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Bionicle Chronicles: A Hero Rises

Chronicles Fanon Bionicle epic

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#1 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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Posted Jan 01 2013 - 11:26 AM

 Posted Image

Special thanks to Shattered Mask Productions for this banner.


Note from the author: The series of epics that I’ll give you will tell why I’m called The Forgotten One


A Hero Rises Review

               Table of Contents: Prologue

                                             Chapter 1

                                             Chapter 2

                                             Chapter 3



100,000 years ago…



In the outskirts of an ancient city, lies a forest that few people venture into.  Here we find a Matoran camp set up by a group of nomadic Ta-Matoran.  Their chief calls them all to the center of the camp where a fire burns. The chief’s name is Mathez. He bears a bronze Kanohi Kualsi, with a warrior blade on his left hand and a fire/ lava ball combination. A daring yet companionate leader,


“My fellow Matoran,” he says in a booming voice. “On this very night, he left our shattered city to seek a new life. So tonight, let us celebrate with the memorial of our fallen brethren and continue to have peace and prosperity for all.”


As they all cheer and party, one Matoran walks the outside the border of the city.


“I get no respect from my fellow Matoran, and now they want to party. Not even a thank you for what I do, just so we can stay alive. What kind of a leader is Mathez trying to be?”


His name is Kathis. He’s the tribe’s blacksmith. He bears a Kanohi Arthron with two flame staffs. He’s always seems to get little to no respect from the other Matoran.  He feels more at home wandering the border of their camp, wondering what may be out there. Due to his armor, which makes him more agile, they always call him “Long Legs” every time someone comes to his hut.


“Every day, I wonder if there were any survivors of the attack, if any one searches for us.”


Someone comes up behind him and says, “I always wonder the same thing too.”


He turns around to see Mathez, his leader. “Mathez, I didn’t hear you coming.”


“It’s all right; I won’t punish you for going out here at night.”


He looks at him in amazement, “You won’t?”


“No. I know how you feel ever since our city fell. We lost a lot of brothers and sisters back then; but that’s all in the past. Rejoice yourself and come celebrate with us.”


“Okay.” They start walking back to the city. “By the way how long did you know I was going outside the camp?”


“Ever since you started.”


As near the border of the camp, they see something fall from the sky. Kathis spots it first.


“Look, a shooting star.” Kathis says with amazement.


“If it’s a shooting star, then why is it coming down to the planet?”


A loud roar rips through the sky. As the “star” comes down with a crashing boom. The sound can be heard for miles away, as the pair hurry to the camp. The “star” crashes down on a plateau just twenty miles from the Matoran.   As the Matoran reach the square, they break the news to the entire tribe.

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#2 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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Posted Jan 12 2013 - 05:22 PM

Chapter 1: The City of Mystery



There is a desert that has been known to hold cities of people who dwell in the mountains that lurk there. They call it the “Wasteland”, and its inhabitants, “Wastelanders”.  The Wastelanders are mostly Skakdi who fled the fall of their glorious city. Over the years they banded together to create their new city known as New Spratus. Their leader is Falkin, a blue and green Skakdi who wears golden armor. A cunning yet humble leader, he makes sure everyone is happy. He led the remainder of the survivors to the oasis. There, a glorious city was made near the beach front of the ocean. But due to enemy attacks, they have constructed a massive barrier around the North side of the city.


“We need to head to the city in the North. The trade deal must be made to get that cache.” Falkin said to the royal guards.


“What about the Matoran? We can’t have him around with us; he’ll disrupt the deal.” A guardsman protests.


“He won’t do anything. He’ll just be looking at what’s around in the city.”


The Matoran there’re arguing about is Flaredrick. A broken Matoran, picked up by Falkin as his advisor. His form his severely damaged, he doesn’t wear a mask and looks smaller than a Matoran. He’s always every energetic and loyal to his leader. A very curious one when it comes to being a leader.


“So where are we headed Falkin?” Asks Flaredrick as he mounts himself on top of a Kikanalo.


“We are heading up North to the city of Centurion. There we shall make a vital trade deal.”


The company packs up and starts traveling north.  They proceed to cross the Wasteland and over the Centurion Plateau, named after the city of Centurion. Then they cross the Valley of Green, where they traverse the forest that covers it. Soon they arrive at the gates of Centurion. Centurion is a giant majestic city with six districts where each Matoran works at. It is said that the city disappears for a minute, and reappears the next. It also houses a coliseum in the center where it is said that tournaments are held to choose the next Toa of it. The tournament is held

every time their Toa dies.


“Well we made it, now let’s find that trader.” Orders Falkin to his men.


“Can I come with you sir?” Flaredrick asks.


“Sorry little one, but you cannot. Go look around and see what you like. We’ll be back in a few hours”


Soon the Skakdi depart and head out in search of their trader. Flaredrick just watches as his friend leaves him there on the street. Soon he realizes that everyone is looking at him. He then heads to a nearby disk shop.


If you are reading this, please leave a review.

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#3 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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  • 07-December 12
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Posted Jan 14 2013 - 06:05 PM

Chapter 2: The Tournament


He enters the shop, face filled with amazement at the sight of the disks. Very disk shines like a star in the light. The six main disks fill the shop’s shelves. Flaredrick picks a red disk of its shelf.


“Wow, I never have seen discs like these before. I wonder what there’re made of?” he says staring in pure awe.


The shop keeper walks in holding a pile of discs in his arms. “You like them huh. These discs are made purely out of…GREAT BEINGS.” He shouts in shock at the sight of him. The discs in his arms fall to the ground.


“Why do you use the Great Beings to make them?”


“Oh there’re not made out of Great Beings. There’re made out of protodermis.”


“Then why did you say there’re made out of Great Beings, and what’s protodermis?” he asks still confused.


“I only said that because, well I’ve never seen any Matoran looking like you. Also protodermis is the purest of elements that can be used to create the armor that

we wear and the masks as well. For example, my Pakari is made out of protodermis.”


He looks at his mask, looking at it with extreme curiosity.


“I always thought every Matoran looked like me?”


“Well you thought wrong, my friend. Matoran wear masks and armor. Take my armor for example; its style is part of city. Everyone in each district or “Metru” as some people call it.”


“I never knew that.” He says in shock.


Suddenly, the loud sound of horns rips through the city.


“Ooh, the tournament is about to start. Say, are going to enter in the tournament? Though you may be scrawny, you look like a strong fellow.”


“What tournament, I never heard of it?” Flaredrick questions as he looks outside, watching people line up at the Coliseum gates.



“It’s our annual tournament that’s held to see which Matoran will become the next Toa. You better hurry; there are only a couple of minutes before registration stops.”


He runs out of the shop, heading towards the registration gate. The shopkeeper runs out of his store and shouts, “Hey you forgot your…disc. I hope that guy makes it through to the final six.”


I'm currently twiddling my thumbs over my thought's. Reviews are necessary.

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#4 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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Posted Jan 23 2013 - 09:44 PM

Chapter 3: Council of Secrets


He arrives at the gate, but before he can enter a guardsman stops him. He talks in a commanding tone


“Halt, citizen, you cannot enter the tournament until you tell us who you are and what is your skill set.”


“Why do you have to know?” Flaredrick asks.


“Regulations of all tournaments require information. Now what is your name?”


He studies the guardsmen. He looks at him with his clipboard at hand, feeling relaxed in his booth. The guardsman wears a Kakama. A mask notably wore by the guard of a city. But what’s strange about the guards in this city, is the fact none of them have the color blue. But the guard here is a Matoran of Fire.


“Look are you going to enter or not. I don’t have all day.” He says in a demanding tone.


“Um…yeah I’ll enter.”


“Okay then, name please.”


“My name is Flaredrick. I’m very skilled in certain combat situations, although I’m not really the best when it comes to close quarters.”


“Okay, you are all set.” He puts a sign in front of the window of the booth, which reads ‘Roster Full.’ “Here is your number; you’re going to have to go through a lot of opponents to become number one.”


Flaredrick looks at his number and says, “So there are 250 people in this tournament, looks like I’ll have to give it my best shot.”


He runs through the entrance gate, heading towards the light at the end. When he exits the gate, he gets blinded by the light of the sun. People cheer, and the sounds of horns play. As he makes his way closer to the center of the coliseum where the rest of the competitors are, he looks at the screens above the stands to see the turaga.


“Welcome competitors to the tournament. Many of you have entered before, and some of you have not. Needless to say only one of you will become our next Toa, and defend this glorious city with all your power.”


The turaga’s name is Zalxias. He was one of the last remaining Matoran of Plasma in existence. He is a wise leader, though he has many secrets that nobody knows. He bears a Kanohi Kiril, the mask of regeneration. He has been Centurions’ elder since anyone can remember.


“Now many of you are wondering when the eliminations will begin, well today the council has decided that you shall begin tomorrow at sun rise. You all shall soon redeem your glory in due time, until then go home and rest. That is all for now.”


As Zalxias watches the crowd disperse, he is approached by someone. The unknown being speaks into his ear in a sporadic code.


“This action shall not be tolerated. See to it that someone takes care of this problem.” Zalxias orders to it.


The being heads back into the shadows, leaving him looking out at the empty coliseum. He then heads towards the council chamber. He enters to see them monitoring the city cameras, waiting to report on any wrong doing. The council is made up of three of the wisest Matoran in Centurion. Zalxias heads over to his monitor and turns it on. He then points at the picture of Falkin.


“See to it that the Skakdi don’t trouble our fair city. I don’t trust them just as anyone has in years.”


I'm bored out of my mind. But if you are not, and are reading this, please review.

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