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RotR: Operation Rally

fangame Pokemon RotR

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#1 Offline Nara

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Posted Dec 25 2012 - 11:46 PM

Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets[color=#008000;]Operation: Rally[/color]A "Rise of the Rockets" fangame [font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Info[/color][/font]A ROM hack of Fire Red. When released, alphas and betas will be given in .ips format. No base will be provided.Last updated: December 25, 2012Completion status: ~10% done[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Introduction[/color][/font]This is a fangame of an awesome RPG, Rise of the Rockets, made by Parugi. I've been RPing since the beginning and watched the game grow. At first, I was skeptical that a working game could be created, since there is so much story. I have recently found a solution, however, and I am attempting to re-create this story as a playable Pokemon game. I've tried in the past, and failed. I think this is my third attempt, and you know what they say, third time's the charm.What I plan to do is create essentially four games: Two following Team Rocket, and two following Team Liberty.I know that I'm reaching out to a probably small audience, but if you are a Pokemon fan, please look through this post. If you see something you like, take a moment to reply. If you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to speak out! More likely than not, I will consider and implement it. Feedback is more helpful than most people think. :)[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Story[/color][/font]If you have played the RPG:Following Team Liberty, the game covers most points up to the Manaphy Arc.If you have not played the RPG:"Story in a NutshellTwenty years prior to the events of the RPG, Giovanni's abilities as leader of Team Rocket were called into question. A group of ambitious Rocket Administrators, called the Shadow Admins, overthrew him and orchestrated a master plot to take over the four main regions -- Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. After infiltrating the governments of those areas, they succeeded, and now rule with a supposed iron fist.In response to this, several small groups of trainers attempted to rebel; all were defeated and imprisoned or killed. One of these groups -- Team Liberty -- moved their operations to the Sevii Islands, a small region that they had managed to erase from the Rocket's database. Here they turned their rag-tag team into an organized fighting force, declaring war on Team Rocket soon after.Twelve years after Team Liberty's formation, the war has shifted in favor of Team Rocket. Desperate, Goldhawk, Bluefalcon and Blackskull, the leaders of Team Liberty, decided to send several small groups of newly recruited and trained Agents to search for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Legendary Pokémon and trainers that Team Rocket had driven into hiding, to assist them in the war."This game in particular follows Team Liberty. You start off as a newly recruited agent and will search for Legendary Pokémon, Gym Leaders, and famous trainers, while doing everything you can to help out in the war. Most events are canon and will closely resemble the RPG.[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Features, planned and implemented[/color][/font]-16 different starter Pokemon-Play through parts of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh-Pokedex featuring 303 Pokemon-44 Gen 4 Pokemon-29 Gen 5 Pokemon-Battle player-controlled characters from the RPG-Options on what to do, story-wise!-Updated Pokemon stats, movesets, and evolution methods--No longer do you have to trade to evolve Pokemon like Haunter and Machoke-Increased difficulty-Not a walk in the park; The game strays away from traditional games, offering a new experience-Wild Pokemon will increase in level as you progress through the story-Physical/Special Split from Gen 4 into Gen 3!-Includes some Gen 4/5 moves-Day and night system[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Screenshots[/color][/font]Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImageFour Island Expansion(Yes, I will be updating trainer sprites soon)[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Downloads[/color][/font]Currently, none.Next predicted release: Shooting for sometime in January. Will probably release a demo.[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Current Team[/color][/font]Head: MeSpriting: Xaeraz and ParugiStory: Parugi and I, and to an extended point, the players of the RPGIf you have any experience with hacking Pokemon games, please PM me. Help is always appreciated. Always looking for more spriters, too.[font="georgia;"][color=#008000;]Credits[/color][/font]Scripting and mapping - MeSpriting: A plethora of RotR players-Pokemon sprites: Wichu (from a different forum)Expanding the ROM to allow for amazing features: JPAN (from a different forum)For the mass amount of tools I am using: Gamer2020 (from a different forum), who compiled a bunch of tools into a single program.-In specific: LU-HO, Silver314, HackMew (all three from a different forum)GameFreak, for the game and amazing franchise.Parugi, for creating the RPG and being ridiculously helpful during the planning stagesEveryone playing the RPG. Without you guys being as awesome as you are, I wouldn't have the motivation to even start this.

Edited by Nara, Dec 25 2012 - 11:59 PM.

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#2 Offline sonyaxe

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Posted Nov 04 2013 - 08:01 PM

This looks extremely interesting, I will check it out when it is finished.

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