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BONGO BONGO - from the Legend of Zelda

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#1 Offline Gamma-Ray

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  • 10-February 11
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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 11:46 AM

Bongo Bongo, my all time favourite boss from The Legend Of Zelda. I've been wanting to build this for a long time and the Like a Boss contest on Flickr finally kicked me into gear!

Here's a link for those who are unfamiliar with the boss: zeldawiki.org/Bongo_Bongo


Posted Image


Setup image and another view can be seen on flickr: http://www.flickr.co...157632388751774


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#2 Offline Taipu1

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  • 20-April 06
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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 11:53 AM

Thanks for providing the link to an actual image, it's a good likeness.


I've never owned any HF parts, but when I saw them I've always thought they'd make awesome looking hands.  It's good to see somebody has done that, they really work well.  The spine is done very well, with the overlapping HF armour plates, and the torso build is finished very well, and looks solid.  The arms look okay, but I feel that the ends of them should be red, or else black, rather than the orangey yellow colour there now. 


Any chance of a picture from below? I'd like to see what the palms of the hands look like.

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- Taipu1.


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#3 Offline Ballom Nom Nom

Ballom Nom Nom
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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 03:03 PM

[color=#993399;]I've never seen this boss from Zelda before, but he looks quite creepy, and your version really has captured that aspect of his appearance. First of all, I applaud your construction of the hands -- they're realistic, excellently articulated, and would go well on their own even without being disembodied manipulators for this guy.The use of the Ben 10 hands to hold in the Zamor eye is ingenious; I'm sure that CzaR would approve of that method, since he really pioneered the use of Zamor spheres as the eyes of MOCs, back in the day. The orange glowy bits on the tires at the ends of his arms match that color well too. Finally, the body looks great in pure black, and I'm amazed at how cool those Thornraxx heads look as shoulder pads.I hope that this drum-busting beastie goes a long way in the contest you've entered him in. Best of luck to you!~B~[/color]

Edited by Ballom, Dec 31 2012 - 03:04 PM.

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#4 Offline Gamma-Ray

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  • 10-February 11
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Posted Jan 01 2013 - 04:34 PM

Thank you very much guys! Glad you like it :)



Any chance of a picture from below? I'd like to see what the palms of the hands look like.


Unfortunately they're not to interesting on the under side :P here's a pic of it anyways though.

Posted Image

the grey axle attaches to it's stand and the thumb can attach to ether side.



[color=#993399;]I hope that this drum-busting beastie goes a long way in the contest you've entered him in. Best of luck to you!~B~[/color]


Thanks! I definitely have my fingers crossed :P

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#5 Offline Meta-Mind

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  • 12-September 12
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Posted Jan 07 2013 - 10:06 PM

Oh dear Mata Nui/Three Goddesses/*insert related deity of your choice here* it's Bongo Bongo.This is a pretty amazing model. Probably my favorite part is the eye design - I haven't seen that use for an orange Zamor before, but it certainly fits! The torso and hands are also very nice and fitting.Now make a completely transparent version of everything but the hands, so he can turn invisible too
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#6 Offline P~M

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Posted Jan 10 2013 - 01:00 PM



This is just wow. I once tried and failed to make a Bongo Bongo MoC, and all I succeeded in doing was making a disembodied hand and an Inika torso. The hand later went towards my (as of now not yet finished) life-sized humanoid, but I really wanted to make Bongo Bongo... Oh well.


Okay, C&C time.

-Gotta love that eye. Does the zamor stay in by itself, or do you have to make it stay in place for the photo?

-The whole thing looks a little too mechanical, although I guess you can't really help that, seeing as this is Technic.

-Wow, that stand is pretty clever. I was wondering how you did the hands. My first guess was Photoshop, but... well.

-The torso is very naise, and I feel tiny and insignificant compared to your mad skillz.

-The torso is not completely faithful to the original, as the original had more of a bulge and a thin part, but whatever.


Final Grade: A-

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