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Department of Security Census Database

KNI does this a lot Loophole yeah I know its late profiles

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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 10:49 PM

[font="'times new roman';"]-Pre-recorded video message begun-Welcome, citizen. Thank you for accessing Mata Magna's Department of Security Census Database. Here you can view our files of everyone in the city, or alternatively submit your own file. Note that submission without prior approval with result in a immediate report and possible repercussions.Thank you, and have a lawful day.-Toa Houren-[/font]NPCs:

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BZPRPG Profiles

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So pay me more AuRon.

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25K When?
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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 10:57 PM

"That little chair over there is adorable. It's like, made for tiny people who are tinier than me."

[color=#000080;]Name: Laniga[/color]

[color=#000080;]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#000080;]Species: Matoran[/color]

[color=#000080;]Kanohi: Powerless Rode[/color]

[color=#000080;]Appearance: Laniga, like her fellow Matoran, is rather short in stature compared to the rest of the people of Spherus Magna, disregarding the Agori of course. As with all Vo-Matoran, her armour is coloured in a combination of blues and whites. To be more specific, primarily her torso, hands and feet, and mask are a navy blue colour, while her limbs are a pure white.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Powers: N/A[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weapons: Laniga has somehow managed to obtain an Electro Chute Blade.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Abilities: Laniga is rather athletic and flexible, having spent a lot of time swimming and dancing. Surprisingly, she also possesses the rather inaccurately named trait known as 'common sense', allowing her to make sensible decisions. Her fighting style may not be up to par, but she tries to make up for it with unpredictability.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weaknesses: As a Matoran, Laniga has no access to her elemental powers, and lacks range due to her stature.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Occupations: Receptionist for the local Police Department.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Personality: In essence, Laniga is a pretty nice person, although she has the tendency to rant about how annoying and terrible her colleagues can be repeatedly. She can be rather sarcastic at times, and has her moments of utter ridiculousness (see: cupcake incident of 400 RF), although she still remains pretty much the same person - a kind girl who enjoys stomping her enemies into the dirt.[/color]

[color=#000080;]History: Laniga was formerly a resident of the Northern Continent until the destruction of the Matoran Universe at the hands of Mata Nui, when she was evacuated onto Spherus Magna. For most of her time on the planet, she went from job to job, unable to really decide on what to actually do with her life. Finally, after having watched too many police procedurals, she decided to become a receptionist at her local police department, and continues to do so to this day.[/color]



"Death is temporary."

[color=#696969;]Name: Ophaim [/color][color=#ffffff;]Ril[/color][color=#696969;]Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Great Mask of GrowthAppearance: Unlike most Toa of Fire, the entirety of Ophaim's armour is a pure white, with some minor silver areas. His limbs, torso and mask are all white, while his shoulder and knee armour is silver, along with his gauntleted hands, which are more a dull grey than silver. His Kanohi has the appearance of a Mask of Charisma, and his eyes are a crimson colour.Powers: Elemental Power of FireWeapons: Cordak Blaster and FalchionAbilities: Ophaim's danger does not come in the form of any single quality, but in his versatility in battle, able to do many things. He may not be skilled at them, but with a wide variety of techniques, it gives him a leg up over his enemies.  [/color]

[color=#696969;]Weaknesses: If one were to get Ophaim into a battle where he has less freedom to do what he wants, he can be easily defeated due to his lack of mastery over his skills.Occupations: Priest of the Church of Artakha/Moonlights as an anti-mercenary.Personality: Ophaim is a quiet person with a strong sense of justice. He believes in protecting those who cannot protect themselves, such as the Agori and Matoran, and has a single-minded determination in supporting what he believes to be right. He sees mercenaries as a threat to the peace of the city they reside in, and possesses great zeal in stopping them, earning himself the moniker: "White Devil".History: Ophaim had always been rather quiet for a Ta-Matoran, and had distanced himself from his fellows to do his own things, such as create works that most of his people didn't usually do. Over time, he ended up joining the newly formed Church of Artakha, which deified the legendary being for his efforts in creating wondrous things, and became a priest along the way. Around the same time, he was also one of the newest batch of Toa, and with his new-found powers, he decided to protect the Matoran and Agori at all costs.[/color]



"My soul is wreathed in the flames of masochism."

[color=#40e0d0;]Name: AervakGender: Possibly MaleSpecies: GlatorianKanohi: N/AAppearance: A member of the Water Tribe, Aervak's armour consists of blues and yellows, with most of it being blue, with some yellow areas dotted in random places. His helmet is rather unusually shaped, lengthening back a decent distance and covering up his entire head, except for two slots where his eyes are.Powers: N/AWeapons: OPA-01Abilities: Aervak is a decent brawler, but most of his skill is in his piloting of his 'powered armour', which he can control with nearly the ease he controls his body.Weaknesses: His 'powered armour' is rather large, and is slow as well, making it very easy to hit.Occupations: Test PilotPersonality: Aervak runs on the power of sarcasm, always having something to say about everything around him. He has a rather subdued view on how life will turn out, believing it to be rather boring and unfulfilling. Yet he will do his duty as ordered, for there really isn't anything else for him.History: A former vehicle fighter in the gladiatorial fights on Bara Magna, Aervak was left with no purpose after the reformation of the planet, and spent most of his time wandering around, doing odd jobs and the like. On one these wanderings, he decided to sign up as a test pilot for the developing Olford Science Facility, which was trying to develop weapons to deter the Skrall, and to this day, continues helping said facility develop better weapons, and at times also helps fight off the invading enemies.[/color]


Name: OPA-01 (AKA "Successful Test Subject" or "Big Armoured Thing")

Appearance: Modelled off a fusion of the Thornatus and Exo-Toa, the OPA-01 is a symbol of the unity between the Agori and Matoran and their attempts at killing their shared enemies in many different ways. It stands at approximately ten metres in height, and possesses several hatches on its body, where weaponry is stored. It lacks colour, staying a dull silver, because the Olford Science Facility ran out of money before it could buy paint. The head seems rather tacked on, especially when it looks like a giant metal Skrall head, created by some drunk scientists who felt like doing stupid things.


- Giant Gladius

- Thornax Launcher x 4

- Nynrah Ghost Blaster x 4

- Rocket Fists x 2

Edited by Space Pirate, Jan 05 2013 - 10:07 PM.

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#3 Offline Shyyrn

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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 11:06 PM

  • Name: Lour 
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Glatorian (formerly Ice Tribe)
  • Kanohi: None
  • Appearance: Clearly athletic and powerful, Lour is head-to-toe grey and silver... except for the stump where his left forearm should be, which is bright red. His eyes are a moody brown, which fill with a glowing intensity while in the middle of a fight. When he is in a match, he wears his trademark golden armor, which is moderately heavy, though clearly prioritizes speed over durability; when not fighting, he is surprisingly formal, usually wearing a full grey suit with a white shirt and sky-blue tie. 
  • Powers: None
  • Weapons: For his matches, Lour's favored weapon is a staff, which has a Thornax blaster attached to its end. When not in the ring, he carries a Zamor launcher, the spheres filled with a paralyzing gel; the launcher also has a bayonet at its end. 
  • Abilities: Having lost his left arm from the elbow down many years ago, Lour has almost thoroughly learned how to manage his day-to-day (and professional) life with just one hand. Very few situations throw him anymore. Adding to this is his long history as a professional fighter; he is more than proficient at armed and unarmed combat.
  • Weaknesses: Though he has managed to circumvent many would-be shortcomings from having a missing arm, there are a few things about his condition even Lour cannot control. In many situations, his balance is compromised; he is also unable to hold more than two weapons at once.  
  • Occupations: Professional arena fighter at an arena in Ga-Koro-Nui. 
  • Personality: Lour is unsocial and dour, and hates working with others. 
  • History: A trainee Ice Tribe Glatorian in the days of Bara Magna, Lour lost his left arm below the elbow while fighting Rahkshi in the final battle against Teridax. When the dust cleared and the battle was won, Lour was at first stricken, unsure of how to continue his life. Through determination and self-discipline, however, Lour was able to remain in shape and continue fighting. He now fights professionally in the Wreckspace, one of Ga-Koro-Nui's larger professional arenas, and is one of the biggest names in the scene; a single showfight by the golden-armored 'One Arm, One Victory' warrior can net thousands of spectators, and hundreds of thousands of widgets.  


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"Let me realize that my past failures at follow-through are no indication of my future performance...

...They're just healthy little fires that are going to light up my resolve." 

#4 Offline Conway

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Posted Dec 31 2012 - 11:18 PM

-The Detective-


"Detective Ranaaki, at your service."


Name:[color=#008000;] [/color][color=#008000;]Tenko Ranaaki[/color]

Gender: [color=#008000;]Male[/color]

Species: [color=#008000;]Toa[/color]

Kanohi: [color=#008000;]Kanohi Akaku[/color]

Appearance: [color=#008000;]Tenko is slightly taller and thinner than your average Toa, with bright green eyes and a friendly, care-free smile which matches his general outlook on life. His style of dress varies depending on the situation; on the job, he usually wears a light-weight set of armour (black over his chest, forearms and shins, Mata-green covering the rest of him). The remainder of the time, you’ll usually find him in a shirt and slacks, with a worn black sports coat and fedora.[/color]

Powers: [color=#008000;]Elemental control over air.[/color]

Weapons: [color=#008000;]Tenko always carries a remodeled firework revolver on his person, while storing a katana in his office.[/color]

Abilities: [color=#008000;]Tenko is a skilled fighter, having trained in several different martial arts throughout his life. Also, while hardly a genius, he has proven that he has an above-average intelligence, particularly in the areas of engineering.[/color]

Weaknesses: [color=#008000;]Tenko has far less experience manipulating his respective element than most Toa his age, which works against him if that’s all he’s got left to use against an opponent. He’s also smart, and he knows it; something which has led to a more-than-healthy amount of arrogance. Also, Tenko tends to be very opinionated, and has trouble knowing when not to voice his thoughts on a subject.[/color]

Occupations: [color=#008000;]Detective in the department of security.[/color]

Personality: [color=#008000;]Tenko switches between being a care-free, fun-loving bundle of joy on his down-time, and an intense, dutiful worker while he’s at his job. Either way, he tends to joke a lot, with an endless supply of witty comebacks and one-liners on hand, and he tries not to take things too seriously if he can help it (which, in his line of work, can’t always be). Despite all that, he’s a loyal soul who wouldn’t ever leave an ally behind or betray a friend.[/color]

History: [color=#008000;]Tenko began his life in an orphanage, left there as an infant and raised there for years before he was adopted. After that, he lived a fairly ordinary life, studying to become an engineer.[/color]


[color=#008000;]Eventually though, curiosity led him to investigate who his birth parents were, and learned that his mother had been murdered by the leader of a small crime syndicate shortly after Tenko’s birth. However, the murderer managed to avoid prison, manipulating the law to his advantage and getting off scot-free.[/color]


[color=#008000;]Frustrated and angry, the young Toa left his career as an engineer and joined the department of security, vowing to stop injustice.[/color]



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#5 Offline Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling
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Posted Jan 01 2013 - 02:41 AM

Name: KaithasSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A handsome Toa. Armor is lime green and gold with orange accents, the orange usually calling attention to sharp places. Tall, doesn't look overly strong, but appearances are deceiving. He has a lithe compact strength to him. Armor has thorn-like extensions with orange tips sticking out along his shoulders. When he uses his abilities on something he's touching it looks like plant matter flows around his hand from his wrist. Yay for Crunchbite!Weapons: Enhanced Katana. It has the ability to cut through plants in 1 second flat. Since his defeat of the cult he's had the katana of courage, a blade identical to his protosteel sword in shape, but gold. This blade is nigh indestructible, and can only be touched by an intelligent being when the user of the Coraxe is in contact with it.Mask: The Coraxe, Great Mask of Courage. Looks like a Huna, same powers as a Kualsi. Allows the user to wield the courage blade.Powers: Control over plantlife, teleportation.Abilities: Is very good with his sword from surviving in Metru Nui alone for so long.Personality: Kaithas is focused when he's on a mission, never straying from his duty. When he doesn't have one he relaxes, and his inner happy personality shows through.Bio: When he was a Matoran of the Green he was chased away from Metru Nui by a Rahi. He got lost for years before he finally made it back, only to discover that the other Matoran had already left for Mata Nui. Kaithas barely survived in Metru Nui. Eventually the others came back, and he rejoined them. Sometime he got turned into a Toa, unlocking a sword and special mask stopping a cult. He fought in the war for Spherus Magna, being renowned for his courage and ferocity in battle. The Toa left the security guard after a dispute about rights, and opened up a small bar.Weaknesses: Fire, as it burns through his element. Left leg is slightly weak from a scorpion sting.Occupation: Bartender/owner of a bar.

IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION: Kaithas is suspected of vigilante activity. Nothing provable at the present time. Also suspected of harboring vigilantes or other looked down on beings.


Name: DelanGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: KakamaAppearance: Delan is tall and well built, his blue armor generally clean, the purple highlights plainly visible. He has a row of spikes down his forearm armor, tips slightly greenish. Some gouges in his armor show, though they've been covered with crystal. His armor is sleek, allowing for a full range of movement at the cost of protection.Powers: Control over crystal. Superspeed through the use of his mask.Weapons: A protosteel longsword. Not complicated, but Delan is old fashioned when it comes to weapons.Abilities: Pretty good with his sword, however, Delan has neglected his training in months past. Right good programmer.Weaknesses: Not the best fighter. Armor is not too protective.Occupations: Computer programmer, using his talents for good.Personality: Delan is generally a nice guy, willing to help people out. He has no pity for those that don't try. Delan helps those that help themselves, you could say.History: Delan was on the rich side of town as a Matoran, learning in a sheltered environment. After becoming a Toa his Turaga had him practice so he could fight in "duels"- no more real fighting than a statue is a real person. This did lead him to at least know how to use a sword, teaching him the skills he needed to survive the robbery that claimed the lives of the rest of the students. His best class was not fighting, and he knew this, instead becoming a great programmer.


STAFF NPCName: LewaGender: MaleSpecies: Turaga NuvaKanohi: Noble Miru Nuva.Appearance: About one to two feet taller than most Matoran, is probably the least hunched of all the Turaga Nuva. Dark green body and mask, light green arms and legs. Wears a blue-green Turaga robe.Powers: Limited air abilities, greater than a normal Turaga. Able to share his mask's power.Weapons: A walking stick with a katana hidden in it.

Abilities: Much more agile than an average Turaga, though not to Le-Matoran standards.Weaknesses: Lewa is not near as fast as he used to be, and lacks a great deal of his old power.Occupations: Council Member of Mata MagnaPersonality: As fun-loving as he was as a Toa, the transformation slowed him down somewhat. He doesn't rush in to things as much as he used to either.

History: Used to be one of the Toa Nuva, but gave up his power after defeating a Skrall invasion. He now serves as a Council member. Lewa is probably the least strict of them all.

Edited by Toa Kaithas, Jan 11 2013 - 01:06 AM.

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Posted Jan 01 2013 - 03:09 AM

Name: SerykGender: MaleSpecies: Prime Species (Specifically Pridak’s)Kanohi: Mask of MutationAppearance: Tall and elegant, Seryk has alabaster armor, like all in his species, with a light blue chest and legs. He wears ribbons of red cloth around his upper arms and a black shoulder cape with a red lining. His body is ruggedly handsome and he speaks in a cultured drawl. His mask is both fearsome and beautiful in its own way and bears the only scars and pits visible on his being.Powers: None.Weapons: Seryk uses a large torch which he can ignite by thought due to a bond with the tool. When not in use, it resembles a simple organic-seeming mace with a flat tip, but when turned on it has a small but intense fire that can be used to burn and illuminate with the same efficiency.Abilities: Natural strength, stamina and speed rated above that of an unenhanced Toa.His Kanohi allows him to mutate another being as per his whims, and in doing so grant and take away powers. The only limitation lies in his imagination. His willpower, being of a Prime species, is great enough to use the mask repeatedly and with great effect.Weaknesses: Weakness.He is old and is, as such, not as good in combat as he would like to impress; his attacks often seem crotchety and clumsy after a short while. Though capable of great physical feats, he can still be overwhelmed by elemental powers. In order to use his mask, he needs clear view of the target over the entire period of mutation, the duration of which lasts proportionate to the relative change of the target.Occupations: He takes himself to be an explorer, oft venturing into the unknown.Personality: Uncaring to the plights of modern civilization, Seryk devotes himself to higher callings such as discovering other things and keeping a rough semblance of peace.History: He served loooong ago in the army of Barraki Pridak as a leftenant and gained fame from his exploits under his banner. And then the Fire Nation attacked, the army scattered, and he escaped the brutal justice conferred to the Barraki. He returned to his homeland and eventually left the Mata Nui robot when it died. Sometime when he fled, he killed a being who used the Mask of Mutation and took it from the other’s dead body, wearing it to both honor him and remind himself of the life he lived. Because the mask was not originally his, it bears marks he would not otherwise have permitted on it.


Though robbed of his destiny to rule in Mata Nui’s name, he found out that the world was an open chart for him and he started service as an explorer who went n the more daring missions and fought the most frightening foes. It was his way of expressing the superiority given him by Mata Nui and he continues honoring the culture he lived in when he was at his greatest.

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#7 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Jan 01 2013 - 03:40 AM

Name: Levacius Vi’Targon (Levacius, Storm of Targon); aka the Griffon

Gender: Male

Species: Toa of Lightning

Kanohi: Powerless Mask of Sensory Aptitude. It may have once held power, but after so much time it is too badly damaged to have any more power reserves. It is made from stronger material than most, and provides the same protection as a helmet.

Appearance: Levacius stands at average height for a Toa, with white armoring. He wears a scarred and otherwise damaged Kanohi Hau with a grey coloration. Other than his basic Toa armoring, he doesn’t make use of any additional apparel as an identifier.

Powers: Elemental Powers of Lightning. Levacius is a very, very old and very, very skilled wielder of his element, having tens of thousands of years of practice to perfect his technique. Almost anything that relates to electricity, he can do if he puts enough focus into it.

Abilities: Levacius has a very well disciplined mind that provides him mental shielding, and as such cannot be affected by mind affecting psychic attacks, attempts to control him, or unwanted telepathic intrusions. He is a skilled swordsman and tactician; a master of battle and leading others into it. He speaks at least nine languages.

Weaknesses: Levacius possesses the hand-eye coordination and overall combat skills of his better days, but that doesn’t mean they’re not behind him. In the department of physical strength and overall endurance, he has already begun to show signs that it’s fading. He’s also overconfident, which means he’ll willingly take on threats that may be beyond his ability.

Occupations: At the present time, Levacius is the owner of a small library in Central City. Though small, it is the largest in the city, due to the rapid replacement of books with technological based writings. There are numerous displays, crates, chests and the like containing old relics and the like. In truth, though, Levacius’ little library goes well beyond that…

Personality: Levacius is quick, brilliant, and inspiring. He can also be snarky and overconfident, but he has a reason – he’s been alive for some ninety thousand years, and he’s not dead yet. Overall, he’s a pretty good person, if a bit spontaneous when something sets him off.

History: Levacius has quite a bit of history, and has served many roles. The first was one of the head scientists of the Barraki leader, Pridak, after leaving his first home in Metru-Nui. He went into hiding shortly before the League was defeated on the Northern Continent, and there served in the military of the small kingdom of Targon. He eventually became a Toa, and took complete power over the kingdom. His rule ended due to the Brotherhood of Makuta before his rule took control of the entire continent, but he did manage to have two-thirds of it.

The former warlord went into hiding, and became a smuggler. He eventually captained his own ship. Over time, his goals began to change a little, and his ship evolved from a smuggling ship to what could best be described as a bunch of criminals who also liked saving small civilizations from eldritch abominations.

Levacius and his crew battled against the Brotherhood of Makuta when they took over the universe. After the Matoran Universe was destroyed, they split ways. Levacius settled down to become a bookstore owner.

At least, that’s what it appears happened.

The truth is a little more complicated. For close to two hundred years, Levacius has been going from place to place with other individuals and his former crew, venturing beyond the safe borders of Spherus Magna and finding threats to it that they specialized in – the more arcane or unexplainable ones, many of which were sealed away in the Matoran Universe by the Great Beings, or had seeped in when Mata-Nui landed on other worlds, or were created there.

The most recent disturbance is definitely a disturbing one. Over the last few years, all but a few of Levacius’ old friends and companions have been murdered or simply vanished without a trace, and both he and the others have had no luck discerning how and why this is happening. He intended to find out. Then he pretty much died.

Addendum (Equipment): Levacius always carries with him his twin blades Vionu-Sitari (‘Greater Storm of the Earth’; a longsword) and Vionu-Sitir (‘Lesser Storm of the Earth’; a shortsword). The blades are both double edged and seem crafted of protosteel, possessing all properties of that substance (other than the fact that nothing seems able to elementally manipulate, and they’re seemingly indestructible). The blades act as Toa Tools for those with elemental lightning powers, and amplify electricity that is directed through them. They are covered in runes that grow blue when the weapons are used this way, and glow red when they are crossed together, which causes them to absorb electrical energy in the area and charge themselves. The pommels are shaped like the heads of Lava Hawks, with medium sized topazes placed in the eye sockets.

In addition to these weapons, Levacius has numerous weapons of multiple types (almost anything from 4000 BC to 1900 AD in real-world times) locked away under his library. There are two rooms with weaponry; the first, a secret chamber with legally registered, and the other much more secret chamber attached to it with the unregistered ones. He's also pretty much dead.


Name: Griulth Plinwigs VIII

Gender: Male

Species: Le-Matoran

Kanohi: Powerless Ruru

Appearance: Griulth is a standard Le-Matoran with green armor highlighted by light blue. Over his natural armoring he wears a plaid black and green vest, and above that what could best be described as the Bionicle version of a Hawaiian shirt that has been left unbuttoned. He also wears a brown stetson and high, steel-toed and rather thick leather boots. His eyes are a dull orange color.

Powers: As a Le-Matoran, Griulth has improved agility while his feet are not on the ground, or while he is higher up, though he is comparatively clumsy while standing feet on the ground.

Abilities: Griulth is a master of using the whip in combat to disarm his opponents, and is also a good sharpshooter using a shotgun (in one hand!), completely ignoring the recoil. He knows how to fight in unarmed combat quite well. He’s rather quick to dodge or avoid attacks.

Weaknesses: He’s a Matoran, what else is there to say? Fine. Griulth is, as stated before, less than completely agile while on the ground and can sometimes stumble at inopportune times. But yeah, he’s a Matoran.

Weapons: Griulth wields a double barrel laser shotgun. Think about what a shotgun does. Then imagine if, instead of firing tiny pieces of metal, it send hundreds of small lasers firing out. Griulth isn’t quite sure how it works. It’s not a rather accurate weapon in the hands of most. It has surprisingly little recoil for a shotgun, but almost none for an energy based weapon. Griulth keeps about one hundred shells with him in his pack. He carries a whip as well.

Other Equipment: Griulth also carries a small, metal rod than with two ends – the first tipped with a small sphere that glows red when it’s activated. He calls it his skeleton key because it has the ability to unlock almost any lock, including electronic ones (and generally the security locks on computers as well) when it’s activated; it does, however, emit some noise in the process. The second end is a small insert that can be placed into all but the newest of computer models to store and transfer data.

Occupation: Griulth is a retired soldier who doesn’t do much with his day other than living off of his benefits (which, due to saving his vacation time in the past and taking advantage of the system, are incredibly high) of his retirement in Ga-Koro-Nui.

Personality: Griulth suffers from a heavy Chutespeak steeped accent and is incredibly irritable at all of the wrong times whilst calm in situations that nobody should reasonably calm in. He has no qualms about doing anything to anybody, but generally doesn’t mess with anybody unless they mess with him too much. He’s rather trigger happy. Griulth also loves to go after adventurous things, and likes to explore strange or exotic places. Sometimes, anyways; the rest of the time, he just wants to relax, while thinking about doing something adventurous. He has a rather strong sense of overdone revenge, and he remembers every single thing done bad to him by everybody he’s ever met.

History: Griulth was long ago a vehicle designer and theoretical physicist living in the district of Le-Metru who’s dream was to be a Phase Dragon in a race. He became a master racer, and was able to eventually achieve his dream. This was after many crashes, and explosions, and numerous head injuries that culminated in his vehicle blowing up and sending him past the finish line in his final race. He managed to crow more and more deranged as time passed, but was too good at his job to be fired (even if he cost the company he worked for barely more money than his constant attempts to move faster made). In time, the Great Cataclysm occurred, and he found himself locked in a malfunctioning Matoran Sphere which was isolated from the others and left by the Toa Metru. For some 1000 years, he was left in suspended (but conscious) animation, and as such he retained full memory of all events.

He was finally awakened after a whole millennia of slowly going more and more insane, and accepted by those on Mata-Nui, who helped repair his body much as theirs had been done by the Turaga to compensate for his weakened form. He began to recover his mentality over time, but in time, the confusion blasts of a few Rahkshi once Teridax took control brought it back out again.

Finally, with all of that over, Griulth was taken and given a chance to recover. It was never complete, but he still managed to just barely pass the psych evaluations required to become a soldier, and enlisted to become one. He became rather adept at numerous weapons during his time in service, and learned how to fight quite proficiently. As a scout, he was forced to learn how to track people in cities and outdoors, and also how to set up traps or build makeshift weapons from what was around him. He also learned how to survive for weeks in the wilderness.

Years later, he retired. Or, rather, was forced to because they saw how much his retirement benefits were increasing, and didn’t want them to go up much higher; he was also beginning to fall crazy again, and nobody wanted him to be by their side on a field constantly. And so, Griulth was pretty much kicked out.

Griulth often forgets things, and as such has no memory of the fact he sold his prized painting of Metru-Nui for a blowup doll of Mata-Nui, which he popped by sitting on. As he cannot find the painting anywhere, he believes it has been stolen by the subject of the suspect-less crimes, and is intent on finding them…


Name: Kinksh, the Golden HammerGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-ToaKanohi: Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of SpeedAppearance: Kinksh is an exceptionally tall, blue armored Toa. He has yellow plating on each of his joints that are part of his natural Toa armor, and provide no restrictions to his movements. He wears a yellow Kanohi Kakama. Over his back is draped a red roquelaure emblazed with a yellow hammer covering a white shield. A black gauntlet that he wears on his left hand.

Powers: Elemental Powers of Fire. Kinksh specializes in using his powers to absorb heat, and to the untrained eye unfamiliar with elemental powers, he seems capable of using both ice and fire, giving him almost legendary status with those under his employ.Weapons: Kinksh’s favored weapon is a golden warhammer coated by small, thin tubes. Asides from its primary use as a melee weapon, it can be used as a potent Toa tool, and can generate its own blasts of energy for Kinksh to fire. He has a metallic gauntlet on his left hand with dual functions. The first is to generate a small shield of energy to block an attack in melee that can move from two to four feet in diameter as he wills, though it drains a lot of power. The second is to take control of a sleek, black robotic cat designed to appear as a metallic Muaka with four legs, though much smaller - about three feet from the foot to the tip of its head. The cat can act independently if necessary, in which case Kinksh can see through its eyes from a pop-up holographic display that emerges from the gauntlet, or the small screen the display would emerge from, and has two small energy bolt launchers attached to its side.

Abilities: Kinksh is a highly competent fighter, and also makes use of intimidation and tricking his opponent in combat to maintain an advantage, giving him an edge in any fight. He has a strong enough strength of mind to resist (or negate) anything that would target his willpower.

Weaknesses: Kinksh has a lot more arrogance than skill (not to say that his is lacking), and is put at a disadvantage when somebody is able to overcome his constant taunts and attempts at intimidation. Further, he's so used to using his Kakama in combat that anyone able to either suppress his power or trick him into replacing his mask would face a much, much slowed down and clumsy opponent.Personality:Kinksh is extremely arrogant, and cares very little for the lives or safety of others. That is not to say that he is completely careless – if saving a life benefits him, he’s willing to go with it. Along a similar path, despite his arrogance, and belief in his own superiority, he has learned well his own personal limits, and never attempts to pass them – he knows what he can do, and would call anybody willing to risk everything on the off chance of succeeding where they might not a complete fool. Kinksh is Neutral Evil.History: (Age ~ 50,000+) Kinksh was, in the ancient past, a criminal mastermind on a small isle directly off the coast of Stelt – one of the few regions in the area where buildings could be found standing. From there, he controlled all criminal activity on the entire eastern coast of the island. He was served by his lieutenant, the Vortixx Rinnder, and two Matoran assassins named Swuiop and Thuiop. After the conclusion of the Destiny War, when Makuta began his reign, Kinksh disbanded the organization and went into hiding with his four loyalists. His organization, the Golden Hammer Syndicate, regained power years later on Spherus Magna.

Today, Kinksh is the only surviving member of his original group, the others having been lost when their base was broken into by Skrall invaders a long time back. He still maintains a hold over the newfound organization on Spherus Magna itself, however. From petty thievery to serial murder, anything falls under the command of the Syndicate, whose leader is known only as the Golden Hammer.

The Hammer is composed of at least fifty odd members. The Department of Security believes the based to be located somewhere in Olford, but it has so far been impossible to track down the elusive Golden Hammer, whose true name of Kinksh is unknown to any but himself. Every once in a while, though, somebody claims to see a strange, blue armored figure talking to a number of criminals in the middle of some city - Central City, Olford, or even Ga-Koro-Nui. Others speak of a strange, black cat that has appeared at the strangest times, only to vanish.

The Golden Hammer operates under a front; a small company known as Silver City - Civilization that is based out of a somewhat middle-of-the-road sized office in Central City, with some score people under its employ (a number of them Syndicate members), and has small stores both there and in Olford. The stores are named Silver City Computers and Civilization respectively. If it isn't obvious, they were both separate companies that merged. Silver City Computers is rather obvious with what they sell, while Civilization is a hardware store. Of all things.


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Skrall[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Skrall[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Kanohi: None[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: This Skrall is a rather impressively sized Skrall even for the Elite Species, easily dwarfing a small member of the elites. He uses the standard ceremonial Skrall sword and shield rather than the usual weapons of an elite. He has been seen in recent times his own, customized helmet that only has one hole for vision on the right side, no doubt due to the left being cut out.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Generally, the Skrall has been seen what could best be described as the biggest, meanest, and ugliest looking Rock Steed on the planet.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: It is safe to assume that as a Skrall, this one bears no supernatural or special powers.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Abilities: So far, none have ever bested this Skrall in melee. He is also rather scary thanks to his apparent cunning of mind, as he is believed to have orchestrated numerous tactical moves leading to Skrall success in the last war. He also appears to be a good commander and influence on his troops, and those under his command have always been dangerous. He also appears to be talented at mounted combat.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: This Skrall is noted to move slowly with his left arm. He is also blind in one eye, as his left eye is missing.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weapons: This Skrall has been seeing using a standard Skrall sword with a stolen modification of Matoran Universe origins, making it a Pulse Bolt Generator. It also has a Thornax launcher attached. He carries a standard Skrall razor shield.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Occupation: Former Skrall Forward Commander. At the time, he is one of the many dispalced Skrall roaming the wilderness, likely with no power or accompanying allies.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Personality: This Skrall has shown a lot of tenacity and brilliance quite in excessive of what has been expected, and many of those who opposed his forces have declared him a worthy opponent. It can be assumed that other typical Skrall traits, such as a love for combat and some sense of honor and duty, are present in this one.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]History: With sixteen victories and a single minor defeat during the last war, it is a surprise this Skrall doesn’t have a name. It is believed he may have been trapped on Bota Magna, as such a Skrall would have gained a name from Tuma were he on Bara Magna in the past. With no true Skrall of the leader class at the time, tradition must be what has kept any name from being presented to this Skrall.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]It is believed that he has been displaced much like the other Skrall, and is simply roaming about in the wilds and mountains. He should not be considered a threat at the present time.[/font]


Name: Nakenah

Gender: Female

Species: Kra-Toa

Kanohi: Great Mask of Clairvoyance. This allows Nakenah to randomly be struck by visions that allow them to forsee the near future, but they cannot alter it. They have no control over what they see, or what the mask shows them. It is constantly on at a low level, but is more likely to work while it is actively being used. Such usage of the mask is very exhausing and debilitating, as are the sudden visions.

Appearance: Nakenah is an ebon armored Toa with a secondary coloration of a dark, almost metallic blue. Her mask appears as a sleeker looking Volitak of the secondary coloration. She usually wears a black coat as well.

Powers: Elemental Powers of Shadow. Nakenah is a talented user of her shadow powers in many of their aspects, and a very precise one. Her primary focus in the fields of elemental powers are in using the shadows to transport herself (and, if necessary, a second person), allowing her to naturally and effortlessly move between them. Her secondary focus is in generating precise streams of shadow energy, allowing her to conserve her elemental power for when she really neesd it. She is naturally weak to elemental light attacks.

Weapons: Nakenah uses a very thin two-handed blade of Xian make known as a Twilight Blade. The blade bends and twists the light around it to different effects - in areas that are well lit, it can be used to direct light at an opponent to cause temporariy blindness; in areas of darkness, the sword is almost invisible, making it hard to defend against. Push comes to shove, she pulls out a laser pistol.

Abilities: Nakenah is a rather accomplished melee combatant, able to expertly employ her sword and the powers that it possesses. She is also good at stealth and acrobatics, and is rather nimble and agile. Her mind is equally slippery, making the use of mind reading or mind control far less effective. She is good at employing her shadow travel ability in the heat of combat. Non-combat traits are that she's good at hacking, and can break into even the highest security safe quietly given enough time - doors are no match. She learns rapidly.

Weaknesses: Nakenah has an old scar along her right side that is still quite painful today, which slows her down at rather unfortunate times in combat and stops her from succesfully executing movements that require her to stretch that side of her body. More obvious disadvantages are that her mask gives her no combat advantages, and her choice of weapon makes it harder to block, forcing her to dodge rather than parry most blows. Anything to slow her down would be useful. Her natural curiosity sometimes leads her to make potentially dangerous mistakes.

Occupations: Department of Security, Infiltration & Observation Bureau. Nakenah typically is sent to sneak into places, extract either somebody or something, and get out, usually gathering or destroying information in the process.

Personality: Nakenah is always seeking to learn something new, which is the reason she joined the Infilitration & Observation Bureau. She dislikes reading, because she would rather experience something than hear about it, but greatly enjoys movies, particularly a good mystery movie. She isn't often the starter of conversations, and often tries to keep the person talking as long as she can. Not that everyone wants to talk to a shadow user. Nakenah has a nature that has a tendancy towards good, but she has a few negative traits - she can be apathetic and rarely puts extensive thought into her talks beyond what is known and observed, not looking past the obvious and reading emotions; this stems from her relative isolation from people for so long, and it's starting to get better. Some think of her as selfish for this reason, but this is little more than a simple observation.

Biography: Kiina once discovered a lab of the Great Beings on Bara Magna with chambers devoted to the six elements most common to old Spherus Magna. This was not the only example of such a place, however - another existed in the Matoran Universe, this one containing all of the elements most common to it beyond those of legendary nature. The Chamber of Fifteen Doors. Each place was much like its own island sized pocket dimension, all contained within a chamber found within the heart of the same mountain.

Nakenah entered the Chamber of Fifteen Doors with a small group of others in the very earliest days of the Matoran Universe, at the time a young Toa of Water, and found the place just as fascinating as Kiina found its original counterpart. The rest of the group fled with the few elemental artifacts they could grab when they were beset upon by the elemental guardians of the place - including a perfect blend of iron and lightning that would one day be forged into the set of blades that would even later down the line come to be wielded by a Toa Levacius. As she did not distrub the place, she was on the other hand left alone, finding only serenity. The greatest came not from the Door of Water, however, but the Door of Shadow.

The place provided all she needed to survive. It is possible that some of the legendary forces of the universe such as Life and Time were also at work, for time had almost no affect on her in that place. As the passing of time came, one thing did change, though - her elemental nature as a being of water, shifted to that of the darkness she spent most of her time in, whilst not putting any drain on her moral nature.

As she spent her time there, Nakenah would experience visions of the future in the world outside. Small pieces of information showed her many fascinating things about the universe outside; the pieces of information and the like, however, left her unsatisfied. Eventually, a vision showed her an image of herself boarding a ship along the coast of the island, leaving for good.

When she left, she found the land had undergone many political and geographical changes since her entrance - though that would be later on, as it appeared to be the same on the surface. True to her vision, she was found by a ship of explorers and archaeologists who were charting the mysterious Southern Islands that they had found her on. Recalling her first experience in the Chamber, she told them that it would be best to leave while they could. The captain, sensing trouble, decided to agree and also let her onboard.

Her journies across the universe began then, and she experienced the remaining 20,000 years of time that passed across it, having already been in the chamber for some 80,000 alone. She remained mostly a loner, and her social talents were never worked upon much beyond the first ship that picked her up. When the universe 'ended', she came out into the surface world... Spherus Magna.

She remained a lone for some time, as many viewed her and her abilities as a bad thing in light of the recent war against the Makuta. She ended up spending more time with Agori and Glatorian than Universals due to her position. One of them, an elderly Glatorain who she ended up befriending was the one who showed her everything she currently knows about swordplay.

For a time, she found herself hanging out with the 'wrong crowd' during the night, thinking no different about it due to reasonably poor explanations of the law. She quickly became the best at lockpicking and computer hacking in the group, despite almost no past experience, and ended up enjoying it greatly. Eventually, she broke away from the group, doing such things only for fun. The Department of Security eventually found out, and had her put in prison. Having spent 80,000 years alone already, a few years meant nothing to her. After being released early for good behavior, she was approached by a member of the Department about joining, ignoring the blemish on her record.

Today, she still works for the Department of Security, under the Infilitration & Observation Bureau (DOS-IOB, as many members call it for short), working to extract people and things or receive information, combining her acquired skills at stealthy with her ability to lockpick and hack - and occasionally, the ability to fight if necessary. With her powers to transport herself, she is easily able to do so.


[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Name: Rurkon[/font][font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Species: Ko-Toa[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Kanohi: Great Mask of Dodge. This mask allows Rurkon to dodge even the attacks of a Kakama user, and instinctively avoid most melee or ranged weapon based attacks. It also provides some protection against burst attacks, but large explosions and non-precision elemental strikes can get around this power. Even a shotgun blast provides enough spray that he can’t avoid a full blast. The power is always on at a lesser, subconscious level, but requires active concentration to work at full power. Anything that would normally restrict Rurkon from dodging an attack also restricts the mask. It also provides no protection against an attack made with total surprise.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Appearance: Rurkon stands at a commanding height for a Toa, with armor of a black coloration inscribed with white writing that seems to glow. He wears a large black cloak, and has a huge scabbard over his back that contains a massive greatsword. He is rather lean in build, and has no exterior armoring to allow some freedom of movement. His mask appears as a Noble Huna.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Powers: Rurkon possesses the Elemental Powers of Ice. He is an incredibly talented user of his elemental powers. Due to his elemental nature, Rurkon is also nearly immune to ice and cold, but weak to fire based attacks.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Abilities: Rurkon has powerful mental shields due to both training and willpower. He is a master of the blade, and happens to be left handed. He has some skill with psychology, most notably in the arts of intimidation, and uses them in combat (making him a very vocal adversary). Of his non-combat traits, he is skilled at using any method available – carrot or, as he prefers it, stick – to extract information from people. He is a good tactician, as long as an adversary does not successfully goad him in before the plans are complete. If he knows the enemy – especially ones he’s interrogated – his victory is all but assured, as he can predict their moves and counter them in single combat or on a larger field.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Weaknesses: Rurkon is arrogant, ambitious, greedy, and envious – all traits that can be easily exploited by a person. He is also very haughty and sure of his powers, and will never turn down a challenge (though he is not honorable – he will not play fair). He also lacks skill regarding long term elemental effects, and can only masterfully perform acute effects. Finally, Rurkon isn't really that fast as far as his movements go, and can only keep up against other experienced warriors with the help of his mask; he can't run very quickly, and his dexterity as far as firing most 'modern' ranged weaponry is lacking, particularly without a scope.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Equipment: Rurkon possesses a greatsword of no given name that acts as his Toa Tool. When he focuses his will, the blade glows a bright red and can, when swung, cast forth a blast of red energy that can slice through a few inches of solid rock before being disrupted, providing him a viable ranged attack.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Occupations: Rurkon was formerly serving as the interrogator in the Central City prisons. Only among the prisoners was his true brutal harshness and cruelty ever whispered, but few try to remember what happens when he’s extracting information; fewer still in the ‘noble’ justice system would be willing to admit it could happen, and many simply ignored the possibility of evil.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Personality: There are many facets that form Rurkon’s personality, all showing based on the situation. Rurkon is very self-confident, and believes he is the best at everything – the best leader, the best warrior, the best anything. When somebody is better at him with something, he becomes jealous. Rather than attempting to improve himself, though, he attempts to put them down by any way possible and raise his own power. Thus, he has no drive for self-improvement. Anything that could potentially make him more powerful or elevate him via external means is something he’s quick to grab for, however; he always has ambitions to raise to the highest peak, though he lacks the imagination to go beyond that. Beyond all of these flaws, he does have one positive trait – always being up for a challenge, and refusing to turn down any insults made against him or his abilities.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Biography: Long after the League of Six Kingdoms fell, and the great empires of the Matoran Universe collapsed, there was still conflict stretching out across the Matoran Universe. It had been over sixteen thousand years after Levacius Vi’Targon had fallen, and the remnants of his kingdom had collapsed, leaving those areas of the continent in turmoil once more. The Brotherhood of Makuta were faced with a problem – it was their actions that had led to the former warlord being removed from power, and only they had enough power to stop it.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]The Makuta Gorsat thus sent forth her Hagah team to deal with the varying warlords, thinking that six Toa would be more than enough for the job. And it was – but just like the Makuta, some Toa were vulnerable to corruption. Rurkon, the Ko-Toa of the team, was a true example of that. Though he bore no elemental affinities to the darkness, his moral light was just as darkened as that of his masters.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]The entire team did not reflect his sole views from the very start. But promises of power can corrupt even the purest of hearts, and after a month spent on the continent, he had successfully persuaded all but one other member of the team to his side. That final Toa, the Ta-Toa commander of the team, discovered Rurkon’s plans and demanded him to cease. But his pleas were not heard, and Rurkon instructed the others to make their final decision. With seven thrusts of daggers, none grasped by the Ko-Toa himself, Rurkon became the new leader of the team.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Five Toa working in concert was more than enough for Rurkon to establish order in his own way, by conquest. But Rurkon knew the stories of the past, and was smart enough to establish a base. Carefully operating beneath the notice of Krika, lord of the northern regions of the continent, he established the fortress of Northgate along a strategic point to block off trade and the flow of information from the northern reaches and the central territories.[/font] Over time, he began to establish further order in the lands and increase his power. As time passed, though, it became obvious that he and the rest of his team had forgotten their original purpose, and were more interested in being just another conquering warrior in the land.

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Gorsat was naturally furious, and she personally arrived in the midst of Rurkon’s great hall, easily destroying any defenses he had established and destroying the entire eastern wall of his fortress in the process to make her way to him. He was quick enough of tongue to sway his former master away [/font]from destroying him. After humiliating him brutally, she left the team with what they had and made them vow to finish their duty and stop playing around.

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Eventually, Rurkon delved into an ancient prophecy known as the Skylance Prophecy, and attempted to find a way to uncover the secrets of the lost artifact which had once been the badge of office for an ancient empire in the Continent. His constant pursuit of these secrets was his undoing, as he was eventually betrayed by his former colleagues and forced from the small kingdom they had established.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Time passed. Rurkon continued delving into ancient texts and writings, and travelled across many places in order to learn all he could. Only he knows what actions he performed during this time. At some point, the kingdom around Northgate collapsed due to poor management by the other Toa, but the fortress was still used by many - including, some say, Rurkon once more.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Whatever things he discovered, Rurkon came out of everything with his strange, alien items and the bizarre armor pattern that he has today. After the Battle of Bara-Magna, he entered out into the newly created world of Spherus Magna, much like other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. His first matter of business was finding a way to entertain himself, which he did by joining the military and fighting against the Skrall. During those dark days, he earned numerous medals for his uniform on account of his battlefield experiences and later leadership accomplishments after many promotions that took him up to the rank of captain. He was eventually stripped of all rank, however, after leading his company on a full out assault against a Skrall village that had declared itself neutral which happened to be along the path to an enemy force. After an argument with his former commanding officer that ended with a fistfight, he was dishonorably discharged.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Rurkon struggled with getting a job after that, but eventually managed to get his way into corrective services as an interrogator at the prisons (though most prisoners would call him a torturer). He was kidnapped by the mysterious organization that’s been doing all of that kidnapping and stuff, and was convinced to join it… though at the time, his current aspirations are set at getting his hands on whatever resources and powers they have and putting himself in the leadership position. For now, he waits as just another member. Or something. LL says we’re not supposed to assume how this organization works, and nobody really said anything so I’m not going to risk giving him any kind of rank or privileges for now. I’ll just wait and find a way to kill off a higher ranked PC and take their job later, when the opportunity arises.[/font]

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(Subject, due to his criminal activities, has not filled out the requested file. Information here is drawn from the case file. This file is classified and is to be sealed upon submission) 


Name: Dr. Gervik V. Wesvon 

Gender: Male
Species: Vortixx 
Kanohi: Not Applicable 
Appearance: Wesvon is of average height for a Vortixx and shares the physical characteristics of his species. His specific coloring is a pure black, he has no secondary color, unlike many other Vortixx. His eyes are a dark grey in color, providing the only break from his black body color. His habits of dress tend to the formal, with frock coats and over coats being a rule and not an exception. This should make him somewhat easier to spot. Though he might be able to blend into a crowd regardless. His clothing is normally grey in color, though brown and black are not unknown. When working on an experiment, he wears the protective garments typical of his trade. One assumes at least. If he is performing experiments in a frock coat, an accidental fire might deal with him for us.
Powers: Not applicable. Despite his ambitions, Wesvon appears to be a normal Vortixx in every regard. If he has had time to work however, and has access to a laboratory setting, officers approaching him should assume the worse and act accordingly. 
Weapons: Upon pulling his vanishing act, he was armed with a Vortixx combat staff. A large metal staff tipped with a large blade that doubles as a firearm. It is capable of firing blasts of electricity upon the press of it's trigger.  It has several settings with varying degrees of damage associated with them. Higher settings can kill or maim a target. Until otherwise proven, officers are to assume the device is at the highest setting possible when approaching Wesvon. Disabling the staff is a priority, it was originally manufactured for elite military forces and it's use by this criminal is unacceptable. If he should replicate it, the chaos it would cause would be immense. 
Abilities: Wesvon is an extremely capable scientist despite his eccentricities. His intellect and creativity were evidently apparent from an early age and he was responsible for a few strides in the field of bio mechanics before his activities were discovered. He is a skilled linguist and may be the last fluent speaker of a particular ancient Skrall dialect, he was responsible for managing the universities translation program at the time of his dismissal a task he, by all accounts, performed diligently. It was not until several books were found to be missing that anything was suspected. He is skilled with most ranged weaponry, likely a holdover from a few expeditions into the wilds. He is to be approached with caution and if at all possible, in numbers. Firearms are not his specialty however, and a skilled marksmen should be able to disarm him before he can pose a threat. Any companions he may be working with are unknown factors however. His intelligence, coupled with his disrespect for the laws of our land make capturing him a priority. He is simply too dangerous. 
Weaknesses: Wesvon is no warrior, if an officer could disable his weapon or somehow close into melee range, he should fold relatively quickly. He is intelligent enough to realize this however, so disabling the weapon and any companions he has with him would be a wise first step. It may also be possible to lure him out of hiding with rumors of books or other such things important to his studies. We have reason to believe he will take the bait, considering his evident lack of restraint.*
* Unfortunately, as the Mata Bank incident proves, this is no longer the case. He is unlikely to fall for this trick again. Perhaps we should simply endeavor to get to whatever equipment or tomes he seeks first. Deny him his resources and his experiments should grind to a halt. I will also expect the incident to be reviewed again, he knew the bank layout far too well. This poses a problem. One interesting note however, it appears he cannot fire his staff rapidly, assuming one had a shield, perhaps fortified with rubber, defeating him would be a simple matter. If we could get a Toa of Electricity on the case, as I have requested numerous times, Wesvon would be nearly defenseless. 
Occupations: Former Director of Translation Studies at Nui Central University. Taught several bio mechanics class as well. He has since been dismissed from these positions due to the criminal nature of his activities. Currently, we believe him to be selling his expertise to various underground groups to keep his experiments supplied with the needed monetary flow. He might be designing poisons for various assassins or simply advising criminal groups on scientific matters, It is likely the second, as no new poisons have appeared on the streets. 
Personality: Outwardly cold and logical, detached. Viewing the video logs of his experiments however, reveals he feels emotions quite strongly, considering the extreme joy he expressed when he made progress. He is very goal orientated and to an unhealthy extent. If we don't get to him, we strongly suspect his experiments will take care of him for us. The potential collateral damage makes this outcome less then desirable however. He has no respect for anyone who keeps knowledge from him, as his thefts from the University library show.
History: Wesvon is a scholar, this much is apparent from the records we have access to. He was employed by Nui Central University for most of his life and made a show of climbing the ranks there. It was not until a student stumbled upon him digging in the burial grounds and several forbidden tomes were found missing did the criminal nature of his off-the-books studies become apparent. Wesvon was robbing the graves of the dead and, from what he can gather from the notes he had left behind, attempting to reanimate them. The most disturbing part of this is, of course, the fact he appeared to be making progress. He fled before he could be arrested and we believe he has gone to ground somewhere near Olford. Perhaps in one of the outlying caves. Searches of the area have been less then fruitful however.
Wesvon has access to any number of old, forbidden tomes. These tomes pertain to...sensitive subjects (since no one important is going to bloody read this thing, that means when I asked about them, my promotion suddenly vanished. Makuta-loving bureaucratic fools. Should have gone into bar business. I hear Kait...something is doing well)  and some are Skrallish in origin. What his interest in them is, remains unknown. It is likely tied to his studies somehow. Wesvon, to date, remains at large and should be considered extremely dangerous. If he is able to replicate the effects of the Mask of Reanimation, the results would be disastrous. We do not know if he has any accomplices, but we should assume that is the case until proven otherwise.

Name: Skrall


Gender: Male


Species: Skrall (Special Forces) 


Kanohi: None


Appearance: A member of the special forces Skrall subspecies, his appearance has more in common with the Skrall Stronius then anything else. Last data indicates that he was extremely fit even for a member of this species and he has been known to wear to a necklace with masks of his enemies hanging from it. He is of typical color for a special forces Skrall, black and red. He wears an impressive set of black armor with a few notable deviations from the Skrall norm, he appears to have added pointed spikes to his armor and helmet, allowing him many advantages in melee combat. His helmet greatly resembles the head of a leering Rahkshi, this is likely an attempt at physchological warfare on his part. He was badly wounded during the events of the last war and it is believed that half of his face is little more then a massive scar. He is likely completely blind in one eye as a result of this injury...which was gained by attempting to hijack a well-armed airship. The vessel crashed after he drove a Toa through the control panel head first after he refused to provide the password key to the operation of the craft. 


Powers: None evident. 


Abilities: Extremely deadly in melee combat. He seems to take a special joy in closing into melee range with his foes and tearing them apart completely. He is also extremely skilled in the art of stealth and during the last war he is believed to have been responsible for the death of entire patrols. He is an exceptional raid leader, during the last days of the war he was able to rally his followers into a series of futile but nonetheless effective holding actions. He appears to be well-versed in Skrallish lore and likely knows many secrets others have forgotten....which he used to his advantage during the last war. We're still digging through that set of catacombs he used to transport his raiders. He appears to specialize in small groups of fast moving raiders in terms of tactics. 


Weaknesses: Blind in one eye, if someone could strike from his blind spot he would never see it coming. It is likely that the wounded side of his face is very sensitive as well, if someone could strike that he would be very distracted by a sudden shooting pain. Attacking from a distance is advisable, as this Skrall has never been seen using any modern ranged weapons. Though this may be because he has not had occasion to gather any. 


Weapons: A set of short stabbing swords ideal for slipping through enemy defenses in melee combat. Note that these are short by Skrall standards, meaning they are quite capable of slicing a matoran in half as a matter of course. These swords appeared to be designed with two objectives in mind, one being to kill an enemy and the other to cause an extreme amount of pain while doing so. These swords are twisted, black affairs. He also wields a crossbow of the same ilk, a twisted black weapon. He often dips the crossbow bolts into a type of posion that stuns and then kills the enemy if left unattended. He has been known to strap explosives to them as well. These weapons are, overall, a reflection of this Skrall. Ruthless and more then willing to cause his enemies great pain. 


Occupation: Formerly a Skrall raid leader. Last data indicates that he vanished into the wilds along with many of his kind. There is a large bounty on his head due to the crimes he commited during the last war, he is likely intelligent enough to know this. We do find the occasional body out there from someone who tried to claim the body. It is evident they were not killed cleanly. He likely interrogates them to stay up to date. 


Personality: Ruthless, extremely so. This Skrall is pragmatic in the extreme in his tactics. He used captured prisoners as living shields for his seige machines during the last war, publicly tormented captured enemy commanders in front of prisoners to break their spirit and on one infamous occasion, he drove a horde of villagers from a captured town into the teeth of our defenses to shield his own troops. He does not appear to view us as fellow sentient beings worthy of respect, when he fights us he fights as if he is hunting mere animals. He appears to be extremely loyal to his people and our spies witnessed him visiting each of the wounded in his camp. He is reported to have spent hours comforting fatally wounded troops. From this we can determine that to his fellow Skrall is kind and caring, more then willing to offer a helping hand or his time. 


History: During the last war, this Skrall lead many raids against our supply lines and fortresses. Overall he took seven bases out of an attempted nine. He was amongst the most feared enemy commanders in the last war. He thought nothing of slaughtering one of our villages if it became more of advantage burned to the ground then intact. Why he has not been named is unknown, though Skrall leadership is disorganized at the moment. Little is known of him before the great war, where he made a name for himself as a talented raider and warrior. He used a system of ancient catacombs to transport his forces and bypass many of our lines utterly. Once behind our lines he spread chaos, killing support workers, the loved ones of commanders and kidnapping any number of noncombatants to use as hostages and shields. He is widely hated to this day and the bounty on his head continues to climb. He was last seen in the wilderness near Olford. As there has not been a rise in guard losses there, it can be assumed he has not had time to set to work in that region. He could be anywhere however-we simply don't have the resources to track such wily prey with any sort of accuracy. We rely on sightings and secondhand accounts. 

Name: The Hound (Also known as, in several obscure texts: The One of Tindalos, The Predator, The Hunter, The Inevitable etc)  


Gender: Not applicable.  

Species: The Hound appears to be a unique entity, at least, one hopes it is. A species of such creatures does not bear thinking about. For the sake of argument however, we will assume there is more of them, the rest of the profile is written with this is mind. A Hound looks like an Energy Hound at first glance, but then one looks closer and see it is something else all together. It's body is lean and it's red eyes glower with hunger. Blue ooze drips from it's fanged mouth. It walks upon four clawed feet and spikes run down it's spine. It has no fur, instead it sports a chitinous covering of armor plates. The eyes of a Hound glow with a red light and are compound in nature. The head of a hound is sharp and angular with two small holes serving as ears. It appears to smell with it's great blue tongue, waving it through the air as it hunts prey. They appear to be sentient, able to come up with and perform a number of complex plans, but they speak no language. Telepathic contact with them reveals....only a never ending hunger. They appear to feed off the energy of those they prey on, with those who have the potential to travel through time being preferred targets.


This species has a number of unique abilities, unlike the Energy Hounds, it cannot track a being by their unique energy signature...instead it appears to hunt those who had had extensive contact with time traveling devices, a being need not travel through time, though that would attract a Hound's attention as well, merely touching a Vahi would be enough. They can track these beings somehow, perhaps by tracing the potential disturbances in time or an offshoot of the Energy Hounds ability that only works on certain beings. The other abilities of note is an odd form of teleportation. The Hound can transport itself across great distances by teleportation....but only through angles of 120 degrees or less. In theory, if it were trapped in a room without these angles, it would be unable to teleport. It has no elemental powers or even connection. It is said that if the prey a Hound seeks travels through time, it will follow them. This ability has never been observed simply because it would be extremely difficult to do so and appears to be an involuntary reflex on the part of the Hound or something connected to it. TheHounds cannot do this at will. 


They do appear to be native to the Mataron Universe, but what dark corner of it they sprang from is not something one should think on for too long. Several texts hint at them predating even the Makuta, but stop short of giving an origin. One text, "Aspects of Hunters" mentions a long lost island by the name of Tindalos, hinting at a connection between it and theHounds. As stated before, The Hound could very well be a unique entity, just one with an extremely long life span. Whatever the case, the being or the species is extremely old. It is likely only the Great Beings and Mata Nui itself knows the truth about them. 


Kanohi: None.


Appearance: The Hound looks like an Energy Hound at first glance, but when one looks closer and they see it is something else all together. It's body is lean and it's red eyes glower with hunger. Blue ooze drips from it's fanged mouth and at times. It walks upon four clawed feet and spikes run down it's spine. It has no fur, instead it sports a chitinous covering of armor plates. The eyes of the Hound glow with a red light and are compound in nature. The Beasts head is sharp and angular with two small holes serving as ears. It appears to smell with it's great blue tongue, waving it through the air as it hunts prey. Scars from past battles are marked in it's hide, attesting to the great age of the beast. It is every inch a predator. It is impossible to mistake it for anything else.


Powers: Able to teleport when near angles of 120 degrees or less, the angles are judged from whatever surface it is standing upon at the time. If it were trapped in a spherical room for example, it could not teleport. If it were climbing a mountain, it would just angles from the perspective of a mountain. It is also able to travel through time-but only when the prey it has selected does. This is an involuntary reflex on the part of the Hound and it cannot do this at will. This serves only to deepen the mystery that surrounds the Hound. Surely such abilities cannot be natural. Where then, did they come from?  

Weapons: It attacks with it's claws and a deadly bite. The blue ooze is largely harmless, though wounds infected with it heal slightly slower then normal, it is no more then an annoyance. The Hound's claws are powerful enough to go through various metals and it's bite is quite powerful, all of these are melee weapons however. The Hound has no ranged weapons to speak of, forcing it to rely on ambushes and traps to complete it's hunts. 


Abilities: Can track it's chosen prey regardless of the location. This only applies to one being at a time however and the being must have had contact with or at the very least, been close to a device capable of traveling through time. That is the only way the ability will function. For prey that does not meet these standards, it is forced to rely on smell and tracking, much like a normal hound.  

Weaknesses: Despite it's abilities, the Hound is not a very tough combatant. It's armor does not shield it from elemental attack and it concentrated attacks with normal weapons can kill it quite easily. The Hound is an ambush predator, it cannot stand in a fair fight with a foe that is superior to it. It must rely on trickery and teleportation to win battles, not brute force. A blast of fire would give it severe burns or kill it, ice would freeze it solid etc. As said before, if it were trapped in spherical room, it would be effectively helpless,  

Occupations: Being a terror from the ancient past. The day to day doings involve slaughter, looking menacing and terrifying the populace. The dental is great though.  

Personality: The Hound lives to hunt. No one knows if it does so because of instinct, malevolent amusement or simply hunger. What is known is that it is a canny and clever enemy and with little apparent care for any other being. It hunts everything, be it sentient or nonsentient, Rahi or Agori. Due to it's odd connection to time however, it is particularly tireless when hunting beings associated with it, going to great lengths to hunt them down and feed on them. The Hound is known to use tactics of terror, killing loved ones to drive prey out into the open, holding hostages and such as. It is no dumb beast.  

History: Unknown. It has appeared throughout the history of the universe, killing seemingly at random before vanishing once more, only to reappear centuries later. The origins of the beast are only hinted it in many old tomes and they seemed to suggest it hails from a lost island known as Tindalos. It is highly unlikely that the Hound is a naturally occurring creature, due to the nature of it's abilities but who or what made it is a mystery for the ages. The Hound is, the Hound was and the Hound will be. It has existed for as long as can be remembered and likely before that. The creature is a living mystery, the origin lost to time. Only the results can be observed and they are bloody indeed. The Hound is currently trapped in spherical container in a laboratory in central city. The researchers know not what they have found and it is only a matter of time before the beast escapes to hunt once more. How it arrived in the canister is unknown, though it is certainly possible it finally bit off more then it could chew or was otherwise tricked.

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[color=#696969;]Name: Kamokoa[/color]

[color=#696969;]Gender: He[/color]

[color=#696969;]Species: Turaga[/color]

[color=#696969;]Kanohi: Zimiru, Mask of Charisma (Noble)[/color]

[color=#696969;]Appearance: Small and hunched, his Huna shaped mask giving him the familiar massive monobrow, his previously stark white colours have blurred with age colouring him a sort of mottled grey with lighter patches on his limbs[/color]

[color=#696969;]Powers: Ice elemental powers, limited to Turaga levels[/color]

[color=#696969;]Weapons: Crossbow[/color]

[color=#696969;]Abilities: NA[/color]

[color=#696969;]Weaknesses: Old and frail with limited firepower[/color]

[color=#696969;]Occupations: Runs "Kamokoa's Home for the Infirm"[/color]

[color=#696969;]Personality: Pretty much a kind and jolly old salt. The sort of person everyone imagines as their grandpa. His reserves of tolerance and patience are pretty much unlimited[/color]

[color=#696969;]History: As a Toa he fought a grand total of one battle. He didn't like it. The noise and bloodshed and sheer pointlessness of it all offended his quiet Ko-Matoran sensibilities. So he put his power in a Toa stone, handed it in and, after wandering around for a decade or so, became a Turaga. He has not looked back since.[/color]

[color=#696969;]He devoted his efforts to looking after the wounded and crippled, providing them with food or warmth whichever world they came from. Spending so much time around Glatorian, Toa, Agori, Matoran even some Skrall, gave him far more experience at life than being a Toa ever had. A better kind of experience too, in his mind. He has currently set up shop in Olford with his Home for the Infirm where he looks after the homeless and forgotten. The friends he makes there are not powerful or influential but are innumerate and always have some story or gossip to pass on. [/color]


Name: Skrall

Gender: Male

Species: (Skrall

Kanohi: NA

Appearance: A simple grunt-class Skrall

Powers: NA

Weapons: The standard long sabre and razor shield of a Skrall. Nothing special, abut them just very well maintained

Abilities: Faster and stronger than any Toa or Glatorian. More agile than most Skrall too

Weaknesses: No talent with ranged weapon. Give him something as simple as a thornax and he'll somehow shoot himself in the face with it. This forces him to charge headlong into battle, which can be a bit of a drawback if those you're fighting can hurl fireballs and the like

Occupations: Warrior

Personality: Skrall doesn't say much, he just quietly stands waiting or orders or carrying out the orders. However he never stands still waiting for orders. He is always fidgeting, or fiddling with something or twitching. Its believed this might be down to repressed emotions, that he has a whole seething cauldron of anger deep below the surface that is waiting, like a volcano, to just erupt into a surge of fury

History: Once a member of the feared Skrall tribes, Skrall fought in the old wars of Bara Magna and both the Great Skrall Sieges. It was during Ena's ambush that he was wounded and separated from the rest of his platoon, acts which he considered great stains on his record. This is why he has so far remained a little apart from the other roving Skrall (which has possibly aided him in being undetected) preferring to launch his own one-man raids on whatever he might stand a chance against

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[color=#0000ff;]Name: JL[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Gender: Male[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Species: Toa[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Kanohi: Calix[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Appearance: Black and Silver armored Toa, with a Calix that does not look like a Calix. Armor has grey, white and blue colors as well.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Powers: Powers over Lightning, electricity, and as such, electromagnetism as well. JL has a large wealth of innate energy, but he doesn't know how to use it.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Weapons: 1) Stormsword, a sword made specifically for Toa of Lightning to channel their powers. It is a one-handed longsword, (See Jaller Mahri's sword) except with the addition of 2 matoran-dagger sized blades on the side and 2 electricity conductors attached to the blade width. When electricity is channeled, there are 2 general uses - one of them is to electrify the entire sword except the handle, which allows the sword to generate light and heat, making it much stronger than a normal sword. The other use is to use the electricity conductors to fire off bolts of electricity as a ranged weapon. [/color]

[color=#0000ff;]2) Wings of Redemption. A lightweight pair of extending wings, each wing with 3 protruding metal gliders. Controlled by thought and powered by electricity, they provide high speed flight, but has lower control. Usually it is used only for a forwards/backwards flight. When not used, the wings detract into a metal 'backpack' attached to JL's back armor.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Abilities: JL is no master at being a Toa or being on combat, but he does it. With his electricity powers, he has the ability to create electromagnetic fields, create and manipulate the shape and size of lightning, and channel it through certain tools. JL, however, isn't fully trained in this style of combat, in using his element for big attacks, or even mediocre attacks such as simply firing electric bolts from his palm. As such, most of his fights he uses his sword to help in attacks. His wings allow flight at high speeds, but the control of the flight is minimal compared to Kadin users (But can become better depending on the Toa's skill in elemental manipulation) and when not in use, serves as a weakness due to the increased weight on the back. There's only really one combat based thing he is great at, which is with weaponry, something that was trained ever since his days as a matoran. With his mask, he has the ability to perform at the peak of his natural abilities so he can react and move faster than a normal unenhanced Toa can.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Weaknesses: In combat, without his sword, he finds it really hard to do any elemental attacks due to his lack of control of his element in combat. His wings provide little control, capable of going forwards, backwards, up and down, but very little left and right. One of his physical weaknesses is when his arms are locked behind him, which causes surprisingly unbearable pain for him.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Occupations: When not adventuring and exploring, JL creates and records music.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Personality: JL is somewhat of a scaredy cat, not trusting himself or his powers when in the face of danger. He hates doing things independently if they are out of his comfort zone, even a little bit, but is also a little bit anti-social, at least to strangers. To people he knows, however, he is enthusiastic, exciting, and always cracks jokes, especially in a pickle.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]History: Just a few years BRF, JL was a matoran working for the Oomn. He was a low ranking matoran, working only on communication and signals, but it was enough to let him learn how to defend himself when attacked. When Makuta took over the universe and struck out upon Destral, JL was lucky enough to escape with several others. Somehow, he turned into a Toa during this time, and it was also during that time that he received his wings (Which are similar to the Toa Nuva's adaptive armor wings) and sword. Because of the urgency of all the combat situations, JL had not much time to practice, and as such was unable to achieve his potential, instead relying on his sword and weaponry. Soon later, he settled in Central City, but always took trips to Ga-Koro-Nui. Originally hoping to join some of his buddies in the military, he eventually decided not to, and stayed as a 'rogue' fighter, and lucky for him, there wasn't much time for him to fight.[/color]

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[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Name: Lopraun[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Gender: He[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Species: Nocturn's Species[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Kanohi: N/A[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Appearance: He looks like Nocturn, but the lime is replaced by Metru Red and the Glow-in-the-dark Blue is replaced by glowing translucent orange. His eyes are a deep green.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Powers: N/A[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Weapons: Basically whatever's lying around and looks heavy. Currently he has a club made from half of a streetlight that someone crashed into and sent flying into the water.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Abilities: He is amphibious, can regrow lost limbs, and is also immune to the Pit Mutagen (not that it matters). Unlike Nocturn, he possesses great speed instead of strength, which is amplified when he is angry.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Weaknesses: Lopraun isn't very smart, and doesn't take the time to form stratagies unless forced to. He also has a fear of heights.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Occupations: He is the 'Offical Ga-Koro-Nui Water Cleaning Service', which means he spends most days wandering along the sea-floor just off the coast, grabbing all the trash he can find and taking it back to the city for disposal.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Personality: Lopraun is quite dumb, in a word. He'll follow just about any order, as long as the person behind it has either food, money, or really big words that must mean that it's important. While he's still easy to anger, Lopraun has been working with it and it takes two insults to get him mad, instead of just one.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(178,34,34);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]History: Whether he remembers or not, Lopraun was the one that got Nocturn angry enough to destroy their island. He survived, obviously, and happily lived right on the sea-floor among the wreakage until a Toa wearing a Kaukau told him that it wasn't safe here anymore, and he had to leave. He did, although the Toa got one broken arm for it, and began his life on Spherus Magna. Lopraun eventually made his way to Ga-Koro-Nui, which took advantage of his anphibious abilities to hire him as a way to help keep the ocean clean. He's not all that concerned about the suspect-less crimes, mainly because it doesn't involve him.[/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(128,0,128);]Zakaro[/color][/font]

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[color=#0000cd;]Name: Xerov[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Species: Vo-Matoran[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Kanohi: Kakama[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Appearance: A mainly dark blue Matoran, with some black, and a medium blue Kanohi. Xerov has blue eyes, and wears a light grey hooded jacket.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Abilities: Xerov is quite fast when running, although he will get tired over long distances. He is very intelligent, often looking at people's behaviour and making deductions based on it.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Weaknesses: As a Matoran, Xerov has no Kanohi or Elemental powers.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Occupations: He doesn't really have one.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Personality: Xerov is very intelligent. However, he doesn't think much of other people, or of himself, taking a general stance of being suspicious and thinking the worst of others, and hating himself. However, he switches between self-hatred and arrogance, for no particular reason, making his behaviour somewhat difficult to predict. He's guaranteed to make a lot of sarcastic comments either way, though.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]History: Xerov hasn't really been involved in much. He made quite a bit of money while in the MU, and continues to live off it. He lives in Ga-Koro-Nui.[/color]


[color=#2f4f4f;]Name: Artemis[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Species: Toa (Shadow)[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Kanohi: Mask of Intangibility[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Appearance: Tall, dark, handsome. Mostly a metallic grey, with some white, and deep green eyes.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Powers: Intangibility, all powers associated with the element of Shadow.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Weapons: A protosteel sword, slightly curved, which he carries in a sheath on his back.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Abilities: Artemis has quick reflexes, although he is lacking in physical strength. His elemental powers are more powerful than those of most Toa of Shadow, as he was originally a Toa of Light.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Weaknesses: Not very physically strong. Weak to Light energy.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Occupations: Gambler, Lawyer.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]Personality: Artemis is intelligent, and somewhat manipulative. He is proud of his element.[/color]

[color=#2f4f4f;]History: As an Av-Matoran, Artemis was corrupted by the Makuta during their attack on Karda Nui. Like Gavla, he enjoyed the darkness, and hated the Toa who pulled him out of it. Some time afterwards, he became a Toa, and managed to track down a Toa with an Avsa. After convincing the Toa to drain his light, Artemis went on to make a life for himself in Central City.[/color]



[color=#daa520;]Name: Kernon[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Species: Toa (Light)[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Kanohi: Mahiki [/color](Actually an Avsa)

[color=#daa520;]Appearance: Average height for a Toa. White and gold, with icy blue eyes and some gold on his white mask.[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Powers: Light[/color], the various draining powers of the Avsa

[color=#daa520;]Weapons: A staff which he uses to direct his Elemental powers.[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Abilities: Although he isn't particularly strong, Kernon is very good with his elemental powers, to the point where he can believably mimic the powers of a Mahiki. [/color]Also, he has had enough practice with his Avsa that he can drain from beings somewhat faster than most other Avsa users (of which there are few), although he avoids using the Avsa in public, as he has a reputation to keep up.[color=#daa520;] He is also quite quick and agile.[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Weaknesses: Not very physically strong.[/color]

[color=#daa520;]Occupations: PR Advisor for the Mata Magna Council. [/color]Part of the Society for the Rights of Shadow Elementals.

[color=#daa520;]Personality: Kernon is charming and intelligent, dedicating himself to helping others. He is always willing to go to the aid of someone in need. However, he is easily angered, losing control of himself in fits of rage at sometimes the smallest of things. He blames it on stress and the time he spent as a Shadow Matoran in Karda Nui.[/color]

[color=#daa520;]History: Kernon lived in Karda Nui, and was turned into a Shadow Matoran by Makuta like the others. [/color]He came out if it with not fear, hatred, or greater respect of beings of Shadow, but believing that they are equal to all other beings. The way they were looked down on disgusted him, and [color=#daa520;]he decided to help all of those who were considered worthless. He set up charities, he gave money to charities, he did everything he could. [/color]But the one thing he couldn't accomplish was freeing beings of Shadow from society's prejudice. However, soon enough he began to make plans to accomplish this...

[color=#daa520;]On Mata Magna, he became the PR Advisor to the Council.[/color]




Name: Turaga Onua

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Noble Pakari Nuva

Appearance: Mostly black, with deep, dark green eyes. His arms and legs are a dark grey, and he wears a black Turaga robe. He is the most hunched of the Turaga Nuva, only around half a head taller than most Matoran.

Powers: Limited Earth, slightly above the usual Turaga's level of control. His mask's power can be shared with others.

Weapons: A Quake Braker attached to a staff, which acts as his Badge of Office.

Abilities: Stronger than the average Turaga, even without his Pakari. Good night-vision.

Weaknesses: Although still stronger than the average Turaga, Onua is much weaker than he once was.

Occupations: Council Member of Mata Magna.

Personality: Onua is wise, likely the wisest of the Turaga Nuva, always thinking things through rather than acting on impulse. He doesn't speak unless he has something worth saying. He is very patient, always willing to wait, and is always reliable.

History: Once a Toa Nuva, Onua gave up his powers after saving Mata Magna from a Skrall invasion. He is now a member of the Council, along with the other Turaga Nuva.


- Vorex

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[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Name: Cotan[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Gender: Male[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Species: Toa[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Kanohi: Kakama[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Appearance: Cotan is a tall Toa, with bronzen protosteel armour, in a simple arrangement of plates like those that most Toa would wear, with his dark green body beneath. He has well developed musculature, though in a lean style-he's not a hulking powerhouse of a Toa. He always keeps his sword belt on, and his protosteel sabre hanging from it, and he has a large cloak as well.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Powers: Cotan is a Toa of Air, well practiced in the small, focused uses of his element, though he can't use it to make the large, flamboyant attacks that most Toa of his type would.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Weapons: Cotan's main weapon is a bronze-coloured protosteel sabre hanging at his belt, made from the same protosteel as his armour. It has a light curve to it, with a heavy point, and a large guard to protect his hand in a fight. The hilt is wire-wrapped leather, necessitating that he wear his gauntlets when fighting so as not to harm his hands. His second weapon is a large oaken staff, hollowed out and filled with lead and then fire-hardened in the manner of a shillelagh. However, he generally uses this as an emergency weapon/walking aid, if in rough terrain.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Abilities: Cotan is an excellent sword fighter, trained to fight with near perfection with every type of sword, though his main focus lies in the duelling swords-the sabre, the rapier, and the small sword. After that he is an avid scholar and politician, though he has been focusing more on the former, as of late.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Weaknesses: Cotan, while he does have well-developed musculature, is not very physically powerful-his strength lies in endurance and in fine motor control, so a more powerful enemy would have a chance to overpower him, assuming they got past his natural speed, then that of his Kakama. After that, his usage of his element does not lie in large attacks, but in small, focused uses.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Occupations: Scholar, Politician, Duelist.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]Personality: Cotan can, if drunk, be a little haughty, with a "holier-than-thou" attitude. Normally, though, he attempts to maintain a friendly exterior, if somewhat distant.[/color][/font]

[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]History: Cotan is a relatively young Toa, by the general thought of it. He grew up in the Southern Islets in the Matoran universe, became a politician on his island, got bored, left, fought, more politics, became a scholar, still dueling and politics...Once in a while getting drunk and thrown out of a village, but hey, what's life without a little extra fun?[/color][/font]


[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]The years passed like this, with a few stints joining in various Toa Teams and protecting islands with more than just his blade, before, finally, Makuta took over, Cotan got drunk, passed out, woke up in a hospital on the newly-reformed Spherus Magna.[/color][/font]


[color=#006400;][font="georgia, serif;"]And then continue his normal life, with a bit more scholar work, a bit less politics and dueling, and a lot less drinking. Oh, he still has a fondness for Scotch, though.[/color][/font]

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[color=#000080;]Name: Vaila[/color]

[color=#000080;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#000080;]Species: Glatorian (Mutated)[/color]

[color=#000080;]Kanohi: None[/color]

[color=#000080;]Appearance: Despite being a Glatorian, Vaila looks very underwhelming. He's shorter than most Glatorian for one, and his thin build seems to make him look rather androgynous. His torso, forearms, and legs are dark blue while his limbs are a dull gray. However, what seems to draw everyone's attention is Vaila's mutated right arm. Everything under the elbow has become a mess of twisted metal plates and charcoal-colored organic matter. His fingers have been replaced with silver claws. The plates that cover his forearm are jagged and sharp, protruding like fins. Usually, Vaila keeps most of this covered up with an old bandage.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Powers: None[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weapons: His dagger-like claws.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Abilities: Vaila's mutated arm compresses air underneath the metal plates. Allowing enough pressure to build up allows him to dislocate his hand from his wrist and launch it like a grappling hook. Long fibers are tethered to the hand and eventually snap back after a long distance. This either pulls whatever his hand is stuck to towards him or vice-versa and relocate the hand.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weaknesses: Vaila simply has no experience fighting. His right arm throws off his balance and actually using his arm's ability causes an immense amount of pain that essentially makes his arm unusable for a short period of time.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Occupations: None, Vaila's poor and homeless due to his inability to adapt to city life. His right arm also seems to ruin his chances of getting a job anyways.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Personality: Vaila is shy, even towards close friends. He's unaccustomed to the city and easily distracted or frightened by simple pieces of technology. He's kind, but his crippling shyness alienates him.[/color]

[color=#000080;]History: Vaila was among the few survivors of the Dream Plague that wiped out most of the Iron Tribe. His group were among the few that remained in the wilderness of Bota Magna during the Shattering. Vaila's group refused to assimilate with the new inhabitants from the MU and instead remained in the wilderness as the world progressed around them. During a hunt, Vaila was attacked by a Visorak and encased in a web. He managed to break free, but the web's barbs ripped apart his right arm and slowly began to mutate him. Fearing another epidemic, he was exiled and forced to wander around Spherus Magna. He seeked a way to cure himself, but most of these remedies only slowed his mutation. Vaila was drawn to Mata Magna in search of a cure to the venom coursing within him.[/color]

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[color=#006400;]Name: Sankin[/color]
[color=#006400;]Gender: Female[/color]
[color=#006400;]Species: Toa Hordika of Air[/color]
[color=#006400;]Kanohi: A Kanohi is permanently fused to her face, though it holds no power. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Appearance: Some say she looks between a Toa and a Iron Wolf, or something similar, though it's honestly hard to tell she's a Toa at all. She could easily be mistaken for a green wolf, having all the features of one save having a bipedal form, though she can walk on all fours as easily as she can with two. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Powers: Rhotuka spinner allows use of elemental air power. Extremely limited use compared to a regular Toa. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Weapons: Rhotuka spinner built into her back; sharp fangs; retractable claws. Carries a curious looking dagger, with a jade green blade and a golden hilt. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, etc; similar to a Iron Wolf or other powerful Rahi. Enhanced scenes, sight, smell, hearing, etc. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Weaknesses: While she largely retains her intelligence from before she was injected with the venom, she constantly suffers from rahi like instincts and urges, making her seem very wild and sometimes hostile. Makes it hard not to get unwanted attention, especially from security. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Occupations: Between jobs at the moment. She blames it on prejudice. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Personality: She's what you call a lone wolf (excuse the pun), tends to keep to herself. Not so much because she wishes to be alone, it's simply easier for someone like her to keep to herself. Her Hordika side gives her a nasty temper and makes her excessively aggressive. Her friends (that's to say if she had friends) would find her to have a softer, less violent side, if they manage to stick around long enough to ever see it. [/color]
[color=#006400;]History: Hordika are quite rare these days, especially since the extinction of the Visorak oh so long ago. Sankin was one of the few Toa unlucky enough to get caught by the nasty spiders before they were all but destroyed. She became a Toa Hordika. Her friends and teammates accepted her at first, but as her condition slowly became worse, causing her to lash out often, they began to shun her, eventually simply telling her to leave and never come back. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she vowed that she would never trust anyone but herself, and she wandered the Matoran Universe for a long time. [/color]
[color=#006400;]That was until the Matoran Universe crashed onto Spherus Magna, and she along with every single being had no choice but to leave the giant robot that had been their home and live on this new massive planet. [/color]
[color=#006400;]Years went by, and as Mata Magna was formed and became a massive technological city, she learned how to survive it in her own way. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Name: Cronk[/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Gender: Male[/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Species: Toa of Stone[/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Kanohi: Pakari, Great Mask of Strength[/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Appearance: Cronk is big, tall, and very muscular. Basically your stereotypical Toa of Stone. He has a Toa Metru build, the coloring of his armor is brown and gold. His mask, feet, hands, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and knee pads are golden while his torse, legs, arms, and whatever else is brown. His eyes are a dark blue. Pakari is shaped like the great version. He also notable has a big long scar that goes across his mask, though it is faded. There are a few scars on his right arm and torso as well, also hardly notable and faded. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Powers: Elemental Power over Stone[/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Weapons: Wields a stun gun, flashlight, a stack of bubble gum, a pair of handcuffs that disable elemental powers, etc on his belt. Also has a frying pan, and an enormous hammer made of solid protosteel that is way too heavy to be carried much less used as a weapon unless you have at least stamina and strength of a Toa of Stone. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Abilities: Incredible strength, even without his Pakari. Has great cooking skills on the level of a well-trained chef. Being a certified detective gives him decent skills in deduction.  He is specially trained to handle incredibly strong criminals, the kind that require a lot of muscle to pacify. Is also known for making great coffee. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Weaknesses: He can be rather dimwitted to be quite blunt. He also can be too-trusting for his own good. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Occupations: Detective for the Department of Security; Is also a part-time cook. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]Personality: Despite being a muscle man, he's a rather friendly and down-to-earth guy. In fact one might even find it quite impossible to get him to show any outward signs of angry or aggression. Not to say it isn't possible for him to get angry, it would just take something rather extreme such as threatening innocents. Woe to those that actually succeed. He takes his job as a detective seriously, though he is always polite and friendly to everyone he works with, including the people that he arrests. As a hobby outside of his normal work, he cooks, and is rather fond of it. One might say it's his second calling. [/color]
[color=#8b4513;]History: Cronk has been in force for a good amount of years, long enough that he is known by most of his co-workers. If anything they know the coffee he brews every morning. For all of his career Cronk has been a staple member of the Department of Security. He's never broken the rules, regulations, or procedures and often has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He does everything pretty much by the book. On the few days that he has off from the department, he serves as a part-time cook at one of the most popular restaurants in Central City, the Nuva Cafe.[/color]

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Name: Tieran

Gender: Male

Species: Kra-Toa

Kanohi: Mask of Hyperspace Storage. One of the new Kanohi created through modern day experiments, the mask allows its wearer to transport items to and from an extradimensional storage pocket. (Yes, this was blatantly taken from the original Techna.  :P)

Appearance: For all intents and purposes, Tieran looks like an Onu-Toa. He is relatively tall, with primarily black armor and silver secondary coloring. His eyes are green, looking out from underneath the fedora he so often wears. He is most often seen in a gray suit during work hours.

Powers: Tieran has a very precise elemental control over shadow, despite the fact he doesn't use it often. He can travel between shadows, as well as create or manipulate them, using them for blasts, or shaping them into solid constructs, such as walls or other such uses. He also has access to the weaponry stored with his mask.

Weapons: Tieran carries no visible weapons on his person. Instead, they are all stored outside of our dimension using his mask. Over the years he has accumulated a number of weapons, primarily melee. Swords, knives, dagger, axes, a a warhammer or two. In addition to his older weapons, he has access to a small number of more modern ones. For instance, he has two pistols, and a metal police riot shield.

Abilities: Tieran is an extremely knowledgeable man, a side effect of working in a library for so long. Over the years, he has learned to fight efficiently without his powers, as using them is too great a risk. Though far from the most skilled, he can hold his own at melee range or hand to hand. He is also a decent shot.

Weaknesses: In addition to the weakness bestowed by his species, elemental light, Tieran has a self imposed one. Kra-Toa are feared, ridiculed and mistrusted. To avoid the same fate, he hides his element, pretending to be an Onu-Toa. As a result, if people are near, he cannot risk using his element.

Occupations: Librarian

Personality: It's a well known fact that Kra-Toa lack any moral, light, if you will. But the assumption born of that is that they are automatically evil. As Tieran can attest, it is simply not the case. The moral light will overrule the moral darkness eight times out of ten. Most people naturally lean toward the right side of things. When that light is removed, the metaphorical scales are balanced. Not inherently good, not inherently evil. The reputation of Kra-Toa for being evil comes from two primary factors. The first is that most of them were created while the Brotherhood of Makuta was in its prime, intended to be soldiers. They learned how to be evil. The other factor, is the pragmatic attitude that comes with a neutral outlook on life.


Tieran himself is rather friendly, far from the stereotypucal Toa of Shadow. He is the definition of helpful, both in his job and elsewhere. However, he has no real friends, and any questions about himself are carefully avoided.

History: Tieran has pretty much been a librarian since he started working, in one way or another. He was born near the tail end of the Matoran Universe's existence, a few decades before the destiny war, and served as a historian in his home village. He would later work for the museum on Spherus Magna, helping to catalogue the relics from the Matoran Universe. 


Well, the day came when there was a new crate coming in. Brotherhood of Makuta stuff, some rare finds. Tieran was assigned to take note of everything. People have always assumed that all of the Brotherhood's more evil creations were wiped out with them, but they're wrong. A few survived. One of these few attacked him after he opened the crate, a shadow leech. He ran from the museum, knowing he would be in deep trouble if he was caught. So he started over, a new name, and a new life. So far, for the past few years, it's been working pretty well.


Name: Firen Eltair

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Kanohi: Hau

Appearance: Firen is a tall Toa with gun metal gray base armor, though most of it is rarely seen. He is rarely seen without his trademark trench coat, long, and a shade of gray slightly lighter than that of his armor. It hugs his body comfortably down to the waist, where it loosens for ease of movement. The upper half of his face is almost always obscured by a dark green visor, a color nicely complimenting the rest of his appearance. Firen could overall be called handsome, though few are ever in a situation wherein more pleasant adjectives could be applied.

Powers: Firen controls what has been called the first "synthetic element". Through a series of implants throughout his body, Firen's original elemental power is modified and repurposed, used to control data. In a world where data is abundant, on the internet, in mobile devices, and many crimes are performed entirely through digital means, this makes him incredibly effective as an enforcer of the law. He can create, manipulate, and absorb his element, acting almost as a mobile computer. He can also remotely activate and control autonomic functions, such as the ones integrated into his equipment.

Weapons: Rather than being outfitted with "standard" armament, Firen's equipment has been tailored to his unique skill set. Holstered at his side are two pistols, outfitted with a variety of sensors to help improve his aim by providing real time data. This is a function rarely used, as it requires a longer amount of time to process than one usually has in the midst of a fire fight. Though it has been compared to a Sanok, it is not nearly so effective, as there is a very real risk of operator error. A pair of electric knuckledusters are kept on his person, designed to stun an opponent with a nonlethal shock. A single knife is kept at his waist, to deal with those who still prefer bladed weapons. The final piece of gear is a green visor that attaches to his mask, linked to his implants, that allows him to view data in real time.

Vehicle: Firen's pride and joy is the motorcycle that was custom built for his use. The machine is jet black, and emblazoned on either side with the police logo, mounted on a rotating panel for off duty times. Instead of the traditional handlebars, Firen's arms slid into armored spaces on either side, interfacing with and controlling the bike directly. However, a pair of handlebars are folded away, in the event that his implants cease to function. The vehicle is sleek as can be, with its driver almost horizontal when riding, their face protected by an aerodynamic windshield.

Abilities: In addition to the new element, the implants within Firen's body grant several other benefits. His brain has been augmented, allowing faster decision making, and quicker reaction times. His speed has not been increased, merely the speed at which he can react to stimuli. He can interface directly with any computer controlled device using contact points located in his palms, acting as a conduit if you will for the use of his element. When doing so, he requires no physical peripherals to control the device. He also has a direct connection to security databases and census data, at least as far as his clearance allows. This connection extends to the internet. A side effect of the enhancements to his brain is that his mind is less susceptible to meddling. Note, he is not immune, he merely has an added edge in defending himself.

Weaknesses: Against living opponents, his element has no direct uses. He cannot use it to attack directly, nor can he use it to defend himself. His mask is also rendered powerless by his implants, and the only way to regain both his original element and his mask power would be to have the implants surgically removed. While designed to resist powerful surges, a strong enough electric shock could also knock the technological side of his implants for a spin, requiring time to correct themselves.

Occupations: Law Enforcement Official

Personality: Firen is a rather friendly person, as fond of a good joke as you or I. He tends toward a lenient personality, rarely leveling the maximum penalty unless the crime committed was, as he puts it, "unforgivable". It has been speculated this is because of the past he once led, but the truth to this is up for debate. However, when confronted with a serious threat to society , his demeanor changes completely. Gone is the levity, replaced by a unwavering determination to do what must be done.

History: Firen did not always lead the life he now does. In fact, a long time ago, he walked on the opposite side of the law. His younger days were spent on the streets of Central City, running with one group or another. It was during these days he honed his skills as a hacker, skills that would later become useful in a different manner. He had no real loyalty to anyone, and sided with whomever was most beneficial for him at the time. It wasn't a personal behavior, it was simply how things were. When every force on both sides of the law either wanted you gone or in handcuffs, you took the chances you got, and pitied the ones who didn't get them later.


That was before he got caught. Central City's officers had been making a big push to cut down on gang activity, and it was starting to show. On a rather routine note, Firen and several of his fellow gangmembers had been caught. Most of them ran and got away. Firen didn't blame them for it, he'd have done the same were he in their shoes. He quickly found himself in a holding cell, a temporary destination while they tried to figure out how to proceed. He ended up getting a lenient sentence due to his age, and rather than going to a prison, he was placed under what he would later call "institution arrest". He was sent to be, for lack of a better word, rehabilitated. He could do whatever he wanted within the building in which he had been placed, but he couldn't leave. Though at first he had resented it, he eventually realized it was a chance. A chance to get out of the hardships he used to deal with, and straighten out before he landed himself in a real prison. Needless to say, he took to the task whole heartedly.


A few short years later, he had joined the police force. It had taken serious work, but he'd managed to get in, despite his relatively minor criminal record. He served with distinction, and earned the attention of some ambitious researchers. Unbeknownst to Firen, while he had been busy with his life, technology had reached the point where it was ready to be tested on a living person. His particular skill set happened to fit what they needed quite well. He signed on almost immediately, and hasn't looked back. The abilities granted to him have allowed him to do his job even better, and he uses them as best he can. 

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[color=rgb(128,128,128);]STAFF NPCName: KopakaGender: MaleSpecies: Turaga NuvaKanohi: Noble Akaku Nuva (Mask of Vision)Appearance: About a head taller than most Matoran. Not all that hunched over, but not quite standing straight up. Snowy-white armor and Noble Akaku; light blueish grey arms and legs with gunmetal grey Turaga robe.Powers: Limited Ice abilities, greater than a normal Turaga, and is able to share his Noble mask's power to those around him.Weapons: An ice-ax/staff hybrid that he uses as badge of office and walking stick.[/color][color=rgb(128,128,128);]Abilities: Resistance to extreme cold, able to shut anyone up just by giving them a Kopaka look. Is still extremely good at staring contests even though he has only one scope instead of three. (Watch out.)Weaknesses: As a Turaga, Kopaka lacks the strength and dexterity that made him a famous and feared Toa. Is weak to heat-based powers.Occupations: Council Deputy of Mata MagnaPersonality: Still about as anti-social as he was during his years as a Toa. Although, he has become a bit more talkative. Not really. Kopaka will be Kopaka. Nothing can change that.[/color][color=rgb(128,128,128);]History: Once a proud Toa, Kopaka became a Turaga with the rest of his Toa team after helping to save Mata Magna from a Skrall invasion. Isn't as strict as Tahu, but only because he doesn't seem to talk to anyone. When he does talk, people generally listen.[/color] 



"Of course I can tell you.  No, I won't tell you."

[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Name:[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);] Kyrilik[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Gender:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]Male[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Species: [/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]“Conjurer”'s species[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Kanohi:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]N/A[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Appearance:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]Tall, muscular, and clad in blue, silver, and white armor. His appearance is intimidating to most other sentient species, and numerous short spikes cover his armor. Seems to be fairly average for his species at a distance, but upon closer examination, he is much more bulky with unusually thick armor. His eyes are an orange color, and his heartlight shares this color.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Powers: [/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Variable. Unlike others of his species, Kyrilik lacks the powerful telekinetic abilities, instead has the unusual ability to copy the powers of other beings. This includes Kanohi and elemental powers. However, each new power copied replaces the last. Additionally, analyzing and copying the powers take time, the more complex the power, the longer the copying time. Copying a minor power of a rahi, like the Lightfish's ability to glow, would take only seconds. While copying the full elemental power of a Toa would take hours to complete. He does not need to see the power in action to copy it, but this shortens the time needed to copy it. When copied, he does not gain any understanding on the use of the power, and must learn how to wield it correctly on his own. Even if he copied a power before, it would take the same amount of time to replicate it again. The power will slowly fade away if not used for a period of time. (Current copied power: illusion casting from a Great Mahiki, but did not copy the shapeshifting ability.)[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Weapons:[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);] A gigantic, nearly indestructible, protosteel shield that can absorb energy-based attacks (such as lightning and plasma) into itself. This absorbed energy eventually dissipates, and serves no other purpose. A Rhotuka Launcher is built into the shield and fires Rhotuka that have powers tied to seismic energies. They can be used to impact a target with extreme force, or create directional miniature quakes if directed towards the ground.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Abilities: [/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Kyrilik is physically powerful, greater in terms of strength than a Toa. Despite his size, he is surprisingly stealthy, able to move nearly unnoticed in low-light areas. He is intelligent with a razor-sharp mind with amazing analytical abilities. He has nearly perfect recall of any information, and can remember entire pages of information with single glance.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Weaknesses:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]His main weakness is the fact that he doesn't have a set power. As such, he isn't as skilled with using his copied powers as other beings. Because of this, there is the distinct possibility that he will end up injuring himself with his own power. He has a great hate for water, and will go to great lengths to avoid it. His armor is weak against energy-based attacks, and so his shield is his only defence against them.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Occupations:[/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);] [/color][color=rgb(0,0,128);]Information Broker, works for the Matoran Universe Museum by collecting artifacts from the Great Spirit Robot's wreck.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]Personality:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]Aloof and a loner, Kyrilik isn't one to work in a team. Generally keeps to himself, but isn't anti-social. Despite his attitude, Kyrilik is usually in a good mood, with a small grin ever present on his face.[/color][color=rgb(105,105,105);]History:[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]Worked in the Matoran Universe as a trader, traveling around selling from boats to exotic weapons. He became respected in that occupation, and gained quite a bit of information during his travels. Of course, he was willing to give this information out... For the right price. It was rumored that the Dark Hunters tried to recruit him into their ranks, but it seemed he had declined. Only a few being knew why, and those that did weren't actually going to tell anyone. Kyrilik was a member of the Order Of Mata Nui, using his vast amounts of information to further this organization's goals. Using his reputation of an honest being, he was able to slightly manipulate those who came to him for information. Never for his personal gain, though.[/color] [color=rgb(0,0,128);]After evacuating the MU, Kyrilik decided to try and gather all that he could of the former world that he lived in.[/color] 



"Famous with the cops and the ladies.  Now excuse me while I go find some stylish shades."

[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Name:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Elirak[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Gender:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Male[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Species:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Toa of Acid[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Kanohi:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Great Mask of Time Perception- Allows the user to speed up or slow down how a target (or themselves) perceives time.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Appearance:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Just slightly above the average height for a Toa. Athletic build corded with lean muscle, but not overly bulky. His armor is streamlined and angular, but not smooth. Twin claw-like spikes extend from his shoulder armor, while his gauntlets have raised ridges running along their length. Two swept-back spikes come from his chest plate and extend over his shoulders, while his back armor is segmented to allow for amazing range of motion. The rest of his armor is stylized in this fashion, giving him a distinct look. [/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]His Kanohi is custom shaped, and has a built-in HUD with slight magnification abilities. Two swept-back ridges extend from the brow and back, while a third larger one sits between these two. A flat, long visor takes up most of the front of the Kanohi, while two more angled spikes extend from the mouth piece. His chest, forearms, hands, lower legs, and Kanohi are mainly a lime color that fades to a more yellow hue. The rest of his armor is gunmetal black coloration that seems to actually absorb light. The various attachments on his armor are a silver coloration. His eyes shine bright violet from under his Kanohi's visor, a color that is shared with his heartlight. Commonly wears a black trench coat with a high collar and white fedora to hide his identity.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Powers: [/color][color=rgb(0,255,0);]Elemental power over Acid, allowing him to create, shape, and control various acidic substances.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Weapons:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Electrified radius blades that splay out in a line from the back of his hand to his elbow from sheaths on his gauntlets. They can fold back inside for concealment. Each device has five separate blades, with the ones closer to his hands being longer and extend past his knuckles. A two-handed sword is strapped across his back. Its blade is constructed of protosteel, and the metal is stark white. This sword has a single edge, and is stylized to match his armor. Notches run along the first third of the blade. Four just-barely-not-quite-long knives are held in his back armor.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Abilities:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Fast, light on his feet with amazing reflexes. You would think this guy had a (low-power) Calix at times. He is primarily a close-range melee fighter, and is an excellent martial artist. A high caliber swordsman as well, Elirak is entirely self-taught, and doesn't exactly have a set style of fighting. He has just above average elemental control, but is in no way an elementalist. His armor is resistant to rust and wear as a result of his elemental power. While he lacks in defense, his sheer raw power in physical abilities makes up for it somewhat. He is a master thief and savvy hacker as well.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Weaknesses:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Ranged fighting for an extended period of time. While he can hold his own for a bit, his combat style doesn't focus on that type of fighting. Power can only compensate so much for his lack of defense, and a measured enough fighting style can counter his own seemingly random one.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Occupations:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Thief[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Personality:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Quick witted, sly, more than a bit eccentric; all of these are good ways to describe him. Always has a joke or witty response on hand. Has a thing for deadpanned humor and ironic situations. He makes friends (and enemies) rather easily. Almost completely carefree and an adrenaline junky in all possible ways, and can be hotheaded in certain situations. Although, his personality can shift dramatically at times to dark, depressed, and quite nearly insane. Nonetheless, normally a nice guy trying to do good. Or what he thinks of as good. Behind this personality he is surprisingly intelligent with a knack for finding things out about people. Even by just watching them.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]History:[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]From the shifty grin always present on his Kanohi, you wouldn't expect this guy's history to be spotless. And well, you're not wrong. In fact, you're dead right. He has enough counts of theft, resisting arrest, and unwarrented awesomeness to fill a few hard drives of data. And that's just what the police know about. Growing up in the streets of Olford didn't exactly give him a good start to life, but he tries to put that behind him. Its not something you get fond childhood memories from.[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]He learned quite quickly how to take care of himself, and became very good at reading people. When you're in a situation that he was in, knowing whether someone was going to punch you and take your wallet verses giving you a hug and taking your wallet is a very handy skill to have. One of the best things happened to him when he managed to make his way out of the dreary city and into Central City, but he had already acquired a dark outlook on life that tried to hide behind humor and I don't care attitude.[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]Reaching Central City made him discover one simple, but important, fact. People had money. Lots of it, too. So much that he didn't believe they could possibly spend it all within their lifetime, or the next. So, he did the most obvious thing. He stole it. And then he got good at stealing it, very good. Soon enough his face was known to ever cop in the city... or what the cops thought was his face. In no way greedy, the thief would give away what he didn't need, mostly to less successful people.[/color] [color=rgb(0,255,0);]The rest is... History. Meaning the security force doesn't know about it.[/color] 

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Name:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia Serehk[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Gender:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Female[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Species:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Toa of Light (Av-Toa)[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Kanohi:[/color][color=rgb(255,215,0);] Pakari, the Great Mask of Strength[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Appearance:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Tall, lithe, and lean. Her armor is smooth, light, very modernized, and segmented to allow for unobstructed movement, standard issue for the DoS. Made of a protosteel/exsidian alloy, it is extremely durable but doesn't sacrifice agility and is surprisingly light. As usual for DoS, her armor is mainly white, with thick parallel bright blue lines running across the various sections. Her Kanohi is similar in shape to a Hau, but is much more streamlined in appearance, and shares the blue-striped white color scheme. Her eyes and heartlight are a bright, ice-blue color.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Powers:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Having the elemental power over light, Alyia can shape, create, and absorb light. This includes producing lasers of varying intensities, creating both intangible and tangible holograms, manipulating how one sees their body, etc. She can create solid objects out of light, as well as travel at lightspeed. Alyia frequently uses this ability, but it is still nowhere are controllable as a Kakama. Alyia has around average control over her elemental power, and like all Av-Toa, she is both weak to elemental Shadow and strong against it. Her Kanohi grants her super strength far beyond what a being could normally muster.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Weapons:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia has a multitude of weapons available for use, but generally uses what can best be described as a modernized lightstone rifle. This one being much more user-friendly and efficient to use as a result in advancements in technology. The basic pricipal is the same, the rifle fires electrificed lightstones that can stun the target with electrical energy or the released explosion of light. The miniature lightstones are loaded from a magazine inserted into the bottom of the weapon, and is equipped with a scope for longer ranges. Unlike the earlier versions of the weapon, these miniature lightstones don't break on impact. She uses an electro chute blade for melee ranges, but the weapon itself is known to be unreliable, getting frozen at different power settings.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Abilities:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia is physically fit and athletic. She is more skilled with fighting with her elemental power than with bladed weapons, but could hold her own for a while in such a battle. Her Pakari counters this weakness slightly, allowing her to make up for her lack of skill. If fighting does get close, the Av-Toa uses hand-to-hand rather than fighting with swords, and her already impressive skill there is further increased with her Kanohi power.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Weaknesses: [/color][color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia isn't especially strong in terms of brute strength, one of the reasons she had taken to wearing a Pakari. Any skilled swordsman would easily best her in bladed combat if they kept her from getting to hand-to-hand range. Her fighting style and equipment noticeably lacks in defense, so any constant attack kept up that she couldn't dodge would be effective against her.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Occupations:[/color][color=rgb(255,215,0);] Head of Investigations at the Department of Security.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]Personality:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia is an energetic, always-on-the-move, I've-just-had-three-cups-of-coffee-and-my-head-is-going-to-explode-omg kind of person. More than a bit of an adrenaline junky, and has a thing for doing things her own way, the Av-Toa doesn't really have a thing for following orders. Unofficial orders, that is. She knows when to be serious, and despite her outward attitude, takes things one step at a time. Persistent and never one to give up.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,255);]History:[/color] [color=rgb(255,215,0);]Alyia grew up in Central City, and actually had a fairly average life. Actually, the sheer averageness of it was almost abnormal. Which she found extremely boring. As such, she always tried to make things either fun or exciting in any way possible. More than once DoS officials had to pull her out of somewhere, but Alyia never actually did anything wrong. At the first chance she got, Alyia joined the DoS herself, and rose through the ranks. Not quickly, given her early “I've got to move right now and get this done and-” attitude. Eventually, though, she became head of the investigative branch of the DoS.[/color]

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[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Name: WrathakGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Kanohi Felnas, Mask of DisruptionAppearance: Wrathak is a Toa of exceptional height, clad in jet-black armor that glistens when exposed to light, akin to a night sky with twinkling stars. It features a splatter of blood-red scattered across the entire suit that appears as if red paint was added to him by the of flicking a paintbrush. Most of these markings are speckles, though some are the size of small blotches. Perhaps most intimidating of his appearance is the image of a skeleton painted across his mask, armor plating, gauntlets, and boots that actually traces over his own bones. The substance used to give his attire its red decorations gives off a glow in low-lit areas, creating an eerie effect for those who see it. The palms of his armored hands and soles of his boots are bright red. In addition, Wrathak will occasionally wear a black, hooded cloak to prevent both sunlight and any unwanted attention from focusing on him.Powers: Elemental Powers of Shadow, all the aspects of which he wields with precision, except the formation of a Shadow Hand.Abilities: Due to spending much of his time in the shadows and night, Wrathak has developed limited night vision. He is also very well mentally disciplined, able to thwart unskillful psionic-users, and is an excellent sword fighter.Weapons: Wrathak wields a weapon identical to the Agori Sahmad's tool. Being a combination of a launcher and blade, it can be used as an element-channeling sword or double as a blaster that can fire vibrant red, Fear-inducing Zamor Spheres (equivalent to level four of the Kraata power). Those struck by the Zamors gain a faint red nimbus around their bodies. He also owns a Tablet of Transit, though possession of this token is kept a secret and stored in his home.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Weaknesses: Unfortunately, his night vision, coupled with his powers over Darkness, makes him vulnerable to bright lights, both natural and elemental, though average daylight is harmless.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Occupations: None[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Personality: Wrathak exhibits a righteous personality, despite being an entity whose spirit is tarnished by evil. He is beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Makuta are deities, and that everyone must conform to The Way – a belief of his own invention that everything should belong to shadow and void of any light. The Toa sees it as his mission in life to convert others to his twisted religion by siphoning their inner light.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]History: Originally a Matoran residing in the west, Wrathak was bitten by a vampiric Shadow Leech during a night in his village around the time of the Destiny War. His moral light drained by the creature, he became a Shadow Matoran and was taken by the Makuta, as he exhibited a certain trait that all Matoran destined to become Toa have. He was then transferred to the fortress of Destral, where he was brainwashed by the Makuta, told repeatedly that he was to amount to great power. Wrathak was the Toa that Teridax had in mind when planning to recreate the Nui Stone.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]The Makuta that Wrathak was assigned to mentored him in the use of his elemental powers, and had the Toa assist in his own tasks and commanding several of his forces. Near the close of the war, his master was killed during an assault from the Order of Mata Nui. Wrathak managed to evade both capture and death, for he was absent from that particular battlefield.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]When Teridax achieved control over the Matoran Universe, the new “Great Spirit” rewarded his dark servant with a high position in his new world, tasking him with eliminating rebellions and enforcing his will. He participated in the Battle of Bara Magna, fighting alongside Teridax’s Rahkshi and Skakdi minions.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]In an attempt to avoid imprisonment after the battle in the newly forming society, the Toa of Shadow went into hiding until any memory of his past deeds and atrocities were forgotten. He reemerged into society with wealth attained from the treasures of the Brotherhood that had survived the Destiny War, which he had retrieved during the evacuation of the Great Spirit Robot.[/color]

[color=rgb(204,0,0);]Wrathak continues to revere the deceased Makuta as gods, though in private to prevent arrest and suspicion. In his elegant home is housed a black altar where he performs his little ceremonies and rituals, carved from ebony, obsidian-like rock salvaged from the throne room on Destral, with the sigil of the Brotherhood engraved into its rough surface.[/color]


Name: GorakGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiKanohi: NoneAppearance: Gorak is a rather tall and burly Skakdi, coated in a suit of pitch-black armor featuring an intricate pattern of luminescent, pale green lines that trace over his own skeletal structure; the lines split at the edge of his skull, some of which run across the side of his head and connect with the sides of his menacing, sickly green eyes – and the others travel across his chin to touch the lower lip of his mouth. He has multiple strange tattoos adorning his body, all of them emitting a soft, green light like the lines across his frame. His skin, head, and spine are all jet-black in color, and his facial and spinal design share a resemblance to those of Reidak. Gorak sports numerous battle scars on both of his armoring and flesh, as well as a ragged, hooded cloak woven from black thread, which several of his spinal spikes poke through the holes of.Powers: Elemental Powers of Magnetism (in conjunction with another Skakdi). His vision power has disintegrative properties, equivalent to stage five of the Kraata power of Disintegration in terms of strength. His third, individual ability enables him to exude a greenish nimbus that can absorb and neutralize energy attacks.Abilities: As a Skakdi, Gorak possesses the prominent physicalities natural to his species, such as great strength, endurance, etc. His mentality and will is notably stronger and more disciplined than average for his kind, allowing him to better resist the temptations of battle, as well as greater focus. He is also an experienced sword fighter.Weapons: A large sword capable of channeling his elemental energies when available (resembling the one held in this image), the teeth of which are forged from protosteel. His large claws are sharp enough to pierce through weak metal and rock barriers. He also carries a deck of metal throwing cards in his cloak, each one sharpened to a keen edge.Weaknesses: Gorak has developed an allergy to the juices of Madu fruits, especially those of the ripened version, Madu Cabolo. This forces him to flee should the volatile fluids be exposed, or he risks an unsavory wave of sickness. As a Skakdi, much of his power is unavailable unless he is partnered with a willing specimen of his race. His cockiness and sense of superiority can also be taken advantage of by others.Occupations: Owner of The Golden Widget, a flashy casino situated in Ga-Koro-Nui on Casino Lane where he likes to profit from the misfortunes of others. He is also the leader of a small ring comprised of several criminals, mostly hired thugs he orders around to collect payment from those he deals with. His group operates in the basement of his business.Personality: Gorak exhibits traits often attributed to his species, such as greed, a hunger for power and conflict, and arrogance. Although seemingly possessing the typical attitude for a Skakdi, he likes view himself as above his kin and take charge of any around, perceiving them almost as rash brutes. He is also casually cruel to others and delights in the suffering of smaller creatures.History: Gorak, following the experiment on his people and the outbreak of war plaguing his homeland of Zakaz, took residence on the island of Stelt, where he established his own merchant business. His methods were not unlike those of the natives, as he often used violence to discourage similar companies from competing against him.At the time of Teridax’s domination of the Matoran Universe, the Skakdi attempted to continue his trade despite the panic throughout his world. However, he was forced to shut down when the Mata Nui robot became uninhabitable, and immigrated to the newly formed planet.Gorak came to settle in Ga-Koro-Nui, where he acquired ownership of a casino that had been given to him due to the debt of the former owner. A new opportunity before him, the Skakdi hired several unsavory individuals into a gang to harass others into purchasing security or forging deals with him.

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[color=#808080;]The Sentinel[/color]

[color=#808080;]Name: Alpha[/color]

[color=#808080;]Gender: It (prefers to be called male)[/color]

[color=#808080;]Species: Robotic Toa[/color]

[color=#808080;]Kanohi: N/A[/color]

[color=#808080;]Appearance: A gigantic, silver, gleaming, and eight feet tall machine of destruction, ‘Alpha’ is a robot. His creators stylized him after Toa since those were the heroes that he is supposed to replace one day. While from afar, someone would mistake for him a Toa, when he is up and close, it is incredibly clear that Alpha is indeed a robotic creation. Huge silver armor and beneath the armor are gears and wires that give life to the monstrosity. His eyes glow a red color and his ‘face’ was designed after a Kanohi, the Hau in particular, so his face simply looks like a metal, silver version of the regular mask.[/color]

[color=#808080;]Powers: Despite being based on Toa, his creators were unable to give him elemental powers. Instead, they took inspiration from the mask powers of the original Toa Mata. Alpha was given incredible strength, although not on the level of a Pakari-user. He can lift about half of what they're capable of throwing and that is at the robot's maximum strength with full power and everything. He also has incredible running speed, not fast enough to move at the speed of sound or anything like that, but probably at about 25% percent of a Kakama's top speed.. X-Ray vision was built into his eyes from day one, along with water-breathing which was quite easy to achieve since Alpha didn’t require oxygen like most inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. Levitation was built into his boots and the Toa can achieve semi-flight which just the kick of his foot.[/color]

[color=#808080;]Finally, he is able to erect seemingly impenetrable force fields around himself. It is limited to only one person and that is Alpha. The force field does have vulnerability to elemental attacks and it also runs on his electronic energy. The longer he keeps the force field up, the more it drains him.[/color]

[color=#808080;]Weapons: Alpha prefers to take down targets without violence so his creators didn’t really give him any weapons. One could say in a way that Alpha is the weapon…[/color]

[color=#808080;]Abilities: His natural robotic abilities are basically greater stamina, and a robot mind. He’s not necessarily smarter then everyone else; information has basically been programmed into his head. He knows all kinds of history and math, but he can’t really comprehend it or understand it either. It’s still quite useful when investigating a crime or when he ever encounters a math problem.  [/color]

[color=#808080;]Weaknesses: In a way, Alpha fears Toa of Lightning. They’re his natural enemy after all. By overloading him with electricity, they can temporarily cause Alpha to blackout and go through a long reboot process before he is up and running again.[/color]

[color=#808080;]Occupations: ‘Civilian’ consultant for the Department of Security[/color]

[color=#808080;]Personality: To put it simple, Alpha is somewhat of a child. He is very curious and has little understanding of the world around him. He sees the world in black and white, something that his creators intended. Criminals are criminals and Toa are heroes; this is what he believes. He’s never even thought of the paradox where a Toa is the criminal and the idea of facing new, strange things does indeed frighten him. He still wishes to understand the nature of the beings around him and in a way Alpha wants to be like them. He wants to understand concepts like the Toa Code and heroism… He wishes to become a real Toa and therein his motivation for doing some pretty strange stuff. Alpha also has the unique ability to adapt, something that most robots don’t have. When he encounters new stuff, he learns and understands how to overcome it.[/color]

[color=#808080;]History: The first in a line of robotic Toa, the company who created Alpha believed that these robotic protectors would be the next step in evolution. They planned for Alpha and his brothers to replace Toa who they considered obsolete and old-fashioned. Their plans didn’t quite go the way they wanted, though. Their labs and testing grounds were raided by an unknown faction who didn’t want the robotic Toa project to succeed. The scientist who had created Alpha and was his surrogate mother, Dr. Shashel, was murdered before the robot’s eyes. The entire staff was eliminated and the data regarding the project was deleted. The other robots were hunted down and dismantled, but Alpha managed to escape for he was programmed with a hidden function.  He escaped to Central City, where the Department of Security found him and took him in as a consultant, seeing how useful his abilities could be for them in their investigations. Alpha was happy to do so for he wished to understand the things around him and the Department of Security was in excellent way to do this.[/color]


[color=#000080;]The Ancient One[/color]

[color=#000080;]Name: Kilayox[/color]

[color=#000080;]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#000080;]Species: Toa of Water[/color]

[color=#000080;]Kanohi: Mask of Transmutation – an old mask and one that is rarely seen in the universe, it’s name lost to the passage of time, the mask of transmutation allows Kilayox to transmute materials. For example, she could turn steel into sand. The ability does have its limits, though. Firstly, transmutation is all about equality. She can not create anything out of nothing; she has to have an equivalent exchange. If she wanted to create a sword made from gold, she’d have to find materials that would equal the exact weight and size of that sword. Her mask also requires physical touch and takes a bit of concentration to do. It’s not really applicable in a fight unless she has time on her hand. Finally, the Mask of Transmutation cannot create or transmute Protosteel.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Appearance: An incredibly tall and lanky Toa who stands at eight feet tall, Kilayox isn’t very attractive. She does have a certain aura of power too her and to those around her, she often appears to be a great warrior. Her armor is blue and gold and she has somewhat of a mermaid design to her armor. There are fins on her shoulders, forearms, and the back of her knees. Her feet are also webbed. She also has a slight hunch in her back, adding to the savage warrior appearance she has. Her Kanohi is similar to Glatorian Tarix’s helmet with the addition of golden wings on the side of the helmet.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Powers: A master of her element, Kilayox can control water in all it’s forms such as rain, mists, and even steam.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weapons: Her weapon of choice is an ancient mace with sharp spikes on it. She is a very brutal person and has no problems bashing someone’s head out with her mace.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Abilities: A great warrior – Kilayox has incredible strength and agility for a Toa her size.[/color]

[color=#000080;]Weaknesses: While strong, Kilayox’s body was kept in stasis for thousands of years. As one might imagine, she’s not exactly the sturdiest Toa who ever lived. If she is hit hard enough and attacked by enough enemies, she’ll probably go down, not without a fight though…[/color]

[color=#000080;]Occupations: Explorer[/color]

[color=#000080;]Personality: An arrogant person, Kilayox is very prideful and she often sees herself being above other people. She looks down on pretty much everyone and the only way to earn her respect is through battle. She has a rather simple way of looking at things and while she isn’t stupid, she can be a bit ignorant. The world that she left was not the same as the world that she woke in, Kilayox is very confused about her surroundings. In her time, Toa were rare, now the world is full with Toa who in Kilayox’s eyes, have not earned the right to call themselves Toa at all. She has no problem with testing them either to see if they live up to the title. She also doesn’t have the same morals that many Toa hold dear. In her time, the Toa Code had not come into existence yet. She has no problem with taking a life and is somewhat of a savage when it comes to battle, killing without hesitation. She is not a monster, though. She does believe in protecting the innocent from harm, but she treats Matoran more like subjects than citizens.[/color]

[color=#000080;]History: An ancient Toa and one of the first that was brought into existence from the early days of the Matoran Universe. In her days, Toa were great warriors who fought in grand battles for the glory of Mata-Nui. Kilayox was one of these ancient Toa and she relished the joys of battle. However, she also had a destiny to accomplish. Her destiny wouldn’t come for a thousand years so it was agreed that she would be put into stasis until the day came that she needed to fulfill her destiny. She was told that it would only be a thousand years, but the stasis pod malfunctioned and she was kept in stasis for several thousands years, sleeping through the Great Cataclysm and Teridax’s takeover of the Matoran Universe. When the Great Spirit robot was destroyed on Bara Magna, Kilayox’s pod was launched from the robot in an emergency protocol that the designers had added. She landed and was buried into the sands to sleep for more years, still undisturbed by the events that were occurring around her. However, a group of Matoran and Agori miners would later unearth her while in the desert digging for precious minerals. They accidentally awoke the Toa from stasis and now Kilayox is in a world that has both forgotten her and changed in ways that she cannot even imagine…[/color]


The Big Man

Name: Korindal

Gender: Male

Species: Toa of Earth

Kanohi: Mask of Biomechanics

Appearance: Korindal is the ridiculously large and in charge crime boss of Central City. He has a very imposing frame to say the least, standing at seven feet with wide shoulders that make it difficult to squeeze through a door. He wears the biggest and most impressive-looking armor that one can buy and wears expensive clothing. He normally can be seen in a clean cut black suit with a red tie wrapped around his broad neck. It is also incredibly tight on his frame, but he still manages to make it work without seeming ridiculous. To complete this, he also wears nice black dress shoes that shine even in the dark. That’s how squeaky clean he keeps them. He has the face of a thug though, wearing a Mask of Biomechanics in the shape of a black Pakari. His eyes gleam red underneath the mask, intimidating whoever they happened to fall on.  

 Powers: He controls the element of earth and is full aware of the power he holds. Dirt, soil, and the ground itself all answer to his powers. His Mask of Biomechanics only adds to his formidability since he has been able to enhance his mechanical gears to their full level of movement. He’s incredibly quick for a guy his size and when he hits someone, they normally stay down. He can also slow down other beings slightly with the use of his power.

Weapons: Unusually, he wields no visible weapons. His Toa tools are in fact the large brass knuckles that he wears on his fist. He can channel his elemental energy through it and unleash elemental blasts of earth from his fists. The brass knuckles are also ridiculously hard, having been carved from diamond.

Abilities: A ridiculous amount of strength and speed as said before. He combines these assets with his boxing talent, delivering quick and fast punches to other fighters, quickly incapacitating them before they can do any damage.

Weaknesses: Strangely, he is susceptible to elemental light for reasons that are in his back story. He also has a problem facing against enemies who can attack from long-range since his abilities and elements are more suited for close combat.

Occupations: CEO if Wolfram & Hart in the day, Crime Boss at night

Personality: A twisted and power hungry man, Korindal has climbed from the bottom to the top and plans to only go further. He is incredibly selfish and greedy who will do anything to attain more power. He has no problem with murdering innocents and he has no true loyalties besides himself. Of course, that’s his personality behind the scenes. To the people of Ga-Koro Nui, Korindal appears to be a benevolent and gentle man who also happens to be a reformed criminal. This is nothing but an act, though. He puts his own men behind the bars, only for them to be released weeks later on parole. With this clean operation, he is able to maintain his guise as the city’s savior and also as a good crime boss. As one can understand, he is incredibly intelligent, not in science or math, but in street smarts. He’s very cunning and can find himself out of nearly any situation.

History: A monster of a Toa, Korindal has quickly climbed the ranks of crime and evil in no time. In the Matoran Universe, he was nothing but a Shadow Matoran and a bonafide thug who did little thinking. However, constant harassment and abuse by his lords, the Makuta, he realized that the role of thug simply wasn’t enough for him. He had to accumulate power, and then he would be on top and not at the bottom. He spent many years planning and was incredibly patient. When the Brotherhood finally fell, Korindal drained his shadow powers through the use of a Klakk. He was now just an ordinary Onu-Matoran albeit with an annoying weakness to elemental light from his previous transformation. A reformed criminal, he could blame all of his previous crimes on being controlled by the Makuta. When the universe was destroyed, he safely escaped to Bara Magna where he now had an opportunity to establish his own criminal empire. He was also strangely transformed into a Toa before this.


Taking his place in Ga-Koro Nui, Korindal set up a small law firm known as Wolfram & Hart, using his knowledge of law that he had read from ancient scrolls in the Brotherhood of Makuta’s libraries. With this knowledge and his past seemingly erased, Koridal established a foothold by hiring elite assassins and hit men to work for him. Framing his business rivals, he was able to have Wolfram & Hart make the transformation of small law firm into a multi-branch corporation. He used his corporation to take out other crime bosses and soon, he had the allegiance of half the gangs in the city. While his takeover is facing opposition, Korindal believes that he will eventually own the entire city and is interesting in moving into Mata Magna’s other city, Central City.

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Name: [color=#4b0082;]“Endelig”[/color]Gender: [color=#4b0082;]Male[/color]Species: [color=#4b0082;]Agori[/color]Kanohi: [color=#4b0082;]N/A[/color]Appearance: [color=#4b0082;]Like [/color]THIS [color=#4b0082;]except he is an Agori with black and purple armor. He wears a helmet instead of the mask present, though it is shaped in a very similar manner. His dagger, sword and staff are hidden underneath an all black travelling cloak that includes a hood, which is often up and shrouding Endelig’s face in shadows.[/color]Powers: [color=#4b0082;]N/A[/color]Weapons: [color=#4b0082;]A strong, sturdy wooden staff and a dagger[/color]Abilities:[color=#4b0082;] N/A[/color]Weaknesses: [color=#4b0082;]He’s very old, making him more fragile to any sort of physical hit, and his wounded leg makes it hard for Endelig to match the speed of others.[/color]Occupations: [color=#4b0082;]Librarian & Owner of Agoritarian Library (Official), Traveller (Unofficial)[/color]Personality: [color=#4b0082;]Rather sarcastic at times, and also rather impatient with "younglings who don't know anything" (ie. everyone) - if one cares to get to know him however, Endelig can be caring and will share knowledge he has gained over the years.[/color]History: [color=#4b0082;]A member of the long-lost Gravity tribe of Agori – the tribe was struck by some unknown curse that caused almost every member’s body to crumple in upon itself, killing the Agori in question. Endelig was a member of a quest with six other Agori to find a cure, though they did not find it. Upon returning with the other four surviving quest members, they discovered everyone to be gone, leaving Endelig one of only five remaining Agori of the Gravity tribe. This was 300, 000 years before the arrival of the Matoran Universe inhabitants. Endelig took upon the name he now wears to remind himself of this, and it is doubtful anyone – even Endelig – remembers his true name.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Officially, ever since the rise of Mata Magna, Endelig has been a librarian in the Agoritarian Library within Central City. As of the year 25 RF, Endelig became the owner of the library. Since then he has rarely stepped foot into the building, instead travelling throughout Mata Magna (and sometimes beyond) to experience life, for at his age he doesn’t have anything to lose.[/color]



[color=#0000ff;]Name:[/color] Skrall

[color=#0000ff;]Gender: [/color]Male

[color=#0000ff;]Species: [/color]Skrall

[color=#0000ff;]Kanohi: [/color]None

[color=#0000ff;]Appearance: [/color]This Skrall is roughly the same as other Skrall, although one could note that he oddly has bright blue highlights on his armour rather than the usual bright red or green.

[color=#0000ff;]Powers: [/color]N/A

[color=#0000ff;]Abilities: [/color]This Skrall has been noted as highly dangerous with a bow and arrow, making him extremely effective in combat from afar and able to use his arrows as stabbing weapons effectively at close range. He is also stronger than most Skrall, on account of him often having to heave himself up to higher ground often in order to keep a good shot.

[color=#0000ff;]Weaknesses: [/color]He is very afraid of water - he becomes nervous when it rains, and if there is a body of water larger than a puddle he can't go near it at all. If he is splashed (whether by a Toa of Water or simply a bucket), he'll paralyze for several seconds with fear, giving opponents an opportunity to attack.

[color=#0000ff;]Weapons: [/color]He carries with him a bow made from Matoran Universe technology that he took from a Toa he slew. This bow was based on the powers of Takanuva, which means it is capable to generating arrows out of solidified light. These arrows are unlimited and can pass through walls and fly straight through beings (usually maiming them in the process), but will blink out of existence after a few seconds. He also has a quiver full of regular arrows that tend to last longer and do better at killing people, a small knife, and the standard Skrall Shield.

[color=#0000ff;]Occupation: [/color]Rogue Skrall Warrior

[color=#0000ff;]Personality: [/color]This Skrall is extremely honorable, to the point where he often will not partake in battle or a kill from afar via bow if it does not meet certain requirements to make it honorable for both him and his foe. He is deathly afraid of water, and even the mention of it can put him on edge at times. Other than that, he is generally an optimistic fellow, and one of the more friendly Skrall out there. However, he is also angry at the treatment his people have received.

[color=#0000ff;]History: [/color]This Skrall once served under Tuma, though he did not play a large role until the arrival of Makuta, where he temporarily struck out on his own and became a nightmare for both sides as he honed his bow and arrow skills by decimating camp sites in the night. Afterward he aided in the construction of Central City, before he was cast out and joined back with the Skrall. He is wandering the wilderness outside Central City at the present time, picking off lone travellers when he is unable to enter the city for supplies.



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[color=#a9a9a9;]Name:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Aishta[/color]

[color=#0000ff;](Former street name: A'isha)[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Gender: [/color][color=#0000ff;]Female[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Species:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Vo-Toa[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Kanohi: [/color][color=#0000ff;]Mask of Possibilities[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Appearance:[/color][color=#0000ff;] As per standard colors, primary is blue with secondary white. She is very angular and athletic, having spent most of her life on the streets. She would be considered extremely beautiful if she kept up her appearance, but is content to wear street clothes or the usual dirty mechanics outfit. In fact, if you want a visual, please click [/color][color=#0000ff;]this[/color][color=#0000ff;] link; she look almost exactly like Toa Nikila, mask and all.[/color]

[color=#0000ff;](Please note: this is not my artwork, but the labor of someone else. All credit goes to him)[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Powers:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Lightning[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Weapon(s): [/color][color=#0000ff;]A pair of Protodermis whips that are made of a thin, chain-like consistency. They double as her Toa Tools, and thus she is able to focus her energies through them, not only allowing raw electrical power to surge out into the environment, but also able to extend and retract the chains at will.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Vehicle: [/color][color=#0000ff;]A hovercycle. Operates via levitation disks and is powered by her own electricity. Built it from scratch, so it has many personalized features, such as the ability to extend when going fast and pull together in slower modes. Arguably one of the fasted vehicles over the road.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Abilities: [/color][color=#0000ff;]Master mechanic, a gift of machines she learned she had at a young age. Also, through many years of practice she is able to use her whips with a master's touch, preferring non-lethal weapons that double and movement aids and deterrents. She can blow out a candle with the tip, trip or tie up anyone within reach, use them to climb to unheard-of heights, and if things get real they become deadly energy conduits. This paired with her past as a gang member is very nimble, knowing parkour, which further adds to her ability to get around. Not to mention the best string of luck in the world...[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Weakness(es):[/color][color=#0000ff;] Water. Granted, she can swim, take a shower, do all the normal stuff, but if she tries to use her elemental powers in most circumstances involving water it'll just short her out, possibly doing backlash damage in the process. She is also not trusting of governments or large organizations, even if they have truly good intentions.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Occupation:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Mechanic - shop located in Ga-Koro-Nui, on the boarder between the harbor and hotel district; a sweet spot of business, particularly for the merchant ship and hotel courtesy truck and car fleets. Is also a part-time vigilante.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]Personality:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Free-spirited, tough, Independent, sometimes itching for a fight, though this is due to her upbringing - as a street urchin in Central City one had to learn to look out for oneself first. Doesn't trust large organization due to the lack of help and caring she experienced as a child, but more willing to trust individuals. Also hates dresses and other traditional girlish things; absolute tomboy at heart. That said, after the business exterior, she is a very generous and has been known to bend over backwards to help less fortunate people in a bind. Dry sense of humor, usual walks around with a half-smile. Still evokes a gang-member aura, a taint that can never be fully washed away.[/color]

[color=#a9a9a9;]History:[/color][color=#0000ff;] Was born an orphan, never knew her parents. Was bumped from orphanage to orphanage until literally kicked out into the streets, forcing her to learn to fend for herself at a young age. As she grew up she fell in with the local gangs, her face becoming one of the hundreds of young people stuck in the underworld of the glimmering city, with no life to live except that of the gang. As her rap sheet piled up and her life even became even looser, she found something that would change her life forever: in the trash she found a Mask of Possibilities. Without anything to lose she swapped out her old one, figuring it looked prettier than the old one.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Her luck changed instantly that day.[/color]


[color=#0000ff;]Over the course of the next several years, though seemingly random events, kind strangers at the right time, somehow surviving fights she should not have, she began to realize what a loser she was, and how terrible the life she had built for herself had become. Skipping the decades of details she eventually managed to get out of the streets, out of the gangs, and clean up her life with a hidden talent she never knew she had: mechanics. Machines, engines, power conduits... she could build and repair anything she touched, which caught the eye of a local parts dealer. He took her in, and after a few months had earned enough money and learned enough about life to strike out on her own, leaving her past behind, even to the point of altering her name. Today she is a very successful business owner of her own shop in Ga-Koro-Nui, away from the glimmer and glamor and grime that is Central City. So successful in fact she chooses which jobs to take, allowing her unparallelled free time to do her own thing, which often includes doing vigilante work for those with no-one else to turn to.[/color]

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[color=#0099ff;]Name: Trakuda[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Gender: MaleSpecies: Ko-MatoranKanohi: PakariAppearance: Trakuda is mostly white, as with most Ko-Matoran, but has some unusually dark blue feet, while his mask is a simple light blue. Some parts of his torso have had dark blue as similar as possible to his feet painted over the white, such as his shoulders and abdomen. His eyes are a dark, ruby red colour.Powers: None.Abilities: Ironically, despite the apparent Mask of Strength on his face, Trakuda lacks raw power. However, where he fails in brute force, he makes up for in sheer skill and willpower. From his seemingly infinite amount of spare time he has honed his skill with a blade and without to a razor-sharp edge, which is odd, since he never carries any weapons.[/color]

[color=#0099ff;]Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, he lacks any powers and is weaker than most beings.Occupations: Traveller, freelance writerPersonality: Forever an outgoing, light-hearted Matoran, Trakuda has never been like his fellow ice beings. In fact, he's never acted very much like anyone on Spherus Magna. It is a common misconception that Trakuda takes nothing seriously, but this fallacy is overwritten by his determination and sincerity in battle. Although multiple experiences in his past have taught him to be cautious of the world's perils, he retains his love for exploration and adventure. When he does feel negative emotions, however, they get to his head, causing him to act antsy and brash, occasionally causing him to rush into situations far out of his league. In his travels he has discovered a deeper and more philosophical side of his personality.History: Trakuda's history is a nightmare. Documents of his existence date back to the birth of the MU, but he insists he was born on Metru-Nui. Only one Matoran was ever courageous enough to step up to the challenge of documenting it, and was later found dead, with his own palm impaled in his face. No one bothered to try after that point, and Trakuda became somewhat well-known among historians for being an anomaly in history.[/color]

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Name: MayhakaGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Kanohi PakariAppearance: A bit larger and more muscular than a normal toa.Powers: Control over metal and strenght.Weapons: A warhammerWeaknesses: Not very smart, the simplest tricks will fool him.Occupations: Member of Department of Security.Personality: Mayhaka is an openly kind and caring guy, if a bit drastic in his beliefs. He is often eccentric about his duties, random and unpredictable.(exactly the same, sorry for copy, but he really is that way)History: Mayhaka worked in the mines, he since left to fight evil and hates going underground due bad memories in the mines. He has wandered much troughout the wole planet and met many evil beings, this sickened him.

Name: ChimlakoGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianAppearience: Normal Ice Glatorian, his second leg is damaged.Powers: His mind, he never panicks and is able to build invetions to use in battle in very short time.Weapons: Nothing, just some metal and other stuff to build inventions.Weakness. He is not a fighter and when not giving him the time to build, he is helpless. He can not run due his bad leg.Occupations: ScientistPersonality: Always fasinated by time, he is not affraid of testing machines wich clearly don't work.History: Always worked as a lone inventor, trying to create a time machine with way too little resources tried tree times and each time he tested it it failed, his third attempt damaged his leg but he is not giving up, altough he starts to see he'll need help if he ever wants to succeed. He is now nearing the completion of a fourth time machine the "Reverter 4" he plans to revert time so he won't hurt his leg.

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  • Name: Kaelen

  • Gender: Male

  • Species: Toa

  • Kanohi: Kakama

  • Appearance: Possessing the build of a tall Toa of Iron, the main thing that stands out about Kaelen is his coloring. The edges of him are as white as pure snow, growing to a smooth silver the closer it is to his center. A trio of scars runs from his left shoulder to his elbow. Why he has not fixed them with his powers nobody knows.

  • Powers: Limited ability to control Light accompanied by partially diminished Metal powers. Light powers are limited to creating images and really weak lasers if it is a good day.

  • Weapons: A pair of elbow length protosteel gloves capable of creating intense light. Not much of a weapon but he also has a small computer that can be strapped to the arm.

  • Abilities: Kaelen is a master martial artist after learning from a master for almost a thousand years. Is a fair hand at hacking and can. On a more mundane level, he is capable of doing the lights and music for a party all by himself.

  • Weaknesses: Due to his "Condition" acts of evil and cruelty effect him much more then the average person. His normal Toa powers are also less powerful then the norm.

  • Occupations: Department of Security Detective

  • Personality: Somebody once likened Kaelen's personality to fire. When he is happy, it warms all those around him with a soft glow. When he is sad. frozen tears will fall and when he is angry, it will burn away those responsible. He would much rather be helping somebody find their lost Durmis Turtle then chasing criminals down dark alleys, even if he does do the latter more often out of choice. Sees it as his responsibility to be a lightstone in the dark for those who have none.

  • History: Kaelen originally guarded a medium sized village of Matoran on the southern continent until he was beaten by a band of roving Skakdi and he village was destroyed. Shortly after that, his unconscious body was found by a Turaga that was passing through. When Kaelen awoke, he was deep in a forest in the Turaga's hut. Through the period that other Toa of Metal and Magnetism were hunted be Makuta and for several hundred years after, he learned everything that he could from the Turaga. During that time, he began to transform into a Toa of Light, a process that is still going on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   After he left, Kaelen drifted from trouble spot to trouble spot, helping where he could and surviving where he could not. After the Mata Nui robot crashed and Mata Magna was developed he joined the Department of Security since it offered more chances of helping people then as a vigilante.

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[color=#ff0000;]STAFF NPCName: TahuGender: MaleSpecies: TuragaKanohi: Noble Hau (Mask of Shielding)Appearance: Almost a head taller than most Matoran. Rather straight posture for a Turaga. Red armor and Noble Hau; steely gray extremities and Turaga robe.Powers: Limited fireWeapons: A sturdy spear that Tahu sometimes uses as a walking stick.Abilities: Surprising durability for a Turaga.Weaknesses: As a Turaga, Tahu lacks the strength and dexterity that made him a famous and feared Toa.Occupations: Council Chairman of Mata MagnaPersonality: Not quite as fiery as when he was younger: If he was a flame as a Toa, he is a glowing ember as a Turaga. He still has streaks of temerity and impatience, but he has grown wiser in his age.History: Once a proud Toa, Tahu became a Turaga with the rest of his Toa team after helping to save Mata Magna from a Skrall invasion. As the chairman of Mata Magna's council, he is strict and often relies on his fellow Turaga Nuva to act as foils to his bold planning.[/color]Name: KoraGender: MaleSpecies: Matoran of SonicsKanohi: Powerless Matatu (Mask of Telekinesis)Appearance: Short, average weight, not very fit. Light armor, colored gray, over dark gray body.Powers: N/AWeapons: Thornax launcherAbilities: Very extensive scientific knowledge; photographic memory.Weaknesses: While Kora is a decent shot, he has no powers and no melee combat training.Occupations: Theoretical physicist; curator and researcher at the Mata Magna Institute of Science and Research; technological advisor to Mata Magna CouncilPersonality: Friendly if inadvertently a little prideful. Very studious. Kora doesn't appreciate company while he works, but he always tries to remain courteous. Has a bit of a soft spot for attention and sugary treats.History: Kora was a scientist in the Matoran Universe who, after its destruction, helped examine the wreckage and discover hitherto unknown technologies. He continued his research as a scientist and engineer during Mata Magna's development, proving useful enough to eventually become an advisor to the Toa Nuva. He was in charge of a secret research project centered around copying the Vahi's powers.[color=#887733;]Name: EnaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Huna (Mask of Invisibility)Appearance: Taller than most female Toa. Slim, athletic build. Yellow-gold armor and Kanohi; black under-armor. Somewhat worn appearance.Powers: MagnetismWeapons: Bow and arrows. Two throwing knives on her belt. A durible, flexible ten meter long rope that sports a metal nub on each end, from which sprout short, bladed hooks.Abilities: Fantastic eyesight. Patience born of years of sleepless nights. Hunting versed her in the arts of archery and stealth. Extensive training furthered her skills in archery, hand-to-hand combat, and gymnastics.Weaknesses: Ena isn't strong; force her to use her strength, and she should become fatigued easily due to lack of sleep. She's also afraid of the dark.Occupations: Captain of Olford Security ForcePersonality: Stubborn, wary, perhaps a bit paranoid. Terse and blunt in speech and actions but generally humble and straightforward. Quite bright. Devoted to her duty. Isn't very emotive. Suffers from insomnia.History: Ena became a Toa on an uncharted southern island in the Matoran Universe. Left only to deal with the occasional Rahi attacks, she spent a lot of time hunting for the village with a bow and arrow. During Makuta Teridax's takeover, her island was ignored because of its distance from the others and inability to assist them.One day, Ena spotted a large fleet of ships on the horizons. Fearing the worst, she brought the Matoran to hide among the trees and rocks of the forest. Most of the ships bypassed her island, but a few landed on its shores and released Rahkshi and Exo-Toa to search it and capture or kill all unfriendly life. The vast majority of Matoran were killed during the purge, but Ena, with her Mask of Invisibility, escaped notice. Desiring revenge, when the fleets moved to depart, Ena drenched an arrow tip in oil, lit it, nocked it, drew it back, and let it fly. It struck the side of a ship and started a small fire, but a Rahkshi of Weather Control summoned rain and quelled it, leaving Ena to bury the dead.As Ena's island was in one of the Matoran Universe's legs, it avoided much of the damage from the fall that upper islands like Metru Nui sustained. Ena and the surviving members of her protectorate emerged from the Matoran Universe soon after. Ena applied for membership in Mata Magna's security forces and was accepted. She served as a basic soldier during the First Skrall Siege; during the Second Skrall Siege, she took control of a force when Kiina was too injured to lead; she ambushed an enemy camp and rendezvoused with Ackar's forces to half the Skrall army before it retreated. She opted to stay at the city of Olford to ensure no future Skrall attacks would cause damage and, through vigilance and effort, became its lead security officer.[/color]Name: LoriGender: MaleSpecies: ToaKanohi: Volitak, Mask of StealthAppearance: Average height, limber and lithe. Almost never smiles. Jet black armor over stone gray under-armor.Powers: ShadowWeapons: Short sword; seven throwing stars on his belt.Abilities: Extensive experience in the ways of stealth and assassination.Weaknesses: Prefers stealth and ambush to open fighting; if he is in an open, lit space, his advantage is gone.Occupations: No official occupation; member of Scorum's gangPersonality: Introspective. Grim. Cold. Lori also has a habit of insulting or complaining about people behind their backs or in his mind. He considers himself a realist.History: Lori has lived with his friend Ekko and thus escaped the Nui Magnan census whenever it was gathered. When Ekko was kidnapped by members of Scorum's gang, Lori followed them back to their lair and there revealed himself. Scorum and Naka were impressed enough with his skills that they offered to let him join and Ekko become a voluntary operator; the two agreed upon recounting of the gang's plan.

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Name: KranosGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of LightningKanohi: KakamaAppearance: Kranos looks like the stereotypical Toa of Lightning, though the blue on his armour is a little more prevalent than the white, which is only present on an emblem on his chest, his arms, his legs, and part of his boots. He wears the Kakama, which, in honour of Pohatu Nuva, is shaped similarly to the Kakama Nuva, though with a few minor differences in the way the spikes are laid out, stretching back further like a Mahiki would be. His boots are mostly blue as well, however, there is a stripe of white around the middle, and the bottoms of the boots have white soles. His eyes are a lime green colour as well, contrasting the rest of his appearance.Powers: Ability to go very fast, and the ability to shoot lightning.Weapons: The only weapons he has is his feet, with his boots able to launch short bursts of energy from specific spots; though the energy bursts don't do anything but correct his momentum if he wants to change directions in mid-air.Abilities: Kranos has having more knowledge of unarmed martial arts than most Toa seem to, since he doesn't wield a weapon, however, he does know some very basic ideas of the sword, like, say, not swinging the sword randomly or stabbing yourself. He also has had a good deal of training over the past year or two in mastering his mask. This doesn't mean he has mastered his mask, but he knows how to react to the speed that it grants him, and also take more advantage of the increased reflexes granted by the Kakama.Weaknesses: Since Kranos focused on martial arts and his Kanohi, he never had a chance to truly master his element. He gets the basic idea, but cannot actually control his element, only unleashing it in a wavy 'beam' like state, instead of focusing it to create a lightning bolt. Due to not controlling his element in the proper way; every time he enters water, he risks electrifying the water and causing problems for everyone in it, including himself. Due to that problem, and always disliking water as a Matoran, even if he manages to enter the water and not shock himself to death, he cannot hold his breath for long, only a handful of seconds. He can become tired after a long time of running, though his typical marathons have increased that limit so that he doesn't tired from about a minute of running. Typically, he can run around for about 5 to 10 minutes without having to stop and rest, though that can be increased if he doesn't wield his Kakama to run around.Occupations: Freelancer, part-time Vigilante.Personality: Kranos can be a bit rebellious at times, however, not to the point where he would cause chaos or just plain be evil. He just doesn't like restrictions most of the time, since they can ruin his style. Kranos prefers to be free, and allowed to do whatever he wanted, which typically involved stopping evil, or just plain exploring the planet with his speed. Kranos does get bored easily; however, for some reason, running never seems to bore him. He has become intrigued with cars, though; but whether or not it would seem boring to him when actually driving one is a different question. Above all, however, is his overconfidence. Kranos is very bad for that; thinking that he can take on the world itself, if it was a living being like all the Toa, and still win. No-one's ever thought to tell him differently.History: Kranos was once just a normal Matoran, surprising as that is. One oddity that was present right from the start, however, was that he absolutely detested water. No matter what, he always stayed on dry land, claiming it was safer. If he had to go on a boat, he always was wary that something would happen, claiming that he had been attacked by the water, once. He always liked to run everywhere, even if it were just to a spot two feet away, claiming it was always faster than walking. So, imagine his pleasure when he eventually became a Toa and got a Kakama as his mask. The first few minutes pretty much consisted of him speeding around... And crashing into many things. The newly transformed Toa was eventually taught how to handle his mask better, and learned how to find unarmed, since he figured that suited the seemingly unlimited speed that the Kakama allowed it's wearer to have. Of course, there are limits, but it didn't seem that way to Kranos. He had never really done anything truly 'important', but that didn't matter to him. Kranos did get mixed up with some bad people, though not in the way you'd think; he just simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and despite trying to help stop a gang, got labeled as being in the gang itself, causing him to have to lay low for a while, while trying to figure out how to clear his name.
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Name: VikentiosGender: MaleSpecies: Takadox's speciesKanohi: SuletuAppearance: Vikentios is a very thin, very slender Toa like being with a blue and silver color scheme and a Metru like build. Some may mistake even mistake him for a toa; a forgivable mistake. His Kanohi looks more like a Rau than a Suletu.Powers: Vikentios has the natural ability of Hypnosis. His Kanohi gives him the power of telepathy.Weapons: Palm mounted Rhotuka Launcher with the power of repulsion (similar to a Crast), beam saber.Vehicle: Vikentios keeps a road bicycle. Nothing more. The bike is blue in color, thesame blue as his armor.Abilities: Vikentios is extremely intelligent. His intelligence is more book smart than street smart though. In addition to his high IQ, Vikentios also possess the enhanced physical and mental traits inherent of the Prime Species. He is stronger and more agile than your average toa, and has greater willpower and mental resiliency as well.Weaknesses: Vikentios's mask is incapable of turning off, so he often experiences telepathic and empathetic overload. As well, he has no innate elemental resistance so a toa would be able to knock him out quite easily. Finally, he doesn't seeem to take very good care of his health, often staying up late, overdosing on caffiene, and whatnot, so he can fall ill more easily than other people.Occupation: Physicist.Personality: Vikentios is the epitome of "geek". Socially inept, he is incapable of holding an normal conversation. This can get him into some very embarressing situations at times as he'll always go for a long, drawn out, and sometimes completely off the mark answer where a simple "yes" or "no" would do. A recluse by nature, heis completely obsessed with his work and will sacrifice many things, including his health, for science. He is extremely brilliant, with a powerful memory, computer like logical processing, and an insanely high learning curve.Bio: Vikentios was once the Chief Science Officer to Takadox, creating many things for the Warlord. When the Barakki fell, Vikentios fled to the Southern Continent and quickly became reknowned as a brilliant scientist. Despite his fame, he managed to avoid too much attention by living as a recluse; his home, according to the general populace, was so far away from civilization that "rahi from his estate that goet lost will never be found in even the remotest village". When the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe were forced to migrate however, he made a home in the center of Central City; after all, that was where the work was. Resuming his career as a scientist, he managed to put his talents to practical use by creating many technological devices, both military and civilian. Despite living in the heart of the city, he still keeps to himself; he even keeps interaction with coworkers to a minimum. He lives a lonely life, with no friends and little acquaintances. However, his reputation precedes him and he is very well known.

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Posted Jan 04 2013 - 08:29 PM

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Name: Aurax[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Species: Cy-Toa (Toa of Crystal)[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Kanohi: Kualsi[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Appearance: Green and gold armor. Well muscled, tall.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Powers: Aurax is a Toa of Crystal, so he is able to create, manipulate, and absorb crystals.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Weapons: A protosteel one-handed warhammer and a shield.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Abilities: Knows a lot about history from working in the Matoran Universe Museum.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Weaknesses: Aurax is thick-headed and won't change a decision once he's made it.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Occupation: Historian at Matoran Universe Museum.[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]Personality: Aurax is a nice guy, seemingly always happy[/color]

[color=rgb(0,128,0);]History: Aurax actually lived in Po-Koro on the island of Mata-Nui. Although he was a very different element, the Po-Matoran accepted him like a brother. Eventually, Spherus Magna was reformed, and Aurax relocated there and became a Toa. After it was built, he finally decided to work at the Matoran Universe Museum, since he loved history.[/color]


[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Name: Whira[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Species: Kra-Toa[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Kanohi: Avsa (unshapeshifted form)[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Appearance: Black and grey armor, like that of a Toa of Earth. Really gorgeous. Tall, lean, nice face. Basically a guy's dream woman. Her eyes, interestingly, are bright violet instead of red, due to a surgery she had a while ago.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Powers: Whira is a Shadow Toa, so she has the ability to control and absorb shadows. She can also shadow travel.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Weapons: Protosteel hand-and-a-half sword. However, she almost never carries it around.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Abilities: Really good at hand-to-hand combat. Also knows how to manipulate people, mostly customers at the bar she works at.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Weaknesses: Weak to light energy (obviously), but also addicted to draining people's light with her Avsa. She also can't really use her element around crowds since people stereotypically characterize Kra-Toa as evil and so she would get chased by angry people.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Occupation: Waitress at a Jaga's Sting.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]Personality: At first glance, Whira seems really nice and charming. But don't be fooled- she's quite manipulative. Although she's manipulative, she's not evil- she's simply morally ambiguous. All she's really trying to do is drain people's light. When she does this, she generally seduces the poor victim, then while they sleep, she drains their light.[/color]

[color=rgb(47,79,79);]History: Whira was originally a Ga-Toa, but after the reformation of Spherus Magna, she was attacked by a rouge remnant Shadow Leech and turned into a Kra-Toa. She recently moved to the Central City to finally settle in one place, though she still loves seducing people and draining their light due to her addiction.[/color]

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The Face


Name: Atahu (uses many alias though, this is just one of them.) (Pronounced  Ah-Tao).

Gender: Male

Species: De-Toa, Toa of Sonics

Appearance: With an average height, a slender yet athletic-looking build, and warm orange eyes Atahu is the Toa that can't help but attract the attention of anyone, especially if he wishes it.. He has whitish, grey skin Atahu has a variety of clothing and rarely wears combat oriented wear. If he's on business he sticks to the suit, tie, and slacks. If he's in a more casual situation he'll dress for that. His voice is smooth and easy on the ears, and he is well kept.

Kanohi: Mahiki, Great Mask of Illusion

Powers: Really only uses his sonic powers to imitate others' voices. He is much more skilled with his Mask than his element and even then his skill at charming, negotiating, and conning eclipses this.

Weapons: A small pistol, which he rarely carries. A knife which he also rarely carries. While not a pacifist Atahu isn't big on violence.

Abilities: He's a very good talker, probably one of the best and as a result that means he finds it easy to get the ears of the people he wants. When he is told to become someone he does extensive research on them, so extensively that once he gets into character he can convince even loved ones of the person whose life he has assumed,  that he's that person. His skill with Mahiki is merely a method of effectively disguising himself. His element power for imitation is a cheap parlour trick he uses.

Weaknesses: Physically he only looks athletic, considering that he only really works out to look good he isn't build for strength or speed. He has low pain tolerance as well.

Occupations: Investment Consultant. However unofficially he has worked with various criminal groups with a variety of criminal activities. He very good with heists, since they usually require people like him to go off without a hitch. Notably he keeps himself out of things he considers "unpleasant." He does not like murder even if it could serve him.

Personality: He's confident without being arrogant, he's talkative without being overbearing. Atahu is the kind of guy that says all the right things. He knows how to talk, to anyone really. He has a great sense of tact, and it seems he knows the right time to say things or withhold them. However for all the bravado he may portray he's a coward. He's also very vain and shallow and one can only wonder if this is another face. You will likely never know the true "Atahu".

History: "Atahu" grew up in a family that was constantly struggling to get by and out of their financial predicaments. He tried to be a thief and when he was caught he discovered his true talent. Talking, Atahu could worm his way out of anything or into it if he wished it. He knew how to listen, he knew how to talk and he used this to his advantage. He did care about his family but it seems that in a way he just disappeared. It's nearly impossible to find his family and this was likely a precaution taken by him. Atahu goes wherever his company sends him or where he thinks he can get the most money.

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[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Name: Risio Vesania[/font]

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Gender: Female[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Species: Vortixx[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Kanohi: [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Appearance: Standing at 2.5 meters tall, Risio Vesania is a tall, gangling being, with a lanky, almost malnourished physique, that is, in reality, the result of intense training required for her fighting style. A prominent ribcage, an incredibly thin waist, limbs whose thickest point are the joints; These are some of the features of her awkward frame. She has a generally disturbing and strange body, which she can twisting and deform with the skill of a natural contortionist. Sickly green-yellow organics cover most of her body, reptilian and pebble-scaled. Copper-colored mechanical components cover her joints and the middle of her limbs, as well as her ribs, cheekbones, and brows, decidedly steampunk in appearance and detail. Her eyes are of the shiniest brass, a golden-yellow that is unmistakably metallic. Risio has two outfits; An elegant and graceful pin-stripe suit of charcoal grey and light grey stripes,  and a red tie and handkerchief. This outfit is normally used when she has residence, not when traveling. The other is a long, tan overcoat, a brown leather vest and patched and raggedy trousers, fingerless gloves of leather the same color of the vest, a large stovepipe hat of the same, large yellow mirrored goggles, over a featureless Bauta Venetian mask, pure white, with a ghastly, triangle-toothed grin painted on it. This outfit is her traveling one, used most of the time.[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Powers:[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Weapons:[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Dragonbreath "Flintlock"; A firearm designed and created by Risio Vesania, resembling an 18th century flintlock pistol in size and design. However, the actual firing capabilites of the weapon resemble a blunderbuss mixed with a semi-automatic pistol, with a powerful, and short-range, blast, while capable of firing several (5, to be exact) shots before reloading. A weakened, pistol version of a shotgun, capable of damaging (if not outright destroying) anything less endurable than military-grade metal. (Wood, flesh, etcetera...)[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Grappling Apparatus; attatched to the underside of Risio's left arm is her most technological device. Reaching from her elbow to her wrist, the device resembles a steel rectangle, attatched by two straps. On the end (The wrist section) of the device is a two finger trigger, in the shape of a push dagger's grip, but with a section missing in the middle of the trigger. When the trigger is squeezed, a protosteel dart (around thirteen centimeters from tip to base) is expelled from inside the device with incredible force, attatched to a cord of the same material, around 35 meters in length. Another squeeze of the trigger activates the dart's secondary feature, spliting it into four sections (in + shape), all of which are tipped with part of the spike of the dart, creating an effective grappling hook that enters through the target. This secondary trigger squeeze causes the wielded to be lifted forward/upwards/downwards, or whatever the direction the dart is fired. (tl;dr version: A grappling device that punches through the target, and hooks into it, before pulling the user towards the target.)  [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Trench Knife; Risio's melee weapon of choice is her Trench Knife, constructed out of damascus steel, with a leather-wrapped handle.   [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Abilities: Incredible physical prowess, required for the martial art Risio practices (Zui Quan). As well as this, Risio is extremely good at thinking and reacting quickly, using her local enviroment in bizarre fashions, to create advantages that dumbfound her opponents.[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Weaknesses: Besides the obvious lack of powers, Risio has an intense dislike of heat, prefering the cold. [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Occupations: Detective (Department of Security)[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Personality: Eccentric and droll at best, cruel and bizarre at worst, Risio is a strange being, to say the least, showing signs of extreme extroversion for a moment, and then psychopathic apathy. Described as "a fun-loving individual that enjoys humor and wit" on her annual psychriatic report, and "a merciless, vicious beast of a being, enjoying every bit of pain she inflicted on me" by one of the criminals she captured during her investiagtions. [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]History: Risio Vesania appeared in Central City, carrying a suitcase and her weaponary with her, and, a few moments later, she had a position as a detective in Department of Security. Every since, she has devoted her time to solving the most challenging cases that arise, refusing to give up, even if it takes her the better part of a year to solve a seemingly perfect crime. Currently, she is enjoying the space between cases, socializing with her co-workers, an act that may not be quite as healthy to the co-workers as it seems.[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Name: Tenebrae Iratus[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Gender: Male [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Species: Kra-Toa [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Kanohi: Pakari, Mask of Strength [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Appearance: 2.8 Meters tall, Tenebrae Iratus is a massive being, with shoulders twice as wide as normal, and arms at least three times larger than a normal Po-Toa. His main color is jet black, with crimson highlights, and vivid scarlet eyes. His Kanohi is very modified, with a more face-fitting, less protruding-cardboard appearance. The most interesting feature of his body is, undoubtedly, the two massive horns atop his head, curved and sharpened, resembling a ram’s somewhat.   [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Powers: [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Element; Elemental Control over Shadow (Skilled mostly in Shadow Travel and Creation/Controlling, not so much in absorption)[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Kanohi Power; Strength through Kanohi Pakari.     [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Weapons: [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Kanoka Blade; Tenebrae's weapon of choice is a Kanoka Blade, in the shape of an oversized broadsword, with an intricate hilt, guard, and knucklebow, all of which are sculpted to resemble a Kanohi Dragon. The Blade's Kanoka Power is Weaken, Level 3 (Upon physical contact, the blade leeches an amount of energy equal to 15 second of an Avsa user on organics. On inorganic objects, it reduces most metals and stones to the strength of an average piece of timber)[/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Abilities: Tenebrae Iratus is a considerably strong and hardy individual, even without his Kanohi activated. Surprisingly, he is in possession of excellent reflexes. Very skilled in melee combat, around average in ranged.  [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Weaknesses: Tenebrae has an intense hatred of Lightning as well as (duh) Light, and possesses a weakness to cold a bit more than an average Toa.   [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Occupations: Department of Security Employee (Tenebrae is utilized for several types of Law Enforcement operations, anything from mundane riot work, to the Bio-equivalent of a SWAT team). [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Personality: Quiet and unsociable, Tenebrae is either feared or respected by most of his fellow employees, and is thus left alone for most of the time. He is slightly rude and straightforward, seeing no point in being nice or untruthful. Although his coarse nature lead some to believe he is nothing more than a brute, a sharp, calculating mind lies beneath his intimidating, muscled exterior.     [/font]
[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]History: Tenebrae was one of the few experiments on elemental modification on Toa, to create a stronger, better, perhaps even Bi-Elemental being, able to influence more components of their environment. Originally a Ta-Toa, Tenebrae Iratus was selected for experiments due to his strength and durability. The experiment was to create a being that utilized Shadow and their natural element at the same time, as it was recorded the Toa of Light Takanuva had once. In the experiment on Tenebrae experiments, a modified Avsa, created from slightly unique Kanoka, was used, to see if one could simply drain inner light without draining moral light. Tenebrae's inner light was successfully drained to an equilibrium, where his normally bright-red armour turned a dark crimson. But when he attempted to use his flame powers, only a small spark appeared, and with the spark mingled tendrils of shadow, writhing with the flame. As they attempted to restore both of his elements to full strength, the Shadow completely overpowered the other, and soon, Tenebrae was a Toa of Fire no longer. He was visibly and mentally altered, with slight less emotion and compassion displayed, but not the full amount, much to the relief of the scientists experimenting on him. While Tenebrae was not satisfactory, he was neither a complete disappointment, and was sent off to The Department of Security to become one of their police/guard force. Excelling at his task, Tenebrae was soon raised through the ranks, to his current position, an elite officer used in multiple situations.[/font]

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Name: SkrallGender: MaleSpecies: SkrallKanohi: NoneAppearance: Skrall looks like a typical Skrall in design and such. He has glowing green eyes, and lime-green edges on his black armour and on his shield. It is said that he once had lime-green swords for shoulder spikes, but those have since been removed from his armour, due to reports of other Skrall accidentally stabbing themselves.Powers: None.Weapons: Typical ceremonial sword and shield.Abilities: Enhanced swordsmanship skills, from sparring with others under the training of the great Skrall, Skrall.Weaknesses: Due to managing to survive the Magna War, Skrall has gained a rather arrogant streak, thinking himself invincible no matter what. Due to this, despite having a shield, he rarely actually uses it. He also has rather horrible luck; if he's around, the worst thing possible is the likeliest thing to happen.Occupations: Rebel without a cause.Personality: Skrall is very arrogant, and also suffers from multiple personality disorder. This means that, among other things, he has a nasty habit of talking to himself; and can switch personalities on a whim; sometimes without even realizing it. This can cause mass confusion, of course, since all his personalities are simply called 'Skrall'. He typically does whatever he wants; sometimes joining up with a group of Skrall, much to the group's dismay; and sometimes just wandering on his own.History: Skrall was one of the many Skrall present during the Magna War, when Makuta attempted to take over the entire universe. It is still unknown exactly how he survived, but it is presumed to be nothing more than dumb-luck. It has been said to simply be more of his horrible luck, however, since he has been acting arrogant ever since; bragging to everyone about surviving it. Due to how he survived(Without even killing anyone), and how he bragged about it afterward, he never received a name, and, in fact, got a note on his records instructing him to in fact never be named. Skrall also participated in the next few Skrall wars, however, with each war and battle he participated in, his mind became more and more fragmented, always managing to escape from disaster somehow, at the cost of gaining more and more personalities and becoming more and more 'insane'.In recent times, most Skrall don't want to interact with Skrall, simply due to his seeming insanity, and his habit of chatting to 'Skrall', which is in reality himself, though no-one else realizes that, since everyone else typically is named Skrall. It has been said to be very confusing with him around, and as such, most Skrall just avoid Skrall.
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  • [color=#ff8c00;]Name:Salamon[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Gender:Male[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Species:Toa of Plasma[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Kanohi: Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Appearance:Salamon stands at about 6 feet 5 inches, a fairly average height. He wears a Matatu, which is in the shape of a Kanohi Faxon. He is always in combat gear, with it matching his natural colors. His upper arms are a dark orange,while the bottom of his arms are white. His legs follow the same. His torso is white and orange mixed underneath, but the armor is black on the chest area.[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Powers: Being a Toa of Plasma, he has control over plasma, normally channeling it into spheres and hurling them at enemies. Has control over telekinesis due to his mask.[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Weapons: A normal sword, with a slightly curved hilt, to allow for a better draw and faster swing. Also has a pistol he uses to channel his elemental energy.These are his Toa tools[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Abilities: Is very good with his sword, almost a master, and is a crack shot with his pistol. Knows the laws, being an ex-cop, and has the training of one, and knows how to get away with murder[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Weaknesses: Tends to be over aggressive in combat, using more force then necessary, which tends to paint him in a bad light with others who have heard of him, like other police officers[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Occupations: Works at the First Mata Manga bank as a part of the security detail. Unofficially, he works as a mercenary for the highest bidder. He won't do some jobs though if they go against his morals.[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]Personality: Fairly easy going, nice to people, and loyal to his friends. It does take a bit to anger Salamon, but once angered, he won't calm down quickly. When he's fighting, he will show no mercy.[/color]

  • [color=#ff8c00;]History: Salamon was matoran on Metru-Nui, living with the Ta-Metru citizens. While he couldn't work a forge, he learned how to use a sword well, and became part of the Ta-Metru Guard. When the Mata-Nui robot crashed onto Bara-Manga, He found a toa stone. Using it, he became a toa not long after the city of Mata-Manga was established. Joining the police force quickly, he worked there for about 200 years. He was able to use his “questionable methods” for a while, but eventually the pulled him off for excessive aggressiveness. Now, he works at the main city bank as security. On the less legal side of things, he works a mercenary for hire. He still had morals though, and won't do some jobs, even if they pay a good bit of widgets [/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Name:Samarah[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Gender:Female[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Species:Kra-Toa[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Kanohi:Kanohi Volitak[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Appearance: Samarah has the looks of an athlete, with years spent running. She wears a fairly avrage set of clothes that blend with her natural colors of black and a dark red. Her upper arms are black, while all of it below the elbow is a dark red color. The legs are all black, and her torso is the same dark red as her forearms. She wears a normal set of combat armor when out in the wilderness, or travailing from city to city. She has the beauty that speaks of risk and danger, which can attract some, and repulse others.[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Powers:Has most of the normal powers of shadow-users, and uses them openly. Has stealth powers due to her mask[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Weapons: A chain, about 40ft in length, wrapped around her torso. She also has a Shadow Revolver, which she uses to channel shadow energy. These are her Toa tools.[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Abilities: Master of stealth. Can use her powers well, shadow-walking with ease, and bend them to her will. She will use her powers in conjunction with her mask to make it hard to spot her own shadow. Is a pro with her chain[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Weaknesses: is prone to not care what others do, to the point that they could start a war, and she would just shrug it off. Even with contol of the shadows, her Volitak still leaves a general area she is in.[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Occupations: Works as a waitress at the Jaga Sting[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]Personality: Does not care what other people think or say about her. She is nice, but not overly nice. Sarcasm is her second language, and she is very fluent in it. Could shrug off a whole war, as that's what she did during the Skrall wars.[/color]

  • [color=#800000;][b]History: Samarah was not always a matoran of shadow. She was a Le-Matoran once, before her village was attacked. As to where her old home was, she doesn't no, can't remember. She does remember though, being taken by Makuta and being experimented on. There was a 100 matoran in her village, and she was the only one that succeed in being changed to a being of shadow and living. The project was called a failure and she was, in a bit of mercy, left to her own on Mata-Nui with the other villages. She was shunned and lived in the jungles, hunting for food. She didn't mind at all though ,which was odd to some. During Teridax's takeover, Samarah found a toa stone. Using it quickly, She became a toa, her snare turning into her chain and her bow becoming her trusted Shadow Revolver, which she sometimes calls “Sliver”. After helping others fight off Teridax, and after the Mata-Nui bot crashed, she lived in Central City, working whatever job would take her. Eventually she found her self at the Jaga's Sting, asked for a job, and was able to get on as a waitress. She's been working there every since[/color]




[color=#4b0082;]Gender: Male[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Species: De-Toa[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Kanohi: Kanohi Huna, great mask of concealment[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Appearance: Vilote wears a light set of combat armor., which he wears under a set of robes with a hood to go over his head. Vilote's Huna is slightly modified to look like he has large teeth on the front, and to look very skull-ish as well. Vilote is average in height for a toa, and is very slim.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Powers: Invisibility, and control over sonics. Can create zones of intense noise, or of absolute silence[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Weapons: A serrated dagger, about a foot and a half in length. These act as toa tools for any toa of sonics.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Abilities: Master assassin. After years upon years of training, he has reached his apex of skill. Can move quietly, even without his powers on. Can parkour around cities with relative ease. Is an expert with daggers, and his can be called an extension of his hand.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Weaknesses: his armor is much weaker then normal armor sets to help mobility. Relies more on his skills then his powers in combat or when on jobs, so even if it would help, he wont blast his enemies with a sonic blast.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]Occupations: Has no official job currently, but does, of course, work as a hit-man for who every needs it, or who ever pays the most.[/color]

[color=#4b0082;]History: Vilote lived a fairly normal life. He left the the other De-matoran long ago, living on the move, traveling form place to place. Along the way, he practiced with the one thing he took with him, his dagger. Becoming quite good with it, that dagger had saved Vilote more times then he could count. When Teridax crashed into Spehreus Maga, Vilote found a Toa Stone. Using it, Vilote helped repel the Makuta's forces. After the fighting had died down, and the Skrall defeated, Vilote worked for a few places. After being kicked out for the 5th time, Vitlote decided to hone his skills with the dagger he has, becoming the assassin any crime boss would want to hire wasn't easy. He screwed up a few times in the early stages, but learned as he went along, He leaves very few traces, and the cases have always gone cold. Only caught a few times in his early days as an assassin, Vilote doesn't have much history with the cops, making his job a bit easier[/color]

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