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Closed Off

Closed Off Inception Magnets

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Gears The Toa
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Posted Mar 25 2013 - 06:31 PM

Closed off

Marncos felt the city begin to rock, again. It had been rocking for some time now, as if it was on a wave. But that was preposterous, he thought, how could a subterranean city be on the ocean?

Meanwhile, on an island far away from Marncos’ city, Kauthuai was bored. He had been sitting at his guard post by the ocean for quite some time today, and as usual nothing had happened. But then, he spotted something on the waves. It looked like a toa canister, he thought, and without abandon he ran to tell his Turaga Farshima. He did not noticing one strange thing about the canister. It was built, not like the average toa canister, but like a ship. If he had stayed back he would have noticed this. And the story would end here. But fortunately, he was always a reckless Matoran, who never stopped to pay attention, which might have been the reason he was beach guard. Maybe.

            In the meantime, Marncos was noticing a strange disturbance in the city. About 5 minutes ago, there had been a massive shaking in the city. There were no fatalities, but everyone was rattled. Marncos had also noticed something else. The city had stopped rocking. Completely. As if someone had flicked a switch. Marncos also realized something else. He realized that the farthest edge of the cave they were in was starting to move away from the city, as if the cave was expanding. But that was impossible, he thought, as he knew caves did not expand, no matter what. Meanwhile, Kauthuai was dragging his Turaga with him to see the canister, now embedded in the ground. Strangely, it was expanding, and not opening as it should, something the Turaga Farshima thought was very odd.

            On the other side of said island, another canister was moving. This time it was actually containing a toa, but they were not going to wake up soon, as a cascade of boulders pinned the canister at the bottom of the cliff it was by.  This might’ve seemed unrelated to the passive observer, but believe it or not, it was not. In fact, the canister was supposed to wash up on the beach, but did not. During this strange event, Marncos was going to see the leader of their city, Turaga Maxinoas. He was running through the streets, hopping over market stalls to get there. At the moment he were halfway to the central hall, their world turned on its head, literally. He would have fallen to their doom, had it not been for a clothes line he could grab onto. He could barely hang on, their arms beginning to strain when the city then began to rotate on its side, throwing Marncos into a stone wall, knocking him out. Kauthuai and Farshima meanwhile were rolling the cylinder to the village nearest to the island’s volcano, where smithing was done. They, after much work, managed to get it to the village, only to be greeted by a ta-Matoran, Ceateros, who was known to be the most reputable smith on the island, but also the most egotistical. This lead to him being avoided by many, unless he was needed, which would be now. Ceateros asked “Can I help you open that?” Knowing he was an expert, Farshima agreed to let him open it, after much protest from Kauthuai, they rolled the canister to Ceateros’ workshop. While he bragged he cut the canister open, revealing…. tools and armor.

            During this time, Marncos woke up, surrounded by Matoran, and when he looked around, he noticed something. He was in a bed, in a hut, outside. This shocked him to the point of him fainting again, only to briefly catch a glimpse of a trapped toa, calling for help. He then awoke again, this time staying awake, and decided to get up and go outside. The hut itself was fairly unimpressive, the real wonder being the cliff. There was water at its bottom, and it seemed to have some boulders at the lowermost point of the cliff. But to him, what really mattered to him was the fact that he was taller than the Matoran, not only that, but he also felt strong. One Matoran walked up to him and said “Hello, toa of magnetism, you’ve been asleep for quite a while,” the Matoran than walked away. He then noticed his mask, which was the Great Mask of X-ray vision. He decided to look at those rocks, to see if they contained any metals or gems, as he thought those may be valuable. Marncos looked at the boulder pile at the bottom of the cliff, and upon seeing they had metal, decided to test his powers. The rocks flew at him, along with a canister, containing a toa. The rocks he was able to get away from him, but he caught the canister. He then lay it down, and it began to open. A vo-toa crawled out and asked “What took you so long? it was like being closed off”.

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