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Core Hunter Revamp

Hero Factory Remake

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8 replies to this topic

#1 Offline Zorrakh

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  • 21-February 07
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Posted Jan 09 2013 - 08:19 PM

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Posted Image[/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Yeah, it's not incredibly complex. It's essentially a modified version of the torso I use for humanoid creations. The legs and arms are made from[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]scratch as well. I really liked the solid look and feel the original set model had, and I wanted to expand upon that a bit without making it bulky and cumbersome. At first I went with a sleeker design for the arms - a design without the shoulder pads and the connection from the body to the rest of the arm being closer together - but it seemed to be missing something, so I went with this instead. Unfortunately that took away some of the posability, but I think it looks good. I also wanted to go for a kind of limb-swapping thing, with various weapons, spider legs, wheels, etc., but after some time it just seemed a bit too involved for a character that apparantly isn't in the story. :D[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Some inspiration for this came from Samus from the Metroid Series, Dyson from the TV series TRON: Uprising ([shameless plug]which is an incredibly well-written, well-[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]designed show and is also incredibly underviewed [/shameless plug]), and Lockdown from Transformers: Animated. [/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Front[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Left[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Back[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Right[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Launcher Close-up[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]"Alas, poor Hero, I knew him briefly!"[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Two Hands, No Weapons[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]He Wants YOU![/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks for look and please post your thoughts. :)[/font]

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#2 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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  • 07-December 12
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Posted Jan 09 2013 - 08:54 PM

Looks nice, like the blaster especially.

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#3 Offline Cratak

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  • 08-March 12
  • 106 posts

Posted Jan 09 2013 - 10:47 PM

Overall, this looks very nice. The torso seems somewhat ingenious on your part. I'll give it a 10/10. :)


Also, as a side note, I believe that Core Hunter had almost an entire book dedicated to him.

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#4 Offline Mohamed Marei

Mohamed Marei
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  • 13-February 09
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Posted Jan 10 2013 - 05:52 AM

His midsection looks a wee bit too thin but everything else is super-duper! I've actually considered making a revamp of him as well but alas; time has failed me :( I spent the entire vacation playing Assassin's Creed III and I think it's going to reflect on my grades this semester :PMy carelessness aside, great MOC! :tohu:
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"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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#5 Offline Zorrakh

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  • 21-February 07
  • 2,005 posts

Posted Jan 12 2013 - 12:47 AM

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks The Forgotten One. :) I really wanted to give it more mobility compared to the original set, as well as give it more length and solidity.[/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks Cratak. :) I guess that's what I get for not really looking into the story. :P I'm glad you like the torso; that was actually probably the most difficult part because I wanted to try to keep the proportions correct. I just wish that the Hordika neck pieces came in black instead of just gray.[/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks DARKSIDERZ. :) Yeah, it's just a little too thin in the mid section for my liking, but unfortunately I don't know if there is really any way to flesh it out just a little more because of the construction.[/font]

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Oh, and it's great to just play video games during break, that's what I mostly did. That, and build this; I just worked a little on it each day. :P[/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks again guys. :)[/font]

Edited by Zorrakh, Jan 12 2013 - 12:47 AM.

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#6 Offline Curious Knight Isniel

Curious Knight Isniel
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  • 08-November 11
  • 2,554 posts

Posted Jan 12 2013 - 03:54 PM

Looks really good. I like the build of the Hero Core Remover and the blaster. The torso also looks great although it's a bit too thin on the middle part. Other than that, awesome job on this!
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Banner by jed1ny


#7 Guest_pikmin73_*

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Posted Jan 12 2013 - 11:56 PM

This looks great!  His body has almost the same design as for my revamps of the toa mata.  I also love the blaster design.  Great job!

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#8 Offline Zorrakh

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  • Emerging Defender of Mata Nui

  • 21-February 07
  • 2,005 posts

Posted Jan 23 2013 - 10:51 PM

[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks Spiritmaster Veigar. :) Yeah, the torso is a little thin in the middle. You know, though, after giving it some thought, I kind of like how it's just a little thin; not too much, of course, but it gives off a muscular feel to the rest of the torso. With the wider arms and thinner waist, then, it has a nice overall shape to it. I'm not justifying it, but I like it. :P[/font]


[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Thanks pikmin 73. :) I've used this kind of basic torso design a bit longer than I should, but it allows for quite a bit of adaptability, which I like. In a way it's kind of like a skeleton of sorts, and I can just change it enough where I still have the basic design yet it's different enough for it to not be as noticable. I'm glad you like the blaster. I was thinking of adding on some spikes on the front, somewhat akin to twin bayonets, but then I thought that might be a little overkill, plus I wanted to keep the concept the same as the one Samus has.[/font]

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#9 Offline Grandmaster Lehvorak

Grandmaster Lehvorak
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  • 20-July 07
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Posted Jan 24 2013 - 11:12 PM

[color=#000080;]This actually looks pretty interesting, I like the color scheme! It looks like something you would buy from the store! Good job!Lehvorak[/color]

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