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Increase Signature / Avatar File-Size Limit

Posted by Primis on Nov 11 2013 - 02:55 PM

This was erased with the forum hack, so I'm reposting it.
It was a welcome change when the Signature Guidelines were updated to allow 800x300px images, but unfortunately the 100kB File-Size Limit remained unchanged. A 100kB Limit was fine back in the days when you were only allowed a single 250x100px or 468x60px image, but if you want to take advantage of the increased dimensions, it's very difficult without compromising your image's quality. For example, images with transparency are completely off the table, unless they're low-quality GIFs.
I suggest that the staff increase the File-Size Limit to something more reasonable. 500kB would be ideal, and considering that 500kB is the allowed limit for individual images in threads, I don't see why it would be a problem. That being said, even a small boost to 200kB would help significantly.

Personally I've never had a problem with 100K, but I'm in favor of 200KB nonetheless. 500KB is a little extreme, IMO.

I think the overall purpose of having a 100KB limit for signatures is the fact that every member has a signature. If you have, say, 30 members that have posted in a thread, that's 30 potential images in that thread, which is 30MB for your browser to load. For people that have slow internet connections, 30MB would take a very long time to load, and once you add in any other miscellaneous images, it could be in the upwards of 50-60MB of images to load.

Your math is a little off:
100kB x 30 = 3,000kB = 3MB
500kB x 30 = 15,000kB = 15MB
Limiting load times was a good reason back in the days when there were close to 1,000 people online at any given moment; there was a constant flow of new posts. These days however, entire subforums can go weeks without a new post. The only topics that seem to get regular traffic are the RPGs, and there are only a select few that participate in those anyway. Also keep in mind that not everyone has an image in their signature, some don't bother with a signature at all.
If the limit is increased, not everyone is going to take advantage of it, just like not everyone has a 800x300px image, even though it's perfectly acceptable now. In any case, there is an option in your account settings to disable signatures.
As for miscellaneous images, you rarely see those outside of art topics or birthday topics, even in the old forums, so that's a nonissue.

Edited by Primis, Nov 14 2013 - 05:08 PM.

Blessed Blade
Nov 16 2013 01:00 AM
Just another thing to add; for people with slow internet connections, the images aren't going to be the only problem they face, and that is coming from someone who had to use a slow internet connection for a few days. All the javascript based events really slow down loading of the pages, which makes the the sig/avatar filesize limit rather useless, because you could have no avatars or signatures on the board, but if it fails to load the entire topic because of issues loading the javascript or so, it's a useless fix; combined with all the text it has to load.

That said, those issues are slightly rarer than when the rule was created back in what... 2002? 2004? Internet has gotten better for most people.

So, what I would instead recommend, is increasing the limit, but having like a 'mobile' skin that disables avatars and signatures automatically, and has no WYSIWYG editor, or at least gives the barebones editor enough functionality to have paragraph breaks without javascript enabled. That drove me up the wall for those couple days, and things like the 3DS have the same issue without javascript actually disabled, since it's a stupidly old browser, but just shows the issues some members have on a regular basis.

We already have a mobile skin, but perhaps we should make it more widely available? I can't use it unless I'm on my iDevice. 

Yeah, the math was a bit off there, which is really odd, because math is one of my strong suits, but I am incredibly tired half the time I post on BZP anyway, so... :P 
But I personally think the limit is perfectly fine. If it was set at say 200KB, it might be alright, but anything above that is a little overboard, in my opinion.

I have found the 100kb limit to be extremely limiting, and have been messaged by an assortment of different staff members more times than I should have been for having a combined av/banner combo over the limit. I always try to triple check, but honestly, most of the stuff I want to use is between 100kb and 200kb even at a good resolution anyway. An increase to 200kb would be great; an increase to 500kb would be even more fantastic and allow for far more creativity to be unleashed.

Dial-up is long gone and dead, I think it's time to increase the file size limit. Even the slower computers these days should be able to handle it, no real reason to keep the limit at 100 kb, I mean that's nothing. A multi-paragraph post probably takes up more space than that. 

Edited by Yoko Littner, Feb 25 2014 - 07:47 PM.

Daisy Ridley
Feb 25 2014 08:02 PM
I'd say 500 might be a bit much. 200 seems really easily manageable.
I think it'd be worth looking into, 100 is seriously limiting even to do some more basic things with one's signature.

I think an increase would be fair.

I vote for the increase. Even though I rarely have a problem with it (blackwhite FTW), it can be a hassle if I need a fancy banner for fanfics. 

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