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Your childhood and bionicle!

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60 replies to this topic

#41 Offline branden1018

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  • 21-December 04
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Posted Mar 28 2013 - 09:49 AM

My entire childhood revolved around Bionicles. I followed the story line, read every comic, and tried to get my hands on every set. BZpower was also a huge part of it to me. I remember I was so excited back then as a kid to have a website I could talk to about the thing i loved most. This is actually the first time I've been on here for five or six years, and its weird seeing everything change.

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#42 Offline Noxryn

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  • 15-March 06
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Posted Mar 29 2013 - 09:21 PM

Bionicle was something I saw in a magazine and I liked it, it looked neat and different back then (and I was already fairly well along into Lego by then), and so I got to collecting them. I get into collecting things, I get into buying colored objects of various different things, and this was sort of an extension of Pokemon for me. It was fun, the story was neat for me at the time, it was different and interesting So, most of my young childhood was spent buying and collecting these things until I eventually faded out of them and other, different, people enjoyed the series. I had and have my own issues with the line, I grew out of the books (although I still have them), and that was that. 


It still helped to support my creativity, my wish to write and I made a lot of friends with similar interests along the way. It had a positive impact overall, even though I disagree with some story elements and how some things were executed (and some other things, although not directly LEGO's doing). 


(I also still have the comics...)

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#43 Offline A Forgotten Soul

A Forgotten Soul
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  • 07-December 12
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Posted Mar 29 2013 - 10:23 PM

Currently, Bionicle is the link to show people what happens in my mind, and how I really feel. It's the only thing that seems to keep me together.

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#44 Offline RobotProphet

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  • 10-March 13
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Posted Mar 30 2013 - 01:15 AM

Bionicle had just started to become popular when I and my siblings discovered it. I was 12 and it was Summer of 2003. My whole teenage years were almost completely dedicated to Bionicle's story and characters. That was the big thing (we even made a home suspense/comedy movie about watching LOMN and running through the house away from Makuta :P). But we bought the figures ALL the time--at every Christmas, birthday, Easter, and family gathering. We didn't get all of them, but 70+ figures still isn't considered enough to me, especially when it comes to important characters that are missing in the collection like the Toa Nuva. (Me at 22) we still play with them, and actually just got them out last week making poses and taking pictures. Bionicle will always be with me because it left a memorable mark on my life. I wouldn't be the writer or creative consultant I am today if it weren't for Bionicle :)

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#45 Offline ~garnira returns~

~garnira returns~
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  • 02-June 08
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Posted Mar 30 2013 - 01:40 AM

I got a gahlok in 2003, but I really wasn't into bionicle until 2005.


The first sets that I bought for myself were Iruini and Ehrye, I specifically remember buying Iruini because I saw Lerahk in the same store and thought he was a simpler version, and buying Ehrye beacause I liked his colorscheme.  :P   After spending a few hours on Iruini (I was only 5 at the time), I didn't build Ehrye because I wanted to play. The following day I introduced my best friend to bionicle. After buying a few visorak, we went on adventures with them and had an amazing time. 


In 2007 I really got deep into the story, being able to fully grasp it. 2007 and 2008 were my golden years; I followed the story, made mocs, and played games. I also really like making stopmotion movies of my own extensions to the story! These were also my first years "on" Bzpower. I followed it for news and for mocs until spring 2008, when I made this account under the name "garnira".

Edited by ~garnira returns~, Mar 30 2013 - 01:59 AM.

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#46 Offline Indigogeek

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  • 05-December 10
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Posted Apr 05 2013 - 05:41 AM

Ah, the good ol days.. I would always come here for story refrence or leaked images. good times...

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#47 Offline Phovos

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  • 07-September 07
  • 4,309 posts

Posted Apr 05 2013 - 09:55 AM

I got into Bionicle when my bro got given a Gahlok-Kal. I became addicted to Bohrok. Other Bionicle sets followed, but nothing really satisfied my love for Bohrok. I still like Bionicle and all that, but now, I only use my Bionicle and Hero Factory pieces to help me build and create my own characters, such as the powerful Rethan general, Retvik, or the gun-making Threan master of sniping, Arkay.


My golden BZP days were back on the old forum, when I was writing The Bohrok-Kal's Ramblings, Phovos's (Stolen) Diaries, Reading Over My Shoulder Is Dangerous To My Health and Virus - Curse of a Victory.

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#48 Offline archivist_66

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  • 01-April 13
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Posted Apr 07 2013 - 01:48 PM

My first BIO - Kopaka Mata, I bought it in 2001. I was playing with my sets all the time! And I enjoyed it... but nowdays I'm not interested in sets - collecting Masks only.

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#49 Offline Rooster Nui

Rooster Nui
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  • 15-October 12
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Posted Apr 15 2013 - 07:49 PM

I've been with Bionicle since 2002, when the Toa Nuva arrived in my country. I lurked around BZPower for six or seven years before finally becoming a member. Till this day, Bionicle is my main interest and my main part of my childhood.

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#50 Offline Kanakalackin

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  • 18-February 13
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Posted Apr 16 2013 - 11:21 AM

Running up and down Wal Mart, Target, and Ebay trying to decide which one to get. Oh, and people thinking I'm crazy (which I am, a little).

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#51 Offline Mr. House

Mr. House
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  • 06-March 08
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Posted Apr 18 2013 - 02:10 PM

My first Bionicle set I got was '04 Whenua. But it wasn't until 2006 I was hooked. I remained devoted to the line up until it was discontinued. I remember forcing my parents to take me to Walmart, orchestrating battles between sets, and making up entire stories in my head. I also credit the Bionicle books for getting me serious about reading.


As for BZPower, I was introduced to it around 2006/2007 by a friend. Lurked for years until I found the section of the forum that compelled me to join: Bionicle RPG. How much younger me wanted to join an RPG called 'The Gate'. So I joined, at early March of that year. I started out as complete and utter noob, and remained that way for quite some time. It's only after the change between forums and the Great Downtime that I've matured as a writer.

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#52 Offline gunconvoy

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  • 24-April 13
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Posted Apr 28 2013 - 10:39 AM

Well I wasn't on BZP at the time when the Bionicle story line was still up. Not to be rude to everyone here, but when I stumbled upon BZP when I was young, I didn't really like the way the Forums place looked. It looked all, I don't know, old. It looked different than other forum sites. But now that I'm here now, it feels great still.

Pretty much me in this quote.


But aside form that, Bionicle was everything, major story and great fun. Something i really do wish to show people who never herad of it.


Of course i owe it all to Toa Kopaka who made all of it possible for me.

Edited by gunconvoy, Apr 28 2013 - 10:40 AM.

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#53 Offline Geardirector

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  • 08-June 12
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Posted Apr 28 2013 - 11:43 AM

"Bionicle" is essentially a one-word summary of my childhood. I just adored the sets, and I jumped at the chance to learn more about the storyline (still do), Bionicle was just as engaging on a purely physical toy level as it was on the story-level to me. I had lots of fun re-enacting the storylines as well as making up new stuff.


I 've long held the arguement that Bionicle was the "big story" of our generations. In a sense, it was our answer to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings: the grand adventure that we got to experience and remember, something that we were around to experience for the first time.


Bionicle continues to take up a big chunk of my spare time even today, over a decade after it first came out:)

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#54 Offline boston100

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  • 28-July 12
  • 401 posts

Posted Apr 29 2013 - 10:00 PM

un fortunatly i wasnt on BZP while the story was on. My fondest memory was whuen i just got back from vacation and i went into my room. There was Scopio and 2 giant boxes of peices on my bed. My dad had bought them and drop

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As long as there is one bionicle fan out there there is still hope for bionicle to return. Keep faith. Bionicle is amazing. 

#55 Offline Artorias

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  • 21-February 10
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Posted Apr 30 2013 - 01:17 PM

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]I was really young at the time, and my older sister had the full set of Toa Mata. I ended up getting some of my own, and I think the first set I ever personally owned was Tahu Nuva. [/font]

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]From then on, I stuck with Bionicle until the end. I got at least one set from each year, and I think the closest I ever got to getting a full set was with the Metru.[/font]

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]I was pretty sad when the end came about, and I still don't like HF. I don't think I ever will, really.[/font]

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#56 Offline The Root

The Root
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  • 30-December 07
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Posted Apr 30 2013 - 01:51 PM

I was at LEGOLAND California in 2005 at age 7 or so with only little knowledge of BIONICLE (I only saw Tahu Nuva). At the end of each LEGOLAND visit, I toss my entire allowance at the gift shop. While finding something cool, I stumbled upon Rahaga Bomonga and bought him out of sheer curiosity. I'm telling you, BIONICLE changed my childhood after that. I only discovered BZPower about 2-3 years later.

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#57 Offline Lukas Exemplar

Lukas Exemplar
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  • 05-October 09
  • 57 posts

Posted May 16 2013 - 03:58 AM

Well, for me, it never stopped. I still actively try to keep BIONICLE, its fandom and everything alive as good as I can. I don't see how anyone could grow out of something so fantastic and unique. :P I mean that storyline, those wondrous concepts. The sets. So overwhelming.

Edited by Luka1184, May 16 2013 - 03:59 AM.

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#58 Offline 16N1K4

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  • 14-May 07
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Posted May 17 2013 - 10:52 PM

The golden days.... When I was still very active 'round here, and the forums were buzzing every second.I've been on hiatus from regularly participating in the forums, but I'm still the same Bionicle/Lego fanboy I was years ago. I'm still building MOCs, still checking for Lego news. You know, all those things.I've been a fan of Bionicle since its beginning, and I found this site years after that. The epic saga and the cool sets have been a significant part of my childhood and has been a great influence on my life. For that, I am thankful.
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#59 Offline Booman7736

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  • 21-March 09
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Posted May 22 2013 - 02:25 PM

I have fond memories of wanting to have the 2002 Bohrok sets, Makuta, Tahu and Nuva. Those sets were the best in Lego history! I remember building Bionicles from the Rahkshi sets when they came out. I also remember watching a Bionicle movie that came out in 2004. 4 years later, I discovered BZP in 2008 and signed up on March 21, 2009.

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#60 Offline Cambion

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  • 29-August 09
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Posted May 22 2013 - 02:52 PM

[color=#00ccff;]i got just one set as a birthday present in '04, and i was hooked. i obsessed over learning everything i could about the characters and storyline; i collected all the books and a bunch of the older sets. it was just so different from everything else; i still haven't found a fictional universe i like better, and i cannot fathom why kids would want action figures that aren't constructible. Bionicle basically dominated my life until its end a few years ago. i spent all my money and most of my free time on it when i was a kid, and lurked around this site for the pictures and news (and comics). unfortunately i wasn't allowed to join BZPower until 2009 thanks to overprotective parents, but back then the fandom was still truly alive, and it was great. i've been sort of sporadically participating in the fandom for the last year or so, as i've rather lost interest (especially with the dying and volatile fanbase) but nonetheless, Bionicle's had a huge impact on my life.[/color]

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#61 Offline ~ShadowBolt~

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  • 07-January 08
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Posted May 25 2013 - 03:49 PM

I think the golden days for me was around 2006-2008 when the storyline was picking up and reaching its climax and the forums were still incredibly active. It was a great time to be into Bionicle.

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