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Hi guys. After DARKSIDERZ built his Lumai, Sevla, I built one. Both tie into my epic at one point in time, but you'll have to read it to find out.






If anyone can figure out who this is, they're awesome (then again, we're all awesome to some extent). (HINT: It's female).

C&C away guys!

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I have an Instagram page where you can see these pictures and more like them! Just click


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Are you doing some kind of joint story with Darksiderz?

Nice idea on the upper legs. The torso... eh. One thing I strongly dislike about many female BioMOCs is the totally disproportionate bodily features. That's all I have to say about that.

save not only their lives


but their spirits

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Like Chro said, this doesn't really look female. Though the torso and leg design are quite nice, but why do you only put one pic? I would appreciate it if you put more pics, like ones for the back view and side view, etc.

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