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The Alternate Metru


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#1 Offline Glimmering Katana

Glimmering Katana
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Posted Mar 15 2013 - 04:35 AM

The story takes place in an alternate universe where Toa Lhikan was killed before he could give the six destined matoran the Toa Stones. So Mata Nui's spirit died and Teridax took over his body. Here is the review topic. So I hope you enjoy it!


                                             The Alternate Metru : Prolouge



 A Toa of Ice named Toa Kranan walked down the streets of Ta Metru along with two Nuurakh. It was obvious that he was captured by the two Vahki. He looked around Ta Metru and witnessed all the destruction and mayhem. Matoran running around the streets, wild Rahkshi everywhere, Dark Hunters killing Toa and much much more.


 No. It shouldn't be this way. Thought Kranan. He was then taken to the Coliseum and they locked him in a dark cell.


 The Toa of Ice looked down. All of a sudden, he heard a strange familiar voice.


"Well look what the Muaka dragged in," the strange voice came from a mutated creature known as Nidhiki.


"You..." whispered Kranan. "But how? Your'e a Dark Hunter. I thought Teridax ordered the Dark Hunters to kill any living Toa," continued Kranan. "Teridax offers a good price.  I was too greedy. I wanted a raise. He seemed very displeased with me. He ordered the Vahki to arrest me. Now I'v been stuck here for 10 years. And I have a question myself. Why aren't you dead?" replied Nidhiki. "I'm only stuck here for a few days. Then I'm off to be executed. And if it weren't for you none of us would be in this mess," replied Kranan. "Lhikan deserved to be dead," said Nidhiki. "For what!? For protecting Metru Nui? For saving innocent lives?" yelled Kranan. The Dark Hunter looked guilty. "Look. I know a way out of this place. I just need your help," said Nidhiki. "How am I supposed to know you won't betray me like how you betrayed the Toa Mangai?" asked Kranan. "Trust me. I won't betray you," replied Nidhiki. "Alright. I trust you. But if you betray me I will hunt you down," said Kranan. "Alright. So here's the plan..."


 "Kranan, you remember the plan?" asked Nidhiki. "Yeah," replied the Toa of Ice. Both of them started making a lot of noise. A Nuurakh unlocked the cell to see what was going on. Then Kranan ambushed the Nuurakh from above. Later the Nuurakh fell into unconsciousness. "Come on let's go," said Kranan. Both of them managed to escape the Coliseum. But there were many dangers ahead of them...

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#2 Offline Glimmering Katana

Glimmering Katana
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  • 09-February 12
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Posted Mar 18 2013 - 06:00 AM

                                                                                Chapter 1                                                                      Toa Kranan and Nidhiki ran as fast as they could. Both of them were being chased by numerous Vahki. It was attracting attention of more and more Vahki. Now there were hundreds of them. Nidhiki thought of an idea. He shot a Kanoka disk at a tall building and the building collapsed on the Vahki. Some of them managed to survive but after they came out of the rubble they noticed that Nidhiki and Kranan were nowhere to be seen. Nidhiki and Kranan hid in the Archives and stopped running with full of relief. "Do you think we lost them?" asked Kranan. "By the looks of it yes," replied Nidhiki. "But we can't hide in here forever. We have to think of some sort of plan." While both of them thought of a plan they heard hundreds of Vahki approaching. They fought against the Vahki but the more they fought the more it attracted the attention of more Vahki. "How many do you think are there!?" asked Kranan. "Hundreds..." replied the Dark Hunter. "Or maybe THOUSANDS!" A Vahki stabbed Nidhiki's back and he howled with agonizing pain. He couldn't bear the pain he was feeling. He fell on the ground and turned to Kranan. Kranan saw what had happened and he yelled out Nidhiki's name. Nidhiki's eyes faded. He knew Nidhiki was dead. A Vahki quickly disarmed Kranan while he was distracted. He fell on the ground. He knew this was the end. He could activate his Kakama and run but he couldn't think of doing anything right now. A tall figure appeared out of nowhere and shot a beam of light witch blinded the Vahki.  He told Kranan "We have to go now. They won't be blinded for too long. Let me help you up." They ran outside the Archives and hid inside an abandoned factory. The figure turned to Kranan.  He asked him "Are you alright?" He nodded. "Yeah. I'm Kranan by the way. Thanks for saving me back there. I don't think I'v seen you here before. Who are you?" The figure turned to Kranan and said. "I am Toa Takanuva."

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#3 Offline Glimmering Katana

Glimmering Katana
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Posted Apr 18 2013 - 07:59 AM

                                                                                         Chapter 2


Kranan turned away from his new companion. He knew many  names in Metru Nui but "Toa Takanuva" was not one of them.


He turned to Takanuva and asked "I don't think I have heard of that name before. Where are you from?"


"I come from Metru Nui." said Takanuva "But a different one. A one where Teridax never took over the Matoran Universe. A one where we lived in peace. But not for long. I must go to Karda Nui and warn the Toa. If not, they will all be dead. And it will be all my fault."


Kranan's eyes flinched with disbelief. Kranan never believed in such things like alternate universes. He thought either Takanuva was just crazy or he was just a Dark Hunter trying to set him up.


"I believe you." said the Toa of Ice. "But you have to help me save mine first."


"Alright." replied Takanuva.


"Thank you. But first your armor looks heavily damaged. I know someone who might  help you with that."


As the two Toa traveled all the way from Onu-Metru to the dry sands Po-Metru they finally finally arrived in a secret underground cavern. Takanuva saw many huts and lightstones. He also saw many Matoran working while the Toa were guarding the village.


"What is this place?" asked Takanuva.


"This is our ressistance." answered Kranan "We are working on many plans to defeat Teridax and put his rain of darkness to an end."


"Do the Dark Hunters know of this place?"


"No. If they did, we will be forced to move to a different place."


A Toa of Lightning saw them and told them to stop.


"Kranan, who is he?" asked the Toa.


"It is alright Chiara. He is a friend of mine." replied Kranan.


"You must ask Turaga Jovan if he is to be here."


"Turaga Jovan?" asked Takanuva.


"He is the only Turaga here." answered Kranan "We met near Ga Koro. He was the strongest of us all. One day, there was fierce war between The Resistance and the Dark Hunters. We were outnumbered. Later Toa Jovan sacrificed all of his Toa power and became Turaga Jovan."


Toa Chiara, Kranan and Takanuva entered the Turaga's room.


"Hello Chiara. I see you have brought a new friend." said the Turaga.


"He says he was from another Metru Nui. An alternate universe to be exact." replied Chiara.


The Turaga looked closely at Takanuva. He could feel the light and darkness in Takanuva.  He realized that he was telling the truth.


"Hmm. I see you are telling the truth." said Turaga Jovan "If you seek help then you came to the right place."


"Thank you Turaga." replied Takanuva.


The two Toa arrived in front of a large hut. Kranan knocked on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again and still no answer. Then he knocked one more time then there was a voice that said:


"Who goes there?" asked the voice.


"It is Toa Kranan. I have a friend who is in need of more armor." replied Kranan.


The door finally opened and a Fe-Matoran appeared.


"Please. Have a seat." said the Fe-Matoran.


The Fe-Matoran looked at Takanuva's weapons and armor.


"I think I have some armor that fits. Let me check my inventory." said the Fe-Matoran.


After searching for several minutes he finally found the correct armor that matches Takanuva.


"Here you go. It's stealth is very high and very light to carry." said the Fe-Matoran.


"Thank you." said Kranan.


But then, an explosion came out of nowhere. Kranan looked out of the window and yelled, "It's the Dark Hunters!!"


The Toa gathered and fought back. A Dark Hunter known as Phantom came and killed most of the Toa. Takanuva almost forgot about his Twin-bladed Lance, "Alright Hunters. Show me what you got."

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