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Posted Image


Infected Masks II

Mata Rahi Game Platforming Kraata Infection

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#1 Offline Click

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Posted Apr 17 2013 - 10:52 PM

This is something I've had sitting around forever, and haven't done all that much with it. Back a long, long time ago, yet not in a galaxy far, far away, I asked Mata Rahi if I could continue his original game, Infected Masks. So, I messed around with the programming and simplified it as much as I could with my limited Game Maker knowledge, and then added in a new Akaku and Miru, as well as a few more levels. It's still kinda glitchy; for example, the Hau was something I never figured out at all, so its shield randomly flashes until you land on it, the Akaku randomly falls through doors, occasionally your Kraata will get stuck in the floor, and the Kaukau doesn't stop being controlled when you select something else. I know how to fix most of it, but I'm kind of disappointed with the whole game, and plan to completely revamp it at some point, with new sprites (sorry Mata Rahi), gameplay (more like a platform puzzler would be better), and difficulty.




Right click a Kraata/Infected Mask to control it.

Arrow Keys to move and jump.

Left click activates a mask's power (only needed for Hau's shield)

"R" Resets the level in case you are stuck.

"F1" Brings up the help menu (not bad writing, if I do say so myself :P)

"F9" Takes a screenshot



You are a Kraata, given a task straight from Makuta to infect all the Kanohi on Mata Nui. Be warned, however, that each has a special challenge that may make it difficult to infect, such as the Hau's shield, the Kakama's speed, and the Miru's levitation. Once infected, however, the masks may be used to further your mission, such as the Kaukau's ability to go underwater, and the Akaku's ability to see through and open transparent blocks. You will come across many hazards and challenges, such as buttons (orange opens horizontal doors, and red opens vertical doors), energized protodermis, water, and lava that may put a stop to your mission, but you must infect all masks in the level to open the Makuta's shadow portal to the next area. As time goes on, you will advance from Makuta's lair to Ta-Koro, and so on to all the locations in Mata Nui, infecting masks and bringing the island to know it's true master: the Makuta!


Currently only includes ten levels, as I haven't done much with it for a while. Just thought I'd post it.





Enjoy for now, while I try and make it better. I'm not the best at making puzzle maps that actually present more of a mental challenge, but the least I can do is make it look good, remove glitches, and make it much more fun.


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#2 Offline Kimiko Kusanagi

Kimiko Kusanagi
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  • 07-August 12
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Posted Apr 18 2013 - 09:05 AM

Certainly a unique game idea. I'll have to give this a try later. :)
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My experience with graffiti was critical to my success in creating an army of murderous seagulls.

#3 Offline Click

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Posted Apr 19 2013 - 12:59 AM

Okay, I had a bit of time today, so I decided to start planning Infected Masks III! This game will be a complete revamp of the old, with many new features and a challenging game play that sticks to the original. I'll still keep the original three levels in the beginning like I did in this version, but the looks, challenge, and game flow will be much better. Among my plans are:1. New, HD Backgrounds that look very nice. None of that nasty 8-bit, 3 shade stuff this one has.2. New animations, with each mask having a different walk, the Kraata making more realistic movements, better water, lava, and protodermis, etc. As a sample, here's a Hau test animation I threw together just barely:Posted ImageThe Hau will just be basic, the Kakama will have a dashing thing, the Pakari will hop a bit, the Miru will just levitate, and I'm not sure about the Akaku and Kaukau.3. New game play that utilizes the mask's specials even more, such as falling objects for the Hau's shield to block, "shadow bridges" only Kraata can stand on (and masks can pass through them if necessary, and it will be). Hopefully it will be much more puzzling and difficult to solve.4. Bug fixes. They are really beginning to bug me. Pun unintentional.5. Better level design, both in looks and difficulty. These ones look nasty.6. More levels! Prepare to cross Mata Nui, visiting Mangaia, Ta-Koro, Ga-Koro, the Kini-Nui, etc. on your quest to infect all masks!7. More masks! The Pakari will be able to push heavy blocks in your way, and I'll add in the Noble masks as well!8. Adaptable difficulty! As you progress through the levels, the Kakama will move faster, the masks will have a greater chance to throw you off instead of getting infected, level puzzles will get harder, etc.9. And so much more! Get ready for the Infected Masks game as Mata Rahi had probably never even hoped it would be like. Hopefully coming (at least a demo) this summer!   Wow, that Hau animation is hypnotic. I just randomly started staring at it for a minute. Maybe that's just because it's midnight, and I'm tired.EDIT: By the way, while I'm discussing this, I might as well ask, what should be the overall style of the new version? Extreme, near-realistic shading? Maybe something semi-shaded like the old Barraki games? MNOLG-esque? Minimalistic shading? Or just outlining? Any other ideas? The gameplay and basic look is a piece of cake, but it's always the overall style that gets me every time.

Edited by Click, Apr 19 2013 - 01:22 AM.

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#4 Offline Underscore

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Posted Apr 21 2013 - 06:11 PM

Looks cool. I'll have to try it


Unique Idea, controlling the mask :)

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#5 Offline Click

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  • 25-May 09
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Posted Apr 28 2013 - 12:16 AM

I'm actually getting some great ideas for this from the iOS game Infector. You play as a slime thing that infects people to do its bidding. By riding them, you can access one of their unique skills, like the worker can push boxes. It's actually a fun game, but that's not what I'm here to say.I'm wondering if the Kraata should ride the mask to activate it's skills. It would get rid of the buggy click feature, and would really involve just a few more lines of code and sprite reworks.I'm also getting some good ideas for game elements and puzzles. This was a jackpot find!
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