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What Are You Listening To At This Very Moment?

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Egypt (The chains are on) - Dio



^ So, what'd you think of In Requiem


Destruction and Bliss - Sybreed

A great album - Seth Siro Anton from Septicflesh couldn't have made cover artwork for a bad album, that's for sure. I know that's stupid but so far all the albums he worked on, even if not musically, that I listened to were good ones.
I appreciated it thorougly, above all the first track and Beneath black skies.

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Seth's artwork is pretty cool. some of my favorite albums he's done artwork for are the last three Moonspell albums, the first two The Foreshadowing albums, and the last two Sybreed albums.


also, if you dug In Requiem, I highly recommend checking out Draconian Times. that's Paradise Lost's best imo.



"Temple of Love" - The Sisters of Mercy

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