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#241 Offline king_of_the_rabbits

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  • 04-March 15
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Posted Mar 05 2015 - 01:00 AM

Name: Xeon

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers:Elemental earth powers.

Description: Slim, average height. Wears silver, gunmetal, and black armor, which seems rather beat up and used. His mask is old, worn, and in the shape of the usual kakama. He has green eyes, one of which is dimmer than the other.

Weaknesses: He does not have full vision in his dim right eye. He is also not physically strong, and therefore has a hard time holding back or blocking attacks.

Kanohi: Kakama

Allegiance: Neutral, at the moment.

Personality: Charismatic, not at all serious, somewhat cowardly. Can be quite manipulative. Has no true goals. Values nothing.

Background: Once a matoran engineer who designed non-lethal technologies for Onu-koro.  Made a toa much to his dismay. Wandering from one group to another ever since.

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#242 Offline Liuth

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  • 22-July 14
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Posted Mar 09 2015 - 09:30 AM

I was wondering, according to biosector01, Skakdi can wear kanohi, but not use them, so can I have my character wear a kanohi purely for decoration?

Name: Faraki

Species: Skakdi

A detailed description: The black skakdi has an organic spine covered in small spikes that runs down his arms and back from the back of his head. Sitting above his bright red eyes is a powerless white kanohi kaukau. Unlike most skakdi, who grit and flash their teeth in a scowl, Faraki usually keeps his mouth shut, but often likes to smile after a crime. The skakdi is equipped with a set of armour that protects his torso, shoulders, thighs and legs. He also has two toed feet that are webbed and has clawed hands.

Gender: Male

Powers: Provided he works in conjunction with another skakdi, Faraki can utilise his powers of magnetism, which includes generating magnetism and manipulating metals.

Technological items: In the constant event that there are no skakdi around to cooperate and work together with Faraki, he is equipped with a combat knife to inflict more damage on his opponents when his claws fail.

Weaknesses: Faraki’s eyes are incredibly bright when in use and a distinct red flash can be seen a meter away from him when a beam is fired. The skakdi also cannot channel his powers through the weapon he uses and performs poorly in medium to long range battles.

Alignment: Evil

History: Prior to Makuta’s attack, Faraki resided in Xa-Koro, spending most of his time robbing matorans. One day, after a failed attempt to rob a skakdi, he was chased out of his home a few seconds before it was destroyed and cast to the bottom of the ocean to become an infamous ruin. Since his departure, Faraki has travelled from wahi to wahi robbing innocent travellers of their supplies and widgets.

Personality and traits: Like all Skakdi, Faraki is short tempered and violent, but he’s surprisingly happy and polite, although who taught him to be well mannered will remain a mystery. However, he is extremely impatient and will behave like a typical skakdi when dealing with someone who is unwilling to comply with his ultimatums.

Edited by Liuth, Mar 17 2015 - 07:47 PM.

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#243 Offline Bioghost1000

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  • 13-March 15
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Posted Mar 14 2015 - 02:14 AM

Name: Nartam

Species: Toa

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Powers: Being a Toa of Stone, she has incredible strength and control over rock and sand. She can lift large boulders with ease and create structures of solid rock.

Abilities: Outside of her powers, she has great endurance. She can literally fight for hours on end. She also is surprisingly agile and has a vast knowledge of survival techniques. She has spent years relying on her survival skills alone. She can successfully hunt and gather food, build shelters and weapons out of whatever she can find, and navigate using the position of the stars.

Weapons: She wields two blunt staffs that are weighted on one of their ends. The weighted edges are made of hard steel, making them very good at breaking things whether it is rocks or armor. The handles of the staffs are wrapped in leather to reduce slippage. She is also known to carry a variety of makeshift knives and spears.

Kanohi: Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight

Appearance: Tall and muscular, she is quite built for a woman. She still retains an hourglass figure. A beauty besides, her face is as smooth as a pearl. Like most Toa of Stone, the main color of her armor is brown. Hints of silver dot her armor, giving it an angelic glow. She wear a long, tan cloak, tattered and weathered due to her constant traveling. The cloak has a hood that covers her face. She typically keeps it open, revealing her armor.

Personality: Once, she was a brave and confident warrior and hero. Now, she is an utter recluse. Wrapped in the guilt of the death of her team, she feels that there is no place for her. She will still defend villages and fight whatever Rahkshi or other threat that comes her way, but for the most part, she focuses only on survival. She is still a strong and cunning fighter, though. Her mind often comes up with several plans at once. This makes her an unpredictable opponent to face.

History: One of most athletic Po-Matoran in Po-Koro, she was quite the Kohlii star. This led her to overestimate her skills and become arrogant. When she became a Toa, she believed her popularity would skyrocket. She did a lot of heroic feats in her village, but while they were greatly appreciated, they gave her the reputation of a glory hog. To change this, she answered the call of a Toa of Air on an expedition to find a powerful ancient weapon. However, it was cut short by a horde of twenty Rahkshi. At first, she and her Toa team met the threat head on. They took them all down but, she made a bad call that cost the lives of her fellow Toa. Feeling the guilt of her team's death, she buried them in their respective villages and became a wandering nomad. At first, she deliberately put herself in harms way, so that she could die and not feel the pain of her guilt. However, after she experienced a near death experience, she came to the realization that she doesn't want to die. So, she continue to wander Mata Nui, learning much needed survival skills and training herself to be a better fighter as she went along.

Weaknesses: As with most Toa of Stone, she is unable to swim. Also, due to her lifestyle and isolation, she is rather poor at conversation and teamwork. Plus, wrapped it guilt, she doesn't care about the damages she suffers, seeing it as only minor compared to the pain she feels.

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#244 Offline TLo1013

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  • 05-March 15
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Posted Mar 16 2015 - 08:32 PM

Name: Torthados

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Powers: Jungle

Alignment: Good

Mask: Mask of Stealth

Weapons: Dual swords which Torthados calls "Spike-blades" due to the fact that there are multiple spikes on the opposite end of the serrated, razor-sharp blade.

Description: Torthados has dark blue armor with with  some thin, white streaks across it. He is noticeably taller than an average-sized Toa, and he has a lean, muscular frame. His mask is fused to his face. He has great endurance and without using his powers, he is fast and strong.

Personality:  Although intelligent and compassionate, Torthados is very exclusive to whom he trusts. He may seem like one's best friend one moment, but if that friend is evil or turns out to be an enemy, Torthados will turn on them in an instant. He is a Toa of his word. He tends to be very inaccurate in his estimations of enemies, either over or underestimating them. 

Weaknesses: Weak to fire and electricity.

Background: Torthados woke up one day with wind blowing past his ears. He was falling toward a volcano (how convenient, right?) with almost no memory, and was very weak. He did know his name and he knew what the power he felt meant. He was able to use his powers to fall in a more desirable location than the volcano (a tree in the nearby jungle). When he was able to stand again, he set off to find another Toa or a village with a voice echoing in his head: My reign of terror will begin soon, Toa...

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#245 Offline SnowyAegis

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  • 07-October 14
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Posted Mar 25 2015 - 03:12 AM

Characters:3-Elaadis(already in use), Viaxis(in wait of approval), Arvas
-Name: Elaadis
-Species: Toa of Lightning
-Gender: Female
-Kanohi: Pakari, appearance of a Faxon
-Description: Vaguely reminiscent of Toa Mahri Hahli, Elaadis is built less like a versatile soldier and more like a battle tank possessing equally tank-like legs. Coated in thick armor, Elaadis appears like some form of heavyweight champion when in full gear. Underneath the armor(majority of it is additional and not, in fact, natural armor) Elaadis still retains a slender, although muscular appearance. Her legs and feet are gray, with her foot extensions being yellow, and her armor silver(her shin armor resembles Visorak pincers, and almost reaches her hips). Other than this, she is primarily blue with silver armor covering most of her body. Despite gender having little effect on Toa or Matoran and thus possessing no gender-unique parts, Elaadis still has a somewhat protrusive chest with rounded armor over the top. If one can look past the thick armor making her almost sharp and blocky, they might consider her quite attractive. For a Toa, anyway.
-Powers: Being a Toa of Lightning, Elaadis has the ability to summon and manipulate lightning, primarily able to draw it in and fire it from her hands. Being of the Lightning element also means she has a strong resistance to it. Elaadis' primary weapon is her Shock Rifle, a large automatic rifle that fires concentrated electric bolts over long distances, and is effectively a lightning assault rifle. The two huge, bayonet-like blades underneath the barrel serve as both a means of channeling elemental energy through a large shotgun-like blast, and as a means of drawing in energy, and if she is willing, to put extra elemental energy into the rifle to increase the weapon's power. The bayonet-like blades serve poorly as actual bayonets, while they are sharp and perpetually electrified, they are both heavy and, on the rifle, difficult to use.
-Weaknesses: Elaadis' powers, and as such her weapon, are ineffective against metal objects, the electricity simply running through them into the ground. While she is armored from almost every angle, her back is her most vulnerable point, her armor layout designed to soak up damage from the front. She is immensely scared of heights(scared the weight of her armor will pull her down harder if she falls) and is weak to water, to the extent that she is at risk of electrocuting herself involuntarily if wet(to the point the electricity is doing significant harm). Those she cares for are also a weakness, she is easily scared(and let's her guard down) if those she considers close friends are harmed or killed. Through a combination of her weakness to water and her armor, Elaadis cannot swim. At all. In addition, she is a range-based Toa, possessing little in the way of Melee abilities, relying on blunt force and her powers to defend herself.
-Alignment: Chaotic good. Elaadis means well, but does not necessarily do well.
-History: Hailing from the southern island of Aoris Nui, Elaadis has a long history of fighting various things that ended up on the island, from Rahi to Vortixx to Toa corrupted by Makuta to straight-up Makuta. Eventually, however, another team's worth of Toa ended up being on the island, and they served well enough protecting the island even without her destructive aid. Tired of staying in the one place, and longing to explore the Matoran Universe, Elaadis left Aoris Nui, heading north.
-Personality and Traits: Elaadis is friendly but a little forgetful, often relying on friends to remember things for her, alternatively writing it down. While Elaadis enjoys having allies at her side, Elaadis prefers said allies do not become to numerous. Elaadis dislikes staying in one place for too long(although she's happy to come back to a place numerous times) and loves to travel. Elaadis is clever, but a tad slow when it comes to thinking, often coming up with a solid answer after everyone else has. Elaadis is easily upset by the harm or death of the people she cares about, on occasion even forgetting she's in the middle of a fight. Elaadis can also become incredibly destructive with her Lightning powers; when she pours elemental energy into her Shock Rifle, the points where shots land will create localized explosions, hence how she can be destructive.

-Name: Viaxis(Via for short)(yet to be approved)
-Species: Oxidae(incredibly rare, invented by yours truly)
-Description: http://imgur.com/Y2NPsip
-Gender: Female
-Powers/Weapons: Viaxis lacks the capacity to wear a mask, the metallic structure that resembles one is in fact her face, or part of it. She does, however, possess the abilities of the Kanohi Huna. As a result of her inability to wear actual Kanohi, she cannot change this. Viaxis' only true 'weapon' is her Duett Klinge(Dual Blade), a weapon consisted of two swords connected to one handle, a broadsword in one direction(forwards), a shortsword the other. While the Duett Klinge is technically a powered weapon, able to direct elemental energies, her lack of elemental ability makes it function as an ordinary weapon. Her other hand can extend long claws from each finger, making it also able to function as a slashing weapon, although the comparable fragility of these finger claws makes her use them only when necessary.
-Technological Items: Does a map count?
-Weaknesses: Viaxis lacks any elemental abilities, and cannot perform any of the abilities present in, say, a Toa, neither offensive or defensive, utterly lacking natural ranged abilities. While possessing solid armor, Viaxis is ineffective in direct combat, relying on strategy, speed and the stealth granted by her Huna-like ability to win her fights; anyone who catches her in the open has the advantage. Viaxis also struggles to see in the dark and is mildly claustrophobic.
-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
-History: For a long time, Viaxis has remained low-profile, making sure nobody takes significant notice of her(on at least one occasion pretending to be a Toa to avoid anyone becoming too curious). As a result, Viaxis lacks any place in known history. While she would prefer it stay this way, she would come out of her 'incognito hiding' if it was to get something done. Provided she saw any benefit in doing so.
-Personality: Viaxis, while comfortable with company, does not like people who ask a lot of questions. She also likes to avoid making a scene, especially in public. Overall, Viaxis likes a low profile. If you can get past her straight-forward, almost cold attitude and get her to trust you, she can be friendly and willing to help, listen or just be a pal.

-Species:Toa of Iron
-Description: Much of Arvas' actual body is a dulled silver, only his upper torso and hands being a dark grey. His armor is a matte black, with some pieces possessing a rusty brown/orange trim. His chest armor is vaguely reminiscent of the Toa Nuva chest armor, but less protrusive and expanded a bit, covering his shoulders and going under his arms. His black Hau's details are only made explicitly visible by his brightly glowing purple eyes. His Hau also has a tough metal plate he can lift to cover the mouth for added protection. When not raised, it sits in front of his neck and functions as a wind blocker and neck guard. Sometimes, Arvas likes to wear a grey/muted orange scarf.
-Gender: Male
-Powers/Weapons: Being a Toa of Iron, Arvas can manipulate metals, able to temporarily repair or even replace a damaged or broken tool if in the right environment. Arvas possesses a serrated longsword stylized to resemble a structural beam, and the blade has a slightly rusted, aged look. He also has a bulky round shield in the resemblance of a train wheel, which has the same aged look as his sword's blade. Arvas also wears a Kanohi Hau, largely to protect himself from ranged attacks.
-Technological Items:N/A
-Weaknesses: While contact with water is not necessarily harmful to him, being wet either severely weakens his elemental powers and strength, or, in the case of his elemental powers, outright deny him them. Fire has a similar effect, although it has a greater effect on his strength. Arvas' Toa gear also lack any ranged abilities, and if he intends to make a way(IE creating a spear out of ore in the ground), this will prevent him from fighting, making him vulnerable.
-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-History: Arvas cares little for history, seeing everything as a day-to-day matter. As such, Arvas has done little to impact Mata Nui, going from job to job as a mercenary, traveling a lot as a result. While Arvas has, in the past, taken an interest in ranged weapons, hence how he knows how to use most pistols and rifles, he has found the best way to deal with someone is to bash their head in with the flat of his heavy blade, as a result his sword, shield and generally some other supplies is all he carries. While Arvas' actions may make an impact somewhere, Arvas' only real care for his own wellbeing and survival makes him take no notice of this.
-Personality: Arvas is a mercenary, up for hire as anything from an escort to a companion on someone else's quest. Arvas is uncaring and, while not selfish, not at all selfless; if he's reattaching the arm you're bleeding from its because you paid him to, and/or you're necessary to his own survival. However, Arvas does possess the ability to like other people, especially if they become a general companion rather than a client, although most of the time people end up in the 'people he doesn't like' category. If Arvas does come to like someone, while he acts with the same straightforward, blank attitude, he will instead reattach your arm to keep a friend alive, as in his eyes, real friends and allies are few and far between, and rarely can one afford to lose them.

-Name: Vordes
-Species: Gravitoran/Gravity Matoran/Ba-Matoran
-Kanohi: Powerless Mask of Rebounding; looks like a Kaukau
-Description: A rebuilt/gen-2 Matoran, Vordes has a black body and arms. Her hands, legs, mask and feet are purple, although her feet possess a black trim. Her eyes are yellow. Like all Ba-Matoran, Vordes has a strong resistance to extreme pressures, and this is apparent through muscular legs. Unlike many Kaukaus, which are partly transparent, Vordes' Kaukau-like MOB(Mask of Rebounding) is utterly solid save for the visor, only her eyes visible as a result. Her mask also goes a little further back on either side of her head.
-Powers/Weapons: Being a Matoran, Vordes possesses no true elemental powers. Her minute fragment of elemental energy manifests in the usual; Vordes is resistant to even the most extreme of pressures. Vordes uses a Pickaxe either to defend herself or to dig. She has tied a string to the base of her Pickaxe's handle, and ties the other end to her wrist, allowing her to easily and safely throw the Pickaxe and then return it. In terms of true weapons, Vordes possesses nothing.
-Technological items:An iStone(if that's allowed), camping gear.
-Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Vordes possesses no powers or abilities, restricted to the norm for Matoran(save for her ability to sniff dismissively in the face of gravity/gravity-like traps). Vordes has a terrible sense of direction, and if there is no road or signpost/etc. pointing her to her destination, it is easy for her to get lost.
-Alignment:Neutral Good
-History:Vordes switches between 'wanderer' and 'miner', frequently digging up useful materials and selling them off to make a living. Vordes has traveled a lot, and is at least aware of the locations of all the Koros, but primarily remains within the Onu/Po-Koro region, only going to others if she feels or has the need. Vordes has done little to make a name for herself, but has at times made efforts to find others of the Gravity element, so far with no success.
-Personality/Traits: Vordes enjoys digging up interesting things, traveling and exploring caves and ruins/etc. Vordes feels at home around Onu-Matoran(black and purple is shared by both the Earth and Gravity elements, so she effectively looks like one) and Po-Matoran, although to a lesser extent. While she is by no means good at it, Vordes also likes to carve things, mainly gained from her frequent visits to Po-Koro in the past. Vordes will respond to any trap/trick/etc. that did not have the intended effect on her with the statement of "I am a Ba-Matoran" in a stern voice. Vordes is easily confused by maps, riddles and advanced technology.

-Name: Maelri
-Species: Ga-Toa
-Kanohi: Miru, shaped like a Rode lacking the top spike
-Description: Maelri's neck, upper arms, hands, hips and thighs are blue. Her feet are grey, and everything else is black. Her body armor looks a lot like female Vortixx armor(IE Roodaka's), and her arms lack armor completely. Her thigh armor is pretty regular and grey, while her shins are protected by broad silver plates. Her Miru looks like a Rode lacking the top 'dorsal' spike and has been toughened somewhat, as well as having a blue trim. She has yellow eyes. Her left hand has small claws attached to the ends of her fingers, designed to give her better grip, although she has forgotten how to take these off.
-Powers/Weapons: Being a Toa of Water, Maelri possesses powers over water, able to summon, manipulate and absorb it. She also wears a Miru, Mask of Levitation, which she uses to perform otherwise difficult to nearly impossible aerobatics(and maybe parkour),mainly in combat. Maelri uses a huge bardiche, the blade of which almost matches her own body size. As a result, Maelri has somewhat above-average arm strength in order to wield it.
Technological items: Camping gear(primarily a tent), fire starting kit, bedroll.
-Weaknesses: Maelri is vulnerable to fire and electricity, the latter much more so. While what armor she possesses is thick and resilient, she is comparatively under-armored. She also possesses nothing in the means of blocking attacks, aside from attempting to stop it with her bardiche. As a result, ranged attacks tend to be most effective. I don't think you understand how hard it is to stop a ranged attack with a pole arm.
-Alignment:Neutral Good
-History:Unknown. Don't ask her. She remembers being a Matoran and remembers the time she punched a Takea into unconsciousness, and then threw said unconscious Takea at a Tarakava that was beforehand docile. And then had a fistfight with the Tarakava and almost won. As a Matoran. That's about it.
-Personality/Traits: Maelri is, most of the time, persistent and able-bodied, if dismissive and a bit laid-back. Her favorite pastimes are drinking, drinking more, adventuring and getting into fistfights with either people or Rahi that are generally larger than she is. She doesn't care if that Muaka is twice her height, she'll fight any Muaka. Most of the time, Maelri is laid-back and doesn't seem to care about much. If a friend(and sometimes herself) is at serious threat, it's like someone has flicked a switch. She becomes angry, violent and a tad overprotective. Right up until the threat is removed. When sober, Maelri has a strong British accent. When drunk, she has the strongest Australian accent you've ever heard. Not that people would be able to discern said accents.

-Description: Talvoss is not notably tall, around lower-average Toa height. However she is of a sturdy, bulky build, somewhat unusual in a Vortixx. She is largely black with some muted orange parts, and has grey armor with a similar muted orange trim. Her otherwise drab colour scheme is pierced by her piercing green eyes which stand out vividly. She wears a short orange cloak(comes down to her upper waist) that, while looks as if it used to be brightly coloured, is now dulled and a little tattered. Depending on the environment, she also may wear thick brown boots that almost reach her knees.
-Technological Items:Camping gear, iStone, Volo Lutu Axe(described below, accepted by Ghosthands), Repeating Crossbow(also described below. And no, this is actually pretty old tech in our standards, seems feasible for them. Also accepted by Ghosthands.)
-Weapons/Powers: Talvoss has no elemental powers or masks-using abilities, but has a solid understanding of most, if not all(Sonics and Magnetism continue to confuse her) of them. Talvoss possesses a repeating crossbow mounted on her arm. While able to fire in quick succession, it is only able to fire three shots before requiring a reload. This weapon is dangerous, the arrows able to pierce some lighter Armors and its small impact point meaning even small vulnerable points may be hit, but the rounds are not powered by any means, it's usage as an arm weapon makes accuracy difficult, and the method of firing makes the range somewhat unimpressive, considering its otherwise impressive design and engineering. Her signature weapon, however, is her Volo-Lutu Axe, to her known as Cannon Axe, or on occasion Gunaxe. The axe appears like an upscaled hand-axe, possessing one blade but being large enough to easily be held with two or more(if being aided, say) hands. However, the technology behind the weapon is that, if a lever-like second handle near the main handle is cranked once, the blade moves further down the body, revealing a Volo-Lutu Launcher(Or, rather just a cannon originally made to fire Volo-Lutus) built into the weapon. The trigger is also revealed, being on the handle that has now moved downwards. The gun can only fire once, and needs to be reloaded and cocked again afterwards. When the handle is cranked again, the axe blade returns. If the Launcher is not ready to fire when exposed, the movement of the blade does this instead.
-Weaknesses:As said above, Talvoss has no elemental abilities nor the ability to use masks. Anyone possessing equipment that may be able to stop both arrows and the explosive impacts of Volo-Lutus(IE a thick, sturdy shield) likely has an advantage, as these are two of her main attacks(all she has now is the ability to swing her axe at you, and your shield can likely take that as well). Because of her lack of added abilities, all she has to rely on are her weapons and her own physical and mental abilities. Fire may also ignite her cloak. Which may just make her angrier.
-History:Talvoss tends not to remember the things she has done in the past, unless they are actually notable. As such, if she has done anything of significance in the past, be it blasting the head off an unsuspecting Rahkshi about to kill a Matoran or putting a wanted criminal in jail, she doesn't remember.
-Combat style:In combat, Talvoss operates in what humans would call an incredibly 'Dark Souls-like' manner, frequently rolling, strafing and strafe-rolling, but always facing her target. She will never attempt to use both of her weapons, instead rapidly switching between, although when she uses her crossbow she tends to just sit her axe on her shoulder.
-Personality:While Talvoss cares little for society, she is by no means antisocial, rather simply not engaging in social activities, letting others have the fun. If someone does approach her to socialize, they would find she is a moderate listener, although if someone goes on for too long she starts to become annoyed. She cares about people who are both...well, not evil, and will always take the side of whoever has the moral high ground in an argument. However, in any larger-scale debate or conflict, Talvoss will remain utterly neutral, providing arguments for both sides, if she becomes involved at all. Talvoss is fine with the bustling activity of the Koros, but honestly prefers peace and quiet. She also has no preference on which region she likes more; she likes them all for different reasons.

Kanohi:Hau. His mask is shaped to vaguely resemble a gas mask with a helmet on top, reminiscent of those worn in WW2. Indeed, his mask appears to function as such, as when he breathes it sounds as if it is coming through a filter.
Technological Items:Camping Gear(tent & bedroll), Lightstone, his Patero, ammunition, worn iStone(which he keeps maps on), general backpack.
Description:Axardis, naturally, has somewhat unimpressive armor, having it everywhere but none of it being thick, the only exception being the helmet-like cranium of his mask. Axardis is largely a grey-brown colour, save for his black hands, shins and feet. Axardis does not have the greatest resilience to cold, and as a result tends to wear a rugged brown-green coat. The helmet-like part of his mask has a faded green coloring to match his coat, which he did himself to make said coat fit more. The two circular eye holes on his mask, which are shielded by one-way panes, are a dull grey-green colour, while the face of the mask is grey. His actual eyes are blue.
Powers/Tools:Being a Toa of Stone, Axardis possesses control over stone, which he rarely uses(one of his main things being using it to move rocks like mobile cover. His original Toa Tool was a 'Power Pick', a pickaxe which could shear through stone when elemental energies were used on it. While he keeps said Pick, he was vastly unimpressed with it when he first became a Toa, and at some point got himself a Patero Launcher, which he modified slightly to open from the top. Otherwise, it functions exactly the same. He also possesses a pack on his side where he keeps ammunition for said Patero.
Weaknesses:Axardis is scared of combat, having a perpetual fear of being killed. As such, he enjoys the companionship of allies, and if he has some, he is more willing to go into battle. While Axardis has trained for combat, his personal ability to take damage is unimpressive, so when attacked he relies on his Hau for defense, which can be shorted out fast under the right conditions. He is also vulnerable in melee combat, as a Patero does not make a great club, and while his Power Pick is a better weapon, it is by no means all that effective. Despite his fear of combat, Axardis seeks it out, wanting to make the world a better place, and believing the way to do so is to rid it of evil doers.
Alignment:Neutral Good
Personality:Axardis is scared of fighting, especially when alone, but seeks out combat to fight for good. Axardis is friendly and willing to help, but is limited in his abilities. Axardis enjoys the company of others, and while willing to help on other people's quests, he is only really satisfied with it if he can see how it helps fight evil(IE treasure=how tho, element-boosting gems=oh I see). When provided moral support by allies, Axardis can manage to abandon his fear and become a serious, dangerous soldier.

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#246 Offline Rennoc215

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  • 23-March 15
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Posted Mar 25 2015 - 01:26 PM

Total Number of characters: 3
Matoko, the Shaper
(Po-Matoran Merchant)
(Currently At: Po-Wahi, Po-Koro)
Marthuum, the Righteous Fist
(Toa of Gravity, Currently a Vigilante)
(Currently At: Ta-Wahi, Beach (Moving to Ta-Koro))
Tezzek, Whisperwood Hunter
(Toa of Sonics, Hunter of Many)
(Currently At: Ga-Wahi, Old Fusa Path)
Name: Matoko, The Shaper
Species: Matoran
Description: A Po-Matoran with the build of a gen-two matoran. He has a replica left arm, after losing the original to some local wildlife, forcing him to put together a replacement. His feet and remaining hand are a dusty copper color, which his powerless Kanohi Akaku shares. Connected to his artificial shoulder is a tall stick, which serves as a light source via the strung Lightstone.
Gender: Male
Technological Items: A Volo-Lutu Launcher, a few basic metal tools (Pickax, Hammer, Chisel),
Weakness(es): As a matoran, Matoko is neither amazingly strong or fast. His mechanical arm, while granting him surprising strength with that one limb, is even slower than the rest of him, and highly susceptible to damage. Also, his demeanor can get him into some tough places among other characters, as his innate belief that everyone could be his friend can get him mixed up in the wrong crowds.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
History: Matoko has been a wanderer of the wastes since before the fall of Makuta. Patient to a fault, Matoko dreamed of setting up shop somewhere outside the koro, close enough to benefit from travelers while still avoiding the bustle of true koro life. What will be stocked would be relatively varied, often bartering away his handmade goods for other things, such as tools, trinkets, and weapons, only to barter those away for something new and shiny. He and his pet Ussal crab, Klekk, now search the wastes for the spot of his ultimate store: "The Wasteland Wonder."
Personality and traits: To Matoko, there are three kinds of people: Customers, Future Customers, and a very special few who don't fit into either group. Members of the last group include Mata Nui, Himself, and the dead, only because they can't ever buy from him. To him, everyone's a future friend, no matter if you're the most upstanding lawbringer in the land, or if you're one of the six big bad Piraka. To Matoko, everyone can be a potential friend. You could be Mata Nui made real or Makuta back from the dead, Matoko believes he can sell you something, or at least be a friend for you.
Pet: Klekk the Ussal. Klekk has a large wheeled cart harnessed to him, though it is often full of relatively little worth.




Name: Marthuum
Species: Toa of Gravity
Description: Built like Onua of the Toa Mata, Marthuum is anything but. His golden Pakari stands vividly from his purple armor, offset from his relatively drab black body.
Gender: Male
Powers/Weapons: Heightened Gravitational Prowess, a single standard steel longsword.
Technological Items: iStone (which he keeps updated with local wildlife populations, recent crimes, and bounties), a map, Food and Water rations for one week (Which he re-stocks whenever he returns to the koro).
Weakness(es): His brazen temperament often leaves him fighting opponents that gravely outclass him, and rather poor choice of equipment often leaves him without any real support in situations where even commonplace items might be handy. He can't swim, and will sink like an Onu-Matoran in a mine-cart. In fact, he actually has a crippling fear of large bodies of water, including but not limited to Lakes, the ocean, and wide rivers, due to a fear of large sea creatures that are out to get him. Also, he is extremely self conscious about his purple feet, though that's something that he wouldn't say to a soul. Mention them, and prepare for trouble.
Alignment: Lawful Good
History: The hero a number of people question, Marthuum was born into the life of a hero by two other toa who decided to live the peaceful life. Even as a kid, Marthuum was filled with righteousness, picking fights with bullies easily twice his size. Often, he lost, but he kept his dignity and morals, and even allowed himself to become versed in the way of the Toa Code. For a good portion of his life, he followed the code to the letter, until a fight with a certain Skakdi caused him to question his very being and purpose. This "Trial of Gravity,"  as he likes to call it, freed his mind from the rigors of the code, and he began to experience new things, taking time off for himself. It was only when he heard about the annihilation of Xa-Koro that he realized where he needed to be: A hero, protecting others.
Personality and traits: Marthuum is a self-righteous hero with an indestructibility complex. Loudspoken and headstrong, if he believes it is right, or if there is great enough need, he'll do it. Wildlife control is his hobby, though the subduing of villains is what really brings him joy. He scorns the usage of weapons, believing them to be impersonal and makes fights too easy, though he does carry a single sword on his person in case someone challenges him to an honorable duel. His fists are his weapon of choice, however, and his gravitational gifts makes them particularly dangerous. Upon throwing a punch, he'll often trigger both his elemental powers and Pakari, amplifying the weight of his fist and using the boosted strength from the Pakari to throw the now half-ton fist into his foes. He's also not one to scorn using his gravitational prowess to slow down his opponents, making sure that his fist of justice will connect like a runaway train.
Name: Tezzek
Species: Toa of Sonics
Description: Tall, Silver and gray, but with deep purple eyes, visored by a Kanohi Huna.
Gender: Male
Powers/Weapons: Enhanced Stealth, Protosteel Shortsword
Technological Items: Volo-Lutu Launcher, Metal Tools for processing Rahi, bags and containers for transportation of rahi goods, Small Hammock and camp gear, small telescope for spotting caravans.
Weakness(es): As a Toa of sonics, Tezzek is particularly weak to the sounds of others, and actively avoids marketplaces, and other loud areas. He's also striken with enochlophobia, or the fear of crowds, preferring the calm of the wilds to the bustle of the koros. He can manage being on the outskirts of the town, but no further. He often contracts beings to gather items for him from within the marketplaces. His methodology is also very linearly planned, and beings able to see him with methods such as Kanohi powers, thermal vision, et al. disable his main combat technique, rendering him relatively powerless.
Alignment: True Neutral
History: Calm and reserved, Tezzek simply seeks balance for himself. After awakening to his new toa state one morning, the bustle of the koro forced him from his original home in Ga-koro, and into the peaceful forest of Ga-Wahi, just off of the Old Fusa Path. Now, he utilizes his enhanced abilities to hunt and has honed his skills manipulating sound so as to neutralize his own, which pairs well with his Kanohi Huna, the mask of invisibility.
Personality and traits: While he enjoys the company of others, he by no means enjoys large companies. Those that travel in small groups down Old Fusa Path are often stopped by him, not for toll or other means, but for simple contact. Often, he has been alone for days or weeks, and while his meditative mind handles isolation well, even it often seeks company in the cold woods. He is softspoken, and compassionate, but often will not act on anyone's behalf but his own.

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Name: Cresk


Species: Vortixx


A detailed description or image:

Cresk is relatively tall for a Vortixx. He wears dark blue and silver armor which fits him slimly. Due to lung damage during his time in the Great Sea, he is forced to continually wear a respiration device. 

Gender: Male


Foreign Tech/Weapons: (1) Customized Vortixx Plasma Javelin. A short stabbing spear able to be superheated for maximum damage. This weapon was modified by Cresk to include the ability to fire energy rounds which can stun enemies for a short period of time. (2) Lightbender, a small camouflage field generator. This advanced piece of tech was designed by Cresk himself, and is perfect for waiting out an investigation by the authorities. To work, the lightbender must be placed solidly on the ground. The user must stay within a couple bio of the device to maintain invisibility. The field stays only around one user, and fits his/her outline. When the time is right, the user may deactivate the device and carry it easily. 


Weakness(es): Damage to his breathing apparatus will put him out of a fight fairly quickly. Also, he is extremely susceptible to shadow weapons/attacks. 


Alignment: Neutral evil.


History: Cresk was washed up in terrified amnesiac state upon Mata Nui. He suffered severe lung damage while afloat, forcing him to always where a breathing mask. Besides an aversion to infected Rahi and Rahkshi, he acclimatized well to his new life. So much so, that he began running an illegal weapons business in Ta-Koro after just a month of living there. When this was shut down, he decided to start a new life in the lawless wastes of Po-Wahi.


Personality: While Cresk is usually cunning and dangerous, he can be prone to fits of small-mindedness and idiocy. When in such breakdowns, he can be either cringingly cowardly or fiercely destructive; sometimes even a mixture of the two. Due to his unhinged nature, it is believed that he was experimented before washing up on Mata Nui. This being said, he is capable of strong tactical planning and invented many of the weapons he sold in Ta-Koro. He cares nothing for law or accepted social order, however he does not go out of his way to spit on them. To him they are simply another hurdle that he must surpass every now and then for his personal advancement. Thus, while he may keep an ingratiating front to Toa or Matoran authorities, he will most likely be dealing below the table all the while.


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Name: Luta


Species: Le-matoran


Equipment: Small hand-made spear and a large backpack


Description: Simple Le-matoran body with a powerless light-green kakama and a piece of cloth always kept over the right shoulder, and always carries that large backpack with him.


Gender: Male


Weaknesses: Doesn't want/like to fight, nor very good at it, would prefer to just run away.


Alignment: Kinda neutral, doesn't really care as long as he gets what he wants.


History: Not much to tell outside of the fact the backpack has been in his family for generations, and that he made the spear out of a sharp stone and some wood.


Personality: A somewhat comedic trouble maker who searches the island for various goods and treasures, he's also quite clumsy and doesn't really care much for rules, he is also quite accident prone (like major accidents).

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