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The Best Laid Plans: Profiles Topic

the best laid plans profiles

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#1 Offline Sauce

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Posted Apr 01 2013 - 06:00 PM

"Take a look at what's beneath your feet

Flowers that once made you smile have now

Turned to stone, and now they're grinding

Down your teeth..."


Here's where you post profiles that have been approved by me or any staff I may wanna hire someday (bribery and flattery is always accepted! c:) Remember that you post profiles here after they've been approved in Discussion: anything else will probably be disregarded or left to be brutally killed by a character that is approved.


A profiles sheet, for your convenience, follows this blurb. [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;color:rgb(40,40,40);"]Please note, that species such as Makuta, Great Being, Krahka's species, and a few others are explicitly forbidden. The Glatorian and Agori are more or less banned due to the backstory, unless you have a really good reason. Masks such as the Avohkii, the Mask of Shadows, the Vahi, Olmaks, Masks of Summoning, and the Olisi are forbidden. Please note that, as of this entry, unique masks are allowed, but I'll be on the lookout for any sort of serious abuse; I also reserve the right to ban or deny any masks that I see fit. Elements are the same story: no Light, no Shadow, no custom elements except Crystal and Oil.[/font]



[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Pretty straight forward. Keep it Bionicle-y, and no canon characters.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Again. Pretty self explanatory. See the above for any banned species. [/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Do I even have to point this one out?[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: What your character looks like. [/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: Here's where you list your element, your mask, or any other power types inherent with your character.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: Good at using your element? Strong fighter? Psychologist? What your character is good at.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: You have to have one. What is your character bad at? What problems do they have?[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: Here's where you put your weapons, your pencils, your first aid kits. What does your character carry with them?[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: Your character's past. What are they like? What have they been through? Also doubles as your character's personality section. Must be at least two sentences long, and if you go for the minimum, they'd better be exceptional sentences.[/font]


[font="'Monotype Corsiva';"]My Profiles[/font]







[font="'Monotype Corsiva';"]Approved Profiles[/font]


EmperorWhenua - Zarembo

Toa Levacius Zehvor - Volanara, Raskinon, Rodak

Lord of Adders Black - Krax, Gumokk

Emissary to the Void - Delta, "The Gunner"

Bane of No Isles - Ryjak

Floridian Citrus - Elirahk

Replicant - Saevam, Y'zvan

Snelly - Leyana

Eyru Bieber - Aila

Clockwork Kineticist - Avolka

Eduard Bernstein - Enaltai

The Snark Knight - Song

Zakar0% - Liluke

Master of Masks - Adala

Kryzath - Arath

Takua Dragonstar7 - Cral 

snoip lion - Kriate

Visaru - Jek

Gears The Toa - Deadmerc

Varren Rehn - Varren, Aunae

Legolover-361 - Volo, Xhana

thebeggerpie - Zahga

Canis Lupis - Koglar, Unit #1

Flaredrick: Forgotten One - Flaredrick

The Giant Space Butterfly - Virg

Elrond of Rivendell - Drox



Edited by Tyler Durden, Apr 14 2013 - 09:00 AM.

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That's the sauce, man. It sticks around.



It's thick. Hard to move.



I'm telling ya.

#2 Offline EmperorWhenua

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Posted Apr 01 2013 - 06:02 PM

Yes, pre-approved by Tyler.


Name: Zarembo, “Zar”Species: Toa of LightningSex: MaleAppearance: Zar typically wears an set of form-fitting alabaster armor and greaves over a blue turtleneck and pants. His mask is bronze and sets his face nicely and frames his square jaw and blue eyes exquisitely. While at work, he wears a thick leather belt that carries his tools and slouches to his right; the spanners, keys and ratchet are on his left and his sidearm and torch is at his right hip. A set of ammunition is worn slanted on the front of his belt. While not at work, he swaps the chest armor out for a simple blue leather jacket.Powers: He has powers of electricity and can absorb, control and conjure it  at will. This is very useful in Phan-Metru, particularly since it allows him to sabotage or manipulate certain consoles using his power at an intimate level.Mask: Kanohi Hiripaki, The Mask of Stories

The Kanohi Hiripaki allows the user to bring to existance anything inanimate spoken in story form, literally taking out of the Legend and into our world. If the user begins with the phrase, "Listen to this story of creation..." and ends with, "And so it came to pass," that which they have told in story form will come into being. The user can also do the reverse and will a thing into the Legend in exchange for something random and equivalent from the Legend. The only limit to the mask is that the item summoned cannot be bigger than 500 cu. ft.

However, to keep a balance in reality, something must be exchanged for every action. This "tribute" is random and of equivalent value to that which has been summoned. For instance, if a new weapon is called from the Legend, a random and nearby weapon will be subsequently sucked into it. The user may not transport his or herself into the Legend. Objects summoned from the Legend will not return there unless specifically re-exchanged by the user in another spoken story.

Skills: He’s an engineer with an apparent load of experience in how the city functions, understanding the energy system quite intimately in addition to knowledge of the movements and strategies of the Coppers and even the Suits, giving him access to literally all the city. He’s quite swell at hand-to-hand combat -- for a little bit.[color=#ff0000;]Weaknesses:[/color] Despite his cunning and array of formidable abilities, Zarembo can be outwitted and seems a little odd in his surroundings, being too educated and cunning when compared to the rest of the rabble. He also tires out relatively quickly; his melee experience is skill-related, not endurance-trained. He also suffers from the same ill effects of being a Rabble member and is rather poor, meaning his supplies are very valuable to him.Equipment: Among Zarembo’s tools are a pair of adjustable spanners, a set of hex keys, a ratchet, high-powered flashlight and a Mateba Autorevolver. For times when that won’t cut it, he also has an FN SCAR-L in his apartment.Bio: Zarembo lives in the Ghetto, far out in the distant rims of Phan-Metru, in one of many apartments in a complex. It’s a seedy and dangerous life wherein anything can change in an instant, but it’s not the life Zar had when he came to the city years before. Zar was a Suit named Etolin and was a member of the highest elite, a high-profile minister, but recently, as the energy leaks kept spreading and the city was obviously falling apart, Etolin vanished from the pulpit he held. Gone without a trace, his former peers mounted a search for him that still continues.

From that authority he descended to be a member of the Rabble, a masquerade he keeps thanks to his cunning and ability to blend well with his surroundings. With this guise he intends to get to the bottom of the city’s problems in ways the Suits and the Gumshoes could never manage on their own.

Edited by EmperorWhenua, Apr 01 2013 - 06:03 PM.

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Of all the things you're about to lose, this will be the most painful

Au revoir my little memories.

#3 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Apr 01 2013 - 06:06 PM

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Name]: Volanara (Lanara for short)[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Species]: Vo-Toa[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Gender]: Female[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Appearance]: Volanara has electric blue armoring with secondary highlights of white and tertiary linings of golden coloration. She wears at all times something that seems very similar to a lengthened version of a Turaga’s robes, with white coloration marked by dark trim alternating red, blue, and green, with golden sigils written in Ancient Northern Continental using a Southern Island script. While not necessarily beautiful, she is at least more attractive than most. She appears to wear an electric blue Hau of the Artahka style of design, with highlights of gold. She has made use of paint to take the naturally blue areas of her body and permanently dye them in alternating colors of red-green-blue, showing her support to all areas of the Ghetto and any who are counted by the Suits to be part of the Rabble.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Powers]: Elemental Powers of Lightning. Much like her father, Volanara is a rather powerful element wielder and can fire potent electrical discharges when desired. However, she lacks any particular skills in terms of control, and uses raw, chaotic energy more than precise strikes with her attacks. In combat, she typically gathers a massive electrical charge around her and uses it to send forth her attacks. However, this makes her susceptible to water-based attacks, and her style can be exploited by other electricity users. Volanara possesses the power of Charisma thanks to her Great Mask, increasing her charismatic presence and allowing her to subtly alter the perception of others who observe her, allowing her to subtly alter their perception and changing their world view to agree more with her views and desire to serve her cause.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Skills]: Volanara may be imprecise with her elemental powers; in weapon based combat, this is changed dramatically. Her favored form of weaponry is by dual-wielding a pair of blaster pistols. She knows how to hold a sword and look like she knows what she’s doing with one, but has no idea how to fight with it properly. She also has a sharp tongue, in addition to being quite the inspirational and charismatic speaker, particularly before large groups. It should be of note that her manual dexterity and agility are her greatest physical strengths. She also has a strong will and a very slipper mind, making attempts to dominate her mind or use powers like her own mask or more direct mind control ineffective unless her will was already sufficiently eroded away.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Weaknesses]: Volanara feels shudders up her spine whenever she sees too much of the color green in one spot, and tends to stay away from people with that armor coloration. In terms of actual physical weaknesses, she has very little defense in melee save putting up electrical shields of some sort, as she isn’t a particularly skilled close-quarters combatant. Her preference for unleashing as many shots as quickly as possible with her weapons also means she has to sacrifice some of her aim, which means her rapidly fired shots are far from accurate, particularly when faced by a moving target. She also suffers from a lower physical strength than most Toa. Her natural armoring is lighter than normal, making her more susceptible to suffering from damage as well. Asides from a weakness to green, she suffers from quite the hero complex, and often tries to do things that are life threatening in order to emulate her fathers actions – actions that are still quite a bit away from her abilities. Her pride and recklessness can be exploited. So, too, can her neo-addiction to a drug called “Ash Sticks”.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Equipment]: Volanara carries with her a black metal sword at her belt that she rarely draws – the longsword of her father, tipped with the head of screeching lava hawk bearing topazes upon its eyes. The weapon is covered in runes, and can be used as a Toa Tool if necessary. She also carries with her two specially designed blaster pistols that she is trained to use simultaneously; small spheres of the purified antidermis contained within allow the weapon to sustain its own energy, as long as the user doesn’t fire for too long and allows breaks between volleys. The weapons also act as Toa Tools. She keeps a box of Ash Sticks with her at all times.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"][Biography]: Volanara is the daughter to a Toa named Levacius and another named Xaiara. How did this come about? Well, let’s look at some history –[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Legends of the Old Universe speak of a time long ago when a former Matoran servant of the League of Six Kingdoms named Levacius went into hiding, and later emerged after his transformation into a Toa to become a powerful conqueror and leader holding dominion over a powerful empire on the Northern Continent. The Brotherhood came in and ruined all of that. This Toa would go on to become a smuggling captain known by the handle ‘the Griffon’ after his narrow escape. He sailed the seas for many years – over sixty thousand – and eventually met his future love, who would act as his lieutenant amongst this crew and most trusted confidant. The two fought side by side helping intercept goods during the Brothehood/DH War and stealing from both sides, while later fighting off the Brotherhood forces during both the Destiny War and the search for freedom from the Makuta in the months that followed.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]No longer in hiding from the Brothehood, Levacius took up his old name and alongside his lover lived a reasonably comfortable life on the newly Melded planet of Spherus Magna. In the earlier days, he worked mostly with helping out peace treaties; however, after a few assassination attempts, he decided to step away from the political world – but not for fear of his own safety; it was to keep his recently born daughter, Volanara {which means “lightning [vo] child [lan] (of the) sea [(a)ra]” in Middle Matoran} safe during her early years. When inter-species relations broke down, the family moved to Phan-Metru. Levacius did his best to teach Volanara all that he could, but it was hard to convey all that he knew in that short span of time.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Things would take a turn for the worse later, however. As Volanara grew fully developed, Levacius re-entered the political stage in regards to how the city would be powered. By taking a short trip with a few old friends into the Core Processor, he came out with a process similar to the Great Being’s means of breaking Energized Protodermis into liquid protodermis and, presumably, releasing energy. However, the process was not enough – and the dangers of Energized Protodermis were once again brought up when a Matoran was mutated into something best left unsaid. With his theories shut down, he was forced to listen to the ramblings of a Nynrah Ghost about turning antidermis into a power source. This was something that Levacius was less than happy about, and he was heavily vocal against it, standing on the grounds that the antidermis was a sentient entity – if not more – and the idea was murder. His opinion was not the majority vote.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]After this, Levacius became disillusioned and stepped down a second time. He placed a great deal of his Toa power into his old longsword – an ancient relic of the Matoran Universe – and gave it to Volanara. The sword provided the kickstart needed to transform her from a Matoran to a Toa, from where Levacius took what time remained of his life to teach her about her elemental powers, how to activate her mask, and what she needed to do in order to keep alive in the world at large.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]His destiny was not yet completed – but it was coming, very quickly. Something he often told Volanara, though she refused to believe it. Then, one day, it arrived – a parting gift from the Matoran Universe saying “Karz you!” to its former inhabitants, in the form of a giant, eldritch beast that began to tear apart a few city blocks in an incident known as the Incident of Sub-District 42. Levacius was there at the time, and recognized the creature as a former adversary he and his crew had faced before. Calling all surviving crew members, and with the aid of others in the area, the beast was weakened enough that the Toa of Lightning could move in for a point blank assault, plunging his shortsword into the creature and releasing a point blank energy blast almost comparable to a nova blast to utterly destroy its corporeal form – but not before the creature gripped him with its poisoned claws, mortally wounding him and weakening him enough that he was destroyed by his own blast.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]The creatures corporeal form was gone, but its spirit persisted, and Xaiara – alongside numerous other Psionic Toa or Iden users in the area – was forced to give up her own life in order to combat it psychically and destroy it once and for all. Her last action was to send one final message to Volanara, along with all of the information that she and Levacius wished for their daughter to have. Exactly what was said, though, Volanara has never revealed.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Phan-Metru would leave into the air only a few months later, taking Volanara up with it. She established a small home in what would become known as Stab n’ Grab, making a living doing whatever needed to be done in a small home. That was how she lived up until recently, at least. Her home hasn’t been inhabited for some time, and in fact is commonly being searched by Coppers.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]About four years ago, Volanara began stepping into the public world amongst the Rabble, making use of her natural charisma, lessons from her father, and the powers of her mask to gather great numbers of average citizens together within massive rallies. So far, she has proven too smart for the Coppers or Suits to pin down, though on occasion a Gumshoe or two comes across, and she typically treats them quite civil in whatever small home she is using as a temporary base of operations at that moment. One of the major ideas she advocates is the idea of Universal (her term for those who inhabited the Matoran Universe) superiority; she believes that they, by virtue of Mata-Nui repairing the world, have full power over Spherus Magna, and, as she puts it – “Through our Unity, we shall perform our Duty of bringing Phan-Metru down from the clouds, and attain our Destiny as the rulers of Spherus Magna.”[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Volanara proposes to stand for the liberty of all within Phan-Metru, but this is only a second goal; she wants revenge against those in the Suits for never listening to her father and, in her mind, they are responsible for his death by not having adequate defenses in that section of the city. She seeks to be recognized and have as much fame as he once held, and to have the power to enforce her beliefs upon the city. She holds those with power in the city in contempt, and takes the side of being for “the little person”. She is highly expressive of her emotions, especially when she speaks. The main reason people turn to her speeches is because she is constantly upbeat, and because of how freely she manipulates them with her words to see her way. She is hyperactive and rash in most situations, but knows when to keep control whilst up on a stage. Her recklessness and narrow-mindedness can cause her to make the occasional slip-up, of course, but she often patches it together. She is rather rebellious, and refuses to do what those in authority say or command; ironic, given how bossy and power-mad she can get.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]She has a bit of a hero complex, and is rather prideful of both her and her family’s accomplishments. She is rather nosey, and tries to learn as much as she can; sometimes, too much. She obsesses over everything, and makes sure it is done meticulously. Her greatest flaw – in her mind, at least – is that she can’t quite get over her addiction to Ash Sticks, a drug she started taking after her parents deaths. She’s been trying to break it for years, but her refusal to sign onto any government programs prevents her from getting the help she needs. Self-discipline alone has helped a lot, but she still goes through anywhere from four to a dozen each day. In the end, despite all of her flaws, she has a kind-heart – she can’t resist helping someone in need, and is incredibly protective of her friends and allies, to the point of self-sacrifice (though she can get theatrical about it)[/font]


[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"] [/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Name: Raskino[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Species: Haeron [Conjurer’s Species]. The Haeron originally hailed from the island of Hath’Tari, a Southern Island near Artidax. However, the island sunk beneath the ocean, forcing the survivors to spread out across the universe. The Haeron have a very individualistic culture, where putting pride in oneself over anything and anyone else is important. They are highly independent, dislike taking orders, and are competitive by nature. They are also a powerful people, possessing great telekinetic abilities. The cultural weapons of the Haeron are the staff and the Rhotuka launcher.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Appearance: Raskinon is a tall figure similar to his fellow species member, Conjurer, but with a few unmistakable difference. He stands much more erect, and his armoring is of jet black coloration instead of brown. One of his legs is silver and completely mechanical.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Powers: Raskinon possesses the natural powerful telekinetic abilities of his species. He has the Rhotuka power of power lock, which allows him to lock any one power of his choice from his adversary when it strikes, save for Kanohi powers or those gained from equipment.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Skills: Raskinon is skilled at employing his telekinetic powers at levels ranging from strenuous to precise. He possesses greater strength and endurance the most due to his size and stature, and is also quite smart.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Weaknesses: Raskinon possesses little in terms of agility, and his greater bulk makes him an easy target. Though his telekinetic powers allow him some defense against projectiles, he has no defense against energy based attacks. In addition to his low agility, he has limited speed due to the loss of a leg.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Equipment: Raskinon possesses a staff that can flash a red light which erases the memories of a person staring into it directly, with a maximum time frame of sixty years. This power has no affect on anyone with mental shielding or similar training. He keeps a kit with a journal, numerous pens and pencils, and a digital camera with no flash. He also has a Rhotuka spinner launcher attached to his wrist.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Bio: Raskinon was once a high-ranking official employed by (note: not in service to) a powerful ruler of the Southern Continent. His main job was to act as the master of propaganda and controlling the populace, which he did with ruthless efficiency. Whether it was by announcements or broadcasts meant little to him; he and his servitors made sure the people only knew what their governor wanted them to know. When the Great Cataclysm struck, a piece of the dome above shattered and crushed most of the city whilst Raskinon was out in the countryside, leaving him without a home. He escaped while he could, before moving to the island of Xia. It was not amusing for him when, after another thousand years passed, he found himself almost crushed by a rampaging Kanohi Dragon. He exited the Matoran Universe alongside the other inhabitants after the Melding, and managed to make his way through life up until it was decided that everyone was going to a city in the clouds.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]History has a way of repeating itself, and once more, Raskinon was employed by a high-ranking official in the Suits. He has a very simple job – go among the gumshoes and rabble to wipe their memories if they learn too much, whilst also investigating the recent trouble with the antidermis.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Raskinon is very devoted to his job, and lets nobody and nothing stand between him and it. He is almost void of emotions; however, he is able to fake emotions perfectly in any situation, and can even change the tone of his voice (usually, he speaks monotone). He may take jobs for money, and allows the term employer to be used, but refuses to ever allow anyone to be his leader, boss, supervisor, etc. He is the most important thing. He is rather apathetic on the subject of others, but is not outright malicious towards them. In fact, you could almost say that he tries to cause as little harm to others as possible, whether emotional or physical. Raskinon has very little memory of his past before his service on the Southern Continent – a past he knows he has, because his leg was missing even back then. He is also unsure of his strange lack of emotion. Perhaps he will one day answer his questions regarding both of these.[/font]


[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"] [/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Name: Rodak Esopida[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Species: Ice Tribe Agori[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Appearance: Rodak is one of the most disgusting things a person can see – a fat Agori. So obese, in fact, that it is incredibly difficult for him to move without the aid of machines. He is completely unable to wear most Agori armoring, and instead opts to wear a draping of robes and the like that cover up his body. He doesn’t wear a helmet because of how bloated his head is.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Powers: None[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Skills: Rodak is a super-genius, with a massive ego and great cunning behind it. His ego might even be bigger than him. He has great skill with architecture, economics, and technology. His mind is strong enough that he can use great Kanohi masks, and no min-affecting powers have any affect on him unless he wants them too; he can even see past illusions, or at least identify them as such.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Weaknesses: Rodak is an Agori living in a world inhabited by beings where the weakest among them are Matoran, and it’s doubtful that even the weakest among them couldn’t crush him in an arm-wrestling contest. Unless he fell on them, which leads us to his greatest weakness – his bulk. Rodak can be move a short distance without aid, but that distance grows shorter by the year. He is so overtly large that he cannot move to really dodge any attack, and without technological aid, he is as useless as any other six hundred pound blob can be. The only redeeming quality of his bulk is that a bullet might not penetrate it, but since he’d probably die of some terrible infection following that, it’s not really that useful.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Equipment: Rodak throws his entire mass onto a huge, floating chair powered by levitation Kanohi that allows him to perform almost any function he could desire simply through an attached headband or by operating a keypad that his right hand rests above. The massive device provides him a number of defenses. The first is its arsenal – a rather complicated targeting AI makes use of two Zamor sphere launching turrets on its sides that can swing 180º angles. The spheres contain highly toxic poison gases. The back of the chair can supercharge the devices that propel the chair, sending a massive burst that pushes the chair forward and all enemies behind it back. The front has larger cannon on it that fires powerful bursts of energy, and it is the only weapon that can fire up or down and has full access to any angle that Rodak needs. In addition to all of this, the chair can generate a sphere of energy around it to shield Rodak and anyone else within it against any energy attacks, whilst also stopping anything that moves faster than 10 MPH/lesser mass than 1000 pounds. Elementally generated attacks and the like created within the energy sphere can still be used, and things such as grenades can be tossed in; the shield is not perfect in the least. If all else fails, Rodak can activate the final defense he has and cause the entire thing to teleport; however, he has only a limited choice in determining where the chair moves (he can determine direction and get distance somewhat accurate; exact location of arrival is up to GM desires) The entire chair is powered by an Antidermis source.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Bio: Rodak was originally an Agori of the Ice Tribe who acted as an entrepreneur of sorts, making great amounts of money by owning most of the land where Exsidian mines could be found. Though he could never do what he really wanted to do – become an innovator, like the Great Beings – he could still live with great comfort. When the Melding occurred, he still had a great deal of wealth – Exsidian was still rare, and very valuable, even in the new world that was created. In fact, now that there was more other resources available, the Exsidian’s price skyrocketed further, making him even richer.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]When the Matoran Universe inhabitants arrived, he saw an opportunity with them as well – an opportunity for newer, better, stronger workers. Unlike other Agori, who saw them as less, he saw them as something greater – a tool easier to use than any other beforehand. His alliances with them were not very much appreciated, however, when the schisming began to occur, he found himself greatly discredited by many Agori.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]But not by the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, who he was quite willing to help. Rodak had made himself a very important name amongst the Matoran by becoming a successful inventor, working alongside the Vortixx, Nynrah Ghosts, and the like. With the great amount of wealth and resources he had at his disposal, he funded close to ten percent of the creation of Phan-Metru – but nothing was to be written in his name. In fact, only a small fraction of the city even knew about him.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]You’ll never see Rodak showing up at meetings. Instead, he uses his great power over numerous aspects of the city and all sorts of underhanded techniques such as blackmail to keep large numbers of the suits under his control, doing what he wants. Rodak Esopida is a power behind the throne, but a power nevertheless. And nothing happens in the city without him knowing about it.[/font]

[font="'Times New Roman';font-size:14px;color:#470B04;font-style:normal;"]Rodak is a man who wants one thing, and one thing alone – wealth. He doesn’t care how much power he has, as long as he has wealth; power is just a means to an end, after all. In fact, if he could just have the wealth with no effort, that would be better. He is greedy and manipulative; a coward at heart, a liar, and a scoundrel. It’s hard for a person to find any kind of redeeming qualities for him, but if he has any, it’s that he doesn’t take pleasure in killing. He seems fond of torture, though, so even that is negated.[/font]

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[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Krax[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Skrall [/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: A gangly Skrall, muscle lean and taut, in armour of spiked black and smooth red, crimson eyes gleaming behind the elongated helmet. The various spikes and whorls all over his armour make him look even more hunched and crooked than he really is. He also bears a largish satchel, bordering on a small sack, slung over his back just for carrying stuff[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: No powers as such, but he's a heck of a lot faster, stronger and agile-r than your average citizen[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: An exceptional fighter, his years in the Skrall military honing raw physical ability into something truly formidable. [/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: Tends to leap to the first conclusion that comes to mind and fail to think ahead. While he's not a bad deducer over long term, his short term tendency towards quick fixes can be a bit hazardous. For example if he saw a set of footprints he'll decide to just follow them rather than call for backup or consider that the incredibly obviousclue might be a trap[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: Sword. Razor-shield. Zamor launcher (the spheres are loaded with a sleep gas as a replacement for the unfortunately lethal thornax. He carries spare ammunition in his back-pack)[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: With the Agori and their new alien allies having established themselves as thepower on Spherus Magna and the once mighty Skrall domination broken up into increasingly small and fractured warbands that were being picked off one by one, Krax saw that the only route to victory was to turn his coat and join the supposed lesser races. Since evidence suggested they weren't quite as lesser as first believed. He organised the surrender of his own little band in exchange for amnesty and, as proof that he had really turned to aiding the Agori joined the police force of Phan-Metru known as the Gumshoes. He was a Skrall, conditioned for laws, regulations and order after all, so following and upholding them in his new position wasn't much of a change. And the public image didn't bother him either, he was already up against prejudice for being a Skrall. What were the people going to do, hate him more? [/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Amongst the Coppers he's fairly well known and respected due to his unswerving loyalty to his fellows. He will and, on at least one occasion, has dived through fire to give his badged brothers a helping hand. And since that hand is holding his sword, thats a lot more reassuring than you think.[/font]



Name: Gumokk

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Skakdi[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Gumokk's big. Real big. Its assuming this is because he's from the mountains of Zakaz where he had nothing but fresh air to breathe and enormous rocks to push around. He's coloured a marbled blend of blue and green with vivid gold armour, with a very distinctive coiled effect to his spines[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: Elemental control of plantlife aka the Green (only available in conjunction with another Skakdi). Laser vision. Ability to shut off one power (be it natural or equipment based) of one person at a time as long as he is focused on suppressing it[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: Being massive and strong gives him a big (no pun intended) advantage in any brawl. While he's had little training the sheer amount of mass he can throw around should give anyone pause for thought[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: Running his own small gang means he often has to take brutal and vicious decisions to keep his cred high and avoid anyone usurping him. This naturally directs not just the hate and fear of others towards him, but also the attention of Coppers[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: Gauntlet that allows him to focus his inner elemental energies to telekinetically manipulate plantlife (a note: the gauntlet does not allow him full access to his abilities; he cannot create more plantlife, enhance existing plantlife or absorb plantlife into himself, merely move around anything that is already there). Cordak blaster, with extra ammo stashed in his spines[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: Gumokk was never a particularly big man in the Skakdi community. Well, not metaphorically anyway. He was always pegged as an enforcer, as dumb muscle, as a meat-shield. Phan-Metru was his chance to change that. He'd once stumbled upon plans an old boss of his had been intending to implement - before a regrettable introduction of his face to a thornax - and decided that he could use them himself. Hiring, kidnapping or otherwise collecting a few specialists in varying fields under his wing he had them modify the creatures known as Spine Slugs so that, rather than feed on rage, they sucked out the chemical and viral components Spiriah had used to mutate the Skakdi. Hooking a few of his surviving enemies and rivals up to these new Slugs he managed to extract, purify and modify the mutagens into a drug. A super steroid of sorts that didn't enhance physical prowess, but innate powers. It found special popularity amongst Agori and Glatorian, whom it actually granted powers. Random and often destructive powers sure, but it was still an edge that those using the drug desperately wanted, and couldn't go without once the addiction kicked in. The fact that it would eat at you until you wasted away was a negligible concern. Because this drug gave you more bang for your buck, it became known as Boom. And Gumokk was the only manufacturer. With the power and profits from Boom he swiftly put together a gang known as the Thorns to...protect his business interests. They are by no means the largest gang in the Stab 'N' Grab but they defend what they have well. Easy access to Boom sort of helps with that. And while they're small now Gumokk has found success as addictive as the steroid he peddles and no doubt has plans for some rather aggressive expansion[/font]

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-The Mechanical Menace- [color=#696969;]“Delta... you mean that macho tough guy who’s missing a Y chromosome?” [/color]- Raleo Dupoint, employee at Sigma Garages [color=#696969;]Name:[/color] Delta Stratos[color=#696969;]Species:[/color] Onu-Matoran [color=#696969;]Gender:[/color] Female[color=#696969;]Appearance:[/color] Lean and wiry, Delta is like the warped combination of an Iron Wolf and a busted automaton. A few inches taller than your average Matoran, almost every mechanical component on her body has been thoroughly upgraded to make her faster, stronger and tougher than the competition. Thin, light-weight armour, painted in black and dark grey cover most of her body, with only a few gaps around her joints to allow better range of movement. Her face, which is pretty nice to look at most of the time, is fairly round in shape, with vibrant yellow eyes inviting conversation and a hard, bitter grin simultaneously discouraging it. The rest of her body is, in all honestly, pretty odd. While she enhanced her mechanical components, it’s pretty clear that Delta didn’t care how they looked afterwards, meaning that certain parts of her body are either covered with tangled meshes of wire and cable, or reveal jerry-rigged pistons and shock-absorbers. The most prominent example of this is her right leg, which is purely mechanical from the knee down.[color=#696969;]Powers:[/color] n/a[color=#696969;]Skills:[/color] Machines: that’s Delta’s big skill set. Taking ‘em apart, putting ‘em together, piloting ‘em through the chute system in what is definitely not an illegal drag race - she can do it all. Granted, you may have to pay an arm and a leg for her services (it’s up to you how literal that phrase is), but as long as it doesn’t involve any sort of social interaction, it will be a worthwhile investment.[color=#696969;]Weaknesses:[/color] As stated earlier, when it comes to social interaction, Delta is... well, “terrible” is sort of an understatement. “Mind-boggling inept” is... still being pretty generous, to be fair. Either she’ll end up provoking someone into tearing her limb from limb, or she’ll invariably drive off everyone else with her course, bitter, snarky mannerisms. That being said, if Delta does goad someone into violence, and has driven off anyone who could’ve helped her at the same time, chances are she’s gonna die. While she’s not bad in a scrap for an engineer, she’s no warrior; chances are, she might be able to get a couple hits in on an actual, trained fighter before she gets her tail kicked.[color=#696969;]Equipment:[/color] Delta always carries with her, a black-bladed gladius, a box-end wrench, a powerless Great-style Kanohi Akaku (on her face, though) and an assortment of nuts, bolts, wires and spark-plugs (for emergencies).[color=#696969;]Bio:[/color] Chances are, if you ask Delta about her life, you’ll find yourself minus one face pretty soon. Don’t take it personally, though: she’d never anyone her past. Not about how her daddy walked out on her mommy while the infant engineer was still crawling. Not about how her mommy started a long love affair with alcoholism after that incident, or how her formative years were spent keeping her neck off of the chopping block in the Stab ‘n Grab. She would certainly never let slip the tales of sneaking into engineering classes at the colleges in Typewriter Town, or spending sleepless nights knee-deep in the scrapyards of Gearheadville, rebuilding herself to survive the harsh world she had been plunked into. However, she’s bound to tell you about the debut of her own very Sigma Garages (located on Third Street in Gearheadville, across the road from a “laundromat” specializing in illegal arms dealing), and her foray into street racing, which is where she discovered her aptitude for piloting rusted heaps of jerry-rigged refuse. Nowadays, Delta spends most of her time either in her workshop or flying through the chutes. She doesn’t talk to people much (though when she does, the snark flies like machine gun bullets), and always tries to keep regular folks at an arm’s length from her. She’s cold, course and long embittered at her lot in life, though she’ll never complain about it: revealing emotion would be way to dangerous for part of the Rabble.


-The Doomed Crusader- [color=#696969;]“A Suit with nothing left to live for, who’s determined to do what’s best for the greater good of the city... this is either a dream come true, or a nightmare brought to life.” [/color]- Heraten Sar, political commentator Name: [color=#006400;]Antiro “The Gunner” Vod[/color]Species:[color=#006400;] Le-Toa[/color]Gender: [color=#006400;]Male[/color]Appearance: [color=#006400;]Vod is tall and slightly lanky in build, lacking the strong, handsome appearance that most Toa possess. He makes up for it, however, with his regal bearing and his willful personality. His face, however, is quite handsome with sharp, chiseled cheekbones and dark, intense eyes.[/color] [color=#006400;]Ever the sharp-dressed man, Vod usually wears a set of elegant, grey-green armour underneath a crisp, black three-piece suit (both of which are specially tailored, of course).[/color]Powers: [color=#006400;]Elemental control over air, as well as the power of levitation, granted by his Kanohi Miru.[/color]Skills: [color=#006400;]Deal-making and deal-breaking: if there’s a contract or a bill or a law to be involved in it, Vod is your man. He’s spent years hacking through red tape, navigating loopholes and otherwise manipulating the law in his favour, and by Spirit, he’s good at it.[/color] [color=#006400;]In terms of physical skills, Vod’s also something of an expert swordsman; he was pegged as a prodigy with an iron blade at a young age (by which we mean preschool young), and the years spent behind a desk has not dulled his warrior’s senses.[/color]Weaknesses: [color=#006400;]For one thing, Vod is somewhat... lacking when it comes to his own elemental abilities. He’s good for blunt, unrefined gusts of wind and destructive, wild cyclones. But asking him to manipulate air with precision and control is like asking a Nui-Rama to write a symphony... without auditory receptors.[/color] [color=#006400;]For another thing, he hates people; which is fitting, since everyone hates him. He doesn’t like working with others, and will tell them that without hesitation. As you can guess, he doesn’t have many friends, and even more enemies than most Suits.[/color]Equipment: [color=#006400;]Vod is rarely seen without his plain, silver, protosteel briefcase at his side.[/color]Bio: [color=#006400;]Life is cruel to some people, and it’s just handed over to others on a silver platter. Somehow, both statements can be used to describe Antiro Vod. Born into Phan-Metru’s jet-set, he and his brother, Malinus, were tutored in sword-fighting as well as business and finances from a young age, with Antiro mastering all of these subjects with relative ease.[/color] [color=#006400;]Until he was about to become a man, the only people the young boy knew were an aloof, yet demanding father, a mother who probably wasn’t even aware he existed, and a brother who loved to torture Antiro in retribution for being such a prodigal child.[/color] [color=#006400;]After their father’s death (believed to be murder, but with no evidence to pin down any one suspect, the case has been filed away for the time being), Antiro started working in a governmental office, met a girl and got married, had a kid, and started to finally figure his life out.[/color] [color=#006400;]Then, there was Antidermis.[/color] [color=#006400;]Despite his upbringing, Antiro was still optimistic about the future of his home, and worked harder than ever trying to get the city under control. At first, he was working overtime. Then pulling all-nighters. Soon, he was barely leaving the office at all. So it must have been a surprise when he finally came home, and found out that it was minus two occupants.[/color] [color=#006400;]After his wife left him, Vod began a spiral of self-destruction; fixing the city is now his first and only priority, and absolutely nothing will stop him from keeping Phan-Metru intact and functioning. Not even his own rapidly deteriorating health.[/color] [color=#006400;]Personality-wise, he’s constantly switching between suffering from severe Chronic Hero Syndrome, to being completely apathetic to the feelings of everyone around him. One moment, he’s a knight in shining armour - the next, he’s kicking puppies out of his way on the street. He’s unpredictable, antisocial, and growing increasingly unstable by the minute.[/color]



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Name: Ryjak Species: MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: He is a normal-sized Matoran, moderately muscular with blackish grey armor all over. He has a headband tied around his forehead, and is often seen with a slim backpack with mysterious contents.Powers: None.Skills: Extremely agile. Can climb buildings with ease, and use acrobatics to escape capture. Not that anyone can recognize him- he's practically a ghost. The only thing seen of him is what his group does.Weaknesses: As a Matoran, he has no supernatural powers. Therefore, he is outmatched by a Toa. This is not to say he would lose- in fact, he is rather formidable in combat.Equipment: Carries a hidden sword, and a blow-dart gun in a secret pocket. He is very skilled with each, having the finesse of a master assassin.Bio: Having come to this city from another, Ryjak has begun rounding up all the people made homeless by the government. He's looking for all of the people who are mad at the upper class and want to be equal with everyone else. So far, he's amassed a considerable amount of followers, even having a network of spies (mostly hungry Matoran) that can watch what's going on and report. He even has a few connections in the government through a drug cartel. He has Toa working for him and pulling the strings around the city, all under the purpose of equality and justice. Ryjak is a bit of a mood-swinger. Though he's not necessarily bipolar, he's prone to fits of sadness or anguish. Though this often helps in getting his followers roused up, he won't tell anyone the cause of his emotions. He won't even reveal what element he controls.
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[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Name:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Elirahk Tyth[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Species:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Toa[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Gender:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Male[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Appearance:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Just slightly above the average height for a Toa. Athletic musculature corded with lean muscle, slightly bulky in terms of build. Facially, his features are sharp and almost elf-like, with a grin that would convince people to keep two hands on their wallet.[/color] His armor is streamlined and angular, but not smooth. Twin claw-like spikes extend from his shoulder armor, while his gauntlets have raised ridges running along their length. Two swept-back spikes come from his chest plate and extend over his shoulders, while his back armor is segmented to allow for amazing range of motion. The rest of his armor is stylized in this fashion, flat plates reenforced with ridges, giving him a distinct look.


[color=rgb(128,0,128);]His Kanohi is very angular, and is obviously custom shaped, both for personal tastes and as a way to confuse enemies. Two swept-back ridges extend from the brow and back, while a third larger one sits between these two. A flat, long visor takes up most of the front of the Kanohi, while two more angled spikes extend from the Huna-esque mouth piece. His chest, forearms, hands, lower legs, and Kanohi are mainly an amethyst color that fades to a more teal hue. The rest of his armor is gunmetal black coloration that seems to actually absorb light, rather than reflect it. The various attachments on his armor are copper in coloration. His eyes shine bright cyan from under his Kanohi's visor, a color that is shared with his heartlight. Commonly wears a black trench coat with a high collar and white fedora to hide his identity.[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Powers:[/color][color=rgb(128,0,128);] Elemental control of Gravity, allowing him to perform a variety of physical and elemental feats. His Kanohi will alter his body in accordance to the current situation that he is in. However, because of the unpredictable nature of the Mask of Adaptation, it isn't a very reliable power.[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Skills:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Although absolutely not an elementalist in any regard, he has enough fine control with his elemental power to simulate things such as telekinesis and flight, as well as enhance his physical capabilities above what he could achieve in normal gravity. Though his abilities in a gunfight aren't bad, he'd much rather get up-close an personal with his opponent, as a result of his extensive close-combat training. He's extremely savvy with technology, whether it be protodermic, mechanical, or electrical. If he spends enough time with something, he could probably figure out how to take it apart and then put it back together. With improvements, of course.[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Weaknesses:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Ranged fighting is a weakness of his in terms of protecting against it, as his only defense against such tactics is to either dodge out of the way, or try and get closer. His somewhat mental instability and headstrong personality leaves gaps in his reasoning, as well as putting himself at risk when it comes to reacting rationally to situations.[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Equipment:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]Self-designed electrified radius blades that splay out in a line from the back of his hand to his elbow from sheaths on his gauntlets. They can fold back inside for concealment. Each device has five separate blades, with the ones closer to his hands being longer and extend past his knuckles. Carries a heavily modified high-caliber pistol for longer-range engagements. The weapon is utilitarian, having a compact design to save space, as well as an integrated suppressor. No sense in letting the entire neighborhood know when you fire off a shot. Has a few basic tools on him at all times, including wrenches, drills, hammers, etc.[/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0);]Bio:[/color] [color=rgb(128,0,128);]From the shifty grin on his Kanohi, Elirahk isn't really the kind of guy that you would expect to have a clean record when it comes to being an upstanding citizen. And, well, he doesn't. The only reason the young Toa's record isn't any worse is because they haven't exactly found out what else he's done. He didn't exactly get off to a great start, “easy” wasn't a word in his vocabulary as a kid growing up with the rest of the Rabble. His family had [/color]just enough to manage, but only just enough to manage. Later, he joined one of the many gangs that resided within The Ghetto, becoming a deft thief with a knack for squeezing out of situations that he really shouldn't have been able to. Details after that are scarce, probably by his own doing, though he is known to have set up a business in Stab 'N' Grab selling, upgrading, and modifying various (illegal) weapons, to take advantage of his aptness for technology. Though he's also known for his rather eccentric personality.

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Name: Saevam EnsisSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAppearance: A tall (Around 2.2 meters), lean frame, devoid of fat, yet not highly musculed, more skeletal than primal, creating an air of quiet, reserved authority. His protodermis skin Prussian Blue, armour Timberwolf Gray, and his luminous eyes a mellow Amber, Saevam Ensis is the paragon of aloofness and impassivity. The aura of impassiveness and detachment is well reflected through his Kanohi, reforged into a face-fitting mask, thin, with high cheekbones, and a generally aloof look (Think TF2 Spy’s face mixed with an Iden). His trademark charcoal grey pinstripe suit, and his matching fedora, are the only set of clothes he appears to own.Powers: Magnetism, Stealth via Kanohi Volitak.Skills: Saevam is immensely skilled in the manipulation of his element, as well as possessing considerable prowess in close combat. A sharp mind, and a very strong will. All the necessary social skills that are required for one of “The Suits”.Weaknesses: Saevam is almost completely without fortitude, and his skeletal appearance is no illusion. Definitely not the strongest, but he makes up for it with speed and reflex.Equipment: A PSS silent pistol, for “self-defense”, as well as a long, thin, cruel knife ideal for both stabbing, thrusting and slashing. All the standard ID badges, wallet, office supplies he keeps on his person, etcetera.Bio: An impassive man, Saevam has risen through the ranks of Phan-Metru society throughout the years, never ceasing ruthlessly destroying opponents as he vied for more and more power. His plans were, frankly, destroyed when the Antidermis energy source of the city raged out of control, and now, as he watches society crumble, he schemes to build a new society out of the ashes, or, perhaps, to rise to even higher positions as he attempts to resolve the problem of energy. There is no doubt that Saevam Ensis is planning for every possible outcome, but what exactly his plans are remains a mystery (TL:DR version: He’s one of The Suits, with a serious thirst for power).Name: Y’zvan MilnkhejtSpecies: Fe-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Around 2.3 meters in height, Y’zvan is a tall, composed being with an aura of professionalism and quiet efficiency surrounding her. Her physique is that of eternal discipline, carefully maintained, and musculed as if she were a primal predator, stalking prey in a primordial jungle. Her protodermis skin is rust (yes, that‘s actually a colour), and her armour is gunmetal grey. Her Kanohi Sonak, behind which glow mellow, dispassionate eyes of the deepest green, is remolded to resemble a stylized, sharp-angled Pakari, with a telescopic scope over the left eye.Powers: Iron, Accuracy.Skills: Extremely good marksman, adept in all sorts of combat, at any range (specializes in Sniping, however, so somewhat better at long-range). Considerable skill in element usage. Athletic, and thus fast and strong.Weaknesses: Y’zvan stays at a range for a reason; She has an intense hatred of anything chaotic or frenzied, preferring a quiet sniping spot to trading blows in the middle of a raid. She detests the element of water, losing all concentration when attacked with it, and disliking its very presence, due to the way it rusts all of her equipment.Equipment: Heckler & Koch PSG1 Sniper rifle, her pride and joy, and SIG Sauer P226 (She created the metal components for both of these weapons, and views them as extensions of herself). A combat knife, completely of her own making. Kanohi Sanok, with telescopic lens over the left eye.Bio: The Coppers, as Phan-Metru’s police force is known, have no member that reaches the level of professionalism Y’zvan perpetually maintains. A bounty hunter for years, Y’zvan Milnkhejt is infamous for waiting days, weeks, or months, however long it took, to kill her targets, always vigilant from her hidden aerie. Recently, she joined The Coppers, as beings with larger bounties had almost entirely vanished by her own hand, and thus her career no longer seemed to provide the necessary profits. Currently, she still refuses to fully socialize with her fellow Coppers, maintaining her professional manner, and revealing to none where her loyalties lie.


Preapproved, of course. :D

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[color=#daa520;]Name: [/color][color=#006400;]Leyana[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Species: [/color][color=#006400;]Toa[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Gender: [/color][color=#006400;]Female[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Appearance: [/color][color=#006400;]Dark Green body, with gold colored mask, feet, hands, and wrists. Her eyes are a bright ruby red. Fairly young looking and attractive, typical height for a Toa. Mask shaped like a Kaukau Nuva[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Powers: [/color][color=#006400;]Elemental Power over Air. Mask of Sensory Aptitude gives her the power to enhance all five of their senses to a high degree. The user's sense of balance is also increased. The user's enhanced sight is not as good as it would be as if they were wearing a Kanohi Ruru or an Akaku.[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Skills: [/color][color=#006400;]A master markswoman, her aim is rarely off, especially with her enhanced senses. Like most Le-Toa, she's very quick and nimble, her natural athletic abilities makers her difficult to catch, and even harder to escape. [/color]
[color=#daa520;]Weaknesses:[/color] [color=#006400;]She's very reckless, the most likely copper in the force to charge headlong into a the middle of a shootout, when ordered to retreat. While she's good at what she does, she tends to overestimate her abilities. Fails to recognize when she's beaten. She's very claustrophobic, she doesn't like being trapped. While difficult to hit, her armor is rather light, serious hit could throw her out of the fight.[/color]
[color=#daa520;]Equipment:[/color] [color=#006400;]A single katana,[/color] [color=#006400;]carries the equivalent of a glock 22 semi-automatic handgun, two of them in fact, one midak skyblaster, chewing gum, standard police equipment such as handcuffs, badge, radio, etc. [/color]
[color=#daa520;]Bio: [/color][color=#006400;]Leyana is a rather unorthodox copper. She tends to be a bit hyperactive and bubbly around her fellow officers, and is often the most outspoken. She enjoys a good thrill, and would be the first to volunteer for any sort of assignment that is deemed high risk. Tends to do things her way, ignores whatever rules and regulations she deems necessary to ignore. Her goal in life is to rid the streets of scumbags, keep the peace, and protect the average citizen. She really doesn't have much of a social life outside of work, which might explain why she spends the majority of her off time trying to root out gangs and the like, or get children's pets out of trees, whatever comes first. She tries to come out as a friendly, there to help kind of cop, though that image can be difficult to maintain in places such as Stab 'N' grab and the ghetto. [/color]
[color=#006400;]While she's relatively new to the force, she's been around long enough that she's no longer considered a rookie. She also is a bit infamous with her superiors, who often have to berate her for her shenanigans. She often finds herself at odds with the suit's increasing authoritarian ways. [/color]

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[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;background-color:transparent;"]Name: Aila Valli[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Fe-Toa[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Female[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Aila stands slightly shorter than the average height for a Toa. Her kevlar armour is black with gold highlights, as is her body, as befits the usual colour scheme of a Fe-Toa. Her eyes are golden yellow, and look out of a pleasantly round, symmetrical mask. Strong and muscular, she spends most of her off hours training or working out, always pushing herself to the limit, and sometimes beyond. Aila's armour is usually restricted to her bulletproof suit, allowing for ease of movement, but she can create metal armour in a pinch using her powers over iron.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: Being a Toa of Iron, Aila can create, control, and absorb any type of metal or metallic protodermis. She wears the Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate, which, when activated, allows her to perform at the absolute peak of her natural physical abilities; she can move and react faster than almost any other unenhanced Toa.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: Even without her Calix, Aila can physically match or outperform just about anyone you can name. She's stronger than her slightly shorter-than-average frame would have you believe (though her muscles are a bit of a giveaway), and faster than a striking snake. Her elemental abilities are also formidable, although she is wont to use brute force more than anything else, and is less accustomed to more subtle applications.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Her Copper training has provided her with basic skills in negotiation and problem solving, but Aila prefers to utilize her combat skills, which are impressive. Again, she lacks subtlety, but makes up for it with brute strength, unpredictability, and a sheer, stubborn determination to win.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: In just about every area of her life, Aila prefers blunt force over subtlety, and won't beat around the bush. From everyday conversation to high-tension situations, she is always biting back a clever remark. She also loves to push herself to her limit, which often results in her skidding past her limit at high speed and doing damage to herself and others. Impulsive and impatient.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: As far as weapons go, Aila carries a handgun resembling a SW1911. The weapon is usually empty, with the Fe-Toa creating ammo whenever she needs it. Any other weapons she will make as she needs them. A radio and transceiver built into her mask allow her to communicate with her fellow officers, and listen in on radio broadcasts. She usually wears a bodysuit made of a kevlar-like material; it'll stop most bullets, but is useless against knives and other sharp objects. She carries her badge and other pieces of ID, of course, as well as a small first-aid pack, a flashlight, and a palm-sized computer that can record sound and video, take notes, display maps, and communicate with the Copper database, among other things.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Biography: Growing up as the daughter of a seldom-influential Suit whose underhanded political and business tactics rarely amounted to much of anything, Aila still enjoyed a life far more privileged than the majority of Phan-Metru's citizens. As she grew up, however, she acquired a distaste for her father's greedy and dishonest schemes, and chose to leave home when she came of age, joining an academy to train as a Copper.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Aila hoped that working as a Copper might help her bring justice to the hordes of people so often ignored and mistreated; the little she knew of Phan-Metru's political and business spheres had shown her that most Suits, at best, had little to no regard for the Rabble. After graduating from the academy, she dedicated her life to her work, doing her best to uphold the law and protect the oppressed, though her tireless service hasn't done much for the Coppers' reputation: most people, upon learning she's a Copper, still treat her with derision.[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Not only that, but she still has to take orders from the Suits, whose corrupt ways usually leave her with a bad taste in her mouth. And as the situation on Phan-Metru has worsened, Aila has found herself increasingly caught between her desire to help people, and her forced loyalty to the Suits and their desperate tactics to remain in control of the city.[/font]

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[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Avolka[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Toa[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Male[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Red and gold Armour, with blue accents and highlights. Blue eyes.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Powers: Elemental Control of Fire. Kanohi Kiril, the Great Mask of Regeneration, with adjustible Magnifying Lens grafted over the left eye.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Skills: A skilled mechanic and clocksmith, excelling in the art of clockwork.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Weaknesses: Pedantic to a fault, overconfident.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment: Katana with a Ballistic Sheath, capable of firing the sword out of the sheath hilt-first with great force. Clockmaker's tools. Collapsible Hoverboard.[/color][/font]

[color=rgb(218,165,32);][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Bio: Self-taught at a young age to make and maintain clocks and other such timepieces at the urges of a city deeply in need of such things, he soon moved on to bigger and better things, becoming a mechanic and clockmaker in Gearheadville. He found an interest in the Combat Racing League, creating weapons and vehicles for such events. Among his favourite races are the Hoverboard Duels, in which he is a competitor.[/color][/font]

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(Pre-approved by Tyler.)


[color=#8b4513;]Set me off like dynamite strapped tight around my waist.We are the ones in competition, but claim this ain't no race.Let's go![/color]

[color=#8b4513;]Name: EnaltaiSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Enaltai is of pretty average height, not particularly muscled. His right arm is covered with scars from his time as a street rat. His face is decorated with a single, solitary brush of warpaint below his lower lip.Powers: His element of Stone and his Kanohi Hau.Skills: Rather good at pretty much any sort of fighting. Fistfighting in particular.Weaknesses: He's lactose intolerant.Equipment: Two long, narrow wristblades. A pack of matches. Three widgets. A bottle of water. And a rucksack to carry his meager possessions.Bio: To say that the world's been unkind to Enaltai would be to nothing short of endorse the horrible system that put him in that mess by giving it unwarranted praise.The Toa of Stone used to work in the Antidermis purification process. He was a hard worker, often working overtime for a meager pay just to earn money for a living. However, then, he at least had something to survive on. He had a home, a family, and food enough for him to live on.His life shifted downwards, fell, just because of one mistake. One, singular, solitary mistake that wasn't even his to have been made.One day, the boss came down and told them: the worst hundred workers would be sacked, because apparently there were improvements made to the system that allowed for a more automatized purification process. Of course, Enaltai knew what this meant. "Hundred worst workers" nearly always meant someone from the lower employees, such as him. He didn't expect he'd find himself among them.Well. Fat load of good that new system did them, in the long run.Since then, Enaltai has been wandering the streets with barely a widget in his pockets. He lost everything; he lost his home, his family, and food enough for him to live on. The only thing that mattered to him since then was to undo the horrible things that he had gone through from the very root.He would end this system - somehow - so that no one, ever again, had to go through what he had.[/color]

[color=#8b4513;]Take a breath and explode like bullets, tearing through the windCut me up with a razor blade that tries to separate the skin;Now in the white flames of burning flags, we found a world worth dying for.[/color]

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[color=#0000cd;]Name: Song "The Ace" Beskar[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Species:  Toa of Psionics[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Appearance: Song is a tall being in dark blue and silver amor, with piercing golden eyes. A gray fedora is perched atop her head, often pulled down over her face. A royal blue great coat is fastened tightly around her torso, dull gold buttons breaking up the monotony of color. A single pistol, fueled by elemental energy, is kept holstered at her side. A permit for concealed weaponry is kept in her breast pocket, alongside a variety of other forms. [/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Powers: Song is a skilled user of her element, adept at working her way into others' minds, and telekinetically manipulating the world around her. In addition, she wears the Mask of Hyperspace Storage. Using it as a link, she keeps a surplus of weapons and other supplies outside of our dimension. [/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Skills: Song is first and foremost an investigator. Even after the end of her career as a Copper, her curiosity never left her. Between her career experience and her element, she has an almost supernatural sense for when someone is lying. In addition, she’s remarkably skilled in a fight, able to hold her own and beyond. Her particular skill set, once so useful as a copper, is now used for private investigations.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Weaknesses: If caught off guard, Song can be almost completely disarmed. She carries on her person only a minimum armament, and if someone were to cut her off from her mask, she would be kept at that level. Her biggest weakness, however, is an unknown affliction, one that was severe enough for her to be removed from active duty with the Coppers. [/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Equipment: On her person, Song carries only a pistol powered by elemental energy, and a small dagger in her left boot. However, she keeps a veritable storehouse of equipment in an extradimensional storage pocket, waiting to be called upon.[/color]

[color=#0000cd;]Bio: Song was a career copper, one of the most effective officers they had. A list of successful arrests that most would envy, and a curiosity and instinct for detection that bordered on unnatural. Which is why it was such a surprise to everyone when she was suddenly ejected from the force. A few people, apparently with nothing better to do, looked into it, and found that she had been fired for medical reasons. Further information was unavailable, and Song herself wasn’t offering up any answers.[/color]


[color=#0000cd;]Since then, she has taken up residence on the outskirts of Typewriter Town, opening her doors as a private investigator. She’ll take any case, be it finding a lost pet or finding a kidnapped relative, but her nature forces her to seek out answers even when she isn’t on a case. Due to the abrupt manner in which she departed, the Toa maintains a working relationship with the Coppers, and they tend to turn a blind eye to some of her... Questionably legal activities. On a handful of occasions, they have even called on her to give them a hand. [/color]

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[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Name: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Liluke[/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Species: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Originally Vo-Toa, inhabiting Maxilos Robot[/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Gender: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Female in Spirit, technically None[/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Appearance: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]She's a Maxilos. Just your standard, typical Maxilos, with the exception that it/she has deep, indigo armor where most would have red, and the helmet is modified to look like an Iden. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Powers: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Black Fire, channeled through her/its broadsword, laced with tiny sparks of Lightning, the remnants of her elemental abilities. Strength equal to that of a Pakari user. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Skills: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Search 'n rescue has become easy for her, due to the robot's advanced sensors. This broadens to include tracking down drugs and such, though her Energy Hound 'Thorny' is much better at that. Is also good at restraining criminals, due to her strength and the fact that it's what the robots were originally built for, keeping people in cells. Combat-wise she's decent, able to use her broadsword and Cordak blaster efficiently. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Weaknesses: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Liluke has to deal with the constant stares and such that a Maxilos constantly attracts, being nearly as tall as a Vortixx and much more wide. Her size is also a downside, preventing her/it from getting through some doors without breaking them. She can'[/color][/font][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]t feel pain, due to being a spirit within a robot, and robot's don't feel pain, so that often slows her down when she's hurt and doesn't realize it. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Equipment: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]She carries exactly 4 things with her constantly, and 1 thing that doesn't need to be carried. Her Black-Fire broadsword-standard Maxilos-issue, a Cordak blaster (which can be a pain in the side to get ammo for), a pair of handcuffs, her police radio, and 'Thorny', her Energy Hound. He's a heck to feed, too...[/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Bio: [color=rgb(75,0,130);]Liluke was just an average Copper, hunting down criminals with all the rest of 'em. She was often used as a scout, due to having an Iden. Being a spirit has its advantages, after all. It continued until one day, when she was on yet another chase. But this one lead right to the edge of the city. In the confrontation that followed, the clearly insane criminal decided that his life was worth losing, as long as he took one of those cursed Coppers with him. And so he tackled Liluke off the side, both falling to their deaths. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]Or so it would seem. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]As they were falling, the Vo-Toa decided that living as a spirit was better than not living at all, and activated her mask. She got to watch as both her body and the criminal's disappeared into the gloom. Liluke was simply glad she didn't have to see herself die, because she wasn't sure if she would've looked away before they hit. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]Returning to the city, she wandered as a spirit for a few days before finding a Gumshoe who happened to wear a Rode. This Gumshoe managed to convince the Coppers to bring in some sort of body that Liluke could inhabit, so she wouldn't have to spend eternity as a wandering spirit. They brought in a Maxilos, she went into its body, and lo and behold: Liluke, now in a robot's body, had returned to the world of the living. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]It's now been 2 years since that happened, with the Vo-Toa spirit modifying her body bit by bit to more resemble her old one. She continues to serve with the Coppers, being thankful for even being given a chance to live again. [/color][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(75,0,130);]In terms of personality, Liluke is very optimistic, but in a subdued way. Her mechanized voice almost always will have a hint of cheer in it, unless things get really desperate. She's completely and entirely loyal to the Coppers, no matter who they support. Her politeness is practically legendary, being thankful for just about anything she's given, eats, or has the chance to do. Near-death experiences do that to you. She does go through cycles of periodic sadness, right around the time when she lost her original body is the most often time. Soft-spoken, encouraging, and loyal. Three words that sum her up perfectly. [/color][/font]

[color=rgb(128,0,128);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Zakaro[/color][/font]

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Name: Adala 

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Appearance:  Adala has skin ebony black skin that is soft as silken sheets. Her body is lithe and slender. This is due to years in the gym as she was growing up, and into higher learning. Overall her build is athletic and is more along the lines of someone capable of doing parkour. Her choice of normal clothing are tight black jeans that fit snuggly around her hips and a red tanktop that fits the Toa perfectly, she prefers to wear a black leather jacket, that she often keeps unzipped. Her arms are strong enough that she can carry her revolver easily and deal with the hard kickback from the gun blasts.


There's only slight signs of hesitation in her gait, barely noticeable missteps in her gait, for the most she's confident, brazen even (though this may be overcompensating).


Her Calix (shaped similar to a Rau) is worn over the front of her face. Her eyes are a shade of lavender peering from behind the mask. They are as sharp as any blade, but there’s damage in them. Adala has some clothes, but given her descent to a journalist just eking out, she cannot want for much except warm food, hot showers, and her favorite drinks.

Powers:  A Kanohi Calix that looks like a Rau. Adala is a Toa of Earth, but she rarely uses those powers. Instead she uses her mask to augment her abilities when she requires them.

Skills: Adala’s wit is about as sharp as any blade and despite what anyone would tell you no amount of alcohol has seemed to dull that sharp mind of hers. If you can keep the liquor out of her, Adala is actually quite adept at parkour, and has no difficulty in getting into places she doesn’t belong in. She's a good, sly talker and know hows to get what she wants.

Weaknesses: Rather poor at using her element, Adala barely uses it. Worst yet Adala is prone to drinking....a lot. She absolutely refuses to see a counselor about her issues. Say that they’re her own problem and vice and everyone has one. Worse yet Adala is recovering from a smear campaign after she lost her Vortixx boyfriend, a mechanic by the name of Calderick. She can’t really take a hit and thus avoids direct confrontations.

Equipment: Adala bought herself a revolver after her downward spiral, the Bionicle equivalent of a Colt .44 Anaconda. Adala also has a variety of recording equipment on her. Her preferences is a small camcorder and a tape recorder to gather any information she deems important. She’s also known to carry around a few mechanical pencils and a notepad to write down the various things for the day. A lockpicking kit.

Bio: Adala is a woman in recovery, in fact her entire life has been just recovering after one problem after another. Adala’s mother died when she was born, leaving her grieving father, Garren to raise her. Adala wasn’t born into wealth, her father had to work late shifts. He couldn't be around much for Adala. So the girl retreated into books and the news, learning all that she could. The fact she was the only child only made things slightly easier for her father to manage. Garren was an old Toa of Iron, a strong man physically but emotionally weakened by the loss of his wife. When she was old enough, she went to schools in the Ghetto, particularly in the red zone at the center of the city. Adala found a talent for reading, writing, and generally the gathering of information. If there was a rumor going, chances were Adala knew the source. Of course like any good Gumshoe she would never tell you who.


Eventually Adala's high grades saw her a scholarship into what was effectively college where she encounter a number of people, mostly notable to her, a Vortixx man by the name of Calderick, preferring the name of Calder. Both aspired to something greater, but Calder had to drop out of college because he and his family couldn't afford the funds, forcing him to work full time in Gearheadville, and then drive to Plaza Nuva to say in an apartment with the soon to be graduating Adala. Unfortunately Adala received news of her father passing away. Calder and her traveled back home for the funeral. The grieving Adala returned home to handle it before going back to school. She graduated to head towards a career in the news when after a two years tragedy struck again. Calderick had been gunned down in a gang war in the blue outskirts of the Ghetto.


About three months ago after reeling from the death of Calderick, somebody started a smear campaign that tore up much of Adala's reputation, leaving her effectively at square one in journalism. She now lives in a small apartment, with barely any comforts in Typewriter Town.


Adala is driven when it comes to searching for the truth of the problems that plague Phan-Metru. A fierce friend and ally, Adala will never sell out her sources. She is mostly friendly but she occasionally seems to be very bitter and this comes off as snide remarks about anything. Adala knows how to trap people with the right wording, and effectively talk people into corners or out of them. Deep down she cares a lot for those she calls friends, but is also afraid of losing more things that she cares about.


Adala is gonna climb back to the top and find out the truth along the way, even if she'll suffer even more for it.

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Name: Arath 

Species: Toa of Earth 

Gender: Male


Appearance: Scrawny and light, 'Rath has white armor, slightly damaged and dented in places. To a certain extent, even scrawny doesn't cut it as a useful adjective, due to his uncanny 'ability' to fit in between hilariously tiny spaces. Rath's snowy white armor is stained with wispy red markings that seem to be bound to the very material the armor is made of. He generally wears a dull brown cloak in an attempt to cover his slightly obvious white armor. 

Powers: A self-proclaimed master of his element, Rath seems to have a slightly greater proficiency of his element, Ice, then most other Toa he's observed. His mask is a white Great Miru, forged in the shape of a Noble Miru. 

Skills: As a self made man of Typewriter Town, Rath had it drilled into him very early on that details were always a top priority. As such, Rath's mind is essentially eidetic, only forgetting details every 1 out of 10 times. Flying's a favorite hobby of his, although he's about as graceful as a bow-legged ballerina at the moment, having so few opportunities to actually practice the art. For what he lacks in flight skill, he more then makes up for in use of his element. His above average powers enable him to use his element in ways many people couldn't, allowing him to take the upper hand in fights four times out of five. 

Weaknesses: Rath's flying is about as calm as a hurricane ripping through a porcelain vase emporium. Because of his lack of expertise with flight, his kanohi Miru is really only helpful for small hops or flights that last one or two minutes, and that's on a good day. Rath relies on his element for most fighting, leaving him at a serious disadvantage in prolonged fights. In addition, because he's so light, he usually takes more damage from hits then bulkier people would. 

Equipment: Rath keeps a notebook and pen on him at all times due to his job, and rarely uses higher technology if necessary. Call it paranoia, but at least with paper you can eliminate all traces of it in a snap. He carries a lone Earth Claw, modified to not require the loss of a limb to use, along with a dull-green messenger bag.

Bio: The Universe was weird sometimes. What qualified as weird, well, waking up in the middle of a bar in some back-alley in the Ghetto one gloomy and raining morning to discover you had no prior memories of your life, and only knowing for certain that you had a blank notebook, some pocket change, and a small knife in your back pocket. Yeah, that was weird. Rath doesn't know anything about his previous life. Flashes or glimpses would be lucky, because then he could try and remember who he was. Good thing he hasn't received so much as a sneeze to clue him into anything. Life was simple after that. By making a lot of connections and falsified claims, he somehow wound up living in an average four-room condo in one of Plaza Nuva's arbitrary skyscrapers, working for one of the many newspapers in Typewriter Town. How do you afford to live in one of the most expensive areas in the city living off of a ###### salary? Well, er, consultant work helps, along with some liberal gambling. Working as a textbook Gumshoe was profitable, at least, up until the whispers of conspiracy started. Nowadays, the real money is made by squeezing connections to get to people, places, and information. Some suckers will just do anything to not get turned into the Coppers, and hey, new coffee makers don't buy themselves.

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[color=#8b4513;]Name: CralSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Tall and muscular, with brown and tan armor. A (slightly)custom shaped Pakari. Green eyes.Powers/Skills: Has control over the element of Stone. Is strong, and even more with the Pakari. Is a good short-range fighter.[/color][color=#FF0000;]Weaknesses: Water, due to being a Toa of Stone. Also tires easily. Is weak against long-ranged fighters.[/color][color=#8b4513;]Weapons/Equipment: Has removable blades on his arms. Wears a Pakari, the mask of Strength.Bio: Cral had been a Po-Matoran living in a small village. He disappeared one day from the village, but he actually left, seeking for a more interesting life. Sometime during his journey, he transformed into a Toa by some unknown reason. He had gone through lots of work and training over the years. Cral is friendly to most, and could follow the rules if they suit him.[/color]

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Name:[color=#0066cc;] Kriate Toraw (Krade Door-aw)[/color]Species:[color=#0066cc;] Toa[/color]Gender:[color=#0066cc;] Female[/color]Faction:[color=#0066cc;] Copper[/color]Appearance:[color=#0066cc;] Silver-grey armor with blue highlights on her shoulders, legs and mask. Average height she's well kept physically, and intends to stay that way. Tight defined shoulders and arms, powerful legs, and stocky back, Kriate is strong. She's worked hard to be in the shape she's in, via a tough daily workout regime that she does separate from the usual Copper training she already had. Her armor doesn't cover her totally, allowing for good mobility. But where it is, it is thick and strong.[/color]Powers:[color=#0066cc;] Elemental power of Sonics. Mask of Momentum Jumping. The Mask of Momentum Jumping allows the bearer to travel from point A to point B almost instantly, knocking aside anything in their way with great force. The speed the user travels is faster than a Kakama, but slower than a Kualsi. The user only travels in a straight line in use, and does not render the user any more durable and will not allow the user to pass through any objects otherwise. The user cannot travel to a place they are not currently looking at.[/color]Skills:[color=#0066cc;] Kriate[/color] [color=#0066cc;]is an adaptable fighter, having trained herself for a variety of situations. She prefers fists over other weapons, claiming them to remove the honor from the fighter and nulling any skill either might really have, causing the battle to be less meaningful. She's strong and puts her fists and feet to good use.[/color][color=#ff0000;]Weaknesses: Her armor is weak at the joints. If you're looking for good hits to plant, get her where she can't reach you. You would assume that cornering yourself decreases chances of getting hit. With Kriate it doesn't. She's terrible with her power over sonics (she almost never uses it and hardly knows how), and she won't try her mask to smash through the wall behind you. Maybe.[/color] [color=#ff0000;]It's your opportunity to plan a good hit.[/color]Equipment:[color=#0066cc;] A large two handed hammer for her "job" and when she feels inclined to be challenging others in a close combated fight, this stays strapped to her back unless she needs it. A large shield that covers most of her body. She uses this mostly in conjunction with her Mask of Momentum Jumping and is out more often than her hammer. A pistol on her side that she rarely uses.[/color]Bio:[color=#0066cc;] Kriate is in it to make a living. Somebody pays her to hit things. She hits things.It's pretty simple.[/color][color=#0066cc;]At least on the outside.Kriate used to be pretty poor. She knows what it's like to be in the position of many of the Rabble, even if she doesn't really sympathize with them. She knows things about the poorer places and people that the other Coppers don't, leaving her usually better respected than her other colleagues: At least when it comes to Rabble. Suits sometimes seem to discriminate against her, even if in just subtle ways. Whether or not they mean to, it doesn't matter to her. After all, when it comes down to it, it's the buck that keeps her around. Kriate is a very action oriented woman and always has been. She fought tooth and nail to get where she is today. Kriate holds the belief that if anybody sets their mind to something, they can and will achieve it; as long as they work hard. They're just being lazy. This leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth when dealing with dissent from Rabble.Kriate doesn't say much, feeling that actions are better spoken than words, if she can get her point across physically over verbally, she will.[/color] [color=#0066cc;]This doesn't mean she isn't a good talker. When the situation calls for it, Kriate can twist your arm around with words almost as well as with strength. Growing up in the streets leaves you with more skills than you might think.[/color][color=#0066cc;]It's pretty simple.[/color]

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Name: Jek
Species: Mimic’s species 
Gender: Male
Appearance: Only a half bio taller than the average Toa, Jek is often mistaken for one. If you look closer, you’ll notice that’s not his mask- it’s his rugged, handsome face. His armor is smooth and closely fitted to the body underneath, and decorated by a few scars. He is lean and athletic, and he usually wears a grin.
Powers: Nada
Skills: Jek’s fairly athletic, and his fine tuned reflexes help him a lot in his visits to Gearheaderville- he’s not too shabby of a racer. His intellect is pretty sharp too, and he’s a fine mechanic.
Weaknesses: Weakness. No, literally. Jek’s not the strongest member of the Rabble you’ll come across, because he usually is too busy racing or running away from those stronger members to work out. Also, his lack of powers is a handicap in a straight up fight, so he tries to avoid them with either his speed or his mind.
Equipment: Some general tools- hammer, portable welding torch, a wrench, a multipurpose knife- and usually a piece or two of black market gear in a satchel around his waist. Also a small Xian pistol, used only for emergencies since it takes about an hour to charge a shot.
Bio: Ever since the destruction of his home and society by what appeared to be a terrible natural disaster, Jek has been a loner, wandering the world with no goal in mind and far too few standards. His adventures took him across the Matoran Universe, teaching him to trust no one, question everything, and always keep moving. Most would call him a leech, feeding off the fruits of others and adding nothing to society. He stole, robbed, and everything good he did came with a price. Even during the construction of Phan-Metru, Jek didn’t help a bit. He stole pieces, fiddled with technology, and made life harder at the expense of others. When the city finally went soaring into the clouds, Jek fit seamlessly into his new life, living on the streets, learning the new rules, and doing as well as a homeless vagabond ever could. He drifts, still traveling, from the Ghettos to Typewriter Town to Stab n’ Grab, racing, selling illegal goods, or even trying to satisfy his own burning curiosity and figure out what in almighty Karz is going on in the mysterious city.
Jek, deep down, isn’t a bad guy. In another time, another place, another world, he might even have been a hero. But his life hasn’t been kind to him, and he is what the world has shaped him into- a crook.

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    [*]Name: Deadmerc[*]Species: Toa(No element;see history)[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers: regeneration of lost body parts, has a multitude of daggers, two twin protodermis katanas, and a midak skyblaster, adapted for more storage, and can tell past of people he meets.[*]Personality and History: He is cracks wisecracks at his foes and taunts them most of the time, due to mental disorders caused by experimentation done on him by the Dark Hunters for not agreeing to help them with a heist. Due to this experimentation  he gained his regeneration ability,but also many mental problems, as they tried to give him telepathy and foresight  which backfired, only giving him the ability to tell the past, or what he calls "hindsight".He also lost his element in the process, and therefore is unsure what it is.[*]Description: He wears a red helmet with black around the eyes, and has that color scheme all over his body.He has the Jaller ignika body piece  with black on the sides, as well as black. He has black shoulder pads and red arms, as well as black feet on red legs with black upper armor. [*]Weaknesses: Beheading,insulting him better than he insulted you,and a lack of an elemental power[*]Occupation:Mercenary, hired gun, and "world" class chef[/list]
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Pre-approved in the discussion topic...


[color=#000080;]Name: Varren Rehn (Commonly goes by the Alias of "Watcher", and when in public, "Ahryn").Species: Toa of FireGender: MaleAppearance: A thin Dark-Blue and Silver Toa with what appears to be a grey Noble Ruru. It is actually a Great Kadin. He commonly wears jeans that are ripped at the knee, a dark-grey button-up shirt with a black tie loosely hanging from his neck, and a leather jacket.Powers: Great Kadin, the Mask of Flight. Plasma Elemental.Skills: A good writer, skilled at sneaking, following, and hearing things from a distance. Possesses awful penmanship, and Shaky-hand-syndrome. He also is a darned good liar. Also a skilled elementalist.[/color][color=#ff0000;]Weaknesses: Somewhat quick-to-anger, and a loyal friend. Not particularly good at hand-to-hand combat, and is a pacifist who only fights when there is no other options left.[/color][color=#000080;]Equipment: For sure, he carries a pencil and a small notepad. Also carries a voice-recorder. In the inside pocket of his jacket, he commonly has a city map, sometimes money. As for weaponry, he carries a switchblade, the blade being protodermis, and the handle being carved from bone. It's a family heirloom, and he'd be loathe to part with it. He also has the equivalent of a Sig Sauer P238, holstered on the inside of his jacket, out of sight for most of the time.Bio: Of all the Gumshoes in the city, Varren Rehn, or "Watcher" (And sometimes "Ahryn") as he's commonly known, is by far one of the quirkiest. He's lived most of his life in the city, and he dislikes to speak of it. Whatever his families' status was at birth, it was unknown. The Rehn family files burnt down under mysterious circumstances, and Varren Rehn was declared dead not long after. What was eventually decided to be his corpse (charred beyond recognition), in his apartment in Typewriter Town, which had burned down a mere hour after the filing cabinet that held the Rehn family files had caught on fire. The authorities then decided that he had been using his powers, and had accidentally burnt the building down, him included. The truth of the matter, was that Varren had been targeted by a group of suits about the topic that he was investigating and reporting to the papers... Corruption in the Coppers and Suits. So he faked his death, and made sure that his families' records went with him. It was easy for him to escape notice after he burnt his apartment down, but when he was about to continue his investigation, he found he forgot the files containing what he discovered. He had left them in his apartment, and they had burned when the rented apartment burned. Undaunted, Varren continued on, taking the alias of "Watcher" (And for his forays into public, "Ahryn"). He's more-or-less been a ghost in the system, throwing his aid to the better-natured of The Rabble, the newspapers he likes, and the occasional fellow Gumshoe if it meant getting access to something he hadn't seen before. It's said he frequents all of the districts Phan-Metru, however he perfers to lounge in the shadows, making his moves with the forethought of split-second impulses and whatever his heart (or stomach) feels like.INFP-Group Personality. Varren prefers to think with his heart, disregarding logic when it isn't required. He'll do almost anything to figure out the crimes of the rich and famous, and the dirty secrets of Phan-Metru. He's a pacifist, and prefers not to resort to violence at all, and even has difficulty deciding to defend himself when he has to. He's deathly shy, which contributed to his decision to fake his death, and why he rarely talks to anyone. He'll help any group that can help him get more information, and will often pay back the help with providing information about that group's enemies. Even at that, he's extremely loyal to his friends, and has a fuzzy interior underneath the multiple cold side-changing personas he's made for himself. He also has a habit of humming to himself, and can talk rudely to strangers, with a sense of humor thrown in to make their reaction's even more entertaining to watch.[/color][color=#696969;]Name: Aunae KeahiSpecies: Toa of IronGender: FemaleAppearance: A short, young Toa. Her coloring is a curious mix of White and silver for a Toa of Iron. She wears a silver Huna. She commonly wears a good set of boots, pants, and a simple light-blue jacket that's been zipped up, mostly to keep the cold that can be found in some parts of Phan-Metru.Powers: Great Huna, the Great mask of concealment. Iron Elemental.Skills: A somewhat-skilled hand-to-hand and melee fighter, scavenger, messenger and courier. She also is fast, and knows how to scale buildings and move around obstacles through the use of "FreeRunning", as she calls it.[/color][color=#ff0000;]Weaknesses: Not skilled in her element, holds Suits and higher-ranked Coppers in contempt.[/color][color=#696969;]Equipment: Courier's bag, watch. Carries knives hidden in her boots.Bio: Aunae was orphaned at a young age, young enough that she doesn't remember who her parents were. She was raised, surviving through her wits, speed, and ability to scavenge what she could from The Ghetto, and the occasional trip to Typewriter Town or The Plaza. Years later, she's now a Toa, still homeless, and had somehow had secured a reputation as a trustworthy courier. One who can get a message from one end of Phan-Metru to the other, intact.At least, when people bother to send written messages. Her scavenging also pays off if she finds something of value, quickly selling it off on the Black Market, or if it's something legal for her to posses, to the nearest merchant.ISTP-Group Personality. Aunae doesn't say or do much. She takes courier jobs when offered, and when there isn't any work to do, often scavenges, away from the prying eyes of The Coppers and The Suits. She does her job, gets out of the way, and then begins to look for her next job. She holds a long-standing grudge against the Suits and Coppers, who've been forcing more people into the Ghetto, which meant more scavengers to compete with. She still accepts jobs with them, since money is money. She wants nothing more than life than to continue her courier work, abet with a home, and no risk of getting involved with the Suits' plotting, and the Coppers' "Justice."[/color]

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[color=#551111;]Name: VoloSpecies: Ta-MatoranGender: MaleAppearance: Average height and weight; deep red Noble Matatu, chest, and extremities; yellow-orange under-armor and limbs.Powers: NoneSkills: Twenty-twenty vision. Quick talker and attentive listener. Volo has years of experience digging for news.Weaknesses: Almost no combat experience. Also addicted to cigarettes (bad for your lungs).Equipment: A tape recorder and camera.Bio: Volo’s a gumshoe through and though. He lives like he has his foot on the accelerator: He talks fast, eats fast, drinks fast, thinks fast; he listens carefully and listens well. He knows what he wants and will stop at almost nothing to get it. Volo has been a reporter for several years now, and his experience makes him confident. Confidence, he’s learned, helps him get places.[/color][color=#111155;]Name: XhanaSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: FemaleAppearance: Average height and weight for a female Toa; attractive; dark blue armor and Kanohi over gray under-armor.Powers: MagnetismSkills: A good shot with her pistol. In shape. Is very good at manipulating her expression and mannerisms to play a part.Weaknesses: No good at close combat. Spoiled. Weak morality: Being spoiled, single, attractive, and in a position of power doesn't help.Equipment: Mask of Possibilities; a pistol and several compatible ammo clips.Bio: Xhana doesn't know what it's like to live life in danger. Her father, ex-police officer and CEO of a popular line of casinos, practically bathed in money; Xhana had only to ask to borrow some. Her dad died a few months before Phan-Metru took off, and she inherited most of his fortunes and neatly sidled her way into line for entrance into the city as a police officer. She's more focused on getting the job done than doing it right, but she's competent enough, and her egotism bolsters her confidence enough for her to lay her life on the line when she feels it's necessary.[/color]
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[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Name: Zahga Species: Matoran of Earth Gender: Male Appearance: Zahga is a coal black, with no armor, wearing only a white lab coat with his I.D. attached. His mask is a de-powered Kualsi.  Powers: Enhanced Night Vision Skills: Zahga is a genius on the computer lay-out of Phan-Metru, boasting a high-level skill with computers. An average shot with any firearm. Weaknesses: Matoran = Weak; Sucks heavily at hand-to-hand combat, and generally avoids combat. Equipment: A small writing tablet and a pencil.  Bio: Zahga was originally against the idea of Phan-Metru, in its early development. As it was being constructed, he slowly came around to the idea, and later, joined the construction crews.  A friend of his, a Ko-Matoran named Quert, showed him how the plans for city's water and electric how complex it was, what needed to be done and the like. This interested Zahga quite a bit, just enough to convince him to switch from throwing steel plates on walls to plugging red wires to blue wires. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Suits' Technical Department, to a mid-level number cruncher for the Suits, looking over almost anything in the city that's wired in.   Zahga is rather loud and silly for being a Suit. He has his doubts of Phan-Metru, but he only voices them in private. In a crisis, Zahga adopts a "crazy calm," in which he freaks out, yet keeping control of what he is doing.[/color]

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[font="georgia, serif;"][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Name:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Koglar[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Species:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Toa of Crystal[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Gender:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Male[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Appearance:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]  A tall, slender Toa. His amor is a pastel yellow and black. He wears a Great Mahiki.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Powers:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Control of Crystal. Shapeshifting from Mahiki.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Skills:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] He can see well in darkness. He is a very quick runner, and is very agile. Great story teller.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Weaknesses:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Is used not used to fighting, and gets easily beaten in a fight. His control over Crystal is not great, and can sometimes go out of control[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Equipment: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]A camera, a pen, and a small knife. He also has a journal that is incredibly busted up.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Bio:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Koglar was created as a Matoran in the Southern Continent, always working diligently. When people's work was done, they would gather around Koglar and listen to his grand stories of heroism, adventure and mystery. They always applauded his work.[/color][/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"] [/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"][color=rgb(218,165,32);]One day, his village was attacked by Rahi, which razed it to the ground. The village scattered, and Koglar found his way to the island of Xia. There, he worked as a journalist, gathering stories about dealings considered unethical by even Xian standards. [/color][/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"] [/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"][color=rgb(218,165,32);]A gang found him one day, and experimented on him. They were trying to harvest Toa energy, and were mad that Koglar had been exposing all of their dirty secrets. The process brought out Koglar's latent energy, turning him into a Toa. He ran away, and continued his work, defending himself with his powers.[/color][/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"] [/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Fast forward to present day, he is a Gumshoe. He was horrified by the use of Antidermis, and even further shocked when it had been revealed that it had escaped it's containers. Determined to get to the truth, he plunged into the mystery.[/color][/font]




[font="georgia, serif;"][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Name: [/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);]Unit #1[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Species:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] Kranua (Specialized Vahki)[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Gender:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] N/A (Thought patterns somewhat based on male)[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Appearance:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] The same as a normal Kranua. A big Vahki-like robot. His arms are bigger than the original Kranua, and end in hands, not staffs. He has a green and red color scheme.[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Powers: [/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);]Can transmute his body into sand. Can fire energy bubbles at targets that trap them and drain their energy.[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Skills:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] Knows several tactics for interrogation, criminal apprehending, etc.[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Weaknesses:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] Is very slow due to his high armor. When in sand form, he is very vulnerable. He could be turned into glass, scattered with a blast of wind, or prevented from reforming.[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Equipment:[/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);] A gun attached to right arm that fires his bubbles. Several radios, thermal imaging, infared, x-ray, night vision functions, and other functions fitting for a police robot.[/color][/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);][color=rgb(0,100,0);]Bio: [/color][color=rgb(165,42,42);]Unit #1 was created because of the Antidermis epidemic facing Phan-Metru. After being at a lost, the scientists that created him decided to use an old design of robots. They used the Kranua design, and added into it the feature to use the Krahli energy bubbles. He is a Copper, and is very devoted to his job... not that he could be any different. After all, he is a robot.[/color][/color][/font]

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More profiles will come. [color=#ff0000;]Flaredrick[/color]


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[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Name: Virg[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Species: Ta-Toa[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Gender: Male[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Appearance: Virg is tall, muscular and rather intimidating-looking, covered in battle scars. He wears a set of very shiny crimson and black armour that covers most of his body. He has made minor modifications to his Kanohi Pakari so that it has small plates of glass over the eyeholes.[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Powers: Virg is a Toa of fire, and thus has control over that element. However, he has practiced very little at using the power. He could likely only make a blast of fire, and lacks the dicipline to do anything else. He is also equipped with a Kanohi of strength, which can give him short bursts of superhuman (or supertoa?) physical strength.[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Skills: Virg is a good fighter, though not as good as one would expect, judging by his form. He mostly relies on brute force in battle, and he has that in abundance. He can best most others in a fight of pure strength or endurance, and is very adept at looking intimidating. His presence tends to discourage violence by simply frightening those around him into submission.[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Weaknesses: Virg is not stupid, but he lacks technique and skill in fights and tends to telegraph his attacks. He is also not very good at much outside of looking scary and hitting things.[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Equipment: Virg carries his equipment in a belt covered in pouches. These pouches contain everything from painkillers to food rations to shiny bits of metal Virg found lying on the ground.[/color]


[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Bio: Virg has spent most of his life beating people up, giving them death stares and occasionally setting them on fire. He is a rather uninteresting individual who has made a decent living by acting as muscle for various different people: Gangs, black market traders, Suits dipping into some dirty business practises. Anyone willing to pay him was fair employment. It doesn’t even matter to him if he’s working to save the world or to eject a group of orphans off the city, it’s just a job to him.[/color]

[color=rgb(220,20,60);]Virg works mainly by intimidating his enemies, and he knows that he looks like a better fighter than he is. He tends to use this to his advantage, encouraging any rumours that there may be about him, and in some ways turning him into a larger than life figure.[/color]

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Name: Vakann

Species: SkakdiGender: Male

Appearance: Vakann is built with considerable musculature and the broad-jawed, tombstone-toothed facial structure characteristic his species. He is taller than the standard Toa, but his slouching posture puts him at about a head shorter. His head, spines, and arm armour are all a dull silver, while the bulk of his armor is a deep gunmetal. Sections of his mechanical components have been modified, giving Vakann's armour a subtle asymmetry. His large feet branch off into three toes each, two in front and one in back, with each toe terminating in a claw blunted and worn from long years of travel. The pinky finger of one of his hands is clearly a protodermic-metal-alloy prosthetic. Pouches roughly patched together from Rahi hide hang from his belt, holding the tools of his trade.Powers: As a Skakdi of Iron, Vakann holds the potential to gain elemental powers when operating in tandem with another Skakdi. He has relatively impressive control over his element for a Skadi, but teamwork among Skakdi is a flaky resource, so he uses this power relatively infrequently. Due to the meddling done to his species, he gained a power to acclimate similar to Reidak's; he adapts to his opponents' powers after every defeat, making him a resilient fighter. His vision power is Volt Vision, allowing him to generate electricity from his eyes.Skills: Vakann's elemental control is fairly impressive, but it's situationally linked to the presence of another Skakdi. Not that it matters all that much. After all, he would be on the level of a Toa if he had to rely on elemental powers to hold his own in a fight. In combat, Vekann prefers to make use of his muscle and impressive athletic ability to get around, though he will integrate his abilities into his fighting style if a need arose.In terms of mental prowess, Vakann is no slouch. He's an accomplished repair man and inventor, fixing and building anything from weaponry to the mechanical parts of other beings, given the equipment and, more importantly, the money. Vakann has dabbled here and there with various technologies, being more a tinkerer than a scientist.Weaknesses: The secret to Vakann's success as a mechanic and inventor (and occasional stint as shady Stab 'N' Grab mechanical surgeon) is obsession; while many Skakdi vent their aggression through belligerency and delightful bouts of backstabbing, Vakann focuses it into intellectual drive. However, despite his focus, he still has the attention span of the average Skakdi, meaning that an obsession may seize him one day but might escape him the next. He is an exceptionally unreliable ally without monetary incentive due to his innate capriciousness. In addition, Vakann has little control over his Skakdi wildness; if someone manages to rile him up and he cannot find an outlet to keep himself busy, Vakann will turn to a good fight like any of his species. Whatever little modicum of self-control he has is largely motivated by money, so the highest bidder is in his favour. Equipment: Vakann generally keeps some of his tools from his wondrous collections of spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other wonderful tools that can cave skulls in or gouge eyes out when shoved at someone's face hard enough. He doesn't regularly keep something on his person that defaults on as a weapon, though he does keep a large multitool with him that folds out into a knife. For special occasions when he has dealings in the dangerous parts of the Stab 'N' Grab with all his bestest friends, Vakann makes sure to suit up with a worthy weapon.His preferred weapon is a Volt Gun that he built from a hodgepodge of parts repurposed from stolen hologram displays and electronic billboard parts. It's a hefty weapon that shoots powerful electrical bolts so long as its battery is charged. Some people might argue that his lightning eyebeams made the gun a moot point, but the Volt Gun is Vakann's favourite DIY. Its batteries can be charged through direct contact with electricity or through a fun hand-crack system built into its side. The Gun can also be transfigured into a clublike weapon whenever bashing another's brains out gives more satisfaction.Vakann also has an Iron Gun tucked away in a box buried underneath his house. It is a weapon attached to the back of his hand and forearm by a gauntlet-and-grieves system. The weapon allows him to circumvent the restrictions of his situational elemental powers like the ones carried by others of his kind, allowing him to shoot off metal projectiles and manipulate metal through direct contact with the gun. It's been left to collect dust for quite some time. After all, Vakann would rather not be seen with a cutesy little Toa Tool.Bio: When Spiriah got his leathery little hands on the Skakdi of Zakaz, Vakann was one of the most outspoken opponents to the experiments. The Skakdi was proud of his species, so he was repulsed by Spiriah's efforts to make his people into something they weren't, into something like the Toa. Eventually, Vakann was dragged into the experiments and ended up saddled with the bloodlust of his fellow experimentees. However, his utter hatred and opposition to the Makuta's agenda managed to preserve some of his prior ego, he refused to use his artificially-endowed elemental powers. Knowing that he would likely end up dead if he focused all his rage on the Makuta, Vakann became a hermit, holing himself up in a dump site far from urban centers. He devoted himself to making curios from scrap, trying to take his mind off of the constant urge to break something or someone.Eventually, he learned that Spiriah had made his leave through the slow spread of information through the countryside and gleefully went about killing the Visorak overseers, learning to use his Iron powers in the meanwhile. Vakann thought that this meant the liberation of his species, but when war broke out, Vakann realised that his people had been permanently changed for the worse. Ashamed of what his species had become, Vakann left the island, hoping to discover a way to change the Skakdi back to what they once were.He wandered across several lands in his search, but never got closer. Eventually, he lost sight of his aim and wandered simply for the sake of distraction. He took residence in Xia for a time and learned all he knew about weapons-crafting. After being ejected from the Mata-Nui Robot and the construction of the secondary robot, Vakann has taken up residence in the Stab 'N' Grab side of the Ghetto. With his aim of curing his species forgotten, he contents himself with a life of invention and racy parts and weapons deals. Vakann has a passing interest in the Antidermis situation, but more for thinking up a possible solution than for playing whodunnit.

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