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Theory of Evolution

Fanfiction The Gunsmith Zacax Evolution Theorizing Theories

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#1 Offline The Manga Maniac Named Zac

The Manga Maniac Named Zac
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Posted Apr 18 2013 - 11:16 AM

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Theory of [/font]Evolution




Review Topic



[font="'times new roman', times, serif;font-size:24px;"]Index:[/font]

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-List of Chapters[/font]

[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]-Prologue[/font]




[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]List of Chapters:[/font]









[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Prologue:[/font]




[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]Four walls made of metal, chains hanging from the ceiling and metal walls, dangling from the positions they hung from, gravity attracting them towards the ground. The chains were a dark grey, metallic color, with some marks of the red rust that would surly consume it as time passed on. On one of the walls was a small, barred window, which let in some of the moonlight that dimly lit up the outside world. The prisoners in the room only wished to head back out to the outside world, free from the room that contained them, as they awaited their end.The prisoners were mostly Matoran, some Skakdi, and a select number of the prisoners were Vortirxx. Some of the prisoners hung from the chains that were screwed onto the walls, and some were on the ground, either shaking in fear or just accepting their fate.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The sound of the metal door opening alerted them, as they heard a loud clang as the door made impact with the grey, metal wall as it was forcefully swung opened, only to reveal a hunchback like creature, with fists that were that were the size of its rather large torso, with legs the shape of an average Toa's, and a gas mask that covered its head. It's torso and arms were over buff, with veins ready to pop, and his lower arms, fists and chest covered in ebony armor, with cloth covering around its waist, and stitches and bolts that were visible to the naked eye. Stitches surrounded its neck, and bolts pierced into its skin, as well as some bolts piercing into its armor and then into the organic matter. Most of the prisoners were able to identify the being rather quickly, and knew what would come next. With its red, doe eyes the beast prowled among the room, walking in a matter similar to an ape, quickly shifting its head left to right as it looked for the next volunteer. Immediately the beast stopped, shifting its focus onto a Matoran of blue ad sea foam armor. It was obviously a Ga-Matoran, and upon her face was a powerless, Noble Mask of Translation.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The Ga-Matoran began trembling with fear, and without warning, one the beast's giant hands reached for the villager and took her away, the beast's hand being able to cover all but her head. She screamed, she called out for help, yelling as loud as she could, and did her best to squirm out of the monster's vice like grip. But the other prisoners chose not to, more concerned about their own lives than being selfless for another. When the door was shut, the screams could no longer be heard, and the prisoners knew right away that her fate was sealed.[/font][font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]The monster walked throughout the hall ways, designed to be like a labyrinth[/font][font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]  so that those that somehow managed to escape would be forced to find their way out through a maze of hallways. Only those that worked here knew the way. The Ga-Matoran continued her screaming and panicking, terrified of what was going on. hallways were dimly lit, some of the lights flickering on and off, each path would even make the bravest of heroes become fearful and worried.[/font]


[font="'times new roman', times, serif;"]After what seemed to be hours, the beast opened a door that was different to others, being crimson and written on the door, was the word "Danger" in the tongue of Matoran. The beast opened the door and entered a huge room, with a huge machine that was covered in metal sheeting, hiding the danger inside. Inside the room as well was a cloaked being with several Matoran clad in white and grey armor, all having the same mask. All wore powerless Masks of X-Ray vision. The Matoran had their attention on all the machines and computers, taking close attention and care to make sure nothing went wrong.The cloaked being turned his body to the direction of the beast, and saw the Ga-Matoran in the beasts right hand.[/font]



"Toss her in," said the cloaked being. His voice was raspy, and sounded somewhat airy, with no emotion in his voice. The beast obeyed the mysterious figure and made its way to the machine, strapping the Ga-Matoran to the conveyor belt. The blue Matoran struggled to become free, but the monster's peerless strength was overpowering her, as she was fully strapped in, her limbs, torso and head all tied down so she would not move. It would be less painful.


"What are you going to do to me?!" The villager demanded, fear and anger in her voice


"Simple, we are going to evolve you," the cloaked being said, a chuckle in his voice. He gestured to the Matoran manning the machine, and they proceeded to start it up. The sounds of gears turning and grinding could be heard, blades spinning, and the mechanical parts clanking and making metal noises as they moved and made impact with one another. The poor, defenseless Matoran kept repeating no, fear growing in her voice as the conveyor belt inched closer to the inside of the machine. In a few moments later, when she could no longer be seen, a blood curdling scream echoed through out the place, going through the thickest of walls, loud enough so that everyone could hear the Matoran's pain and suffering. The cloaked being laugh hysterically, enjoying the pleasure of hearing the Matoran feeling pain, and demanding help. Some called this man sadistic, some declared him insane, even demonic. But titles like that didn't cause he him to be annoyed nor angry, and he was proud to bring fear into those who knew his name, and what he did.

Edited by Zacax: The Gunsmith, Apr 18 2013 - 11:39 AM.

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"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become,"-C.S. Lewis


"Humans and robots living together in harmony and equality. That, was my ultimate wish,"-Dr.. Thomas Light



#2 Offline The Manga Maniac Named Zac

The Manga Maniac Named Zac
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Posted May 20 2013 - 11:32 AM

[font="georgia, serif;"]Chapter 1:[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]The red and black warrior clenched to the blade of his weapon as he fired away. I know what you're thinking, holding onto the blade, firing away in the same sentence? Well that's because the weapon was abnormal for a warrior of his nature. The weapon was combination of a fire arm and a sword, which the warrior called the "Maiden Voyage". Fitting, as this was the first gunblade the owner had created. So far, he had only one of these curious weapons, mainly because of how costly and complex it was to perfect and create. He was busy fighting against some pirates that were trying to steal supplies off of a small island. The Toa had no team, was a freedom fighter of sorts, fighting for the Matoran when they needed him.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]The skakdi were busy trying to steal the food of the village, specifically, their most recent harvest. The Toa came across this predicament by accident, and found himself in the fray. This was one of his unintentional missions, but either way, he had to aid the Matoran here, apparently these Skakdi have been here before, however, they had no real contact outside of the small island. It was a miricle the Toa had managed to come across their village, and it was a good thing had. The Toa's name was Zacax, many referred to him as the Blacksmith, mainly because of his extensive knowledge in weapons and how to forge them, but was more so dubbed as the Gunsmith, due to him him being more known as a Toa with an arsenal of fire arms he created by himself. [/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Go to Karz you stupid Toa!" one of the Skakdi yelled out, firing his weapon while trying to hide,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"The only problem is that I'm not a Matoran anymore," Zacax wittedly replied back,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"No, but something is wrong with your head if you think you can take down two Skakdi!" the other replied,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"I was once plowed over by a Kikahnalo! Y'know heavy one of those are?!" Zacax asked[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"BULL!" The first skakdi said, "You are just bluffing!"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Also, about that whole Karzahni thing, I already went there and back," Zacax replied, "I think you know why,"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Well let's send you back so we don't have to hear your idiosy!" the other Skakdi said as he came out of the cover and ran towards the Toa. It was then the first Skakdi realized Zacax's plan. Whether or not that Kikhanalo story was true or not, it was clear he was intentionally trying to provoke them. Obviously this was working, and his aquaintance was falling into the trap,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Czarkk no! It's a trap!" the first Skakdi said. The Skakdi known as Czarkk turned his head for a brief moment, only to find out he had no time to react. In an instant, felt a massive amount of pain in his abdonim, and looked down to see that the "Maiden Voyage" was piercing through his abdonimals and his back. Zacax pulled out his blade and watched as Czarkk fell to the ground, his lifeless body layed limp on the boardwalk, until it fell into the water, sinking to the bottem.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Now how about you leave the Matoran or Maiden will pierce some holes into you?" Zacax asked a he aimed the gunblade at the remaining skakdi.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]Nervously, the skakdi nodded, and scrambled amoungst the boardwalk as he tried to get up. When he did, he ran as fast as he could informing the other Skakdi on the aquatic transportation that they should not mess with the Toa on the island. One, however, was too prideful to leave the island they had always plundered from. He jumped out of the boat and ran towards the Toa of Red and Black armor, yelling a mighty battlecry as he readied his crudly designed battle axe. The other Skakdi pleeded and yelled at him to come back, knowing his end will come sooner than expected.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]And as they thought, Zacax pulled the trigger and sent a bullet through the skull of the pirate Skakdi, causing the reptilian beast to fall on his back and into the dark blue waters. The Toa aimed the Maiden Voyage at the ship, and switched the switch that was on the trigger, and held down on the trigger. In an instant, the Skakdi crew's ship began to be filled with holes, and some of the Skakdi were shot down in the crossfire. The ship began to sank, and several skakdi tried to get on the spare boat they had crafted, and began to row off. To put it bluntly, Zacax only gave one chance of redemptions towards the crooked, the Skakdi were an example of his once-chance ideal.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]The Toa withdrew the gun blade with a spin and returned it to it's sheeth on his back. He turned to the Matoran VIllagers that were watching the battle, and gave them a warm smile,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Don't worry, they won't be messing with you guys anymore," Zacax said as he placed his hands on his arms, [/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]Thank you kindly Toa," A Matoran of yellow and black said, "Those Skakdi have been pilaging us for quite some time! They were gonna take some of our villagers away and sell them as slaves if we didn't complete their needs!"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Well don't worry, you don't have to worry about slavery anymore," Zacax said as he walked towards his boat, which was on another pier on the beach,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Wait," a raspy voice said. The voice belonged to a grey and black Turaga, who was donning the Noble Mask of Quick Travel, with many a scare upon the mask, memories of his time as a Toa. [/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"You must stay with us, we will celebrate with a feast in your honor," the Turaga said,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"With all do respect Turaga," Zacax said, "I need to get going, besides, you should save the food for yourselves, I was just doing my duty as a Toa,"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"I do understand that you wish to leave, but at least stay the night, that is all I ask of you," the Turaga requested. With a shrug and a sigh, Zacax walked up to the Turaga and kneeled down to his level.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Well, where do I sleep?"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Don't let her escape!" a grey and white Matoran called out. He was laying on the ground, rendered immobile after an encounter with one of their experiements. A recent mutation, she had escaped and was running through out the halls, taking out several of the workers that traversed the labrynth of the fortress. She was like beast, yet she had elegance and beauty, nimble as well. As several guards blocked her way, she pulled out the same staff she used to easily defeat the workers, swinging and attacking the guards like this a dance, fluid and timed, she managed to either knock out or perminatly end the lives of those that dared to oppose her, and blocked her path. She ran faster than any Toa, quickly sweeping any guard or worker to their feet with a quick sweep of her staff. She was relentless on those that leagued themselves with the owner of the sadistic fascility. She had one goal in mind, escaping this eternal prison. This was a challange, and it was nearly immposible, however, she seemed to not have problem with this at all. It seemed rather easy for her, unlike those that tried before, who were either taken back into their prison and were watched on, or they had their lives end after they were caught. Interestinly enough, she escaped after she had finished her "evolution", this was a mere testing of her skills and strengths to her.[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]She immediatly saw her way out, a window. She turned back and saw the guards were following her still, but they seemed to have an adavantage. The window was high up, and was at a dead end. It seemed like she would be taken back or taken outside and put to sleep, but she wasn't giving up yet. As the guards came close to her, she quickly jumped on their heads and lept towards the window, grabbing the edge, digging her talons into the metalic window ciel. She pulled herself up and pulled her self through the window, barely avoiding the spears that were now being tossed at her. She landed on the outside grounds on her feet, without any recoil, her body not shaking or quivering after the mighty fall. She truly wasn't a Matoran anymore, and she didn't seem like an average Toa either,[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]"Tata boys," she said with a smirk, speaking in a cocky tone, with a hardy laugh, "Thank you so kindly for this evolution of yours, helped me escape, so I think I can only thank you for that,"[/font]
[font="georgia, serif;"]With a malicious chuckle, she ran off into the night, it would be a while before the guards would go out to find her. [/font]

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"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become,"-C.S. Lewis


"Humans and robots living together in harmony and equality. That, was my ultimate wish,"-Dr.. Thomas Light



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