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Valendale's Trade Topic

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#1 Offline Valendale

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  • 03-October 08
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Posted Dec 22 2012 - 02:53 PM


I’ll pay mine, you pay yours. You ship first unless trusted trader. I'm in the U.S., so keep that in mind.


Trades only. I cannot buy or sell at this time.





Piraka Reidak


Spider Man’s Doc Ock Ambush (Minus Doc Ock and his car)

Hogwarts Express (2010 Edition)



Red Hau

Grey Hau

Brown Kakama

Blue Kaukau x3

Orangish Brown Kakama

Orange Pakari

Blue Pakari

Red Pakari

Blue Akaku

Grey Noble Matatu x2

Blue Noble Huna x3

Blck Noble Ruru

Black Pakari Nuva

Brown Pakari Nuva

Red Pakari Nuva

Red Akaku Nuva

Silver Miru Nuva

Black Kakama Nuva

Silver Avohkii x3

Poisoned Hau Nuva

Silver/Brown Noble Rau x2

Silver/White Noble Mahiki

Silver/Red Noble Ruru x2

Silver/Green Noble Matatu

Silver/Black Noble Huna

Great Matatu x2

Great Komau x3

Great Huna x5

Great Mahiki x4

Black Great Ruru x4

Dark Blue Great Rau x2

Lhikan’s Hau x2

Black/Red Kiril

Ultimate Dume’s Kraahkan

Silver Kiril

Gold Kualsi





Rode x2

Olmak x2

Yellow Kiril

Kalmah’s Head

Tryna x2




Gunmetal Vezon/Ignika x2

Kakama Nuva ‘08

Vamprah’s Mask

Chirox's Mask

Rediak’s Mask

Solek’s Mask

Gorast’s Mask

Bitil’s Mask

Hau Nuva ‘08

Kaukau Nuva ‘08

Avohkii '08

Vultraz’s Mask

Skrall’s Helmet

Tarduk’s Helmet

Berix’s Helmet

Gresh’s Helmet

Malum’s Helmet

Kiina’s Helmet

Xplode’s Helmet



Xa: Orange, Metallic Blue, Dark Gold

Vu: White, Metallic Blue

Yo: Gunmetal, Black, Metallic Blue, Dark Gold

Su: Grey, Metallic Blue

Za: Metallic Blue, Purple, Gold, Dark Gold, Metallic White x2

Ca: Black, Metallic Green, Gold

Ja: Grey, Gold, Metallic White

Bo: Green, Metallic Blue, Dark Gold.



Red Disk Launcher x3

Disk of Time

Vakama’s Disk x3

Others: Ask by number and I’ll look. I don’t think I have any great disks.



Lots of parts, but only Bionicle/Technic/HF parts for right now. Ask and I’ll look.



I have plenty of canisters that I'll probably ship orders for  parts/collectibles in. If you want a specific one or want a canister for some other reason, just let me know.





See Here: http://brickset.com/...tedBy=Valendale (Updated Regularly!)




Pythor P. Chumsworth

Fabuland Cats

Dumbledore Microfig



2x2 Jumper Plates, preferably in red, yellow, light grey, light green or light tan. I will take any color, though.

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#2 Offline Click

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Posted Dec 24 2012 - 11:19 AM

Well, I've been in need of a Great Rau and a Great Mahiki, so I was thinking of jumping on this. Do you, by chance, have any of this as well:-Silver Hagah Shield-Metru Eyepieces (red, light blue, green)-Grey ball joints-Spinners (black, dark green, gunmetal, dark blue x2, White)I think that's it, but I'll double check.Unfortunately, the only parts I own that are are your list are the white Nuva legs and Suukorak, and I'll have to check the condition of both. So, how much do you have, and how much do you want for it?By the way, I have a stop to make at the Post Office on Dec. 31, so I would like to finish this up by then.Thank you!
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#3 Offline Valendale

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  • Chugger of all that is Icy

  • 03-October 08
  • 733 posts

Posted Dec 25 2012 - 07:31 PM

So I looked and what I have for you is:

-Great Rau

-Great Mahiki

-Silver Hagah Shield

-Dark Green Spinner

-White Spinner


I'd accecpt for the legs or Suukorak.

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