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#201 Offline The UltimoScorp

The UltimoScorp
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Posted Nov 01 2014 - 02:09 PM

Character Name: Mirin

Species: Toa of Water

Description: Mirin is a very tall, lanky Toa, with long, wiry limbs. She is Lightly Armored, so as to not impede her ability to move through the water. She is a custom Metru build with a Metru blue, silver, and translucent ice blue. Her mask is a silver Mask of Stealth in the shape of the Great Mask of Truth.Her back armor plate also serves as a slot to put her pack, in which she carries a few essentials for survival(She starts out with nothing, however). Imgur album link:

Gender: Female 

Powers/Weapons: Mirin is very much in tune with her elemental powers, and uses them in cadence with her mask of Stealth and her Large Scyth to lethal effect. (I'm hoping to get her an elemental sphere launcher, if possible, but for now, I'll stick with just the scyth)

Weaknesses: Despite her incredible agility and Mask power, Mirin has a tendancy to be too flashy in combat, and this can be taken advantage of. As well, she is not as physically powerful as others, relying on her mask and limber body to keep her out of harms way.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

History: Though Mirin is part of a team of Toa, most of her brothers are in fact, missing, and presumed dead. As such, she is always looking to find out what happened to them, as she has vague memories of her teammates. (wow, could I be more cliche with this?)

Personality: Mirin is very go with the flow, and mostly wanders the island, letting fate take it's course wherever she goes. As such, she often make friends in strange places, and due to this, is never without help when she needs it.(I'll add to this as I flesh out the character more)

Note:I'll likely add at least two more characters at a later date, but for now, I'll start with Mirin, as I'm new, and her personality works well with just feeling out the waters, as it were.

Name: Andrex

Species: Toa of Fire

Description: Andrex is big, even by Toa standards. He stands a quarter again as tall as the average toa, and has the power to back up his size. Heavily armored to compensate for large size and lack of agility. Main colors are Metru red and black, with orange accents. Has a Great Pakari in the shape of a Great Huna, has a strong, clear visor installed to help shield his eyes in combat.(will only protect against two direct heavy hits before breaking.) Back armor plate serves as place for a pack. Imgur album link:

Gender: Male

Power/weapons: Relies heavily on his enormous fire greatsword and flame charging it to increase stopping power(not that it needs it.) Rarely uses elemental power outwardly as an offensive ability, and has less than great control over fire in general. Can cloak himself in flames to become an unstoppable force of fire and protodermis for a short time(around sixty seconds) and can only do it a maximum of twice before exhausting himself completely.

Weaknesses: A large target, and not able to counter ranged foes easily due to lack of ranged attacks. Agile foes can dodge around his strikes with some effort, Andrex is certainly not slow, but he isn't a blur of speed, either. Burns out quickly, if a fight lasts more than ten minutes, Andrex will run out of steam, leaving him vulnerable.

Alignment: Lawful Good

History: Despite being a member of Mirin's Toa team, he has absolutely no memories of her or any of the others.

Personality: Has a strong sense of justice, and always strives to do the right thing, aiming to be the best Toa he can be. though this often puts hi at odds with potential allies, he always follows his word, and protects the inhabitants of Mata Nui with his life.

Name: Kotak

Species: Toa of Ice

Description: A shorter Toa, but not by much, Kotak is lean and strong, both physically and mentally.With a standard white and gray color scheme with medium silver armor, Kotak does not stand out in appearance. Mostly, he prefers this, but due to his choice of mask and weapon/shield combo, has been mistaken as a certain dead Toa.(which anooys him to no end) Wears a great Akaku with a modified single telescopic lens, rather than the traditional three. Back armor plate serves as a place for a pack.

Gender: Male

Powers/weapons:Has practiced and trained extensively in his Ice powers to make effective use of them in combat. Can create ice weapons that are strong enough to be used in moderate combat, or for one off strikes. As well, uses a large round shield and halberd to keep opponents at bay until incapacitated, then uses a short sword to finish things.

Weaknesses: Relies heavily on shield, and is not quite as adept at fighting without it. Hates heat, and is often weary and slow in high temperature areas. Fighting style is highly defensive, and he usually cannot decisively end a battle. Can be over powered easily by stronger opponents who take advantage of this.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: When Kotak was a Matoran, he was enamored with the Legendary Kopaka after being saved from a Muaka attack in the frozen tundra. It was during this time that he replaced his Hau for an Akaku, to honor his savior. It was only after the death of the Toa Mata that he became a Toa himself, and only after that that he learned of their deaths at the hands of Makuta. Becoming increasingly cynical after this news, Kotak left Ko-Koro and wanders the island, taking odd jobs where he can get them. Has lost all faith in any sort of team of Toa after hearing about the Toa Mata.(Would probably take the news especially hard if he knew it was Kopaka whom had betrayed the Toa.

Personality: Kotak is cold, even for a Ko-Toa, and he frankly believes that there is no such thing as a completely good person. He is cynical, and generally only looks out for himself. He has few friends, but feels he doesn't need them, relying on his own abilities and insticts to keep himself safe.




Character Name: Tarkahn

Species: Onu-Matoran

Description: Rather than the stout builds of many Ono-Matoran, Tarkahn is tall, and thin. Black and purple in color, Tarkahn carries a large Satchel within which he carries various odds and ends of many things, mostly small machinery. He Wears an old Ruru that hardly even fits his face, and has a pair of magnifying lenses for precise work. Wears a knee brace on his left leg due to an experiment that got a little out of hand.


Powers/Weapons: Exo-Matoran

Suit ID: DF60

Nickname: Unnamed

Pilot: Tarkahn

Weapons: Usually unarmed, as Tarkahn rarely leaves Onu-Koro with it. On rare occasions, he will arm it with dual patero rifles.

Description: usually in a state of unassembly, when it's not being tinkered on, the DF60 is a gunmetal machine, plain and unpainted.

Weaknesses: Being a matoran, Tarkahn is not as physically powerful as many other beings. Looks down on many, thinking them to be beneath him. Arrogant, and prideful.

History:Tarkahn worked as a wandering consultant, offering his expertise to a select few in his travels. His home is a small studio in Onu-Koro, and he regularly stops by to check on his competition. Runs a small side business in Ko-Koro, selling special weapons of his own design, as well as most of the native tech weapons found on Mata Nui.

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Tarkahn is an Inventor, able to create most anything from parts at hand. Arrogant and proud, he thinks most beings are beneath him intellectually. Finds the Worship of Mata Nui or Makuta ridiculous, and is openly disdainful of any who practice such acts.

Name: Thak
Species: Skakdi
Element: Iron (Fe)
Gender: Male
Description: burly, rugged, and handsome, Thak is a prime specimen. Gunmetal and copper body is rippling with muscle, and just a hint of flab. He eats well. Notably good looking. Broad shoulders, square jaw, nice set of guns. Orange eyes, and spines resembling blades complete the look.

Image link:

Weapons/ Powers: Standard Fe-Skakdi iron powers in conjunction with another Skakdi. Thermal vision. Protosteel knuckle dusters with studs.

Tech items: (approved by Riku Tryon) Big Bertha, an item looking much like an under slung cannon, allows Thak to access his iron powers in the form any sort of projectile he can imagine. Once fired, Thak cannot manipulate the items.

Weakness: heavy drink and thinking too much of himself in a fight. Can't swim.

History: Worked as mercenary, and treasure hunter. Still hunts occasionally, but mostly just wanders the island having a good time drinking and occasionally fighting. Once drunkenly married a Vortixx.

It didn't go well for him.

Personality: loud and proud, Thak is there, and generally let's people know it. Whether it's a round of drinks or a good Ol' fashioned bar brawl, there's always something to keep things lively for Thak.

Alignment: ???



Name: Kathrine Scarlet


Species: Toa


Element: Stone


Gender: Female


Description: Slim and strong, Kat is physically at her peak, which given her Po Element, is impressive enough to begin with. Born with curiously dark red and black skin, she was rather unimaginatively named for it. Her armor is simple, no frills, and streamlined. Her eyes glow a curious purple color, one matched by her heartlight. Over her head rests a sweeping Miru shaped Kadin.


Weapons/Powers: Standard Toa level control over Stone. Disc launcher. Simple one handed broadsword.


Tech Items(native tech): iStone, Satchel.


Weaknesses: Cocky, often reckless. can be a bit of an airhead sometimes.


History: Raised by loving parents, Kathrine eventually moved out of the house in Onu-Koro, found herself a Kadin, took to the air, and never looked back. She eventually settled(by the loosest definition of the word) in Le-Koro, where she works as a mail carrier and maintains a small apartment. She writes to her mom pretty often about her day to day.


Personality: Bubbly, generally upbeat, and carefree. Loves people and Mata Nui.



Name: Kiriah Vale


Species: De-Lesterin


Description:Black, Silver, and Gunmetal, with blue heartlight and eyes. Tall and lean. Angular, stern face.


Gender: Female


Powers/Weapons: Increased range of hearing, ability to project voice exceptionally loudly. A single black Protosteel longsword.


Tech Items: (unapproved at this time) A device that causes a single target's elemental abilities to become the same level as that of a Turaga.


Weaknesses: Susceptible to high frequency sounds, Ignore's injury to continue on, Stubborn to a fault, easily manipulated due to weakness for son.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


History: Kiriah Vale was once a very happy wife and mother, living in the sun kissed village of Ga-Koro. After her husband died during the Rahkshi attack on the koros, she withdrew emotionally, often unresponsive, and carrying out daily life in almost a trance. This only worsened after her son, Sarcen, became a Toa, and left home to go on his own adventures. Now finally beginning to recover from her grief, she's set out to find and reconnect with her son.....


Personality: Stern, and generally humorless, Kiriah is stubborn and commanding, as befiiting a strict mother. Speaks plainly, and thinks she's seen it all.




Name: Sarcen(sar-SEN) Vale
Species: De-Toa
Description: Stocky athlete. Black and grey with Silver armor. A Sanok. Blue eyes and heartlight.
Gender: Male
Powers/weapons: No powers, due to Parakuka. Able to activate, becoming stronger and faster. A disc launcher once capable of channeling sonic energy. Razor discs. Heavy blunt discs.
Tech items: Volo Lutu launcher(forearm mounted on right arm.) An antique pocket-watch, wound tight every day.
Weaknesses: Inability to use Elemental or Mask Powers, susceptible to loud noises as a De-Toa, easily persuaded. 
Alignment: Varies, but usually Lawful Neutral.
History: Once a well to do Kohlii player, Sarcen was understandably unable to continue competing after being transformed into a Toa. He became a freelance adventurer, finding fortune and glory where and when he could. Until one fateful day near Xa-Koro. Caught in a freak storm, he was struck by lightning from the Red Star, and his mask became a living entity called Luten. He had about three hours to adjust to this new companion before he was joined by yet another, a parakuka called Ora. Now bonded with two entities, and with no memories, Sarcen has just awoken in the Jungle of Le-Wahi....
Personality: Generally upbeat, Sarcen is still relatively young, and it shows in his naivete and sense of wonder still being intact. He loves traveling and adventuring, both for the thrill and the experience of it all. Arguably the societal definition of a good person, but it depends on the day.
Name: Luten
Species: Living Mask
Description(Mask): Sanok
Description(Spirit): A blue and purple Toa wearing a Sanok, slightly chubby with blue eyes that are as bright as they are young.
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Powers: normally able to increase the accuracy of her wearer, able to create a small crystal version of herself to interact in the real world. This persona is only about six inches tall.
Personality: Almost childlike, Luten is carefree and bubbly, and loves new things, learning more everywhere she goes. She especially delights at seeing new types of food, and regularly encourages Sarcen to try new things, and describe them for her. Understandably doesn't like Ora because it makes her unable to help out with her abilities.
Name: Ora
Species: Parakuka
Description: Dark grey with black chitinous plates.
Gender: None
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Powers: Able to activate when fused to a host, increasing their strength and speed, at the cost of their never being able to use elemental or Mask powers.
Personality: An older Parakuka, Ora is cynical and downright nasty, set in it's ways of darkness and evil. Simply put, if someone doesn't like or obey The Makuta, Ora -hates- them. Which really limits its scope, and makes it often silent and broody. Despite being an old and no doubt powerful Parakuka, Ora acts much like a moody teen, and rarely allows itself to be activated, deigning the beings it attaches to to be beneath such gifts.


The following profiles are unofficial and need formal approval.


Edited by The Amaztastical Lynn, Jan 03 2016 - 09:46 PM.

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Corpus Rahkshi Profiles!

Kat Grim Diode Burn Percy

Aza and Ezec Pentaghast


Corpus Rahkshi Discord


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#202 Offline SneakyWolf

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Posted Nov 04 2014 - 11:48 PM

Name: Yuki


Description: Yuki is smaller than normal Motoran. She is pure white. She wear a long white hooded-cloak to blend in with the snow storms. She has a scar across her left eye (recieved when escaping Ko-Koro) but is hidden by her mask. 


Species: Ko-Matoran


Sex: Female


Power/Weapons: Yuki wears the unpowered Mask of Healing and wielding two short, silver swords.


Weaknesses: As a Matoran, Yuki has a high disadvantage of power. She is rather weak, but is very stubborn. Originating from the Ko-Koro, she has a weakness against fire and hot places, being uncomfortable around any large heat source. Yuki is very empathetic and is very sensitive to negative emotions and sadness.


Alignment: Neutral Good.


History. Yuki was born and raise on the outskirts of Ko-Koro. After the first Rahkshi attack, Yuki fled Ko-Koro and wandered the island searching for a purpose to fight.


Personality/Traits: Yuki is very reserved and quiet. She prefers close, honest friends and peaceful places. Also, she is very good with helping people deal with emotions. She loves to make people smile and give them courage.


(I am very new to this fandom. Please go easy on me. If I make any mistakes please kindly point it out and I will change it as soon as possible.)

Edited by SneakyWolf, Nov 04 2014 - 11:51 PM.

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#203 Offline Specter Knight

Specter Knight
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Posted Nov 05 2014 - 04:09 PM

(Right, Time to get this party started!)


§  Name: Arkhal

§  Species: Toa of Magnetism

§  Physical Description: Arkhal’s Sturdy figure is clad in Gunmetal Grey Plate armour decorated with red War paint, and he has bright yellow eyes that look like two Lightstones in a Rock face. His mask is heavily customized, with a Mohawk of spikes running down the top and ridges pronouncing the cheekbones.

§  Gender: Male

§  Powers and weapons: Elemental powers of Magnetism, Broadsword, Customised Great Pakari

§  Technological items: Compass that doubles as a Watch (Even though he’s a Toa of Magnetism, He has a bad sense of direction)

§  Weaknesses: His own Overconfidence, His tendency to rush into problems way beyond his skill level, His arrogance, His low Speed

§  Alignment: Good

§  History: Originally hailing from a Far-off island, Arkhal arrived on this island recently, and from the moment he set foot on the rocky shores of Onu-Wahi, he proclaimed himself a Hero and went off to explore the Island of Mata Nui. Appears to have some connection to Tavari.

§  Personality and traits: Arkhal strongly believes he is destined to be the greatest hero who ever lived, and wants everyone to know that. Brimming with confidence and chivalry, he always strives to do the right thing and save Mata Nui from Makuta’s Clutches.


§  Name: Tavari

§  Species: Toa of Lightning

§  Physical Description: Tavari has a lithe build clad in Metallic white scale armour with Blue undertones. Her eyes are Electric blue and resemble sheet lighning, and she wears a ragged cloth shawl with a Hood.

§  Gender: Female

§  Powers and weapons: Elemental Powers of Lightning, Electrolance (A Staff that can channel Electric energy), Dagger, Great Huna

§  Technological items: Stralix Powder

§  Weaknesses: Her low physical strength, Her Unsociability, Her lack of trust

§  Alignment: "Not on any side" As she puts it

§  History: Originally hailing from a Far off Island, Tavari Arrived on this island recently. After washing up on the shores of Le-Wahi, she snuck off into the shadows to find out more about this brave new world and the dangers in it. Appears to have some connection to Arkhal.

§  Personality and traits: Tavari at first appears to be Cold and Savage, But it appears that underneath her harsh exterior lies a more emotional side to her. Tavari tends to be on the Loner side, straying away from highly populated areas, but will help those whose life is on the line like a silent guardian.


§  Name: Jinrali (Pronounced: YIN-Rall-ee)

§  Species: Dasaka

§  Physical Description: Jinrali has a generally Wide-hipped build, Clad in ornate Gold and Blue armour. Her Orange eyes shine with wisdom and regality, and she wears a Robe made with Precious Fabrics.

§  Caste and Clan: Umbraline Menti

§  Gender: Female

§  Powers and Weapons: Psychc Powers, Bo Staff (Basically a large wooden stick), Mindarm Discipline, Great Zatth

§  Weaknesses: Her reluctance to fight in petty disputes, Her Pride and protection of the Umbraline’s bottom line, which prevents her from going all out on her foes, Gets Exhausted when using The Mindarm Discipline for too long

§  Alignment: Clan Umbraline

§  History: A Well renowned Warrior from Sado Island, Jinrali was originally assigned to the duty of patrolling the Imperial palace to keep everything in Order, which became much more apparent after the recent skirmish with the Umbraline and Dastana.


§  Personality and Traits: Jinrali’s most well-known aspect is her pride. She always fights for honour and glory for the Umbraline Clan, and will spare no mercy for those who wish its destruction. However, despite all these elements of Fighting and Honour in her, she’s actually a gentle person outside the battlefield, preferring to relax by still ponds in her spare time.


§  Name: Rendo

§  Species: Ta-Matoran

§  Physical Description: Burly Build, Covered in Militaristic Red and Yellow armour. A helmet is worn over his mask (A powerless Great Miru), and he has a Ta-Koro Guard badge on the right of his chestplate.

§  Gender: Male

§  Weapons: Pike, Dagger

§  Technological items: Binoculars

§  Weaknesses: He doesn’t like the dark or Insectoid Rahi. Also a bit concerned for his health after nearly being killed at one point.

§  Alignment: Ta-Koro Guard

§  History: A Renowned member of the Ta-koro guard, Rendo defended Ta-Koro during the final days of Makuta. However, as he was nearly overrun by the Rahkshi and mortally wounded, and had to get his left leg amputated and replaced with a Prosthetic, and has since returned to his post.

§  Personality and traits: There are two sides to Rendo: When Working, he is stoic, silent, and almost emotionless. However, when he is off duty, He becomes a Jolly, social Matoran who loves hanging out with his fellow co-workers.



§  Name: Aurorin

§  Species: Lesterin of Crystal

§  Physical Description: White/Light blue/green Armour, Gangly build, Light Blue and Green Bioluminescent highlights (Helmet Resembles Canon Universe’s Gelu)

§  Gender: Male

§  Weapons: Razor Disk (Basically a Cross between an over sized Shuriken and Captain America's Shield)

§  Technological Items: Volo Lutu Launcher

§  Weakness(es): Can’t Stand Urban Environments, Dislikes loud noises as they disrupt his thoughts, Not very good at theoretical thinking

§  Alignment: Neutral Travelling Monk

§  History: Hailing from a Village in the Foothills of Mt. Ihu, Aurorin Left home to find Inner Peace. He now travels all over Ko-Wahi, Never staying in the same place for more than a night. He was named as his Glowing Crystalline Armour resembled an Aurora.

§  Personality and traits: Aurorin is best described as having “His head in the clouds”. He tends to speak very cryptically, Let his mind wander, and is a Calm, Collected, yet Carefree person. He tends not to take part in Conflicts, unless they are directed against him. 


§  Name: Ervios

§  Species: Turaga of Gravity

§  A detailed description or image: Black and Dark Purple Armour, Thin, Fragile build (Though he’s much stronger than he looks), Black Cape

§  Gender: Male

§  Powers and weapons: Heavily weakened powers of Gravity, Claw Staff, Noble Akaku

§  Technological items: Stolen iStone, which he records details of each conflict he is involved in.

§  Weaknesses: A bit too arrogant, Not the best fighter

§  Alignment: The Legacy

§  History: Ervios’s Past is mainly shrouded in Mystery, though it has been rumoured he had been nearly killed by Makuta’s forces before deciding to join the dark side. He currently works with the legacy, having recently joined.

§  Personality and traits: Ervios is a cunning thinker, who can manipulate almost anyone into doing his bidding. He is also very arrogant, and even slightly aristocratic, as he likes to think of himself as the most important person in the legacy… other than Echelon, that is.



  • Name: Vaion
  • Species: Toa of Fire
  • A detailed description or image: Vaion is athletic, clad in Bright Scarlet armour which is partially weathered, due to his wandering, nomadic lifestyle. His eyes are a bright, piercing green, and he wears a bandolier of Patero ammo over his right shoulder.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons: Elemental Powers of Fire, Falchion, Great Kaukau
  • Technological items: Patero Launcher
  • Weakness(es): His lack of social skills, His general bitterness, his Illiteracy
  • Alignment: Wandering Mercenary
  • History: Not much is known about Vaion’s past, but it’s certain he has been wandering Mata Nui for a good number of years, putting his skills as a mercenary for good use. It is rumoured that he now seeks a client that will offer him a tidy sum.
  • Personality and traits: Vaion is bitter, cynical, and lets nothing get in the way of his work. It’s rumoured that his personality is much deeper than it first appears, but he has never disclosed anything other than “I’m a mercenary and I fight for random people”. He is Illiterate, but can recognise names of his targets and their bounties on their head.


§  Name: Sumara

§  Species: Dasaka

§  A detailed description or image: Sumara is rather lithe, given her graceful fighting style. Her Gold and blue armour is streamlined and allows for freedom of movement, whilst her piercing green eyes seem to have been forever locked in a serious glare.

§  Gender: Female

§  Powers and/or weapons: Psychic powers, Soulsword Discipline, Great Kualsi

§  Weakness(es): More Susceptible to illusions and mental entry due to training in the Soulsword Discipline, Self-discipline leads her to be a perfectionist, Unable to comprehend humour and/or joy

§  Alignment: Clan Ageru

§  History: Brought up as a warrior of Clan Ageru, Sumara’s first duty was to protect the crops and livestock of her Hometown on Odaiba. Naturally, she tired of this dull, meaningless duty, and set off to the Imperial palace to find a new life.

§  Personality and traits: Sumara is mostly silent, and rarely talks in sentences longer than three words. She is very serious and cynical, and the very thought of anything light-hearted is enough to make her incredibly angry.


I will eventually add more characters, probably something outside of Toa and related species. Until then, I'll be sure to enjoy this RPG!

(Note: If I made a few plotholes in these character files (Especially with Jinrali's Character file, I'm not very familliar with Dasaka), You should probably correct me with any feedback.)

Edited by Darth Daronus, Dec 26 2015 - 03:33 PM.

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(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


My BZPRPG Characters

Corpus Rahkshi Characters: Kol Arsenal Swarm Amalgamation

Skyrise Characters: Zavon


#204 Offline JackDaMac2001

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Posted Nov 06 2014 - 07:05 PM

Name: Rediet (Pronounced Re-dite)

Species: Toa of Fire

Description: A minimal amount of silver armor is strapped onto his slim bright red frame. His slender legs are completely without armor, but his arms have two silver shoulder plates.

Gender: Male

Weapons: Two simple knives

Weaknesses: has a deep fear of cold. he also has little to no combat skills.

Technological items: none

Alignment: good

Edited by JackDaMac2001, Nov 06 2014 - 07:20 PM.

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#205 Offline toa grimlock

toa grimlock
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Posted Nov 08 2014 - 06:52 PM

Name: Visalk (pronounced Viz- elk)
Species: Toa of fire
A slim red and silver clad being
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Huna
Powers and/or weapons: Two golden katana swords and extremely fast
Weakness: water
Alignment: Good
History: He doesn't remember much just that he is a swords men who defendeds those in need.
Personality: Honor bound worrier with a great sense of justice.
Voice Actor: Peter Cullin (optimus prime)
Species: Toa of Iron
appearance: Silver and black armored with spikes on his shoulders.
Kanohi: Arthron
Powers and/or weapons: Elemental powers and stolen crossbow
weakness: extremely weak armor.
Alignment: who ever is paying the most/ evil
History:After a particularly bad run in with the law while trying to make a kill, he fled to one place he wasn't a wanted Toa, Mata Nui. Now he's waiting for his next job, killing to pass the time.
Personality: Insane, murderous, believes the world is out to get him.
Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
Name: Baku
Species: Toa of Electricity
appearance: Inika build with yellow armor.
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Hau
Powers and/or weapons: elemental powers, electric wip
weakness: very lound and has light amour
Alignment: good
History: Once a simple matoran worker she dreamed of being a Toa. One day while working with a generater she suddenly morphed into a Toa.
Personality: She fallows the Toa Code to a T and disgusted by the Toa who mis-use their powers, since she considers them gifts from the great spirit
Species: Toa of Plasma
appearance: inika build with orange armor and blue eyes
Kanohi: miru
Powers/weapons: elemental powers, twin swords
Weakness: Very quick-tempered and eager to fight.
Alignment: neutral/Baku
History: A former matoran she was randomly awoke as a Toa. As a Toa she started to wander the island eventually meeting a Toa of electricity named Baku whom she became friends with and developed a "bromance" with.
personality: She tries to make friends with everyone she meets, and is quite talkative.
Voice Actor: Hynden Walch
Name: Guvla
Species: Toa of water
appearance: looks like Hahli mahri without wings breathing equipment, with different weapons, and a different Kanohi
Gender: Female
Kanohi: Kakama
Powers/weapons: elemental powers and a small dagger.
Weakness: Untrusting of most she meets
Alignment: good
History: She remembers little about her past before waking up on the shores of Ta-Wahi.
Personality: Cold to most at first but eventually will be caring and trusting unwilling to let anything happen to her friends. Tends to stick to her guns in a fight.
Voice Actor:Rachael Lillis
Name: Moas
Species: ko-matoran
Appearece: a bit taller than most matoran and has a blue stripe down the left side of her chest.
Kanohi: nobel huna (powerless)
Gender: Female
Powers and or wepons: a small drill with a handel to put her fingers through
Weakness: being a matoran she can't use elememtal powers
Alignment: good
History: she was once part of a vigalanty gulid but left the group after it became curropt. She lived in onu-wahi for a while which is were she got her signiture wepon. Eventualy she left Onu-Wahi and started wandering the island.
Personalty: Fancys herself a "hero who will priece the hevans with her spirt". She tends to be quite hyper and talkitive. She likes to help whoever needs it.
Name: Kyo
Species: Toa of Air
Appearance: He is quite large with all green armor and light blue eyes
Kanohi: Piruki (mask of strength)
Gender: Male
Powers and or weapons: His elemental powers, a long sword, and his mask powers.
Weaknesses: He has an extreme fear of heights.
Alignment: Good
History: He once was a great warrior, but he eventually became a teacher to any who wished to be a great hero like him. He is the teacher of Visalk.
Personality: He is reserved and skilled fight who desires to see his teachings passed on.
IMPORTANT CHARACTER NOTE: He currently only exists in Visalk's flash backs, though he may make an actual appearance later.

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Posted Nov 10 2014 - 08:36 PM

  • Name: Drararius
  • Species: Ko-Matoran
  • Physical Description: Thin and weak, wears a Kanohi Kaukau. He has grey and black armor. 
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers: Standard Ko-Matoran cold resistance. 
  • Weapon:
  • Weakness: Having to run for prolonged periods of time, as well as intense heat. 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • History: He was an explorer for the majority of his existence, enjoying the company of trees and being in the forest over other Matoran. 
  • Personality and traits: He is quiet around newly found people, however can be loud and obnoxious when he is in company of people that he trusts. 

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Posted Nov 12 2014 - 12:54 PM

Intel File #1

"I'm not paranoid! YOU'RE PARANOID!"

Name: Kohete

Species: Toa of Plasma

Appearance: A little smaller than average. Constantly has rings around his eyes, and his eyes often dart around, at the various people around him. He is primarly white, with orange arms, legs and feet. His eyes and heartlight are a cyan color. Wears a black jacket with lots of pockets. Wears a Noble Kanohi Matatu.

Powers and/or weapons: Regular powers of Plasma. Carries a small butterfly knife in one of his jacket pockets. Also owns a Kanohi Matatu, which allows him to lift things via his mind.

Alignment: Neutral

History: Kohete was always the "weird" guy in town. Always worrying, always muttering to himself about something. He has never done anything particularly bad, but still manages to make people suspicious of him.

Personality and traits: Extremely paranoid, and worries about everything. Distrustful, and will lie a lot.

Weakness(es): Physically quite weak. Also very easy to scare/get the jump on.

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Posted Nov 16 2014 - 07:53 PM

Name-Jevix (Ye-vicks)
Mask-Kanohi Pehkui, Mask of Diminishment
Description-A relatively short matoran, whose main color is white, but has splashes of light blue and gray. The mask of Diminishment is stylized, and also has a telescopic lens built in.
Power/Weapons-Being a Ko-matoran, Jevix has passive abilities, mainly resistance to cold. He owns a device that has multiple tools contained within, one of those being a compressed gas cannon for self-defense.
Tools-Jevix's tools are within the aforementioned device, which consist of basic items used for engineering and general repairs.
Weaknesses-Being a Ko-matoran, Jevix looses strength around extreme heat. He also isn't a very good swimmer, and can't take too much physical abuse, being a matoran.
Alliance-Generally, Jevix just wants peace, and will fight for what he feels is morally right.
History-Jevix is just an engineer. However, wanting peace and not wanting to risk anything, he has stayed out of major conflicts in the past, and hung low.
Personality and traits-Being an engineer, Jevix is good at building, and loves to solve practical problems. He is good natured, and doesn't hold hostility towards anyone unless they get under his nerves. He loves to help others, but isn't the most brave soul. Overall however, he is friendly and just wants to live his life in peace.

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Posted Nov 20 2014 - 02:37 PM

Name: Steelize

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Iron

Kanohi: Calix (In shape of a Pakari)


He has a height of an inika toa. His kanohi is silver. He has a silver inika body with silver armor (inika have these on their arms).Grey toa ignika arms with silver inika leg armor on back. Black long upper leg and grey inika downer leg. He has hordika feet.

Steelize is friendly to everyone who is friendly to him.


- 3 Glass Cubes filled with Metal Zamors

- Bag

- Spear with a long blade on top

- Food Rations

- Bottle


Friendship,Teams,creating Weapons



- He counts Yuri as a family member.


- Koyo


Steelize is a Toa of Iron who wanders around and looking for companions.


- None (yet)

Alignment: Neutral


- Find Companions

- Join a Team


- Wielding more metal to his spear to make it stronger:

   - Normal Spear Form Uses: 0 Metal Zamor Heaviness: Light

   - Strong Spear Form Uses: 1 Metal Zamor Heaviness: Normal

   - Stronger Spear Form Uses: 2 Metal Zamor Heaviness: Middle

   - Strongest Spear Form Uses: 3 Metal Zamor Heaviness: Heavy

- Sometimes he wields one of these things to his hand to help him:

   - wide round shield (Defense) Uses: 1 Metal Zamor

   - thick bulky shield (Defense) Uses: 1.5 Metal Zamor

   - claw (Defense/Offense) Uses: 1.5 Metal Zamor

   - mini saw+blade (Offense) Uses: 1.5 Metal Zamor

   - mini duodent?+blade (Offense) Uses: 2 Metal Zamor


- His eyes cannot fokus on very fast things. (Projectiles,Kakama users,e.t.c.) 

- He cannot enhance his weapon in too hot places. (Molten Metal)

- More Metal Zamors wielded to his spear = more heavy spear.

- Sometimes Yuri is more Important than everything else.


Name: Yuri

Species: Rahi Bird


A small light blue Sparrow like bird.


It becomes Steelizes Pet.


- Its a cute little bird!


(This Toa uses a Kanohi Volitak mark the "invisible" profile with your Kannohi Rode!)


 Name: Sile (Spoken like excile without ex)

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Element: Ice

Kanohi: Volitak


He has the height of an Bionicle 2015 Defender. His kanohi is white. He has a small white body with silver armor piece. Black arms with white armor. One Black leg with silver armor and the other with White Armor. He has white feet.


When he is alone he is always silent even when hes not using his Volitak. When he is seen by an enemy he tricks him into being an Turaga or Matoran. When he sees companions he does talk more.


- Bag

- Staff with Hook on top

- Shorter but wider black Sword

- Several Bottles

- Food

- Baked goods like cookies or pie





- None


- None


Sile was trained as an assassine but after he was trained he wanted to live his life alone.

Over time he has also been a thief because he couldn't afford several things.


- None

Alignment: Neutral


- Gain stuff

- Join a Team


- He uses icicles as a projectile to hurt or deflect enemys.


- He doesn't trust people if he doesn't know them a longer period of time.

- He is not interested in most what people say due to his lack of communication and social life.

- He is not as strong as most Toa.


- He is almost completely based on my moc Xile.


Name: Koyo

Species: Turaga

Gender: Male

Element: Stone

Kanohi: Matatu


He has a height of an average Turaga. His kanohi is brown. His body is covered in cloth and his arms are sand-colored.

Koyo is friendly to you if you dont rant about his cooking skills.


- Rucksack

- Frying Pan

- Cooking Pot

- Meat

- Vegetables

- Spicery

- Small Dagger

- Cutlery

- Plates

- Bottle


Cooking Stuff



- None


- Mirukai

- Steelize

- Some Po - Matorans


Koyo lived as Toa and fought against some Rahkshi. He later gave his Power to Steelize. Now he got into cooking.


- A hut in Po - Koro

Alignment: Good


- Cook the best meal ever.


- He can cook very good.


- He is probably too weak to fight.


Name: Mirukai

Species: Matoran

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Kadin


He has a height of an average Matoran. His kanohi is orange. His body is red and his arms are yellowish-orange.

Mirukai likes to adventure and likes to gain money


- Rucksack

- Small Sword

- Food Rations

- Bottle


Money and Friends



- None


- Koyo

- Some Ta - Matorans


Mirukai wanted to be a Millionaire for Years. Now he tries to get money!


- A hut in Ta - Koro

Alignment: Neutral


- Get Money!


- None


- He has no fighting skills

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Posted Nov 24 2014 - 05:26 AM

Name: Chronix
Species: Toa
Element: Kinetics (Control of kinetic energy. Toa of Kinetics tend to move a bit faster than other Toa, and are more agile. They can draw energy from their movement and fire it as an energy beam. They can also sometimes use their power to slow down opponents. Toa and Matoran of Kinetics tend to have a primary colour of blue, and grey or silver as a secondary colour)
Kanohi: Kadin (Shaped like a Miru Nuva)
Appearance: Blue and Silver, has swept back blades on his shoulders, and is relatively tall. Torso uses a modified Inika build with lots of extra details. 
Personality: Doesn't talk much and can be a bit awkward around strangers, but around friends is very talkative and likes to make jokes. Can sometimes be a bit of a perfectionist. 
Equipment: Under-arm blades and Blaster. 
Alignment: Neutral-Good.
Hobbies and Interests: Likes to collect masks, and sell some for profit. Is also very creative. 
Alliances: (I haven't made any yet due to lack of parts :c 
Fighting style: Doesn't really like using plain brute force. Tends to be more agile and strategic. 
Signature moves: Can vibrate hands at high speeds to build up energy.

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Posted Nov 25 2014 - 02:20 PM

Name: Frest

Species: Lesterin

Power: Ice

Appearance: Frest is very tall, and dressed in mainly white armour, but for some crystal spikes on his head and shoulders, and his large, bulky foot armour (his left leg is noticeably bulkier due to his injury). He has one normal hand, and one crude three-fingered metal claw. 

Mask: Kanohi Rau (translation).
Gender: Male.
Tech Items: None... yet.
Weapons: Dual-ended crystal-tipped blade, extremely strong, round, probably ancient shield found in a cave in Kini-Nui.
Alignment: Mildly good; not really bothered.
Personality/ History: In his youth, Frest was extremely reckless, but this ended abruptly with an unfortunate incident with an angry rahi, in which he lost his right hand (he's still learning to write with his left) and the movement of his left foot. In the aftermath he moved to Le-Koro, and searched for a mechanic to help with the upkeep of his new specialized armour. What he found... was Knove. The two grew close, and Frest began to understand the value of teamwork. Four months later, he met Buggzbi at a chute station. They found a shared interest in the history of Kini-Nui, and embarked on their first expedition three weeks later (Knove reluctantly came with them). They are currently planning to explore Xa-Koro. Frest is now a great team-player, but can be grouchy, especially about his injuries.
Weaknesses: His injuries slow him down a lot in combat, hates not being in charge, hates fire
Name: Knove
Species: Matoran
Appearance: Knove is short, even for a matoran- and especially compared to Frest! He wears mainly oily blue rags, with a little dull bronze armour, and some crystal armour on his left arm (found in the Tiro Canyon).
Gender: Male.
Weapons/ Tools: a standard set of tools, and a crystal blade found with the armour.
Alignment: good.

Personality/ History: Knove grew up in a small village in the Fau Swamp. His mother dealt with the town's technology, and taught him all she knew. However, when he was still young, his mother died in an accident. For a few years, he kept up her duties, but soon grew bored and moved to Le-Koro, where he was eployed by Frest. He is friendly and out-going, but can be naive.

Weaknesses: Overly trusting, naive, not used to his amour, or fighting in general!


Name: Buggzbi

Species: Toa

Power: Magnetism

Appearance: Buggzbi is about average height, but very heavily armoured. He is adorned in mainly red and dark silver, with patches of glowing blue; but all of this is normally obscured by his huge cloak.
Mask: Kanohi Pakari (strength)
Gender: Male.
Weapons: Buggzbi mainly fights with his fists, but he does own a large curved blade- it's usually hidden somewhere under his cloak.
Alignment: No-one really knows.
Personality/ History: Buggzbi keeps his past shrouded in total mystery. Somehow he came to arrive in Le-Koro, though, where he met Frest and Knove. Although usually volatile and argumentative, he seems to enjoy their company- or maybe he just wants the treasure. Who knows...?
Weaknesses: Volatile, argumentative, often overestimates the power of his Kanohi.


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Posted Dec 01 2014 - 03:59 AM

(The Collector has been newly retconned - permission from Ghosthands)


Name: The Collector of Masks
Species: Lesterin
Description: The Collector of Masks is a tall dark being. He wears silver and black armour as opposed to the ordinary colours for a Lesterin of his type and has red spines on his shoulders.
Gender: Male
Element: Magnetism (surrounded by a magnetic field which resists magnetic pulls, strong internal compass)
Foreign Tech Item: A small, handheld device which scans masks and produces miniature copies of them out of copper, which the Collector keeps on his belt.
[approved by Nuju Metru]
Weapons: Poisoned protosteel blade


Masks Collected: Kanohi Pehkui previously belonging to Aiduro
Alignment: Lawful Evil
History: The Collector of Masks is a mysterious figure. He appears to be more than a little insane, and he relentlessly searches for masks to add to his ever-growing collection.


Personality: He is very brooding and quiet, and very bitter. He often snaps at people who try to talk to him, but he appears affable to those he wishes not to antagonise.
Weaknesses: His senses are sharp but he has no defence against attacks from multiple directions. He is susceptible to sonic attacks as he has no mask to protect his head.




Name: Zavesh
Species: Skakdi
Description: Zavesh is a squat silver Skakdi with unusually long spines and a sort of "celtic knot" pattern on her forehead. She has long claws and a scar over her left eye.
Gender: Female
Elemental Power: Sonics
Vision Power: Laser Vision
Weapons: Protosteel multitool, daggers
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
History: Zavesh is a bounty hunter who opposes Toa. She only ever works for a Toa that has earned her utmost respect and otherwise is a loner.
Personality: She is quite flamboyant and overconfident and can be counted on to make a big thing about something. She is often very aloof and condescending towards those not considered her friends.
Weaknesses: She is not very fast and can't really defend against elemental attacks.

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Posted Dec 05 2014 - 08:44 AM

Name: Nomaku
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Jungle
Mask: Kanohi Ruru (mask of night vision)
Appearance: Nomaku's height is a bit above average for a Toa. He is pretty thin and light enough for stealthy movement in the jungle. He wears light leather armor, colored green with hints of brown to make him near to invisible in jungle. This armor has no much use in combat, but can stop very weak attacks.
Personality: He is stubborn and rather a loner. He is bad in close combat, but excels with his bow on longer distances. He also daydreams quite often, making him quite vulnerable.
Alignment: Neutral (more to good)
Story: Days, when Nomaku was respected Toa, are gone. He lost his honor, when he escaped from battle. In deepest jungle, he have made a small underground hut, where he slept for long time. After hundreds of years, he finally woke up and now, unknown to all, he decided to start everything over.
Property: Light leather armor, Short sword, Bow and a lot of arrows

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Posted Dec 14 2014 - 09:47 PM

(Deleted this Character)

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Posted Dec 15 2014 - 06:19 AM




Name: Fulmen

Species: Vo-Matoran

Appearance: http://www.brickshel...icle/fulmen.png

Gender: Male

Powers: None

Kanohi: Powerless Great Kakama (Mask of Speed)

Items: Battery Powered Torch

Weakness: Fulmen is a matoran, he doesn't have any powers. 

Alignment: Chaotic Good

History: Before makuta attacked, Fulmen liked to muck around with electronics and made all kinds of gadgets. After the island came under threat, he was forced to hide his inventions in case they were damaged or stolen. Now, he wanders the island with only a Torch and a bag of meagre supplies.

Personality: Like all Vo-Matoran, Fulmen is a friendly matoran who gets along with his fellow villagers and treats them with respect. 


The image shows Fulmen with a komau. It is the original sprite I made of him. An admin told me the komau was not an acceptable kanohi so I changed his kanohi to a kakama. 

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Posted Dec 23 2014 - 02:10 AM

Name: Nekka (Nay-kuh)

Species: Skakdi


Appearance: A slender Skakdi, Nekka is adorned with dark green armor, with silver armor on her arms, legs, and torso.  Her spiky spine and threatening look often give the impression that she is out to kill, which usually isn't the case.  [Picture to hopefully come soon]


Gender: Female

Vision Power: Laser

Element: Air


Equipment: A green and silver scythe she obtained through her travels.


Weakness(es): She is terrifyingly afraid of fire, lava, and other flame-related substances, and will go out of her way to avoid such obstacles, even if it means jeopardizing a mission.  This stems from her susceptibility to fire attacks, which she found out when she suffered a burn during her travels.  It has long since healed, though it made her very afraid of fire.  That said, she doesn't mind a small ember, as long as it doesn't go out of control.  She is also very sensitive towards her status as a Skakdi, and as such she will enter into a fit of rage whenever the thought of being a Skakdi bothers her.


Alignment: Good, formerly Evil


History: Initially a threatening and ruthless Skakdi who would kill without remorse, Nekka has since shunned her former life of murder after a dream where she witnessed a brutal matoran massacre.  As such, she is a self-proclaimed "Guardian of the Matoran" who will do anything to protect matoran.  She has recently appeared on Mata Nui, and is currently looking for a place to call home.


Personality and traits: Prior to her dream witnessing massacre of matoran, Nekka was a cruel Skakdi who would kill without regrets nor remorse.  However, since her dream, she has become more of a caring guardian to the matoran, channeling her aggression and anger towards any threat to the matoran.  She is unusually kind, even for matoran standards, though this quickly sheds whenever someone threatens or attacks the matoran.  She is very sensitive about her former Skakdi life, specifically showing immense regret and guilt, and whenever her status as a Skakdi troubles her, she will go into a fit of rage, though still making sure to not harm anything.  She strongly desires a mask of any kind, even if it's just cosmetic, just as long as it doesn't make her look like a Skakdi.  She'll often draw patterns of Kanohi on whatever is around and craft makeshift masks out of whatever material she can find, though they're usually too brittle and/or frail to wear, which saddens her.




Name: Banar

Species: Toa


Appearance: An agile and firm Toa, Banar predominantly wears dark metallic gold armor with brown armor thrown in for good measure, all over his predominately gray frame.  His somewhat strong physique, mostly on his torso and arms, often give the impression that he is quite burly, which isn't necessarily the case.  [picture to hopefully come soon.]


Gender: Male

Kanohi: Kualsi

Element: Gravity


Equipment: A spear, in the same dark metallic gold shade as his armor.  No fanciness or anything; just a spear.  That said he working on mastering it.


Weaknesses: Banar is quite overconfident as a Toa, as he sees himself as a powerful being immediately from the get-go.  As a result, he may be a bit overconfident in battles, which may lead to some unfortunate defeats.  This has shown through when he found a Skakdi named Skebran and was seriously injured before managing to defeat him by sheer luck.


Allignment: Good


History: Living his life as if he was a Po-Matoran, he was met with total indifference from the other Matoran in Po-Koro.  After years of insignificance, Banar recently discovered that he was actually a Ba-Matoran.  Shortly after, through means currently unknown, he became a Toa of Gravity and is currently attempting to hone his elemental powers in Po-Wahi.


Personality and Traits: As a Matoran, Banar was reduced to a state of quietness, due to the fact that he was treated indifferently as a "Po-Matoran" in Po-Koro.  Upon his discovery of his true element and his change into a Toa, he has now turned a new leaf regarding his past, and he plans on becoming a great Toa of Gravity, seeking to hone his newfound elemental abilities.  He is currently a bit inexperienced, however, and may need some training, though he does not care to admit this.




Name: Moku

Species: Matoran


Appearance: A standard Ta-Matoran, Moku is clad in red and yellow armor.  He wears an orange Kanohi Kaukau, the mask of water breathing, though it's of course powerless seeing as he is a matoran. [picture to hopefully come soon]


Gender: Male

Kanohi: Kaukau

Element: Fire


Pet: Moku has a pet Ussal Crab named Luma, who is black and orange with a Pakari-like shell covering her back.  She is very loyal and sweet to Moku, so he spends a lot of his time petting and playing with her.  (She's based off my real life cat Luma, so she's bound to be similar behavior-wise)


Equipment: A small golden sword.  He also has a staff that is too big for him to use, so he doesn't use it.


Weaknesses: As a Ta-Matoran, he used to have a fear of the water, ironic due to his mask being a Kaukau.  However, he has since gotten over this.  That's not to say it was his only weakness, however, as he is also quite socially awkward, often giving the impression that he's either not trustworthy or that he's disinterested, which is never the case.  He also suffers from intensely agonizing headaches from time to time, which usually last around 30 seconds or so, but to him they feel more like 30 minutes of agonizing pain.


Allignment: Good

History: A secluded Ta-Matoran, Moku lives a peaceful life in Ta-Koro, despite its hot climate.  He desires to become an explorer and travel the island of Mata Nui, though constant threats such as Rahkshi keep him penned up at his secluded home, little more than a small hut with only the bare necessities required for living, such as a bed and a light source.


Personality and Traits: Moku is a polite matoran, often trying to act modestly around others.  Secretly, he wishes to live a social life with friends, though his social anxiety prevents this.  Despite this, he has kept a positive light, believing that eventually things will change for the better.  Currently, nothing has happened to change this perspective, though he has recently met up with Savok, who he is starting to feel more comfortable with.




Name: Savok

Species: Toa


Appearance: Savok is a Su-Toa clad in mostly orange and white armor, as typical for Plasma elemental beings.

His Kanohi Mask of Sensory Aptitude is orange white.  (Pictured here is the older version of him with a battleaxe and an orange Kakama)savokembed.jpg


Gender: Male

Kanohi: Mask of Sensory Aptitude

Element: Plasma


Equipment: He carried an axe-like blade as his weapon.  It has since become lost, and Savok currently has no weapon.


Weaknesses: Savok is quite clumsy, which often gets in the way of him whenever he battles someone.  This can be problematic for Savok, as it makes him somewhat poor at fighting, though he is about average in terms of fighting skills alone for a Toa.  He can use his mask of sensory aptitude to balance himself, though doing so for extended periods of time exhausts himself.


Allignment: Good

History: Savok has always lived in Ta-Koro, though he has made efforts to explore the rest of the island as well.  He became a Toa when he was exposed somehow to a concentrated protodermis shard, and he had then begun his travels throughout Mata Nui.  He is currently resting at home in Ta-Koro, where Moku lives, though the two have only recently met.


Personality and Traits: Savok is a quiet Toa, and he tends to spend a lot of time meditating.  Unlike Moku, who has intense social anxiety, Savok just enjoys solitude.  Savok is a kind soul inside, though, and will do anything to protect his people, no matter what the cost.  He is quite wise, and has spent most of his time exploring Mata Nui studying.

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Posted Jan 06 2015 - 11:48 PM

Name: Rinnoz 
Species: Matoran
Appearance: Short and thin, dark red and black, wears '08 Radiak's mask. Has a large black hump in his back. Sharp, black claws extend from his fingertips. Small torso with long legs and arms. 
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Equipment: Rinnoz carries with him a small assortment of surgical tools and TONS of compactible disposable latex gloves.
Alignment: Neutral good
Personality: Rather grumpy sometimes, Rinnoz is actually pretty strong, despite his appearance. Thanks to his vast medical knowledge, you would think Rinnoz would have a wealth of information he would be happy to tell to others in an attempt for them to learn.. No. He is a selfish freak who, despite his scary looks, considers himself quite the charmer. Rinnoz despises Vortixx and says they are a dirty spot on the world. He is a masterful surgeon beyond all recognition, and could save a life with a tissue and a safety pin(it would be really painful with no anesthetic, but it would save a life). Good thing he carries anesthetic on him, in the form of his saliva.
Weaknesses: Rinnoz is quite over confident in any area besides surgery. He also is very pick of what he eats.

Approved by Riku Tryon.


Name: Sorox

Species: Toa

Appearance: Wears golden Kadin in the form of a Kraakhan. Has long, tattered black cape. Black armor with golden shoulders. Deep red eyes. Large shoulderset and muscular build.

Mask: Kadin, in the form of a Kraakhan.

Gender: Male

Element: Water

Equipment: Black, twisted sword. (along the lines of the sword used by Lord Vladek, wave 2 of Knight's kingdom.) Small pouch usually full of widgets.

Alignment: Lawfully good

Personality: Hard. Cold. He could easily be confused for a Toa of Earth or Stone due to his color scheme. Yet he has an inner sadness waiting to burst through and either wreck the outside warrior or double his potential.

Bio: A Ga-Matoran had been disguised as an Onu-Matoran to save his life unbeknownst to the Matoran. Unfortuantely, when that same Matoran became a Toa and found out his power was water, humiliation drove him from his home to Ta-Koro, where he trained himself into a hardened warrior. He now heads to Ga-Koro in an attempt to figure himself out in secret.

Weaknesses: Sorox has difficulty adapting to jovial situations considering he has a dead serious attitude. His darker colour scheme unfortunately makes him look evil.


Name: Kihohiki (pronounced Kee-Hoh-Hee-Kee)

Species: Turaga

Appearance: Blue mask, small, hunched body, Black and grey durable Turaga robe.

Mask: Huna.

Gender: Male

Element: Sonics

Equipment: A small staff made out of a Rahkshi staff, it is powerless. It has a twisted spearpoint at one end with a notoriously sharp edge. A small satched strung around the inside of his Turaga robe. And a watch on a chain attached to his Turaga robe. Oh yeah, also a Turaga robe, in case nobody already knew.

Alignment: Neutral good

Personality: Brash and rough, Kihohiki has a good conscience for the Matoran welfare, even though his attitude says otherwise. His combat experience has defined his character heavily. He also likes fruit.

Bio: Kihohiki was one of the most powerful Sound Toa of all time, because he used his power to the best of its ability. However, larger organizations kept his name from the public eye. After defeating a vast army and sacrificing his Toa power, his Toa team went away on their own, and he went into solitude. Recent rumors of a war have driven him out of his home and to Ta-Wahi in an attempt to figure out this dilemma.

Weaknesses: Kihohiki's love for fruit distracts him constantly, and his method of testing people's endurance makes him look insane at times.


Name: Flabbergaster

Species: Tiokaha

Mark: Roth

Appearance: Fatter than a usual Tiokaha. Slightly taller as well. Black with red spots.

Mask: Noble Rau

Gender: Male

Equipment: Flabbergaster wears knee-high metal boots. He also carries two daggers fashioned from bones, which fit into slots on his boots.

Alignment: Good/Himself

Powers: As a Roth-marked Tiokaha, Flabbergaster is able to control his blood, and can form it into weapons for combat, although he prefers to stick with his daggers and brute strength. Flabbergaster can also increase his stamina using his power, although he can only do it in short spurts to avoid damaging himself. He can digest anything considered edible, and doesn't really care when he needs to fill his stomach.

Personality: Flabbergaster emphasizes his raw power and menacing colour scheme to frighten opponents, but befriend him, and he's extremely friendly. Gracious and kind, he loves eating more than anything else, and once attached to a person will fight to the death to protect them.

Bio: Flabbergaster used to live in Ko-Koro, until activity near his home forced him to move. He has since began his trek to find a new home, and possibly one near a good food supply. Hopefully he can get some friends along the way.

Weaknesses: Flabbergaster eats and eats and eats. Food is the most wonderful thing in the universe. This tends to be a problem in areas he can't eat at, like next to a diner, where food is nearby. His clumsy disposition makes using his cunning difficult.


Name: Maldrakk
Species: Skakdi
Gender: Male
Element: Plasma
Powers/Weapons: Impact vision, a very large machete with a serrated edge named Bloodbath, impressive strength, and extra armored shoulders, chest, lower legs, and feet.
Appearance: Maldrakk is the model of Skakdi fitness- well, aside from his face. His body is very muscular, and stands slightly above an average Skakdi. His face has deep-set, murderous teeth stained the colour of his skin, a deep crimson red. His eyes give him away, however - if anyone saw his eyes, there would be no reason to believe this masterful creature was villainous in the slightest.
Personality: He likes to pretend he is a rough, tough rogue- but his ever-loving glance gives him away every time. Thus, he keeps his green eyes half-shut most of the time, and sometimes pretends he is blind, with varied success. When confronted on the matter, he won't resist - for in reality, he is entirely good aligned.
Weaknesses: Despite his incredible physical capability, he hates putting himself under strain aside from climbing and fighting. He is not picky of what he eats, sometimes neglecting to check for poisons or disease. He is very good at sneaking, but convinces himself he couldn't possibly be, and tries to convince everyone else of it too.
Bio: He encountered a Toa by the name of Sorox who was convinced the Skakdi was pure evil, and has set out to hunt him down. He tried to find a place to work under the law in secrecy, but was turned down every time. Now he heads to Ko in an attempt to investigate rumors he has heard.

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Posted Jan 07 2015 - 06:49 AM

Species: Toa
A detailed description or image
Imagine Toa Likhan, just with a Kanohi Hau, and a large shield on his left shoulder.
Kanohi Hau
Powers and/or weapons
Ice, and a really mean sword.
Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, which staff member approved the item)
Disc Launcher
heat based weapons and the element of light (Able to transform him to his original form.)
Alignment (good, evil, neutral, etc.)
It was Midnight. Niikata strolled the ice caverns, seeking treasure. He had a great idea for a weapon, he just needed one missing element: a crystal. All of a sudden, a dark shadowy figure ran through the shadows, and knocked him unconscious. He simply lay there. He got up much later, feeling a surge of will through his body. His memory was wiped out. Then, something whispered: "Don't fight it. This is the true you." Then, a innocent matoran strolled through the cave, and greeted Niikata. Niikata stabbed him. The past matoran all fear him. Some say he has been exiled by a Toa. Others say he lurks the night, seeking his next prey to impale with his icy blade. Nobody knows for sure what happened that night. Nobody knows what his motives are. Nobody knows where he is. He's probably behind you now.
Personality and traits
He's likely to take a risk. He hardly analyzes situations, using his brute force to push his way out instead of his smarts. He also used 
to be a blacksmith, but he only forges items when he isn't evil.


OOC: Well, this is my first time doing this, (Playing a text based RPG, creating a character, posting on BZPower forums) so i feel like i did pretty well. Please PM me if anything is illegal or what not (LOL). 

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Posted Jan 07 2015 - 09:35 PM

Name: Jau


Species: Toa of Air


Gender: Male


Description: Jau has an average, slightly lanky build. His armor is silver and green.  He is lightly armored.  His mask is carved similar to a Tryna.  He is slightly stronger than the average Toa due to his weapon choice.


Powers and/or weapons: Jau has the elemental power of air.  He also wears the mask of sensory aptitude.  He carries a large, two-handed, sword.


Technological items: None


Personality and traits: Jau is reserved.  He often takes long walks through nature to contemplate, he especially enjoys listening to “the language of the wind,” whether it be a cool sea breeze or a harsh desert blast.  He always thinks through what he is going to say before he says it.  In battle he talks even less, but his mind is never more active, analyzing and planning each move.


Weaknesses:  In combat Jau has two hindrances.  The first is his sword. It is large and heavy.  This means that his swings are often wide and he has a hard time blocking attacks.  Also, once he has formed a plan he is confident in its success, occasionally a little too confident, this can leave him open.  When his plans go awry he instinctively goes on the defensive.




Name: Ygolo (ee-go-lo)

Species: Onu-Matoran

Gender: Male

Description: He is slightly short, even for a Matoran.  His armor is black and orange.  For some reason the Powerless Noble Akaku he wears is white.

Equipment: Carries a bag of Archeological equipment (small picks, shovels, brushes). Carries no weapons.

Technological items: None

Personality: Ygolo is anything but shy.  If he sees something interesting he tries to find out anything he can about it, usually by asking anyone nearby about it, A LOT!  Although he boldly talks to anyone, the instant a fight starts he will run away.  He has a good heart.

Weaknesses: Because he is a Matoran, Ygolo is physically weak.  He also carries no weapons and tries to avoid fights, but not till after they start.

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Posted Jan 09 2015 - 11:10 AM


Name: Johk
Species: Fa-Toa
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Six iron daggers
Mask: Great Sanok, the Great Mask of Acurracy
Powers: Johk is a marksman.He is very accurate with throwing knifes. He has learnt to control them in mid-air and retrieving them using his magnetism powers. He can also use his magnetic powers to fly for a short distance. He is very good with ranged weapons but isn't good at wielding heavy melee weapons.
Traits: He is a very good at deception and manipulation.He is very intelligent being and only engages in combat when he has an advantage.
Biography: Unknown
Weakness(es): He doesn't have much stamina so he's most likely to suffer in long fights. His armor is damaged and he carries no weapon. If he loses concentration when flying, he willl fall. He lacks skill in melee fights.


Name: Gerox
Species: Po-Turaga
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Apperance: Gerox is an average sized turaga. His armor is brown and black.
Weapon(s): Gerox carries a staff.
Mask: Noble Mask of Healing
Powers: Gerox has a limited control over the element of stone. He can use his mask of healing to heal allies.
Traits: Gerox is noble and wise. He works for the well-being of the matoran of Po-Koro
Biography: Unknown
Weakness(es): As a turaga, Gerox is smaller and physically weaker than other beings.



Name: Skebran
Species: Le-Skakdi
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Skebran carries a barbed broadsword.
Vision Power: Heat Vision
Traits: Skebran is selfish and wreckless. He always wants to be the leader.
Biography: He assaulted matoran in the desert of Po-Wahi with the help of his two henchmen until his encounter with Johk and Toa Banar. Since, he lost all his possesions and fled to Onu-Wahi.
Skabran gets angry easily and he isn't a very intelligent skakdi. He is willing to betray others for his personal purposes.




Name: Samoh
Species: Su-Toa
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Apperance: Similar to Johk but with white/orange armor
Weapon(s): Claws similar to the ones of Nuparu Inika.
Mask: Great Volitak, the Great Mask of Stealh
Powers: Plasma Powers
Traits: Samoh is good at hunting.
Biography: Unknown
Weakness(es): In cold places, Samoh can't use his powers easily. His armor is light,

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Posted Jan 09 2015 - 08:05 PM



Description-Relatively small matoran, with an Akaku. Brown with yellow accents, blue eyes, and usually has a bag of mechanical items that he tinkers around with.


Powers/Weapons-Has a small dagger, and a natural resistance to heat, living in the desert.


Weaknesses-Has a fear of heights, and can't swim very well. Has a good physical tolerance, but can be beat by brute force eventually.

Alignment-Relatively neutral, but will help toa if there is little danger involved.

History-Has lived relatively peacefully, but wanders the island from time to time. He hasn't been part of any major conflicts, preferring to lay low and stay out of trouble.

Personality/Traits-Shyrlex is a matoran who loves tinkering, and building stuff. An engineer at heart, he builds items, usually projectile launchers and weapons.

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Posted Jan 10 2015 - 01:56 AM

  • Name - Maruni
  • Type -Matoran
  • Appearance - He's a primarily tan little Tohunga with brown accents and a Matatu mask. Not unlike my profile picture there. 
  • Gender - Male
  • Tools/Weapons - Maruni possesses a number of large fishing harpoons which his is rather proficient at throwing. He's also not bad with a sling and stone, if need be.
  • Tech - Maruni owns a generously sized motorized boat. It has a main deck, a small bilge for storage, and a wheelhouse/cabin large enough for him to sleep in.
  • Weaknesses - Being a generally independent fellow, Maruni doesn't really like to be told what to do. 
  • Alignment - Neutral/Good
  • History - While he is a Po-Wahi native, Maruni has always loved the sea. The air, the waves, everything the ocean has to offer. Maruni makes a living primarily as a fishermatoran and trader. Cruising the coasts delivering wares and harpooning sea beasts. When not at sea, he lives in a small stilted shack far to North of Po-Koro
  • Personality - Maruni is an adventurous and curious individual. He enjoys exploring the barren rocky islands around Mata-Nui and searching for mysterious sea creatures. He is, however, rather alone. He deals with shore folk when on business. but deals very little in the affairs of the rest of the island.

    For now, at least.

    (It's been years since I've been active on BZPower, and years since the last RPG I was involved with. I recently got a bit nostalgic and checked out what you guys were up to. It looked cool so I figured I'd hop in! Looking forward to writing with y'all! Bear with me, it'll take a bit to figure out what all is going on.)

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Posted Jan 10 2015 - 04:56 PM

Sorry, a Work in Progress I guess. Question... I think I read that the Turaga are dead, thus why others have taken up the mantle of leader of the villages? Does that mean I cannot make a Turaga or if I make one they are zombies or something?
EDIT Feb 05, 2015: Moved Scorpio to Completed Profiles.
EDIT Feb 07, 2015: Added appearance pic for Gen1 Scorpio.
EDIT Feb 14, 2015: Moved Doseki to Completed Profiles.

EDIT April 04, 2015: Removed separate character spoilers from Completed Profiles list. Added Name(Orca) to my Ga-Matoran; filled in more information for my Ko-Turaga Korzan.
Incomplete profiles


Completed Profiles

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Posted Jan 12 2015 - 04:53 PM


Element: fire
Gender: male
Occupation: caver
Alignment: good
Powers: ​climbing, cave navigation.   
Kanohi: infected hau
Weapons/tools: claws, modified lightstone, able to attach on mask and climbing vine that has been modified into a harness  
Appearance: slightly taller than a matoran, has crimson and black armor and yellow eyes
Bio: Kojo is a Ta-matoran caver that charts the cave systems of mata-nui. Caver's Log #123, Been exploring the new cave system that the onu-miners discovered. Underground lake found 3,000 feet below cave entrance, small island in middle of lake. Caver's Log #124 found rusted hau in middle of island, testing mask; seems to be a great mask, wonder what power it ha........                    
Status: unknown 

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Posted Jan 14 2015 - 10:07 PM

  • Name: Katon
  • Species: Toa
  • Element: Stone
  • Kanohi: Kakama
  • A detailed description or image: Katons Kakama has yellowish stripes going up the sides while the main colour is  and the left is cracked and chipping away, his chest armor looks very similar to a hordika chest and is bulky, but it has a similar colour scheme as his Mask, and his arms are very long and have pads on the upper part. His leg armor is bulky like his chest armor and has two glowing yellow spots on his knees.
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons:  he uses two long swords that he uses for melee.
  • Technological items: Disk Launcher
  • Weakness(es): Katon has a particular weakness to Ice and water, and has a difficult time blocking attacks coming one strike after another.
  • Alignment : Neutral
  • History: Katon was part of a Toa team that got killed, he would then abandon any alliance with the Toa to go of on his own, and he has since been wandering, just trying to survive, he used to previously own a Kanohi Akaku but in a fight with a Skakdi it was broken and he found a Kakama to use.
  • Personality and traits: He is cold, but helpful when need be. He is also very strong and he tends to have a "Lone wolf" look on things, but when with any team he is with he will put their lives before his. And he has a we will say slight fear of spiders.

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Posted Jan 15 2015 - 03:50 PM

  • Name: Vohota
  • Species: Toa
  • Gender: Male
  • Element: Gravity
  • Weapons: Gravitational Staff
  • Powers: Elemental Gravity Powers, Great Mask of Quick Travel
  • Occupation: Mad Scientist
  • Bio: It's said that science is more of a way of thinking than a body of knowledge. If that's true, Vohota must be one of the extremists of the scientific way of thinking. He's devoted his life to understanding how the world works, with reckless abandon for the very world he studies. His experiments usually involve a lot of pain and suffering for all involved, sometimes including him. And as we all know, the scientific method is to repeat experiments to account for variables. It got so bad that the Matoran of the village he was supposed to be protected tried standing up to him. That village is gone now, and he requires a larger body of individuals for his latest experiment. Like the island of Mata-Nui.
  • Weaknesses: Curiosity, recklessness, weak torso armour

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Posted Jan 16 2015 - 11:10 PM

EDIT: Staff pleased delete this post. Thank you.

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Posted Jan 19 2015 - 01:30 AM

Name: Uulina

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Kanohi: Kakama

Abilities: Elemental Earth power (duh), Speed boost from mask, natural flexibility and reflexes.

Weapon: Great Mining Pick (a large but lightweight pickaxe , you don't build much muscle wielding it...)

Alignment: Neutral Good(?)

Appearance: A lithe form of obsidian black with flecks of purple and orange that almost glow in the light. A build not commonly associated with the element of earth, Uulina uses her lightweight frame alongside her mask of speed to run less agile enemies into exhaustion. (or look at this pic here!)


Personality: Uulina is brash and reckless, and charges into situations without much consideration, She believes her "natural talents" will get her by, and refuses to work on improvement. she is stubborn, loud, and even quite rude, but still expects everyone to love her simply for the little effort she actually puts into things. (when cornered or captured, however, with her "natural skills" having failed her, Uulina becomes frantic and unpredictable, though a bit stronger.)


History: Her past, given her nature, is really kinda boring. well, there is that one time she was sent to the mines, to try and hammer some responsibility into her. She came back out even worse.


Weaknesses: Her most glaring one has been mentioned already, a complete dependance on her natural agility and a dose

of luck. However, she also has a scar of unknown origin in her shoulder, barely visible in the black armor. She rubs this shoulder when nervous or stressed. (she also has a miners light in the slit of her mask, mentioned under weaknesses for only working half the time.)


Name: Naohi

Species: Matoran

Gender: Female

Element: Air
Kanohi: Akaku (powerless) (long distance lens is cracked.)
Abilities: Has the endurance of a peppy rock.
Weapon: None!
Alignment: everyone and anyone
Appearance: Small, (by matoran standards) Lime green with large highlights of Teal, covered in small nicks, dents, and scratches. She also has a sash around her waist with lots of places to hold small objects (all of them currently empty)

or, look at this pic here!

Personality: Kind, friendly and full of energy, Naohi views the world through a lens of unwavering optimism.
She never gives up, and practically lives to help others, but has a bad habit of blaming herself whenever problems occur.

History: Naohi lived in Le-Koro, but has recently found herself on a beach sans-memories. however, she did have a history of collecting interesting bits and pieces from the ground.

Weaknesses: She is easily misled by the words of deceit, and will quite possibly wind up aiding the wrong side in times of trouble. She is also not very heavy, and can be thrown quite far.

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Posted Jan 19 2015 - 06:02 AM

Name: Petewa

Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, etc.): Toa

A detailed description or image: Near completely brown with aerodynamic armor, and a kanohi volitak which looks like a pakari

Gender: Male

Powers: Stone

Weapons: Semi-small hammer

Mask: Volitak

Weakness(es): has amnesia; sensitive joints

History: An old matoran, or possibly a turaga, speaking two words

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Posted Jan 21 2015 - 09:52 AM

BZPRPG Profile   

Name: Heker

Species: Toa of Gravity

Mask: Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision

Description 1.4 Bios tall, primary color purple, secondary color black. Body build similar to the Toa Inika. Wears a parachute and wing suit, both black.

Gender: Male

Powers and Weapons Typical elemental powers of a Toa of Gravity. Heker carries a Patero machine-gun. Its clip can hold 12 rounds. It fires more rounds per second than most Patero, but has a shorter range. He carries a large variety of shells, ranging from Stralix explosives to smoke bombs. He carries many clips, string across his torso.  He also has a set of Photothermic powder Grenandes. He carries many clips, string across his torso.

Technological items: Heker has a Parachute and wing suit. He also flys a Kahu named Keo. Keo has a mounted disc launcher, but Heker needs a second to use it. Keo is well trained, and responds to vocal and hand signals. However, Keo's vocal cords were removed, as his scream would ruin many reconnaissance missions.

Weakness(es) Weak and unskilled at hand to hand combat, not a very fast runner.

Alignment Opportunistic

History Heker served as a Special Ops member of the Gucko Force. He frequently engaged in parachute drops and reconnaissance missions. Heker met Keo, and the two developed a close attachment. Heker flew in the Gucko Force until his close-friend and second Poyste was killed during a Nui-Rama fight. Heker quit the force, and is now a rogue thief/freelance spy.

Personality and traits: Heker is a opportunist. He sees a opening, evaluates the risk/benefits, then makes a decision. Heker is very tactical, but not very strategic. He can execute, but not plan. Heker was sort of the alpha-male of his Toa squadron. He made up for his short size with his loud and aggressive behavior, which endeared him to some, and separated him from others. Years in the military have eroded his sentiment almost to the point of nonexistence. However, he does have a great respect for brotherhood, and the bond created fighting side by side.

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Posted Jan 27 2015 - 03:44 PM

Character name : Clipeus 

Species : Holly Temple guardian 

Gender : None ( robotic entity ) 

Kanohi : Active Hau and powerless Kraahkan ( It's placed on its chest as a decoration ) 

Tools : The Shield of the Ancients and the Staff of Fusion ( Copy given by Artakha as a gift ) 

Abilities : Can use the Staff of Fusion to absorb elemental energy and even fuse with weaker beings . Although it may appear as an old rusted machine its shielding  powers are very high . 

Short History : Built from the conscience of a dying Onu-matoran and various other parts the ancient robot was entrusted  with the protection of  the Valtem Core ( the collective knowledge gathered by the Ancient Six ) together with its comrade Codrum Silvae ( A forest spirit )


Character Name : Codrum Silvae  

Species : Forest Spirit

Gender : Female

Kanohi : Modified Tryna used to heal The Silent Forest  after the Bohrok destruction .

Tools : Two air Katanas and an Axe (found inside an old tree ) 

Abilities : Heals the affected nature also can talk to rahi 

Short History : As a young , wild spirit  she used to wonder the forests there she found the defective Clipeus , after she repaired it they formed a bound , a special type of friendship , a love-hate relation. Artakha hired her as a assistant guardian for old rusty Clipeus .

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Name: Haiko (Hay-Ko)

Species: Dasaka

Gender: Female

Caste: Menti warrior

Clan: Dastana

Alignment: Chaotic good

Appearance: Standing half a head taller than most other Dasaka, Haiko's appearance could be most aptly described as "peculiar." Very slim and lanky, the Dasaka is clad in thin, dark blue armour highlighted with a coppery orange, faded by salt and sun. Her lower legs are fitted with an additional layer of clouded crystal, giving the effect of wearing high, heavy boots, to the point of being cumbersome. She wears a faded poncho that hangs loosely over her slight frame to her lean hips with a hood that she only draws up during heavy storms. The poncho is of a reversible fabric; one side is an inconspicuous, muted brown, the other a bright cloth-of-gold displaying the Dastana colours. Haiko's Calix is wrought in a smooth, nebulous shape with arching eye slits, as well as inlaid crystal spots above each of her perpetually inquisitive amber eyes. Haiko's left eye has a nearly-imperceptible twitch, prompting her to often keep that eye squinted slightly more than the other. Her face is often posed in a smirk, though whether it's of skepticism, debauchery, or scheming is debatable.

Traits: Haiko is a wandering spirit, whose loose sense of honor and unity has earned a her a dubious reputation in her clan. She values freedom above all else, and feels that she and all others should be free to pursue their own desires.  In Haiko's case, this often means the search for personal gain. While she still operates as a warrior of her clan, Haiko often feels that personal morals and opinions take priority over the decisions of higher authority. Her tendency to quip in inappropriate situations serves to infuriate her superiors. Despite her often roguish personal ambitions, Haiko still has a strong sense of personal honor, doing good on her own terms, rather than when compelled by others. While most see her as untrustworthy, Haiko is very loyal to those she deems friends.

Always a performer, her flourishes and tendency to balance in awkward positions are at best charming and at worst infuriating, as is her seemingly-constant state of amusement. Stealth and subtlety are not her strong points; Haiko hates having her movement constricted. She oozes self-confidence.

Weapon(s): While in its original capacity a weapon, the long, flexible wooden naginata carried by Haiko serves as a multipurpose tool rather well, and its sharply curved crystalline blade is well-suited to Haiko's combat style. Combined with Haiko's already-impressive acrobatic skills as well as her Calix, the naginata can be used for vaulting, swinging, and reaching far-off objects, rendering it a perfect tool for her.

Mask: Great Calix, Mask of Fate

Powers: As a Menti of the Dastana Clan, Haiko is an adept user of the Mindarm discipline, using it to augment her highly mobile endeavors. She is especially proficient in moving her own body with her mind, levitating and flinging into the air. She wears the Kanohi Calix, allowing her to perform at the peak of her physical abilities, giving an edge to her acrobatics.

Weakness(es): Haiko is more adept at escape than close combat, and her thin and lightly-armoured body cannot take a hit. In addition, she often underestimates the levity of dire situations, allowing her to be caught off guard as she quips and taunts.

Biography: Haiko's bloodline traces back to the Toroshu of an old, noble clan, who was accused of treason against the Empire and was  removed from power, her clan disbanded and Haiko's family shamefully reduced to Saihoko sailors. Whether the accusations were true or not is debatable, and makes little difference in Haiko's mind. After generations of being trod upon by the rest of society, Haiko and her small family joined the fledgling Dastana confederacy, and Haiko's rank in society jumped to Menti warrior. After spending the majority of her life taking orders from no superior, however repressed her minority was, being put in a governmental position with a commanding officer has required her to adapt, with mixed success. Haiko is struggling to reconcile her sense of independence with her newfound position in a society that is potentially worth fighting for.

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Name: Arzaki

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, the Great Mask of Quick Travel

Powers: Control over fire; resistance to fire; heating the air around him, but not to an explosive degree

Weapons: The Flamera Twins, dual-wielding swords that burst into flames when Arzaki is enraged.

Alignment: Revengeful good

Status/Location: Alive, Ga-Wahi


Description: A slightly taller than average Toa, with light-weight armor colored crimson, gray, and black. He has large claws on his shoulders, used both as armor and for looking scary. He has vibrant blue eyes and a dull gold Kualsi, which has a few scratches. His swords, the Flamera Twins, are both a bright silver, but turn into a dark gunmetal gray when on fire. I also have a few pictures of him here.


History: Arzaki used to work as a blacksmith, forging weapons for the people of his village, Ta-Koro. Being a Toa, he had greater strength than his fellow Matoran, and thus made weapons faster and with better quality than them. However, Arzaki wanted to do more than just stay in his forge all day. He went off on an adventure, looking for new metals to forge with, and new knowledge for his village. He came back 3 years later, and after the big hoopla of all his friends greeting him, he went back to work in his forge. Using some of the new metals he found, he created two identical blades. In the bladed pommels of these swords, he inserted two strange, warm stones he had found on his adventures. Once he completed his swords, he set off to test their might. Normally, he would have allowed a Matoran to try them out, but they were far too heavy for them. Soon after leaving Ta-Koro, he saw a fellow Matoran, chased by a Kane-Ra. Arzaki bolted after them, but seconds before he reached them, the Kane-Ra had impaled the Matoran with its horns. Enraged, Arzaki drew his blades, and they burst into flames. He engaged in battle with the Kane-Ra and swiftly killed it, chopping its head clean off. The charred body of the rahi fell to the ground next to the Matoran, whom was covered in blood. After wiping some off, Arzaki realized it was his life-long friend, Kasai. Even more enraged than before, Arzaki vowed to destroy every last Kane-Ra in existence. It was then that a stranger behind him said, "Shame. I hoped it would kill you as well." Arzaki whipped around and saw another Toa, clad in black and other dark colors. He appeared to be a Toa of Ice. The stranger introduced himself as Screthel and told Arzaki that it wasn't just the Kane-Ra that caused the death of the Matoran. It was Screthel as well. After explaining this, Screthel disappeared in a cloud of nothingness. As the flames on his swords dwindled out, Arzaki then, once again, vowed to kill Screthel, no matter what it took. And he didn't care who got in his way. On his way back to Ta-Koro to tell everyone about Kasai and that he was going off on an adventure again, he decided to name his swords the Flamera Twins.


Personality and Traits: Arzaki is angered very easily, but deep down, he is very kind. However, if he does get mad, he'll be almost as cruel as a Makuta. If you get on his bad side, he will stop at nothing to find you and obliterate you. If he especially hates you, he will make you suffer. He's also very hyper and can get distracted easily. However, in battle, almost nothing will distract him. He is extremely aggressive in battle, attacking almost constantly, but will attempt to parry if he needs to. He's also quite agile, so if he can find the time between swings, he will attempt to dodge an attack.


Weaknesses: Arzaki is very weak to water and moderately weak to ice. His aggressive style of fighting leaves little time for him to avoid a hit, and as such, he gets hit relatively often. If someone should mention Kasai's death, one of two things will happen. Arzaki will either get extremely saddened and drop to his knees and mourn, or he will get enraged and probably chase you until you're dead. He usually becomes saddened, which is why this is under weaknesses. He also can't bear the thought of harming a Matoran or other generally weak/small species, because he feels they don't have much hope in defeating him. Ironically, this causes them to easily beat him up. In addition to these, Arzaki is also terrified of heights and paranoid of deep water.




Name: Xalu

Species: Toa of Water

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed. Morphed to look like a Faxon

Powers: Control over water; resistance to water; holding breath for an above-average amount of time; swimming quickly

Weapons: A triple-bladed naginata. It's basically a trident with curved blades.

Alignment: Good

Status/Location: Alive, Ga-Wahi


Description: A taller than average Toa of Water with light-weight armor colored black, silver, dark blue, and some transparent blue. She has glowing orange eyes and a dark blue Faxon. Two pipes come out of her Faxon to her back, which helps her breath underwater a little easier. Her feet are in the shapes of fins and have heels, which make her seem taller. She's a bit clumsy on land due to this, but she swims faster than a takea. In addition to her feet-fins, she also has fin-like blades on her upper arms, which aid in swimming as well.


History: Xalu has always been friendly, and she especially loves hanging out with Matoran. She usually spends her time helping out her fellow Matoran in Ga-Koro, with things like harvesting plants and shells to make nets and other useful tools. Being a Toa, the Matoran rely on her for any living materials they might need. While harvesting shells and other underwater things, if she saw a takea or tarakava, she would likely swim after it and attempt to kill it. While this pained her, she needed to do it because few others would. However, this hunting has led her to self-teach herself how to fight effectively, and has made her a formidable opponent.


Personality and Traits: Xalu is very kind, especially to Matoran and Rahi. She's always calm, but on new moons she's extremely calm and on full moons she can get pretty cranky. No, this is not a crude joke to a certain monthly thing, this is a reference to how the moon affects tides. It is quite difficult to distract her or change her mind once she makes a decision. She's not an aggressive fighter, and relies more on her brain than her other muscles. However, if she must use her weapon, she will usually spin it around at a very quick speed, discouraging enemies from approaching her and probably shredding them if they get too close.


Weaknesses: Xalu is very weak to lightning and moderately weak to both earth and stone. Due to her kindness towards most living things, she's reluctant to fight, but will if she has to. If she finds herself in a battle with a Matoran, she will try her best to weasel out of it. Due to her flipper-feet, she has difficulty walking on land, and thus loses her footing relatively easily.




Name: Zephrys

Species: Toa of Air

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Calix, the Great Mask of Fate. Morphed to look like a Miru.

Powers: Control over air; resistance to air; flight

Weapons: A small replica of Zaktan's tri-bladed scissor.

Alignment: Good

Status/Location: Alive, Le-Wahi


Description: A Toa of Air of an average height. He has light-weight armor colored dark green, lime, black, and gold. His eyes are a burning dark red, which contrasts greatly with his armor. He has blade-like upper arm armor and bladed upper leg armor, which he claims is more aerodynamic than "normal" armor. He has insect-like wings on his back that he can use for flight.


History: Zephrys spends most of his time in Le-Koro acting as a guard. Even though the Gukko Force does its job tremendously, a little help from a Toa is always appreciated. His tri-blade scissors can easily cut up anything in his way, be it vegetation or Rahi. He's gotten into a few fights with fellow Matoran, due to his rudeness and rashness. He doesn't always get along with or agree with people. He's yet to kill any fellow villagers, but only time will tell if he ever will.


Personality and Traits: Zephrys is very agile, and depends on quick movements in battle. He likes to keep his distance, swoop in, get in a hit, and then get the heck out. His Kanohi Calix helps him greatly with this, and combined with his wings, it's very difficult to hit him unless he screws up. He's very aggressive, rude, and rash, which makes him a little bit anti-social. However, he's quite the joker around his friends, and he likes puns. A lot. Seriously, his puns will kill you.


Weaknesses: Zephrys is a little weak to both earth and stone, and very weak to water. He also has major hydrophobia, which is unfortunate, because lots of Le-Wahi is swampland. He's also a little paranoid of fire, but he's not scared of it. His rashness gets him into trouble a lot, which is a bad thing. His extreme speed in battle also causes him to run into obstacles occasionally, which leaves him as an open target unless he recovers quickly enough. He's also quite sensitive about his wings. He doesn't like it when people say they look like bug wings (even though they totally do) because he finds it offensive. Even though Zephrys may be fast from all these things, he doesn't have much muscle, so he won't be doing too much damage to you.





Name: Raanu

Species: Toa of Earth

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Ruru, the Great Mask of Night Vision. Morphed to look like a Rode

Powers: Control over earth; resistance to earth; natural high strength

Weapons: An axe that also has a double-bladed "pickaxe" on the other side. The "pickaxe" blades are dipped in poison. He also carries around a large club made out of rocks in his other hand.

Alignment: Good

Status/Location: Alive, Onu-Wahi


Description: A shorter than average Toa of Earth with heavy armor colored black, gray, and silver. He has faint dark green eyes and his Kanohi Rode is a brilliant silver. He usually walks around slightly hunched forward and walks with a slight swagger. He has clawed feet that help him stand his ground on the unstable stones of the depths, and he can use them for rather deadly kicks.


History: Raanu has spent most of his life mining minerals in Onu-Koro and defending the village. He has found many new metals and Rahi that lurk far below the surface. When he finds an extremely dangerous Rahi underground, he fights it off until his fellow Matoran find a way to re-trap it in the caves it came from. Other than that, he lives a peaceful and humble life.


Personality and Traits: Raanu is very hardworking and defensive about his people. He also has immense strength, which helps him lift extremely heavy things like his weapons. Contrary to the "big, dumb brute" stereotype, Raanu is actually quite intelligent, though he depends on his strength more than his mind. Some people claim to have seen him crush stones by closing his fist on them, but Raanu is far too humble to admit it. He also has extremely keen eyes and likely one of the most observant people in Onu-Koro, if not the entire island.


Weaknesses: Raanu is very weak to both water and air. He's paranoid of water and heights, but he'll get near them if he must. Due to how every his weapons are, he takes a little while to complete an attack, which leaves him open to enemies. There's a drawback to crushing skulls, people. His heavy armor and weapons also cause him to walk slower than most people, making it very difficult for him to dodge attacks.




Name: Hiku

Species: Toa of Lightning

Gender: Female

Mask: Kanohi Volitak, the Great Mask of Stealth

Powers: Control over lightning; resistance to lightning; moving quickly

Weapons: An electric sword and a dagger that can "unfold" into an electric crossbow that shoots (you guess it) electric bolts. Heh. Made that bolt pun myself.

Alignment: Evil

Status/Location: Alive, Ko-Wahi


Description: An average height Toa of Lightning with light-weight armor colored dark blue, white, and silver. She has cold ice-blue eyes (I really need to stop with these puns) and her Volitak is silver. Her armor is modeled after the Toa Hagah, whom she hunted down for some time. Her sword is silver, as is her "daggerbow." Her daggerbow has a laser sight as well as crystals that increase her electrical powers.


History: Hiku used to work as a mercenary, doing good deeds such as protecting a village for a few weeks from Rahi. However, one day, a friend of hers was killed in front of her in a brilliant explosion of light. To this day, she vows to get her revenge. She mostly uses her daggerbow in combat but will also use her sword should she get into close combat with a powerful foe. She currently lives in Ko-Koro.


Personality and Traits: Hiku is unforgiving, rude, stealthy, and an all around bad***. She's extremely good with her daggerbow and pretty good with her sword. After years of acting as an assassin, she could probably sneak through a well-guarded fortress and only occasionally use her Volitak. She knows exactly where to hit you to knock you unconscious.


Weaknesses: Despite how bad*** Hiku might be, she has her weaknesses. She has very light armor, so in the few times she does get hit, it hurts. A lot. She's also moderately weak to earth and stone.




Name: Screthel

Species: Toa of Ice

Gender: Male

Mask: Kanohi Zatth, the Great Mask of Summoning. Morphed to look like a Shelek

Powers: Control over ice; resistance to ice

Weapons: A sword whose blade is made of shadow, named Void's Wrath. He also has a shield made from the bodies of dead Matoran.

Alignment: Evil

Status/Location: Alive, Ko-Wahi


Description: Screthel is a taller than average Toa of Ice with average weight armor colored black, dark gray, purple, and accents of bright red. He has piercing red eyes and his Zatth (morphed like a Shelek) is silver with a black top. His sword, Void's Wrath, has a silver hilt and black blade. His shield is purely black. Despite being a Toa of Ice, he looks much more like a Toa of Shadow.


History: Not much is known about Screthel, other than he is Arzaki's arch-nemesis. He caused the death of Arzaki's life-long friend, Kasai, and Arzaki hates him for it. Arzaki is now hunting him down and will stop at nothing to kill him.


Personality and Traits: Screthel is ruthless, evil, and strong. He believes that he is one of the most powerful entities in the universe, and that nothing can hope to defeat him. He cares not for the lives of others, and his only goal in life is to kill the one being that he thinks could get close to killing him. The Flamera Twins, the blades forged by Arzaki, are made from the only metal possible of cutting through his armor, and they cut through it like butter. As soon as Screthel realized that the only way to kill him was created, he set off to kill Arzaki. He failed, and instead killed Arzaki's friend, Kasai. He won't give up on killing Arzaki, either.


Weaknesses: Screthel may seem invincible, but he has weaknesses. He is extremely weak to light and a little weak to fire and lightning. His armor is near impervious to all weapons except those created from a certain metal, and the only weapons on Mata Nui forged from that metal are the Flamera Twins wielded by Arzaki. Other than that, he's pretty much untouchable.

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Disregard this post.

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Name: Fulmen


Species: Vo-Matoran


Gender: Male


Appearance: The sand blue and white matoran stands at 150cm tall. His feet, hands and kanohi are blue while his arms are white. His face is decorated with a powerless great kakama and his yellow eyes glow brightly. There is nothing unusual about him, aside from his pale blue backpack, containing his sleeping bag, pillow, batteries and food.


Technological item(s): A battery powered torch. (Takes three batteries to work.) 


Status: Alive, travelling with a Po-Matoran named Doseki to Le-Koro


Weaknesses: The matoran sticks out like a sore thumb in almost every koro, he cannot hide himself easily during the day or the night because of his bright eyes and coloration scheme. One would think he could hide in the snow or sea, but Fulmen fears for his safety and despises water and snow, claiming his joints will rust if he goes for a swim or takes a step in snow. 


Alignment: Neutral


History: Prior to Makuta's attack on Mata Nui, he liked to invent gadgets that made his everyday life easier. When the island fell into darkness, Fulmen locked his belongings into a chest and buried it in a safe location, fearing for the loss of his belongings. With a torch, several batteries, food and a desire to avoid as much conflict as possible, he began travelling to each koro, in search of a safe place from the wild rahi and rahkshi on the loose. Unfortunately, every koro is involved in the chaos, meaning it's only matter of time until his supposed safe haven will fall apart. 


Personality: Like all vo-matoran, Fulmen is a sociable villager who respects his friends and acts kindly towards strangers. He cares about his own safety and often avoids areas he considers to be a danger to himself, such as the ocean and ko-koro in particular. Some could say he has paranoia, but he will dispel those claims, saying that he's just taking precautions to prevent serious injury or death. 

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Race- Vo-Matoran/Toa




Masks-Akaku(Primary), Pakari(Secondary)

Alignment-Chaotic Good


Toa Tool-Staff of Shock



Bio-Living in a small village of Matoran on Mata Nui, Vokaru was a merchant in the village. A Rahi attack drove him away from the village in a panic, and stuck in a cave in Onu-Koro. The small amount of Protodermis morphed the Matoran into a Toa. Not able to find many other Vo-Matoran near the area, Vokaru has became a loner, and currently resides in Le-Wahi, finding it akin to him.



Personality- Vokaru is cheerful and charismatic, and loves to have fun. He relates most to the Toa of Air, Lewa. He is solitary at times, due to the realization of the lack of Vo-Matoran.



Appearance-His eyes glow a bright yellow, and stands about as tall as a average Toa. His Staff of Shock is silver and black, with a ripple of static. His colors are sand blue and white.



Weakness- One main weakness is the mention of his former village, due to his thinking it was all his fault.  The other would be water, as it exhausts his elemental powers of electricity.  He has a weakness of darkness, fearing Makuta may strike when out of the light.


​Race-Toa of Crystal
Toa Tool-Crystal Climber(Imagine Gali's hook in gray on an axle), Kanoka Launcher

​Bio-Gadon has amnesia. He was a Toa in Metru Nui, and was native to Onu-Metru, and took many odd-jobs there. One(his last) involved tracking a Tahtorak through the darkest and deepest caves deep beneath the Archives. The Rahi was tougher than most, and he had a very difficult time stopping it. He held on using his Toa Tool, but ultimately it proved useless. The creature kept running until it reached a underground pool of Protodermis, which it took no notice to. Gadon didn't even see it. The creature fell into it, and it froze Gadon and the Tahtorak in time. He was broken out of the Protodermis after the Great Cataclysm by a group of Vahki, and fought his way through them. He is now in a weakened state with some memory problems, trying to find the rest of his Toa team.

​Appearance-Gadon wears a platinum-silver Kakama. His eyes glow yellow behind his Kanohi, and he has bits of Crystal on his armor.
​Weakness-As of getting broken out of the Protodermis, his body is weaker. But over time, his strength is being restored. 

Powers- In my fanon, Crystal is element. Because Gadon is a Cys-Toa, he can control and create Protodermis crystal formations. Since crystal is not known to exist or be an element in the Bionicle canon, I have explained it with Protodermis. With Gadon's control over crystal, he can harden Protodermis into a hard, shiny, crystalline rock. He can create it from Protodermis, or control preexisting formations by making them larger, sharper, move them, etc.

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  • Name: Akamu
  • Species: Toa of Ice/Dark Hunter
  • Akamu is an average-sized toa, and is decked out in white and silver armour with transparent blue accents. His right arm bears the mark of the Dark Hunters, signalling his affiliation with the organization
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers and/or weapons: Scythe, basic ice powers, shield/snowboard combo
  • Kanohi: Iden, Mask of Spirit
  • Weakness(es): Fire, for one thing, and his tendency to act irrationally in battles could be considered his fatal flaw
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • History: Akamu started off life as a simple Ko-Matoran on an ice-covered island whose name has been lost to time. During his time on this island, Visorak hordes started to appear, and pick off villages one by one. Many toa came to protect this island from the hordes, but few made it out alive. One of the deceased toa, prior to their death, gave Akamu a Toa Stone and a map to a toa suva, whereupon he transformed into his current self. Being one of the few who managed to survive the Visorak conquest, he believed that it was his destiny to seek a greater purpose, and to get revenge against the ones who destroyed his home. After learning that the Brotherhood of Makuta was behind the hordes, he joined the Dark Hunters in the midst of their war against them, and is currently serving as one of their kind.
  • Personality and traits: Like most beings of Ice, Akamu comes across as cold and uninterested when you first meet him. However, this facade hides an easily excitable but emotionally critical Toa. In addition, he seldom thinks before he acts, often resulting in unnecessary injury and/or loss. Due to his Dark Hunter nature, he always looks for hidden treasures, and will do anything for any party regardless of affiliation as long as there is a decent reward. (Myers-Briggs type: INTP)

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Name: Makaru


Species: Toa of Ice


Element: Ice


Mask: Noble Matatu  :matatu:


Weapons: ice spear and frost shield


Powers: basic ice power


Affiliation: Toa Asari


Description(physical): White Matatu, blue eyes, gold shoulder pads and breastplate, white leg armor, tall, well armored.


Personality: introvert, private, technical, competitive.  Makaru is a huge fan of Kopaka.  His armor and weapons also reflect this.  He is very caring and protective of his friends. 


Fighting Style: Makaru's style is defense and elusive. He likes to keep his distance and study his enemy before attacking full-on. Despite his armor, he is quite quick, but can be knocked off balance by being tripped.


Weaknesses: Makaru is clumsy and is vulnerable in tight spaces. Also, he is terrified of Manas.




NAME: Mishka                                       

WEAPONS: sword, shield

   SPECIES: toa

   GENDER: male

   MASK: akaku  :akaku:

   TEAM: Toa Isal

   ROLE: deputy


   ARMOR: gold and white non-magnetic protosteel armor

   PERSONALITY: strategist, distant, aloof, overbearing, analytical, perfectionistic.  never, ever loses arguments.

        regularly butts heads with their leader, Kailee, can be seen as insensitive and cold.     MBTI:INTJ

   DESCRIPTION: white armor w/gold highlights white Akaku, gold shoulders, and breastplate, as well as on shins, white everywhere else. green eyes. great reflexes.


WEAKNESS: has difficulties fighting wild, unpredictable opponents. Hates loud noises, klutz. Is usually a cautious planner, but can get caught up in the moment and goof off.

FIGHTING STYLE: Analyzes opponent, probes for weaknesses, plans, strikes.


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Posted Mar 02 2015 - 02:14 AM

  • Name: Korruhn

  • Species: Toa

  • Description: Upon first sight, Korruhn quite visibly carries the scars and marks of many years of travels and trials. His armor, covering a rather large frame for a Toa, follows a black-and-white color scheme, highlighted with faint purple lines, faded and dulled from combat and weather alike. Pouches adorn his thighs and belt, allowing for storage of his various weapons and trinkets. He wears a tattered black half-cloak and hood which covers the majority of his torso, and completely blocks any view of his mask and head. From under the seemingly abyssal darkness in his hood pierces the glow of a pair of ice blue eyes. His mask is said to be carved in a gruesome, skull-like shape, and heavily pitted and burned, although it is never seen.

  • Gender: Male

  • Kanohi: Calix, Mask of Fate

  • Elemental Power: Gravity

  • Weapons: Korruhn carries at all times two ebony war axes, adorned with mysterious purple runes.

  • Personality: Cold, calculating, cunning. Korruhn is generally cool and collected, finding a sense of calm in the most tumultuous situations. He is very direct with his words, and can come across as uncouth or even rude. He generally keeps to himself, although he will collaborate with others if it suits his need.

  • Weaknesses: Korruhn's apathy, combined with an inflated sense of confidence in combat, can leave him vulnerable.

  • Background: Korruhn began life as a Ko-Koronan Matoran, living deep in the frozen tundra outside of his hometown, making a well-sustained living hunting, recovering artifacts, and running messages across the most isolated and uncharted areas of Mata Nui. Well-versed in long-term survival tactics, tracking, navigation, and hunting, he is most formidable alone and in darkness. When the First Toa fell, Korruhn became one of many to ascend and transform, and he took his skills to greater destinations, and down darker paths. Stories have circled the bar tables of his dark crusades, violent adventures, and nefarious dealings, but nobody truly knows what madness overtook him as he sabotaged, assassinated, and pillaged his way across Mata Nui for those with coin or information that pertained to his interests. Somewhere along his travels, he began speaking of a mysterious treasure buried in the darkest crevasses of Ko-Wahi, one which he will stop at nothing to recover. What it is, or whether he is even sane, is yet to be discovered.

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