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Evo-Morph 1

Evo Morph Mutant Creature

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#1 Offline Gears The Toa

Gears The Toa
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Posted Apr 07 2013 - 10:29 AM

Evo-Morph 1     

Evo-Morph 1 stood in his canister, which was slowly shaking; he did not feel this, as he had no nerves. Those were growing. In a past life, he had been a Toa of Stone.  He and a few others had been kidnapped in Hydrini, on Spherus Magna, by Dark Hunters; from there they were transferred bound and gagged, to an empty warehouse, where they were auctioned off. He was sold, along with 3 other Toa and 8 Matoran to a Skrall scientist whom needed some test subjects. They had then been tested to see who was the strongest and healthiest. 7 of the Matoran, after failing the health and fitness tests, were melted in a furnace. He and the remaining 1 Matoran and 3 Toa, were injected with visorak venom, placed in liquid protodermis canisters, and left there until their mutation finished. The Skrall scientist, whose name was Faronsikk, was trying to create new life from existing life. He was about to succeed, but it would be his final success.

                The first mutant Toa had grown a tail, two extra arms, had clawed feet and hands, and 2 facial tusks. His mind had improved much, to the point at which he would be considered extremely intelligent, but due to his loss of speech and bestial look, he sadly would never be considered more than a beast. His new name was Evo-Morph 5. The next one, the Matoran, was the same height, but had a hunched back and no hands or feet. Instead, he had protosteel blades, which he balanced on. His legs were shorter, and his arms were longer. His face now had six eyes and four mandibles, instead of a mouth.  His name was Evo-Morph 4. The next one had a normal torso, and had two protosteel blades. But her face had only 1 eye, and two side mandibles. She had 4 legs, each holding a protosteel blade which she could keep her balance on.  Her name was Evo-Morph 3.

In comparison to the others, Evo-Morph 2 was the most still Toa-like one. He had grown two clawed hands and two back tentacles, with hooks on the end. The last one, Evo-Morph 1 was the most heavily mutated. He was actually the reason the Matoran and Toa were kidnapped, as he lured the others in exchange for payment. Yet he had been double-crossed, and taken with the Matoran and Toa. He had been wearing a Kanohi Shelek, which was now fused to his face. He had one right arm, but 2 left arms. His feet were also clawed, but very badly, as he had 4 claws on each foot, 3 in the front and 1 in the back. He had also been made mute and deaf, due to his Kanohi choice. This was adapted to by giving him the ability to “see” sound waves and decipher them, allowing him to “hear.”

                After 7 days, he scientist had grown anxious and  wanted to see his creatures. In his haste, forgot to incapacitate his new creatures’, so he opened Evo-Morph’s 1 canister, and was torn apart by his claws, and tossed into another open container containing a failed experiment. The other canisters unlocked when the master control was crushed, allowing Evo-Morphs 5-2 to escape, Evo-Morph 4 leading the escape. They were running, not knowing where as during the mutation they had gotten amnesia, intentionally induced by the Skrall scientist, so he could achieve his goal of making a new species. This meant during the escape, Evo-Morph 4 led the others to a grate, which Evo-Morph 2 having claws similar to hands ripped off, and they began their escape into the sewer. Now, Evo-Morph 1, hiding in the shadows and being quiet, due to his deafness, followed them via the sound waves of the others .He had been released into this world under a different mindset. The Skrall scientist had given him certain stimuli during his mutation, causing him to want to kill the others, but to not let it cloud his judgment on staying safe, as he had also lost his morality during the transformation. This meant if the others escaped, he could silently hunt him down and prevents the public of learning of the scientist’s experiments.  Ironically, the scientist had been the hunter’s first prey.

The other Evo-Morphs were now in the sewer, and as Evo-Morph 2 had been a Toa of fire, were able to get a fire started. Little did they know Evo-Morph 1 was near. Evo-Morph 2 decided to take first watch. Evo-Morph 1 subdued him easily,  along with the sleeping Evo-Morphs 3 and 4. When he went to kill Evo-Morph 5, he realized something. This creature was a hunter ,like him. He then woke it up and chased it, so he would not feel his new conscience to kill it. He then began to wonder why he saved it. In the next 3 days,  Evo-Morph 5 would learn his abilities and due to his intelligence would be hard to fight. This would give him a challenge, he thought, a challenge he would enjoy.

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Credit be to Strack for my avatar, who I WILL moc one day, the avatar I mean ........
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#2 Offline Jedi Gali

Jedi Gali
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Posted May 16 2013 - 10:27 PM

Wow, what a chilling idea. A Toa betrays his brothers for money....then is turned to a beast by a twisted scientist. I'd love a back story on Evo-Morph 1, why he did all that to begin with. What is his real name? Were any of the other Toa or Matoran his friends?? 


Enough of my rambling about a prequel. You did a good job of explaining all the background. And I really like the plot. Very creative! I just want to learn more about your main character, Evo-Morph 1. I want to know what he's thinking and feeling. I want to see through his eyes.


Keep on writing!!


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