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    The Bad Guys

    The heroes of Mata Nui just can't seem to catch their breath.  Just when one wave of evil-doers is conquered, another more powerful menace invariably makes itself known.  Here is the cast of characters thus far.

    The very spirit of evil on Mata Nui; the antithesis of all things good.  While most people agree that Makuta can assume just about any physical form he wills, there is a great deal of debate about his true nature.

    The Rahi
    The Rahi are powerful beasts who have had their will bent to serve Makuta by the wearing of infected masks.  If the masks can be removed, the Rahi are no longer controlled by Makuta and can even be trained to serve the Matoran villagers.

    • Manas:  The dreaded Manas are guardians of the deepest, darkest places.
    • Muaka & Kane-Ra:  The most powerful Rahi on Mata Nui.
    • Nui-Jaga:  Scorpion-like creatures found in Po-Koro.
    • Nui-Rama:  Large flying insects that are often found in the jungle of Le-Koro.
    • Tarakava:  A lizard-like creature which hides in the waters of lake Naho.

    The Bohrok
    No sooner had the Toa defeated Makuta, these insect-like creatures awoke from deep inside of the island of Mata Nui.  Though terribly powerful, the Bohrok are not necessarily malevolent on their own, but are under the influence of the Krana that they wear.

    The Bohrok Va
    These small creatures act as scouts and couriers for the Bohrok, often carrying new krana to Bohrok who have lost theirs.  Very little is actually known about the Va, but it seems that they too, like the Bohrok, are hosts merely under the control of the Krana they carry.

    • Gahlok Va:  These Va scout the area around Lake Naho.
    • Kohrak Va:  These Va scout the icy Mount Ihu.
    • Lehvak Va:  These Va scout the jungles of Kauae Bay.
    • Nuhvok Va:  These Va scout the underground city of Onu-Koro.
    • Pahrak Va:  These Va scout the desert of Po-Wahi.
    • Tahnok Va:  These Va scout the area around Mangai Volcano.

    The Bohrok-Kal
    The Bohrok-Kal are powerful Bohrok, set aside by the queens of the Swarm to complete the mission in the event that the Bahrag failed. They were unleashed to steal the Nuva symbols and free the Bahrag after the struggle in the nest between the Toa and the Bahrag! Each Bohrok-Kal has a new unique element.

    • Gahlok-Kal:  Fluid as water, the Gahlok-Kal manipulates the force of magnetism.
    • Kohrak-Kal:  Solitary and cold, Kohrak-Kal strikes with a devastating sonic blast.
    • Lehvak-Kal:  Master of the swamp, Lehvak-Kal wields the awesome power of vacuum.
    • Nuhvok-Kal:  Steadfast as the earth, Nuhvok-Kal commands the crushing weight of gravity.
    • Pahrak-Kal:  Powerhouse of stone, Pahrak-Kal uses plasma to melt through obstacles.
    • Tahnok-Kal:  Quick as flickering flame, Tahnok-Kal controls the forces of electricity.

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