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The Forgotten Tail of Mata-Nui

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#1 Offline Kask Daxxe

Kask Daxxe
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Posted Jan 28 2013 - 05:52 PM



In a time before time, in an era long forgotten, Mata Nui prepared for his journey to Aqua Magna. This would take longer than the journey itself, as many check ups had to be made in the universe. The place with most need of checking, however was of course, the tail.

The tail was a world of its own, completly cut off from the rest of the universe. Governed by 3 Makuta, it was an experiment to see what the dark beings would do with their great power. There were 3 islands, one for each Makuta; Voka Nui, the Matoran island governed by the isolated Makuta Kask, Vornsalan: the Skakdi populated island controlled by the grand fighter Makuta Kerragio, and lastly Villixia, the domain of the twisted Makuta Kilomix, whose experiments on the population had reduced them all to sick creatures of fear and hate.

These islands lived in relative peace with each other, having no interest in the others affairs, until the cataclysm began.

The Matoran, who were beings of light, were fearful of their leader shunned him and left him in favour of their own village leaders. Makuta Kask was outraged, and disappeared. Seeing a moment of weakness, a Skakdi warlord led an army of his people to invade Voka Nui. Makuta Kerragio, who was furious with this warlord, who acted of his own accord, sent an army of Rahkshi to defeat the renegade army. To defend Voka Nui, six Toa arrived, one for each village. The Piraka were defeated.

However, the celebrations were short. Makuta Kilomix had been watching from the distance and decided to strike when the others were recovering. He sent his own Rahkshi; augmented from his experiments and more powerful.

This all was releasing huge amounts of energy, amounts that Mata-Nui found distasteful. It was not until Kilomix's curiosity got the better of him by finding a secret route to the rest of Mata-Nui's body, that Mata-Nui himself came into action.

The tail was disconnected in flight to Aqua-Magna where it drifted in space for thousands of years, until it arrived on an ocean world far away from Sphereus Magna. the impact sent all the beings inside to a coma which would last centuries.

But, this cataclysm was at an end. The Matoran, waking up to have no memory of the past, found themselves on the beach of Voka Nui with a tall black figure standing above them.


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#2 Offline Kask Daxxe

Kask Daxxe
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Posted Feb 04 2013 - 04:38 PM

Chapter I
Leka hurried through the jungle.  He had been told by another Le-Matoran that Makuta Kask had sent for him. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen him very well. It had been so long ago. He remembered waking up on the beach, no other memories intact, and the Makuta told them of their past, that their arrogance had led to them nearly being destroyed. They now had three virtues to live by, so that it did not happen again. Unity, they must live together to be strong, Respect, they needed to be at peace with others to keep unity, and Knowledge, they must know what to do when threatening situations arise.
He was to bring the two most trusted Matoran he knew to bring with him, and he knew already who they would be. Onuretu, his closest friend, an engineer from Onu-Metru and another friend Barralem, a scientist from the town of Ba-Netus.
He would surely pick up Onuretu first, so he descended into the nearest access point to the underground. There were many of them, as the underground was a major part of the island. It contained two cities, and a lot of a third.
He was just in time for a train headed to Onu-Metru. He wondered what it could be that Kask needed him for.

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