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Hero Factory Discussion Forum Rules

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Hero Factory Sets Forum Rules

What Belongs In This Forum?

Any and all discussion about the Hero Factory Line, Recon and the like. All the heroes and villains belong here.

What Does Not Go Here

  • Fan stories (or fictions) do not go here. They belong in the Library that corresponds to its content.
  • MOCs and discussion of those MOCs belong in the BBC.
  • Your undying hatred for the line that 'killed Bionicle'. That doesn't belong anywhere. Express your love for Bionicle in one of the many forums still dedicated to our roots.

If you do find that you have posted in the wrong forum, just click the report button and ask MAKARU to move it for you.


Official Topics

Here is a list of the Sets Forum Official Topics. Be sure to check them all before posting. [We Have None...Yet] If you wish to request an Official Topic, contact MAKARU with your idea.


Topic Revival

If there have been no posts in a topic for 60 days or more in the Sets Forum, do not post in it. If you want to continue or renew the discussion, just make a new topic. Official Topics are, as always, exempt from this rule.


Leaked Pictures and Information

Distributing leaked set pictures or information that have not been officially released by LEGO will result in immediate PE loss. If you are unsure about a picture or some information that you have, feel free to contact one of the Sets Forum staff to confirm whether or not it is allowed. If you have any further questions about these rules or anything else about the Sets Forum, feel free to contact any one of the Sets Forum staff, or leave a post in this topic.





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