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Bionicle Life 3.0


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#1 Offline Rarity

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Posted Oct 16 2011 - 03:57 PM

CHAPTER 1Lewa: *Walks outside* Hi bum on the streetBum: Give me help style_emoticons/default/sad.gifLewa: *Gives cup*Bum: There's nothing in itLewa: Hope. I put hope in that cupBum: *Punches Lewa and walks off*Lewa: Some people just will not accept help*At the coffee shop**nothing happends**At the McJala's*Jala the clown: Hi kidsKids: You suckJTC: *Beats kids up*Police: Your under arrest!JTC: Oh crud it's the Fuzz!!!!!!Fuzzy bear: What did I do?JTC and Police: ......*At Lewa's house*Lewa: *Watching TV*TV: Quit watching me. Im tired. Turn me off!Lewa: style_emoticons/default/blink.gif*At police HQ*Police officer: Why did you beat them up?JTC: They said I suckOfficer: You doJTC: Wat you'd call my momma!!Officer: What?JTC: My foot!Officer: HuhJTC: They did not lose the game!!!Officer: Put him in the looney bin!Police: Ok *pulls out shrink ray* Here you go *shrinks Jala The Clown*JTC: AhhhPolice: *Throws mini Jala The Clown in bin marked Looney bin**At Awesome burger*Pohatu: Welcome to Awesome burger home of the awesome burger my I take your order?Kopaka: ......Pohatu: Welcome to Awesome burger home of the awesome burger my I take your order?Kopaka: ......Pohatu: TELL ME!!!!!!Kopaka: .....Pohatu: FREAKIN TELL ME!!!!Kopaka: .....Pohatu: *Hits Kopka with stone slab*Kopaka: style_emoticons/default/whiteflag.gifPohatu: Welcome to Awesome burger home of the awesome burger my I take your order?Gali: An awesome burgerPohatu: Okey dokey!*At Tahu's video game store*Tahu: You don't want that game! It's for little matoranLittle matoran: I am a little matoranTahu: do you have any money?\Little Matoran: No.Tahu: then get the #### out!!!! *kicks LM out**At the old people home*Vakama: I wanna go to the amusement park!Nurse Hahli: No!!!!Vakama: I wanna go!!!Hahli: I said no!!!Vakama: Why!!!!>??Hahli: Aghgggh *Takes pillow and smuthers Vakama*Crowd of old people: Yay!!!*At McJala's*Kongu: we're getting sued!Hewki: By who>?Kongu: Some little brat's parentsSome little Brat: my parents are'nt sueing youHewki + Kongu: style_emoticons/default/blink.gif*At Barnes and Noble*Barnes and noble employee: Who are you?ToaLewa31: The author of the comedyB&N Employee: style_emoticons/default/blink.gif(IMG:style_emoticons/default/blink.gif)TL31: Nevermind
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#2 Offline A Toa Hero

A Toa Hero
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Posted Oct 16 2011 - 04:24 PM

I can describe this in a word: random. Sure it was pretty funny in a slapsticky kinda way, but I prefer sense. (BTW Jala was definitely the best)
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#3 Offline Rarity

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Posted Apr 08 2012 - 06:25 PM

BIONICLE LIFE CHAPTER 2Waiter: Hi welcome, we like to make sure our customer is satisied here at TGI-Tahu: yeah that fine and dandy but I don't care, can I get a cokeWaiter: oh is pepsi okayTahu: You know what I’ll just get a burgerWaiter: ribs okayTahu: Just tell me where the restroom isWaiter: Is bathroom okay?Tahu: Whatever just tell me where it isWaiter: Okay you are going to take a left and the bathroom is on the right, unless you are sitting on the left side then the mens room is on the LEFT and the bathroom is on the rightTahu: let me speak to your managerWaiter: Supervisor okay?Supervisor: Is there a problem sir?Tahu: Yes this waiter has really been anoying mewaiter: Is pestering okayTahu: See he won’t give me what I wantWaiter: Is what you need okayTahu: See?Supervisor: I can’t see but I have examined your perspectiveTahu: I have been completely unsatisfiedSupervisor:that is unacceptable, here @ T.G.I Tuesday-Tahu: Wait I thought this was TGI Friday’sSupervisor: Oh no we're their Agori rip off, TGI Tuesdays!Tahu: okay I’ll just go to Bula Berry Garden!Waiter: Is Makuta Grills okay?Tahu: you know what yes it is okay!Waiter: Oh sorry it’s closed!Tahu: (screams) I can’t take it anymore, I can’t have coke I have to have pepsi, I can’t have a burger I have to have ribs, I can’t use the bathroom I have to use the men’s room, I can’t even talk to the manager I have to settle for a supervisor?Supervisor: hey I’m right hereTahu: I don’t care anymore I just want to eat, I’m going to McJala's!!Waiter: is Burger Toa okay?Tahu: NO!!!!!!Elsewhere...Turage Dume: Welcome to... THE COURT OF DUME!*court music starts playing*Narrator: Hafu is here today to sue Jala the Clown, and McJala's for abuse! He says he walked in McJala's and was abused by the clown after he said he thinks clowns don't work hard enough!He's suing for 5,000 dollars!*Jala the clown walks in*Narrator: Jala the clown says that isn't what happened. He claims he was kicked repeatedly by Hafu and his friends after he made a comment about how he doesn't want a kid of his own... He's being accused of... clowning around!Counterclaim has been filed, for $2,500.NEXT TIME: DUMES' COURT!
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