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BBCode: [/quote] not responding

Posted by fishers64 on Apr 01 2013 - 01:58 AM

Try editing it and click the light switch-looking button in the top-left of the editing control panel. That will put it in BBCode mode and you can make any necessary changes.

That was the first thing I tried. I can't repair the post without scrapping out the quote tags, and I badly need them there. 
In fact, I suspect that changing to BBCode mode is what caused the problem in the first place, as that was what I used to format that post in the first place. 

While it doesn't seem to be the case, sometimes if a post has too much BBCode (including emoticons) it has issues rendering. We'll have to look into it more.

I tried disabling the emoticons, with no luck, and there is only three quote tags there. I have had posts before with 8 or 9 quote tags without issue. I think this is a new problem. 

Seems like you're closing a great deal more tags then you're actually opening, and that might be the problem here.
Since BBCode can't be directly interpreted by the browser, IP.Board (or any other forum software, really) parses it into HTML, but when encountering invalid BBCode it has to make decisions - you can't have a single post ruining the entire page, simply because a user forgot to close a tag. All the remaining closing tags will simply be posted as text.

The problem with the rendering of BBCode in general would likely be caused by overly complex and/or improperly nested BBCode. Simpler stuff shouldn't go wrong, since it's just literally a direct translation.

Actually, I'm pretty sure this issue is caused by the quote graphics being actually rendered out in the RTE. This means that you have to switch between the BBCode mode and the RTE, and make sure the quotes are rendered out correctly before posting. Otherwise that error occurs.
The extra closing tags are produced by the error itself; I did not type them.  

Is this still happening post-upgrade? Thanks!

Yes, it's still happening. 


The problem really is that the number of opening quote tags in BBCode mode does not match the number of closing tags. The software used to alert you to that problem, but it no longer does, and when the number of tags don't match up, you get what I showed in the first post of the ticket.


If I fix the tags so they have the matching number of opening and closing quotes, the problem goes away. However, I think it still needs to be fixed because the software feedback of that mess doesn't tell the user that they have too many opening or closing tags. It's a design flaw. 

Nov 24 2014 08:23 AM

I am having a problem to quote and multi quote another member's post. And I cannot scrap my own post. :(

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