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Merc with a Kanohi

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#1 Offline Kryst Cyclone

Kryst Cyclone
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Posted Dec 29 2012 - 10:43 AM

After almost a year of absence, I'm back writing comedies. If you were wondering what happened to me, let's just say that the Malaysian equivalent of high school education is messed up. The first chapter will be a little short, introducing the characters. With no furthur delay, here it is: Merc with a KanohiCharacters:Toa Kryst: The leader of the group of mercenaries. A Toa of Air and Crystal (Airtal). A happy-go-lucky leader with an awkward sense about the BIONICLE Universe. He also seemed to oblivious to anything that could scare the living heartlight of any BIONICLE. Wields a Double Crystal Blades which can also convert into the Cyclone Joker Gun. He wears the Kanohi Kibou, The Great Mask of Hope, which allows him to enter someone's Heart Maze. (memories) Toa Rexum: Kryst's best friend. A Toa of Fire and Mechanics (Firechine). An inventor with a massive imagination and love building contraptions for fun. He could go "Fanboy Mode" whenever he sees a new machine. Although he could create any machinery out of his hands, his primary Toa Tools are a Magma Flame Sword and a Flame Launcher. He wears the Kanohi Commcine, The Great Mask of Machines, which allows him to "comunicate" with machines.  Toa Fatrum: The one of the two females in the group. A Toa of Water and Lightning(Aquaning). The tough one among the two females but could not resist cute Rahis. Sensitive about her weight. Her Toa Tools are a Aqua Rapier which could convert into the AquaShock Whip and a WhataShocker Harpoon. She wears the Kanohi Arcave, The Great Mask of Data, which allows her to access any databank. Toa Chilem: A calm and observant scholar. A Toa of Ice and Shadow(Frosdow). One of the few "Twilight" Toa who could live well with his Shadow Side and secretly an assassin but has a soft side for Fatrum ("he has a crush?"). Seemed to be acrobatic although he is not a Toa of Air. He wields a pair of Hidden Blades other than a pair of GunnerBlades. He wears the Kanohi Tracum, The Great Mask of Tracking, which allows him to track his target. Toa Sonius: An easy-going party animal. A Toa of Stone and Sonic(Stonic). Loves to throw parties whenever he is left "in charge" of the Headquaters. Tries to get the ladies but failed at the end. He wields a Wall Breaker Axe and a Sound Blaster. He wears the Kanohi Suletu, the Great Mask of Telepathy, which allows him to project thoughts and read minds. PS. he's the only main character who does not wear an original Kanohi. Toa Fioraus: A nature-lover and a good friend of Chilem. A Toa of Earth and Plantlife(Tuant). Spends his free time in the garden tending to his plants or meditating. Sometimes he will have a craving to blow stuff up. He wields a Green Cutter (a sword) and a Drill Blaster. He wears the Kanohi Fastisme, The Great Mask of Fusion, allowing him to fuse two or more Rahis only if it agrees. and Toa Mahojo: A compasionate and caring rookie of the team and the other female Toa other than Fatrum. A Toa of Psionics and Mana(Psina). She developed a crush on Kryst but is too shy to say it. Despite being a Toa of Psionics, she could lift up objects heavier than the heaviest object a Pakari-wearer could lift. She wields a Mana Bow which could convert into a pair of Silver Blades or a Silver "Chakrum" (Throwing Ring). She wears the Kanohi Mahou, The Great Mask of Magic, which allows her to conjure magic spells but have to be recharged for 10 minutes after usage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prologue: Why do I start a comedy with random stuffs?       It's a beautiful day in Centria-Nui. With the sun-shining brightly and no sign of rain clouds or a "Twihard" stempede, it seems that the Cuckaroo is ready to sing it's wake-up song. "Cucka-doodle-doooo..." Ahhh....hearing the Cuckaroo calling makes me wanna get up and going. Besides a guy who is going to college and a BZP member, I'm also a story-writer, artist..... We get it you show-off, now continue with the comedy. Fine,fine, jealous readers. As I was saying, the song of the Cuckaroo woke up everyone in Centria-Nui, telling every Toa, Turaga, Matoran..... "SHUT UP I WANT TO GOTO SLEEP!!!" With the sound of a gunshot, the unlucky Cuckaroo became roasted and shutted up, not wanting to turned from Raw to Medium-rare. Inside the Toa Elipson's base, we see Toa Rexum dropping his prototype Flame Launcher to the ground seconds before the prototype exploded, blowing half of his room into ashes but that won't stop him from his beauty nap warrior's sleep. Suddenly, the rookie, Toa Mahojo, came in. "Wakey wakey Rexum, I have eggs and bakey," said the Toa of Psina. "Five more minutes mom and I'll walk the Kardas out," said an asleep Rexum. Mischeviously, Mahojo dropped the eggs and bacons onto Rexum's face, hoping to wake him up...,Wait a minute, do BIONICLEs even have a mouth to eat and what does the eggs and baons came from? "Don't ask me or sleppyhead here. Ask Kryst." The leader of the mercenary Toa team, Toa Kryst came in. "You asked?" Blushing immediately, Mahojo quickly replied,"NONONONONO I meant Kryst Cyclone, the Kryst Cyclone who lives on Earth." "Oh and are you okay, Mahojo? I know being a rookie is hard but you have to take care of your health. Do you need asistance? Your face is burning red that your Kanohi is on fire.." "NONONONONO, I'm fine I'm fine." "okay then. Just ask the others to be in the Briefing room in 30 minutes." "Yes sir. How about..." "How about what? Oh that sleepyhead, I give you permission to do his wake-up call." "No I meant..." "?" "Never mind" "Ok then. Just do your stuff, Mahojo. And take care of yourself. Your face is redder than before. Your Kanohi is literally on fire." With that, Kryst leaves. He did not heard the loud scream that shook the world which is impossible and Mahojo's attempt to put out the fire on her Kanohi, including the duck-n-roll and the keep-on-stomping-on-the-sleeping-Toa, which failed. In the end, the fire is out in cost of Rexum's room. "Ahhh thanks mom, I always wanted a greasy bath and an ash-covered room," said the still asleep Rexum. With an evil grin (Toa with an evil grin, ugghhh..), Mahojo get into Floraus' garden, borrowing his 4000 tonnes fertilizers using her amazing strengh. She then drop it onto Rexum. Seeing that the Toa of Firechine still asleep, she lifts it up and smashed his head several times before he finally awake. Without realizing the state of his room and his greasy Kanohi, Rexum got up and walked outside, without realizing the high multiple bums which formed on his Kanohi (IMPOSSIBLEEE! WHAT WITCHERY IS THIS? BIONICLE WITH BUMS ON HIS KANOHI?!?!). In the Briefing Room, Kryst started the meeting. "okay my fellow Toa Elipson, our terms are simple: protecting Matorans and accepting any request from a total stranger because we are also mercenaries. Oh and keep true with our Creed...Er, I mean Toa Code: never kill. Plus, if we kill our enemies, this comedy would have be abandoned due to the lack of villains. ok, before we can go through our requests, where is Sonius?" Kryst looked around. He saw a now-asleep-again Rexum, a Kanohi-on-fire-again-due-to-her-constant-blushing Mahojo, Fatrum who is looking at her new Aqua Rapier (trademarked by Rexum, Toa of Fire and Machanic, Firechine), Chilem who is....... chilling out (get it?) and Floraus who is reading The Encycopedia of Plants for Dummies and Toa gardeners. Knocking on Sonius' door, Kryst was wondering of his teammate's parties, expecting him to have a hangover for the 258,687,966,275,872,987.87th time. The door just swung open. When Kryst went in, he was shocked? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What happened to Sonius? How many times he have a hangover due to his party? What is the Toa Elipson's assignment? Find out next time.Words:688 Shoobadoobi Touch-to-Henshin!!

Edited by Kryst Cyclone, Dec 30 2012 - 06:51 AM.

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Toa Nikitos

#2 Offline Kryst Cyclone

Kryst Cyclone
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Posted Jan 06 2013 - 08:28 PM

Chapter 1: The continuation of the Prologue


When we last see our heroes, Sonius, the Toa Elipson of Stone and Sonic, is missing. The leader, Toa Kryst, went to his room and was shocked.


"Hey, aren't this chapter supposed to be posted two days ago?" asked Kryst.


Yes, you see, Kryst Cyclone has a lot of work to do besides this comedy.


"Ask him to come here, that (beep). What's more important than us? I want a poodle with him"




"Erm...puddle, puggle, party, partly, parley...YES, a parley!"


But Kryst Cyclone is not your enemy. You suggested a conference?


"Whatever. Now with that gone, time to continue the story."


Fine, maybe it's time I order that Narrator-Character-Fourth-Wall-Barrier from eBay. Anyway, when Kryst got into Sonius' room, it is a total mess. The whole room is also full of empty...erm... to avoid influences to the little ones, let's say it's "prune juice" cans.


"How many times I told that stone-head not to throw-litter?"


I don't know, none?


"Shut up, Narrator."


*sad face*


"Hmm...where could he be?"


"erm...Kryst? I have an idea." said Rexum, Toa of Fire and Machanics.


"I mean, he could be anywhere in this island or the world, OR THE UNIVERSE."


"Kryst, I have an idea."


"Will someone give me an idea?"


Rexum turned his hand into a giant hammer and whacked Kryst in the head. Suffered from a "boo-boo" that grow from his Kanohi even if that's impossible, Kryst seemed to calm down.


"Kryst, just calm the shock up. I have an idea." said Rexum.


Rexum takes his friend to a secret survaillance room which is not much of a secret since there's a big neon sign written "Secret Surcaillance Room" outside of the room. Inside, there's hundreds of televisions, recording all activities throughout the entire island.


"I just have to show you last night's recordings and Sonius will be found in no time. Now let me find...uh-oh..."


"erm... WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY UH-OH?" asked Kryst furiously super calmly.


"I forgot to switch on the recording function since I finish constructing this room" replied Rexum, pointing at a big,red button labelled "Record". Rexum then writes a stick note so he would not forget and paste it near the button with approximately 1000 more notes he put in the past.


"Rexum, can you build-construct me a giant hammer?" asked Kryst


Rexum constructed another giant hammer out of his hand only for Kryst to take it and smack Rexum in the head. Rexum's head is so heavily injured that it will be censored by putting a sign written "don't look" on his face.


"Anyone has another idea?" asked Kryst.


"I could use my mask powers to track Sonius down," said Mahojo, Toa of Psionics and Mana.


Activating her Kanohi Mahou, the Great Mask of Magic, the team is teleported to an unknown island.


"This...this is Voya Nui! I thought it's sinked" said Fatrum, Toa of Water and Lightning.


"Perhaps it does not in our universe," said Chilem, Toa of Ice and Shadow.


"Hmm...interesting. Our client is also in Voya Nui." said Kryst.


"Gimme a while, I'm still pretty exhausted from using my mask, But this island is bigger than the one in the mainstream universe. How are we going to find him?" said Mahojo.


" I suggest we head to the nearest city as a start," suggested Floraus, Toa of Earth and Plantlife.


Reaching the nearest city, Ze Resistance Fortress, the city is crowded with Toa and Matorans alike.


"Great, how are we supposed to look-find Sonius here?" asked Kryst


"Ermm...ermmm...JASON! JASON!" yelled Rexum.


"This is BIONICLE, not Heavy Rain,"


"Look, a clubhouse," said Fatrum.


On their left is a Resistance base which is attacked by the Pirakas but that is not important right now. However, on the right is a clubhouse where parties held everyday. Whoever is guarding the clubhouse is none other than Krekka.


" Hey Rexum, remember the time when Krekka sweared to kill you?" asked Kryst.




Kryst pushed Rexum in front of Krekka.


"Duhh, oy, I remember you! I said that I will kill you!" said the Dark Hunter as he fired a Kanoka Disk.


Dodging the disk comicaly epicly (Krekka: D'oh,I missed) , Rexum replied," Erm...never though you actually remember."




"Hey Krekka, if I asked you to kill me, will you kill me?"


"duhhh, yes, cause you are Toa and me Dark Hunter."


"Then when we meet again, will you kill me?"




"OK" As Rexum was leaving."Heh, he'll never remember."


*end flashback*


"What if I'm lying?" asked Rexum.


"Duhh, me will still kill you," replied Krekka.


"What if I tell you the truth?"


"Duhh, fine. No lies."


"I'm actually tricked you back then since you're dumb and dumber. Then I would try to trick you again so you could join me in conquering the Dark Hunter base and defeat Neil "The Shadowed One" O'Riley. After that, he may kill you for attempting mutany. If he does not kill you, I'll give you to Mutran for research."


"Duhh, ME SAID NO LIES!!!"


"what if I'm telling the truth?"


"Duhh, then you won't tell me."


"It happened before by Floraus"






Part of Xia is blown into smitereens.


*End flashback*


"Duhh, what if you tell lie again?"


"You told me to tell you the truth."


Kryst and the rest of his team used the opportunity to sneak into the clubhouse. Inside the clubhouse is Sonius, drunk from drinking too much "prune juice".


"Ohh *hic* hi guys *hic*."


"How do you get here which also where our client is?" asked Kryst.


"Ermm..*hic* I have another *hic* hangover from last night's party *hic* I used my Suletu *hic* and read your mind *hic*."


"That's...that's...genius! You are always one step ahead as always," said Kryst as he gives Sonius a brofist.


"Excuse me, who are you? You are not one of...THEM,are you?" asked a Ta-Matorans with Twin Repellers.




"Are you our saviour? Are you...a Toa?"


"Yes I'm a Toa, but the mercenary type. And does that sound familiar?" said Kryst as he thinked of the Matoran's words while looking at the boxart of "BIONICLE Heroes" while also watch the intro movie of the game. "Nah, not familiar, but why do you asked?"


" Because something's up in Voya Nui."


"What is it?"


"It's an island which is dubbed as The Island of Doom and where the Mask of Life is found but that is not important right now. We need your assistance, Toa!"


"Alright, then the Toa Elipson is at your service, Balta. Just hope you don't mind the cost."


End of Chapter 1.


Words: 1090


Shoobadoobi Touch-to-Henshin!!

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