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Bionicle Hero

Bionicle Hero Bohrok-Kal Taku

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#1 Offline TahuForever!

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Posted Feb 21 2013 - 12:08 AM

This is a songfic based on the music video Bionicle Hero. The funny thing is I envisioned this years ago, but the images stuck with me. Finally I got around to writing it just recently, and I think it turned out rather well, actually. Thankfully the forums are back online and I can post it. :)


By the way, if you've never heard "Bionicle Hero", you'll want to look it up. Great song.



















Bionicle Hero




As you're on your way back home,

Something catch your eyes untold.






One fine sunny day on the island of Mata Nui, I was taking a stroll down from Ga-Koro to my home in Ta-Koro. I'd just been doing some business in Ga-Koro and was now returning home. I am a Ta-Matoran, if you could not guess, and my name is Taku. The Bohrok swarms had just recently been defeated by our noble and heroic Toa, who were then transformed into Toa Nuva. All on the island was now peaceful, save the odd Rahi trouble.


As I was saying, I was on my way down this path, when in a clump of bushes up ahead I saw something very strange. I couldn't tell quite what it was, but it sparkled in the sun.


I drew closer, pushed my way through the bushes, and found myself in the center of a vegatative ring. In the center, protruding from the dirt, was a little sack of widgets. Well, what do you know? Who could have left these here? I supposed it did not matter, as there weren't very many widgets.


But as I pulled it free, the sand under it started draining downwards, as if it were being sucked into the ground. I realized that indeed it was being sucked in and my heart stopped. Quicksand! The hole was widening at an alarming rate, so I turned to run. But too late. The sand under my feet was collapsing under me. I struggled, but in vain. I slid into the pit.


When I reached bottom, however, I was surprised to find myself flying through space. The light of day disappeared above me and I sank into a dark void. Finally, I landed on my side with a terrible jolt. I rose slowly to my feet.






Fear of darkness lingers here.

Tremble as you get the fear...






I looked about me and realized I was underground. Above me I could see a circle of light, but sand was still falling and I coughed and my vision was obscured. I retrieved a lightstone from my pack and looked about.


I whistled. What a cave. It stretched in every direction farther than the lightstone could make clear to me, and made up an entire landscape in itself.


There were pillars of stone rising high in the air, cliffs rising and falling, and a river cutting and winding its way through the place. I couldn't believe such a place existed down here, and one I'd never known of before.


There was something strange about this cave, too. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I noticed strange lights in the distance, at varying points, and the texture of the stone was almost. . . Creepy. The more I looked about, the more I began to feel strange twinges of fear.


But why should I? I did not understand. It was just a cave, after all. But then, things often lurked in caves, did they not? All the same I knew there must be a way out somewhere. I retrieved the sack of widgets and placed it in my pack.


Knowing there wasn't likely to be anyone along the road above at this time of day, and remembering the principal that says water always flows downwards, I set off to follow the river towards its point of origin.






Now you're on the cornerstone,

Fearing you'd be left alone.






I followed the river as far as I could walk. It had taken me an hour to get there. The head of the river broke free from under the cavern wall, and there was no way to follow it without swimming. Being a Ta-Matoran I was natuarally averse to the idea, and besides that I still had an unnatural feeling of fear in this place, but there was nothing else for it. I would have to brave it and swim.


A few long-held breaths and thorough soakings later I realized I would be unable to follow the river any farther. There were no air pockets within my reach of this point.






Who will lose, who will prevail?

Who will tell the final tale...?






Suddenly, I shivered, and not just from the cold. The nagging feeling of fear suddenly came on me again, only stronger this time. In all the time I'd been in the cave it hadn't left me. Being a long-time member of the Ta-Koro Guard I liked to pride myself a bit on my instinct, and I wondered what manner of beasts might be lurking in here. I set off at perhaps a bit quick of a pace along the wall, praying I would find an exit.


Suddenly I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I jerked my head in that direction. Had something just darted behind that pillar. . . ? My heart-rate quickened, as did my pace.






There it goes,







Dust kicked up behind my pattering feet as I searched desperately for a way out. I could not understand what was causing me to behave so irrationally. But there! I saw movement again! I still could not make anything out when I turned to look, but I realized I was not alone in this cave. And something or someone was following me.






There it goes,







I ran on, casting frequent glances over my shoulder, certain that something was after me.


I didn't have long to wait before I discovered what it was. Something darted out in front of me. I skidded to a halt, and jumped back from the creature that had surprised me.


It was a Bohrok. Oh, is that all? Mind you, they were quite dangerous, but I'd fought a good many Bohrok in the war alongside my fellow Guards, even with my bare hands. I didn't fear them any more than dangerous Rahi. Unless they were Lehvak. Lehvak sent shivers through even our noble Captain, Jaller.


I stood my ground, setting my expression to that of defiance.


The Bohrok stepped into the radius of light cast by my lightstone.


Instantly I was taken aback. Something about this one, its sleeker, stronger body, the sickly patterns spread across it, made the feeling of horror return to me stronger than ever.


I couldn't help myself. When it raised its shields and pointed them at me, I leaped to the side and ran off a few yards.


Just as I did, the ground behind me exploded, bits of melting rock flying in every direction. If I hadn't moved, I would've been dead.


The Bohrok turned slowly to look at me, then jerked its head at me. Chik! Chik!


I quickly evaluated the best course of action.


I fled for my life.






Do you know,

What it takes to be a Hero?

When you're lost,

A piece of love, a piece of you.






I quickly realized that there was more than one Bohrok after me as I ran on, and the feelings of terror only grew worse. Glimpses of them told me they were part of the same elite group, as Elite Bohrok I realized they must be.


I heard the crackle of an energy blast behind me. I leaped to the side, a pillar was struck and began to crumble. But it would lay in my path, if it landed in front of me they would catch me. I put on a short burst of speed and slid under just as it was about to squash me.


I lay on my back, and was breathing hard. Which meant I wasn't dead. I slowly raised myself from the ground and looked back at the wall now lying between my pursurers and I. I laughed quietly to myself.


Then two of them leaped to the top of the pillar and jerked thier heads down at me. Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik!


With fresh vigour, I resumed my mad dash. Bursts of power struck the ground around me, clouds of shrapnel flying in the air. Just like the Tahnok invasion of Ta-Koro. One blast landed just shy of me and sent me flying. No, worse, worse! I quickly found my feet and ran on.


During the midst of this I dropped my lightstone, and I was forced to run blindly in the dark. By now my eyes were more or less well-adjusted to the blackness, but I still found myself stumbling off small cliffs and nearly crashing into pillars.






Do you have,

What it takes to beat the Fearless?

In your heart,

To grow up strong, and undo wrong?






One time I found myself floating in the air, feeling weightless, only to be sent flying, my body feeling as if different parts were being pulled in different directions. The Bohrok hissed at each other behind me as if they'd gotten in each other's way.


A bolt of electrical energy surged past me and began forming itself into a wall, but I swerved aside it just before it could stretch far enough to block my path.


I soon indentified several of their powers: Gravity, magnetism, electricity, and something very hot and explosive, but I couldn't tell quite what it was.


Science lesson over, I kept moving.


Bursts of energy checkered the vicinity, breaking pillars, sending rock flying through the air, even putting a few holes in the ceiling. Whatever these things were, they didn't strike me as discreet.






To grow up strong, and undo wrong.






The flashes of energy began to dwindle, until finally my pursuers seemed to give up the chase. I couldn't bear to stop running just yet. My legs bore me on a good distance farther before I stopped, panting very hard, behind a pillar. My body was used to terrible exertions, especially after everything in the the Bohrok War. Even so it took me a few minutes to regain my breath and my bearings.


Finally I set off at a brisk pace, my every sense alert for the first sign of danger. I didn't know where I was going, but I wasn't going to find my way out by just sitting there, now was I?






Walking down that well-worn road,

Something changed but who would know?






I walked along what seemed to be a defined path, with rows of well-spaced pillars running along either side, but for what point and purpose the road existed I could not fathom. As far as I knew no Matoran had ever set foot here, and I'd lived on this island for a millenium, so who in the world had built this?


Then it hit me. Bohrok. Cave. This place must be connected to the Bohrok Hives. . . . Yes, that explained it. Although it didn't look quite like any hives I'd seen or had heard described, but I felt that that must be the explanation.


Suddenly, I thought I heard a noise. A very, very small noise, and, I thought, from somewhere above me. Yet it was so faint that even with my senses on edge I thought I might have imagined it. I picked up the pace a bit regardless, wondering what possible strategy I could use against those monsters if they returned, and what environmental location would best suit it.






The smile you get is poison-willed,

The color you once knew is killed.






Bam. A cloud of dust rose up in front of me, and I froze in terror. The dust cleared.


One of the Bohrok turned slowly around to look at me. Close as it was, it seemed to be smiling with glee out of the darkness.






And as you realize what's wrong,

The dirt under your feet is gone.






Bam. Bam. Bam.


I turned from the first Bohrok only to find another one landing in that direction. Then another, and another. All six landed in a circle around me, and I found myself face-to-face with the one resembling a Tahnok.


I always liked to pride myself, just a bit, on my ability to stand firm in the face of terrible odds. But something about this cave. . . . It just wasn't natural, it did something to me. Something I'd never experienced to this degree before.


In my shock and horror, I felt the ground shift under me. The dirt was gone from under my feet, and I found myself landing heavily on my side.






The enemy looks in your eyes.

Now it's time to make it right.






Despite my trepidation, I looked up at the creature, intending to meet my fate bravely. The monster bent down to me and looked me in the eyes, seeming to radiate with malicious glee.


My face fell. The emotions roiled inside me. I slowly rose into a kneeling position. I remembered the way I'd felt about the Bohrok during the war, I remembered the mad heart-stopping chase through this cavern, I could still see the smug face looking down on me.


Then I did something very brave, and very, incredibly, foolish. But I had no intention of dying on my knees. I'd prefer to die fighting anyway.


I pulled back my arm and focused all my energy into a terrific punch, delivered straight into the creature's triumphant countenance.


The metal of my fist connected with the metal of the monster's face.


To my incredible surprise, the Bohrok was thrown into the air, as if my strength had increased a hundred-fold. What?






Do you know,

What it takes to be a Hero?

When you're lost,

A piece of love, a piece of you.






I was incredulous. My eyes must surely have deceived me. I couldn't have sent that Bohrok to where it lay, momentarily stunned, a dozen feet away. Then I heard a noise behind me and I turned.


Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik! Chik!


The creatures chittered like mad as a newcomer invaded their victory party. A Toa-sized figure landed beside me, pressed my head down, and spun in a circle. His sword of fire blazed as flames erupted in a circle, sending the creatures backward.


He knelt beside me. "On my back, now!" Instantly I was on my feet and scrambling onto his back as he stood. He was indeed a Toa, and the red armor betrayed the identity of Toa Tahu. "Now hold on tight!"


The Bohrok had gathered in front of us. Tahu leaped over their heads in a terrific somersault. A stream of energy flashed our way. A crescent of flame altered its course.


We landed. He spun around. He sent a wall of fire toward the creatures. So began an epic battle of incredible power.






Do you have,

What it takes to beat the Fearless?

In your heart,

To grow up strong, and undo wrong?






It was a terrific battle. Power lanced in both directions. Tahu's battle cries and exertion were terrific, matched as he was against six foes, each of power equal to his own. He sought to outrun them, dodging and deflecting all the way.


A wall of sound struck us. I screamed and was nearly forced to loosen my hold to cover my ears, but a well-aimed firebolt came to the result of ending the noise. We ran on.


A molten pit opened up before us, but my rescuer jumped clear and we ran on.


Gravity was lessened. We found ourselves floating in the air. Tahu aimed his sword of flame behind us and jetted us forwards. Gravity increases. He aims the jet below to slow our fall, switching to his Mask of Strength, then runs on at normal speed.


All was mindless action and reaction, with me hanging on for dear life as he fought.


A pillar ahead of us is struck by a lightning bolt and begins to fall. It nearly crushes us, but we roll out of the way just in time. The pillar explodes behind us as we dash on.


A cyclone strikes us and flings us through the air. Inside the cyclone, I find myself unable to breath. Worse, I can't even feel any wind. I can't breathe because there is no air in the cyclone, which really isn't a cyclone but a whirling mass of seeming nothiness. Then we're thrown clear of it, but I lose my grip and fall.


I can't see Tahu, but a Bohrok is on me in an instant. Then I hear a defiant bellow behind me and a burst of flames sends the beast before me running for cover. The other Bohrok gather up, and I start running. Tahu runs over, picks me up and saddles me on my his back. I hold on for dear life once more as the mad chase continues.






To grow up strong, and undo wrong.






Finally, inexplicably, we find the entrance to a smaller cave. But somehow the Bohrok managed to reach it before us. Snarling, they leap at us.


Tahu snarls back and leaps at them. After a brief but more direct skirmish, involving a lot of being jolted and jostled about on my part as we fly around with his sword flashing, along with fire, electricity, sound waves, gravity beams, magnetism and I didn't know what else filling the air, we find ourselves next to the entrance.


We dash into it. Spinning on his heel, Tahu unleashes a terrific wave of fire into the cave, washing over the Bohrok. Their chitterous whines and screams are heard scrambling off.


Then he launches a fireball that strikes the roof of the entrance and sent huge boulders falling into the cave between us and the Bohrok. He waits a moment to listen. Yes, the Bohrok had definitely run off, if those screams attest anything. Or most of them. Nevertheless, panting heavily, Tahu turns on his heel once more and continues on at a reasonable trot.


"Ugh, Bohrok-Kal", he spat. "Troublesome creatures, aren't they? And yet they do have their purpose." He seemed lost in thought for a moment.


There was nothing I could say. I still panted heavily, I was numb, and the cave wouldn't stop spinning.


"Hey, you alright back there? I was trying to save your life, and I, uh, hope I've succeeded." He shifted me off of his back to hold me in his arms. Normally I would have found it just a little bit awkard of a position, but under the circumstances the thought didn't even cross my mind.


I stared up into his friendly Hau-bearing face. "I- I-" I gasped for breath. "I think I'm alright, Toa Tahu. That is if I'm just dizzy and this cave isn't actually spinning."


He chuckled. "I'm afraid not. Regular old cave."


"Well then, I'll live."


"Thank Mata Nui for that! You seem to have a knack for getting yourself in trouble, little one." He looked at me, a flash of worry momentarily crossing his face as he looked aside. Then it passed and he smiled again.


"Yes, well, being in the Ta-Koro Guard, that tends to happen."


"Ah, yes, I suppose it does. Even so, you are too im- . . ." He shook his head. "Never mind. You've done great service to your people in the past, and I'm sure Mata Nui is proud of you."


I smiled at that. Then I frowned. "Wait a moment. Toa Tahu, did you call those things 'Bohrok-Kal'? How do you know what they are? Were you told of them by the Turaga?"


"How do I know?" He thought for a moment. "Well, that's what they are, aren't they?" His eyes twinkled, or so I assumed in the darkness. I raised an eyepiece. What was he talking about?


Finally we reached the entrance to the cave and I forgot my confusion. I leapt from his arms, kissed the ground, and raised my arms to the sky from knee-position, thanking Mata Nui. "Daylight!"


Tahu laughed and walked out beside me. I beamed at him, more fond of our brave hero now than ever, only to stop and gape. "Wait. . . wait a moment." That mask was a Hau alright, but it wasn't a Hau Nuva. But I'd seen Tahu several times since his transformation.


He smiled at me. "No, it's not a Hau Nuva I'm wearing, is it?"


I also noticed that the armor was all wrong. "You're. . . you're. . ."


"No. I'm not Tahu."


I waited a moment, digesting this information. "What? But then who. . . ?"


He chuckled, then saw something behind me. Striding over, he reached down and picked up a Kakama off the ground. "For goodness' sake! There you are! I must have dropped you in my haste to get here." He groaned. "It would have been a lot easier in there if you had been there." He rolled his eyes and put the mask in his pack. "Well, anyway, it turned out alright, eh Taku?"


Not only was he not Tahu, but some strange seventh Toa, when as far as I knew there'd only ever been six, and we Matoran had certainly never seen this being before, but he also knew my name. Suspicions nagged at the corners of my mind, but I pushed them off.


He had, after all, just risked his neck to save mine.


Then another realization hit me. "'On your way here?' How on earth did you know I was going to be down there?"


He frowned, thinking. He glanced at me, then returned to thought. It seemed he hadn't intended to let that slip.


I sighed, stood up, walked over, and grasped his arm. "Thank you."


He smiled down at me. He raised his fist, as if in a friendly gesture, but then seeming to catch himself he lowered it and patted my on the top of the mask instead. "It's what we do, little one. But now I must go. No more getting mixed with these Bohrok-Kal creatures, understand? Take care, little one."


He retrieved the Kakama, bore it, and was off, a cloud of dust speeding towards the horizon.


What a strange Toa. . . .


I turned and shook my head, then stopped. "Oh, shoot. I left my pack in the cave. I'd saved up a hundred widgets, too. Well, I've more at home and of course my life is worth a lot more than that anyway." I chuckled, still somewhat numb, and meandered off in the general direction of Ta-Koro, undecided as to whether I would report this strange occurence to the Turaga.


What a day. . .

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After five long years. . . The Master of Fire is back!

#2 Offline Hitoshura

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Posted Feb 21 2013 - 02:50 PM

Is this the same Taku from your Mask of Light comedy?
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#3 Offline TahuForever!

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Posted Feb 21 2013 - 11:25 PM

Yes, as a matter of fact. Before he was a guest-star in my Mask of Light spoof, he did more serious work as the center of several of my imagined Bionicle stories. ;) He still does, I had just decided to toss him in there when I did Mask of Light. :)

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After five long years. . . The Master of Fire is back!

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