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6 replies to this topic

#1 Offline Mohamed Marei

Mohamed Marei
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  • 13-February 09
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Posted Feb 17 2013 - 10:27 AM

So.... I finished making this the night before the official deadline, and took photos of it on the following day. But since we (thankfully) got a deadline extension due to the forums' being down I took a new set of photos and posted them on my photostream today. And now, behold the Dragon Lord in all his epic glory!!!

Posted Image

He is involved in my (yet-to-be-written) storyline of Planet Gyptus.

Here's a little backstory:

He is a leader of the Dragonoids, a race of humaoid dragons that are in battle against the Arbiters, who were sent by the Interplanetary Council to the Planet Gyptus, on a mission to end the war between the Anubians and the Horeans once and for all. The dragonoids have taken sides with the Anubians, due to a shared interest in eradicating the Horeans. After losing his ability to fly due to an accident in his childhood, Rahkvrindigul devised an armor suit that enabled him to teleport to any location within a 20-mile radius. He used this skill to subdue his older and much more skillful brother, Vardrazan, during a battle to determine the future leader of the Dragonoids. 

More backstory later!

And here is a slideshow, for convenience.

Enjoy, and good luck to y'all!!

Moe, out!


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#2 Offline Aanchir

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  • 04-September 06
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Posted Feb 17 2013 - 11:50 AM

Great design. I particularly like the head. However, the front and sides of thet torso don't mesh together all that well. The contrast in textures work for the MOC, but the resulting gaps are less desirable.Love the design of the hands, by the way. I might try to use that or something similar on a MOC some day.
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The call of a Dragon in danger to save. All must unite, with Magic, be brave!

#3 Offline Mohamed Marei

Mohamed Marei
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  • 13-February 09
  • 703 posts

Posted Feb 17 2013 - 11:53 AM

Thank you! I had a very limited supply of pieces for this MOC. This is most definitely at the top of my revamp list. But it was definitely fun to make, and I'm happy with how he turned out regardless.

Best of luck to you :D


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#4 Offline Tommy_

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  • 02-September 12
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Posted Feb 17 2013 - 04:21 PM


Maybe you could change the name or colour scheme, but apart from that it's perfect :D

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#5 Offline Mohamed Marei

Mohamed Marei
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  • 13-February 09
  • 703 posts

Posted Feb 17 2013 - 04:36 PM

I like the name, it's sorta Bionicle-y and evil :P And yeah the color scheme could use a bit of a rework, and I would have preferred a ready-made dragon head which I don't have, but oh well. If I could get the supplies for a revamp I will most certainly take these things into account. Also bear in mind that this entry includes pieces from only 5 sets (Furno XL, Scarox, Razcal's Glider, Kai's Fire Mech and a City Mini Helicopter), and if I had more pieces it wouldn't look like this at all!! But anyway, thanks for your opinion!


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#6 Offline Click

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  • 25-May 09
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Posted Feb 18 2013 - 02:48 PM

The head is definitely which drew my interest to the MOC. The flow is very cool, except for the eyes. Maybe if the weren't sticking out of the head so much, it would look better. The use of Chima wings looks nice (a lot of MOCs used them for this contest, although I unfortunately didn't get any Chima sets yet :( ), although I would tilt the side ones back a bit more to make it look more streamlined. The mouth design is cool, although I was sad to realize it didn't open and close (at least the teeth don't).

As for the rest, the torso is kind of wide for a Dragon MOC, and the HF feet don't flow as well as they could. Maybe some different side armoring, or mounting them closer to the body, or higher up would look better.

The arm design is simple, yet looks awesome! The heavy shoulder armor, and then the gauntlet look looks great on him, and like Aanchir said, those claws are awesome. It's very clever (and holds together better than my entry's design :P), and looks very nice.

The legs are also simple, and work well. My only qualms about them would be the ankle connection looks a little bit awkward, mostly because of how low those Piraka feet are, and then the knee armor sticks out a bit, but they're only minor. It would also be nice if the calves had some armor on the front to cover up the awkward gap left by the rear-facing HF armor.


Can't wait to see your revamp when you get it done, and good luck in the contest!

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#7 Offline Dragon.star

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  • 16-February 13
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Posted Feb 18 2013 - 06:23 PM

Very nice MOC, but the torso looks a little out of place like it looks sort of wide compared to the rest of the body, but good luck anyway.
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