hoping to stop them in their tracks, giving him enough time to escape. To his luck, the beasts in the front were hit by the fireballs, and caused them to combust into flames. The stopped chasing the Toa, and halted the whole pack while they panicked. The beasts weren’t exactly the most intelligent of monsters. The Toa sighed in relief and ran off while the chaos ensued; he had to find his potential prodigy. However, the leader of this pack of beasts took note of the Toa escaping, and growled with rage. The pack leader tossed aside the other members of the pack with his mighty strength, and followed the mighty warrior, whom was already far away from the distracted pack. The Toa of Fire made his way out of the forest and found himself at a sandy shore, with the dark blue waters crashing down onto the beach. He saw it, his boat, it wasn’t that big, but large enough to hold two Toa and some previsions. He sighed in relief when he saw the sight of the small vessel. He ran towards it, only to be stopped when a huge beast pounced upon his back.  The Toa of Fire was slammed into the golden sand, hearing the sound of a snake hissing. The hissing came from the monster that just pummeled him. He turned his focus on the monster and recognized the terrifying beast,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Barok…” Tahukama muttered,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“That name no longer has meaning, I am known as Bonar, fool,” the monster known as Bonar hissed. He placed his claw on the beast on the head of the warrior and shoved it into the sand. The Toa squirmed, trying to get free from the monster’s tight grip, and to stop having so much weight on his back.[/font]



[font="georgia, serif;"]“It’s no use brother, Darix wants your head,” Bonar said as his used his claw as a vice on the Toa, slowly crushing it. The Toa, though in pain, managed to draw out his sword and sliced the free claw of Bonar, causing the beast to scream and hiss, letting go of the Toa. Tahukama quickly got to his feet and ran off to the boat. The monster hissed as he grabbed the claw and stuck it back to his wrist, with cables and skin reconnecting together to reattach the claw that was cut off, “Nice try Tahukama, but blades won’t work on me,” Bonar said with a menacing chuckle as the armor and skin on his unusual large lower arms stretched and opened up, as two twin axes came from the skin and bone of this beast, one from the left, and one from the right. They came out with some sort of fluid covering them, dropping to the sand with the heads pointed to the ground. He grabbed the axes and hissed as he charged at the Toa with great speed. The Toa of Fire faced the blunt side of the sword to protect him from the swinging axes. Though the sword protected the Toa, the force of the axe caused him to lose his ground and send him flying a few yards away. He grimaced as he got up slowly, using his sword to help him up. But he wasn’t given a chance to recover, as Bonar started to charge again, axes still in his claws. The Toa of Fire quickly jumped away from the monster at the last moment before they would make contact, and rolled away to the water, quickly getting up, and sharply turned towards the beast so his back was never facing the monster. After all, scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Trust me, and heed my words,” Tahukama said as he slowly inched towards his boat, “This, “evolution” as you and your kind call it is nonexistent, it isn’t evolution, its corruption, not moving forward,”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“You see though, we were once renegades, hungry for power, and now we have it,” Bonar said, “We have achieved powers beyond our wildest dreams,”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“At what cost?! Becoming these… mutations?! Experiments? Just for power? Barok, this power is artificial, it will come back to ruin your life,” Tahukama stated,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“MY NAME IS NO LONGER BAROK!” Bonar growled, releasing a ear-piercing roar, “I am Bonar! Leader of the Virus Mutants! I can kill a Toa such as you in a matter of minutes!”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Well,” Tahukama chuckled as he was almost at the boat, “I’m afraid you statement is false, as you see, I’m still living and breathing,”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“I don’t need your snarky remarks Tahukama!” Bonar yelled as he charged at the Toa. But luck and fate were being kind and merciful for the Toa of Fire, as he managed to cast off, moments before the monster made it towards him. As the monster made it to the water he went to a full stop. His mutation had made him unable to swim. He looked at the water and then watched the Toa of Fire sail off, while the monster hissed and then growled yet again,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“I curse you Tahukama to the deep and chaotic parts of Karzahni!” Bonar yelled to the Toa sailing off. Tahukama heard the beast yell at him, but all he did was give a hardy laugh. He rowed his boat out into the sea, while the moons and stars provided some light, not as much as the two suns, but it was enough to help him keep an eye out for any obstacles. He sighed, the past 10 years had brought to much change… his whole team was disbanded for two reasons. One reason was because some of them died, while the rest, like Darix and Barok (Or, Bonar now), had become mutations, lead by his old co-leader, Darix. Too much had changed, at one point, he and his team treated each other like family, now, the rest of his team mates that were still alive, wanted Tahukama dead. He couldn’t keep escaping death, he had to find someone to take his place.[/font]







[font="georgia, serif;"]Three days pass…[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]Meanwhile, on a small, relatively unknown island, an auction was going on. This island was home to thugs and pirates, and home to the black market. What was being auctioned? A Toa of Water, a White Ash bear (extremely hard to come by), a Toa of Stone, and a Ta-Matoran who was unlucky enough to be a part of an invasion in the Southern Continents that happened not a few weeks ago. The Ta-Matoran’s name was Zacax. He was minding his own business in his blacksmith shop when some rogue Toa came and invaded the small village and kidnapped several matoran who were already auctioned off two days ago, leaving him left. The auctions here on this island went to ways. If you were sold, that’s luck, but if no one buys you, you get killed and your armor is placed on the black market or smelted into metal. His body shook, causing the sound of metal clanking. His feet were cuffed and so were his hands, with chains that were attached to the cuffs and attached to the platform. The Toa seemed calm on the outside, though this was simply a cover to hide their fears, and the white ash bear was growing antsy and wasn’t comfortable being held back by chains.[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Alright then,” a voice said to the crowd. The voice belonged to a rogue Toa of Iron,  who walked onto the stand with sacs of widgets and gold tied to his waist, which you could hear the sound of coins and metal shaking and swaying in the bag as he walked, “These are our last items for auction. Two Toa, a White Ash Bear and the last Matoran from one of our recent raids, let’s start with the rahi,”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]The ash bear roared in rage when it was pointed out.[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]“A rare beast we found in the icy regions of the Southern Continents,” the Toa said as he gestured his hand to the white Rahi, “Do I hear 500 widgets?”[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]Zacax gulped when he saw the multitude of hands and claws reached into the sky for a moment. He turned his head and heard the sound of laughing coming from the rogue Toa. Well…this is gonna be good… The matoran thought. In only a matter of minutes, the price was raised to a whooping 15,000 widgets. After that mark, no one else would raise the price any higher, and the bear was sold to a green and gunmetal Skakdi, he was the one who raised the price to 15,000, and apparently had the cash to pay the price.[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Now, how about this fine lass?” the rogue Toa of Iron asked as he gestured to the Toa of Water. By the end the price was 20,000 and the Toa of Water was sold to a Toa of Fire. Then, came the time auction off Zacax,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"] “Next, this small Ta-Matoran of Fire! We found him in a blacksmith shop so might be of use! Do I hear 100 widgets?” the Toa of Iron asked,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]The crowd was silent. Usually, the last Matoran to them was worthless if he was the last one left, despite the information given to them by the one auctioning him or her off. The poor matoran only shakes even more, he didn’t see a single hand raise up. Until, he saw a small hand in the air,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“100 widgets! Going once… Going twice,” the Toa of Iron said as he waited for more response. But after a minute of waiting, no one else responded,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]“Sold to the cloaked…eh…person!” The Toa of Iron said as the cloaked being approached the platform.[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]The cloaked being handed the Toa of Iron the money, while some Skakdi undid the chains and cuffs that prevented the Matoran from escape. To be honest, Zacax prefers being sold as a slave to being turned into scrap. The cloaked being grabbed Zacax's wrist and pulled him off stage. The cloaked figure lead the Matoran through the crowd, who were now bidding on the final "item" of the day, the Toa of Stone. The being made it to a reasonably sized boat, it had no sail, and seemed to run on some source of energy. The cloaked being looked at Zacax and grabbed the matoran's right arm with both hands and tossed him aboard the boat. The blacksmith known as Zacax fell flat on his face as he made impact with the boat, his entire body felt loads of pain as he tried to stand on his feet. The cloaked being lept onto the boat with such grace and landed on the main deck, showing no sign of pain, nor were the legs bent.[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]"W-who are you?" Zacax asked as he managed to get to his feet. The cloaked being took off the coal that concealed her identity, as she revealed herself as a beautiful Toa of Lighting,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]"My name is Toa Akora, Toa of Lightning," the Toa revealed herself as, "You are my newest slave,"[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]The Matoran gulped, "Great... Uh... Where are we going to?" Zacax asked nervously,[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"]"Back to my home," she said as she walked to what appeared to be a trap door. She opened it to reveal the brig of the ship, and quickly went to grab Zacax by his arm, and proceeded to toss him into the brig and shuts the trap door. The room was dimly lit by a single torch, it had a few puddles and cob webs, and seemed to go on and on, despite the ship not being that big in size. He gulped in fear, wondering what would come to his life next. [/font]

Edited by Zacax: The Gunsmith, Dec 19 2012 - 05:45 PM.

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