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Star Wars: Rise of the Dark Lords (Epic)

SW Epic Writing Lightsabers

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Posted Dec 25 2012 - 11:34 PM

Link to Review here!



[color=#ff0000;]Star Wars: Rise of the Dark Lords[/color]




The year is 3,955 BBY. Twenty three years after Darth Revan disappeared into the Unknown Regions of space. After Darth Malak was defeated by Revan, and Revan disappeared, the title of Dark Lord remained untaken. That is until Darth Veldrin, A student of Revan, took to power. Darth Veldrin ruled right after Malak and his reign last for twenty years until he was betrayed by his own son, Darth Vith; who ended his father’s life.Darth Vith took his father’s place as Dark Lord. Darth Vith continues to hold the remains of the Sith Empire Revan forged. But the Empire was greatly weakened by the Republic and is all but scattered; few Sith show themselves on planets other than their own. But someone is coming. A new Dark Lord who will unite the Sith, and bring chaos to the galaxy. 


[color=#800080;]Chapter One: Into the Void[/color]


Cemeron did not need too concentrate as he piloted his starship: the Ebon Hawk. Flying was like second nature to him, it did not require much thought. His old Dynamic-class freighter had been through quite a bit in the passed years. It had survived dangerous happenings like spice runs and space battles. But Cemeron trusted his vessel with his life.As he navigated through space he avoided incoming asteroids with delicate skill. His brow furrowed as the rocky outcroppings race past his ship. It seemed that they almost grazed the blast-glass before him; which protects him from the void of space beyond.He wasn’t far from the red world of Korriban; however, he had miss-judged a few hyperspace calculations and ended up further from the planet as he had wished; landing in an asteroid field.But asteroids did not really bother Cemeron; he was a veteran pilot and well versed with space travel. Cemeron’s dark eyes widened with shock as his ship started to shake wildly. Asteroids jumbled in a crazed sort of semi-dance, outside the Ebon Hawk. He had never seen them move like that in his entire life.He flicked random switches trying to stabilize whatever was causing the strange motion. Suddenly all the stars seemed to black out; consuming Cemeron in pitch black darkness. Likewise, the Ebon Hawk groaned and lost power, shaking even more then before.Cemeron’s droid companion stumbled into the cock-pit. “Query: What’s going on?” he said in his synthesized voice; which was hinting frustration.In return Cemeron grinded his teeth. “I have no idea HK, but this does not look good…” his words trailed off as the space around him lit up with radiant energy. Purple plasma shot out in all directions, melting asteroids in micro-seconds. Cemeron watched as more purple plasma formed lightning type tendrils that sliced through rock and metal like lightsabers to flesh.HK-47 was an old droid. He stood about six feet tall and was covered in orange and red armored plating. He had two glowing red eyes, a helmet looking face and a thin remotely human, orange plated body. HK had come with the ship, which Cemeron had bought from an alien dealer on Tatooine some years ago.The alien dealer had told Cemeron that the ship was ancient and had been through tons of battle. According to the dealer it had once belonged to Darth Revan, and the famous Jedi Exile.Cemeron had bought the ship because of the Darth Revan part. Cemeron had fought alongside Revan in the Mandalorian wars and respected him; that and the ship was supposedly the fastest in the Outer Rim region.HK-47 watched in what seemed to be fascination. Moments after, all the remaining asteroids shot forward toward where the purple plasma seemed to be emanating. Cemeron gasped in horror as he finally realized what he was looking at. The looming purple mass of electricity and swirling plasma was actually a giant black-hole. It seemed to be a tear in space itself; and Cemeron knew he was powerless against a force that powerful. Already his ship was moving steadily closer to it. He frantically flipped switches, trying to get the Ebon Hawk to power up, but it was useless.The world around Cemeron seemed to slow around him; his ship was a tiny ant compared to the massive disk of energy. All that could be heard was the crackling of plasma and the shuddering of metal.He accepted his fate and turned to his droid. “Strap in and shut-up.” he said darkly.HK’s robotic limbs whirred as he clanked over to the co-pilot’s seat and sat down. He fiddled with the seat-belt. “Statement: Yes master, meat-bag-sir” he replied sarcastically for a droid.


Cemeron slammed his fist into the control panel. “Blast it all! I came to Korriban to learn to be a Sith and all I found was a giant death trap!” he said letting his anger pour out. He directed his anger toward the Jedi. Cemeron hated the Jedi because a Jedi had slaughtered his wife.Cemeron’s blast-glass frosted over and blocked out the epic view beyond. The angered Sephi looked into the tiny icy crystals reflecting his face. He was a haunted looking individual. Cemeron had long white hair, pulled into a smooth pony tail that fell down his back. He had a square jaw, and a crooked nose, that gave him a warrior's appearance. He had the customary long pointed ears of the Sephi, which differed them from humans.Cemeron stood at 6’4’’ and weighed 210 pounds of muscle. He had a sleek, but well toned body; one that was hardened by military service. His chest back and shoulders are quite scarred from battles.He turned away seeming disgusted that the face he was staring into, his own, would never get revenge. He was never going to become a Sith and destroy all those that had ruined his old life. An eerie purple glow filled the ship, and energy crackled everywhere, Cemeron looked as the tiny hairs on his arms stood on end. He cried out as the energy grew hotter, and more powerful, almost blinding. I’m going to be boiled alive! He thought before his mind-overloaded, and could no-longer comprehend what was going on around him.The Ebon Hawk disappeared into the deaths of the black-hole. A few moments after it was consumed, the portal seemed to shrink, and collapse in on itself; before it finally ceased to exist, in a flash of white light. All that it left behind was nothingness, just empty space. The stars winked back to life, revealing where the asteroid field once was, not even the pebble sized rocks had survived the black hole, nothing was left...



[color=#800080;]Chapter Two: Crash-landings Never Feel Good[/color]



HK-47 had been through his share of crashes before, so this was nothing new to him. His memory banks recalled crashing on the unknown world of the Rakata, Telos, and Malachor IV. His red eye beams snapped to life and his mechanical head swiveled. HK took in the surrounding cock-pit without saying a single word. The glass before him was cracked and broken, and a man sized hole dominated it.HK noticed that Cemeron was not present and his seat lay unbuckled; like usual. Shuddering pipes stuck out of the broken wall panels and lights turned on and off. Dark smoke poured from somewhere within the ship and electricity crackled over broken machinery. There was a metallic scream then a loud clunk as T3-M4 flew into the cockpit; sparkling with electricity and spewing droid-parts.HK tried to unbuckle himself to help his astromech droid companion, when he discovered his left arm was nothing but a sparking nub. The rest of his arm had been sliced right off and lost among the other scrap metal; that was now the ship. HK let out the closest thing he could to a sigh, and used his right appendage to free himself of his bonds.HK banged T3-M4 on his dome head before climbing out of the cock-pit. He slid down the front of the ship sliding right through a fire and singing his bottom. HK landed on the ground and a cloud of red dust plumed into the air. HK locked onto Cemeron’s position. He laid in the dirt a few feet away from the ship, submerged in a mound of red earth. HK clanked over to his master and poked him with a metal finger. “Commentary: Master, are you still functional?” he asked without emotion.Cemeron saw the face of Chrystal, his wife. She was smiling widely; her large red lips reflecting the bright twin suns of Thustra. Cemeron knelt by her and caressed her right cheek. Her skin felt cool to his touch and he hungered to hold her in his arms. He smiled for the first time in a long time; it was good to be back home. He looked away from her beautiful face; to stare at the scenery around him. He was standing on a tall balcony overlooking a glistening lake and fields of green. It felt like he had not been back in many years, but it still felt of home.Chrystal rubbed against him, her body soft against his own. Her angelic voice broke the silence. “What worries you?” she asked.Cemeron shrugged. “Something just feels… wrong” he admitted.Suddenly he felt a horrid pain in his back, like someone shoved a metal pole into his spine. He cried out and his eyes flashed to Chrystal. “Commentary: Master, are you still functional?” she asked in the voice of HK-47.Cemeron’s eyes snapped open and he groaned. His body hurt all over, almost like the ship had fallen atop him. He could feel his warm blood gushing out of several areas of his body; wetting the dirt around him. He tried to push up with one of his arms but searing pain shot through him and he fell back down into the dirt. He turned his gaze to his arm and froze, his arm was twisted horribly and one of his bones stuck through his skin like a knife. Cemeron feared he was going to bleed to death, he called out, his voice hoarse from lack of use. “HK, yes I am alive. Go get the Med-kit before I bleed to death!” he groaned.Cemeron looked down to see his arms slashed apart all over, huge pieces of glass sticking out of his skin. He moaned and then felt like he was about to puke. Suddenly the air left his lungs as he was lifted off the ground. He looked down and realized that he was somehow levitating. He struggled and looked around for the source of what had just happened. All he could see was the world around him. It was strange and ghostlike. The sky, dirt and rock were all red. The clouds whizzed by at alarming speeds; changing into strange shapes and writhing about, the strangest part was that they were pitch black. There was no sun, only a strange black ball of energy that seemed to move around of its own accord.A distant speckle of blue light slowly approached. As it drew nearer, it seemed to appear the shape of a humanoid; it was hard to miss as it was a stark contrast to all the red and black. The figure seemed to be floating above the soil, and it winked in and out of existence. But suddenly it seemed to take solid shape and features. A massive man stood before Cemeron, his gloved hand outstretched as if he was holding Cemeron up with his own fist.The stranger wore an ancient set of golden, spiked armor that was crusted with the blood, of what Cemeron assumed were enemies. He wore a matching tall helmet type contraption that made him over eight feet tall. He was huge and built like a Wookie. The man had two dark brows and beneath them never-ending glowing red eyes. He wore a small oiled black beard and a menacing grin. He looked Manock-**** crazy. Cemeron could not look away from his eyes; those eyes; they seem to lead into another universe…he thought.The armored figure spoke his voice chilling Cemeron to the bone. It sounded ancient and full of dark power. “At last you have come… We have been waiting for you Cemeron, for some time...” he said ominously. Cemeron felt a strange tingling sensation throughout his body and his pain ebbed and finally dispersed, replaced by a faint itchy feeling. Cemeron dropped from the air landing on his knees; he instantly went into a fighting stance, ready for anything.“Where am I?” he asked.The powerful man replied. “All will be revealed in time,” he cackled. “time… what is time, really? It does not truly exist; just a simple concept, a delusion…” he trailed off.“Who are you?” Cemeron asked.“Ah yes. I am Naga Sadow. Welcome to the Shadow Realm, or commonly The Void” Naga said.Cemeron had known of Naga Sadow, he was credited as one of the most powerful Dark Lords ever. He bowed right away.“That is impossible you died long ago.” he said.Naga Sadow chuckled. “Yes I died once, as did we all. That is how we came to The Void. Except for you of course, you came through the Black Hole we created.” he said. Cemeron stood.“We?” he said.Naga Sadow nodded. “All of the greatest Dark Lords and other sith ended up in The Void. This place is within the Force itself. It is the embodiment of the Dark Side. When a sith becomes one with the Force it is here that they appear.”Cemeron could not believe what he was hearing: Is this really true… Could I be dreaming? Or dead? He thought bitterly, unable to accept this fate. Naga Sadow as if he head Cemeron’s thoughts shook his head. “No, you live. That is for sure. We need you Cemeron; you see, without you and our teaching, our ways will slowly die, consumed by the Jedi; the force would become horribly unbalanced. You are the only hope of our ancient ways. We must form you into the new Dark Lord; if all our deeds are to not be forgotten” he said.Cemeron shook his head. “There already is a Dark Lord. Darth Vith.” He said.Sadow nodded. “Yes, but you are the one we seek. If Vith stays in power than the Empire will continue to crumble until nothing is left. You must stop him, you must rekindle the Dark Side.” He said. Naga Sadow put a gloved hand on Cemeron’s shoulder.“Out of a galaxy of souls, it was you that had the greatest urging, the greatest hatred for the Jedi. We have never felt anything like you before. Your force powers are so immense, they rival even mine, but you can only access a smidgen of your full potential. You could become the greatest Dark Lord that ever lived, and you will. Now swear loyalty to me and the rest of the Dark Lords and you will take your first step toward your true destiny!” he said his voice rattling the ground beneath Cemeron.Cemeron knelt before Naga Sadow. “Yes master, I swear loyalty to and the Sith.” he said, his voice full of dark passion.“Good... Good! Now rise; from hence forth you will be known as...” Naga Sadow replied.Naga Sadow then closed his red orbs; revealing his black eyelids. He seemed to meditate for an instant before finishing. “Darth Void!” he said.Cemeron felt a burning above his brow as he felt strange symbols appearing on his face. Cemeron stood; I’m Darth Void now… he thought. He looked to Naga Sadow; who then put a hand on Cemeron’s brow. “Now we must go…” he said.There was a flash of turquoise light and they were gone from where they stood. HK-47 finally emerged from the ship and looked around awkwardly. “Annoyed observation: Master? Where are y--” suddenly he too disappeared, letting the medical-kit drop too the red sand…

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