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Parallel Chronicle

True 10years BZP

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Posted Mar 29 2013 - 04:46 PM



"...I won't write a story; I'll write the truth. But the truth will be like a story."

--Vadim Shefner


This July, I will mark ten years on BZPower. I think for just about anybody reading this, ten years is a long time. I was still very new to the Internet in general ten years ago; just a week or so before joining BZP, I got my first email address (I still use it). BIONICLE was in its heyday, and I had some fun on BZP both keeping up with the news, reading storyline theories, and occassionally contributing stories to the Library. This work, while quite different from my earlier stories, is special because it is a little something I want to leave in order to commemorate my tenth year on this website. It also serves as an apology, of sorts, for having been away for so long. College, the end of BIONICLE, followed by the Great BZP Forum Downtime, and then the pressures of adult life all tore me away from here.


Of course, the biggest reason I avoided returning here was the post-BIONICLE disarray. For seven years, I visited BZP exclusively for BIONICLE. Without it, I found it hard to go "off-topic" and let myself use this place for something other than BIONICLE. Even if it was other Lego themes (I still avidly collect and build with Lego), it just was not BZP for me. Maybe it still is not. But I think I still have one more thing to contribute. It surprised me when I figured out what it should be, but then again, it is something I have been thinking about since BIONICLE began, and its evolution brought me to the present in such a way I cannot resist sharing.


Hopefully, some of you may find it interesting and nostalgic at the same time. Therefore, let me invite you this time to sit down and read the legend of the BIONICLE...


INTRODUCTION: The Coming of the Toa


Darkness. Then, suddenly, a light appeared, and Colson was up. It was time to get himself together.


"I had some bad dreams," he thought as he put on a shirt. "They were of...the year before. That was the worst." He was finishing putting on his pants when he saw his mom walk by the door to check on him. Immediately, he stopped thinking about his dreams and went to eat breakfast and interact with his family: his mother, father, sister, and cat.


His inner monologue did not continue until an hour later, with the wind in his face as he marched forward, up the street from his house. "Those were bad dreams, but like Kopaka said in the comic, 'The scattered elements of my being are rejoined. Now I am whole.'"


Colson paused as approached the curb and looked ahead. There, across the street and looming high on a slight embankment, was his middle school and the start of the seventh grade. It was a new school; a chance for a fresh beginning, away from the mire of ignorance and injustice that defined his experiences in school prior to this year.


"And the darkness cannot stand before me," he mouthed silently, and then, with a confidence ususual to his age, he stepped off the curb, crossed the street, and marched into the unknown.


CHAPTER 1: Of Toa and (Pre-)Teens


Kopaka strode into the icy wastes surrounding Mt. Ihu. He knew who he was and what he was looking for. The mask he wore was just one of six that would allow him to find the power to challenge the Makuta who controlled this island. The next one was actually near the top of the mountain itself, so he carefully began to scale the steep cliffs. Far above, the peak of Ihu loomed like a giant white nose, with nary a cloud to be seen.


The rumbling, followed by the avalanche, annoyed Kopaka more than it scared him. He was starting to like being alone up here, away from the scurrying Tohunga below and--


Colson felt another tap on his shoulder. He turned around cautiously. He did not exactly feel like being sociable in math class.


The face of another glasses-wearing kid with brown hair was staring back at him. "Hey," he said, "is that a BIONICLE on your book cover?"


"You know of BIONICLE?" Colson asked, a little startled. He never dreamed to inquire if any of his fellow classmates played with Lego sets still. Previous experiences painfully taught him it was fast becoming "uncool" to like Lego openly. It was going to have to become Colson's secret, but since this other kid recognized the Toa drawn on the paper cover of his textbook, maybe it would be OK to admit his newfound BIONICLE fandom.


"Yeah, I have a few of them at home. Your drawing looks like one," he responded.


"Yeah, it's Lewa, actually. It's not very good; I have better drawings at home of the other Toa."


"You like to draw, too!? I draw a lot of stuff.""Really?" Colson was happily shocked, but he was not going to show it. Not yet, anyways. "My name is Colson. What's yours?"




Colson and Peter had to stop since their teacher was going to resume the lesson. But lunch was soon; Colson thought he could perhaps find a place to sit in the cafeteria now that he found someone with some common ground.


When lunch finally came around, Colson and Peter reunited outside of the food lines to find a seat. All the tables were the same length and were all more or less full. At the very end was a smaller table, a different table that was oriented north-south as opposed to east-west. There sat four other guys. Colson turned to Peter and said, "I see a potential spot. I don't know those people, though."


"Well, let's go over," Peter rejoined optimistically.


Colson followed behind, but he could not be so hopeful. Like Kopaka coming down the mountain with Pohatu, Colson couldn't be quite sure if the people he was about to meet would be friends...or enemies.


To be continued!


--Since apparently this is a rule of the forum, I guess I'll link you to the Review Topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=9201

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