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Premier Multiple Person PMs

Posted by Alex Humva on Nov 22 2012 - 07:22 PM

I believe this was allowed in the introduction post to the tracking system, but if not I do apologize for apparently being unable to read.

Anywho, I was looking at some other sites running IP Board software, and noticed that their PM system allowed for more than two people in it. I head over to here to see why that's not, poke through the Q&A post regarding stuff like this, and see that it's an antispam measure Perfectly understandable, I can imagine how annoying that'd be if a spammer used a feature like that.

My suggestion however is to make this a premier perk. From my point of view, if a spammer decides to pay money to BZP just to do this, s/he can be just as easily proto-dropped/banned and all the staff loose is some time and gain a bit of annoyance, in return for money that can continue to support the site. And honestly, I doubt any spammer would pay to spam.

I don't know much about IPB coding, so I don't know how easy this would be to implement or not, but I think it'd be a pretty nice premier perk, as there's been plenty of times I want to talk to multiple people at the same time, maybe about something going on in an RPG, or just having a conversation. Any extra strain it might put on the server would be offset by the fact that it's a premier perk, and really I can't see much of a downside besides the possible hard work the admins would have to put in to modify the code. I don't know how many people outside of myself would actually use it though, so it might not be popular enough to warrant that time and effort.

For it as a premier perk, but against it as an OBZPC only thing. Honestly, the reason to make it premier only perk is to bring in more perkness. OBZPC only doesn't really do that.

And outside of the RPGing community, I'm sure there's plenty of options as to why you'd want a multiperson PM. For instance, some of those storyline guys could get together and talk about the latest in Bionicle/Lego canon.

That's what the entire S&T forum is for. But I think the RPG is big enough to warrant such an upgrade on its behalf.

I just don't want people to feel like it's entirely for RPG discussions, there is such thing as people just talking with more than one person for other reasons.

Nov 26 2012 11:03 PM
I'm all for making premiership more attractive, really, I am. and by no means am I saying I'm never buying it. but I think this is the wrong way to go about it.
but, like I said, giving it to everyone may not be the best Idea either.
but, spam has never really bothered me. just *click* and it's gone. but yeah, there are those other issues...

What about you can get it by
Being a Prem
Being an OBZPC
Being a staff member
Having a post count of over Shall we say 100-200 AND have permission from a moderator.

This would all prevent spam and some ways would be cheaper than others. Also I take it you have to be premier to start one, as I have a lot of friends on here that's aren't premier

What about you can get it by
Being a Prem
Being an OBZPC
Being a staff member
Having a post count of over Shall we say 100-200 AND have permission from a moderator.

This would all prevent spam and some ways would be cheaper than others. Also I take it you have to be premier to start one, as I have a lot of friends on here that's aren't premier

It's not possible to set things up like that based on post count. Besides, that would pretty much take away the incentive to buy Premier Membership as most people who buy them already have over 100 posts.

Being a Prem
Being an OBZPC
Being a staff member

This is a nice compromise, I definitely support this.

I'm steadfast that it shouldn't be a PM perk. OBZPC is a title that can be earned by helping out around the site, buying PMship, and reporting news. Therefore, it's like a step above PMship, which would also reduce the likelihood of spammers. Also, it would add a perk to OBZPC status other than the member group and copper mask.

Nov 27 2012 05:51 PM
personally, I think giving a reward for OPBZP defeats its own purpose. the entire point is that you aren't helping out just to gain that title.

However, it is a reward for good work.
My main concern in this case is that spammers could easily buy a six-month premier membership.

Yes, but I doubt they would pay just so they could spam PMs. And anyways, Spamming Pms isn't that effective, for members can just delete the message/exit the conversation/whatever it is and then report the spammer.

In my humble opinion, if a spammer pays BZPower ten bucks so they can spam the PM system, methinks that they'll be reported quickly and get kicked out promptly. Thus, there's some minor annoyance for all involved, and BZP gets a charitable donation.

I realize that may seem like me saying BZP should just care about the money, but really, the situation is somewhat contrived as it is. First, you need a dedicated spammer. Plenty of those. Then you need a dedicated spammer with money to spare spamming random sites. That significantly cuts the herd down. Then you have the fact that if the spammer, being an efficient fellow, maxes the cap of five-ten members per conversation because that's the whole point, efficiency, then it'd be a simple matter of someone telling everyone in that conversation to take a screenshot and send it to the admins as proof of spamming. The spammer is banned/suspended within, say, a week at most, and BZP profits from the money.

I suppose I'm just getting back to my original point; minor and quick annoyance<ten dollars.

Edited by Cybernetic Alex Humva, Nov 27 2012 - 07:12 PM.

Well, that argument has actually swayed me. PMship and OBZPC status it is.

I don't believe that a multiple-PM system should be limited to Outstanding BZP Citizens and Staff members. There would be no point in that. Adding it to the perks given for supporting the site monetarily would be a great perk to include with Premiership. G&T-goers and RPGers alike would use the system, and it'd be a significant perk. Not as much as having a blog, but significant nonetheless.

No spammer is going to pay a site money just so they can go and spam it. Heck, most would-be spammers have been caught by the New Member policy.

I'm all for letting non-Premier OBZPCs have access to multi-member PMs, however.

It's not just spamming, but also the problem of mass-PMing, whether it be for votes, advertising new art, or whathaveyou. It's true that someone probably won't pay money to spam, but someone who is a Premier Member might mass-PM for some reason.

That said, I agree that Staff, Premier Members, and OBZPCs is good. Staff for obvious reasons, Premier Members so more people buy PMship (really, this is a great perk for Premier Members, I think), and OBZPC because, contrary to <shockwave>'s post, it doesn't defeat the purpose in my opinion: It's harder to become OBZPC than it is to become Premier, so there'd still be people buying Premier Membership for this. However, being an OBZPC is a good thing. As the acronym suggests, it means that someone is an outstanding member, and I, personally, think that should be rewarded (and there are, of course, some perks already).

That said, I also see why it should maybe be just a Premier Member and Staff perk, so I'm fine either way.

Posted Image

Nov 27 2012 11:23 PM
looks like I'm out voted. -_-
while I am somewhat sympathetic to the "it makes thing easier" view, I'm significantly more in line with the "not everyone should be punished because a few do stupid things" veiwpoint.
you can say whatever you want, but it looks to me that making pmship more attractive is clearly a (debatably) convenient byproduct.

I'd still like to know the logic behind polls.

I don't see how it's a 'punishment.'

A punishment implies that there's ill will or intent; there isn't here. It's a reward rather than a punishment. It's like saying that getting five bucks for doing something for your parents is punishing your siblings because they didn't get five bucks too.

Nov 28 2012 08:05 PM
If we didn't have spammers, we probably wouldn't be dealing with this now.
because, see, taking something away from everyone because a few people will abuse it, is, by definition, a punishment.

But nobody seems to notice that anyway.
In my personal opinion, you should give people as much freedom as possible, than nail them when they abuse it Rather than not giving it to them because they might abuse it.

And, actually, it would be more like: everyone started out with five dollars, and than took it away, but now they might give it to us if we pay for it.

But spamming isn't even necessarily the biggest issue here. It's the fact that this is a perk. Whether all members get it, or just Premier Members, it's still a perk. It's just been decided that it will be a Premier Perk, to encourage more people to buy Premier Membership, and to give a little more back to those who have already paid money to this site.

So to use your analogy, it's like everyone starts out with five dollars. Then, to people who give -us- a dollar, we give them a dollar. It's not taking something away, it's just giving something to those that support the site. You can't take something away when it's never been there in the first place. No one has had this ability, with the exception of upper-level staff, so we're not taking away anything. We're just giving it to people who give to us. Quid Pro Quo. So money isn't really the best example. It's more of bartering. You give something, we give something.

Posted Image

Nov 28 2012 09:17 PM
except the PM system is &#8203; designed &#8203; to do this. so yes, that means it was taken away.
Regardless of whether we actually had &#8203;it in the first place is really, for all intensive purposes, irrelevant.

(I'm half tempted to scratch up enough money to buy some premiership and continue arguing my point, but that's an expensive way to make a point nobody seems to care about.)

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