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Pokémon: Eye to Eye

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Posted Feb 22 2013 - 06:08 PM

[color=#ffa500;]Hello all,[/color]


[color=#ffa500;]This is what I hope will become my first successful writing project, which I started for one simple reason: [/color]


[color=#ffa500;]To Nay-Say the Nay-Sayers.[/color]


[color=#ffa500;]By this I mean that most of the people I know consider me to be 'childish' for taking a keen interest in the things I do, when in fact I see beyond the age rating and cheesy one liners of Pokémon and Bionicle, and look at the potential they contain for the older audiences.[/color]


[color=#ffa500;]Thus, I began this, the first in what I plan to be a trilogy of Pokémon novels which are aimed for my age-group (around 16 years old).[/color]


[color=#ffa500;]I hope you enjoy reading these, and if you do, please, drop me a note in the [font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]review topic[/color][/font][color=rgb(255,165,0);] with any feedback and constructive criticism you have.[/color]





[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"][color=#ffa500;]Prologue[/color][/font]



The sun shone harshly upon the crater with beams of light reflecting off shattered iron supports, littering the area with points of intense sun light. Lying amongst the wreckage was a young man, his dying body being scorched by the unbearable heat of the limitless desert. Groaning, he reached up with one arm, the other lying limp at his side, grasping at the stone pillar to his right and dropping his body against the hard, uneven surface. From the corner of his closing eye, he spotted another man, far older than himself, yet gleaming with life and youth, striding through the seemingly eternal wasteland. He was in far better shape than the younger man, his composure and straight back displaying the immense feeling of success that coursed through his body.


Looking at the dying boy, he let a grin spread across his face as the wind blew his long brown coat out behind him. The young man pushed against the rock behind him, his mind telling him to fight against the pain, but his body refused to comply, collapsing forwards onto the searing metal. The grown man walked forwards confidently, stepping over destroyed girders and pushing away sheets of dense metal as if they were nothing more than leaves on a tree. Before the two could meet, the metal to his side shook, grabbing the older man’s attention. He looked down a slope of steel to what was probably another dying person, evident by the hand showing above a steel plate. In what the young man could only assume was a response, the grin faded from the man’s face. He raised his palm and turned away, his smile returning upon hearing the sound of the other man being blasted back into the rubble by the glowing blue beam which emanated from his hand.


Before long, the presence of the powerful man was undeniable and when he knew he was noticed, the tall man removed his coat and threw it to the ground. As the boy’s attention diverted to the coat, he heard the man crouch down beside him as he reached out, grabbing his chin and forcefully turning his head so they were staring at each other, eye to eye. Sighing, the tall man dropped his head, letting it fall back to the ground as he stood and walked towards the cliff nearby, dropping his hands into his black trouser pockets.


Forcing his body to fight the willingness to close his eyes and end it all, the dying boy muttered what may well be his last few words.


“You’re so sure of your victory,” He groaned, each word taking out the energy he would need to stay alive, “That you would overlook the obvious.” At the end, he screamed as a surge of pain shot through his body, followed by the realisation that planted firmly on his left shoulder was the heavy boot of the older man.


“Stop playing games boy!” He shouted violently at the half dead man at his feet, “I have won! It’s over!” He removed his foot from his shoulder and used his other to role the limp body over, forcing his eyes to point directly at the burning sun high above.


Using as much energy as he could, the boy rolled his head to the side and uttered one last sentence. “You built that thing yourself, right?” The older man smirked, almost impressed by his resilience. “So tell me. Amongst all that steel and iron, where did the stone fit in?” In time with his words, the stone pillar he had rested on mere minutes ago, alongside another one lying further down the hill swung up into the air, standing upright between the two men.





[font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"][color=#ffa500;]~Xetra[/color][/font]

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