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Trojan Detected

Posted by Toa of Dancing on Nov 18 2012 - 08:40 AM

Well, pretty much every time I've opened the internet and gone to BZP's main page the past week or two, Avast! says that it's blocked a Trojan from getting on my computer. I'm not sure if this is Avast! acting up, my computer derping up Avast!, or a real threat, but I'm thinking it should be looked into.

If it pops up again, I'll be sure to post what Avast! says about it.

There we go. Two Avast! reports of it. Due to me not knowing if linking to it could cause it to attack someone, I'm gonna separate parts of it with dashes. I'm also pretty sure that it is unfortunately not showing the full thing.

"avast! blocked the virus
http://url - filter.vmn.net/vmn - sbf/data/12111 - 4080 - 835-m.zip|12 - 11..."

I'm pretty sure that this isn't a problem with BZP, but, rather, with your computer itself. Make sure to regularly run virus scans and if problems continue to occur, you may want to get it checked by a professional. There is a possibility that your computer has a virus from elsewhere. Make sure to scan any files you download off the internet before downloading them.


Here's a great potential to use the 'Issue Confirmation' section. If other people are seeing this, please let us know. I have not seen any other reports, so for the time being I'm going to assume that it's local to your computer.

Blessed Blade
Nov 18 2012 11:57 AM
I personally have not had that happen to me(Though I run in paranoia mode on the internet, so I doubt anything would get through anyway. =P); however, I also checked the source for even a mention of the thing you posted... There is no instance of that in it.

Could it be from an ad, maybe? I know that's been an issue before; though if it's local to your computer, it could be manually injecting that into your browser and avast knows enough to block that... But I'm not sure.

I also think it might be an ad. For example, I have a firewall on my laptop that will say in a pop-up when it blocked a website, and it will say it blocked Facebook when I'm on Minecraft Wiki. It sounds like either the computer is messing with you, Avast! is messing with you, or it's an ad messing with you. Good luck if it's real, though.

I've heard of some google ads and likewise with embedded viruses in them, so that is the most likely cause if there is to be one.

However, I use Tracking Protection on my browser, so I haven't had an issue with one come up personally.

I'd also suspect either a drive-by ad or an issue on your computer, though the fact nobody else seems to be having issues suggests the latter.

And a little searching about what you've given us suggests that this is most likely the result of malware on your computer. I'd recommend looking into some free on-demand antimalware scanners (feel free to PM me if you need suggestions).

Toa of Dancing
Nov 18 2012 06:02 PM
The fact that nothing else has been effected and that Avast! is finding it is what seems odd to me. But seeing as no one else is getting it, I guess it has to be my computer.

Nov 18 2012 07:01 PM
There should be nothing wrong with the URL you posted, it links to a legit antiphishing site. Do you happen to have more than one antivirus program installed or separate antiphising software? Sometimes they can conflict.

Edited by JrMasterModelBuilder, Nov 18 2012 - 07:33 PM.

Toa of Dancing
Nov 19 2012 01:12 PM
I do not, only Avast is installed.

Anyhow, GSR gave me some advice, so this can be dropped. Thanks for helping me figure it out, guys, and sorry to bother all of you.

Thanks everyone!

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