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Colored Text Link Code

Posted by Cederak on Dec 17 2012 - 06:52 PM

I was updating my Library and discovered that the coding suddenly became...weird. I only added one story, but somehow, a ton of other stories got their coding messed up. Running on the presumption that this is a board issue, I brought my concern here in the hope that this issue could be addressed and resolved.

Yeah, this has happened to me too. I figured it was just because I had too much coding (I remember on the old boards often times things got really messed up if you used too much coding) so I didn't bother reporting it, but I guess not. 
At the very end of The Ambage topic, I have links to the hosts with their names colored. When I edited the topic (after the recent forum upgrade) -- and I wasn't even editing a link -- all the links got messed up, as well as some other coding (such as font). 
There seems to be a few other issues as well, such as the size of text changing (this happened when I toggled the editing mode and then toggled it back). I usually only use RTF mode, but I had toggled it to see if perhaps I could fix the colored link problem manually. I haven't played around with it too much yet, though. 

Can you guys try this again now that the forum software was updated?

Hmm, well it's kind of hard to replicate, because I don't have many topics that use colored links and a lot of BBCode. =P But, I did edit/save changes (without actually making any changes) in the Ambage topic, and it didn't fix itself (wasn't expecting it to, though), but nothing else got messed up either. 
So I tried it in 
my library, too (edit/save changes), and none of the links got messed up, but the centered text became uncentered, and extra spaces were made. This has happened before the upgrade, though (the spaces, at least), so I can't really say if this is a problem or not. 
So yeah, bottom line is I'm not sure, sorry. =/ It didn't fix itself, but nothing seemed to go horribly wrong either, so it might be fixed? To really accurately test it I need to find a topic that hasn't been edited since the upgrade, and see if editing that messes it up or not.

Edit: Oh wait, never mind I found a topic -- the Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest topic. The colored links at the bottom of the post did not get messed up, but once again extra spaces were created and previously centered things have become uncentered. 
So it appears that the colored links problem has been fixed, but there are a few small things with BBCode that still get messed up. But the adding extra spaces is nothing new -- the forum's been doing that for me since it was created last year. It's fixable, you just have to edit it again. 

Edited by Velox, Jan 05 2013 - 08:08 PM.

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