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Grandmaster Lehvorak

Our war... Our Battle... I'm Their Only Hope...

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Our war... Our Battle... I'm Their Only Hope...

"A Pilot Story"

By: Lehvorak




A huge claw came crashing down towards me as I dodged just in time before it smashed my head.




"Whoa... that was a close one..."


As I try to regain my ground, coming from behind me was a mechanical being in white and light blue armor who held a long pure white sword. Well, to tell you the truth, this being is one of my companions.


Just after my poor actions, he then gave me a bit of scolding due to my foolishness in battle. I should have been more careful.


"Careful Nami, remember... the Manas are one of the most dangerous Rahi yet to come over to this side of the universe!"


Well, it is nice for my friend to be a bit concerned for my safety nowadays... and if I did stay there for a second longer, I would have become Rahi bones... That would have been unpleasant.


At that moment the icy wind was blowing at my face, which was a bit uncomfortable, and I could feel the pain on my body... It is like a thousand knives piercing my sides. I tried to clutch it, but it began to burn like fire.


Appearing out of my amulet and heading by my side, came out a sprite, which appeared to be a miniature Toa of Fire who seemed concerned for my own safety.


"Are you hurt? Maybe, we need to back down from this Nami... Not even you and Rin can handle this..."


My body was telling me to stop, but my mind told me to continue on no matter what happens... these battles has to end once and for all, we have to continue fighting.


"No I'm fine Tahu... let's finish this... together..."


"Hmph- fine by me then."


I have to show my Toa spirit avatar friend that I can do this... even though I am only human...



. . .



You must be wondering what is going on here…? I guess I can tell you…


My name is Nami Tsukimiya your average high school girl who was supposed to live an average high school life... but how did I get involved in this mess?


Fighting these huge creatures known as Rahi… Aside from that, there are beings known as Toa and Matoran…


The good thing is the Toa and Matoran are the friendly ones here, kind of like us humans… the other beings are just iffy…


To tell you the truth... it is a long story, but all I can say is… This started from the very day I met Rin Hitsugaya, who I thought was your average high school delinquent… well, I was wrong about the average part…


He is actually a part-organic, and part-machine being with a soul...


Excuse me what?!?


Yes, one must be wondering what do you mean by that?


At first, I didn't know what to think of because that made no sense at all... but I grew to sort of understand it... Well, kind of...


I guess I thought of them as robots, but that was still the wrong answer...


Because he is a Toa… a supposed to be hero/protector person of justice for the will of this Mata Nui person…


Like I’m supposed to believe that?


Well, I had no choice, but to believe what they were saying because during that first meet, he had to protect me… and is still protecting me.


It is interesting that he and many other Bionic beings are all here in the human world, but cloaking their true forms with Human DNA with a self-masking shield that hides their real bodies.


This is kind of funny because this is similar to a certain toyline for boys. It basically involves cars turning into robots, but this is like humans turning into robots…


Now, the next question is why are they here?


To answer that... they are here to protect this world from the stray and evil beings from their world by sending them back or destroying them once and for all. Also, they are here to find a way to close the link between both our worlds... Which, no one knows how…


As you can see, what happened was… there was a cataclysmic disaster that occurred that connected both the Bionicle Universe and Human Universe together by accident... messing the rift in both time and space... and so on... Yadda yadda...


Now, you must be wondering how a human like myself got involved in all this?


I can simply answer that by saying it started when I retrieved a certain amulet of power. Who knows what this amulet is… because it gave me the abilities of the 6 famous Toa Mata.


Not only that I gained their powers… I can even use their wisdom by talking to them in person. It is because they accompany me in a form of an avatar.


And… I can’t remove this amulet off me…


This very object had curs- I mean… it somehow did some kind of set-up for me to contract myself into helping them bring balance between the 2 universes and to help close the rift.


With the help of the Toa and my newly found power(s)... we should have no problem in winning and closing the rift... well easy said than done... There are a lot of complications to that…


Some of the evil coming from somewhere… is causing the rift to get bigger… and I believe that evil is no other being but Makuta Teridax… master of shadows. Thanks to him, both Rin and I have been going on many goose chases fighting many of his soldiers/minions who keeps coming here into my world… the human world…


We're never going to let him win... never... and we can end this, right now… thanks to some resources; we found his lair, and hopefully we can defeat him once and for all.



. . .



These Manas we are facing right now are minions of Teridax, well one of his elite Rahi soldiers... and behind the gates they are guarding has to be Teridax himself! Because it makes sense if these minions keep putting up a fight like this, it is clearly showing us they are guarding something important!


As we continued our battle with the manas, that was when I noticed an opening from their defenses.


“Rin, use your Ice powers to give us a buffer time... I got an idea!”


“Uh- sure…”


As Rin used his elemental powers to hold off the Rahi, I quickly glanced at my Toa avatar, Tahu. I need to use a different elemental power if we want to win this fight… luckily we are underground.


“Get me Onua now Tahu!” I shouted.


“Sure… whatever…”


The good thing is with my Amulet, I can use it to hold the 6 elements of the Toa and use any of their powers, but I can only use one certain element individually when I mode change…


The mini floating Toa of fire quickly disappeared and switched off with the Toa of Earth.


<<Mode Change: Onua>>


“You called Nami?”


“Yeah- I need to use some earth powers.”


“You got it!”


With Onua, I can use earth elemental powers, and using it underground is going to give me a huge advantage… I hope…


That was when one huge drill formed around Nami’s left arm and a mole-like claw appeared on her right. Now it gave her a chance to use her earth abilities.


“Rin, get out of the way! I’m ready now!” she shouted.


“Got it!” Jumping away.


I quickly launched a magnitude forward at our foes, which caught them off guard, delaying their movements.


That was when I quickly switched to my claws to control the earth underneath some of the creatures, knocking them up in the air and into the ceiling.


I then yelled at the top of my lungs with my battle cry as I clashed my weapons with my foes. This attack strategy did break up their defense and that made me feel proud.


We can do this! We just need to keep up the pace!




Smacking me off my feet by surprise was one of the Manas. I’ll get him back… I just need to switch elemental powers.


“Mode change! Pohatu!”


<<Mode Change: Pohatu>>


“I’m here sister! Let’s rock…”


“That was a horrible pun Pohatu…”


“I know…”


I quickly initiated my stone powers to engulf the Manas, creating a tomb, crushing several of them.


That was when one of the Manas noticed my trick and began to charge at me from behind. I’m surrounded…


NO- There is no time to dodge… is this it for me?




It happened too quickly… all I did was closed my eyes… -Am I dead?


Before my eyes I saw something blocking the gigantic Manas… It was Rin who stood his ground as his blade began to grind at the creature’s huge claws.


“I got your back…”




“Now… Nami go for the door!”




There is a huge opening now… I can sprint it! I ran as fast as possible, but standing before me were 2 more Manas.




I quicky created a wall of pure granite, but the creatures broke through it like a fragile twig.


As I pivoted off to the side, they seem to do almost the same thing and were still in front of me…


“What is up with these guys…?”


Warning me, Pohatu floated in front of me and said, “I would be careful sister! These guys are no pushovers…”


“I think I know that…”


It was like they were mirroring my movements… They continued to follow my every move, which was very frustrating. I launched a boulder at them, but they were able to dodge it-




This is hard shaking them off and now I can’t even-


That was when one of them slashed across my body… I didn’t even see them… How were they that fast?




As I screamed in pain I could still feel the cold metal of the claw clashing at my body. They continued to slash at me, slowing me down. Again they hit me… until a spear-like object stabbed right through my body.


-This pain… it hurts so much… I- I-




I could barely hear my name as everything began to fade black… what’s going on? Did I finally meet my match?


Everything began to flash before my eyes as the adrenaline kicked in as I fell backwards.


Is it finally over for me? The pain… it’s like-




Right then, Rin was by my side swinging his blade at the 2 Manas. It was happening too quickly, I don’t even know who was even winning… That was when one of them was cut in half; as for the other one was a struggle to beat. It looked like Rin had pure hatred on his face as he faced off the last Manas.




He quickly shifted his sword and jabbed it straightforward at its face. Screaming with all his might as he pierced through the metallic body of the gigantic crab-like creature.


Is it over? Everything was dim-


I lay there limp only feeling pain… It hurts so much-


Right by my side floated Pohatu who was trying to help me get up on my feet, but his small body and frail chibi arms wasn’t helping at all.


“Nami, get up!”


I looked at my avatar friend and just frowned…


“I can’t Pohatu… it hurts…”


As he gave out a long sigh, he crossed his arms and frowned at me.


“C’mon! You have to… both your world and my world needs your help now.”


Trying not to make eye contact, I laid there staring off into the distance.


But- how can a girl like myself help? I’m just- I’m just an ordinary high school girl-


It was hopeless, no matter what I do I’m always going to be a weak human, how can I stand up against these guys? They are just too strong… why did they pick me to help them? I’m not good enough…


“Get up!”


Picking me up from the ground was Rin’s hand.


This caught me off guard.


“We got to work together, c’mon we’re almost there… No matter who you are, it is what you do that makes you a hero. You were chosen to do this and I believe in you… you don’t have to struggle alone… Like what I said, let’s finish this together.”


These words from Rin kind of surprised me because he never really spoke like that before… was this a dream?


That was when I felt something suiting and cool that that made contact with the wounds of my body. What was it? It felt like jelly, but it isn’t…


“This should help you…”


I started to feel a lot better than before all thanks to something-


“What did you do to me?” I asked Rin


“Just gave you a medicine that will heal your wounds.”


“Uh-“ I blushed. “Thank you Rin…”


“No problem…”


As I got myself up together again, a loud thundering sound echoed throughout the cave. There, creaking open was the very door we were trying to reach, and standing there was a huge black being with red eyes with a big smirk on his face.


“Ah- so you finally come to face me…? The ruler of shadows!”


Uh oh- I didn’t expect him to really be there… I guess it is now or never-


Stepping forward, Teridax took out his huge blade, which looked 50 ft. long and that smile on his face is just terrifying.


“I shall warn you that I cannot be beaten, for I am nothing and you cannot defeat nothing…”


With my clenched fists, I felt ready this time… after all the pain he has given us in my world… in my own town… Teridax is going down…


“Even though I am just human… you are going down Teridax… and that is final…”


“Oh really? For a human, you seem like more of a rodent that must be squashed quickly… prepare yourself, for this shall be your very end…”


“We’ll see about that…”


Both Rin and I charged at the terrifying Teridax with all our might.


“Nami, circle him on the right!”


“Got it!”


Rin quickly used his ice sword and slashed forward at the dark being, but his sword went right through him like it was an empty hunk of armor.


I then stomped my foot on the ground sending a barrage of rocks at Teridax, but it didn’t do any damage on him. Laughing maniacally Teridax extended his arm and knocked Rin into one of the walls.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m fine- WATCH OUT!” warned Rin.


That was when a huge tentacle shot straight at me- and at the nick of time I quickly used mode change.


<<Mode Change: Tahu>>




“Got it!”


Just in time a barrier came up around me blocking Teridax’s attack.


“Clever little gafna… no matter, I still cannot be defeated by likes of you.”


“We’ll see about this… Makuta…” as I charged up a huge fireball and prepared to chuck it. Teridax himself also prepared an energy ball of shadow... It looks like he might try to counter my attack… good then.


We’ll keep fighting…


Just when I felt like my energy was all charged up, I then launched my fireball as he launched his shadow ball.


We will bring balance to both worlds…


The two energies then collided causing a huge explosion… and out of the smoke the two of us charged at each other.


“NAMI WATCH OUT!” warned Rin.


“NOW DIE!!!” roared Teridax as he swung his sword.


Because we have to…


<<Mode Change: Lewa>>


“I got this…” I then flew up in the air just before Teridax swung his sword. That was when Lewa’s axe appeared in my hands.


“This should quick swift beat him! I hope...” said Lewa.


“You better be right, Lewa…”


I quickly gripped tight on it and prepared to crash down on Teridax’s head.


It is my destiny to save both our universes…


“TAKE THIS TERIDAX!!!” as I crashed down on Teridax’s head.




I am the only hope they have…




To Be Concluded…






By: Lehvorak

Side Note - This story is part of a light novel I am planning to make, but not sure if I should make more of it.

Edited by Grandmaster Lehvorak


Web Design - Graphic Design - Illustration

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