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Posted Oct 16 2011 - 01:46 PM

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Review Topic

Old Chapters (Links to Forum Archive)

___________________________________________A/N: Hey guys, I know it's been forever since I've updated this story, especially since the downtime, but hopefully there are still a few avid readers willing to give this story a shot. We're picking up in Chapter 15, which is more of a filler chapter. Anyways, enjoy!!

EDIT: Discontinued. I know, I'm disappointing soooo many of you. ...too sarcastic? My bad.

___________________________________________Part 15

_|/_|/_|/_"You know," Varia said abruptly, standing up. "This is all very grand and inspiring, a new world and alien races and mysterious mother figures, but really Yistran, we don't have any proof that you're telling the truth.""Varia…"Vorx started."No, really. For who knows how long, you've secluded yourself, and now you come forth, apparently totally sane except for the fact that you're raving about this new world and a mysterious creator and who knows what else. I see no reason to believe you. You could easily be playing me for a fool and I won't let you." She began to make her leave, her armored boots clanging rhythmically against the cold stone floor, and her distorted reflection on the polished craggy stones of the fortress wall moving with her."Believe what you want, sister. But your beliefs don't change the facts." Yistran called after her.Varia didn't even stop in her tracks. In midstride, she turned on her heel and was mask to mask shouting at Yistran before she could even stop to think twice."Who do you think you are? Who in Karzahni's name do you think you are? Who are you and what did you do with the real Yistran! Why do you insist everything's changed when obviously you're the only thing that has?" She backed off a step, bewildered that Yistran hadn't budged an inch. "Why can't you be normal!" She punctuated each word with a blast of energy.When Vorx jumped to his feet and shouted, "Varia, that is enough!", and her energy bombs were deflected from their target, Varia assumed that Vorx had been the one who had deflected her missiles. But in a matter of an instant, the lights went down and all three pairs of eyes were drawn to the large window where Varia's bursts of energy were dancing like insects around a light. But instead of insects around a light, the lights were around a tall shadowed figure."It's her." The scarcely audible whisper from Yistran next to her would have sent chills down Varia's spine, if she had been listening."Even after all these years," She began. Her voice was young, almost naïve, but the erosion of the eons was still evident. "I'm still amazed by your powers." With a snap of her fingers, she extinguished the balls of energy as though they were lamps, and hopped down from the windowsill.Out of all the things running through Varia's mind, the fact that Yistran had been telling the truth was what kept her attention. But the newcomer continued."Since Yistran's allusion to me and my workings didn't seem to go over all that well, I'm here to back him up. You may call me Kellium."After a thoughtful pause on Kellium's behalf, Varia spoke up. "You see, there's a reason 'Yistran's allusion to you and your workings' didn't go over well. I know at least I'm used to him being half-crazy-on-the-verge-of-foaming-at-the-mouth-raving-mad Yistran, not…this." She gestured to her said brother, who had nothing but an amused arrogant expression on his mask."Ah, yes," Kellium nodded slowly. "He was, let's just say, sick. And now he's better." Her tone was simple and smug.Vorx cut in, changing the subject. "Theoretically speaking, Yistran's claims are true, about this other world and all, then why are you here?" He still held his skepticisms."Theoretically speaking, your time serving in the Matoran Universe has almost run its course, and I'm here to take you to this other world. You three wouldn't have to live in the seclusion of your own realm any longer.""You say our time has almost run its course. How long do we have?" Vorx wanted to know. "In theory." He added a bit humorously."A thousand years, give or take a few months. The 'other world' is very different from yours. You three have a lot to learn. I can teach you." She replied without skipping a beat."Why?" Came Varia's demanding question. "I mean, why are you offering us this? We've never done anything for you.""Oh, but you have, Varia." Kellium's enthusiastic answer caused Varia's eyes to narrow. "I think Yistran already hinted at this. But you three are our, the Great Beings', first successes. Of course we were afraid we might have created more corruption and evil that the world didn't need, but you have proven us wrong. You deserve to live a normal life, become part of a society. And with my help, that can happen." Kellium smiled, satisfied, and folded her hands in front of her as she took a seat at the table. As she had been talking, she had sent mental images of what their lives could be like, and of the grandeur of this alien world. It was more than tempting, the way she put it.Varia stole a glance at her brothers. Vorx looked moderately interested at this offer, Yistran looked enthralled."Look," She said, resisting the urge to tag on a slightly mocking "Ma'am" afterwards. "All this you talk about sounds great. But, to quote on quote, I hardly live a life of seclusion, and I am very much a part of a society, thank you.""So what are you saying?" Kellium asked, swiveling her head to gaze at Varia."I need time to think things over. I need time to wrap up loose ends. I need time to organize myself. And most of all, I need to get back to that society I left, they'll be missing me." Varia rattled off, keeping count of what she needed with her fingers."You need more time, is what you're saying." Kellium shot back. It wasn't a question."Yes.""How much?""Three years, tops." Varia said."What will you be doing with these three years?" Kellium wanted to know."Finishing business.""And what would you like me to do in those three years?" She wanted to know."Nothing. Not for me, at least.""Okay, that's do-able." Kellium agreed. "This business you say you need to attend to, it sounds urgent. I'd hate to keep you from it."They all knew a dismissal when they heard it."Thank you." Varia said, nodding her acknowledgement. She turned on her heel, caught Vorx's eye and said, "I'll talk to you soon,"Took three strides and flashed out of one existence and into another.___________________________________________

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