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Further Into Darkness

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Posted Mar 30 2013 - 03:34 PM

Hello everyone. This in my new epic. It is in no way related to my joint epic with Dual Matrix "To The Stars". It is merely a coincidence the follow similar theme and I actually came up with the idea first. This one is Canon plausible and follows original characters as some of you may  be happy to hear. 


If you could take the time to give your thoughts on the the Epic in this thread then I would be most grateful: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=9215


Further Into Darkness

-Chapter I-




[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I used to look at the stars like distant heavens. Unreachable flickers of light that kept my hopes alive. All I could think about, all I could dream about was the stars. There was something magical about them. Tiny little candles that burned for an eternity.  Some Matoran would say they could predict the future or that they were the spirits of our fallen heroes, looking down upon us and protecting us from whatever evil came out way. But they weren’t any of that to me. They didn’t need to be. They were special enough of their own. See, they weren’t ghosts or prophecies to me, they were simply a dream. A dream that one say, I would soar past them, their radiant beauty reflecting off my body and infusing me with their aura of obscurity.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Now, of course, I know they are just balls light. They may all look unique, but really they’re all the same; just the same ball of light over and over again as this ship drifts through space. The planets may be pretty colours and have pretty patterns, but there all the same lump of rock. Fifteen years I’ve been lost up here, in this hunk of metal floating silently in the vacuum of space, with seemingly no escape from through the endless abyss of eternity: MAS: Colony.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I call it a hunk of metal, the engineering that went into this machine is nothing under magnificent, but maybe boredom only increases my bluntness. I like to state facts, because there are many uncertainties that creep the floors on this ship.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]***[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]A vivid final scene from my nightmare dragged me out to a sudden sense of awake. Like a cold dead hand it seized its grasp around my neck and pulled me up from my slumber to the freezing temperatures of reality.  I was on the floor; my limbs sprawled out from my body. I was staring directly up at the glossy white ceiling that seemed to be plastered everywhere over the ship. Even the sight of it made the insides of my stomach curl up into a ball and squeal for a bit more vibrancy.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I rolled forward onto my hands and pushed myself up, still out of breath from my nightmare. They were getting worse, or at least the aftermaths were. I couldn’t never quite remember the actual contents or the nightmare, but each time awoke it would take me longer and longer to shake off the feeling. Some nights I wouldn sleep right through without having a single one, and on some nights… Well, let’s just day I didn’t get much sleep. I remember the night that I started to have these terrors. It was the night was I became the last surviving member of the MAS: Colony. Two years and two hundred and forty nine days today.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I exhaled slowly as their faces and names came flooding into my memory as if a dam inside my brain had just burst. There were ten of us at one point. Now it was just me. It wasn’t just one freak accident that wiped everyone out. It was one by one, Matoran by Matoran, like we were stones being flicked over. It made me wonder how long I really had left.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I turned around to face the mirror fixed to my left wall. I walked a few steps and stood in front. Staring me right into my soul was a face I did not recognise. Its eyes looked hollow and there were no signs of even a smile being worn upon these lips for years. It looked into my eyes for a long while, its expression unchanging. I felt uneasy staring at its depressing features but I made sure to not let my urge to walk away get to me. This was something I needed to do.  For[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]this was none other than my own reflection.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I moved my hand up to my dark green Kanohi Kualsi. The entire right hand side was completely scratched and dented from an incident with a gas pipe, leaving a brushed effect of tine lines of black and silver. It was amazing my eye sight wasn’t harmed in the process of my mask being burnt to a crisp on one side. I felt the dents and groves with green Matoran fingers. My eyes travelled down the reflection. On the right side of my chest was dark metallic, rectangular badge. Inscribed on the plate was the word Kadis. That foreign sounding word was my name, although I hadn’t used it in years, I simply just new myself as… myself. There was no point in names when you’re the only alive member aboard the ship. I drew my eyes away from the mirror, unable to look this wreck of a man in the face much longer. Almost out of instinct I dropped to the floor and did seventy  three hundred five press-ups, followed by one hundred and fifty sit-ups. It was important to me to keep fit because… well because it just gave me something to do.  [/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Once I had completed my exercises I stood up slowly, my face was warm with exhaustion. I looked around my small box of a room. White panels everywhere, not a scratch or smudge on anyone of them. That was the way I kept it. Everything had to be clean. If I couldn’t control my nightmares, then my Mata Nui himself I could control how clean this ship was, or at least this floor. I hadn’t touched the others since… since I was the last one left. Call it fear but I had everything I needed up here. I place to eat, drink, wash and sleep. What else did I need? The was no point in going down to maintenance. The ship had lost power twelve years ago. There was nothing a pilot like me could do to get it back online.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I walked forward towards my door, and pressed a button by the side of it. It opened with a satisfying whoosh.  I stepped forward onto my immaculate white hallway, tuning my head left to right like I always did.  That’s when I saw it: The single spec of dirt. My body tensed up in a fiery rage, and my fists tightening. I knew who had done this.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Hello there, pilot.”[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I turned around to see the yellow Matoran with a Kanohi Kirill staring at me with a devilish grin plastered to his face.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Devik”, I gritted my teeth. “What is that doing there?” I said, pointing my finger to the dirt on the blissful white ground.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Huh” he said. “I don’t see anything” His sarcastic tone only made the rage more intense. He was leaning against a wall with his arms folded across his chest. His confident and relaxed posture almost made me envy him.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Do. You. Know. How. That. Got. There?” I repeated my question in an overly simplified manner, looking him directly in the eyes. My mask squinted in pure fury. This was my ship, and if he wanted to stay here, then he had to play by[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]the rules.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Devik laughed and shook his head, his arms still folded. He seemed to read the anger in my face and toyed with it like a Rahi with a ball on a string. “Kadis?” he tapped his food on the ground “When you talk in fragmented sentences like that, how do you expect me to understand you.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“If you don’t understand me”, I said “Then by Mata Nui Ill make you”. The threat was a bluff and Devik knew it. It seemed his primary mission on this ship to annoy the living Karz out of me.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Why even bother?” he asked, still grinning. “It’s not like anyone’s here to notice”[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“What about you?” I realised the mistake immediately after the words left my lips, likr letting go of kite on a windy day. I’d never get them back. The damage was done[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“What about me?” Devik’s tone dropped to a voice almost echoing off itself. His eyes lowered to floor and his confident posture seemed to droop a little “Im dead”[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I unclenched my fists and softened my expression, putting a hand on his shoulder “Don’t say that”I said in a soft tone. Devik, whether I liked it or not, was my friend and my only company I had on this ship. Besides he had saved my life and I owed him for that. He had been the fourth member from the crew of Colony to die, although this… apparition had only started appearing to me not long after the death of the ninth. I remember the day distinctly. I was sitting in the store room, a gun pointed to my head. What was the point in living? My mission was long gone and therefore my purpose. After losing Sallix, my best friend who had committed suicide, I thought why shouldn’t I? That’s when Devik first showed up. He took the gun right out of my hand and aksed me… “Why?”. At first I thought I was crazy, but then after I while I realised it didn’t matter. He was someone to talk to.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I shook of the painful memories and began to question Devik further.[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Why did you do it?” I asked[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“Do what?” Devik was deliberately trying to get to me now, returning back to his original position against the wall. “I already you, there’s is nothing there”[/font]


[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]I turned back at where the dirt had been to see that he was right. It had disappeared. Maybe it had never been there in the first place.  I guess I really was going crazy.[/font] 

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]“You know” I said turning back to face him “With you here its definitely a much more interesting sh…” Before I had time to finish my sentence I realised that Devik was gone too. He had a habbit of doing that.[/font]

Edited by Commander CeeCee, Mar 30 2013 - 04:10 PM.

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