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    Lehvak: Swamp Bohrok
    Lego code8564
    Number of pieces40
    AvailabilityReadily available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Bohrok Kaita #1
    Bionicle importancePeripheral (Now Defeated)

    Official Description
    Although the Lehvak work in swarms, they tend to operate best in smaller groups, hitting and running, and thus they are probably the most individually motivated of all the Bohrok, and more than capable of thinking and operating alone.

    The Lehvak are clever tacticians.  They never strike in one place for long and it is hard to predict where they will turn up next.

    The only real way to stop them is to corner a group and surprise each one individually.

    As with the rest of the Bohrok swarm, the Lehvak were awakened shortly after Makuta's defeat at the hands of the Toa.

    The Lehvak are the only Bohrok swarm designed for combat.  Using their crushing shields and dissolving spray, they exist to destroy anything that lives on Mata Nui.  Clever and unpredictable, stopping the Lehvak may be the Toa?s greatest challenge!  With their krana removed, they are still highly difficult to tame.

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