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The Memorial: Undying Profile Topic

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#1 Offline Padishah Mehmet II

Padishah Mehmet II
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Posted Apr 02 2013 - 08:02 AM

[font="georgia, serif;"]Deep inside these burning buildings, voices die to be heard![/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]Years we spent teaching a lesson we ourselves had never learned.[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]And if strength is born from heartbreak, then mountains I could move.[/font]

[font="georgia, serif;"]If walls could speak I'd pray that they would tell me what to do[/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]Undying Profile Topic[/font][/font]


[font="georgia, serif;"][font="'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;"]This is where the character profiles, once approved by the staff in the Discussion topic, go. Please keep just one profile post here that you will edit with new characters once they are approved. In this first post, you will find very little save this little profile form for your convienience:[/font][/font]



[color=#000000;][font="'courier new', courier, monospace;"]Name: (Meaningless unenforced suggestion no. 47: think of something you haven’t used before.)Gender: (Male, female, or otherwise)Species: (All species are allowed, save Makuta and Botar’s species. Custom species have to be approved by the head GM first.)Faction/Affiliation: (Wild Hunt or Refugee)Element: (if applicable.)Kanohi: (if applicable. Outlawed masks: Olmak, Kraahkan, Avohkii, Mask of Creation, Vahi, and anything else that is unreasonable that I haven’t thought of yet.)Other powers: (if applicable. These are things like Skakdi laser vision. You’re not getting one of these if you haven’t given up your element, your Kanohi, or both)Equipment/Weapons: (Be reasonable, don’t make yourself a walking armory.)Appearance: (self explanatory.)Personality: (^see above)Biography: (^see above)Other: (anything else that you want to note about your character)[/color][/font]


[color=#000000;]And a list of approved profiles and the posts in this topic that contain them: [/color]


[color=#000000;]Approved Profiles[/color]

Dovydas - Radamir, Amarthis

Strack - Valdsar

Levacius - Amadene, Zartor, Thorego (pre-approved)

Zakaro - Takari

Emissary to the Void - Havoc, Rynekk

Bane of no Isles - Luoroun

The Lorax - Kehua, Taipo, Hatann, Koriaha, Koranga, Wani


And, because doubleposting is bad, my profiles:


Dovydas's Profiles: 

[color=#0000cd;]Name:[/color] [color=#daa520;]Radamir[/color][color=#0000cd;]Gender: [/color][color=#daa520;]Male[/color][color=#0000cd;]Species: [/color][color=#daa520;]Toa[/color][color=#0000cd;]Faction/Affiliation: [/color][color=#daa520;]Wild Hunt[/color][color=#0000cd;]Element: [/color][color=#daa520;]N/A; in life, it used to be Psionics.[/color][color=#0000cd;]Kanohi:[/color] [color=#daa520;]Kiril[/color][color=#0000cd;]Other powers: [/color][color=#daa520;]Strangely enough, Radamir seems to have retained a sizeable amount of his Telekinesis powers from when he was alive - not quite as powerful as they were in life, but still enough to match and overtake many a lesser opponent.[/color][color=#0000cd;]Equipment/Weapons:[/color] [color=#daa520;]Radamir bears a large greatsword that he usually keeps on his back, decorated with a dark blue sapphire encrusted in the crossguard and a smaller green emerald in the pommel. According to legend, this blade, the Heavensblade, was personally delivered to Radamir by the Great Spirit - Radamir, while sleeping, long before his war upon the Makuta, dreamt of Mata Nui personally anointing him and presenting to him the weapon, saying, "You have my blessing, Radamir. Now go, and restore justice to this world." When he woke, the sword was merely lying at his feet, and Radamir took it as a sign that his quest was blessed by the Great Spirit. The Heavensblade used to be the old king's greatest weapon against the Makuta as it could slice cleanly, without resistance, through their armor and that it alone slew three or four Makuta (whether this is true, it's hard to say) during Radamir's assault on Destral, and definitely slew many more after his undeath.[/color][color=#0000cd;]Appearance:[/color] [color=#daa520;]Radamir is rather tall for a Toa, towering almost a head above an average-height member of that species. Like all Huntsmen, his eyes burn with a cold blue flame - but unlike most Huntsmen, his eyes do not usually blink, ever. His armor is a mixture of the typical Psionic colors blue and gold, with a blue mask, hands and legs and a golden cuirass and arms.[/color][color=#0000cd;]Personality: [/color][color=#daa520;]Radamir is, nowadays, a pretty quiet person. Outside of his rousing speeches, which he does not give as often as he would when he was alive, he talks to very few people - his military leaders, mostly, and his small circle of close friends. No one save that circle of friends knows where he goes whenever he's away nowadays. He remains, however, a kind, if somewhat cold, soul, and retains a strong loyalty from his men and women and a strong ability to inspire them.[/color][color=#0000cd;]Biography:[/color] [color=#daa520;]Radamir used to be a typical Toa on the Northern Continent, catering to the needs (be it protection, survival or thatching a roof) of the local Matoran. This was a life he immensely valued and thus was rather disappointed when the Makuta, under Icarax, opted for invading the Continent. He observed, and hopelessly tried to fight, the destruction of his homeland, but one Toa could achieve very little on his own. This was a realization he, and others on the Northern Continent, came to at around the same time, and that was why the Toa of the Continent, and many other famous warriors, came to an emergency council in the mountains of the Tren Krom Peninsula, a congress named a thagh, after an old Skakdi word meaning "gathering", where they would debate how best to fight the Makuta threat. It was then that Radamir came forth, and proclaimed that there would be only one victory: that would be if all the warriors of the Northern Continent joined into one army, and pledged loyalty to one leadership. Within a day, Radamir had become the most famous hero in the entire continent as all members of the thagh agreed to his proposal, and named an interim military leadership composed of Radamir and two other Toa, Rhethos and Marlok.This leadership, however, proved incredibly temporary as Rhethos was slain merely twelve days later in the new army's first major engagement at Skirthig Pass. Skirthig Pass was, note, a success - the Makuta army suffered incredible losses under the command of the Northern Triumvirate, as the three Toa were now known, and were forced to retreat, thus hampering their way northward. Marlok fell deathly ill on that same battlefield as he was unfortunately exposed to unhealthy amounts of antidermis. Within seven months, Marlok was also dead, and Radamir was left the sole general of this army. Marlok's portion of the army, under these circumstances, had also recently suffered a couple of huge defeats. Radamir called forth one more emergency thagh. In this thagh, he gave a rousing speech, deeply saddened by the deaths of his two friends and comrades, urging the army to regroup and do something the Makuta's forces would never expect - march against Destral itself. While this might've seemed impossible, he claimed, the island would be relatively unprotected, with most of the Rahkshi and other similar servants of the Brotherhood away fighting the war in distant lands. The idea was more achievable than any time before.It was at this thagh that the warriors of the Northern Continent proclaimed him king of the entire Continent, and at this thagh that they swore eternal fealty to him. It was at this thagh, that the Wild Hunt was, initially, born... and the rest is history.[/color]


[color=#006400;]Name: Amarthis[/color]

[color=#006400;]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#006400;][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: VortixxFaction/Affiliation: RefugeeElement: N/AKanohi: N/AOther powers: Her Rhotuka are equipped with the ability of paralysis.Equipment/Weapons: A longsword and a shield equipped with a rhotuka launcher.Appearance: Amarthis is a relatively short character for a Vortixx, although, like most other members of her species, she is rather slender and thin. While it's difficult to call her figure perfect - and it's unclear anyway what Vortixx would consider perfect - it is rather attractive and well-built, coming rather close to an hourglass. Her armor is a mixture of the colors dark green and slate grey.Personality: Amarthis has a bit of a no-nonsense personality, and this has brought her into conflict with a number of other refugees that she considers less than sensible, such as Thorego. She's not particularly the type to accept any sort of authority, and even on the battlefield she's a bit of a lone wolf.Biography: No one's quite sure where Amarthis is from - well, except for her being Vortixx, so therefore most likely from Xia. No one's quite sure when she joined the refugees - although she was already with the main group of refugees that landed on Destral, she had only joined up with them a short while before. The refugees claim she met up and requested to travel with them one night that they were spending in the perpetual desert that the Southern Continent had become, and as at that time they highly needed warriors, she was accepted.[/color][/font]

Edited by Eduard Bernstein, Apr 03 2013 - 01:41 PM.

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#2 Offline Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim
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Posted Apr 02 2013 - 08:56 AM

joining :D

Name: ValdsarGender:[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);] Male[/color]Species:[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);] Toa[/color]Faction/Affiliation:[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);]Wild Hunt[/color]Element: N/A...before dying,[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);] Gravity[/color]Kanohi: Matatu: the great mask of Telekiniesis.Other powers:[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);]N/A[/color]Equipment/Weapons:[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:'courier new', courier, monospace;background-color:rgb(245,245,255);] Giant War Hammer.[/color]Appearance: normal ghostly eyes, he is average height but stockily built, like a bear. purple mask, hands and feet. black arms, legs, and torso.Personality: fearful of fire, he is cold and war-like. his way of solving a problem is smashing it until it's dead.Biography: Valdsar was made a Toa a few years before the siege on Destral. during the siege on Destral, he had fought enough enemies to be considered to be a general. alas, he died and is now a veteran in the war on the Refuge.Other: N/A

question: as ghosts, can the Wild Hunt pass though things willingly? say, making himself intangible to pass though a wall, then making himself tangible to attack?

Edited by Strack, Apr 02 2013 - 09:01 AM.

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Previously known as Aiwendil.

#3 Offline Padishah Mehmet II

Padishah Mehmet II
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Posted Apr 02 2013 - 08:58 AM

[color=rgb(178,34,34);]Mate, the profiles go in the Discussion topic first, where they get approved, then you can repost them here. But since you're that eager, I'm approving it. Guys, don't think of this as precedent: post in the Discussion topic from now on.[/color]


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#4 Offline Van Hohenheim

Van Hohenheim
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Posted Apr 02 2013 - 09:02 AM

I see. sorry, when you say profile, I think profile posting. sorry >.<

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Previously known as Aiwendil.

#5 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Apr 02 2013 - 09:55 AM

~ Characters Pre-Approved by GM ~



"Great Beings grant me the strength to defeat my enemies, wisdom so I need not use it, and the courage to make the choices as to which I must do. I shall not fight for the purpose of slaughter, and I shall keep my temper in the direst straits. I shall seek my lost destiny, and I shall not fear the gates barring the Hunt from Paradise. Grant me the will to follow my king, even when my heart screams to disobey. Mata-Nui protect me." - Amadene's Battle Prayer


Name: Amadene Fer-Soratna [Amadene, Iron-User Who Hails from Soratna]

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Faction/Affiliation: Wild Hunt

Element: Iron (Inaccessible)

Kanohi: Kanohi Zatura, the Great Mask of Fear. The Zatura channels the Kraata power of Fear as an aura that emanates from the user of the mask. Unlike other Kanohi, which provide a glow when concentration is applied to its use, the Zatura seems to darken the area around it. The mask is constantly on at the power level of stage 2, causing any being nearby to have feelings of suspicion and paranoia. Typically, the mask can only be increased to the Kraata power of 4; however, it appears to actually feed off of the terror it causes, and as more beings feel increasingly greater amounts of terror, it gains enough strength to operate at power level 5 for a short time. The mask could theoretically be increased to a stronger power level by those seeking to do so, but Amadene has instead trained on being able to weaken the mask so the constant aura is almost completely negated by bringing it to stage 1 (such a use requires some willpower, but at least in her case not as much as the opposite) This Zatura is likely one of the only remaining copies that exist, and the Kanohi has always been considered an immoral mask - much like the Mask of Scavenging - because it encourages the user to actively seek out battle and cause terror in beings; during the later days of the Matoran Universe, such concerns were less of an issue. The mask is crafted using two Weaken disks along with both a Shrink and Freeze disk while a dead Kraata-Za burns in the forge.

Other Powers: Amadene possesses all of the potent powers that are wielded by a member of the Wild Hunt; like all others, she has an unnatural phobia of fire, doing all  she can to avoid it, and cannot use her natural elemental powers any longer.

Equipment/Weapons: Amadene constantly carries her personal favorite weapon, a shining sword made of protosteel. She also has a number of throwing knives and darts within her cloak; some possess poisoned tips.

Appearance: Amadene is a somewhat tall Toa. Her Toa armoring - due to her manipulation of it during her former life with her elemental abilities of iron - is thicker and more protective than that of most Toa, but at the same time is lighter and thus causes no loss of mobility. Over this, she wears a large black cloak that she uses to conceal her weaponry. Typically, she can be seen riding her Kikanalo as well whenver on the surface.

Personality: Amadene has a tendency to avoid the Refugees and the native creatures of the fortress alike, and uses her Fear powers to scare them away whenever possible. Out of her undying loyalty and pledges made to King Radamir, she still charges into battle alongside other members of the Wild Hunt whenever it is commanded of her. When around pleasant company, she weakens the aura of fear exerted by her mask; most of her comrades have gotten used to the unease it exerts, and push it aside. Still, it makes being around strangers more difficult (not that it really matters to a member of the Hunt!). Despite her loyalties to Radamir, Amadene does not feel that killing off the Refugees is a sufficient 'holy task' to attain the Hunts destiny, and occasionally provides minor aid to the Refugees in the form of cryptic messages - strange sigils and cryptic messages placed upon the wall in places where danger can be found, or pointing to benign supplies such as food. She never does anything that could endanger another Hunt member and uses the same messages to divert attention from weapons caches, whilst never revealing anything about the movements of the Wild Hunt. In her mind, the Hunt are immortal; the Refugees are not, and if they ever become sufficiently weak in number due to unnecessary deaths, the Hunt shall surely crush them. She often wanders about the halls of Destral, trying to learn whatever she can. She has a great interest in arts and history, and attempts to search for the old Brotherhood libraries and see if she can find tomes of that nature amongst their scientific texts. Amadene never shows any fear, and is considered quite courageous.

History: Amadene is rather young for a member of the Matoran Universe. Her first memories date to ten millennia before the Great Cataclysm, when she was a Matoran artist (odd for a Fe-Matoran) working in the city of Soratna (renowned for being the greatest pinnacle of arts, crafts, and civilization in the Northern Continent). Many of paintings fell into the more realist policy of arts, trying to show things as they really were than romanticizing them. The somewhat unusual Matoran was met one day with a rather strange set of commissions that seemed incredibly abstract and odd; the money was good, however, and she took the request. As she worked on the projects, she began making minor modifications to them, and formed what she began to consider her magnum opus. Upon completion, she was sent a final set of directions before full payments - placing the paintings next to and over each other in a particular way. Upon finishing the odd request, she found they formed together to create a pattern - a pattern that would not have existed had she not made her changes. The strange designs that appeared across them now showed a set of directions. Intrigued, she set out to follow them, and found an old temple to Mata-Nui that had long been abandoned. Within, an old Fe-Toa revealed to her the truth - the entire thing had been a test to see if she was to become a Toa. The Toa told her his time was short, and entrusted her with what he claimed was the first of his Toa stones, telling her that she most one day find the others who he had granted his power to as part of her destiny.

Once she used the stone at the Temple Suva, she was presented by the Toa - who was visibly weaker, but as of yet not quite a Turaga - with her Toa Tool, the protosteel sword she still uses to the day. He told her to remain with him for eleven years, during which time he would teach her the arts of swordplay and combat. He taught her how to use her blade, and also how to fight in combat. He also taught of her mask power - which she found quite horrifying. Despite her desire to get rid of the mask, the Toa told her that the fears of society and her own fears should not control her, and always remained common even with the terror her mask caused. With that reassurance, she worked to hone the focus she had on her mask power, and to control the fear it brought. However, across the eleven years, she could never truly control it. At the end of the eleven years, she woke up to find the Toa gone, without a trace - just one final message. "Master your fears. Find your destiny. Trust in the Great Spirit, and yourself."

The advice was taken, but it was hard to truly live up to. Amadene had no idea how she would find the other Toa, or just exactly what her destiny was to be. She just knew she had to find it. Thus began the story of her life as a Toa. A few minor adventures here or there all amounted together to form a unique if somewhat short life. Amadene eventually found herself caught up in the time of the Destiny War. In the earlier years, she returned to her home in Soratna - and was quite the different person by that time, having begun to truly master her powers. She helped defend the city against Brotherhood attacks for some time... until a missile completely destroyed it almost its entirety, leaving only a small percent of the civilians still surviving. She and the others fled, looking back only once they were sufficiently far away to see the smouldering ruins of their home.

Amadene left then, and wandered for some time. Eventually, she fell into the same lot as King Radamir and many others, and participated in the battlefield along with them for some time. During the Battle of Destral, she proved to be one of the most dangerous adversaries on the field, as her iron based powers were one of the few things that could obliterate the physical forms of the Makuta. Miraculously, she survive long enough to be captured and placed in binds to restrict her elemental powers, and marched off to Sorrowcliff with many others for execution. She arose to eternal life alongside the other members of the Wild Hunt, and many aspects of her life since then are noted in the Personality aspect of this profile. (q.v.)

Other: Amadene is a skilled user of the blade, but her younger age puts her at a lack of experience against more experienced combatants. Her true focus is not with weapons, however, but with her mask - knowing how  to use fear, and how to overcome it. She dislikes giving into the full power of her mask, and save in incredibly high stress situations, she will never use the Level 5 abilities that are available to her. Also of note - she only carries poison tipped weapons as a last resort as well, and never uses them casually.


"Life's like a giant game. Each day you draw a new card and add it to you hand, and play out the ones you need. But that gets boring after a time. I like livening things up. You don't need to draw from the pile; you can always sneak in your own little surprise. You can always see what's in the other players hands by looking at the reflection of their eyes. And if that's not enough, you can just mentally dominate their wills and force them to tell you what they have. I have all of those tricks mastered, and more. And I'm in it to win it." -Zartor


Name: Zartor

Gender: Male

Species: Prime Species - Takadox. As a member of this Prime Species, Zartor has access to the ability to hypnotize people into doing what he wants them to. In addition, he is capable of using Kanohi masks.

Faction/Affiliation: Refugees

Kanohi: Kanohi Huna, the Great Mask of Invisibility

Other Powers: As described above, Zartor is capable of using a powerful hypnosis type ability. Most (read: NPCs) people or creatures are put under his will immediately when he uses it (PCs can only be affected with permission given), but not all (beings such as Radamir, for instance). It's hard to use the power in high stress situations. He can dominate the wills of multiple beings, but it is difficult to do so. Using the powers on one being more than once can cause mental deterioration over long periods of time. Beyond his hypnosis ability, Zartor is actually a competent fighter and an acrobat, and skilled at numerous criminal activities such as lockpicking and remaining stealthy. He is more agile than most Toa, but not as strong as them. He is also quite intelligent.

Equipment/Weapons: Zartor keeps with him a wazikashi and a pair of tanto for use as weapons. He also has a needle and a number of small vials or cases full of poison. Within his equipment pack, he has a number of things vital for survival when going out in search of things in the dungeons under Destral. He carries a flashlight with seemingly unlimited battery life, and has a tendancy to shine it in peoples eyes. As a member of the Prime Species, he does not need a mask to survive, and as such keeps his Kanohi mask stored away when he doesn't need it.

Appearance: Zartor is of small frame compared to most species in the Matoran Universe, being about half a mask shorter than the average Toa and incredibly thin. His natural armor is also lighter, and takes on a light blue primary color with a secondary of light green. His eyes are a reddish coloration, and begin to glow when he uses his power.

Personality: Zartor is a treasure hunter. He's greedy, cares little about anyone else, and perhaps a little bit too quick to explore something for his own good. He has no concern for the other Refugees, and is willing to mentally dominate them when a Hunt member or Rahi isn't availalbe to do his dirty work. Though selfish, he does at least seem to regret whenever his actions cause injury or death upon others - however, he tries to repress such emotions whenever possible, and just push on in order to further his goals of securing the powers and treasures that might be found within the dungeons and Brotherhood of Makuta fortress on Destral.

History: Zartor hails from the western chain of the Southern Islands, in the regions closest to the primary universe. He, like many others, came to colonize it some twenty thousand years before the end of the Matoran Universe. The area had long before been abandoned due to its transformation from habitable to volcanic, and the attacks of the Visorak Horde killing off the remainder. The landscape was returning to a habitable state at the time, and Zartor arrived with a number of dominated slaves and well paid supervisors to begin archaeological digs in search of the old ruins and cities of the area. He became quite wealthy by selling the old treasures found there. Eventually, he amassed enough of a fortune to pretty much take complete control over the island, and establish a massive mansion. His real big break was when his excavations turned up a diamond mine, which brought him from being just wealthy to being flat out rich. Knowing that this made him a target for groups like the Dark Hunters, he made active attempts to pay them off and employed them constantly. He even hired a pair to act as the leaders of his personal guards.

Dark Hunter ties became dangerous for him during the Dark Hunter/Brotherhood of Makuta war. When the Hunters were beginning to get desperate, they began pressing on him for more and more money and payments... until the mines ran dry. Hoping to squeeze what last money they could, the Hunters took him and sold him and pretty much everyone on the island into slavery across the universe. Zartor found himself unable to use his mental domination powers on the guards, who were protected against such attempts with their equipment. He was, however, able to control enough slaves to capture one of the guards while he was on patrol and strip him of his equipment, making him vulnerable to domination. The proper instructiosn were placed into the guards mind before he was let free with instructions to put his equipment back on and forget the rest, and then carry on. The guard performed the tasks he was set to do well, and in time, there was a massive slave revolt. However, the world they came into was changed, as the Destiny War grew more and more heated. Zartor just did what he needed to for survival in those times, and would become one of many refugees across the Matoran Universe.

In time, Zartor would become one of those arriving on the island of Destral, which he took as an opprotunity to find new powerful treasures and secrets locked away by the Makuta - in particular, he has great interest in Mutran's lab, which he believes holds the keys to endless wealth (even if it hardly matters in the current state of the world). The Hunt, the Rahi, all of it - just obstacles in his way.

Other: Zartor has very few friends among the Refugees, as many who follow him into the dungeons of Destral never make it back out. He's quite talented with his weapons, but relies on underhanded tactics and trickery rather than true skill. He plays a mean game of poker.


"There's no need to fear, for now I am here! With my sword raised high and orange fire light, the Hunt shall know both fear and total despair! Yes, that's right folks - my lovely poetry shall be here all week. Now, let's go out there and show some of Radamir's little army of ghost riders their second death. I'm coming for you Huntmaster!" - Thorego, at the opening of a recent battle


Name: Captain Thorego

Gender: Male

Species: Skakdi

Faction/Affiliation: Refugees

Element: Fire (Only in conjunction with another Skakdi)

Other Powers: Thorego is resistant to fire, but weak to the cold. He possesses the power of heat vision. He also has an ability linked to his powers in which he can transform his entire body into fire temporarily. This state leaves him vulnerably to a vacuum, water, ice, or pretty much anything that could cancel out a fire, but makes him all but immune to physical harm. Another of its added benefits is that he can move quickly - especially over a flammable surface - and has no set volume, which means he can 'flow' between cracks and holes he normally couldn't fit through (but they must provide at least one square inch of an opening). His 'wildfire' form can only be maintained for a few seconds at a time. When he is transformed, any equipment turns to flame with him; anything flammable, however, is reduced to ash. Finally, as stated with his Element, he can use elemental fire powers when working in conjunction with another Skakdi.

Equipment/Weapons: Thorego holds onto a one-handed flamberge sword. Whenever he desires it, he can cause the protosteel flames of the weapon to literally become flames, creating a flaming sword. He keeps the sword in a sheathe that, along with the belt it is attached to, has been treated so as to be inflammable. The same can be said for the cloak (of similar vein to a superhero cape) that he wears.

Appearance: Thorego is large, even for a Skakdi, with an impressive physique and a chiselled jaw (or, at least, that's how he would describe it - it's the same smile all Skakdi have). His body is armored with red and a secondary coloration of golden, and his eyes shine an orange color. He has a brown and red cloak, similar in design to the cape of a superhero, that he wears at all times. He keeps his armor shiny at all times, and his spine clean. It is notable that his smile, though it carries the sinister look of most Skakdi, shows more ego that anything else.

Personality: Thorego is an egomaniac, and so full of himself that he's certain that it's impossible for him to make any mistakes. He bears a mask of courage at all times, but if things start to go sour, he immediately shows his true coward heart. He's a big talker, and despite his major problems most people can stand being around him - for a short time, or at least until the jokes (and drinks) run dry. He's got a good voice and is good at both motivation and inspiration, and is quick to lead others into battle against the Hunt. Thorego does have quite the dark side, however - he is, to some extent, a sadist, and takes great pleasure in commiting acts of violence upon others. The Hunt, being completely endless in numers, easily appease his desires. However, the fact that they feel no pain, and the realization that they'll just keep coming back, is making them more and more boring - and when he gets bored, he's bound to seek out something exciting...

History: Thorego has been alive for a very long time. When he was still young, he was just another Skakdi on Zakaz. Another Skakdi caught up in how wrong Spiriah's experiments could go. He ended up being one of the many combatants on the island, but managed to find a way off before the Brotherhood of Makuta fully sealed the island off from the world. From there, he went on to live a life of excitement, adventure, and a lot of combat. Unlike other Skakdi, who would rush into battle, Thorego took a 'hero' role in the world, doing things that Toa and the like would do, and in many cases impersonating Toa on islands where the Matoran had never seen one before, or just had faulty knowledge about them. He solved problems for the Matoran, often in ways far more violent than what was called for. After all, beating up criminals is a lot easier to explain legally than random Matoran on the street.

Life went like this up until the time of the Destiny War, when Thorego earned himself the rank he has today by marshalling groups of Toa and other like minded beings behind him. He took to the side of the Brotherhood of Makuta in most cases, though was known to fight side by side with the Order of Mata-Nui. In many cases, his forces clashed against those of Radamir, though none of these combats would be decisive to either the war or to determining victory for either side, and were simply skirmishes. Thorego, at the very least, made claims that the future King of the Wild Hunt was afraid of him and his forces, and continued on until the end of the war. At that point, his forces pretty much dispersed.

Thorego ended up as one of the refugees who arrived on Destral fortress, and was among the first to piece together what the place was. He also, after numerous conflicts with the Hunt and a few times seeing Radamir (though never facing him in battle), pieced together what force they had served. Presently, he has claimed that Radamir is his sworn enemy, and that once his blade pierces the Toa-Kings heart, the Hunt will be destroyed. He is also under the delusion that it is his deadly powers that have left the Wild Hunt so terrified of encountering fire. Not very many people actually believe him when he says that, though, if anybody. Still, he's a good fighter, and a good leader. And, for a Skakdi, he's not that violent (at least on the outside). So hey, let him keep up with his rumors. As long as it makes him feel better.

Other: Thorego, unlike most Skakdi, has no spine slugs upon his back, cleaning them and all other like parasites off at every opprotunity along with shining his armor. Though he knows the concept of hiding and running away, the idea of stealth is an almost foreign one. His appearance should tell that story.

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[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Name: [/color][/font][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Takari[/color][/font][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Gender: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Female[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Species: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Ta-Toa[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Faction/Affiliation: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Wild Hunt[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Element:[/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);] N/A, formerly Fire.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Kanohi: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Huna, Great Mask of Invisiblity[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Other powers: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]N/A[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Equipment/Weapons: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]She carries both a ball 'n chain, and a sling with a pouch of pebbles she's picked up over time. Also has a rope forever loosely tied 'round her waist, with a small grappling hook that's detachable. Finally, one eternally blood-stained jagged dagger, inscribed with a single letter, 'G'.[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Appearance: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Takari is of average height, slimmer than most Toa but faster as a result. Her armor and frame are black, and Metru Red, with orange highlights. Her eyes glow the same cool blue as the rest of the Hunt, shining out from behind her red Huna. Perhaps her most distinguishing feature is the 'scarf' of sorts Takari wears around her neck, covering both the neck and her mouth, coming up to the equivalent of a nose. It's made of a combination of metal and fabric, consisting of 'beads' of metal, with three holes running lengthwise, connected by three bands of fabric, all tied together in the back. The middlemost 'bead' is a bright red, and the middlemost fabric band is the same orange tone as her armor. [/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Personality: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Silent, serious, and stern just about describes her in three same-sounding words. Takari isn't a talker, she only speaks when she feels she needs to. Getting her to crack a smile is tough, especially if you aren't considered a friend by her. And when she gives an order, you follow it. This changes slightly around the select few Takari can call 'friends', when an individual that truly cares for those who care for her is revealed. [/color][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Biography: [/color][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Takari was a Toa of the Tren Krom Peninsula, one that suffered directly under Gorast when she 'protected' the region. Little is known about her life as a Matoran or early Toa, the first records that appear of her were when she enlisted in the army Radamir led with Rhethos and Marlok. She's stuck with him since, simply inspired by his perseverance and resolve. When they launched the attack, she was part of the group sent out to eliminate Gorast, probably by no coincidence. Upon finding the Makuta, she lead the charge that took Gorast down, sharing some words with the Makuta that no-one else heard. As the dust settled, it was found that Takari had dealt the final blow that ended Gorast's life, making the sacrifice of taking a dagger to the gut, the same dagger that she now carries. She never recovered before being executed. [/color]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(178,34,34);]When she, along with the rest of the Hunt, was revived, she took the blow of loosing her powers harder than most. It may be because the element Takari once commanded she now feared, irrationally and insuppressibly. Once the last of the Makuta hiding in the fortress were killed off, she took to wandering and pondering why she was still there. [/color][/font][/font]

[font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"][color=rgb(178,34,34);]These days, Takari only participates in the raids when ordered to, as she hasn't seen a true reason to attack them other than that she's been told to. Even through this, however, the Ta-Toa remains loyal to Radamir. [/color][/font][color=rgb(0,0,0);]Other: [/color][/font][color=rgb(178,34,34);]Has a stronger fear of fire than others on the Hunt, and is in constant turmoil because of it. She was close to her element, and now is so very far. [/color]

[color=rgb(128,0,128);][font="'comic sans ms', cursive;"]Zakaro[/color][/font]

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-The Implacable-
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]“He’s not a man. He’s not a monster. He’s a force of nature.” [/color]- Syryn, refugee
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Name:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Havoc[/color]
Gender:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Male[/color]
Species:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Toa[/color]
Faction/Affiliation: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]Wild Hunt[/color]
Element:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] n/a Formerly Earth[/color]
Kanohi:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength[/color]
Other powers:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] n/a
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Equipment/Weapons:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] A heavy, double-headed broadaxe, with a long metal chain attached to the handle.
 However, he recently lost that during a battle against refugees, replacing it with four throwing knives.[/color]
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Appearance:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Apart from his massive size (standing almost half a head taller than most Toa), there’s almost nothing outstanding about Havoc’s physical appearance whatsoever. You could stare at him for a whole year, then put him into a crowd, and you would likely lose him within a minute.[/color]
[color=rgb(218,165,32);]Like all Huntsmen, his eyes are pure blue; his thin, outer armour is coloured tan brown, and covers another set of even thinner grey armour.
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Personality: [/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);]To be entirely honest, no one is quite sure whether Havoc even has a personality at this point, beyond zealous loyalty to King Radamir, and an insane bloodlust for the refugees of Destral. There is nothing to suggest that any thought other than dedication to the Wild Hunt passes through his mind anymore, and anyone who has ever tried to talk to him (before his death, of course) has found that he speaks of almost nothing else.[/color]
[color=rgb(218,165,32);]Of course, blind faith does not necessarily imply foolishness, and Havoc has shown that he possesses a keen intellect and impressive cleverness on the battlefield.
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]Biography:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] No one knows where Havoc hails from; he just came to Wild Hunt on day, mounted a Kikanalo and joined in their fight. His power and loyalty meant that few questioned his origins and motives for arriving - as long as he fought, he could stay - save for one unfortunate soul, who hasn’t been seen since.[/color]
Other:[/color][color=rgb(218,165,32);] Havoc utilizes a style of fighting which is designed to keep his opponents at bay through both raw power and confusion tactics. If someone were able to get in close enough so that such strategies would be ineffective, his thin armour would be able to provide little defense against an assault.[/color]
-The Fallen Champion-
[color=rgb(105,105,105);]“If anyone knows how this babbling moron managed to survive out in the world, please, enlighten us.”[/color] - Imago Syn, refugee 
Name: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Rynekk Simul[/color]

Gender: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Male
Species: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Toa
Faction/Affiliation: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Refugee
Element: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Stone
Kanohi: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed
Other powers: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]n/a
Equipment/Weapons: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]An aged claymore, as well as the sharpened mechanical remains of his left hand.[/color]

Appearance: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]While still a stout individual, the years of hard living have worn down Rynekk’s body, leaving him thinner and leaner than ever before. His left hand was snapped off at the wrist many years ago, and the remaining mechanical components have all been sharpened to serve as an extra weapon.[/color]
[color=rgb(165,42,42);]His orange eyes now have a constant deranged look in them, matching his crooked grin and the series of minor scars marking his face like a twisted labyrinth.[/color]
[color=rgb(165,42,42);]Rynekk wears thick, dark brown armour which lacks esthetic, but is built for functionality; as well as a worn-out, black robe.[/color]

Personality: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]In a word: insane. Grief, responsibility and the horrors of the Wild Hunt have broken Rynekk’s mind - possibly beyond repair. His keen warrior’s senses remain intact, but are hidden behind a veil of ramblings and a disconnection from the world around him.[/color]

Biography: [color=rgb(165,42,42);]Rynekk’s always been a leader, whether back home with his sister Plagia as they guarded their home village on the Northern Continent, or leading their community to the “safety” of Destral. He’s always been responsible for people, through thick and thin, whether he wanted to or not; that’s the job of a Toa, isn’t it?[/color]
[color=rgb(165,42,42);]Maybe it was the stress of leading his people through war and destruction, or watching helplessly as they were picked off one by one, whether by starvation, stray shots or disease. Maybe it the knowledge that his sister, his dear, beloved sister, died defending a scouting company that he, himself, sent out.[/color]
[color=rgb(165,42,42);]All anyone knows is that something pushed Rynekk past the point of no return before he arrived, alone, to Destral those many moons ago. Now, he’s gone, and anyone with any moderate amount of intelligence that there’s no chance of bringing him back to the land of sanity.[/color]
[color=rgb(165,42,42);]Not that there is a land of sanity to return to, though...

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Pre-approved Name: LuorounGender: MaleSpecies: Toa (Halfway between alive and Wild HuntFaction/Affiliation: UnknownElement: PlasmaKanohi: PakariEquipment/Weapons: Possesses dual longswords- a combination he can wield with the help of his mask.Appearance: He is half alive, and half Wild Hunt, with shadow wisping off of his ghostly form. While there is definitely a solid being under the smoky aura, he has the feeling of an intangible spirit. He appears to have a corporeal crack running down his mask, with a blue light shining outward.Personality: He is solemn and seldom speaks or shows emotion. He hardly ever expresses his thoughts, and rather uses actions- often violent -to purvey his beliefs.Biography: Once a whole Toa, he was caught at death's door when the Great Beings seemed to bless him...with a curse. He was saved from the fate of the Wild Hunt, but he was different. He could no longer speak, and his powers were as different as they could be while remaining in the realm of plasma. His mask power was boosted, to the point where it dwarves other Pakari users. It is almost always "on" at the level of a normal version of the mask.Other: -born Siopolien, changed name to Luoroun meaning "cursed one"
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Name: KehuaGender: MaleSpecies: ToaFaction/Affiliation: Wild HuntMount: A phase dragon named HoroElement: Air (unable to use)Kanohi: Great FaxonAppearance: Kehua is a slim tos in green/blue speckled armour. His eyes are bright blue. Other than colours, he strongly resembles Toa Lesovikk.Biography: Kehua and his toa-brother Taipo were originally from the Southern Continent, where they watched over a village to the west of Voya Nui. Around 78,000 BGC, they were approached by agents of the Brotherhood of Makuta, who were recruiting toa to become bodyguards for some of their members. Both accepted, and were assigned to Makuta Tridax’s Toa Hagah team.For the next 77,700 years, they served to protect the Makuta of Nynrah against all threats to his safety. Around this time, Teridax’s team rebelled against the Makuta and stole the kanohi avohkii. Following this incident, the remaining Toa Hagah teams were dissolved and their members were either killed or were corrupted by the Makuta’s darkness, and continued to serve in other ways. Kehua and Taipo were among these. They were assigned to assist with the production and training of Rahkshi, and did so for the next 300 years until the Great Cataclysm, and continued when the Brotherhood entered a war with the Dark Hunters. They participated in several of these battles along with their Rahkshi.When the Destiny War broke out, however, and they saw the destruction it was wrecking on the universe, they were horrified by the extent of the desolation and decided to do what they could to end it. They led the Rahkshi they were training into a trap and destroyed them before fleeing the Makuta fortress on Stelt and heading north to Metru Nui, where they gave themselves up to the Order of Mata Nui and offered to share everything they knew about the Brotherhood’s army and plans. After ascertaining their truthfulness, the Order accepted them into its army. Unfortunately, what they had done was not enough, to slow the Makutas’ conquest, and they war lasted another three decades. During this time, they fought with the Order on Metru Nui, before finally joining the Wild Hunt when they heard of their plan to storm Destral. When the assault took place, they were killed along with all the other Hunters, but were resurrected to eventually defeat the Makuta.Personality: For much of his life, Kehua was a ruthlessly self-serving individual, and refused to do almost anything unless it had some direct payoff. Being a Toa Hagah granted him status, power, advanced tools and opportunities to mix with some of the most influential beings in the universe, so he worked diligently to protect his Makuta (a dead employer is a bad employer). He remained with the Brotherhood even after their treachery because leaving would leave him either dead or as a lone toa on the run with very few possessions, no frienfds, no power, all the rest. It was only once it became clear that 1) there wasn’t going to be much left for him in the Brotherhood if the war ever ended and 2) the Order of Mata Nui provided a reasonable, if risky alternative that he was able to switch sides and pursue less immediate goals like peace, justice and restoration.Equipment/Weapons: Kehua has kept his weapons from the time when he was a Toa Hagah. These were a Cyclone Spear (which does what the name implies) and a rhotuka launching shield.Other powers: Kehua’s rhotuka are like Norik’s – they slow a target down.Other: Kehua picked up some Chutespeek from the local Le-Matoran during his time in Metru Nui.Name: TaipoGender: MaleSpecies: ToaFaction/Affiliation: Wild HuntMount: A kikanalo named RuElement: Gravity (unable to use)Kanohi: Great TrynaAppearance: Taipo is covered almost completely in very deep violet armour. The only pieces of him that are not purple are his eyes, which are filled with pale blue flames, and the symbol of the Brotherhood of Makuta in red across his chest. His mask, rather than the normal, smooth shape, has spikes are ridges all over it. At first glance, it can look more like a jutlin than a tryna.Biography: Taipo and his toa-brother Kehua were originally from the Southern Continent, where they watched over a village to the west of Voya Nui. Around 78,000 BGC, they were approached by agents of the Brotherhood of Makuta, who were recruiting toa to become bodyguards for some of their members. Both accepted, and were assigned to Makuta Tridax’s Toa Hagah team.For the next 77,700 years, they served to protect the Makuta of Nynrah against all threats to his safety. Around this time, Teridax’s team rebelled against the Makuta and stole the kanohi avohkii. Following this incident, the remaining Toa Hagah teams were dissolved and their members were either killed or were corrupted by the Makuta’s darkness, and continued to serve in other ways. Kehua and Taipo were among these. They were assigned to assist with the production and training of Rahkshi, and did so for the next 300 years until the Great Cataclysm, and continued when the Brotherhood entered a war with the Dark Hunters. They participated in several of these battles along with their Rahkshi.When the Destiny War broke out, however, and they saw the destruction it was wrecking on the universe, they were horrified by the extent of the desolation and decided to do what they could to end it. They led the Rahkshi they were training into a trap and destroyed them before fleeing the Makuta fortress on Stelt and heading north to Metru Nui, where they gave themselves up to the Order of Mata Nui and offered to share everything they knew about the Brotherhood’s army and plans. After ascertaining their truthfulness, the Order accepted them into its army. Unfortunately, what they had done was not enough, to slow the Makutas’ conquest, and they war lasted another three decades. During this time, they fought with the Order on Metru Nui, before finally joining the Wild Hunt when they heard of their plan to storm Destral. When the assault took place, they were killed along with all the other Hunters, but were resurrected to eventually defeat the Makuta.Personality: Taipo values courage and strength, traits he was able to build in himself as a Toa Hagah. For a long time, he was willing to turn a blind eye to the Brotherhood’s evil – he was comfortable and secure where he was, and acknowledging that his organisation was morally bankrupt would force him out of those and likely into a situation where he would be killed. So, for mainly selfish reasons, he stayed and served with the Brotherhood. When he finally did come over, however, the change was incredible. His rage against the Makuta knew no bounds. He was like a kanohi dragon getting free, and he channelled all his anger at them – and at himself, for being corrupted by them for so long – into destroying them and their armies, right up until the Wild Hunt’s attack on Destral.Equipment/Weapons: Taipo has kept his weapons from the time when he was a Toa Hagah. These were a Weight Spear (which, when it strikes a target, causes it to become weightless and float up into the air) and a rhotuka launching shield. The weight spear's power can only be triggered once a minute.Other powers: Taipo’s rhotuka cause explosions wherever they hit.Other:Name: HatannGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiFaction/Affiliation: RefugeeAppearance: He almost completely black, with a few strokes of purple around his face and spine, which resemble Zaktan’s in shape. His eyes (and by extension, his eyebeams) are also purple. He bears a purple tattoo on each of his shoulders in the shape of a catapult scorpion, and indeed, the resemblance is strong, both physically and in temperament. He is heavily armoured and above average size for a Skakdi. He prides himself on his brute strength. His armour is a bit scratched up and dented in a few places, and his organic parts have amassed their fair share of scars.Powers: As is normal for a Skakdi, Hatann has three powers:

    [*]The element of gravity, which he can only use when working with another Skakdi or when channelled through a special weapon.[*]Laser vision[*]Hatann’s third power is the same as that of the rahi known as Tunnelers. This means that he can transmute his body into any substance he is in physical contact with.[/list]

    Biography: Hatann hails from the island of Zakaz, the home of the Skakdi. There, he wasn’t truly part of any of the warring tribes, though he had dealings with many. He was an infiltrator/killer for hire, though he would often turn on his employers if the intended victim was willing to pay more. Wherever he killed, he left a tablet bearing a silhouette of a catapult scorpion, a rahi he admired for their power, their cunning, their savagery and the fear they inspired, all traits he wishes to build in himself.Eventually, he got so good at his work that he attracted the attention of the Dark Hunters, and was recruited to the organisation around 35,000 BGC. While working for them, he was codenamed “The Jaga” after the scorpions that fascinated him.During the Destiny War, Hatann, along with the other Dark Hunters, was hired by the Order of Mata Nui to fight for them. He survived the war, along with a few others, but was stranded on the Southern Continent. He eventually came to be a part of one of the bandit gangs that plagued the continent, until one night, when he killed their leader and stole the small reserve of food the gang had gathered. He was discovered on his way out, however, by the rest of the bandits. He managed to escape, though with some nasty injuries and none of the food. He was marked for death by the gang and there was no chance of joining another, so he went into hiding for a few months, living on the occasional stone rat he caught. Eventually, he was able to stow away on a refugee boat leaving the continent. He didn’t know where they were going, but when they arrived, he wasn’t pleased to find out. With no other options, he joined with the rest of the refugees, living on the outskirts of their village while he desperately tries to find a way to stay alive.Personality: Hatann was said to be as nasty as the catapult scorpion whose image he bears. He delighted in brutality, and would shoot at just about anything, mostly because he loved the feeling of power it gave him. When he has nothing to do, he got cranky(er), but, as the Vahki would say, “a busy Hatann was a happy Hatann”. There is a certain thrill in the hunt and the following battle, and Hatann craved it.Most of that changed when he arrived on Destral. Here, he has no power and cannot intimidate beings who fear neither pain nor death. Instead, he is terrified of them. He’s way out of his depth and he knows it.Equipment/Weapons: From his time as a Dark Hunter, Hatann continues to use high-quality equipment. This includes:

      [*]A large black mace with sliver spikes. It allows him to channel his elemental powers independently of another Skakdi.[*]A multi-shot zamor launcher which uses two types of spheres:
        [*]Absorptive spheres: while they appear to be empty, and therefore not dangerous, these spheres can be very useful. When fired, they will absorb attacks thrown at Hatann into themselves. The attacks will remain contained and concentrated within these spheres until they are fired again, when the stored power or material is released. These spheres are black when unfilled, but take on the colour of the contents once they have absorbed something.[*]Acid spheres, which contain a strongly corrosive, sticky liquid.[/list][*]Hatann keeps a bottle of water, a few rocks, a small vial of acid, a box of matches, a lightstone, a small knife and some rope on him wherever he goes. As a Dark Hunter, he often needs to use whatever he can find around him to solve problems, so it pays to keep a few bits and bobs close to hand. You never know when these things might come in handy.[/list]

        Other:Name: WaniGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiFaction/Affiliation: RefugeePowers: As is normal for a Skakdi, Wani has three powers:

          [*]The element of stone, which he can only use when working with another Skakdi or when channelled through a special weapon.[*]Disintegration vision (this only works on non-living objects).[*]Wani’s third power is density control. It allows him to become intangible to pass through objects or to become very dense to increase the force of his physical attacks. This power can also extend to objects he is holding.[/list]

          Equipment/Weapons: Wani uses an axe as his primary weapon, along with a smaller vision of a devastator spear.Appearance: Wani is an average-looking brown Skakdi, though he is slightly shorter than average. He has a brown head, spine, hands, feet and upper limbs. His lower limbs are coloured tan, while his torso is a mixture of black and brown parts.Biography: Wani comes from the island of Zakaz, where he was part of a tribe lead by Warlord Nektann. He fought alongside the rest of his tribe during the Destiny War until one day when they were fighting for the Order on the Northern Continent and their army was about to come under siege by a Brotherhood force bearing weapons capable of reducing entire cities to ash. On that day, his courage failed him and he fled towards a mountain range, turned intangible, and fled into them. There, surrounded by and inside the bedrock, just as it was inside him, he waited out the battle until both armies had moved on.When he emerged, he found another group of refugees trying to escape the fighting and joined up with them. Eventually, that group combined with other groups and found their way to Destral.Personality: Wani is not courageous, as demonstrated by his defection in the ace of an upcoming battle, but he often wishes that he was. He feels bad for abandoning his tribe (likely to their deaths), and often wonders what became of them and where they are now.As a result of this, he has resolved not to let fear of the Wild Hunt keep him from aiding other refugees on Destral.Other:Name: KoriahaGender: MaleSpecies: Devastator’s speciesFaction/Affiliation: Wild HuntAppearance: Koriaha looks very similar to Devastator – huge, dark, spikes everywhere.Standing about twice the height of a toa, he is clad in thick, heavy armour in a combination of black and dark red (which corresponds approximately to where Devastator had silver). His eyes, like those of all Wild Huntsmen, are filled with cold, blue flames.Mount: A kikanalo that is every bit as giant as he is. He named it Pukoro.Element: N/AKanohi: N/AOther powers: Like Devastator, Koriaha has powerful telekinetic abilities, as well as the ability to transmute his body into sand. He has limited control over sand.Equipment/Weapons: An immense stone sword that can dissolve into sand along with his body.Personality: Not unlike Devastator, Koriaha is supremely self-assured. He completely confident is his own competence, though “invincibility” might better describe how he sees himself. Even multiple deaths haven’t managed to dent his immense pride and confidence.Biography: Koriaha comes from the blasted landscape of Karzhani, where he and others of his species lived within the fiery crags that fragmented the landscape. He didn’t take sides for most of the Destiny War – much of the fighting took place away from Karzhani, and even then it remained on the surface. That changed when someone in the Brotherhood decided that Karzhani was a perfect place to test out and develop their superweapons – the region near Koriaha’s cracks in particular. He wasn’t going to stand for that going on in his back yard. He regarded that land as his, and, while it wasn’t much, it was his not much. IF someone else wanted to destroy it, they would have to go through him. That was when he joined up with the Wild Hunt to fight against the Makuta, and journeyed to Destral.Other:Name: KorangaGender: MaleSpecies: Tobduk’s SpeciesFaction/Affiliation: RefugeeElement: N/AKanohi: Great MahikiOther powers: Koranga gains strength from feelings of pain, both in himself and those around him – exactly like what Tobduk had with respect to anger.Appearance: Koranga looks very similar to Tobduk: 10 feet tall, lean, but very muscular. His colour scheme consists of dark reds and oranges, whereas Tobduk’s was grey and red. They have different masks too, but otherwise the two are very similar. Koranga’s armour is in a shabby state, pock-marked and scratched and he bears a large collection of scars from wounds he has not allowed to heal properly.Biography: For the first 20,000 years of his life, Koranga lived on a small island in Mata Nui’s left hand with others of his species. Their lives were simple at that time, though they were content, for the most part. Then, one day, Makuta Chirox showed up. He had a little experiment he wanted to do. He mixed a little of this, a little of that, and before you knew it he had a great big spider, and then a lot more. But that wasn’t enough; he had to see what they could do. So he unleashed them on Koranga’s village. It was over in minutes. When they were done, the Makuta renamed the island Visorak in honour of their pets.Koranga was one of the few who made it off the island, first to Nynrah and then to Stelt. Eventually, he settled on the Southern Continent. Around 800 AGC his village was attacked by Protocairns (and subsequently Parakrekks). Koranga survived their initial onslaught and fought against the monsters, strengthened by the pain of many other beings who were wounded by the rahi or trapped in the rubble of their homes. It was not enough, however, as eventually the village was mostly destroyed and the remains were infested with Parakrekks. Koranga, along with a few others who had survived, abandoned the place and wandered the universe.Losing his village and many of his friends for the second time was very difficult for Kornaga, and he began living mostly in isolation, because becoming attached to other beings exposes him to the risk that he might lose them again, which he couldn’t stand.Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only way in which the Protocain invasion changed his life. All the pain he absorbed during those weeks, and the strength he gained from it felt too incredibly good to give up. That experience was like a drug addict’s first buzz to him, and it has left him wanting more. He became addicted to the feeling of pain and the strength it gives him, and the addiction slowly grew. At first, small hurts were enough to satisfy him – things like stubbing his toe or getting injured when chasing off wild rahi. Eventually, however, these no longer met his needs.When the Destiny War began, he was drawn to the battles like a moth to the flame because of all the pain they radiated. He followed armies around, and hung around on the fringes of battles, feeding off the agony of dying soldiers, though he never directly got involved himself.When the war ended and the pain dryed up, he followed the only source of pain around – refugee camps. The largest one he could find was going to Destral, so he followed them there and became on of them.Personality: Koranga’s life is ruled by pain – evading his own from the past and voraciously consuming others’ in the present. When he has had a fix of pain, he can be much more mild, even friendly, but after the effects have worn off and he is hungry for hurt, he is increasingly apprehensive and angry, even brutal and sadistic when he thinks he can get away with it.Equipment/Weapons: Koranga uses a kanoka blade to defend himself, which he scavenged from a battlefield he visited during the Destiny War, after its previous owner had been disintegrated.

          BS01 said

          FunctionalityThe weapon is forged from Kanoka in a similar fashion to Kanohi, granting it certain powers. However, the Kanoka used, and thus the powers, are limited to the disks used in the creation of Kanohi. Much like a Kanohi, the Kanoka Blade also requires a certain amount of willpower for the power to be used, and therefore only beings capable of activating a Kanohi can use the blade's power. Also similar to a Kanohi, the Kanoka Blade's power cannot be changed from what it was originally forged as. If damaged, the blade could malfunction or cease to work at all.In addition to a razor-sharp Protodermis blade, the Kanoka Blade's guard is star-shaped and similarly sharp, and the glove hilt protects the user from harm by it.Incorporated into the Kanoka Blade's glove hilt is a magnetically-attached interface system that allows the user to exert his will and activate the weapon's power. When activated, a Lightstone in the blade's pommel glows, and the blade changes color to reflect the user's elemental affinity to signify its use. Also when in use, a clamp tightens around the user's wrist to secure the weapon, and a forearm covering extends over the user's arm for protection. The Kanoka Blade's power extends to the entirety of the weapon, but no further; the arm guard is included in this range. So, any abilities that the weapon activates are only applied to it and the user's arm.

          Koranga’s kanoka blade was made with teleport and shrink disks, which, when mixed, give it the power of a kanohi matatu. When using this blade, Koranga can use telekinesis on nearby objects by chanelling the force through the arm that holds the blade.Other:

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Name: Zaak
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Faction/Affiliation: Refugee
Element: Plasma
Kanohi: Mask of Elemental Energy
Other powers: None
Equipment/Weapons: Lovingly maintained Protosteel hand-and-a-half sword and a kite-shield.
Appearance: Zaak's armor, though scarred from many combats, is a gleaming white with orange streaks on it. His mask is white with an orange stripe bisecting it horizontally. He stands slightly taller than most Toa, and is muscular. He is average looking, but his white armor makes him stick out like a diamond in the rough.
Personality:Serious, but has a sarcastic sense of humor. He is hard to distract, and if you give him a task he will finish it and do more than he was asked. He was a professorial soldier, and his fighting skills remain as sharp as a Makuta's intellect. He is also intelligent and can think outside the box.
Biography: Once part of a Toa team whose name has been forgotten to the sands of time, Zaak is the last survivor of the once beautiful island that his team once guarded. He came to Destral looking to start a new life.
Other: Though not very fast when running, Zaak has lightning quick reflexes and is very strong. However, he can't track many objects at one time, and can be disoriented by multiple bright, fast moving things in his field of vision.

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[color=#775500;]Name: EnaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaFaction/Affiliation: RefugeesElement: MagnetismKanohi: Kanohi Calix, the Mask of FateOther powers: N/AEquipment/Weapons: A five-foot staff is Ena's main weapon. Ena owns a bow and quiver of arrows, though she only carries one weapon at a time. Whatever she arms herself with, she always carries two sheathed daggers and a twelve-meter rope looped on her hip, one of whose ends is attached to her belt by default. The rope has a metal tip with a small, hooked blade on the end; small metal rings adorn the last two feet of each end of the rope.Appearance: A little on the short side, but also trim. Bronze Kanohi and armor over black under-armor.Personality: Dedicated and generally sure of herself. Generally introspective. Ena doesn't like giving away much information about herself. She suffers from insomnia, which forcefully taught her patience and wariness. Ena is still haunted by the memories of the war that ravaged the universe and hates how she can be nonchalant about killing.Biography: When the Makuta attacked the Matoran Universe, Ena was a soldier. She saw deaths too numerous to count and probably caused the same amount. She lost track of how many times she saw blood drawn from an open wound, how many times she heard someone draw their final breath, how many times she wondered at how callous she had become to death. She forced herself to stay awake at night so she wouldn't be ambushed in the dark and so she wouldn't have to face nightmares; eventually, her unwillingness to sleep became an inability.When both sides decided they didn't care anymore and the war finally ended, Ena had no direction in life; killing lest she be killed had become her life, and without such an ingrained routine to anchor her, she became a drifter. When three ships took off from an embattled shore, she was among them, if only because she believed that their destination couldn't be any worse than what lay behind them. She abandoned that belief after the Wild Hunt first attacked.[/color]

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"Some people say that they don't get mad, they get even. We say we get even by getting mad."Name: FerroGender: MaleSpecies: ToaFaction/Affiliation: RefugeeElement: IronKanohi: Mask of translation.Other powers: N/AEquipment/Weapons: A bow made of protosteel a spearhead at each end. The bowstring can be retracted, turning it into a staff and trench spikes, which are brass knuckles with a spike at the end.Appearance: Once white armor is now covered in rust from years of living outside of whatever civilization is left. Tiny spikes cover his armor, so if someone dares make physical contact, it will hurt.Personality: Ferro was driven mad long ago only to be brought back, but he was never the same. He talks to himself, sometimes referring to himself as"we" or "us." However, these voiced in his head seem to help, not harm him focus, though he is ostracized for being deemed insane. Ferro usually seems to not take anything seriously until he is enraged. If this happens, his old, calculating self comes back and uses his anger to focus on destroying his enemy.Biography: Ferro was a weapon specialist at the siege of Destral, but when he was supposed to hold the front gate, he turned and fled, leaving his comrades to die. For a decade he lived alone in the wild like an animal, driven mad by guilt. However, a few months ago, voices began to talk to him in his head. Strangely enough, they urged him to return to help the refugees. Using skills believed to be long gone, he fashioned deadly weapons, using his weakened elemental powers to extract metal from small deposits on Destral. The voices helped him make it, and in his small moments of sanity wonders if the voices are only in his head or someone else.Other: from years of competing with wildlife with scant resources, Ferro can make excellent traps, however, he says that devising a trap for a ghost riding a Kikanalo will take them quite a while.
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[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Name: Dröhnen Fulmen [/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Gender: Female [/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Species: Toa[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Faction/Affiliation: Refugees[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Element: Lightning[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Kanohi: Pakari[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Other powers:[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Equipment/Weapons: A gigantic double-headed battle axe, constructed entirely out of iron (save for leather hilt wrappings).[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Appearance: Head and shoulders above most beings, Dröhnen Fulmen is colossal, around 2.7 meters in height, her shoulders an entire meter across. The rest of her body is equally massive, limbs carefully exercised for perfect musculature, and a neck like that of a bison, creating a physique not unlike that of a particularly gigantic Skakdi. Dröhnen’s protodermis skin is midnight blue, as is her armour, save for highlights of the purest white, a color scheme that fits well with her radiant yellow eyes. Her Kanohi is forged in the shape of a Iden, so carefully matched to her color scheme that it seems part of her face. She wears cloth trousers and cloth fingerless gloves of the simplest construction, a vest, vambraces, and greaves of boiled leather.  [/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Personality: Her voice a deep bass, and every movement giving off a wave of aggression and intimidation, Dröhnen is always considered to be a crude brute on first sight, a deceptively intelligent mind lies beneath the façade of gruffness. While she certainly is gruff and aggressive, Dröhnen is no fool. She analyzes the situation around her, albeit quickly, before charging into combat, and she can become surprisingly charismatic when it is needed, displaying a surprisingly adaptive mind. Her intimidating movements are often tests to see how opponents react, and her voice, while naturally a rumbling, gravelly bass, is enhanced often for the same reason. [/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Biography: One of the younger members of the Refugees, Dröhnen Fulmen has spent her entire life surviving. From years of living in a kill-or-be-killed world, she has slowly lost all hope in peace and tranquility, and now accepts the dying world of the MU for what it is, a chaotic struggle for existence. The struggle to survive has almost become a sort of game for her, and the Wild Hunt are the first real challenge she’s had in a long time.[/font]
[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"]Other: Dröhnen is one of the fiercest fighters one could hope to face, powered with the energy and abilities of a Toa, with none of the moral codes holding her back. Her fighting style consists of dozens of offense maneuvers, twice as many defensive parries and disarms, and a wealth of attacks specialized to finish off an opponent as soon as she’s found a weakness, all of which take full advantage of her strength, fortitude and natural speed, and then enhance them with her unbridled ferocity. [/font]

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Name: Blax

Gender: Male

Species: Xeno (custom species approved in past RPGs, description below)

Faction: Refugees

Other powers: Xeno are average toa height, with below toa strength. They are somewhat insectile in appearance, with tough, exoskeleton-like skin and double jointed legs. What they lose in toa-sized strength, however, they make up for in speed, and the addition of two shorter limbs placed between the legs and upper arms. They cannot wield mask powers or elemental powers, and are weak towards non-ground-related attacks. They have excellent night vision (Which can be a curse, as well as a blessing in high-light areas)

Equipment: Blax wields two short (for his size) swords, both one-sided, with a hook on the backside of each. The rest of his equipment consists of a variety of throwing knives, a large length of rope he wears across his shoulder, and a small med kit.

Appearance: Blax is short for his species, which means his size is about a head lower than most toa-sized species. His armor looks like it was once a dark black, but has since faded, with dull silver patches splotching the once impeccable black and crimson armor. He wears thick Vambraces, thicker shin-guards, and a heavy segmented breast-plate. His mask, or what you would consider a mask, retains almsot a perfect black, aside from a slice across the left-side cheek. Two red lines stretch over the eyeholes, creating a menacing appearance.

Personality: Despite the grim circumstances, Blax is a slight optimist. He generally tends to be a quiet leader, only unveiling his true mastery of battle when needed. He maintains a support role for the survivors, and will delve deep into the underground trying to provide the much-needed supplies the resistance needs.

Biography: Blax is one of the only known Xeno, one that seems to have had military training. Although not much has been revealed about his past, his knowledge of warfare and the inferences he has made over the last few months lead many to believe that he was once a captain or major within an unknown army. He also seems to have had knowledge of Destral's layout, indicating that he had been there at least once before.

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Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Faction: Wild Hunt
Element: Earth
Kanohi: Pakari
Equipment: The biggest broadsword you've ever seen
Appearance: Gandor is a giant mountain of a Toa, towering over most beings. This is augmented by his thick, heavy plate mail and the giant sword that is almost as tall as he is. His Kanohi is thick and almost featureless.
Personality: Gandor is as single-minded as he is big. He wants nothing more than to be free, and has never even thought of questioning the brave king Radamir. He is honorable and righteous to the letter.
Biography: Gandor was a brave protector of the southern continent, doing what he knew was right and chivalrous, and has taken that same simple approach to everything in his life. He joined Radamir’s army without question, and bravely assisted in the attack on Destal. Even in death, he is unquestioning, following his leader to what he believes is freedom from this shadow of existence.

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